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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Genocide In Eastern Nigeria: 350 Killed In 160 Days, 600 Missing And 2500 Abducted Or Arrested By Nigerian Soldiers, Police, Others

 Genocide In Eastern Nigeria: 350 Killed In 160 Days, 600 Missing And 2500 Abducted Or Arrested By Nigerian Soldiers, Police, Others

…150 Igbo Christians killed by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen in 160 days or since January 2021



Special Report: Updated

Onitsha-Nigeria, Friday, 11th June, 2021


Time For World Bodies To Take Action

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law is drawing the urgent and ‘red signals’ attention  of Governments of the United States, the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and the European Union; the Secretary General of the United Nations, the UN Security Council, the United Nations Human Rights and Humanitarian bodies, international human rights and justice bodies, the International Criminal Court, internationally respected persons, international religious freedom bodies and other disciples and apostles of human rights, justice and democracy across the globe. This urgent international clarion call is sequel to ongoing genocidal attacks on defenseless civilians in Eastern Nigeria, done in total disregard to the country’s international obligations and laid down rules including respect for human rights and sanctity of human life as well as rules governing internal policing operations and armed conflict.


Government Forces And Fulani Herdsmen On Rampage

The ongoing attacks are so horrifying and genocidal that the present Muslim dominated and controlled security forces and the state backed Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen have laid siege on the two regions and rapaciously engaged in indiscriminate and wanton killing of their defenseless citizens and falsely labeling them in the whole as “terrorists that must be pursued and massively killed”. Just two days ago in a national private television interview, the seat of the country’s Presidency stopped at nothing in further threatening the two regions with a full scale war including total land, air and sea blockade and attendant mass killing and starvation or economic and humanitarian terrorism. The country’s Presidential Seat also indirectly labeled the citizens of the two regions in the whole as “criminals”.


Nigerian Security Forces Now ‘Ethnic Militias’

Intersociety has strongly maintained till date that the present Nigerian Government has caused grave harm to the country’s military, police and other security agencies by turning them into ‘ethnic militias that serve only the interests of the country’s Muslim citizens’ especially members of the Muslim Fulani Ethnic Nationality. Since January 2021, no fewer than 150 defenseless Igbo Christians have been hacked to death by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen across the Southeast and till date, the security forces have looked the other side and not even a single Fulani Herdsman has been arrested and put on trial. But same is not the case with attacks on security personnel and Government facilities blamed on “unknown gunmen”-who the Government said are Igbos; cashing in on same to presently abduct and disappear thousands and kill hundreds since January 2021. Rather than using intelligence based crime detection, investigation and prosecution skills and their technologies in going after such criminal elements, the Nigerian security forces are going about letting loose on unarmed, innocent and defenseless Igbo citizens, hatefully targeting and massacring them and falsely labeling them as “terrorists”.


Criminal Characterization With Intent To Genocide And Depopulate

It is on record that Nigeria’s Presidency and its Inspector General of Police have threatened Igbo People and issued several directives to the country’s security forces ‘to kill them at will and at sight and wantonly destroy their properties’ with total disregard to rules of engagements and human rights principles; and in response, the security forces now go about shooting and killing Igbo civilians, falsely labeling them and wantonly burning their properties. In law, “a citizen is not a criminal until he/she is fully processed through reasonable suspicion, investigation, and arrest, legally permissible detention, fair trial and fair hearing, conviction and sentencing”. But this is not the case in the present circumstance as defenseless Igbo citizens are indiscriminately and randomly shot and killed; or arrested or abducted, shot dead in captivity and criminally labeled without any form of conclusive investigations. Others such as transfer of criminal liability, crude and excessive use of force are also widespread. Citizens arrested unarmed and taken into custody are also indiscriminately killed in their large numbers and falsely labeled. Criminal citizens can only be killed if armed and at the same time combatively involved and violent.

Nigerian Government Is Test-Running Genocide And Depopulation In Imo And Abia

Genocide, derived from the Greek genos (“race”, “tribe”, or “nation”) and the Latin cide (”killing”) and defined as “the deliberate and systematic killing, or annihilation, or destruction of a group of people in their large number on the basis of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, or race”; is up and running in Eastern Nigeria especially since April 2021. This is contrary to tagging of same in several quarters as “looming or impending genocide” in the Southeast. The heinous war crimes act of depopulation, targeted at wiping out the productive and reproductive young male generation of the present Igbo Nation-State and cutting down its future male populations is also up and running at high speed in Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo as well as Igbo part of Rivers, Delta, Cross River and Akwa Ibom. According to our updated findings, Imo and Abia States are the worst hit accounting for majority of the killings, disappearances and abductions or arrests. The recent increase in massacre in the two States was so alarming and shocking that not less 140 civilian deaths were independently projected to have been recorded between 25th May and 1st June 2021; with Imo recording at least 100 civilian deaths and Abia 40. The increase in security forces targeting and killing defenseless civilians in Imo took a maddening dimension since 5th April and became deadlier between 25th May and 2nd June 2021 following sit at home on 31st May 2021 in honor of the Civil War time persecuted and massacred Igbos.


