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Sunday, 21 January 2018


{21st January 2018}

By - Maxwell Chuks
and Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel

Gladly we welcome you to Spotlight Of The Week from the desk of Family Writers Press. On this edition, we'll be presenting to you trending updates, followed by reactions from the public and Spotlight crew..

• First here on our desk is an update on Benue massacre which was carried out by Islamic terrorists called 'Fulani herdsmen'.
This time, it's Miyetti Allah. And guess what...
They demands compensation for herdsmen affected in the crisis.
*Huh! ...and the question is - Why will a sane person demand for compensation for those who invaded communities and slaughter dozens? This is very ridiculous and insane.

• Still on matters arising:
"Nnamdi Kanu foretold Fulani herdsmen killings" - that's from IPOB.
*Recall - On radio broadcast and other events, Nnamdi Kanu made mention of this ongoing wild activities of Hausa-Fulani herdsmen. Also he foretold many things which right now is manifesting in Nigeria.

• "Police are Afraid of Fulani herdsmen" - Benue residents lament, said they are afraid to return to their homes due to fear of another possible attack.
Hmm.... This tells alot.

• Muhammadu Buhari and Nigeria military!
Guess what they did again..........
During the week, they released 244 Boko Haram terrorists in Borno state. According to them, they released these terrorists whom they call "Repentant terrorists", in the atmosphere of Armed Forces Remembrance Day.
*Welcome to Nigeria, the only place on earth where the government frees terrorists who slaughtered innocent lives, but incarcerate those who peacefully exercise their right for self-determination.

• Let's continue.
"Nigeria heading towards disintegration" - Arewa Consecutive Forum warns.

• "Nigeria is practicing military democracy under Buhari" - APC Chieftain, Bisi Akande cries out.
*In Nigeria, one thing you need to understand is that, for some persons, it's very hard to voice out the truth mostly when it will hurt someone beside them. On this issue, for an APC chieftain (member of the ruling party in Nigeria) to voice out such, that tells a lot.
What he said is nothing but the truth. Absolute Tyranny.

• Matters still arising in Nigeria.
During the week, DSS arrested popular pastor for converting Muslim girl to Christian.
*Welcome to Islamic republic of Nigeria!

• We move over to Nigeria House of Representatives as they cry out over herdsmen attacks and killings. Guess what they said.........
"Nigeria now painted red with blood of Innocent citizens".
*Hmm.... These are same people who have been silent, they did nothing positive when Nigeria military began killing Biafra agitators. Through Hausa-Fulani terrorists known as herdsmen, iit have now escalate to different parts of the country. Anyways, we are still watching them.

• Moving ahead.....
Benue Killings: "Buhari is protecting Fulani herdsmen" - Igede people voice out as they berate President Muhammadu Buhari for shielding Fulani herdsmen from facing the wrath of the law over obvious terrorist activities.

• "Deaths from Fulani extremists resulted in more than 3,000 deaths across four countries, with 92% of fatalities taking place in Nigeria" - that's according to Global Terrorism Index report for the year 2017.
*With what is going on now in Nigeria, that definitely means the death tool in the year 2018 alone, will rise beyond previous.

• We move over to Ghana where Fulani herdsmen beg as Ghana police boss gives 'Shoot and kill on sight' order on herdsmen with weapons, and cows destroying farm produce.
*"Very good" we say.

• Still in Ghana; "Execute and barbecue any cattle seen on the streets of Ghana. And I command the immediate arrest of any herdsman seen parading cattle on the streets of Ghana. This is not Nigeria" - Ghana President: Akufo-Ado tells military.
Ghen!  Ghenn!!!

• "It will be wrong to impose establishment of cattle colonies on states" - Kastina state senator warns FG led by Buhari. He also added that security agencies and their operatives are not doing enough to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.

• As matters keep arising; during the week, Avengers threatened to blow up offshore facilities if Nigeria is not restructured.
*Here they come again with useless demand. Why not make reasonable and useful demand instead of the scam called 'restructuring'. If we are to talk of restructuring, what can be restructured in Nigeria to make it better?. Sorry dear Brothers, as long as Nigeria is concern, nothing is gonna work out good, not even restructuring.

• "Trump was right on Shithole countries" - Pastor Polycarp Ugwu.

