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Monday, 17 May 2021

Igbos In American Military Services Writes To The Department Of State On Buhari’s Persecution Of Igbos In Nigeria

 Igbos In American Military Services Writes To The Department Of State On Buhari’s Persecution Of Igbos In Nigeria

We are citizens of United States who honorably served in various branches of our superior military at different times and on different conflict theaters. We are members of the American Veterans of Igbo Descent (AVID), incorporated in the state of New Mexico and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, EIN#: 85-4277623. Some of our members were born as Igbo tribal ancestry of the southeastern part of Nigeria and became United States citizens by naturalization before or during their military service. The rest of our members are natural born United States citizens to Igbo tribe Nigerian parents. All our members are therefore honorable men and women who meritoriously served or currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. Our Christian parents, siblings, relatives, classmates, friends, and well-wishers still live in Igbo part of the Southeastern Nigeria.  We are bringing to your notice that we are stressed and stretched beyond elasticity by the oppressive condition of our people entrapped in Nigeria and we seek your urgent action. We are nnot oblivious to the laissez-faire nature of Nigerian President Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership. His slothfulness has exacerbated in chaotic gap in national security and freedom of the people. 

Our attention is drawn to the following life altering events currently going on in Nigeria: General Insecurity, heinous violence, corruption, and graft, abductions and harassment of hundreds of school children, Incessant kidnappings of law abiding citizens, Breakdown of law and order, Open grazers with AK-47 weapon by Muslim Northern Nigerian brothers of the President killing people at will, Fulani hegemony, murderous slaughter of Non-Fulani ethnic groups, Chronic youth unemployment, Mayhem in the Middle Belt of Nigeria without prosecution or accountability, Free installation and tacit enforcement of Muslim Caliphate in Eastern Nigeria, Atrocities and genocide meted out to Nigerian citizens without consequence, Government appointment of Fulani tribe indigenes to key positions such as: NNPC, RIRS, NCS, NPA, Defense, Finance, Education, Justice, FTC, Agriculture, Police Affairs, Aviation, Communication, Power, Water Resources, FERMA, NYSC, PTDF, NTA, FAAN, EFCC, ICPC, NFIU etc…, Dastardly act of support for Bokoharam and Myeti Allah Muslim terrorists, Politics of the second Niger bridge, Nigeria where people killed by violence are not counted, Corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves with their government accomplices, Execution of Eastern farmers on their indigenous farm lands with no prosecution, Gruesome rape of young Igbo girls and married women, unprovoked killings, massacre, maiming by Fulani young men and nobody held to account, Army and Police killing of unarmed defenseless youths at Lekey Toll gate, Execution of Christians on church grounds during church worship, Police frequent brutality, Unconstitutional arrests, detention, and killings of political opponents, Abduction and execution of foreigners, Security condition and Human Rights violation, Excessive China monetary loans for development of another country, Government protection of criminals, bandits, terrorists, Epileptic electricity and dilapidated infrastructure, Lack of navigable roads in the Eastern parts of Nigeria, Woeful condition of Universities and academic standards, Government appointments from only Fulani tribe, Eastern Nigerian men pillaged, slaughtered en mass within their indigenous ancestral land with no consequences, Violent military inversion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s ancestral home and consequent fatal slaughter of Igbo youths, Forceful conquest of Orlu in Igbo land and its attendant wastage of lives and properties, Culpable, reckless, and gross neglect by federal government, Attacks and mascara of Eastern people of Ebonyi state, Enugu state, Abia state, Anambra state and Imo state, Disproportionate installation of military check points in Igbo land, unprovoked harassment of innocent people and monetary extortion, ​Stifled constitutional freedom and protection of citizen’s lives and properties;  freedom to  assembly, association, speech, and extra-judicial killings.