Killing Of 500 Igbo Christians In 160 Days  

Unknown to most global citizens and human rights and democratic entities including international watchers, no fewer than 500 civilians, all Igbo Christians have been massacred in eight of the named nine States. The killings took place in the 160 days or between 1st January and 10th June 2021. While soldiers of the Nigerian Military and Police personnel are responsible for 350 deaths, the state backed Fulani Jihadists accounted for at least 150 deaths perpetrated mostly in Ebonyi State. Not less than 600 civilians have also gone missing mostly in the hands of soldiers and other military personnel and 2500 others in all including the 600 disappeared civilians have been abducted or arrested and thrown into custody after being controversially labeled. It must be stated further that these new findings by Intersociety were gathered through emerging new facts, reliable ‘closed sources’ and ‘open sources’, media reports, reports from local activists, the victims and their relatives and other eyewitnesses as well as verified videos and photos. Our latest findings were also built on our earlier special report, issued on 31st May 2021.


350 Civilians Killed By Security Forces In 160 Days

Soldiers of the Nigerian military and operatives of the Nigeria Police Force are responsible for shooting and killing no fewer than 350 Igbo civilians, all Christians; out of which soldiers and other military personnel accounted for 210 deaths or 70% and Police and others 140. The shooting and killing of over 90% of these defenseless and unarmed citizens has also been found to be directed and targeted at innocent and defenseless citizens; shot and killed on the ground of their ethnicity and religion. Many of those shot and killed between May and 10th June are young male segment of the Igbo population. Out of the 350 killings across the eight States since January 2021, Imo and Abia recorded about 68% or 230 deaths. In other words, not less than 150 civilian lives were lost in Imo in past 160 days of 2021; and not less than 100 were killed in one week or between 25th May and 1st June 2021. The killings in Imo majorly took place in Owerri and environs and Orlu and environs. Abia State recorded the second largest number of civilian deaths with 80 killings which majorly took place in Aba and environs and Umuahia and environs. Killings were also reported in Asa and Ohafia parts of the State. In Rivers State, no fewer than 40 civilian lives were lost. Akwa Ibom State accounted for 35 civilian lives, Anambra 30 civilian lives, Ebonyi 25 civilian lives and Cross River 20 civilian lives. Delta State is recorded with no civilian lives lost, but is likely to be among those States with forced disappearances and custodial killings or unlawful executions.


The 350 “circumstantially ascertainable or projectable” killings included those instantly shot dead and others arrested unarmed and killed and did not include victims of military abductions, who were abducted and bundled or taken to undisclosed or secret locations, killed and buried in secrecy. Also independently investigated and found was the fact that out of the total military and police killings including the referenced 350 extrajudicial killings, the non state actor violent citizens combatively involved are not more than 30 in the whole; meaning that over 90% of all the slain citizens were killed extra-judicially and outside due process and law. Over 90% of the slain civilians were also falsely labeled  and criminally stigmatized.


600 Abducted And Disappeared In Captivity In 160 Days

The number of defenseless civilians dominated by young male Igbo citizens, abducted and disappeared between 1st January and 10th June 2021 has now risen to at least 600. The security operatives responsible for 70% of the disappearances are soldiers of the Nigerian Army and other military personnel, while Police and DSS accounted for the remaining 30%. Till date, the whereabouts of these abducted civilians are neither available in their families’ records nor in the official records of the Nigeria Police Force. By the existing laws of Nigeria, Nigeria Police Force, not the Military is legally charged with the responsibility of ‘arresting, detaining, granting administrative bail, investigating and prosecuting the reasonably suspected criminal civilian citizens. Intersociety is reasonably presuming the 600 abducted and disappeared citizens as ‘having been killed in captivity or unlawfully executed’. This shall stand until the contrary is established. The 600 abductees are part of not less than 2,500 arrested or abducted by police, soldiers and DSS across the nine named States. By law including the recent judgment of the Federal High Court in Abuja, “Nigerian Army and any other branch of the Armed Forces lack power to arrest, detain (and torture), investigate and prosecute citizens (civilians) who are not subject to the Armed Forces Act of 2004 or other military laws in force”. Yet the Army has flouted and breached the law including the judicial pronouncement and still rapaciously engaged in indiscriminate abduction of civilian citizens from their homes or on their way home from work, etc.


