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Thursday, 20 February 2020

Open Letter To Biafrans Globally

Open Letter To Biafrans Globally

Dear fellow compatriots,

Greetings! I very sincerely congratulate you all for your varied and invaluable contributions and victories so far recorded in our pursuit for an independent nationhood.

However, more yet needed to be done both collectively and individually towards the realization of a conducive and progressive environment for our habitation. It is necessary that we restructure our mindset for the birth of the new nation of Biafra. We henceforth, have to kick-start practising civility in all our activities and as well, inculcate behavioral healthiness as citizens of a civilised nation like what obtains in the United States of America, Spain, Germany, etcetera.
Those salient qualities we must imbibe and live out include:

1) Having the overriding interest of our nation at heart.

2) We must stand up for the rights of our fellow citizens.

3) We must take responsibility of all our actions whatever be the outcome.

4) We must inculcate civilised/right manner of approach towards our fellow citizens.

5) We must strive at all times, to avoid confrontational reactions during supposed friendly conversations.

6) We must do away with the evil and retrogressive mindset of god-fatherism even when the law disfavors us.

7) Good opinions must always be welcomed and appreciated despite the office occupied.

Dear fellow compatriots, the sterling qualities always being exhibited even at odd/difficult times by our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, are enough tutorials that should be inculcated, nurtured and lived out in an organized society. That is what makes life beautiful, enjoyable and rewarding. This type of disposition is what we truly need in the Biafran nation. The Nigerian contraption we are forced to habit totally lacks these qualities and so, Biafrans have so much imbibed these harmful and unfruitful ways of life. The entire environment is polluted with political instability/insanity, perversion of justice, hydra-corruption, terrorism/relentless killings, unemployment, propaganda, hatred, oppression and deception. The Nigerian government has become an institution that grooms imbecility and cowardice. This of course, must not be allowed in the Biafran nation.

We all have to rid ourselves of such retrogressive mindsets as we get set to match into our dear fatherland. We cannot afford to do otherwise. Let us stay blessed and strong brethren!

Christopher Otu Ezeali
Family Writers Press International

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Nigeria and the Biafra blood

Nigeria and the Biafra blood

Many people within and outside the geographical space called Nigeria have begun to lament  the deteriorating security situation in Nigeria, the ravaging hunger, excruciating poverty, high rate of unemployment, debilitating physical and mental ill-health, moral decadence among  other social indicators that have taken downward trend in the country.

The low and the mighty now seem to be getting up from their slumber, though some who have had their mouths gagged with some political crumbs or religious rituals are yet to reveal their stand.
Reports of banditry, kidnapping, rape and killings of thousands of people in their homes, farms, worship places, schools, hospitals, highways etc, by demons in human forms are expanding like ripples in muddy water every day.

Few people search for the cause of all these problems and they end up querying the security architecture and competence among others.

These may be valid areas to examine. But, the root causes of these problems are far deeper and more complex than the above areas.
Simply put: Nigeria is reaping what it sowed, Nigeria sowed INIQUITY and HORROR over the years; and so shall reap multiples of baskets full of the consequences of iniquity and horror – NIGERIA IS UNDER HEAVY CURSE!! Take it or leave it!

The blood of millions of innocent and defenseless Biafrans massacred from 1945 till date, cries unceasingly to the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth for JUSTICE.

More than 2000 (two thousand) innocent Biafran men, women and children were massacred by government sponsored rioters in Jos and Kano in 1945 and 1953, respectively.

More than 2,500,000 innocent Biafrans were massacred in various parts of Northern and Western Nigeria in 1966.

Thousands of the victims who were pregnant had their wombs slit open and their unborn babies smashed to ensure that they did not live to become Emeka Ojukwu.

Biafran men and women, old and young were macheted, gunned down, bayoneted, burnt alive, in their residences, shops, airports, railway stations and trains in various parts of Northern Nigeria.

Some Northern leaders hailed the perpetrators and jeered the victims as they were calling on God with their last breath. The perpetrators and their leaders boldly said they would take the consequences.

