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Sunday, 23 October 2016

As Buhari relegated his wife to the Kitchen, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala gets international appointment

As Buhari relegated his wife to the Kitchen, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala gets international appointment
Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Published by Family Writers

A former Nigerian Minister of Finance, Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has been appointed a member of the international advisory panel of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

She recently declared that she would not join the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, even if invited.

Mr Song Liyan, AIIB Senior Communication Officer, in a statement made available to newsmen on Friday, announced that Okonjo-Iweala would join 10 other key persons on the panel.

“The Panel provides impartial, objective and independent advice to the President, allowing the Bank to benefit from the international experience and expertise of panel members,” Liyan said.

He quoted AIIB President, Jin Liqun, as saying that the panel members would advise the bank on the development of its strategy.

“It is a great honour to convene such an experienced and diverse group of international leaders to advise on the development of the Bank’s strategy.

“have no doubt that the advice the panel provides will help shape the development of the Bank in the years ahead.

“I could not ask for a better group of ambassadors to help promote our new Bank to the world,” Jin said.

The panel members are former Bank Negara Malaysia governor Dr Zeti Aziz, former Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, and former Swedish finance minister Anders Borg.

The others are former Timor-Leste finance minister Emilia Pires, former World Bank chief economist Nicholas Stern and former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, Global Foundation secretary-general Steve Howard.

Others include Korea National Diplomatic Academy chair professor and former South Korean deputy prime minister and strategy and finance minister Dr Oh-Seok Hyun.

Former U.S. ambassador Paul Speltz and London School of Economics professor and former Hong Kong chief executive Tung Chee-Hwa are the remaining panel members.

AIIB, a multilateral international development bank was set up on Dec. 25, 2015, with an initial capital of 100 billion U.S. dollars (RM419bn), one million shares and an initial paid-up capital of 20 billion U.S. dollars.




*The Secretary-General of the United Nations
*The President of the United Nations General Assembly
*The President of the United Nations Security Council
*The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
*The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on:
*Truth, Justice & Reparation
*Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions
*Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatments or Punishments
*The Honourable British Prime Minister & Distinguished British Parliamentarians
*Distinguished European Union Leaders
*The President of the United States & Distinguished US Congressmen & Women
(9) Distinguished Canadian Leaders & Parliamentarians
(10) Other Internationally Distinguished Personalities:
(a) Human Rights Activists & Groups
(b) Former Heads of UN Bodies
(c) Former World Leaders
(d) Independent Experts on Justice, Peace, Security and Human Rights

Distinguished Sirs/Madams,
Our name is: International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law; abbreviated as INTERSOCIETY. We are registered (Reg. No. 27239) rights based Civil Society Organization under the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. Our advocacy voice or thematic areas are: civil liberties and rule of law, democracy and good governance, and public security and safety. We are based in Onitsha, Anambra State, Southeast of Nigeria. For easy of reference, we can be electronically visited or accessed via

The purpose of this Open Letter to your highly respected personalities is to seek for freedom of detained Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, by name Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and other victims of regime atrocities in Nigeria. This we respectfully seek through your informed voices, wise counselling and unbiased diplomatic interventions, to be appropriately and timely directed to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by name: Mr. Muhammadu Buhari. Means through which Mr. Muhammadu Buhari can be reached or communicated are available at the diplomatic missions of your respective countries in Nigeria or the Nigerian Permanent Mission at the United Nations (i.e. New York, USA).

This international justice appeal particularly comes on the heels of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, comprising of 193 Member-States, at which President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has been slated; likewise other world leaders, to address the UN General Assembly on 21st of September 2016, in line with the General Assembly’s 2016 session theme: Sustainable Development Goals: A Universal Push to Transform our World; which seeks a strong link between sustainable development, peace, security and human rights.

It is our informed observation that 70%, if not more of international travels undertaken by President Muhammadu Buhari since he became the President of Nigeria on 29th of May 2015 took place in the countries of your highly respected personalities or at the UN headquarters in New York, USA and a number of its other meetings and conferences elsewhere. Just recently, too, the US Secretary of State, Senator John Kerry visited the President and extended his visit to a number of places designated for him to visit by his host President.

We are technically aware of the modern workings of international relations. We are further aware that modern international relations are extensively driven by Democracy and ICT-powered Globalization. We also know as a fact that modern democracy is driven by the rule of law; just as the justice aspect of the rule of law is chiefly driven by the two Latin doctrines of nemo judex in sua causa and audi alteram partem; which simply mean that someone should not be a judge in his or her own matter and must hear the other side before drawing a conclusion; otherwise called fair hearing.

It is our knowledge that the modern UN System is strongly built on the principles of democracy, equality, rule of law and human rights; which in turn, lays a strong foundation for advancement ofinternational peace and security. As your highly respected personalities are aware, these are fully embedded in the Principles and Purposes of the United Nations. We are aware too that your highly respected personalities are the guidance and custodians of democratic traditions in your respected countries and have further worked hard at ensuring the sustenance of the hallowed principles at the UN System and global level.

Your highly respected personalities are aware too that unless these hallowed principles are guided jealously at all times, otherwise their opposites will set in and consume the world, leading to eruption of municipal, regional and international insecurity and violence; otherwise called complex humanitarian emergencies. That is to say that sustainable development can never find its root under complex humanitarian emergencies powered by regime atrocities and gross human rights violationsperpetrated by errant and violent Member-States.

The crisis in Syria, for instance, has since gone beyond domestic and regional problems. It has long become a global headache with most territories under the watch of your highly respected personalities and the UN System bearing major brunt including incurring emergency expenditures of billions of dollars to cushion the effects of influx of Syrian refugees with associated public security threats.

We have always paused to ask ourselves and other international watchers how the world including your highly respected personalities’ countries and the UN System will look if Nigeria with estimated population of 174million people goes the Syrian way or erupt into complex humanitarian emergencies. That is to say that if Syria with less than 25million population could have approximately half of its population displaced, leading to generation of 3.9million refugees and 6.3million internally displaced persons just in five years; what then will happen if Nigeria is to explode in a like manner going by ongoing intensification of triggers of widespread violence; occasioned by current policies of militarism and militarization of the Government of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari?

We have carefully studied the ongoing diplomatic interactions and relations between your highly respected personalities and President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and found them commendable. But in spite of their commendable outlook, we still find such interactions and relations lacking in one key area: regime atrocities and abuse of office. That is to say that your highly respected personalities have in the course of the diplomatic interactions and relations under reference; turned blind eyes to ongoing regime atrocities in Nigeria under the Presidency of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari. Many Nigerians see this lukewarm attitude as aiding and abetting of regime atrocities in Nigeria.