2500 Abducted Or Arrested And Held In 160 Days

Soldiers, Police and DSS are collectively responsible for abduction or arrest of not less than 2500 civilians in the named nine States. Out of this number, 600 represent forced disappearances and 1900 others are those arrested and held in police cells or remanded in Prisons and they include the recently transported over 300 Igbo citizens dumped in Benue Prison facilities. Intersociety has analyzed and found that in Imo State where not less than 700 were abducted or arrested, Police and DSS are holding 200, Prisons or Correctional Centers at least 170, Army 100 and ‘outside’ (i.e. those bundled and held in Benue Prisons) 130. In Abia State with at least 420 abductees or arrestees, Police and DSS are holding 200, Army and Navy 100, Prisons 70 and outside 50. In Ebonyi State with 350 abductees or arrestees, Police and DSS are holding 200, Army 60, Prisons 50 and outside 40. In Rivers State with 350 abductees or arrestees, Army is accountable for 150 abductees, Police and DSS 150 and Prisons 50. In Anambra State with 250 abductees or arrestees; Police and DSS are holding 150, Army and Navy 50, Prisons 20 and outside 30. In Delta State with 150 abductees or arrestees, Army and Police are holding 100 and Prisons 50. In Cross River State with 150 abducted or arrested Igbo Christian citizens, Police and DSS are holding 80 and Army 70. In Enugu State with 150 abductees or arrestees, Police and DSS are holding 60, Prisons 40, Army 30 and outside 20. In Akwa Ibom State with 100 abductees or arrestees, Police and DSS account for 70, Army 20 and Prisons 10.


235 Security Personnel Killed In 160 Days

Not less than 235 security operatives have been killed by “unknown Gunmen” across the named nine States in 160 days and they involved 48 soldiers, 120 police officers, fifteen Civil Defense personnel, eight Customs officers, seven Air Force personnel, five Naval personnel and 31 Community Policing vigilantes; out of this number, 175 were lost in the Southeast and 60 in the South-south States of Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Delta. The killing of those security personnel and attacks on Government facilities remain strongly condemned. Also contrary to false information given by the Brigade Commander of 34 Brigade, Obinze, near Owerri, Brig Gen Raymond Utsaha, it is our investigative finding that Police, Army and other military personnel are solely responsible for 99% of civilians killed in the Southeast and not “IPOB”.


State Backed Jihadist Herdsmen Killed 150 Igbo Christians In 160 Days

Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen aided by the present Government of Nigeria to invade the two regions and settle in their forests, bushes and farmlands since 2016 have since January 2021 or in 160 days hacked not less than 150 Igbo Christians to death and till date, not even one Jihadist Fulani Herdsman has been apprehended by Army, Police or DSS and put on trial. Our archived statistics showed that no fewer than 30 Igbo Christians were hacked to death in the 29th March 2021 Jihadist Herdsmen attacks in about six communities in Ishielu, Ebonyi State and Ihamufu in Enugu State. In April 2021, nine Igbo Christians were abducted and hacked to death by Jihadists in Kibiya District of Kano State and between March and April 2021, not less than 20 Igbo Christians including the President General of Omor Community were hacked to death in the forests of Oyi, Anambra East, Awka South and Ayamelum Local Government Areas of Anambra State

In a series of killings that swept across Ngbo and other neighboring communities in Ohakwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State carried out by same Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen in April, over 17 Igbo Christians were hacked to death and on the night of 30th/31st May 2021, not less than 52 Igbo Christians were killed in Igbo boundary communities between Ebonyi and Benue States. Just yesterday, 9th June 2021, at Ikpa Ora, between Umulolo (Okigwe) and Arondizogu, along Okigwe-Arondizogu Road, at least 12 Igbo Christian passengers were waylaid by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen and abducted and forcefully taken into the nearby forest and till date, their safety and whereabouts have remained unknown. Attached Photos: Obinna Ejekwu, 30 and Onyebuchi Amadi, 27 killed by Police in Umuahia on 29th May 2021 and falsely labeled     


For: International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law

Principal Officers:

·         Emeka Umeagbalasi, Criminologist/Board Chair

·         Barr Chinwe Umeche

·         Barr Chidimma Udegbunam

·         Comrade Samuel Kamanyoku


Phone/WhatsApp: +2348174090052, Email: [email protected], Website:

















Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Nigeria Government on The Mission to Depopulate The Igbos--IPOB

 Nigeria Government on The Mission to Depopulate The Igbos--IPOB

IPOB Press Statement 

June 9, 2021 

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our indomitable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wishes to place the world on notice, of the ongoing abductions and secret killings of Biafrans especially Igbo youths by the Nigeria security agents, and tagging them unknown gunmen. These compromised and Fulani-controlled security operatives move from house to house and abduct Igbo youths, whisk them away to their slaughterhouses and later dump their corpses at mortuaries as unknown gunmen. 

It is very unfortunate, that DCP Abba Kyari and co are killing cults members and forcing them to answer ESN and unknown gunmen, the man they are parading as ESN is a cult member and can never be ESN, two months ago the two groups of cultists fought and killed each other and burnt two members to ashes but unfortunately, one of them was caught at Owerri by Abba Kyari and group and they tagged him ESN and unknown gunmen, what is wrong with Nigeria police and army in this country? Because of this young man they were forced by police to answer ESN and unknown gunmen to deceive the gullible Nigerians who are not connected to information and attracted praises from the public.