From 1967 to 1970 more than 5,700,000 Biafrans were massacred in Biafraland. More than 2,000,000 of these were children who were starved to death.

From 1970 till date hundreds of thousands of innocent Biafrans have been massacred in Northern Nigeria and in Biafraland.
The blood of these millions of innocent Biafrans massacred on the demonic shrine of One Nigeria surge before the Divine Altar of The Almighty God for Justice.

As the Cries of the Blood of Innocent Biafrans vibrate and re-vibrate in the heavenly realm, the curse on Nigeria expands and multiplies. All persons, groups of persons – local and International who were or are involved directly or indirectly in spilling Biafran blood on the demonic shrine of ONE NIGERIA, will inescapably reap the consequences of the abomination.
No amount of: NIGERIA PRAYS lip service by Jack Yakubu Gowon and his like shall remove the curse on Nigeria.

In 1966, Gen. Emeka Ojukwu advised Nigerian leadership that it was “better different components of Nigeria moved slightly apart to survive or we all perish”. Nigeria did not listen. Britain did not listen and did not even care.

The One and Only Solution to all these problems is the restoration of Biafra Sovereignty. Let Biafrans GO!

Arm twisting, intimidation, harassment and persecution of Biafrans will prolong and multiply the problems of Nigeria.

If you doubt it, check what happened to the Egyptians of old (Exodus 6:14-21), God has not changed and will not change!

Written by : Iheukwumere Uche
Edited by Okechukwu Ise
For Family Writers Press International

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Niger Delta, A Slave Name We Must Get Rid Of In Order To Be Truly Free

Niger Delta; A Slave Name We Must Get Rid Of In Order To Be Truly Free

Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
For Family Writers Press International.

No one in his or her right senses prides with the name 'Niger Delta' as an identity. Niger Delta as a name, describes a place where the British government, through the help of the Fulani, are stealing natural resources belonging to the indigenous people in Biafra land.
In places they merged and named Niger Delta, you would see Ijaw, Efik, Igbo, Uroboh etc. So when one say, 'I am Niger Deltan', you can't interpret exactly who such a person is or where he comes from. You don't know if he is Igbo, Ijaw or Efik.

Niger Delta is just A BUSINESS NAME bestowed on us by the trickish British government so as to perfectly insert their divide and rule strategy. No one that thinks deep about his real origin will ever describe himself as a Niger Deltan. The name automatically overshadows who you truly are and hides your identity.

Some feel that shouting Niger Delta makes the Igbo people carved into it become different from other Igbo people. That is why you see some misguided Hausa Fulani and Yoruba people always lament that Igbo people should leave Niger Delta alone.

But who is a Niger Deltan?

Is it that Efik man?
The Ijaw man or the Igbo man? What makes the Igbo man from Egbema, Elele, Asaba, Ogwashiukwu, Ndoni etc different from an Igbo man from Nnewi, Urualla and Ngwa? Some would say that they are in the so called 'South South' region, while others are in South East. But again, the Ijaws in South-south are exactly the same with the Ijaws they carved into the Western part of the country. This is exactly how Nigeria have used years of misinformation to distort brains of lots of people and forced them to carry badges of slavery and even brag with it. They made them to fight each other and never to unite as one. This is because in their disunity, those for whom Nigeria was created continue to gain massively.

Britain in their wisdom refused to fight wars to suppress the move for independence in Nigeria. They have really studied the space they called Northern and Southern protectorates and understood that for them to keep ruling indirectly, they need to merge the spaces together. It is never to help feed the North with southern resources as they claimed. It was solely for the interest of Britain.

How can you feed a Northern region that has fertile land for agriculture? Agricultural lands that when harnessed can produce food that can feed the entire Africa. A region with lands filled with lots of natural resources. How can you say you are merging the two distinct regions to feed a people capable of feeding the entire Africa?
The problem with us is that we continue teaching our young ones lies written by minds brainwashedby the whites without asking proper questions. That's why we still teach people how Mongo Park discovered River Niger. A river our forefathers navigated many years before the so called Mongo Park was born.