• Shortly after the masses cried out over Fulani herdsmen killings and say President Buhari is shielding them, Nigeria Senate made move, Guess what they did......
They gave Inspector General of Police 14 days to arrest perpetrators of Benue attacks.
*But the question is - Will the IGP deliver this task? If he do not deliver due to strong forces in the government, what will the Senate do?.
Anyways, we are watching.

• Nigeria: Fuel scarcity looms as tanker drivers issues threat over bad roads.
*As we all know, many of the bad roads are in Southeast (BiafraLand), that means the region will be the most affected.

• "Benue belongs to Fulani by right of conquest" - that's according to Prof Muhammad.
*Surprise?.... You don't have to. Islamization agenda! Now the truth why Fulani herdsmen attacked and slaughter dozens in Benue, is gradually coming out.

• During the week, shortly after Nigeria's court declined to vacate order prescribing IPOB as terrorist group, something happened. Guess what...........
IPOB reacts to court's ruling on proscription, says "Nigeria is indeed a Shithole".

• Still on court verdict....
Ohanaeze rejectes court judgment on IPOB, says IPOB have done nothing to qualify, as defined by international standards, to be called a terrorist organization.
*Good one from Ohanaeze. First in history they spoke for the people. We urge them to keep it up.

• "God created Fulani herdsmen to value cows more than humans" - Aishatu, Reps member representing Dukku/Nafada federal constituency in Gombe state said.
*......and the question is - does such creatures who values cows more than humans, deserve to share and be together in same country with humans? Absolutely Not.

• Still moving ahead....
As the masses cries out daily over the wild/deadly activities of Fulani herdsmen, Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria said: "I am not in a hurry to take decisions".
*Huh!... It's human lives we are taking about here. He is not in a hurry to take action that will save the lives of Christians whom Hausa-Fulani terrorists are slaughtering daily. Anyways, those who looks up to him should continue waiting, he will take decision when Hausa-Fulani terrorists slaughter to satisfaction.

• "A committee to end herdsmen killings? They are deceiving Nigerians" - Lawyer and rights activist, Femi Falana spites fire, says Buhari government is chasing shadows, fooling only those who want to be fooled.

• "IPOB is not terrorist group" - that's the report from Survey.

• Shortly after Miyetti Allah, leaders of Fulani herdsmen listed 'Cattle Colonies' as one of their demand to stop killings, Guess what happened.......
Federal government of Nigeria said: "Cattle Colonies will start next week". According to them, states which are not interested in the idea would be exempted.
*Hmm... Still watching.

• "Is Nigeria not a 'Shithole'? Why blaming Trump?" - Reuben Abatti asks.

• As the week rolls its curtain; despite court's verdict refusing to vacate order prescribing IPOB as terrorist group, IPOB did it again.
They stormed the streets of Abia and Rivers state, march in remembrance of those slain by Nigeria military during Trump solidarity rally. They also used the opportunity to protest against court verdict, and demand for the release of detained Biafrans.
*Huh! IPOB is really formidable.

Extract from Family Writers on

- The Alleged "SHITHOLE" Tag By President Trump, The Hypocrisy Of Africans And The Two Sides Of The Guilty Coin.
- IPOB: Justice Abdul Kafarati And The Use Of Judiciary Powers To Uphold The Designation OF IPOB As Terrorists.
- The Problem With Nigeria.
- IPOB: Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, The Leader That Saw The Future.
- Biafra: IPOB Stages Protest In BiafraLand In Memory Of Their Members Massacred During Trump Inauguration Rally A Year Ago.



By Sunday Okafor
For Family Writers Press

I feels deep pains in my heart whenever I see my people being consistently murdered for just no cause by the Nigerian government Armed Forces. The hatred by the Nigerian government towards us Biafrans is simply unspeakable. Our youths are constantly arrested, tortured, maimed and killed for speaking up against injustice meted against them, their old women, men and little children. They kill Biafrans without trial at any slightest opportunity. This is one of the numerous acts of injustices against armless Biafrans peacefully exercising their right to self determination.

Furthermore, this evil contraption known as Nigeria committed genocides against Biafrans from 1967-1970 which left not less than 3million Biafrans dead. They were slaughtered like fowls without help in Nigeria and till today the killings have not stopped but still on going. When will all these atrocities stop in this concoction called Nigeria? That's my question, but I know, Biafra is the answer.