These terrorists in military and police uniforms are raiding communities and set people's houses ablaze claiming they are attacking ESN camps and hideouts, These two face security operatives in Nigeria are perpetrating evil and attacking individual houses in the name of fighting IPOB, ESN and unknown gunmen in Mbieri Mbaitoli LGA Imo State. Nigerian security agencies led by DCP Abba Kyari have invaded three communities in Mbaitoli LGA in Imo State and burnt their properties worth millions of naira. We’re calling on Human Rights organizations across the globe and other relevant stakeholders in the world to take a record of what the Nigeria army and police are doing in so many peaceful communities in Imo State because nobody should blame us by the time we start getting them down which is not far from now. We have severally said that ESN stays in the forests where they are keeping their appointments with terrorists and killer herdsmen, Anyone looking for them should simply go to the forests and encounter them. 

Nigeria security agents should go to the bushes and face ESN they don't operate on the streets of cities, they must understand that we defeated Miyetti Allah and its terrorists' herdsmen in our territory and now they disguised as Nigeria army and police in uniforms attacking our people and we will defeat them the way we defeated Miyetti Allah in no distant future. How will the Nigerian security agents who cannot withstand bandits in the North be zealous in killing innocent Biafrans of Igbo extraction in the south? These atrocities have been going on for too long but we won't tolerate it anymore.

We, therefore, warn perpetrators of these evil agenda to retrace their steps immediately or brace up for stiff resistance. This is a secret genocide orchestrated by the Fulani-controlled federal government to depopulate Ndigbo before the coming of Biafra. Despite the daily slaughter of security agents mainly of Southern origin in the North by bandits and terrorists, the Nigerian military or police have never embarked on mass arrest and killing of youths and residents of the crime scene. 

Unfortunately, the treacherous political class has kept mute over this atrocity. But IPOB cannot keep quiet. The intention of the masterminds of this crime against humanity is to weaken the South East and pave the way for its long-planned invasion by jihadists. But they will not succeed, We promise them hell for this cowardly act of victimising innocent Igbo youths for the activities of unknown gunmen. How many times have youths in Zamfara or Katsina or Kaduna been arrested and killed for the activities of bandits? Why is the Fulani controlled federal government treating the Igbo as slaves and the whole world is watching helplessly?


Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Jihadism: An Enterprising Inheritance For Both Fulanis And Palestinians

May 27, 1967, was the day the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) mandated Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu to declare the Republic of Biafra. A declaration he made on May 30, 1967. Like Biafra, an existential war raged between Israel and some of the 22 Arab Islamic countries that surround it that same year. 
In recent times, 4000 plus rockets were fired by Hamas (a terror organization ruling Gaza) from a civilian area into the Israeli civilian population. By that act, Hamas has committed double war crimes. However, before the ceasefire was brokered after 11 days of hostilities with over 250 casualties mostly Palestinians, many in the mainstream media and Hollywood, largely influenced and manipulated by the globalists were critical of Israel. They referred to Israel as an apartheid state. Just recently, a  wholly anti-Israeli and biased United Nations Human Rights Council resolution, accused Israel of a war crime, quote: ”There is a sense that Israel's response was probably a war crime because they did not sufficiently avoid civilian casualties.” Resolutions like this point to how the diplomats roll. They stoke crisis. It is black and white. 
Before the hypocrisy of the diplomats is highlighted, let us help the kids to understand the situation. And by kids I mean the Instagram generation. They do not know anything about history. 
The resolution is not about justice. Justice is not served when the party protecting their civilians from harm is proclaimed a villain while the other putting civilians in harm’s way is patted on the back. Furthermore, in a full display of hypocrisy, there is no such resolution for Biafra and Ambazonia whose indigenous civilian population have suffered untold and indescribable carnage and neglect. These resolutions are divisive and have been as old as 1948. 
This conflict is not about land, either. Israel is a Jewish state created in 1947. A tiny portion of land surrounded by 22 Arab countries. The Arabs who claim to be Palestinians would have chosen a better portion of the tiny land being the first implored by the United Nations to so do. They rejected the offer chosen but instead to chant, “From the river to the sea,” a slogan interpreted to mean destruction of the Jewish State. That chant is similar to the Fulani chant, “Insha Allah, we shall deep the Koran into the Atlantic ocean.” Biafraland is a small portion of land, perhaps, smaller than the Sambisa forest. The Fulanis have chosen, just like their fellow Arabs against Israel, war time and again against Biafrans. 
For those who will question why United Nations will give Palestinian land to the Jews and therefore label them an apartheid state, I say not so fast. 
There is a difference between apartheid South Africa controlled by England and Holland and the conflict between Israel and Gazans or Palestinians. Whereas English and Dutch were not ancestral but usurping the indigenous people, the Jews have been in the area since about 1200 B.C. before the first Muslim or Arab walked this earth. And Jerusalem was their eternal capital. Yes, it’s true that colonization had gone on but it was the Jews who were occupied by everyone. First the Romans, then the Persians, then the Byzantines and then the Ottomans. It does appear that the Arabs have a penchant for occupying and dominating people. The Fulanis' urge to occupy can never be assuaged. So, what is happening in Biafraland is a real apartheid aided and abetted again, chiefly by England and nobody wants to talk about it. 
What then is the conflict about? It is about religion. It is about the destruction of Jews and Judeo-Christian societies. It is the forceful expansion and domination of Islam obstacled by that tiny clan with global influence. In the British created Nigeria, Biafra is that cog in the Fulani wheel of progress. Islamization agenda is demystified and Fulani is losing their heads, committing unfathomable abuse of human rights, in the process.