I have started putting everything I was told into scrutiny. The words of Ahmadu Bello comes to mind here. This descendant of Uthman Dan Fodio confidently said:

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our grandfather, Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We must use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us or have control over their future.”

These words from Ahmadu Bello isn't directly from this man. It is the handiwork of Britain. Britain have seen that the only way to keep their hold on their colony and still dictate what happens is to empower the Fulani. So Britain became the friends of the Fulani and makes them think they are favoring them. Till this day, the Fulani have been following the mandate of Bello, without knowing that they are indeed following the plans of Britain, destroying the North while making sure the British government keeps ruling indirectly.

After the war, Britain effectively used the Fulani to divide the East into South South and South East; and further divided them into Niger Deltans and non-Niger Deltans. Tell me how the Fulani who are majorly cattle rearers managed to think out in 1967/70 how to divide the East and make brothers fight against each other, while Britain and the Fulani elites steal them dry. They were simply carrying out the plans of the British government, who feared the intelligence of Biafrans in the East and desperately want to keep them down.
Today, while the Fulani are being used by Britain to keep the entire East down, 87% of poor people according to World Bank survey are in their Northern Region. The North has become the poverty capital of the world. With terrorism destroying the entire region.

Like I said earlier, Niger Delta is never an identity. They are two English words that have no place in our language and culture. It is a tool of slavery and marginalization. It is a name that was used to force people to carry their badge of slavery with pride and honor.

You that still pride yourself as a Niger Deltan, when you rediscover yourself, you will understand how foolish you were, when you help foreigners bury your identity.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers Press International.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Nnamdi Kanu; The Man That Rose To Power Without Political Power

Nnamdi Kanu; The Man That Rose To Power Without Political Power
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Some people in politics and those who revere themselves as intellectuals have refused to accept the fact that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is another leader that is much respected like Ikemba Ojukwu was respected in 1967/70.

Every now and then they portray Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a no body. I once read from one of them saying that Nnamdi Kanu is not an Igbo leader. They might be right. Nnamdi Kanu is not just an Igbo leader. He is a Biafran leader, and Igbo is part of Biafra. So it is wrong to describe him as mere Igbo leader.

Nnamdi Kanu is the only man that can command millions of youths in Igbo land and beyond and they will respond. In fact millions are just waiting for him to say the word and it will be done. Even those abroad are also solidly behind him.

IPOB leader doesn't need monetary inducement like the south East governors before he can gather millions around him. He once said that he will go to Abuja with millions of IPOB members for his Court case, and Nigeria government quickly truncated the Court case, by attacking his family house, killing dozens, resulting to his parents eventual death.

The fear of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the beginning of wisdom. Just ordinary announcement of the burial of his parents, Nigeria government deployed battalions of soldiers in and around Afaraukwu. One thing we failed to acknowledge is the fact that Nigeria government deployed these soldiers because they are afraid of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They deployed soldiers not at the standpoint of strength, but fear. Just like the few dirty politicians and their intellectual counterparts will wish Nnamdi Kanu away, the Nigeria government knows how powerful he is. They are no more taking him for granted. They have seen what he is doing to them abroad. With what Kanu has achieved so far, one wonders how ndi intellectual still wish him away.

So many people dancing a shameful dance for the politicians pretend not to know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu controls more than 90% of the Biafra youths. They don't know that he holds the future in his hand. This young man didn't do this with money or political power. He did it from nothing. Just from telling people the truth and exposing the evil of the government. When he started so many people called him a dreamer. Many laughed at him, but he persisted. Today, you can see how massive the movement has become.

From nothing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu rose to an enviable height. History will remember him as the only man in the entire Eastern region that became a respected Leader without smelling political power.

The only reason some few conscienceless individuals masquerading as intellectuals worship the Governors is because of the peanuts they receive from them. But tomorrow is coming, when they will be judged accordingly.

The governors of South East will work more harder to sell their people, as to please the Fulani.
But IPOB will neutralize them. The people will depend on IPOB for every thing.