The American Veterans of Igbo Descent unequivocally and officially report these vices to you and seek your consent to review these problems. Our assessment is that Nigeria is irretrievably divided and cannot be ameliorated. The Igbo people seek referendum to become a new nation called Biafra. The Western Yoruba people wants to become a nation called Oduduwa. The Middle Belt people want to separate from Nigeria and become a new nation. We urge our nation (United Stated of America) to urgently restore the indigenous people of Biafra as a country carved out of Nigeria. Only this will ensure the Safety and Security of our people especially now that Nigeria slid into security dark precipice. The people of Southeastern Nigeria have right to self defense.  Their youths are infuriated, have no future, and have no guarantee to life, safety, security, and protection. Because of these anomalies, AVID advocates, stands with, and express our unalloyed support for, and take a strong stake in the redemption of our Igbo people. We therefore declare as we vacate our silence that Southeastern Igbo people have their constitutional rights taken away by Nigerian Fulani led government. AVID stand to assuage the anguish Eastern people of Nigeria have endured by leveraging your support to assure our oppressed people that their suffering will soon end. Our solemn pride and request hinges on the strata of freedom you can provide to our oppressed Igbo people of Nigeria.


Chief Sylvester Onyia, President

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Peace Treaty Between Biafra And Fulani Is Totally An Impossibility

“This war will not end. With every mile, my body and spirit break. Every jolt makes brittle, my mind. Each step pulls me further from home until I am the shell of the man that kissed my mother goodbye ago, forever. And I tense endlessly. Not knowing which will arrive first, the bullet that takes my life or my final chance for redemption.” .......D. Werner, 18 years old. World War 2 first class Private. 
Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese American, a survivor of radical Islamic terror and the founder of ACT for America, offers a historical detail of how a peaceful movement turned violent. In many of her guest speakings, she talked about radical Islam and the irrelevant silent majority. In a nutshell, she explained that it does not matter the number of moderates, as long as they choose not to do what is necessary, the radical few will enslave/kill us. She further disclosed that Prophet Mohammed taught radical Islamists two strategies: one is taqqiya (which is lying to an infidel with a straight face as long as it advanced the course of Islam) and two, is the principle of war (which is a peace treaty).  
The Fulani, like other radical Muslims, understand Al-hadebiya. It was the first deceptive treaty Prophet Mohammed signed with Mecca. They let down their guards thinking they had a peace treaty and he invaded them unannounced and unexpected. Fulanis idolize this dark Mohammedian attribute and implement it at every twist and turn. Having conquered the Hausa race, the Fulanis in their hubristic mind, are convinced that Nigeria is theirs. They are using the two strategies to achieve their aim which is to turn the indigenous people to second class citizens who would pay protection tax. Just as it is in the Caliphate. 
A Pew Research in five countries with the highest Muslim population – Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria and Bangladesh, in 2013, found out that seventy seven percent (77%) of world Muslims support Sharia law and a Caliphate over Constitution and country. It means that seventy seven percent (77%) of Nigeria Muslim North supports Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and bandits. Taqqiya has been on for long. For a peace treaty to happen, the Indigenous people must coalesce to a formidable resistance. These two strategies are what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), codenamed the 'devil's alternative.’ That is the use of terror to conquer everyone or when a resistance is mounted, they ask for a peace treaty. And like Prophet Mohammed, within a space of ten (10) years or before, they would succeed in their mission. Either way, whether through violence or peace representative by RUGA, creation of ranch (a private business) or control of water ways, they win. 
Therefore, this war will not end. At least not in a peace treaty. When Prophet Mohammed claimed an angel revealed he would be the last Prophet, he went to Medina to convert the Jews. For twelve (12) years, he was only able to convert his family and close friends, thereby turning a peaceful movement into a violent one. The first Caliphate birthed and lasted for one thousand, four hundred (1400) years. Over two hundred and seventy (270) million people were cut down by sword. Western civilization was impenetrable due to development of sophisticated weaponry and formation of the Crusaders. Biafra shall acquire sophisticated weaponry and arm everyone. Every Biafran must be a Crusader. This war will rather last for million years than for Biafra to have a peace treaty with these children of darkness. 
Written and Edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International

Nigeria Police falsely accused my boyfriend, tortured him to death and now threatening my life--Girl Friend

 Nigeria Police falsely accused my boyfriend, tortured him to death and now threatening my life--Girl Friend

The family of a Delta State University graduate allegedly tortured to death by cops over false gunrunning charge wants police authorities to bring those involved in the wicked act to justice, TESSY IGOMU writes Twenty-eight-year-old Ogehenetejiri Omiragua was optimistic that he would one day give his father, an amputee, the good life he deserves for struggling to train him in the university with the little he earned. 