The issue is like night and day. Distinguishable. One is therefore, at a loss as to why United Nations is not doing what needs to be done to resolve conflicts and bring peace to the world? There is a background answer to that. Since nobody wants to say it for fear of it being labeled a conspiracy theory, here it goes: The United Nations is controlled by globalists who could care less. In fact, the globalists have a mantra, “Do not let a good crisis go to waste.” 
The first 12 years of Prophet Mohammed was the only time Islam was a peaceful movement. Afterwards, it became a violent political movement shrouded in religion. The annihilation of over 270 million lives throughout the life span of the first caliphate by Prophet Mohammed was not enough to declare him a terrorist, instead he was martyred. The globalists (sons and daughters of Lucifer) saw an opportunity and have put it to use eversince. As soon as World War 2 ended, the globalists (beneficiaries of World Wars 1 and 2), began execution of their religious World War 3 plan with the opportunity of Israel-Palestine conflict and other man made religious conflicts across Africa offer. 
The globalists control the military industrial complex, Hollywood celebrities, politicians and diplomats. They have determined that the world is over populated and rewarding a terrorist will serve their purpose of depopulation. It will guarantee war without end. Wars, famine, pandemic, etcetera, are necessary tools for depopulation according to eugenicists (globalists). These people are self-serving warmongers, pushing global policies, advancing agendas and vested interests. This is why United Nations will never condemn Hamas or Fulani terrorists. This is why Joe Biden has promised to give the Palestinians millions of dollars. This way, they will buy more rockets from Iran. He also promised to replenish the used Iron Dome interceptors for Israel. Such wars also enable the globalists to test a new hardware or technology like the artificial intelligence (AI) tested in real war time for the first time in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Leahy act the U.S enacted was in reality, a lip service. The United States of America and Britain with other western countries have continued to support and supply ammunition to the Fulanis – even though they knew that 6 terrorist groups are under their control. These they use in exterminating poor Biafrans or as they would put it “black monkeys.” 
Since terrorism is rewarded and peacefulness criminalized, perhaps, the world should note that like the Jews, Biafrans are good at capitalism (profit making). It will not be a bad idea to fully support the globalist and liberal establishment figures and make the world less safe. We are not going to lament anymore. If we cannot be safe in our land, nobody will be – not the Russians, British, French and Americans. This is the choice we have made until freedom comes. One thing is certain, we shall never be slaves to the Fulanis. Our ancestors were killed for resisting slavery. This is why we honor their bravery on every May 30. This generation is determined to actualize what they started. 
Written and edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International

War Mongers And The Demand For Referendum

The constant reminder of the gruesome genocidal war called the Biafra war, cannot in anyway, demonize the rightful quest for the unfettered restoration of the nation of Biafra. Such will continually catalize that bold demand. The only reason behind this callous recall of extermination drive, hinges on the vicious role of the Nigerian media on the consciousness of the indigenous citizens which tends to picture the call for referendum as an act of war. This is another vista opened to demonize the will of the people. But some salient questions that have not been asked are: Is Nigeria presently not at war? Is the basis of the so-called unity established alongside the natural boundaries? What other relevant means beside the legitimate demand for referendum, could really usher in peaceful coexistence of the diverse indigenous nations amalgamated? All that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), have been demanding is peace through acts of selfless media enlightenment campaign driven by the tenets of basic civil rights encapsulated in self-determination and not war.

Without reservation, it should be noted that today's Nigeria, is fanning the embers of self-destructive war which are callously been driven through the exertion of despotic antecedents on the citizens. This position may be criticized or disagreed with but it is necessary to state the glaring truth here. If really there is no war, why the existence of different refugee camps virtually in all the regions in Nigeria with the exception of Biafraland? This is because the operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN), have so tenaciously, defended the Eastern region (Biafraland), against the Fulani Islamic terrorists whom the Nigeeian government deceitfully termed foreign invaders.

