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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

A Desperate Government That Kills Its citizens waving her flag Can Kill its Policemen to blackmail IPOB

 A Desperate Government That Kills Its citizens waving her flag Can Kill its Policemen to blackmail IPOB

Daily Trust, a Nigeria online Media domicile in the Northern part of Nigeria have reported the claim of Nigeria government that IPOB, a peaceful group, moving for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra gruesomely killed 3 Nigeria policemen. According to them, the claim was made by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Nigeria minister of information.

The report reads in part

“We have credible information that ASP Francis Idoko (AP No. 154945); Inspector Emmanuel Akubo (AP No. 222336) and Inspector Rufai Adamu (AP. No. 285009), all serving officers of the Nigeria Police, were abducted by members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), acting on the instructions of their leader, Chinonso Okafor, aka TEMPLE, on 27 Nov. 2021.

“Two of the officers, Inspectors Akubo and Adamu, were killed in the most gruesome manner and their decapitated bodies videotaped and circulated widely. The leader of the ESN team that killed the two officers is one ‘GENTLE’.

“Chinonso Okafor, the most influential commander of ESN in charge of Imo and Anambra states, as well as ‘Gentle’ and all those who perpetrated the abhorrent act, will be made to face swift and sure justice,” the minister said.

Reading the above quote, a foreigner might think it is true, but those that know Nigeria government and how they operate knew that it is a concoction made up to blackmail IPOB. Looking at the online video that generated this report, one will quickly wonder how ESN, whom were formed just to confront Fulani Herdsmen terrorists ravaging the East, will suddenly start beheading policemen and even go to the extent of shouting that they are ESN. Where is it done? How can one go to rob a bank and be shouting his name for all to know that he is the one robbing a bank? Who does that?

Recall that Nigeria government have played this same game before. It was in ANAMBRA, South Eastern State. Nigeria police told News Men that IPOB members robbed First Bank in Onitsha and mounted Biafra Flag in the bank. Again, ask yourself this question how can a freedom movement that have been sponsoring itself for more than 12 years suddenly start robbing a bank? And even if they want to rob a bank, why should they go there with their Flag? Are they that insane? Who will believe that story? No one goes to steal with his pictures or ID cards, only to drop them there. The Nigeria government blackmail of indigenous people of Biafra is rather becoming childish.

A country with questionable integrity can't be trusted. A country that opened fire on her own youths while they are waving the country's flags and singing National Anthem can murder her own policemen, just to blackmail IPOB. Is it not the same Alhaji Lai Mohammed that denied the killing of these youths at Lekki Tollgate even after a panel set up by Lagos State Government submitted a report proving that Nigeria government through her military actually opened fire on those youths.

Since Nigeria government kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya and rendered him to Nigeria, they are working desperately to establish a case against him. Realizing that extraordinary rendition is a crime, they are now trying to blackmail IPOB, probably to have something to hold on to. Nigeria government should understand that they can't jail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It is of no use killing your own policemen and recruiting people to keep shouting 'we are ESN'. The world is already aware of the evil going on in Nigeria, especially under the present APC government.

Self-determination is a fundamental human right and no one deserve to die all in the name of trying to deny a people this fundamental right. Human life is sacred and must be respected.

Elochukwu Ohagi is Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, Writing For Family Writers Press International.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Nigeria: Fresh List Of 95 Obigbo and Orlu Residents Abducted By Soldiers Discovered In Kaduna Prisons, 257 are Missing

 Nigeria: Fresh List Of 95 Obigbo and Orlu Residents Abducted By Soldiers Discovered In Kaduna Prisons, 257 are Missing

(Members Of The Public Are Invited To Check The Names Below And See If Anyone You Known To Them Is Among)

International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law

Onitsha, Nigeria: Thursday, 25th Nov 2021

It is with rudest shock and deepest dismay that the Int’l Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety is informing the whole world about fresh discovery of 95 abducted Obigbo and Orlu residents including six females and 89 males in Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers. Out of the newly discovered Army abductees, four including Citizen Ugochukwu, have died and 257 others still missing.