Determined to accomplish this, the 2018 graduate of Microbiology from the Delta State University, Abraka, took to project writing for graduating students and teaching science subjects online upon completion of the one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps scheme in 2020.

Sadly, his life was cut short by personnel of the Rapid Response Squad in Asaba. His death has since left a hole in the Omiraguas’ house, as they have remained inconsolable.

Painful death

Sunday PUNCH reliably gathered that Ogehenetejiri was arrested on Thursday, April 29, 2021, alongside his girlfriend, Favour Michael, in front of a hotel and accused of gunrunning.

It was learnt that after he refused to admit owning a gun, he was reportedly beaten and bundled into a police vehicle and taken to the station.

Our correspondent learnt that after being allegedly subjected to hours of torture, he died from the injuries sustained from beatings by policemen.

However, it was discovered that despite the involvement of other cops, only one has been apprehended and detained by the Delta State Police Command.

Based on the development, the grieving family has developed a feeling of distrust and is demanding the timely identification and prosecution of those involved in the extrajudicial killing.

Beaten and left to die

Ogehenetejiri’s girlfriend, Favour, was the last person to see him alive and witnessed how he was brutalised by the policemen.

The graduate of Guidance and Counselling from the same university with Ogehenetejiri, fears for her life and has been in hiding since the incident occurred.

While speaking with our correspondent, the traumatised lady said sleep had eluded her as events of the penultimate day kept replaying in her mind.

Recalling how it all started, Favour said she travelled with Ogehenetejiri to Asaba from Agbor for a friend’s wedding, and while waiting for a friend in front of a hotel, they were arrested by policemen in a Toyota Sienna space bus.

She recounted, “Festus, a friend to Ogehenetejiri, was with us. We were waiting for another friend who wanted to attend the wedding and who had been calling to know our exact location. Unknown to us, his friend was in police custody and his phone was being used to track about 10 friends on his contact list.

“After his last call, a Toyota Sienna space bus stopped in front of us and some policemen pushed us inside and took us to a police station opposite the airport.

“They took Ogehenetejiri to their interrogation room, showed him a video of guns found on his friend’s phone, and told him to admit owning them. He insisted that he knew nothing about the guns and that he just completed youth service. The policemen, who were four in number, started beating him with a pestle, chain, wood and an electric cable.

“They tied his hands behind his back and removed all his clothes, leaving him with only his boxers. He was beaten to a point that he became too weak to sit down. He was just laid on the floor.”

Continuing, Favour said, “After torturing him for several hours, they requested his phones and demanded specifically for the smart phone he was using to chat with his friend.  “Ogehenetejiri told them that it belonged to me, and as I made to give them the phone, the investigating police officer called ‘Omonile’ slapped me across the face.  As he tried to hit me again, he was stopped by another officer.

 “When they saw that my boyfriend was too weak to get up, they carried him with his hands still tied to the back and dumped him inside the cell. His hands, legs and face were swollen from so much beating and kicking. No part of his body was spared.”

Favour said a few hours after he was dumped in the cell, other detainees raised an alarm that he was convulsing.

“The cell guard went to the gate of the cell and told them to leave him to die and walked away. On Friday morning, the detainees called on the cell guard to remove Ogehenetejiri’s dead body,” she said in tears.

Hysterical and concerned about her boyfriend’s state, Favour, who all the while was ordered to sit behind the counter, went to an office occupied by senior officers, to inform them about the development. “They were angry and locked me up in the cell for disturbing them. From the window of the cell, I saw four police officers put Ogehenetejiri’s body inside a car and drove off,’’ she said.

Released and threatened

Favour said when the policemen returned, she was given a sheet of paper to write her statement and was later told that her boyfriend was receiving treatment in the hospital.

She stated, “On Saturday morning, I still asked after him and I was told that he was stable. On Sunday, a policeman told me to contact my family members, so that I could be released on bail. But they gave conditions for my release – that I must not disclose the details of what happened at the police station to anyone. They also wanted my surety to take me directly to Lagos.

“They said I must not be found anywhere within Delta State and threatened to accuse me of gunrunning if seen.”