This concern has been so rattling to the people who have been criminally sidelined by the compromised Nigerian media. Basic critical questions have unfortunately, been failed being asked pertaining the reason why people are so "displaced from their homes and communities" according to media parlance when there is no natural disaster? The media and even the people seem to have forgotten how in few years past, the Inspector-General of Police told the world that these marauding Fulani Islamic killers, are not Nigerians but foreigners. One other very important question that has been carefully avoided is, why have these so-called foreigners (terrorists) not been apprehended and prosecuted?

It has remained puzzling why the tyrannic Nigerian government appears weak in unleashing it's full might via the military, on these killer aliens who are blatantly hellbent on forcefully overrunning/dominating the ancestral lands of the indigenous people. Why the conspiracy of silence by the Buhari administration over the unabated criminal invasion and the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people by the Fulani terrorists? It is expediently, a call for concern for all freedom lovers to roundly speak up against this state-sponsored murderous spree. Today, instead of the Nigerian government to protect the helpless people from the vampiric onslaught of the invading terrorists, it is rather shamelessly, backing the criminals in their mad drive of relentless ethnic cleansing, thereby aggravating tension and insecurity across the country.

In it's shrewd contempt of demonizing innocent citizens, the Nigerian government has resorted to blackmail and oppression amidst gruesome massacres of the terrorists tagged bandits, instead of humbly strategizing for peace and all inclusive/unbiased policies. The people haven therefore not received any form of security coverage/assurance over lives and properties, have totally.resorted to self-defence for survival as a legitimate right as obtained in civilized societies globally. All those that are beating the drums of war therefore, should remember that unlike the Nigeria/Biafra war of 1967 to 1970, any such intent in the present time, will spell monumental doom for everyone. The restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra, has irreversibly crossed the rubicon of sabotage and supression. The will of the people has definitely assumed the centre stage and like the words of Chinualumogu Achebe of blessed memory, That count is Biafra and it must be restored.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

Political Infiltration Of The Catholic Church In Nigeria: The Caliphate's Strategy

In this regime of tyranny and continued state-sponsored subjugation and genocide in Nigeria, the analogy that "Silence is Golden" should totally not apply. That is why the bedeviling silence of the churches in Nigeria at this critical time, should be questioned. Has the hierarchy or power structure of the Catholic Church in Nigeria been captured? Has the whole church leadership in the country become a victim of political blackmail too? Why is the church demonizing the voice of freedom? If not from the altars or pulpits of men of God, where else can the voice of freedom be proclaimed without hindrances?

There is a great certainty that the church leadership will destroy the church with their own hypocrisy, if things continue this way because God is not mocked. Since the priests and pastors in Nigeria now cannot boldly speak in defense of the innocent citizens and against a government of terror, who else would? The catholic church in Nigeria which is supposed to be a shinning light and the mother church, must not shy away from her responsibility of defending the truth and opposing the act of state-sponsored terror activities by the Nigerian Government on her people. 

The ban of Reverend Father Mbaka headed
Adoration ministries in Enuguu and it's subsequent conversion to a chaplaincy by Bishop Onaga of Enugu Diocese, sends strong signals of political incursion into the house of God. This is clearly so because Father Mbaka was not convicted of any crime aside that he critically condemned the wickedness of this government in power. And more so, because this banning was not earlier pronounced by the Enugu Catholic church hierarchy before the Reverend's criticism.

Martin Luther King Junior, was a preacher of the gospel and he used his voice to defend the oppressed citizens of America at the time. He started the Revolution which unequivocally, brought racism to an appreciable minimum. He did not quit when politically pressured or terrorized. He saw it all and yet remained strong for what he believed and preached. Martin Luther stood firm on the path of integrity and defended the cause of the black man's equality. Without fear or favour and amidst assassination threats, he held his last speech in which he declared: "I have seen the mountain top but I may not get there with you". He never backed down. And today, he is being celebrated today for his courage and fearlessness.

In South Africa, we had about the Anglican Priest, Desmond Tutu, who defended the oppressed citizens of South Africa during the apartheid regime. He used the pulpit to speak truth to the powers that was then. He defended the army of the people against the foreign militants who killed men, women and children. He never stood with the oppressors. From the pulpit as an Anglican Priest, Desmond Tutu became a human rights activist, a strong voice.  And today, he is an African figure immortalized in the hearts of men for his tenacity and consistency in the defence of humanity. 

Malcolm X became a preacher and defender of the oppressed people. He suffered incarceration, but he remained a preacher and fought for the equality of man. He preached peace with the assurance that one cannot get peace while begging for it. He told his congregation at a time, "If you are slapped on one chick, I am not telling you to turn the other side". He made them to see the reason to demand for freedom which is rightfully theirs even if it is at the expense of their lives.