Regime Atrocities under democracy are taken to mean State-actor promotion and enforcement of gross rights abuses including widespread State killings outside the law, disrespect to judicial pronouncements, criminal stigmatization and trumped up charges. Others are executive interference in judicial affairs and castration of the independence of the judiciary; political domination, exclusion and segregation; nepotism and favouritism; ethno-religious cleansing and adoption of State religion; widespread insecurity, morality corruption and abuse of office as well as general governance failure. These are State-triggered structural violence culminating into deep societal divisions which can snowball into complex humanitarian emergencies. In quick consequences of these, both negative peace (absence of physical violence) and positive peace (absence of structural violence) have grossly eluded Nigeria.

Therefore, our writing your highly respected personalities is generally predicated on the above with particular attention centred on the ongoing persecution of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and other victims of regime atrocities by the Presidency of Muhammadu Buhari. It is shocking to inform your highly respected personalities that till date, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is not standing trial in any known court in Nigeria.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition (2009), defines a criminal trial as a formal judicial examination of evidence and determination of legal claims in an adversary proceeding. In other words, a criminal trial is a proceeding preceding issuance of a judicial notice about intended legal claims and accompanying evidence (charge) before a judge by the accusing authority (i.e. AGF, Police or DSS) against an accused citizen in which the veracity of legal claims and accompanying evidence is determined through formal judicial examination. It is extremely important to inform your highly respected personalities that none of the foregoing has taken place in Nnamdi Kanu’s Matter till date.

He has been detained without trial for a period of eleven (11) months or since 14th of October 2015. The circumstances under which he is held are unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional and an aberration to modern international human rights and justice norms. Your highly respected personalities may recall that Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of a UK registered Radio Station by name Radio Biafra London (RBL). The IPOB is registered at the United Nations as a body advocating for the indigenous rights of indigenous people located in the Southeast and the South-south parts of Nigeria. Both IPOB and RBL earned their recognition and registration on account of their nonviolence methods in accordance with the UN mandate or principles.

As your highly respected personalities are aware, under the UN System, Rights to Self Determination, Development and Identities are recognized and enshrined provided their proponents do not use or advocate for violence. Where violence is resorted to by their proponents leading to widespread violent conflict between their proponents and the host political territory, the conduct of such is strictly governed by the Laws of War or Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Protocols. The enshrinement of these rights is internationally done by way of Treaty Laws or International Conventions; which are legally binding on Member-States that are parties to them.

Regionally and globally, the Federal Republic of Nigeria has willingly acceded to these treaty laws and accepted to be bound by their provisions and obligations. Till date, Nigeria is a party to the UN’s Covenants on Civil & Political Rights (ICCPR) and Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (ICESCR). As a matter of fact, Nigeria ratified them in 1993. Nigeria is also a party to the African Charter on Human & Peoples Rights (ACHPR), which it ratified and domesticated in 1981. Several decided cases by Nigeria’s courts of competent records or jurisdictions have also upheld their admissibility and enforceability in the Nigerian Legal and Justice System.

In these three important treaty laws cited, rights to self determination, development and identities are fully enshrined. Nigeria’s assent to them is intact till date. Under the International Law and the UN system, Nigeria is also under inexcusable obligation to be bound by these treaty laws as well as the Principles and Purposes of the United Nations particularly in the areas of respect for human rights and its obligation in the maintenance of international peace and security. Perpetration of regime atrocities particularly gross human rights abuses and reckless disregard to rule of law is the greatest threat to international peace and security as well as sustainable development.

Nigeria is further bound by the ten basic standards of the International Law including tolerance and peaceful management of nonviolent and peaceful assemblies; fair trial of citizens held under whatever guise; prohibition of solitary confinement or long detention without trial of detained citizens; prohibition of torture and custodial killings as well as bringing errant law enforcement personnel involved in gross violation of human rights to account for their conduct atrocities.

Under the UN’s Customary International Law with its principles of substantial uniformity of practice by a substantial number of States and Opinio Juris(i.e. a general principle that holds that a non-treaty rule is legally binding on all member-States of the UN); Nigeria as a member-State of UN is inexcusably bound by fundamental rules of the United Nations and International Law. Where the ruling Government in Nigeria or President Muhammadu Buhari pretends not to be in the know of all these, then the moral and diplomatic responsibility turns to your highly respected personalities to do so. The authorities of the UK Government, which colonized Nigeria and co-inhabits Mr. Nnamdi Kanu as one of its legal citizens, are morally and diplomatically obligated, exceptionally speaking, to do so; likewise the top leaders of the UN.

Allowing a gross abuser of human rights to be dinning and winning with your highly respected personalities without calling him to order morally and diplomatically is nothing but aiding and abetting.It is also an international conspiracy and encouragement of citizens’ militancy and violent resistance. It is like an abomination in human rights community whereby a human parts dealer is asked to join an organization that is defending human rights. This position of ours follows our informed observation that your highly respected personalities are steadily failing in your moral and diplomatic obligations to the good people of Nigeria particularly as they concern their liberties, lives and collective security.

We respectfully inform your highly respected personalities further that Mr. Nnamdi Kanu who is has been detained for eleven months having been arrested on 14th of October 2015 by Nigeria’s Secret Police by name DSS (Department of State Security) is treated sub-humanly by the Presidency of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari. Apart from the fact that offences slammed on him are trumped up, the conduct under which he was arrested and detained is also criminally stigmatized. There is nowhere in the civilized world or law that voice conduct without force of arms or physical violence of any form constitute criminal offence not to talk of offences carrying capital punishment.

President Muhammadu Buhari was in opposition politics for over a decade and was noted for mobilizing several assemblies against successive administrations. In his several public speeches then, he was noted as a violent political campaigner, periodically threatening the authorities and rest of Nigeria, yet he was never arrested for one day. This was on account of relatively culture of political tolerance of the referenced past administrations, but months after he became President, he criminalized peaceful assemblies and ordered his security forces to shoot and kill any group of people gathered to exercise their constitutional rights to freedom of association and peaceful assemblies. On account of this, as much as 250 Pro Biafra activists were gunned down and mass-murdered in about eight different locations by Nigerian security forces between 30th of August 2015 and 30th of May 2016. Till date, the perpetrators are still on the prowl.

As if these were not enough, President Muhammadu Buhari made a public speech on 30th of December 2015 during which he vowed to ensure that Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and ors spend the rest of their lives in prison custody. This signalled the beginning of persecution of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu. On account of Mr. President’s open bias and threats, the Judiciary became frightened and terrified. A search for an amenable, conformist and pro establishment judge to actualize President Buhari’s open threat commenced and seemed successful, leading to the choice of one Honourable Justice John Tsoho of the Federal High Court, Abuja Division.

