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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Dot In A Circle: Niger Delta Elders Disagree With Buhari's Take On Igbos

Quite recently, President Muhamadu Buhari made an ethnically biggoted statement about the Igbo speaking Biafrans in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. Leaders of thought from the South-South geo-political zone, have sharpely berated the President for referring to Ndigbo (Igbos), as a “dot in the circle” and his assertion that South-South leaders have assured him they would not let Ndigbo access the sea.

Notable South-South leaders including Annkio Briggs, Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki, Tony Nnadi, Colonel Tony Nyiam (rtd) and Rear Admiral Geoffrey Yanga (rtd), jointly decried the statement in a virtual conference organised by Njenje Media TV titled: “Addressing ‘The dot in the circle’ in Buhari’s interview, A return to 1966?”

Annkio Briggs, popularly called the ‘Amazon of the Niger Delta’, said
“It does not matter if the Igbo, Ijaw or the Itsekiri, are only ten (10) or one hundred thousand (100,000) people. You do not refer to a people as a dot in the circle. That already shows very clearly, the mindset of the person of President Buhari". She said it was offensive for the President to refer to a people that have an identity as ‘a dot in the circle’. Annkio Briggs maintained that those who told him such, cannot represent the region and therefore spoke to give him pleasure because he (Buhari), is attempting to divide and rule both the South-South and the South-East.
She further stated that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Ndigbo are not the same, affirming that the ties between the Niger Delta and the Igbo remains ever strong.

A former Managing Director of DAAR Communications Plc, Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki, said the South-South and the South-East regions are united in the struggle for survival against the existential threat of the Buhari-led Fulani administration. “The President himself has posed as an existential threat to the Nigerian nation and ethnic nationalities that populate the space". “There are sixty five (65) ethnic nationalities as defined by some of our leaders in the entire South-South and the man comes on public television and says he speaks to two elders, and some youths. It is laughable,” he stated.

Written by Onyemachi Eme

Edited by
Chukwunyere E. Emenogu

For Family Writers Press International

The Brilliant Rise Of ESN, The Abduction Of IPOB Leader And Nigeria's Show Of Shame

 The Brilliant Rise Of ESN, The Abduction Of IPOB Leader And Nigeria's Show Of Shame

Right from the time of Buhari's hypocritical tears of election loss in 2011, to Goodluck Jonathan till date, the indigenous people of the British contraption called Nigeria, have suffered unspeakable and indescribable terror, deprivation, economic stagnation and myriads of experiential backwardness. Only the strong survives and will continuously survive. What started as a simple altercation, turned into a really big situation. 

As was always the case with every cartoon in the western hemisphere when Barack Obama succumbed to the benefactors and beneficiaries of wars that own the military industrial complex, supervised the mainstream media and destroyed Muammar Gaddafi and Libya, the people who were the pawn of their chase game as always, were the innocent Judeo-Christian communities with no internal security structure.

The influx of illicit arms through the porous Northern Nigeria border, became a lucrative business. Allegations of western military operations such as dropping of ammunitions at strategic locations with military choppers, became rampantly reported and were never ever investigated. It is believed that three things are feeding the under-development of the British created Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Number one is the willingness of our people to serve as enablers to western interests. Number two is the western interests themselves. Number three is the western hatred for us, as a black race.

The deep hatred that the British have for Biafrans (which the Fulanis are well aware of), coupled with the willingness by the Fulanis themselves to serve as tools of neo-colonialism to fulfill British foreign policy, are the woods stoking the embers of violence in Nigeria.

Within the short period of time that the Eastern Security Network (ESN) has existed, it has proven to be a round peg in a round hole. The Fulanis were not given a mandate by their British masters to exterminate enviable Biafrans. Perhaps, Britain was not sure how the orgy of bloodletting would be handled by the Fulanis or perhaps, they wanted an incremental loss of human rights, natural and common wealth. That sluggish disenfranchisement would be more painful and related to slow death. Whatever the case, the coercive implementation of Sharia laws under Obasanjo, the exploits of Boko Haram, the humiliation of former President Goodluck Jonathan  and with the emergence of Buhari, made the Fulanis to go berserk. 

At first, it was Southern Kaduna and Plateau State. Then it spread to Benue State and Southern States of Nigeria. Rape, kidnappings, slautering etal, became daily rituals. There was the prevailing fear that enveloped the land. People could no longer go to farm. After years of long wait and inaction from the political hawks referred to as Governors in Biafraland (so-called South-East and South-South), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu courageously birthed Eastern Security Network (ESN). 

