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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I am in pains Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, Gov Mallam Okorocha is it right?

My heart is presently bleeding. I am in pains, just as other well-meaning citizens of Imo State who reside in the state capital are in pains also. Two cult groups – The Vikings and the Black Axe – are at each other’s throat. They are seriously killing and maiming themselves. And nobody seems to know what the problem is this time around. Innocent residents of Owerri have also fallen victims to the ongoing war between the two groups; and people now move around in fear. My interest here is not on the two groups that have turned the state capital into a war zone, killing and maiming people. Rather, my interest is on what the Imo State Government is doing about the situation.

The question on people’s lips is: What is the State Government doing to stop this war? And I am adding: What is Governor Rochas Okorocha doing to stop this war? What is the Imo State Police Command doing to stop this war? Last year, precisely on June 3, 2014, the immediate past Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu sent five armed cult boys, on the orders of Governor Rochas Okorocha, to come and kill me for exposing fraud in government. When the cult boys stormed my compound they ended up killing an innocent young man, Architect Franklin Okoli. I have decided to bring up this story once again because it will help the reading public to truly understand what is going on. Speaker Uwajumogu quickly alerted the police and directed them to my house to effect the arrest of all the people in my compound.

However, moved by uproar in the state, the then chief of staff to the governor (Sir Jude Ejiogu) called for a security meeting on June 5, 2014, inside Government House,  wherein all the security agencies in the state, and leadership of cult groups in the state were present. At the security meeting, it was confirmed that Uwajumogu sent the five cult boys to come and kill me, but who eventually killed Architect Okoli. The names and addresses of the five boys were submitted at that security meeting. Sir Jude moved the following day 6th  (Friday) June 2014 to effect the release of all those fraudulently and criminally arrested in connection with the murder of the innocent man, at the Imo State Police Command. He succeeded, but the then Commissioner of Police (Mr Abdulmajid Ali) and the then Deputy Commissioner of Police (Mr David O. Folawiyo) alerted Uwajumogu on the
development and Uwajumogu in turn called the governor, who was in Abuja, to inform him that Sir Jude had scuttled their plans. Okorocha reportedly went mad and ordered the police not to release anybody. He also ordered the police not to arrest the killers of Architect Okoli. Finally, he (Okorocha) scolded Sir Jude for calling the security meeting that exposed the truth of how Okoli was killed without his consent.

The narrative above is for the public to know where I am coming from and to where I am going.

In the first place, the Imo State Government knows the leadership of the two cult groups that are now at each other’s throat:

What then stops Governor Rochas Okorocha from calling the two groups to order?
 What stops Okorocha from finding out what the problem is?
Does it mean Okorocha is happy that human blood is flowing freely in Owerri, the state capital?
Is the current killing in Owerri a plot to get at those already marked for elimination by the state government?
Is the current blood spilling in Owerri a ritual sacrifice for the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity?
Why is the Imo State Police Command deaf, dumb, blind and crippled on the blood spilling in Owerri?
Has the state governor (as usual) asked the Imo State Police Command not to arrest the situation in the state capital?
Is it true that Governor Rochas Okorocha and Uwajumogu are patrons of cult groups in Imo State as was revealed at the security meeting of June 5, 2014?
The above eight questions will help the Force Headquarters, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Human Rights Groups, Amnesty International, Transparency International and well-meaning citizens across the globe to know who Governor Rochas Okorocha is?

It is said that one does not go about chasing rats while his house is on fire. Unfortunately, Okorocha does not seem to give a damn if everyone’s blood flows in the state. He is just busy scheming, plotting, and running around, thinking how to impose his in-law, Prof Anthony Anwuka on President Muhammadu Okechukwu Buhari as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation. But the plot has failed. This brings us to the issue of the various killings and kidnappings in the state of which the police have refused to find solution to. Many Imo citizens and Nigerians believe that the current cult war in Imo State is a deliberate set-up orchestrated, allegedly, by Governor Okorocha, to divert attention from his real plot: which is to eliminate all those opposed to his evilcratic, jezebelic and fraud-infested leadership. After all, he has a killer squad controlled by his son-in-law (Mr Uche Nwosu), who is also the current chief of staff. The uninvestigated spate of killings in the state by the Imo Police Command lends credence to this assertion. After all, the killers of Architect Okoli are known and their names are with all the security agencies in the state. Yet the police have refused to arrest them.

More questions:    

Why was Sir Emenike Ihekwaba (Principal Secretary to the Former Deputy Governor) kidnapped on August 26, 2012?

Why did Okorocha instruct the then Commissioner of Police (Mr Bolanta) not to rescue Sir Emenike Ihekwaba or investigate his kidnap?

Why was Chief Benneth John Ihekire, Founder and Managing Director of Dekorkote Paints Industries Ltd, brutally murdered in the first quarter of 2012?

Why did the police refuse to investigate his murder?

Why was Mr Laz Anyanwu (chief protocol officer to the former Deputy Governor) brutally murdered in January 2013?

Why was Mrs Chioma Ogoke (former T.C Chairman of Ehime Mbano) poisoned in July 2014?

Why was Mr Emmanuel Adoba (former aide to Uwajumogu) brutally murdered on the 1st of August 2012?

Why was Mr Kingsley Nkemka (former aide to Uwajumogu) brutally murdered on  September 9, 2014?

Why was Corporal Chinedu (one of Uwajumogu’s police aides) poisoned in the last quarter of 2012?

Why was Mr Chidi (one of Uwajumogu’s protocol officers) murdered in 2012?

Why was Mr Noel Onuegbu brutally murdered in 2014?

Why has the Imo State Police Command refused to arrest the five cult boys who killed  Okoli on June 3, 2014?

Is it right for Okorocha to be running around chasing shadows while Imo State is on fire? Is it right for Okorocha to be junketing from Owerri to Abuja insisting on imposing Prof Anthony Anwuka on Buhari while human beings are daily being slaughtered in the State? When will the current blood spilling in Imo State stop?

The Holy Bible says there is no peace for the wicked. That is why Okorocha is running up and down trying to cover his nakedness, which has already been exposed to the public. The almighty God, through the Bible, told me to fearlessly expose the truth and rebuke sharply the evils going on in our dear society. Ecclesiastes chapter 7 verse 5 says: “It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the songs of fools.”  Again, Titus chapter 1 verse 13 says: “This witness is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith.”

Finally, when political leadership is in the hands of evil men - ritual killers, occult men, homosexuals, kidnappers, murderers and treasury looters, etc. - the people and the society will continue to be bastardised. A governor who cannot secure the lives and property of the people he is governing is not worthy and qualified to lead.

I ask again, Rochas Okorocha: Is it right?


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