The Judge as expected became bias and hostile; threatening and undermining the rule of law and its hallowed principles of nemo judex in sua causa and audi alteram partem; which simply mean that someone should not be a judge in his or her own matter and must hear the other side before drawing a conclusion; otherwise referred to as fair hearing.

Apart from holding Citizen Nnamdi Kanu for eleven months now without trial, four orders of the courts of constitutional records given for his bail and discharge were all flouted. This is attestation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s meddlesomeness and castration of the independence of the Judiciary. Citizen Nnamdi Kanu was kept in detention for months while the Buhari Presidency was busy searching for a conformist Judge to jail him at all costs. Since then, it has been one pre-trial arraignment and gimmickry to another.

As we speak, the scripted trumped up judgment against Mr. Nnamdi Kanu may most likely have been written long ago; waiting for a makeshift trial using masked witnesses; an infamous request from the Presidency of Muhammadu Buhari which Justice John Tsoho initially turned down but later upturned following a circumstantially obvious directive and pressure from the Presidency. Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s Case (still at pre-trial stage) is scheduled to resume on 26th of September 2016 and despite calls by well meaning Nigerians and other informed observers on Hon Justice John Tsoho to hands off the case for obvious bias and hostility, he has refused to disqualify himself and is bent on doing President Muhammadu Buhari’s bidding. Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyers, too, have spoken out and written several protest letters.

As advocates of rule of law and human rights, we are not in opposition to judicial processes, provided they are credible, open and transparent. What we oppose at all times is the State efforts to use judiciary to pervert the course of justice and perpetrate gross abuse of the fundamental human rights of the citizens and undermine democracy and constitutionalism. Sections 35 and 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended in 2011; likewise the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as well as the Ten Basic Standards of the International Law and the African Charter on Human & Peoples Rights contain express provisions entitling citizens to fully enjoy their rights to personal liberty and fair hearing.

These sacred provisions include unhindered access of the accused citizens to their lawyers, adequate time for accused citizens to prepare their own defence, timely availability of records of proceedings for perusal and other lawful uses by the accused citizens, custodial detention within the period legally allowed, trial of the accused citizens in the open court, accused citizens’ right of appeal and their presumption of innocence until they are pronounced guilty by courts of competent records.
Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky; leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) is another major victim of President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime atrocities. Sheik Zakzaky had been detained incommunicado for over nine months or 270 days after he was shot severally, battered and blinded by soldiers, during which as much as 809 of his followers were also massacred.

The massacre took place on 12th and 14th of December 2015 while they were peacefully and nonviolently marking their annual religious event in Zaria, Kaduna State of Northwest Nigeria. The Government of Kaduna State had publicly admitted burring in mass graves of 347 bodies of the massacred IMN followers alone. Till date, the blinded Sheik has neither been produced publicly nor put on trial in any court in Nigeria; a period of over 270 days and none of errant soldiers that perpetrated the heinous crime has been arrested and put on trial.

We hereby call on your highly respected personalities to:
At all times, manually and electronically, advice and task President Muhammadu Buhari on modern workings of democracy, human rights and rule of law.

Investigate and condemn all forms of human rights abuse particularly unprovoked attacks and killing of unarmed citizens, criminalization and stigmatization of rights to freedom of association, peaceful assemblies and freedom of expression; and reckless use of State violence in public governance approaches.

Task him to preserve and protect at all times the sanctity and independence of the Judiciary and the National Assembly as well Task President Buhari to publicly renounce his abominable pronouncement made on 30th of December 2015 during his maiden Presidential Chat; upon which the Judiciary has been frightened and become terrified to the extent of conducting its proceedings (i.e. Hon Justice John Tsoho in Nnamdi Kanu’s Case) according to the dictates or whims and caprices of the President Urge President Muhammadu Buhari to steer clear of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu’s ongoing Court Case and allow a level ground for the accused and his accusers (Buhari’s Presidency) to proof their cases.

Allow constitutionalism to be strictly followed in Mr. Nnamdi Kanu’s Case including the need for the proceedings or proposed trial to be conducted in the open court in accordance with Section 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended in 2011, as well as the ICCPR and the ACHPR Treaty Laws.

Urge President Muhammadu Buhari to end his obvious meddlesomeness in Mr. Nnamdi Kanu’s Case and the Judiciary and direct his Attorney General to proof the Federal Government’s allegation that Citizen Nnamdi Kanu is a treasonable felon or an insurrectionist; or withdraw the bogus charges against him for want of evidence.

Urge President Muhammadu Buhari to produce publicly dead or alive the Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky, who was shot and battered and detained incommunicado since December 14th 2015; a period of nine months or 270 days.

Urge President Muhammadu Buhari to refrain from making further mockery of the rule of law and citizens’ constitutional liberties by arresting and clamping citizens into detention for over three months without trial; contrary to Section 35 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended in 2011.

Urge Mr. President to end his clamp down, indiscriminate arrest and long detention without trial of Pro Biafra activists across Nigeria or any part thereof, particularly members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and release all their members languishing in various DSS cells across the country without trial.

Urge President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately reverse himself concerning his violence prone style of governance particularly his anti human rights stance, divisive and sectional governance as well as his policies of militarization and militarism.
Yours in the Service to Humanity:

Emeka Umeagbalasi, B.Sc., Criminology & Security Studies; M.Sc. (c), Peace & Conflict Studies
Board Chairman, International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law-INTERSOCIETY
Mobile Line: +2348174090052
Email: [email protected]
Obianuju Igboeli, Esq., LLB, BL; LLM (c)
Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Law Program
Chinwe Umeche, Esq., LLB, BL
Head, Democracy & Good Governance Program



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

The evidence that Nigeria is dead is glaring for all and sundry. Nigeria died in the year 2014 exactly 100 years of its creation (1914 - 2014) which marks the end of it's existence as envisaged by those who created it.
Buhari and his All Progressive Congress swept Nigeria into her grave, but refused to accept that she's dead. They refused to honour her by covering her grave and let those who gathered to morn her go their respective homes. The angry ghost of Nigeria is hunting and tormenting Buhari and APC members because they refused to pay her the last respect.

Buhari is showcasing the peak of ignorance by parading the name of Nigeria as a living country, which annoys the spirit and have risen in vengeance to destroy everything that will make people see or believe that Nigeria is alive.
Companies are forced to shut down, firms are folding, scores of workers are sacked on a daily basis, civil servants are not paid, hunger and starvation is now the order of the day in the country.
Few months ago, Nigeria lost her greatest title as the largest economy in Africa, she also lost her core value as the aviation hub in West Africa, Nigeria is in recession which no amount of economic policy will revive.