It is better to die fighting for freedom than to be in chains demanding for freedom. The Catholic Church and her leaders must rise up to the occasion and tell the Government the unwavering truth in defense of the indigenous citizens. If the Nigerian church cannot defend the oppressed citizens against full blown state-sponsored genocide, who then do they expect to do it?
What it then means is that gradually, the Fulani caliphate has captured the church leadership and is using it to do their dirty biddings of political oppression. Bishop Onaga of Enugu Catholic Diocese, should embrace the will of the people and not stifle the voice of freedom on the altar of political blackmail.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Twitter should completely delete Buhari ‘s twitter account for threatening Igbos with Genocide - IPOB

 Twitter should completely delete Buhari ‘s twitter account for threatening Igbos with Genocide - IPOB



Twitter should completely delete Buhari ‘s twitter account for threatening Igbos with Genocide - IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has noted the action of Twitter in deleting the inciting and acrimonious statement by the man parading as Muhamnadu Buhari, threatening another war against Biafrans.

We know that the global outrage sparked by the evil,  unpresidential and genocidal tweets made the cabal running the zoo to beg Twitter to delete them. But we want to assure him that the world has already taken note of the genocidal threat. He cannot escape the International Criminal Court, ICC to account for his actions sooner or later.

The action of Twitter also confirms that the evil tweets have been marked as hate speech. Of course, we know that Garba Shehu, and Gov. El' Rufai are the ones behind the evil tweets but they should burry their faces in shame.

What could be more genocidal that a hypocritical President threatening war against the peaceful  Igbo race and Biafrans while on the other hand pampering terrorists wrecking havock in parts of the country? 

But our response to Buhari and those running the zoo in his name is that victory is not dependent on the multitude of horses; It comes from God! The 1967 genocide can never be repeated in Biafra land!

Those Fulani people behind the man who claimed to be Buhari are enemies of Biafra and cannot use force to change our resolve to restore Biafra freedom from Nigeria. They can do whatever they like but Biafra must come in their time.

We however, commend Twitter for its courage to speak truth to power. IPOB demands Twitter to go step further and completely delete Buhari from its system as a deterrent to other tyrants like him.


NIGERIA: A Country Its End Has Come

 NIGERIA: A Country Its End Has Come 

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

For Family Writers Press International

Chunua Achebe was in Lagos the time he published a book that suggested a coup. The coup actually happened. The first thing that came to the minds of the Nigerian security was that Achebe must have known about the coup. If not how will he (Achebe) managed to write about it in his books. This attracted Nigeria soldiers to go after Achebe. The young writer was on the run. He later told us in his book 'There Was A Country', how he hurriedly sent his family down to the East and how the building housing their printing press was bombed by Nigeria government. The printing press was actually co-owned by Achebe and Christopher Okigbo the Poet. According to Achebe, standing there among the crowd watching the debris that was their printing press, that he saw Okigbo last. The young poet without saying goodbye, left and joined the Biafra Army and died fighting for Biafra. Achebe heard of his death over the radio. Driving on a lonely road at that point in time, he gently parked by the side of the road, killed his engine and observed a minute silence for a Biafra hero who was his bossom friend. 

Achebe knew nothing about what the ruthless Nigeria unpatriotic soldiers were thinking. He just read the events and intuition made him gain insight on what is about to happen. 

I have been receiving inbox messages from people who wants me to deliver messages to even the the darkest parts of the world. They read me and think I control things. I control nothing and know absolutely nothing. What I write is what I got through adding one or two things together. Probably, Okike gave me this gift and I am using it to forewarn our people. 

Before the attacks on security men started happening, I wrote about it. I wrote that some things is about to happen. There is no how the security will keep killing the people without making beasts out of them. These things are normal things. I am only surprised that some people, including the security men themselves were ignorant of it.

There is nothing like security in Nigeria. It has never existed. The security that seemed to be happening in Nigeria was the unanimous resolution of the people of Nigeria to remain law abiding. And unfortunately, the ineffective Nigeria police and Military mistook this to be that Nigeria is secured.

Now, the people have been pushed to the wall. They have killed hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters. IPOB members were killed left right and center. Nigeria government thought it wise to use force on young people protesting. At Emene, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Nkpor, Aba, Umuahia and Akwa Ibom, IPOB members were murdered in cold blood.

Same Nigeria government killed up to a thousand Shiite Muslims for blocking roads in protest. While these things were happening, some people that claims they are intellectuals kept blaming the victims. They asked why Shiite Muslims should block an Army Chief from using a Federal Road. They killed themselves, they concluded. Others questioned how IPOB members should go on peaceful protest without weapons, when they know that Mohammadu Buhari is in power. 

I remember one writer wrote that if protesters are not ready to get armed, they should stop protecting. Same people that said these things are today against ESN for being armed.