How The 95 Igbo Citizens Were Discovered In Kaduna Prisons And Lock Centers

It must be pointed out that most of the 95 located victims of the Army abduction discovered in Kaduna Prisons who are all Igbo citizens of Christian faith were discovered to have been abducted by soldiers of the Nigerian Army during their genocidal invasion of Obigbo area of Rivers State in response to October 2020 country-wide EndSARS protests in the State. According to information obtained from some of the interviewed victims, they were held in various Army secret custodies for several months or not less than ten months without transferring them to the Police and court trial. The secret military facilities where they were held included Bori Camp of the Nigerian Army’s 6 Division in Port Harcourt and the Obinze-Owerri 34 Brigade, under 82 Division; the Mogadishu Barracks in Abuja and the 1 Mechanized Division, Kaduna, etc. It was from those secret Army detention facilities that the 95 Igbo citizens were transferred to the Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers without charge or open court remands after several months in Army custody. According to obtained victims’ accounts, about fifty of the 357 abducted citizens were transferred few months ago from Orlu and other parts of Imo State and some are among the 95 presently languishing without court trial in Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers. Also, the number of deaths among the 357 is likely to be in scores or dozens. The interviewed victims also further disclosed that while in Army custody, torture and starvation were a routine and that they were specifically conditioned to die of hunger, starvation and disease.

Their discovery came to light through shared independent intelligence information gathered by some local and international human rights activists and corroborated by some friendly military personnel and a freed victim whose father has links in the military. The attentions of Human Rights Counsel Richard Okoroafor and leadership of the country’s leading self determination group in the East were also drawn. It must be remembered that the leading self determination group and Human Rights Counsel Richard Okoroafor played critical roles in the recent release of over 400 victims of the same Obigbo Army Massacre and Abductions of October/November 2020. Upon discovery of the ‘Obigbo/Orlu 95”, arrangements were made by the said local and international human rights activists for purpose of verifying the independent intelligence information gathered including dispatching a team to locate the detainees and obtain some useful information concerning their abduction and long incarceration without trial and in the end, the following pieces of useful information were obtained:

(1)That most of them were abducted and bundled by soldiers of the Nigerian Army since October/November 2020 and held for several months or not less than ten months amidst torture and starvation in different secret military detention facilities, starting from Bori Camp and Obinze 34 Brigade in late October and early November 2020 to different others in Northern Nigeria including Mogadishu/Abacha Barracks and others in Niger and Kaduna States from where they were recently dumped in Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers. 

(2) That these, the soldiers of the Nigerian Army did by refusing to hand them over to the Police. 

(3) That from the period they were abducted till date, no form of access to their families or lawyers has been granted. 

(4) That throughout their twelve months in Army and paramilitary captivities, they were never taken to court for one day and were surprised to have found themselves lately in the Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers. 

(5) That out of the total of 357 abducted Igbo citizens, taken to Army detention facilities in Kaduna and other unknown locations within and outside the State, scores or dozens must have died as a result of torture, hunger, starvation and disease. 

(6) That about fifty out of the 357 abducted citizens were part of those abducted from Orlu and other parts of Imo State by the combined forces comprising soldiers and police especially from March, April, May and June 2021 and among them are some of the 95 abductees presently languishing in Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers. 

(7) That the Orlu abductees were transferred to Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers by soldiers and police personnel jointly called “Special Forces”. 

(8) That throughout their stay in Army captivity, they were not allowed to change their clothes especially ladies among them that were denied access to sanitary pads and under-wears. 

(9) That most, if not all of the abductees had nothing whatsoever to do with  or involved in “Biafra Matters” at the time of their abduction and were randomly abducted at their places of work or leisure or on their way home from their work places. 