Favour also said her brother-in-law’s friend, who secured her bail, was threatened.

“They told him that he would be implicated if he didn’t take me immediately to Lagos and he was forced to sign an undertaking,” she added.

The young lady said the officers called and threatened her family members not to allow her to leave Lagos.

She said, “They held on to my phones, a Tecno and Nokia Torchlight. Before leaving, I gave a female police officer, Franca, who told me she had been taking food to my boyfriend in the hospital, N5,000 for his feeding. Unknown to me that he actually died on Friday.”

Favour recalled that they were driven to the motor park by the IPO, who waited until the vehicle left.

She recounted, “He drove us to the Asaba Park and put us in a bus headed for Onitsha. He insisted that we must board a night bus to Lagos.

“When we got to the Niger Bridge, I alighted from the bus. My surety was scared, but I told him that Ogehenetejiri’s family needed to know his whereabouts.

“I looked for a place to change my clothes and tied a scarf on my head. I boarded a bus to Agbor and consistently bent my head at checkpoints to avoid being spotted.

“In Agbor, I went to one of Ogehenetejiri’s friend’s house to tell them what happened and his family was contacted. They got a lawyer immediately.”

“The lawyer called me to confirm what they said and I told him that they were lying. I told him that Ogehenetejiri’s friend, Festus, was still in detention and that they broke his leg during interrogation. It was after that that they admitted to the arrest.”

Based on the development, Sunday PUNCH learnt that a petition was written by the lawyer to the Delta State Police Command. This prompted the release of Festus and the young man, who was used as bait for the arrest. However, when the lawyer demanded to see Ogehenetejiri, he was told that his body was deposited in the morgue on Friday.

It was learnt that his family was officially notified of his death and invited to identify his body. Our correspondent reliably gathered that based on information given to the family members by the mortuary attendant, the body was deposited in the morgue on Tuesday and not Friday as claimed by the policemen.

“He was killed for nothing. I was told the body had started decomposing and it looked as if it was buried,” Favour alleged.

Extrajudicial killings by police

According to a joint report to the Universal Periodic Review by Prisoners’ Rehabilitation and Welfare Action and Network on Police Reforms in Nigeria, the prevalence of extrajudicial killings has taken an upward swing, with reports indicating widespread disregard for human rights by the Nigeria Police Force.

The report stated that the police were responsible for hundreds of extrajudicial executions, unlawful killings and enforced disappearances each year.

“The majority of cases are not investigated and culprits go unpunished. The families of the victims usually have no recourse to justice or redress. Many do not even get to find out what exactly happened to their loved ones.

“Amnesty International also recorded cases of suspects, who were tortured to death while in detention. In other cases, people are victims of enforced disappearances; the police tell the families that they were transferred to a different police station or released on bail, but have no documentation to confirm it,” the report stated.

Demand for justice

Speaking with Sunday PUNCH, the late  Ogehenetejiri’s younger brother,  Goodluck said the family might never recover from the shock of the loss. He said their father, an amputee, was hardest hit by the tragedy.

He said in an emotion-laden voice, “No son wants to see his father cry, but I have seen my father break down several times in tears. He is heartbroken. All we want is justice. I want those involved in the killing of my brother to be prosecuted. They must pay for shedding innocent blood.”

Goodluck said their father was amputated in 2015, the same year Ogehenetejiri gained admission into the university, adding that the incident did not stop his education.

“My father was determined. As I speak to you now, he has just one leg. He struggled to train my brother. Now that he graduated, he was killed by policemen for committing no crime. He was the first son and only graduate in the family. We saw him as a shining light and believed he would lift the family out of poverty. He promised to make my father comfortable. How can you struggle to train a child from primary school to the university, only for him to be killed like a common criminal? We want justice,” he cried.

Waiting for autopsy

A lawyer and human rights activist, Favour Ajuebor, who has been championing the call for justice for the deceased, said an autopsy would determine the next line of action. She said the Delta State Police Command had directed that an autopsy be carried out to ascertain the actual cause of death.

The lawyer said the family was informed that three cops involved in the extrajudicial killing had been detained and undergoing investigation.