Elochukwu Ohagi, 2020.
For Family Writers Press International

Friday, 14 February 2020

Nnamdi Kanu’s Parents: Schools, Banks, shops shut in Umuahia

Nnamdi Kanu’s Parents: Schools, Banks, shops shut in Umuahia

By Ugochukwu Alaribe & Eric Ugbor – Umuahia

Schools and Banks were today shut as the burial of Eze Isreal Kanu and his wife, Ugoeze Sally; parents of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafrans, IPOB, holds in Umuahia. A large crowd of people was observed at the Kanu family house preparing for the ceremony.

Some suspected supporters of the IPOB were seen chanting songs were also observed along Factory road leading to the family house. No security personnel was sighted in the However, a police van was stationed at the Factory road junction. The security post has been there since the operation python dance exercise in 2017.

Among the early callers at the church service for the burial was the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi and the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe. In an interview with Vanguard, Leader of the Movement for the Sovereign States of Biafra, MASSOB, Comrade Uchenna Madu, said pro Biafrans groups had come to pay their last respect to Eze Kanu and his wife.

He blamed the Commissioner of Police, Abia State, Mr.Ene Okon, for the tension over the burial and assured that the event would be peaceful. In his words,”We are here to pay our last respect to Nnamdi Kanu’s parents, Eze Isreal Kanu and his wife, Ugoeze Sally. It is a traditional burial, not a Biafra activity. You can see that everywhere is peaceful. I blame the Commissioner of Police, Abia State for the tension over the burial. But we assure that there will be no problem.”

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Poetic Justice for Biafra: Died For Freedom

Poetic Justice for Biafra: Died For Freedom

Thou gave it all for freedom
Thy comfort and lives
To free the land
And off fatherland
The romantic pose of
Anarchy, poverty and suffering
From the ugly face of colonialism
Smiled for long
To the pretty face of Biafra

Before thy journey
To greater beyond
Thou fought gallantly
With the mad dogs
That cruel image of the colony
The face behind the mask
Milking the land dry
With daggers and sharp blades
Defying the blessed land
With the flow of innocent blood
On daily basis

Hail thee in the realm of the spirit
And in the living
For thou endured many hurts
In fight for freedom of the land
Lived a Royal
But died as activists
Lived in palace
But died for freedom of a common man
True fighters, died in love and for freedom
Legends l call thee
That condemned injustice
And died for the just course

Let thy shoulders be high above all the dead
For thy roles, are giant
So tall to describe
Oh thou did made the land proud
And history shall be wise
To carry thy pots
To generations to cook

For thy sake
Oh yes,
The journey for freedom
Shall reach the top hills
And get victory
On which Biafra's future
Embedded thy lyrics
For thy pure love for Biafra
Thy fatherland, shall make Biafra
Great and highly spirited
Above all Nations of the world
Where thy names will be written
In Gold.

Rest on, from all of us @Family Writers Press International.

A POEM : Dedicated to His Royal Highness Eze Israel Okwu Kanu & His Wife Lolo, Sally Ugobueze Okwu Kanu

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia .O
For Family writers Press International.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Nnamdi Kanu's' Parents Burial: Fire a shot and we shall confront you --- IPOB warns Nigeria Military

Nnamdi Kanu's' Parents Burial:  Fire a shot and we shall confront you --- IPOB warns Nigeria Military

Nigeria: IPOB issues Final warning to Nigerian army over planned disruption of parent's burial

We the global family of the Indigenous of People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to reiterate in clear and unambiguous terms that what Nigerian police and army are planning to do in Afaraukwu during the burial of Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and his wife on Friday 14th of February 2020 will set off a chain reaction that Nigeria will never recover from.

Common arbitrary arrest of any mourner this week Friday is capable of inciting a disproportionate reaction from angry mourners. IPOB is warning all agents of the Nigerian government in Biafraland, traitors and caliphate slaves alike that what will befall CP Okon will also be their portion should shots be fired in Afaraukwu.

The era of the Nigerian army and police shooting innocent mourners in Biafraland has come to an end. What is happening in Umuahia with the provocative presence of the Nigerian army and police is an insult to the people of Biafra and the Igbo race in particular. All those that have in various ways supported the unprovoked murderous clampdown on IPOB will pay dearly for it.