It is no longer news that the Nigerian military murder armless citizens. The Nigerian government uses the security forces to kill and commit atrocities against Biafrans; and because the Nigerian military has been well exposed on the atrocities, the government has now switched over to use cattle rearers, Fulani herdsmen the 4th deadly terrorist in the world. They equip them with dangerous weapons to terrorise people, slaughter thereby sending young Biafrans and children to early graves.

Recall, that the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari made an unbelievable statement in 2013 that "Fight Against Boko Haram terrorists is Fight Against the North" (which simply means that the Northern part of Nigeria is nicknamed "land of terrorism" by that statement by the dictator- Buhari. Recall again that in 2017, the Nigerian government in an attempt to cover up their atrocities committed against Biafrans hurriedly and illegally proscribed IPOB as a terrorist group of which IPOB is not. Now my question is; if the Buhari led government of Nigeria could without shame illegally proscribe a non violent and legal IPOB that did not and has not killed one single person since they started their peaceful agitation for Biafra Republic, why has the Buhari government not proscribed Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and ISIS that have maimed, killed thousands of people and are still causing havoc, killing innocent citizens and peaceful Farmers in their various communities? Why?

The question above deserves an answer from the Buhari led government.
It will interest you to note that Buhari and his government have never for one day condemned any cruel act committed against innocent Biafran citizens by these murderous Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists.

Finally, I urge all Biafrans to stand up and defend themselves against these demonic forces, boko haram, Fulani herdsmen, the Nigerian government is using to terrorise unarmed Biafrans across Biafra land. It is no longer news that Fulani herdsmen and boko haram are working for the Federal government of Nigeria.

I also urge all well meaning Nigerians and the International Community to rise up in defence of Biafrans and also speak against injustices meted on peaceful Biafrans exercising their right to self determination.

Edited by: Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For Family Writers Press.



Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

As the murderous Fulani herders remain defiant in their evil pursuit for the establishment of grazing fields (cattle colonies) even in Biafraland, it is important that every Biafran within the Biafran territory, whether an elite or a commoner, rich or poor, politician or non-politician, religious or atheist, needs to understand that besides such a jihadistic move being a complete conquest of Biafran people if allowed, will also propel an unhindered handover of our ancestral lands to nomadic aliens bereft of any cultural heritage from the sahara desert, with desecration impunity.

Apart from the shamelessly brainwashed Christian adherents occasioned by stark ignorance, right from the plains of Idoma land to the gulf of Guinea, would claim not to have come to terms with the significance of the sacredness of Biafraland even to our ancestors who have long departed. God created and handed over the land of Biafra to Biafrans millions of years ago. It is therefore a taboo for anyone or group of persons to contemplate conceding any portion of our land to Fulani Herdsmen, the land our forefathers inherited, handed over to us and were buried in, as they passed on.

It could be recalled that the Biafran people usually make obeisance to their ancestors according to tradition which is usually referred to as "igo ofo oji nye ndi nnanna anyi ha". Therefore, any attempt by anyone no matter how highly placed such an individual could be, to hand over any piece of our ancestral inheritance (land), to the marauding Fulani vampires from the sahara desert, would be vehemently resisted. It will amount to generational suicide as such complicity would up a channel to the wraths of Chukwu Okike Abiama (God Almighty), who remains the Eternal Creator. Such an individual will remain cursed for being a willing tool of desecration of Biafraland, Iseeee!!!. The action of these nomadic aliens  which is bereft of culture, will only engender desecration, thereby bringing into mockery, the identity of the Biafran people.

It is now time for Biafrans to urgently stand as one and overwhelmingly reject the Fulani Herdsmen and their cattle. The Biafra Indigenous Agriculturists should expeditiously put into motion, modalities to recall the breeding and production of our native cows which God Almighty endowed Biafraland with right from the time of Eri (Ka mgbe Eri), the son of Gad, the 7th son in the family of Israel, the great patriarch of of the Biafran people all over the world. Lending credence to this, is the indisputable sensitive cultural obligation in Biafraland that ancestrally demands sacrifice of cows, Fulani cows are purely unacceptable except home grown native cows. This reality may not be understandably clear to the present generation of Biafrans.