The ghost of Nigeria is racking havoc because, they refused to pay her the funeral rites which will peacefully let her rest. Scores of innocent people are dying on daily basis in IDP camps in northern part of the dead Nigeria. Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are rampaging killing innocent people in their own blood and taking over their lands.
Lots of crisis are multiplying its numbers consecutively and seems to have defiles all possible solution.

In the southern part of the dead Nigeria, particularly the Niger Delta region, are busy bombing and destroying the oil facilities in their land because they are tired of answering the name of a dead country.

Looking at the situation of things now, one can simply conclude that Nigeria is in the days of doom. Calamity has befallen Nigerians; the unquenchable poisonous and musty odour of Nigeria has made it disgusting to the neighboring and international communities which would have assisted in getting Nigeria buried.

Nigeria will never let her inhabitants know peace, until it's carefully and peacefully buried.
Those who are strongly saying that Nigeria should be buried and forgotten forever, are being locked up, incarcerated and murdered on daily basis, not considering their innocence or the dangers that may metamorphose with time. The perceived enemies are witch- hunted, detained and even denied trial on most occasions.

The people, who are supposed to stand one the truth, are the ones peddling lies on daily basis in the name of working for the integrity of the dead Nigeria. The Judicial system who are supposed to change the phase of things in the assisting the dead country buried are compromised and are now in an unbreakable chain.

The earlier other African Nations rise against Buhari and APC government who believe that they are lords over Nigeria, the better for us. The fact remains that they are those held down by the name of the dead Nigeria. The faster Africa rise to intervene in the burial of Nigeria, the better for us all. Nigeria is dead and must be buried now to avoid more devastating disasters, befalling Africa. It is high time we called a spade a spade and stop pretending that it is a cutlass, for that is the greatest hypocrisy.

Buhari should peacefully bury Nigeria to stop further destructions to the image of Africa.
The evil Nigeria must be laid to rest now, never to be remembered forever for that will pave way for the emergence of the original owners of the land.

Edited by Ogbuanya Nnamdi Chikezie
For Family Writers

Saturday, 22 October 2016

"OGA IS NOT HAPPY": Nnamdi Kanu in danger as Nigerian judges reveals how Buhari intimidates and manipulates the judiciary

"OGA IS NOT HAPPY":  Nnamdi Kanu in danger as Nigerian judges reveals how Buhari intimidates and manipulates the judiciary

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

Hopes of Nnamdi Kanu getting any form of justice from the Nigerian judiciary may have been trashed completely as embattled Senior judges of the Supreme Court and High Court of Nigeria makes shocking revelations on how  President Muhammadu Buhari and key members of his cabinet influences judicial pronouncements and outcome of judgments, through mounting of intense pressures, and tip toeing to the homes of judges to offer bribes and launch executive threats where necessary, in desperation for a favourable judgemental outcome.

The two judges of the Supreme Court, Justice Inyang Okoro and Justice Sylvester Ngwuta, who have recently in their respective letters to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mahmud Mohammed, laid bay their deep dark secret encounters with several members of President Buhari's political party, the All Progressive Congress APC, which included some notable figures among Buhari Ministers such as the incumbent Transportation Minister, Mr. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and the Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Ogbonnaya Onu.

The letters also revealed the despotic role played by SSS officials during the infamous crackdown on several judges in the country which lasted from Friday October 7, through Saturday October 8, 2016.
   "The DSS operatives informed me that their Director-General wanted to see me that night.

“I requested to visit their office upon the break of the day, but they refused. In view of the presence of the heavily armed men, who accompanied them and who were pointing their gun at me from all angles, I had no choice than to follow them to their office that night.

“I was detained by them in their office till Sunday, 9th October, 2016 and upon your Lordship’s intervention that Sunday, they released me in the evening of that Sunday," Justice Inyang Okoro narrates the ordeal that surrounded his arrest and detention.

  ”My Lord, I strongly believe that this my travail is not unconnected with the verbal report I made to you on 1st February, 2016 about the visit to my official residence by HE, Rotimi Amaechi, former Governor of Rivers State and now Minister of Transportation.

“In that report, I told you My Lord, that Mr. Amaechi said that the President of Nigeria and the All Progressives Congress mandated him to inform me that they must win their election appeals in respect of Rivers State, Akwa Ibom State and Abia State at all costs.
“For Akwa Ibom State, he alleged that he sponsored Mr. Umana Umana, candidate of All Progressives Congress for that election and that if he lost Akwa Ibom appeal, he would have lost a fortune.

“Mr. Amaechi also said that he had already visited you and that you had agreed to make me a member of the panel that would hear the appeals.
“He further told me that Mr. Umana would be paying me millions of naira monthly if I co-operated with them. My response, as I told you on that date was that it does not lie within my power to grant his request and that I would do all within my power not to be in the panel for Akwa Ibom State. My Lord graciously left me out of the panel for Akwa Ibom State.

“That notwithstanding, the All Progressives Congress in Akwa Ibom State, which lost the appeal at the Supreme Court, believe that my presence in the Supreme Court made them to lose the appeal." Justice Okoro stated in his letter.

Similarly, barely three days after the outburst of Justin Okoro, another explosive letter from his colleague, Justice Sylvester Ngwuta to the CJN surfaced with astonishing revelations also indicting Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and other APC Chieftains of desperate attempts to influence judicial proceedings, with the most notable remark being the alleged "OGA IS NOT HAPPY" statement credited to Amaechi, in which he defined President Buhari as the masterminder of the intended judicial conquest.

    "They took me away in their vehicle but before they drove away they ordered my housemaid to get in and lock the house and not to ever come out or let anyone into the house. It was when I saw DSS in the premises into which they drove me that I realized my invaders were agents of a Federal Government Department. Prior to getting into the premises I thought that the invaders were even armed robbers or kidnappers, more so when I was not questioned by anyone about anything." the honourable Chief Justice stated.

  Continuing he said- "Then I became much more disturbed not only for myself but for the future of this great Nation, Nigeria. I could not convince myself that any agency of the Federal Government, in a democratic setting, could for any undisclosed reason violate the rights of a Nigerian citizen, a Judicial Officer and Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, for that matter with such impunity. I thought that the democratic government had been overthrown and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) abolished or suspended."