A legacy and the most disciplined security outfit saddled with the responsibility of flushing from Biafra bushes and forests, Fulani terrorists. ESN has been nothing but colorful in their mandate to the admiration of every indigenous person. Nnamdi Kanu stirred the hornets nest with his bold and courageous self determination quest. Having spoken truth to power and as a result unlawfully jailed from 2015 to 2017, it was no surprise then that the Buhari lawless government (which disobeyed several court orders to grant him bail), would send the army to his father's house - a month to his court appearance, to have him kidnapped or killed. His escape was miraculous with over twenty eight (28) civilians in his father's compound, gruesomely murdered. 

He was born in 1967 (during the time of the defunct Biafra nation) and his birth certificate bears Biafra as his country. He was travelling with a British passport as a citizen. His rendition at Kenya airport without due process is shocking but not surprising. Knowing how Britain plays it's games and the willingness of black people (Africans) to irresistably succumb to white supremacy. 

The ranting by Lai Mohammed, Nigeria's Minister of Information (disinformation), that Nnamdi Kanu lives a luxurious life is a cheap lying game we are too familiar with. Biafrans are too sensitive to be bought by such mendacious mundanity. We already know that Nnamdi Kanu is a person of affluence with modest lifestyle. The damage control press briefing proved that Nigeria has no evidence against Nnamdi Kanu but solely rely on petty gossip and character assassination.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

BBC's Gaslighting And The Media Bias Against The Indigenous People Of Biafra

 BBC's Gaslighting And The Media Bias Against The Indigenous People Of Biafra

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), is already confirming what we know already, concerning Britain which is at the centre of what Nnamdi Kanu is presently going through. Why not? BBC is demonizing Nnamdi Kanu, Eastern Security Network (ESN) and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). It is justifying the illegal abduction of Nnamdi Kanu, a supposed British citizen. It has to be repeatedly said that the Fulanis do not have the sophistication or craftiness (not even the boldness), of ingenuity whatsoever, without British latitude. 

BBC that is not perturbed about the pronouncement, undeniably attributed to Sheikh Abubakar Gumi and most recently, Nasir El-Rufai, that banditry is business, had their editorial board meet and agree that a calumny from a total loser, Nduka Orjinmo, who was grifting and gaslighting, was fit to run. BBC that is well aware of the social, psychological and emotional eternal damage done to the North of their creation, shamelessly concerns itself with narrative projections of the government engineered crisis in Biafraland. This is far from professional (ethical, civilized) journalism. It suffers from a conflict of interest and selectively dishes out disinformation in a manner resembling the war events of 1967 to 1970.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), is a global mainstream media with a globalist narrative and is really pushing it with utmost alacrity. The ripple effect of this dangerous and bias narrative has trickled down to Nigerian media. They are a terrible bunch of unambitious, uninspiring, lackluster and unsympathetic collection. They are just dissipating energy on preposterous matters. Their shameful and disgraceful destruction of the respected journalistic profession, has been evident in the preferential coziness to the abusers of citizens rights. They have been government’s torch bearers as it massacred unarmed civilians, negotiated with terrorists and recruited them into the military. Incorrectly captioned the killing of people in their homestead and homeland by Fulani herdsmen, as “farmers/herders clash.” 

The Nigerian media is best known as a “gutter media.” It has lost it's name as the “fourth realm.” It has no vibe, no moral compass or principle. It moves with the trend of error. And this trend is usually based on the gesture of the highest bidder. The most stashed brown envelope has it all. It cherry-picks what to report so as not to offend the master – who is always a lawless tyrant. 

It is a fair-weather friend. It can be noisy and socially organized when a gentleman is at the helm (as was the case under Jonathan) or criminally silent and complicit when bigoted despots seize power and rape democracy. They usually talk in hush voices when good people who choose to do something are vilified or deplatformed as was the case with Donu Kogbara an Ogoni and the daughter of, Biafra's UK Ambassador, Mr. Ignatius. S. Kogbara. She was courageous in exposing the atrocities from the camps of Sani Abacha, the devil we knew, and Ken Saro-Wiwa, the angel we knew not. She was thrown under the bus by the Nigerian media with the active support of their international partners.

It is unpardonable what the media is doing. It is better, in the case of the British contraption called Nigeria, for the media to identified and be officially known as APC activists. Perhaps, when another party assumes the presidency, they can change accordingly. 