Sometimes ago in Obollo-Eke in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State (Biafraland), a  promising young Nigerian Police Officer from the community serving in Kaduna State, lost his traditional titled father. And according to the funeral demands as a deceased traditionalist, he deserved being buried in a grand style as an honour for his traditional achievements with a cow slaughtered, amongst other provisions. As the bereaved young police officer got back home from his service base (Kaduna state), he presented a Fulani cow to his kinsmen to grace the occasion of his late father's burial. Though he was appreciated but was bluntly told that the cultural demand of a native cow (home grown) could not be substituted with an "Hausa Nama" (Fulani cow). This he was clarified, emanated from his ignorance of tradition due to his sojourn in a strange land. He was thereafter taken to Obollo-Afor by concerned youths of his community where he bought the required native cow (Ehi Igbo) for the burial ceremony.

For the upcoming Biafran children born in the diaspora, it is necessary to get them duly informed here that there exists a specie of cattle only exclusively deposited in Biafraland by God Himself and that is what is ancestrally and traditionally required for obeisance in Biafraland and not Fulani cows.
Based on this premise therefore, I call on the Biafra Indigenous Agriculturists to immediately embark on massive breeding of our native cows for even commercial purposes. The crass imposition of Fulani cows on the Biafran people by the powers that be has to be discontinued. The disappointing persistent patronage of these Fulani cows in large quantities in our territory arises from the fact that the production of our native cows has greatly fallen to flat levels. It becomes embedded in wisdom therefore, that the moment Biafrans take to this vantage position of self reliant in breeding and producing our own specie of cows, these bloodsucking Islamic vampires of Fulani herders, will have no other alternative than to automatically vacate our lands with their cattle. Enough of the desecration of Biafraland!

It is a taboo to allow these marauding vampires a foothold in our land!!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

Saturday, 20 January 2018



By Ekwenye Samuel
For Family Writers Press

It is well known all over the world that 20% of the supports and votes which saw to the victory of Donald J. Trump to the White House came from the Biafrans residence in the United States of America. We do not only vote for him overwhelmingly, but also made use of our judicious time campaigning vigorously for him in all platforms of social media network to make sure a God fearing man ascended the highest position in one of the world's most powerful country. Biafrans saw every reason of supporting you as something that is not supposed to be in vain, even when you promised making America great again and also said that Africa needs to be recolonised, we believed every word that you said because we know you to be a man of action who keeps to his words.
But, we the Biafrans who stood by you throughout your campaigns, inauguration and till now felt being abandoned recklessly without you trying to find out the depth of marginalization and injustice being meted against Biafrans in Nigeria today.

Biafrans across the states in Biafra land has staged a peaceful rally today, 20th January 2018 in remembrance of those that were shot dead by the Nigerian military a year ago.
Recall that it was exactly today, 20th January 2017 a year ago, at the White House, United States of America, that you were  inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States in which out of joy, Biafrans rallied in solidarity with your inauguration in Biafra land were shot with live bullets and massacred in their numbers by the Nigerian joint military forces comprising of the Military, Navy, Airforce and the Police while those they could not shoot, they arrested illegally and up till now are still incarcerated.

Not fewer than hundred young Biafran youths were killed directly or indirectly on that day due to sporadic shooting  of live bullets on unarmed Biafran agitators albeit peaceful by the Nigerian military.

The rally which took place today in Biafra land  was simply to ;
1. Mourn the death of the innocent souls of Biafrans killed on January 20th, 2017 by the Nigerian armed forces, while they were shouting '' ALL HAIL DONALD J. TRUMP OUR PRESIDENT ''.

2. To let you know that those who are freed were being supported by those who are already freed before them if not, freedom would not have been freedom today. Support Biafra for a referendum, and save the lives of innocent people being held and on daily bases are being slaughtered and sacrificed in Nigeria by the Nigerian government and her soldiers.

The light in Africa will shine again but that will be when the rising sun of Biafra from the East has fully risen, then it's rays will extend to brighten the world at large. We say and we believe that Nigeria is not a nation which is now crystal clear to all when few weeks back, four people among those president Buhari appointed into office had died many years ago, in which process, you described Nigeria's president as a senseless living being.

Nigeria is not a one nation bound in unity as they normally recite because had it been she is, all the citizens would have equal rights to living within the country without suppression and negligence.
We urge you president Trump to say no to one Nigeria unison by supporting referendum for the marginalized people of Biafra. Help save the hopeless people bound and held captive for slaughter in Nigeria.


Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is presently staging a serious protest in major cities of Biafraland in the memories of all the Biafrans massacred in January 20, 2017 during IPOB Donald Trump inauguration solidarity rally as the 45th President of United States of America. It could be recalled that hundreds of IPOB members were massacred in cold blood in a broad daylight on January 20, 2017 in Port Harcourt City of Igweocha, Biafra land just because they were in a peaceful rally showing solidarity to Mr Donald Trump of America in particular and all American people in general for the new dawn in their country as they swear in the 45th President of the country. A rally which the IPOB leadership duly notified relevant authorities of occupational government of Nigeria and embassies of the government of United States, Britain, ECOWAS, EU and UN of before it took place. One of the reasons why the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) decided to stage the protest is because neither Mr Donald Trump nor other world leaders have openly condemned that senseless massacre of the people of Biafra including women and children on the very day which Mr Donald Trump was inaugurated as American President in the ancestral land of Biafra people in the Port Harcourt City.

Another reason why Biafrans decided to stage the protest is because the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is still wholeheartedly supporting the administrative policies of Donald Trump where he yearns to enthrone a new world of peace, security, justice, equity and fairness all over the world. Although, Mr Donald Trump has not practically turned his attention to the plight of the people of Biafra in Nigeria whom have called on him to come to the rescue of the people of Biafra. However, the people of Biafra are optimistic that during the second year in office of Mr Donald Trump, he is going to remember the needed liberation and freedom of Biafra people which has become a scare on the conscience of humanity. The people of Biafra has chosen to stand with Donald Trump even if Nigeria government will wipe all of us from the surface of the earth, so be it. If Biafrans are living, let them live with Donald Trump; if Nigerian government will kill all the people of Biafra, let all of them be killed for Donald Trump. That is the meaning of the IPOB's protest which is going on in the cities of Biafra land as Biafrans mark one in year in office with Donald Trump, the ebulient President of America.

As Biafrans are today marking one year in office with Mr Donald Trump, the people of Biafra are calling on Donald Trump to do something about his Biafran supporters which Nigerian armed forces massacred on January 20, 2017 on the firm instruction of the government of Nigeria under Gen Muhammadu Buhari who hates everything about Donald Trump and America with passion in particular and the legitimate struggle for the restoration of Biafra in general. It is time for Donald Trump to settle the case of Biafra people with Nigerian government once and for all as he step into his second year in office because Nigerian government has wasted the lives of Biafra people too much on the road to restore Biafra. Biafrans are appreciating God for the grace granted Donald Trump as he leads America back to greatness. May God Almighty place it as a serious burden on the heart of Mr Donald Trump, the need for Biafra restoration because the people of Biafra will not rest until Donald Trump do something Biafra.

God bless Donald Trump!
God bless America!!
God bless Biafra!!!


Nnamdi Kanu

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

When the Nigerian military claimed they were only out on routine military exercise, I never believed they were there to murder Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I underrated the Fulani led Nigerian military. But as events continued to unfold from that 10th of September 2017, when the untold happened, when the military invaded a civilian residence, my elder brother told me categorically that if the Nigerian government gets to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, they will kill him. He said that killing Nnamdi Kanu was their mission, that the military exercise story is just mere diversionary cock and bull story. I did not believe him completely, asking myself how the government can waste such a man who commands the respect of both Igbos, Ijaws, Efiks and other parts that make up Biafra, with millions of youths ready to die for the Biafra he is  championing? My brother also told me to remember the inhumane and degrading treatments the Nigerian military meted on  the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, El Zakzaki and his followers when they went to his House, killed his sons, brought him out, beat him red and blue to stupor, carried him like a goat on a wheelbarrow and mocked him while carrying him around. They left him with a smeared left eye, before dumping him and his wife in their military dungeon where they have remained till now with no justice or court appearance. Also in his house on that faithful night, the military went on rampage, killing men, women and children in a manner that can be best described as "harvest of blood or festival of blood". It was so gory that the victims were hurriedly buried in  shallow graves by same hands that killed them without mercy.  Some they shot point blank while others were burnt alive. However, on the backdrop of that beastly act, Kaduna state government counted more than 300 bodies buried by the military when there was outrage both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria about the ugly incident which led to the same state government instituting an inquiry committee to investigate the matter.