“But in furtherance to the police investigation, they want the direct witness, the deceased’s girlfriend, to be available for questioning. I think thereafter, further directive will be given on the nature of the sanction. The report of the autopsy must corroborate and not conflict with the incident, so that it won’t be a loophole for the errant officers to be set free.

“I have confidence that those involved in the death of the young man will face justice. This case can’t be swept under the carpet, never,” Ajuebor vowed.

Investigation ongoing – CP

While confirming the incident, the Commissioner of Police, Delta State, Muhammed Ali, said investigation had commenced to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of Ogehenetejiri in police custody.

Speaking exclusively to Sunday PUNCH, he gave an assurance that once the autopsy report was released by pathologists at the Delta State General Hospital, Asaba, a full-blown investigation would commence and those indicted be charged accordingly.

He admitted that some other policemen were involved, noting that the cop allegedly linked to the death of the undergraduate had been detained.

 “Members of the family of the deceased were here, we interfaced with them and assured them that no stone would be left unturned in ensuring that justice is served at the end of the day. We have to ascertain the medical cause of death. If the policeman is indicted, he will be prosecuted and we are done with the case. That is the first determinant factor. From there, we can now move forward,” Ali stated.

When our correspondent asked why the other cops allegedly indicted had not been detained, Ali said investigation was still ongoing.

 “I am aware that more personnel were there, but the person that was linked to the death is the one we are holding accountable. Others are still under investigation. That is the position for now,” he added.


Saturday, 15 May 2021

Nigeria Army invasion of Biafraland and commencement of second Biafra War---Nnamdi Kanu to hold Emergency broadcast

 Nigeria Army invasion of Biafraland and commencement of second Biafra War---Nnamdi Kanu to hold Emergency broadcast

Emergency/ special broadcast 

On Nigeria army invasion of Biafraland 


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be live on Radio Biafra  program on 16/05/2021, time ;7pm Biafra. This special broadcast is where he will inform the world and Update Biafrans on Nigeria army invasion of Biafra land  and the commencement on the second Biafra War .

Inform your friends and family to listen to tune in to this special broadcast. Download on you smartphone IPOB community Radio for the emergency broadcast .

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Fulani Deputies: Focus On Public Office Holders, Cultural Custodians And The Church

Fulanis are not Indigenous to Africa. It is confirmed with absolute certainty that they originated from Arabia. Why they fled the Levant (Middle-East), remains mysterious. However, some historians claim that the Fulanis are the rejected outcome of a romantic transaction between an Arab and a Tuareg. Despite the rejection, a Fulani sees self as an Arab. Their ruthlessness to the blacks may not be unconnected to the superiority complex disorder (Arab privilege). Having possessed Hausa as a prize of conquest, the hubris in a Fulani can be a discomforting stench. After over two hundred (200) years of barbarism, the Fulanis feel entitled to Islamize a country that Igbo is an integral part of. You would think they are stupid but they are not. The willingness of many to be deputized is actually their trump card.  
The relationship between politicians and voters or traditional rulers and the ruled, to an extent, in republican Biafra, is that of a master-servant stance . By the end of hostilities in 1970, the Fulani succeeded in dismantling town unions. They influenced the formation of Ohaneze Ndigbo, handpicked the political office holders and demoted the traditional rulers to warrant chiefs. There, was the sloppy precipice to many deputies and the confidence in election process became eroded. Loyalty to voters got mortgaged for special interests. 
Religion is the opium of the masses. Fulanis understood this, coming from a culture of religious conservatism. It is therefore, shocking that a clime with herdsmen strife would birth church leaders who prefer preaching one Nigeria than the application of a simple biblical solution as contained in Genesis 13 Verses 7 – 13. The problem in the British contraption called Nigeria, is of epic proportion. There are chaos here, there and yonder.  Fulanis have virtually destroyed everything they have touched. The poor economic indices, insecurity and so on, are concerning. These are emergences. Yet these people continue to campaign for one Nigeria. They continue to attack Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the untenable claim that he is insulting. The question then, is why? 
There is a  background story to this behavior. The avarice in church leadership can be read like an open book. The Fulani government's decision to jettison decades of tax exempt policy was a checkmate. Besides, many have skeletons in their cupboards. Crimes like sexual/drug abuse and misconduct, underage sex pay for pleasure and human trafficking, using their ministries as leeways, are part of a hidden dossier. Hence, instead of speaking truth to powers that be, as Jesus Christ did, they shamelessly cower. If the church leaders have compromised, wait until you see the extent the political and traditional leaders are willing to go. As of now, this is one of the first major examples of a powerful group of persons looking to dampen public interest and perception to serve Fulani interest. Leaving the unanswered question: how many influential persons are conducting similar campaigns to shape the public's perception of reality? 
Written and Edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International