Written by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

Monday, 5 July 2021

Elevation Of Uncultured Politicians To Public Offices, Bane Of Capacity Building in Nigeria

Madness has no caution earnestly! 
The Nigerian government has been a kind of water birth of riddled in ignorance and arrogance. From the presidency down to the office of the President of the country, there has been a hint of dumbing down the masses, starting with a fragile President with poor education down to quota generals and lawyers. The country has shown so much uncultured attributes than mad men. It is agreed that there has been rudderlessness since the inception of an administration that took good nine months to constitute a government, ministers and parastatals. Then came the description of Germany as West Germany, the 95% versus 5% development strategy for different sections. One cannot but expect the President or the presidency to give what it has not, in terms where an uneducated President will be less likely to exhibit an educated behaviour like, uniting every citizen, stoppage of unguarded utterances, cautioning the Attorney General and the code of conduct Chief. And if nepotism was engendered in their appointment, how can he willfully sack an Al-Qaeda apologist he follows for spiritual guidance? Accepting Buhari and the precidency today is tantamount to accepting knowledge bereft leadership and order. He has turned the rules, disobeyed court orders and so on, while the masses involuntarily weaken their brain and conscience to accept decisions not supported by morality, truth, scientific or any other civilized evidence.

While most Nigerians will say no one hates Igbos in Nigeria, they will tell and accept that genocide, lack of opportuinity, accusations and wanton imprisonments have ever been meted out to them uproportionately. Nigerians have therefore involuntarily, that is without any provocation, towed the line of hate from the presidency against the Igbos, with the exception of a few who condemned the President while still standing by him in other mean instances. Some months ago, it was Muhammadu Buhari with his utterances and uncivic comments about the Eastern part of Nigeria. While speaking on IPOB agitation for referendum and the Igbos, he stated that he will talk to them in the language they understand while referring them to the brutal genocide during the war. He went on to call them a dot in a circle, who have no escape route as he claimed that the South-South region has denied having anything to do with them. But the claim on South-South denial of the Igbos was refuted by the South-South elders, who said that they have never spoken with the President on such an issue as claimed.

Nevertheless, the most disturbing has been that of the Minister of information, Alhaji Lia Muhammed, who has been speaking uncontrollably even when he seems to be going off the context.
According to a twitter influencer, with the handle @ayemojubar,  "Lai Mohammed is the most uninformed and uncultured Minister of Information and Culture on planet earth."

Going through the utterances of the minister, you can attest and concur with the writer. I have never heard him speak, with that; being bossy, bigoted, nepotistic or partisan in all his interviews and speeches going back to his days in the opposition reeks of insecurity, arrogance and ignorance of other peoples sensitivities.

After twitter took down Nigerian President's tweet on the talking to IPOB and Igbos in the language they quite understand. It violated their rules on hate and genocidal speech referenced to the 1967-1970 civil war where Nigeria in collaboration with Britain and other world powers as of then, murdered over five million Biafrans. The minister added that the "Separatists used Twitter to burn police stations, INEC offices in Nigeria" But does that mean that twitter is now likened to a missile?

Later, when the Nigerian government discovered that people use VPN to tweet, Lai Mohammed came up again to voice out that "VPN exposes your bank accounts and entire data". And I keep asking, what has VPN got to do with bank accounts? Did he think it is BVN which has people's bank account details? Ignorance is truly a desease and the ignorant should not be in government lest they infect others.

Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Emmanuel Iwuchukwu

For Family Writers Press International

The Suspicious Ambassadorial Appointments of Ex-service Chiefs

Nigeria as a country, from the time of her creation by Lugard, has never been devoid of notorious plans and intentions for her poor and innocent citizens. 
A popular English adage says "once a thief, always a thief". That means what makes one a thief or bad, is within and never outside his/her body. It is in the mindset and never in the headset. Evil is always inborn and no amount of water can wash it off. The plan of granting international immunities to the ex-service chiefs; the retired Lieutant General Tukur Buratai, General Abayomi G. Olonisakin and others via their appointments as ambassadors after so many atrocities of embezzlement, murder and other related crimes, is a well articulated way of concealing their dirty jobs over the years. 
Instead of probing them on some of the illegal killings of innocent citizens and embezzlement activities during their stay as service chiefs, they are being rewarded for inventing and orchestrated wickedness. Especially, the embezzlements of billions of naira meant for purchase of arms under Lieutant-General Buratai (which was what late General Attahiru was proposing to do before his rather suspicious death through a plane crash, which has since been swept under the carpet). 
Is it that the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC),  Department of State Services (DSS), Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC) and their likes, have compromisingly become parts of the conspiracy of the Fulani agenda? 
 This has gone beyond normalcy, as the ambassadorial appointment of these two demonic lords of low conscience ex-servicemen particularly, are targeted at Benin Republic and Cameroun respectively, serving as good channels to lobby and persuade the various Southern bordered nations to continuously seal their borders and make it harder and difficult for the Eastern and Western regions to survive. The Northern borders remain very much open for their Fulani brothers to flood into Nigeria, from every nations of the universe and kill as many as they can. The manner at which this is happening, shows a strong biasness of the government led by Muhammadu Buhari and his cabals. How come they can probe a sitting Senator but cannot probe the ex-service chiefs? 
What are the criteria for the appointments of these ex-service chiefs? What justice has the citizens against people who abuse powers in government? Or is the nation being ruled by the devil or tyrants? 
Everything really looks fishy and the handwriting on the wall portend danger. 
Written by Onyemachi Gabriel
Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu
For Family Writers Press International