Personally, I don't see Nigeria surviving this. The threat from Nigeria President is simply what is necessary to end Nigeria. Like I said Nigeria will never survive this. Which ever way Nigeria tends to move from, it will result to Nigeria's eventual division. Let me explain. Should Nigeria decide to offer what I call a 'Scotland solution' to the problems currently ravaging Nigeria and accept Referendum as a solution, then it will still boil down to division of Nigeria. The difference is that it will be bloodless and no properties will be destroyed.

But if Nigeria choses the path of war, as being propagated already by Nigerian government, then it will still lead to Nigeria's division, even though it will take with it lots of lives. This is me telling you that Nigeria's time is up. Nothing will save Nigeria at this point. Not even changing the name Nigeria will save Nigeria. Nigeria is a country its end have come. Nigeria would have been a nation other of her surrounding neighbours will be begging to join their union. It would have been like something close to United States of America. A country richly blessed by God. But they lavished everything. They employed politicians that stole the nation dry. They practiced all sorts of marginalization against Eastern Regions. In all these, they thought they have built an Army of suppression. An Army that specializes only in killing innocent civilians.

Nigeria Army have went to a house of a known Nigerian musician and had his aged mother thrown off from a Two Storey building, killing her. They are so barbaric that if they come for you and couldn't get you, they will kill your family.

Nigeria soldiers have gone to the village of Odi and Zarki Ibiam and killed everything that moves. Women, Men, both young and old, children and animals they all killed. Nigeria soldiers have never changed and will never change. Their shooting of peaceful protesters at Lekki Tollgate and their denial is nothing new. Security men that stays on the road collecting 50 50 naira have no honour. That's why they lie and cover evil. Since whatever Nigeria does at this present time will lead to the same thing, I don't think the old men leading Nigeria today will ever think of accepting referendum. Never. They will lead youths to kill themselves in the name of defending One Nigeria. They would have opted for referendum, had it been they have a guarantee that Igbo Leaders will help them rig the referendum. But unfortunately, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB have reduced Igbo leaders, both the governors to nothing. The complete LOCKDOWN of Biafra land by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB gave credence to this fact. 

I will simply advise everyone to prepare for a show down. The threat made by whoever is representing the cabals in the name of the dead Niigeria president is very real. That is their only option. Why do I think a military action will fail? Nigeria government don't have the capacity to fight at many fronts. And I know they are doing everything within their power to avoid that. That's exactly why they are trying so hard to use ISIS to neutralize Boko Haram. They feel that they can control ISIS by reaching a bargain with them. If they can promise to share the government of Nigeria with their men, then they can halt the ongoing jihad in the North, thereby allowing the Nigeria Army to concentrate only in the East.

If this goes as planned, there is also another problem that will face them. Going to war against the East without the support of Yoruba and Middle Belt is already a lost war. So Nigeria government with the help of Britain will pressure Yoruba leaders to join hands to fight the East for the second time. At least, for now, the leaders of Yoruba land are still in charge, unlike in the East. This consultations if not mistaken is already ongoing. With the Yoruba agreeing to join in fighting the East, the Middle Belt will have no option than to join or be crushed. Yoruba leaders will be divided in this devilish decision, but the majority of their leaders drinking from the cup of corruption called Nigeria will side with the government against the East. But they won't have their way. Their youths will not agree and that's is final.

This is not 1967. This is 2021. Palestinians didn't have to march to Israel to fight them. They had to unleash missiles and it travelled miles. So I don't think the Yoruba will make a second mistake of joining to fight Biafrans again. And I also don't think they will risk Lagos to protect an unworkable useless One Nigeria. Yet, even without the support of the Yoruba, Nigeria government will still bring this war. That's because the Nigeria government you are seeing is a Fulani group who are bent on taking over Nigeria state using Nigeria government as a pretense. They can't just stop now. They will hope on the Fulani militias across Africa and the help of other supper powers with huge interest in Nigeria.

These super powers they believe will help them.

In weeks and months to come, I see evil being unleashed in the East. They will double their brutality and those Boko Haram members recruited into the Nigerian Army will be in the Frontline. I once told you that Nigeria police will all run to the village and disguise themselves as farmers. It is happening. I also told you that Nigeria soldiers will desert the military in great numbers. There will be a time major ethnic groups in Nigeria will be tired of what the Fulani led Nigeria government is doing and demand that all their people serving in the Nigerian military come back home. And when this happens, say goodbye to Nigeria. I don't see Nigeria military defeating these crop of youths. These youths are not only volunteers, they are also determined. They pride themselves as dead men working. They are ready to give it all, including their lives.

And the coming of social media have made it too difficult for Nigeria and Britain to fool the world again like they did in 1966-70. How can they now lie to Nigeria that Biafrans are rebels and hide the atrocities happening in Biafra without the world knowing about it? There is time for everything. Time to be created and time to die. The country created by Lord Lugard In 1914 is about to take a bow. I still maintain that the only better solution here is a referendum. Don't forget that referendum is peace.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher, Writer and Activist, 2021.

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