"Then the next phase of the ordeal started. I was taken to a room where I met my learned brother, Hon. Justice John Inyang Okoro, JSC. He looked spent and so were other Judicial Officers both serving, sacked and retired. No one told me anything or asked me any question till late in the night when they drove from over one hour to a place they called villa. They took Justice Okoro and myself into a room that contained only a bed with a discarded, stained old mattress and both of us had to share it for the night. There was no towel, no soap and worst of all there was no toilet paper. We slept in our clothes, went under the tap and used our handkerchiefs in place of towels."

According to the judge, "My present plight started sometime between 2013 and 2014. I represented the then Chief Justice of Nigeria in an event organised in the International Conference Centre. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi came in late and sat next to me at the high table. He introduced himself to me and we exchanged contacts. A few weeks after, Fayose’s case was determined in the Court of Appeal. Amaechi called me by 6.45 am. He said he had come to see me but was told I had left for my office. When he said he would return in the evening, I demanded to know what he wanted but he would not tell me. He did not come that evening but came the following morning when I was already prepared to go to work. He begged me to ensure that Fayose’s election was set aside and another election ordered for his friend Fayemi to contest. I told him I would not help him and that even if I am on the panel I have only my one vote.

"After the Rivers State Governorship election was determined by the Court of Appeal, he called to tell me his ears were full and he would like to tell me what he heard. I told him I was out of Abuja at the time. On my return he came in the evening and even before he sat down he barked “You have seen Wike”. I asked him whether that was a question or a statement. Then he made a call and asked me to speak with someone. The man he called said he was a DSS man. We exchanged greetings and I handed the phone to him. Next, he said “Oga is not happy”. I asked him who is the unhappy “Oga” and he answered “Buhari”. I retorted “go and talk to his wife”. He got very angry, and left, remarking “we shall see” several times." Justice Ngwuta's letter revealed.

Meanwhile, Justice Adeniyi Ademola, a judge of the Federal High Court Abuja who was among the victims of the SSS crackdown highlighted in his own letter that his rulings in the case of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu and former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki are what has infuriated the Aso Rock Seat of Power, leading to his heart-rending predicament.

“From the time of my arrival at the DSS office, at about 6:45am on 8/10/2016, I was not told what my crime was for over 24 hours till the evening of 9/10/2016.

“A DSS officiall finally informed me that my arrest were based on these three allegations; petition of Hon. Jenkins Duvie dated 4th of April 2016 to the National Judicial Council (NJC); granting bail to Col. Sambo Dasuki and the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu; and using my office to secure my wife’s appointment as the head of civil service, through Senator Bola Tinubu”, Justice Ademola's letter read.

Meanwhile, Family Writers Intelligence has revealed that with President Buhari's relative, Hon. Justice Binta Nyako, now standing in replacement of Justice John Tsoho, as judge handling Nnamdi Kanu's trial, there is every possibilty that Mrs Nyako will follow the footstep of her predecessor, John Tsoho to please the terrifying Nigerian government, by ensuring that the legal team of Nnamdi Kanu are continuously frustrated and the Biafra leader sent to jail.

   The intelligence report advised that there is need for Biafrans and Nnamdi Kanu's legal team to launch more vibrant international campaign and processes in order to put an end to the incarceration the Biafra leader by the Nigerian government, as it is now becoming indisputable that President Buhari's administration has instituted a devastating state-sponsored terrorism and tyranny against the Judiciary and their political enemies.

More than 100 missing as Nigeria military, police renews nationwide abduction of Biafrans

More than 100 missing as Nigeria military, police renews nationwide abduction of Biafrans

By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
 and Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers.

Not less than 100 Biafran activists have been declared missing in Biafra land and beyond as Nigerian Army and Police goes on rampage in a renewed clamp down on Indigenous People of Biafra across the country.

For the past 24 hours, Family Writers has received a wide range of calls from notable IPOB Intelligence Officers in Biafra land, narrating the siege laid by the Nigerian security agencies at their various meeting venues, even as scores have been whisked away to unknown destinations.

An IPOB Principle Officer from Bayelsa state of Biafra land, while speaking with Family Writers, disclosed that the Nigerian Army and Police are "massively arresting our members at Okahka area of Yenegoa in Bayelsa."
 According to the Principal Officer, "people arrested were up to two fully loaded military trucks."

In Anambra, the abduction of IPOB members at the slightest opportunity by the security agencies has become the order of the day. For the past two weeks, not less than 10 IPOB members who usually embarks on evangelism and sensitisation programmes across the state have been arrested by either the police, DSS or military personnels.

 Another pathetic reports of the clamp down has been received from Enugu and Rivers states respectively.

 In Enugu, a recent confirmed report says that top saboteur politicians in the state are collaborating with security agencies, by providing them with informations on the regular meeting venues of IPOB members in the state. Some of the political puppets of the Nigerian government whose names have been gathered by Family Writers includes: Senator Gilbert Emeka Nnaji- representing Enugu East constituency, and his henchmen- Francis Anike and Akaekpuchi Onwa. A report have accused the politicians of receiving huge sums of money from the federal government, in order to destabilise the activities of IPOB.

 Also a report from a Family Writers journalist from the state, Mr. Egwuatu Chukz, has also revealed that the Ogbete market chairman, Mr. Temple Ude, is hell bent on accomplishing his earlier threats to ensure the arrest of all Biafran activists in the state.
   Similar incidents have occurred in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state, where Biafra activists are continually hounded, abducted and incarcerated for many months, while their relatives are kept in the dark over their whereabouts.

Meanwhile statistics have shown that 40% of those abducted by the security agencies are usually executed extra judicially and buried in mass graves.
 Series of complaints have been forwarded to Family Writers by Families and relatives of the abducted activists, who expressed their worries and anxieties over the whereabouts and predicament of their sons and daughters.

Biafrans have complained that being continuously pushed to wall by the Nigerian government.
The international community has been called upon to intervene in the gross abuse of the human rights of Biafrans in Nigeria, which are in violation of international treaties signed by the country based on the protection of human rights and the right to self determination.



By Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For Family Writers

Biafran Coat of Arm is one of the greatest symbols of the land of rising sun called BIAFRA. It is a symbol which Biafrans cherish with utmost respect and dignity. Biafran coat of arm is the complete portrait of what Biafra is standing for. There is a serious uniqueness in the features of Biafra coat arm and their significances. Unfortunately, many Biafrans do not know the significances of the Coat of Arm. This is what propels my desire to write this article because it is important for even little children to know what Biafra is all about through its National symbols. Unlike Nigerians, whom their president of intellectual dwarf, Muhammadu Buhari was recently spotted standing on Nigeria coat of arm during a military officers pass-out parade exercise, Biafrans place high value on our national symbols in general and our Coat of Arm in particular. Biafrans can never stand on our Coat of Arm. In this article, we are going to explore the significances of the individual features of Biafran Coat of Arm.