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Unknown Gunmen Saga: Strategy Floated To Dent IPOB's Image

The Nigerian government's strategies have been so bigoted, an obstinate and unreasonable behavior of the Fulanis in all ramifications. The trajectory of the Fulani tribe as enunciated by their accidental national leaders is quite clear. For the records, it is well known by even the international community that the Fulanis are single-handedly sponsoring about five different terrorist groups in Nigeria.  
Everything was working out perfectly well, for the Islamization agendum, right from the time Barrack Obama blackmailed Goodluck Jonathan on the international stage, down to the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as President and Commander-in-Chief, until they realized, to their chagrin, that IPOB was uncanny. 
The reputation, as the only obstacle to those terrorists and their plans, by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, is manifestly observed from afar. There is an acute display of fear, and understandably so, by the Fulanis (and of course, the Fulani presidency cabal) since they ran into – unprepared and overconfident- the stiff resistance mounted by IPOB. 
The Fulanis through the terror umbrella organization (Miyetti Allah), had unleashed many terror groups such like Boko Haram, ISWAP, Fulani Herdsmen, to mention but a few. It was the herdsmen that they use in land grabbing, killings and destruction of food and crops in Middlebelt, Eastern and western regions. 
On the 12th of December 2020, after an unfruitful overture and waiting for the Eastern Governors to form a regional security outfit to curb the spate of Fulani herdsmen killings, the Eastern Security network (ESN), was formed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to defend the Eastern region against the Fulani terrorists in the Eastern bushes and forests. ESN works as a non-state security, whose sole responsibility is to counter the terrorists and their habitations in the bushes and forests. 
The attack on ESN and the cover given to Fulani terrorists by the Fulani controlled Nigerian military, with the applaud of the unambitious and poverty stricken Nigeria gutter-media, is shocking but not surprising. Any non-terroristic government would appreciate ESN and accept all the help it can get. It is obvious what the priority (or the misplacement thereof), by the Nigerian government is. Hence, the destruction of the peace in Orlu and other parts of the Eastern region under the auspices of ESN by Nigerian military speaks volumes.  
Later, an unattested and unrealistic story of the Unknown gunmen came up. And according to government perspection, the Unknown gunmen targets, are the security agencies. The Nigerian government’s lack of evidence, swift and flimsy link of Unknown gunmen to the ESN is reminiscent of a regular pattern of state-sponsored proscription and terrorist tagging of peaceful movements and pampering, rehabilitation and empowering of terrorists. The irony of this unfounded allegation is that the police have been killing people and blaming unknown gunmen as it happened in Enugu recently. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership have come out to blame the government and distance ESN from the activities of Unknown gunmen, to no avail. This is because government is looking for an excuse to continue committing genocide. 
The Owerri prison break on 5th April 2021, was a true evidence of the lies of Nigeria government. According to a video footage, it was clear that the Unknown gunmen are Fulanis and not from the Eastern part of the nation. Even the language spoken, body stature and modus operandi were totally Fulani. 
The murder of Ahmed Gulak in Owerri and the accusation of IPOB also proves another lie strategy. It was well known that there was someone with Gulak in his vehicle at the time of the murder and also the act of moving without security in a troubled zone proved that the whole thing was a setup.

The recent activities of unknown gunmen by burning police station in Sokoto, Lagos, Abuja, proves beyond doubt that the activities of the unknown gunmen can never be related to IPOB as the body is only based in the Eastern part of the nation. 
Another observation from the whole debacle is that unknown gunmen, in form of soldiers, have been in existence before this present Biafra struggle as they were part of the people that killed so many in Kalakuta Republic, even Fela's parents, in 1977. 
The self acclaimed Minister for Bandits negotiation cum Islamic clergy, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, recently on the 21st of June 2021, accused the military of working hand in hand with bandits; even in supply of weapons to them. This goes a long way in indicting the federal government, as the sole controller of the army, in the unknown gunmen saga. So my question is, how can IPOB formed in 2012 be related to activities started in 1977? 
Indeed common sense is never common in sense! 
Written by Onyemachi Gabriel 
Edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International

Nigerian Media: Chasing Rats While The House Is Burning!