(10) That some were abducted during house or vicinity raids especially at sleep 

Names Of The 95 Defenseless Igbo Citizens

Humphrey Onyii, Kenechukwu Paul, Kacil Ude, Antonio Obi, Oluchi Nwaba, Ben Akachukwu, Mebechukwu Ifeanyi, Ebube Uche, David Akudo, Namdi Ndidi, Francis Collins, Ozioma Anurika (female), Odinaka Prince, Kingsley Obinna, Ekechukwu Joshua, Ekechukwu Paul, Pius Victoria (female), Emmanuel Obinna, Kanyinene Andrew, Kosisochukwu Best, Kachi Ude, Uchechukwu Uba, Londonboy Kelvin, Chinedu Anwuru, Sunday Adaoche, Chika Obasi, Isaac Ejekwe, Benjamin Orakwe, Maxwell Uba, Kenneth Erochukwu, Mba Osigwe, Harrison Ezenwa, Boniface Nsowolu, Lawrence Celestine, Ugonna Kennedy, Nwadike Akolam, Jerry Chukwuemeka, Arinze Somtoochukwu, Anyanwu Ositadinma, Livinus Shedrack,  Monday Uba, Ogugua Chukwuebuka, Prince Eze Ugochi, Ndubuisi Anayo, Bright Okafor, Emma Okafor, Henry Sopuruchukwu, Chika Ugwueze, Osinachi Jerry, Abraham Emeka, Moses Uzoma, Aaron Osagie, Onyekachi Chukwu and Chukwu Prince.

Others are : Ibe Francis, Maduka Synagogue, Onyinyechi Chukwuma (female), Maurine Akapu (female), Ebuka Ositadinma, Ebere Anyanwu, Paulina Eberechukwu (), EkeneMaria Chisaram (female), Chibuikem Anarue, Success Anome, Richard Onyii, Peter Charise, Nwa Daddy, Boniface, Igwe Harry, Chinonso Kelvin, Geoffrey Egemba, Ikechukwu Mike, Chike Ndurugo, Chima Okorie, David Amaefula, Aloysius Kalu, Valerian Ndubuisi, Kingsley Ebube, Chukwuebuka Aja, Nwabuife Henry,  Elias Chima, Anthony Austin, Benjamin Amechi, Ugwunna John, Chisom Mbah, Ejikom Louis, Mgbeke Jasper, Odoh Joshua, Oku Solomon, Chidi Ugomsi, Mathias Osuji and two others; totaling 95 persons including six females and 89 males. 



International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chair

Obianuju Igboeli Esquire, Head, Civil Liberties and Rule of Law Department

Chidimma Udegbunam Esquire, Head, Campaign And Publicity Department


Phone/WhatsApp: +2348174090052

Email: [email protected]

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

British Allegiance with Fulani - the woe of Nigeria

British Allegiance with Fulani - the woe of Nigeria

Past Fulani rulers and their British Collaborators

From the time the British imperialists encountered the marauding Fulanis till date, they have engaged in all manner of evil and wickedness against the indigenous land owners in Nigeria. At first, they ruined the Hausa kingdom. It is hard to describe what the Hausa people passed through but a window of opportunity is the genocide committed against the Judeo-Christian Biafrans and Southerners, enabled by Britain, from 1943 and reached a chilling level in 1970. From 1970, the Fulanis have engaged in concerted destruction of whatever is remaining of the indigenous habitation having obtained assurances of globalists protection. The aim of this article is not to dwell on the globalists but to x-ray the hatchet job the Fulanis are doing for them.

The Fulani oligarchs, represented by Ahmadu Bello, have never hidden their desire to deep the Koran in the Atlantic ocean and dominate everyone in their great grandparents estate, Nigeria. As the genocidal war ended, after the practical testing of the Wahhabism (the use of violence as advocated by Saudi Arabia), they started interfering and installing their loyalists in every political, social and cultural organization of influence. This was intended to ensure that no one has the freedom to pursue their destiny. At first, the unsolicited intrusion was furtive but it soon gave way to an open and daring involvement. Now it has become assertive. There is no region militarized like the Eastern region. Neither does any region suffer military arson and indiscriminate shooting of unarmed civilian populace leading to internally displaced people by government actors in national uniform. These do not even occur in terrorism ravaged North with governors, unabashedly silent.