Hope Uzodimma Of Imo State Is Really In For A Rude Awakening

The name, Nnamdi Kanu, strikes fear in the heart of many criminal politicians in Nigeria that are occupying seats of power at different levels of government. Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, out of fear, has just sacked twenty (20) of his Commisioners and also dissolved his cabinet.

After Tuesday 11th May 2021 radio broadcast by Mazi Nnamdi kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), had stated that he knew quite well, where the Supreme Court imposed Governor of Imo State, Sariki Fulani Hope Uzodimma, slept two previous nights, struck terrifying fears pertaining his safety.

It is really unfathomable how somebody can govern a state by making enemies for himself. Just few weeks ago, Hope Uzodimma brazenly bragged about how he invited the military to massacre his own people in Orlu, Imo State. On the 24th of April 2021, he colluded with the Nigerian military to ambush and murder a commander of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), Ikonso, in his father's home while he was asleep. It has now dawned on him that his shadows have already started pursuing him. It did not take up to twelve (12) hours after the primetime broadcast of Mazi Kanu, before the news of Imo State Commissioners' sacking broke out. The IPOB leader was direct to the point when he notified the whole world about the two locations from his intelligence report, where the Imo State Governor slept in the past two days at Mbaise (Imo State) and Ebonyi State, respectively.

It was gathered that Mr. Hope Uzodinma was made to effect the sacking because of his dread and surprise at the spy and leakage of coded information on his wheraabouts to the IPOB leader. But what he does not know is that the IPOB movement is an unquenchable spirit. The movement is whiter than white and whiter than snow as Mazi Kanu usually say. Here goes the saying that ''you can run but you cannot hide". Absolutely, no one can cover the moonlight!

Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Vivian Ezihie

Family Writers Press International

The False Narrative Of The Nigerian Army And The Mainstream Media


The Nigerian  military just announced the arrest of the second in command of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) after Ikonso, in Imo State. This, many know as a lie from the pit of hell. Institutionalized lying to hoodwink gullible citizens is an act which has been perfected over the years. The Nigerian media as usual, are busy writing junks about the purported arrest without making proper investigations. First of all, the man they arrested is an old man and such a person within that age bracket, is not in ESN. ESN is made up of young, vibrant men and women in their late thirties (30s) and below.  
The Nigerian army went into a Jewish temple in Aba, Abia Stste as they always do and forcibly arrested a man simply because they saw a picture which he took with the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Mazị Nnamdị Kanụ, back then in 2017. The sole reason for his arrest was because of this picture and nothing else. The media which ought to have conducted an investigation to assertain the real fact, are nowhere to be found, carrying out professional duties. This man in question, has committed no crime, has no flaw and it is so disheartening that the Nigerian military is hellbent on Killing the peace and love in the South-East region. It is also so annoying that the mainstream media is dishing out fallacious lies to gullible Nigerians without any investigation. The army said soldiers stormed the hideout of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) and if I may I ask, can the army show us the hideout? Can they tell us where they arrested this innocent man? Can they tell us how they knew he is an ESN member? 
We have to remember, that no one can kill the love and Peace that people enjoy and expect a tranquil atmosphere. No one can destroy the love and peace of the people and expect silence and normalcy. The sad tale of Boko Haram and Unknown Gunmen which ought to have taught Nigeria a lesson, seems not to have done that. 
For those spiting the Unknown Gunmen, hope you can see what the Nigerian army is doing to the innocent citizens now? What have you said about that? Why no attached vilification and disdain in this? 
Let me say it again, you cannot kill the peace and love the people enjoy and expect silence and calm. Wisdom they say is profitable to direct.  
Written by Mazị Samuel Uchenna
Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu
For Family Writers Press International

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