The way and manner with which the mainstream media in Nigeria tows the government line through the circulation of deceitful/false information and subjecting the unsuspecting public to darkness, is to say the least, most despicable.
Since the militarization of the South-East region began, there have been irrefutable trending news about unlawful arrests, torture, extra-judicial killings, extortion and intimidation. The compromised Nigeran media yet insists on propagating verbatim, reports from the police and other forces. Their statements, headlines and entire reports have turned out to be outright lies or partly made up. The military totally denied the bombardment of innocent Orlu citizens, whom they deliberately targeted within the area in order to provoke a reaction from the operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN). So many innocent citizens were killed. The embarrassing issue of an innocent man unlawfully arrested and tagged "ESN's second in command" after the slain Ikonso, is a shameless lie dished out by the Nigerian armed forces and carried by the media. That man is above 60 years and does not fall within the age bracket of ESN members, talkless of being a commander. 

The issue of the army denying the bombing of Orlu which was said to have been publicly supported by the Nigerian media, is most saddening. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Igbo Service), dutifully carried out investigations on the same matter and discovered that a house in Uli in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, was actually touched by air strikes. The Nigerian media have reneged on their journalistic ethics in pursuit of complicits against the plight of the people. They fail to investigate and apply their conscience by interviewing the people concerned to establish the truth. When Ahmed Gulak was assasinated in Owerri, Imo State, in what clearly appeared to be a politically motivated attack, the police quickly concluded that it was ESN operatives that carried out the attack without verifiable evidence. Some able-bodied Biafrans were innocently killed and many others were arrested on mere accusation. A co-occupant of the vehicle that conveyed Gulak had described the assailants as having the appeaeance of ESN members, outfits and vehicles. These formed all the evidence the police needed to extra-judicially perpetrate their heinous act. The Governor later debunked the police story and accepted the killing had political undertone. The killings, torture, arrests, extortion and the assault on civilian communities in Imo State have continued unabated. 

The outrage questioning such concocted evidence was presented through few courageous media outlets which despite threats, have continued to expose the excesses of the army and police on the innocent. Majority of the media houses only depend on the fraudulent police press statements for their publications. An innocent oil worker who visited Imo State for a burial, was paraded as a culprit but was later released because a family member of his in the armed forces intervened. He was detained and asked to bring ten million naira as bail bond by the police team led by Abba Kyari. An innocent church attendant was shot and stripped naked by the same police. He was framed up and presented as an "unknown gunman". The conspiracies of the police with the media via press comferences have helped them to cover up numerous unjustified killings and brutality. Since no one asks questions, they just conduct press comferences that are riddled with lies and the media helps them to propagate hatred and distrust.

There are ongoing secret killings and massive arrests of indigenous citizens. They are being taken away from their houses to unknown locations for possible execution and yet, the Nigerian media keeps mute. Why the blackout on the genocide being committed in the South-East region?

The Nigerian media have been writing all manner of junks and propagating lies about Igbo Muslims in the East, relocating to the North for safety. They said that IPOB are threatening the Igbo Muslim community in the South-East. The media is hereby challenged to provide verifiable evidence about this claim. It is both baseless and malicious targeted at tanishing the image of Biafrans. IPOB has never threatened anyone who has no hand in terrorizing the Biafran people. IPOB is a peaceful and armless movement that peacefully co-exists with other ethnic groups and religious faithfuls within Biafraland. The Nigerian media should desist from instigating ethnic bias, hatred and religious bigotry. How can IPOB threaten their own people, their own flesh and blood? The very same people they are sacrificially fighting to protect?

The struggle for freedom is for all tribes and religious beliefs within Biafraland. In Biafra, you can believe in whatever you want and live peacefully without intimidation.

The agitations across the land stem from years of injustice and government's grave inaction. The media must take responsibility and take unbiased lead against the foregoing for a change! That which clearly stares in the face, cannot be denied.

The Nigerian media should be professional and uphold at all times, journalistic ethics in all it's reportage. It should stop instigating hate by towing the line of a vampiric and insincere government. It can courageously take the lead by ushering in the much needed difference through the publication and propagation of the truth. 

Written by Samuel Uchenna

Edited by Emmanuel Iwuchukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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