Leadership is a call to serve. This service is to the people when there is true democracy (a government of the people, for the people and by the people). The seeming gap in leadership, in Biafraland (referred to as Eastern Nigeria), is due to the slow but steady unchallenged imposition of vassals as governors, senators, representatives and so on for over fifty (50) years. It is true that the journey of the oppressors depends on the mindset of the oppressed. For over fifty (50) years, we choose to do absolutely nothing.

 While in the past, in the analogue age, the Fulani supplied us analogue models; fast forward to 2019 and behold our inaction has climaxed into a supreme court imposition of a candidate. It is now the use of the judiciary, which is the last hope of the common man, in a democratic setting. It is not God’s commandment that we pray, where we need to act (Luke 11:21). The Fulani has moles in every aspect of Biafrans’ lives including religion. The criminal tacit of politicians and religious leaders, in the face of grave injustice, is an indictment and indicative of who they serve.

The entrance of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the organization he leads, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is the game changer. From his first illegal arrest in 2015 till date, he has awoken something up in his people. They are no longer beholden to Britain. All they want now is freedom. They will get it regardless of who does not want that because of economic interest. At first, the youths were dismissed and called unprintable names yet they persisted. 

They have protested in the most difficult of political turbulent environments and paid the ultimate price. However, the high-handedness of the central government has done nothing but increased the membership and support across the length and breadth of Biafraland. To minimize casualties, the sit-at-home as a civil disobedience, was introduced. The total compliance to the mock referendum is glaring. Still, one does not expect the Fulani oligarchs, used to violent inclination, or their handpicked eastern leaders, used to pacifying their masters, to learn anything from the mock referendum sit-at-home. If anything, they will double down on their tyranny and treachery, as taught by history. Soon enough though, they would come to understand that no army is as strong as an army of volunteers. That too is historical.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

Biafra: Restoration Will Loosen Africa From British Spell

 Biafra: Restoration Will Loosen Africa From British Spell

It is maddening to learn that the British government is one of the suppliers of military weapons to the Nigerian government. The weapons it uses to perpetrate acts of genocide against the indigenous people of Biafra seeking self-determination, emanate from there. And by this and the accessory silence while her weapons are being used to commit crimes against humanity, the British government is tarred with the same brush as the Nigerian government. Clearly, they work in concert in hopes of forestalling the restoration of Biafra. 

By the global power and influence it possesses, the British government has long sat upon the criminal activities of the Nigerian government, concealing them so well that the world is perpetually kept in the dark. Put in another way, the impetus behind the culture of gross human rights violations by the Nigerian government and a host of other atrocities, particularly the ongoing acts of genocide against Biafrans of Igbo extraction and burning down of their houses, both of which have become a routine and show no signs of abating any time soon, is drawn from the United Kingdom.

Now, the questions are: how can a British government which claims to be great and oversees a people governed by the rule of law, freedom and equal protection before the law, yet supports the Nigerian government characterized by lawlessness, human rights abuses, terrorism, brutalities and genocide? How could the British government who had recently conducted a referendum for Scotland to determine whether they wanted to remain in the United Kingdom or not, insert itself between Biafrans and their rights to self-determination through the same referendum? 

Again, how could the British government use one hand to idolize and cherish her children and with another hand, supply sophisticated military weapons to a habitually lawless entity as the government of Nigeria, knowing fully well that the weapons would be turned on Biafran children? I just cannot stress this too much -- it betrays leadership and an ideal image the British government tends to portray. It is the height of duplicity and hypocrisy. A double-dealing. 

Therefore, it is clear that the British government imagines Biafrans less humans and as not a people with the rights to exist and thrive as a nation. It rather imagines Biafrans as money making commodities that can be sold and bought and their lands plundered at will. The ecological destructions by various British oil and gas companies across the oil fields in Biafraland which go on unabated, and with no compensation to the natives whose farmlands and streams are irreparably destroyed, is a case in point.