(A) THE EAGLE: That Eagle stands for the pride and self-esteem of Biafra as a sovereign nation under heaven. By that, even as Biafrans respect other nations in the world and protect their political and business interest around us, yet Biafra nation and its citizens do not feel inferior to other nation under heaven. That is why we are the pride of the black race.

(B) THE COW HORN WHICH THE EAGLE STAND ON: The cow horn which the Eagle is standing upon signifies the rich cultural heritage of Biafrans. Cow horn stands for traditional things, especially marriage in Biafraland. By that, Biafrans hold in high esteem their cultural heritage. No matter the pressures of Western civilization on African cultures, yet Biafrans must hold tenaciously their cultures such as our traditional marriage and others in every generation. Western civilization will never make us to throw away our method of marriage (paying dowry before obtaining any woman as wife) which is second to none in the world. If we lose our cultures, we have lost our identity.

(C) THE SHIELD: The beautiful shield signifies the map of Biafra. The land mass of Biafra which stretched down to the Atlantic ocean with its continental shelf is what the shield stands for.

(D) THE RISING SUN ON THE SHIELD: The rising sun with its rays signifies the greatness that is going to spring out of Biafra which will be like the unstoppable power of the shining sun. In as much as Biafrans will not become terror to the world, but we are going to explosively take science and technology from where western world stop to the next level of excellence. For example, during the war, within 3 months, Biafrans started producing aviation oil locally and built international airports where our planes lands during the war. Till today Nigeria is still importing kerosene, grease and engine oil talk more of aviation oil.

(E) 11 RAYS OF THE SUN ON THE SHIELD: This signifies the original 11 provinces of Biafra when it was declared in 1967 by Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. Space will not permit me to list the provinces then one by one.

(F) THE 3 RINGS ON THE SHIELD:  The 3 rings on the shield signifies the 3 patriachs of Biafrans. These fore-fathers are Eri, Areli and Arodi, the children of Gad the 7th son of Jacob in the Bible. They were the 3 persons that give birth to all Biafrans in the universe, The 3 rings signify them.

(G) THE 2 LEOPARDS HOLDING THE SHIELD: The 2 Leopards hold the shield signifies the gallant and loyal forces of Biafra. The armed forces of Biafra which is known as 'LOYAL FORCES' will provide an indomitable protection just as the leopards are waging the shield to the territories of Biafra on the land as the Biafra Army, on the sea or ocean around us as Biafran Navy, on the air as Biafran Air-force, the civil protection cum internal security by Biafran Police and other para-military as the law will stipulate.

(H) THE GREEN FIELD: This signifies that the land of Biafra is rich in mineral resources and in agricultural potentials. There is no part of Biafraland that is not endowed with one mineral resources or the other. All the states of South-South region of Biafra and some states in South east region are blessed with bountiful crude oil deposit. Enugu state has plenty deposit of coal and Ebonyi state has a plenty deposit of salt and cement. Every part of Biafraland from South east down to South South is agricultural friendly. Palm products are obtainable everywhere in Biafraland. It may interest the world to know that our scientist are already making experiments to know many things palm fruits can be used to produce just like we use it to produce palm oil.

This are the significances of th coat of arm

May God bless the nation of Biafra. Amen!

NIGERIA: How Buhari Regime Uses Political Terrorism Under Guise Of Anti-Corruption Fight [MUST READ]

NIGERIA: How Buhari Regime Uses Political Terrorism Under Guise Of Anti-Corruption Fight [MUST READ]
Nigerian President

Published by Family Writers

It is no longer hidden that President Muhammadu Buhari and his co-travellers in the country’s current state of toxaemia have fully resorted to political terrorism and barbarism in their so called “anti corruption crusade”. Hiding under the guise of “anti corruption” to perpetrate heinous State crimes such as treason, State murder and other forms of official terrorism, had been a recurring decimal in Nigeria; dating back to January 1966, during Nigeria’s first military coup. Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari (as he then was), used the same excuse to oust the democratically elected Presidency of Shehu Shagari on December 31, 1983.

Since then, successive military and civilian governments in Nigeria had laid claims to “fight against corruption” as the cornerstone of their administrations. The Obasanjo civilian administration of 1999-2007, was exceptionally noted to have gone extra mile in creating visible anti corruption agencies such as EFCC and ICPC, created between 2000 and 2004. His anti corruption policies were also relatively proactive, civil and rule of law compliant; whereas those of the past military and civilian administrations particularly that of the Buhari military regime (1984-85) were archaic, retrogressive and repressive. This is on repeat mission in the current Presidency of Muhammadu Buhari with worst yet to happen.

In all these, Nigeria has ended up losing billions of dollars to its criminal political gangsters with over 90% of the looted funds ending up not recovered. The worst is that the more the host administration shouts “fight against corruption”, the more public funds are looted in its present and connivance with reckless abandon. Corrupt practices in Nigeria have not only gone e-gold or electronically undetected, but they have also been entrenched and clothed with impunity. As we speak, criminal enrichment in the country going viral with illicitly acquired properties springing up in leading Nigerian cities. A trip to Nigerian roads and security checkpoints is another eye opener and a fundamental measurement of President Buhari’s policy-noise on corruption. Extortion at military (including soldiers and navy) checkpoints is now scientific and artistic with civilian agents recruited as collection agents under negotiated percentage settlements.

In Nigeria of present political composition, looters are endlessly looking for the looted with the looting going on rampage underneath or expressly. A president who is flown in a private jet, acquired with looted funds, is busy looking for the looters. Lawyers particularly the Silk, who illicitly charge roguish serving and former political office holders hundreds of millions of naira as consultancy and professional fees in high profile State graft or electoral cases, from illicit public funds, have joined “the fight against corruption”. Those who milked dry States like Rivers, Lagos and Edo and left them in quandary of indebtedness and penury are now “agents of anti corruption”; likewise print, visual and a number of pro establishment online media, acquired with looted public funds.

Some mainstream CSOs and their leaders with juicy cuts from looted funds; propertied and motorized, are also “singers of anti corruption in Nigeria”. Today, in Nigeria of Buhari’s Presidency, political opponents and opponent activists and independent senior judicial officers are cajoled, threatened, repressed and labelled “looters” and treated like violent criminals. These respected citizens are routinely taken into custody before investigation with prima facie evidence thousands of miles away to be laid on against them. When in custody, torture becomes a routine to force them to admit committing non-existent crimes or offences. Where reverse is the case, they are held incommunicado for months with impunity and untried.