With all these, I said they can not harm Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I was of the view that the worse they can do will be to arrest and imprison him again. But no I was wrong. Totally wrong. They came to kill. I was only thinking like a sane person. Fulani people are insane. They care for nothing and they thinks only straight, ready to do anything so long as it will be in their own interest and damn the consequences it might cause. That is why this evil government appointed only people from Fulani enclave to head all security apparatus in the country, with the slaves down South applauding them and saying that Buhari can appoint only his brothers provided they will perform. What a people with demented souls and brains. It baffles me how some people reason. They did not ask themselves how a collection of Fulani oligarchy headed security can work for them, when an average Fulani person never believes you are equal to them because they believes that Nigeria is the estate of their forefathers and no one can rule over them.

Today the plan of the Fulani has been perfected. Even if Buhari goes down, he has enthroned and tightened Fulani hegemony. From now henceforth, Fulani will continue to head the military, because the religious tyrant they call President has systematically retired many senior officers from the South.

However, on the 14th of September 2017, the Nigerian military invaded the royal palace of HRH Igwe Israel Okwu Kanu, shot indiscriminately at anything that moved. It was like a war scene. Bullets were raining in a civilian residence for quite a long time. It went on for almost 40minutes.  There was no counter attack during the operation, yet they continued shooting and there were no reprisal attack afterwards. As they kept shooting, the lifeless bodies of youths continue to litter the compound and their innocent blood watering the ground and sowing the seed of justice. Nnamdi Kanu's personal room was ransacked and left with bullet holes. They meant serious business. They came to take away his life and to send him to the great beyond untimely without finishing his ordained work of Biafra rebirth. About 28 youths were reportedly murdered that same day, with the Nigerian military taking away some of their bodies to hide evidence but little did they know that nothing is hidden on the surface of the earth. Even the pet dog and his cousin sister were not spared. These military men never cared that the house they invaded was a Royal Palace, a custodian of culture and heritage, something they can not dream of doing in an Emir or Sultan's abode.

I now believed.

Since then Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been missing. No one has seen or heard from him since the ill-fated and ill-conceived  incident took place and until now no one knows his whereabouts. IPOB believes the Nigerian military are holding him incommunicado against his wish without taking him to court just same way the DSS acted. They believed that the military kidnapped him that day, and might have been killed in a bid to putting an end to the Biafra restoration quest.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was(is) right. He was never wrong. He perfectly understood this country, but the people he was fighting for were completely naive. They supported the invasion of his house hence siding the oppressors instead of the oppressed which all of us are. They said he should be killed like the biblical Jews were shouting "crucify Him crucify Him". The governors of South East used dialogue to set him up in a well orchestrated plan to assassinate him on his way to the meeting, but failed woefully, hence they activated plan B which is the prescription saga. The governors masterminded and  sanctioned the invasion of his house, whereas the Fulani led government of Buhari launched it.

The vocal and fearless leader of the Biafran people, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been out of the scene since late 2017, yet in 2018, Fulani herdsmen invaded Benue state, killing more than 70 people unabatedly with reckless abandon.  They went to Taraba state and killed up to 20 humans not ants. They headed to Kwara and Ekiti states respectively and murdered people too and no one is calling them terrorists not even  those that claims they are representing us. They said they are miscreants. What miscreant will be protecting their cows with AK47 and machete? What miscreants kills 100 people in a space of 10 days? And today, the same Benue people who supported Python dance are mourning. Their killers are president's brothers. Nnamdi Kanu has predicted almost all that is happening today, yet they call him names and despise him. Some even call him small boy at age of 50.

The Fulani believes that they can kill anyone and nothing will happen, yes! The Taraba House of Representative member was kidnapped and hacked to death because he condemned the killing of Nigerian citizens by the murderous herdsmen and said "No" to grazing reserve and colony. During Python dance 11, this honourable member never believed that some day it will be his turn.

There is fire on the mountain and if you do not brace up, you will get caught. The Fulani have become desperate. They are eager to get their Islamization done with. They are ready to cause war and use you and your resources to execute it. They have done it before and they can do it again if we let them.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

From time immemorial, Africans have divided themselves into three groups. Group that places' the blame about the underdevelopment of African countries on Africans themselves, those that placed it on Europeans who came to Africa and for 300 years carted away millions of human resources, natural resources and artifacts from Africa and lastly the docile group who cares less if Africa is growing or not. Those who blame Africans maintained that even if Europeans decimated Africa, 50 years after the Europeans left Africa, Africans ought to have shown seriousness in their bid to be placed among developed nations of the world.