In any event, Biafrans are correct to surmise that the British government is unimaginably afraid to see Biafra restored. The reason being that a sovereign Biafra means a new dawn for Africa. An occurrence most likely to cut Africa loose to make their own way in the world. But that sounds like a threat and a huge loss to the British government whose best policy for Africa is a continuum of exploitative schemes and Africa in perpetual darkness, is a massive gain for British people who practically live and breathe on the backs and the blood of Africans. As the Brits will put it -- Biafra restoration would ruin or spoil things for them.

Biafra's re-emergence will usher in equity and fairness, the culture of exploitation baked in the relationship between the British government and the Fulani-controlled Nigerian government will be expunged. Apparently, such notion falls afoul of the British government's project of eternal neo-colonial enslavement of the African people and control of the rich oil and gas deposits in Biafra. 

Still, the British government can refute the above charges against it, and perhaps reshape the narrative of her brutal past, by simply honoring Biafrans call and right to self-determination and forcing the Nigerian government to the table. To really live up to the name and the ideals she claims to hold so dear, it must put a stop to the supply of military weapons to the terrorists-infiltrated Nigerian government. 

Furthermore, it must shine a spotlight on the criminalities of the Nigerian government, especially on the involvements with terror groups and the ongoing acts of genocide against the indigenous people of Biafra. And finally, yet more than anything else, the United Kingdom should stand in all respect as a countervailing force against the lawless, brutal, abusive and genocidal government of Nigeria. That way, the journey to redemption would have begun!

Written by 

Chima Ono

Edited by

Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

Sunday, 21 November 2021

The Age long Injustice On The South And Why Nigeria Disintegration Is Inevitable

 The Age long Injustice On The South And Why Nigeria Disintegration Is Inevitable

Nigeria's false independence with power centered in the North, has been characterized with some irregularities, purely targeted at disfavoring the Southerners, especially the old Eastern region (Biafra), despite being hugely an indispensable part of the amalgamated entity. Calabar in the present day Cross River State, was the Southern protectorate capital city and was used as the capital of Nigeria during the colonial era of Fredrick Lugard. 

In 1906, the Nigerian government moved the capital from Calabar, Biafra region, to Lagos State, a South western hub of the Yorubas, and then later, to Abuja, a core Northern town, in 1991. This relocations were treacherously carried out because it pleased the British for the Fulani saturated North to rightly control the whole of Southern region from their own territory (North).This has been the reason why when any Biafran is arrested from any of the states within Biafraland, such person will be transferred to Abuja, enduring loss of communication from his/her family members.  This is the point Nigeria is currently, and it is happening on daily basis. Many people from the South-East region, have lost their loved ones as a result. 

Thousands of Nigerian male organs were intercepted in China in 2020. These male organs were cut off from humans not animals and the people who owned them were those prisoners who were arrested from the South and distanced to Abuja, far away from the reach of their loved ones. And after many years without any trace from their families, the Nigerian government used them for business. The male private parts were taken out and sold to China which uses them for only ' God knows what'. The females amongst them were sold out to Italy for sex enterprise or were hacked to death and their private parts harvested and sold too. 

This is why the Nigerian government hardly arraign the inmates in the court of law. Even those who are arraigned, are denied justice, because the Nigerian government is aiming at using them for a bigger business deal than their bail fees would cost.

Ever since those human parts were intercepted, the government has not deemed it fit to set up any investigation panel to look into where and how they left the shores of the country and later found in China, despite the heavy security presence at the seaports, airports and land boarders..This is a proof that the Nigerian government is the master planner. People are being randomly arrested and detained, not because they are guilty of what they are accused of, but because the government plans to criminally harvest their organs for international business.