Fighting corruption with “captains or doyens of corruption” leading the way or procuring the “government in power”, is akin to inviting a serial human parts dealer to come and become a defender of human rights in the human rights community. These explain the current State of bastardized and corrupted anti corruption policy direction of the Buhari Administration; where political terrorism and barbarism now hold sway.

Having carefully studied the recent late night State violence by President Buhari’s DSS against some respected senior judicial officers and associated revelations by some of them including Hon Justices John Inyang Okoro and Sylvester Nwuta Nwali (serving Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria) as well as Hon Justices Adeniyi Ademola, Mu’azu Pindiga and Nnamdi Dimgba (serving Judges of the Federal and State High Court); we are, again, shocked and dismayed as what Nigeria has turned into in the past 17 months of Buhari’s Presidency. The roles of the print and visual media and a number of pro establishment online media are also very saddening; likewise the turn-coat position of the NBA.

These quickly remind us of an immortal advice handed down to one Chris Ubah by Mr. Peter Obi (as he then was), who later became the Governor of Anambra State. The latter had advised the former to “guide his unguided utterances against judges handling the then Anambra State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal (September 2003 to August 2005) because it will take him 20 years to become a judge, that is if he so wishes and goes back to school to continue from where he dropped in junior secondary school”

These explain our deep sadness over coordinated attacks and image damnation launched by the Buhari Administration against the named serving senior judicial officers, using its riotous DSS and compromised media. While we have no apologies for any serving senior judicial officer that corruptly enriches him/herself or that allows him/herself to be corrupted, provided he or she is processed, prosecuted and punished in accordance with due process and constitutionalism; we condemn in unequivocal terms the deliberate and coordinated ruination of innocent others who have toiled and laboured to build and protect their integrity by being contented and refusing to be corrupted or tainted.

Launching campaigns of calumny and criminal stigmatization against a set of innocent serving senior judicial officers on account of their refusal to pervert the course of justice to impress the riotous agents of the Buhari Administration, is totally an irreparable damage, not only to the judges and their career but also to the collective image of Nigeria as a whole. This is more so when it is logically grounded that three out of every five Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Nigeria’s 774 LGAs may most likely not produce a Supreme Court Justice in twenty years, if not more than that.

It is also tearful and heart-bleeding as how the conscience of the nation or democratic institutions in the country has turned over night into agents of darkness and layers of dictatorship and lawlessness. Rather than standing up at all times in defense of democracy and rule of law, reverse is now the case. To the extent that Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) (staunch defenders of the rule of law) now call for the suspension of rule of law in a democratic setting; likewise defense of illegalities by some, if not many of Nigeria’s foremost professors of criminology, constitutional and criminal laws as well as human rights activists, stomached by the Buhari Administration; Nigeria and its democracy are doomed.

In all these, our questions to the Buhari Administration and its riotous DSS are: What is the difference between a mad man running amok with a sharp knife in a crowded market and a perceived sane man running behind and chasing him with another sharp knife in the same crowded market? Between two of them; who is insane and who is sane?

We asked the above questions because it has become an entrenched routine for the Buhari Administration to bend rules and resort to short-cut, lawlessness, illegality and unconstitutionality in its governance approaches, particularly in its so called “anti corruption crusade”. Though President Muhammadu Buhari himself, seconds President Jacob Zuma of South Africa in the world ranking of the least educated Presidents, yet it is also an incontestable fact that his Administration parades an assemblage of leading scholars in law and criminology. The movers and shakers in Nigeria’s mainstream CSOs are also part and parcel of its Administration; yet the Administration has continued to behave or operate as an outlaw or a brigand political entity.

For the purpose of putting the records straight and advocacy and technical enlightenment, crimes, as we have them today in the globe are divided into two major categories of “mala inse” (crimes with global application and acceptance such as murder, armed robbery, asportation, carjacking, aviation terrorism, rape, arson, burglary, etc) and “mala prohibita” (anti social conducts defined differently by different countries as crimes or otherwise, such as adultery, victimless crime (i.e. prostitution) and some categories of white-collar crimes).

Further, “corruption” and most of its agents as a crime appear to fall under “mala inse” because of its global reprehension leading to the adoption of the United Nations’ Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) by the member-States of the United Nations including Nigeria in 2003. The UN Anti Corruption Convention entered into force on 14th of December 2005 with 176 signatories and 140 full State-Parties including Nigeria, which signed it on 3rd December 2003 and ratified same on 14th December 2004.

“Corruption”, globally is a complex social, political and economic phenomenon which still battles with a uniformed global definition. It involves misconducts in public and private sectors for the purpose of illicitly obtaining material and non material gains or favors. To be punishable, corruption must pass through the process of codification in a written and known criminal law by a member-State of the UN. Corruption, on its own, cannot a constitute crime or an offense, except aided by its agents such as bribery, fraud, kickbacks, extortion, embezzlement, money laundering, obtaining by false pretence, etc.

Corruption also belongs to the family of invisible crimes called “white-collar crimes”. “Invisible crimes” are so called because of difficulties in detecting them. Most importantly, they are nonviolent in nature (i.e. their perpetrators do not use physical violence in perpetrating them). They are very common in “white-collar” society or civil service or pen-culture society, dominated by government and corporate entities. The opposite of “white-collar crimes” are “blue-collar crimes” or “street crimes” (stealing, robbery, auto theft, burglary, youth crimes, abduction, arson, etc), usually common in “blue-collar society” or commercial areas or cash-economy.

To Prof Edwin Sutherland (1949) of the Chicago Criminological School, “white-collar crime” is a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his or her occupation or office business. It arises from fraud, embezzlement, electronic or cyber crime, bribery, insider trading, kick-backs, contract inflation, over-invoicing, identity theft, forgery, money laundering etc. The concept of white-collar crimes was popularized by Prof Sutherland in 1949.

Pieces of evidence required for an offense of corruption against any perpetrator substantially start from electronic and paper based evidence and end in same. Investigations associated with corrupt practices start from behind-the-scene (i.e. data mining with or without the knowledge of the suspect) and end with investigator-suspect interface (for clarifications and pre-prosecutorial fair hearing). Investigations into corrupt cases do not require late night invasion of homes and other dwelling houses as well as breaking into such homes with sledge hammers, acid substances, etc or corruption and abuse of search warrants (if any). The defence of retrieval of criminal proceeds is watery and impeachable; even if the movement of criminal proceeds was detected by secret police at ungodly hours, intelligence and policing surveillance methods remain the legally acceptable or permissible approaches until the godly hours return.