IPOB has remained peaceful but it seems the Nigerian government is hell-bent on provoking us into armed struggle that will inevitably precipitate the violent disintegration of Nigeria.

Nigerians should call their government in Aso Rock to order and impress upon them the need for their army and police to steer clear of the whole of Umuahia township on February 14, 2020 in the interest of peace.

They should head to the north where there are countless security challenges. We want to join the people of Afaraukwu in peacefully mourning the death of HRM Eze Sir I.O Kanu and his wife in peace, who it must be said died as a result of Nigerian army and police invasion of their home on September 14, 2017.

What Nigerian army and police are doing in Umuahia cannot happen in the north. We do not think the Alimajiri populations of the north will allow the burial of an Emir to be subjected to such needless tension and ridicule but in Biafraland anything goes because of the reign of puppets and quislings.

As we continue to receive daily threats from the army and police regarding their impending massacre of innocent mourners on Friday February 14, let the world be on notice that the floodgates of hell will be opened should the army or police appear anywhere around Afaraukwu on the day of the burial. Let those that may feign ignorance of the fact be duly warned on time that burial ceremony is sacred in Igboland, especially that of a king, therefore the intended nuisance of Nigeria security personnel will not be tolerated on Friday.

We are aware that those behind the deadly invasion of September 2017 are the same people working with Aso Rock to bring mayhem to Umuahia on Friday. Out of public view, these politicians and so-called socio-cultural leaders have been offering financial support to Fulani soldiers in Obinze, Ohafia, Abakiliki, Onitsha, and Asa in readiness for their deadly deployment to Umuahia.

They plan to kill as many people as possible to demoralize our leader and pave the way for a full-scale Fulani invasion and takeover of our land. We are equally in the know of the numerous plans and strategies of the troops so far deployed by Buratai to the east in preparation for the burial of our first parents. It's quite obvious to the average reasonable person that IPOB will not succumb to their pressure regardless of the consequences.

All their perfected plans to disrupt the burial on that very day is common knowledge among diplomatic circles all over the world who will be following the proceedings live on Biafra Television, social media, and Radio Biafra platforms. The plan by Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff Lt. General Tukur Buratai to use the burial ceremony of HRM Eze Israel Okwu Kanu to eliminate and kill anybody suspected to be IPOB supporter in Umuahia on Friday 14th of February 2020 is equally well known, documented and powers that be duly notified.

The burial service of our leader's parents HRM Eze Isreal Okwu Kanu and his wife Ugoeze Sally Mmeme Okwu Kanu on Friday at Afaraukwu Umuahia must hold peacefully. We want to make it abundantly clear that if the Police and Army fire a single bullet on that day there will be no peace for every soul involved, especially those that issued the order from the comfort of their offices in Abuja, Enugu, Owerri and Umuahia. We need a peaceful funeral, the ancient laws of our land demand it and nobody should try IPOB.

IPOB is strategically monitoring every individual politician in the South East and governors over their actions and inactions towards this burial on Friday. All those who may have joined the Fulani boy-boy CP Ene Okon of Abia State to encourage Fulani soldiers to come to Afaraukwu to kill people on Friday will pay very dearly for their actions.

Unfortunately, some Igbo politicians and their supporters would encourage Fulani terrorists and Boko Haram soldiers recruited in Nigeria Army and Police to kill our people in a funeral ceremony, a sacrilegious act that has never happened before in the history of Igboland, Biafra, and Nigeria.

Every Biafran must be prepared this time, IPOB would not allow these marauders to repeat what they did in Umuahia on September 2017 in this 2020 and definitely not during the burial of the parents of our leader. Nigerian army and police must stay away from Umuahia as a whole. We are informing every mourner attending the burial on Friday to conduct him/herself in a manner consistent with the noble ideals of our ancestors.

All approaches to Umuahia is rigged with CCTV cameras to monitor human and vehicular traffic because IPOB won't accept any confusion or misunderstanding from anybody. Biafra's independence and freedom is inevitable and nobody born by a mere mortal can stop it.


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