I have been saying this and I will continue to say it, that those shouting for the restructuring of Nigeria deserve some sort of award for that. They should be awarded the most "stupid" people of the year in Nigeria. If at all there shall be any restructuring, let it start with the relocation of the Nigeria Federal capital from the North to the the deserving South, where it was during the British reign and after the said independence. If Fulani North can allow this, then let us restructure. But no, they cannot. And that is why restructuring will never work for Nigeria but instead,  "disintegration".

A Fulani man will rather choose to die than allow his fellow arrested and transported to the South (Igbo or Yoruba lands) for possible prosecution.

This is where Biafrans and Yorubas need to come together and fight this injustice at this time, once for all. Like the Northerners could not allow Nigeria capital to be in the South, the same way, should the Southerners not be happy with a Nigeria whose capital is in the North, especially when it is being used as oppression tool against the Southern people.

This is why disintegration is inevitable.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Nigeria Leadership Crisis And Its Fueling Of Separatism

 Nigeria Leadership Crisis And Its Fueling Of Separatism

An October 2003 publication of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Africa, claimed that, "a new study of more than 65 countries published in the United Kingdom's New Scientist Magazine, suggested that the happiest people in the world live in Nigeria." There was no mention in the article of who conducted the study, where it was conducted and the method with which they arrived at their conclusion. If they are so happy, why does another poll suggest that more than fifty percent (50%) of the population, would travel to other countries for greener pastures?

Nigeria is one of the largest crude oil producers in Africa and on Wikipedia, it is ranked the 11th amongst the world's largest producers of crude oil, while Qatar, Oman and Turkey are 15th, 18th and 49th respectively. Quite ironically, Nigeria is one of Africa's 9th most indebted country at about $89 billion. Considering critically, the rate of development in other oil producing countries, one would quickly attest to the rate of mismanagement of resources, under-development and hardship in Nigeria. 

Unpatriotism is, and has always been the major quality of most Nigerians. Muhammadu Buhari, the current President had in 1985, voted against Nigeria as a military despot in a meeting of the then Organization of African Unity (OAU), as well as deposed a government during the military era. He, with other high ranking Nigerian officials, do not patronize the country’s health facilities nor its higher institutions of learning. Same can be said with their regard, or the lack of it, for Nigeria's financial institutions as they would rather bank their looted funds abroad than at home. Nigerian elites both in time past and present, have referred to Nigeria as a mere geographical location, but not a country. 

The Nigerian political class are bereft of political philosophies and in this pitiable state, have ruthlessly pursued brigandage in the name of politics. There is no telling of any one political party from the other, that is really different. They merely serve as banners under which the politicians, like bandits without honour, group and regroup ahead of elections, to position themselves for better access to public funds. It is therefore no wonder that terrorism has become a political tool in Nigeria and glaringly enjoys state sponsorship.

The fourth deadliest terrorist organization, Boko Haram and counterpart, Fulani herdsmen, are being pampered by the President Buhari and his cabal of handlers from his ethnic Fulani stock. The trigger-happy terrorists in Nigerian military uniforms do not defend the constitution but instead, defend the President and his primitive tyranny. Nigeria has no regard for human rights. 

If only Amnesty International was to take seriously its role in speaking out against the atrocities happening in Nigeria, certainly, the country will be on the headlines of every global news media house for weeks on end. But unfortunately, the lukewarm attitude of this global human rights body and other individuals, have emboldened the ongoing gross abuses of human rights in the South-East region, to the extent that Nigerians no longer realize that they exist under sub-human conditions. 

Looking at everything which Nigeria portends for its inhabitants, is it wrong that an indigenous people would seek exit from the Nigerian federation? Biafrans want to be out of Nigeria, in exercise of their legitimate right to self-determination. They ask for a United nations supervised referendum, as enshrined in the United Nations Charter on indigenous people’s rights which Nigeria is also signatory to. Nigeria is callously and murderously responding to the call for a referendum with acts of genocide, despite the fact that it was through a referendum in February 1961 that the present day Adamawa State, was ceded to Nigeria from Cameroun. The ruling coalition sought to ostracize and mute them at the same time. They risked protracting the conflict by further alienating a section of the country. Nigeria leadership has no option than to humbly yield to the legitimate demand of the Biafran people.