Search warrants must not be executed unless the suspects are present and put on credible notice. Forcing suspects (i.e. Justices and Judges) to sign such warrants or purported inventories for items purportedly recovered, amount to armed robbery, burglary, torture, assault and threats to life and properties. Besides, corruption must be handled by the requisite anti graft agencies such as Police, EFCC and ICPC. DSS has no statutory or constitutional duties whatsoever in the law enforcement aspect of anti corruption crusade. If for any reason, it has intelligence, it should be exchanged or passed to anti corruption agencies like EFCC, Police and ICPC.

It is therefore, in recognition of hefty challenges and difficulties associated with detection and punishment of crime of corruption that the United Nations strongly recommended “Prevention” as the most effective approach at curbing it. The UN, through its Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), specifically allocated 60% to Prevention, 20% to Prosecution/Punishment and 20% to international cooperation, technical cooperation and information exchange among Member-States.

According to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), corruption can be prosecuted after the fact, but first and foremost, it requires prevention. An entire chapter of the Convention is dedicated to prevention, with measures directed at both the public and private sectors. These include model preventive policies, such as the establishment of anticorruption bodies and enhanced transparency in the financing of election campaigns and political parties. States must endeavour to ensure that their public services are subject to safeguards that promote efficiency, transparency and recruitment based on merit.

Once recruited, public servants should be subject to codes of conduct, requirements for financial and other disclosures, and appropriate disciplinary measures. Transparency and accountability in matters of public finance must also be promoted, and specific requirements are established for the prevention of corruption, in the particularly critical areas of the public sector, such as the judiciary and public procurement. Those who use public services must expect a high standard of conduct from their public servants.

Preventing public corruption also requires an effort from all members of society at large. For these reasons, the Convention calls on countries to promote actively the involvement of non-governmental and community-based organizations, as well as other elements of civil society, and to raise public awareness of corruption and what can be done about it. Article 5 of the Convention enjoins each State Party to establish and promote effective practices aimed at the prevention of corruption. The UNCAC also recommended domestic criminalization of agents of corruption in line with international best practices as well as strict adherence to rule of law and human rights in tackling the perpetrators.

Tackling corruption can only be meaningful and result-oriented if Government or Political Corruption is curbed or tamed drastically. By Government or Political Corruption, it simply means when a public office holder or other government employees act reprehensively in an official capacity for personal or material gain. It is also official misuse of powers or public resources for personal gain.

Others amounting to encouragement of corruption and abuse of office are: Patronage: Undue favors given to supporters of government officials. Nepotism/Cronyism: Illegitimate act of favoring relatives and personal friends of government officials as well as shielding them from investigation.

Apart from the fact that there are 22 or more anti graft agencies and criminal enactments in Nigeria, which include the EFCC Act (2004), the ICPC Act (2000), the Money Laundering Prohibition Act of 2004, the Advance Fee Fraud & Other Related Offenses Act (1995), the Failed Banks (Recovery of Debts) & Other Financial Malpractices in Banks Act (1994), the Banks & Other Financial Institutions Act of 1991; and Miscellaneous Offenses Act, the Corrupt Proceeds & Properties’ Forfeiture Act of 1999, and the Criminal and the Penal Codes of 2004 and the ACJA 2015; corruption and abuse of office are also constitutionally prohibited in Nigeria in Section 15 (5) of the 1999 Constitution. Section 15 (5) of the Constitution provides as follows: “the State shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of office”.

In fighting corruption in Nigeria, the rule of law and constitutionalism must remain its benchmark at all times. Turning fight against corruption into instruments for political vendetta, terrorism and brigandage is democratically dicey and disastrous. The agencies in charge of investigation and prosecution of corruption cases in Nigeria including the Buhari Administration are constitutionally restrained from stigmatizing and criminalizing those under investigation or using corruption as a cover to unleash State terror, falsehood and propaganda against them. Till date, offense of corruption in Nigeria is not a capital offense, but substantially misdemeanour; easily investigative and triable; substantially requiring paper and electronic evidence; once detected. Corruption also belongs to the family of nonviolent crimes; just like victimless crimes (i.e. alcoholism and commercial sex habits).

While Section 35 of the 1999 Constitution guarantees the citizens’ right to personal liberty, subsections (8) and (12) of Section 36 forbid the Buhari Administration from subjecting the citizens to trial-by-ordeal or jungle justice and guarantee the citizens’ rights to fair hearing and presumption of innocence unless found guilty by courts of competent jurisdiction. The citizens’ right to privacy is also protected by Section 37 of the Constitution.

The Presidency of Buhari is also guilty of favouritism and nepotism, which belongs to family of corruption and amounts to corruption and abuse of office, contrary to Section 15 (5) of the 1999 Constitution. Till date, despite the seriousness of allegations made against Mr. Rotimi Amaechi by two respected Justices of the Supreme Court in their recent letters to the CJN, concerning the late night invasion of their homes by the DSS, which raises a serious image and credibility challenge to the Administration’s so called “fight against corruption”, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, who is a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; has neither been invited nor under any form of criminal investigation by the DSS or Police or EFCC or ICPC.

We call on the affected serving senior Judicial Officers particularly Hon Justices Sylvester Ngwuta Nwali, John Inyang Okoro, Nnamdi Dimgba, Adeniyi Ademola and Mu’azu Pindiga to use all means constitutionally available to clear their names and seek remedial and compensatory justice against the named riotous agents of the Buhari Administration. With the exception of those judges indicted and sanctioned by the NJC, the judges above named and others singled out for further intimidation, must stand firm at all times and refuse to be intimidated. The courage and sagacity of the named respected serving senior Judicial Officers are totally commendable. We rise in strong solidarity with the Nigerian Judiciary to save the rule of law from brink and executive bastardization.

The Buhari Administration is, therefore, called upon to retrieve from the DSS files containing its so called “ongoing investigation of the judges” and transfer them to the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) and its fraud unit. Any would-be outcome of the so called DSS probe is already dead, biased, corrupted and malicious on arrival.

The Buhari Administration must also sack Hon Rotimi Amaechi as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in charge of Ministry of Transportation so as to pave way for his criminal investigation on account of strong allegations against him bordering on corruption and electoral fraud as contained in the letters of Hon Justices Sylvester Ngwuta Nwali and John Inyang Okoro (serving Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria), to the CJN; which are now in the public domain. This is because Their Lordships are incapable of making such weighty allegations without knowing their accompanying consequences; if untrue.


Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman
International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety)
Mobile Line: +2348174090052

Obianuju Igboeli, Esq.
Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Law Program
Mobile Line: +2348180771506
Email: [email protected]

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