In this write up, I am going to try to find a truce between these two sides, use some events in Nigeria and some other African countries to do adequate justice to this topic.

The recent development on the "shithole" tag by the first citizen of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, many Africans have been attacking the outspoken President for allegedly referring to Africa as 'Shithole countries'. Some called him a racist President, some said he shouldn't have used such a negative name to describe a whole continent. Personally, as an African, I am also not happy that someone perceived and described my continent in such an ugly manner, but truth be told. This is not about who said it but what we should be looking at is the truthfulness of the statement. And to help ourselves further, we should ask some pertinent questions like 'Is Africa really a "shithole" continent? If No, why did President Trump regard it as such? And If yes, why? This will enable us shun hypocrisy and face reality.

I expected Africans to show their frustration and anger not on President Trump, but on themselves and their leaders who have held them down for centuries. Is it not funny that in Africa, some leaders have ruled their countries for more than 30years and counting, with nothing to show for it and how they continue to win elections is something I can not fathom. As Africans, we should start tasking our leaders, instead of this smelly acts of hypocrisy. We should in a sincere revolutionary act, challenge those that are leading us today because they are the reasons we are belittled. For the fact that Africans channeled their anger on President Trump depicts that Africans are not ready to tackle the demons that have vowed to make life difficult and miserable for them.

Nigeria prides' herself as giant of Africa but in Nigeria, the government does not provide citizens with housing, no pipe- born water, no steady electricity and no security, in fact, all the social amenities that aids in making life easy are lacking in Nigeria. Fulani terrorists masquerading as cow herders, wiped out a whole village in a night without the government  blinking an eye in condemnation to such absurdity. The government defended the fourth world  deadliest terror group (Fulani herdsmen) saying they are not terrorists but ordinary criminals and in the same vain branded the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) a terrorist group, you can imagine such imbecility cum idiocy of the highest order. These Fulani invaders kill Nigerians with impunity and in most cases threatens another bloodletting if their murderous demands are not granted, yet the government shields their barbarity hence, aiding and abetting them. What a hypocrisy of a failed state.

Sometime ago, the Nigerian military bombed a well known IDP camp where those who were chased out from their homes by Boko Haram terrorists were seeking refuge and claimed it was a mistake. This  shows how untrained and unprofessional the Nigerian military could be.
The government budget outrageous amount for irrelevant things like barbing of the presidents hair and paying of Aso Rock rents. They pay  themselves huge salaries and allowances, yet we provides every thing for them and still bear the brunt. We even pay for every of their holiday trips, medical trips and even spontaneous luncheon abroad. The people who ought to put them on check are unfortunately aiding them in their evil dealings against the masses. The people have been so strangulated and shortchanged in every aspect of life, yet they worship and sing praises to the same leaders who sees them as animals and perpetrates evil against them. This is very very unfortunate. What a pitiable and shameful situation we all found ourselves.

However, Libya today has been transformed into a colony of slave marketers. This was a country that has been growing economically under Gaddafi before the European and American leaders in connivance with the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, killed Gaddafi using Libyans themselves and thereby destroyed the country by letting if fall prey in the hands of the Islamic terrorists (ISIS).

The Western world seemed to be targeting every courageous African leader who tries to liberate his people from the shackles of European slavery and supremacy.

These abnormalities in Africa that prompted this 'Shithole tag' can not just be blamed on Africans alone, neither can it be blamed on the visitors who came and carted Africans away for 300 years. The two sides of the coin is adjudged guilty here. The Africans who gained independence since 50 years ago have practically refused to grow. Nigerians with oil could not transform themselves. Instead of building a united country, they rather enthroned bigotry, injustice, ethnicism, nepotism and marginalization among numerous others. Also the West apart from their atrocities of the past on African continent, have continued to work with corrupt African leaders to loot Africa and keep her down from growing.

Therefore, instead of attacking the only American President to ever tell us the truth about what we are without mincing word, we should rather look inwards and take a decisive action against these selfish and corrupt African leaders and their Western collaborators. Africans should drop the blame game and face their problems head on.

Join the revolution now and stop being docile on the issues concerning Africa. Biafra must resurrect to liberate Africa because in Biafra, Africa died and in Biafra an egalitarian Africa for all, will be rebirthed.


Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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