#God bless Biafra!

Written by Cindy Etuk

Edited by Emma Iwu

For Family Writes Press International

Friday, 19 November 2021

Biafra: The Bleeding Nation The World Does Not Want To Talk About

 Biafra: The Bleeding Nation The World Does Not Want To Talk About

It is disheartening whenever one remembers scores of Igbos that the Nigerian soldiers are slaughtering on daily basis. It brings fresh the sad memory of the numerous events of massacre the indigenous Igbo Biafrans have to endure from 1943 (including the British colonial government’s massacre of 21 miners on November 18, 1949, in Enugu, for only asking for a pay rise) through 1970, till date. It pains to the marrow, each time one also remembers that the world leaders do not want to talk about  this ongoing government sponsored genocide in Nigeria against the indigenous Igbo Biafrans, who are Judeo-Christians.

This open declaration of war on unarmed, by the Jihadi Nigerian government, for no justifiable reason, and the accompanying criminal silence by bureaucrats, is most depressing and traumatizing. This is especially so given the legion of army of occupation in Biafraland, with the presidential edict to dominate, the arms contracts offered a dictatorial regime with a retinue of human rights violations by a military industrial complex from world powers that ought to know better, including the United States of America and United Kingdom and the willingness to commit murder or genocide for promotion like army officer Bello, who led the onslaught in what is now the #LekkiMassacre. 

In every occasion, they attack with a 98 percent success, leaving on their trail, wanton destruction and only retreat whenever they are satisfied. What is most regrettable and tells you all you need to know about this regime and their priorities, is the consistency at which soldiers still keep deploying and using all sorts of military armories including fighter jets, helicopters, armored tanks and others, to joyfully kill the innocent indigenous Igbo Biafrans while Boko Haram terrorists are  advancing and circling Abuja unrestricted. The plan of the Nigerian government is to completely wipe out the Igbo race for demanding a free Biafran nation.  It was the reason President Muhammadu Buhari tweeted on June 1, 2021, that those of them who witnessed the 1967/1970 Nigeria genocidal war on Biafra will treat the 2021 set of new Biafra agitators in the language they would understand. He has made good his promise by unleashing his military assets and lackeys on the poor civilian Igbo population to be treated in the language they claimed we will understand which is "death". 

It is very shocking that the Nigerian army will be allowed to act like non-state actors using a national uniform, while the international community looks the other way. At some point, one hopes to have someone courageous enough to see this for what it is: pure terrorism on Igbo Biafrans. The carnage which the Nigerian soldiers are committing against the innocent, is exactly a replica of the atrocities Boko Haram fighters are  committing in the North, yet the world leaders are silent over it as if it is normal. There is nothing normal about genocide. The Nigerian army should and must be declared a terrorist organization. Nigerian soldiers have razed down many Igbo Biafran communities, killing half of the inhabitants and displacing many. 

This notorious act of the military is clearly seen in Izombe community in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State, in the month of October 2021, which lasted for two weeks. It happened again at Mgbowo in Enugu State on 1st November 2021, and in Orsu in Imo State once more on 10th November 2021. The soldiers mostly are indigenous to Hausa tribe, under the control of Fulani jihadists, because they speak their language proving that what is going on is a tribal war in which the Igbo soldiers serving in the Nigerian military are poorly equipped and sent to be killed by Boko Haram terrorists while the Fulani terrorists infiltrated army, moves into Biafraland to ensure the killing of young people of fighting age; thereby using one stone to kill two birds. 

This has got out of hand because we cannot just continue to fold our arms and watch our loved ones killed, by tribal Nigeria Hausa soldiers under the intimidating influence of Fulani terrorists. If we stand for a revenge, the world will stand up for the truth on the head, the entire time. It will, therefore, be in the best interest of everyone for the world leaders to put an end to this madness from Fulani controlled Nigerian government against the indigenous Igbo Biafrans because our patience is running out.

Written by

Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by

Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

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