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Monday, 21 May 2018

BREAKING NEWS: IGBO Summit, ADF opted out

BREAKING NEWS: ADF opted out from Igbo summit

BREAKING NEWS: ADF opted out from Igbo summit


Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) shall not be represented at the event at Awka. It is not even clear what it is - SUMMIT or DECLARATiON?

BREAKING NEWS: ADF opted out from Igbo summit.ish to present as the Igbo P.osition.
If it is the same document presented at the last Ime Obi, then we have published a commentary on it. It is subversive of the interest of Ndigbo.
Prof. Uzodinma Nwala
ADF President



By Ogochukwu Nnanna
For Family writers press

For a very long time, the name Ohanaeze Ndigbo has been a known name in Igboland which is made up of old men on red caps who have vowed to consistently work against the good will and wish of the Biafran people. Right from the time the group was formed, it has remained a willing tool in the hand of the Nigerian government in the advancement of their evil intentions against the people of the East. They have become a pain and agony to Igbos and Biafrans at large due to their actions which is always geared towards supporting and doing the biddings of the North as against the wish of their own people. Ohaneze Ndigbo as the name imply was formed to become the mouthpiece of the Igbo people but for reasons best known to them, the body has been working against the Biafran people and is not actually representing the people as is. Ohaneze Ndigbo by their open and covert actions has become a curse to their own people, of which in their own selfish thoughts, said they are representing the people but in the right sense of it, they do not have the interest of those  they said they are representing at heart. On several occasions they have connived with the HausaFulani hegemony to Lord over and above their own people just to satisfy the interest of their paid masters up North. The Operation Python Dance that was unleashed on Biafrans and the unwarranted invasion of the Royal palace of Igwe Israel Okwu Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu's home at Afara ukwu Ibeku, in Umuahia province, in which lives were lost, no outrage or condemnation of any sort was put forth by Ohaneze Ndigbo. Now tell me how you will be representing a people, yet you collaborate with the enemies of the people to kill them? Where is the outrage from Ohaneze Ndigbo after that barbaric military operation? They have vowed not the listen to the cry of the people of Biafra and their quest for freedom.

Now that the people you are claiming to be representing have made it clear to you without mincing words that what they want is nothing but Biafra Referendum, yet you continue to clamour for restructuring of Nigeria which even your Hausa Fulani masters have in several occasions rejected. You have chosen to be perpetual slave to the North, that is why you do not want to listen or join hands with your people to make their desire of a sovereign nation a reality. How can a master choose to be a slave to those who are good enough to be his own slaves? How can a land lord choose to be a tenant in his own house? This is very shameful! The elders who are supposed to be at the fore of events in the Biafra struggle for absolute emancipation of a people have chosen to be dragging the people back with their actions because of the crumbs from their masters table up North.

However, Ohaneze Ndigbo after collaborating with the enemies of the people to massacre them in their thousands, still have the audacity to fix their restructuring submit in Awka, the heartland of Anambra province in Biafraland as against the wish of the people. How do they think that such program will be allowed to hold? Thank goodness for IPOB who in all ramifications makes sure that they always take a stand on the issue  concerning the so called Ohanaeze Ndigbo whenever they want to host any event against the will of our people.  That Ohanaeze is even clamouring for restructuring today is because of IPOB. IPOB has opened their eyes to know what they do not know before, yet they do not want to appreciate IPOB.  The Biafran people have told Ohaneze Ndigbo that they are no longer part of Nigeria and can never involve themselves in any activities concerning Nigeria again, yet Ohaneze Ndigbo has continued soliciting and clamouring for one Nigeria. Biafrans know what they want and Ohaneze Ndigbo can not decide for them. And on this , IPOB has made it abundantly clear that since they are no more part of Nigeria, there will be no more political gathering of any kind pertaining Nigeria in the whole of Biafraland, be it in the village or city that will be hosted by Ohaneze Ndigbo.

Therefore, Ohaneze Ndigbo should either cancel the proposed summit which is scheduled to take place at Awka on the 21st of May 2018 or reschedule it to hold in the North because such gathering will no longer be allowed to hold in Biafraland.

The world should know that these sycophants called Ohanaeze Ndigbo are not in any form representing Biafrans.They are only after their selfish interest and their political relevance in Nigeria. They are not after the well being of their people rather they will always go to the Nigerian government collect money and to keep enslaving their own people. Therefore the people have taken their stand that they won't be part of any Restructuring but outright freedom.
No Referendum date, No Awka Summit.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press



Written by Ogeh Friday Igiri
For Family Writers Press

To the ardent followers of the unfolding developments in Biafraland recently and especially as it pertains to the Biafra restoration struggle, it is evidently clear that the scheduled Summit of Nigeria restructuring being organized by the Ohaneze Ndigbo, led by Chief John Nnia Nwodo is subtly designed to mortgage the future of Biafrans. This event is fixed for Monday 21st May 2018, at  Ekwueme Square in Awka, Anambra State to further service the interests of the acclaimed owners of the evil contraption called Nigeria.

The Northern Islamic Caliphate in connivance with the Nigeria government cabals have surreptitiously concluded plans with few Biafran  elites and political predators to have their sinister agenda of enslavement, come to fruition. The bandits here in Biafraland consists of the shameless Ohaneze Ndigbo elements, South-East Governors and a handful of other hooligans in business circle, who have constituted themselves as ready and willing tools in the hands of their Hausa-Fulani slavemasters to hoodwink and entrap unsuspecting innocent Biafrans. This version of summit is precipitated principally on the intent of corrupt politicians who easily get the people deceived for election purposes, either to help retain the aspirations of the incumbents in office or fan the unfilled desires of the untested into flames through the instrumentality of voting.

The Ohaneze Ndigbo group ought to be the mouthpiece of Igbo Biafrans, uncompromisingly advocating for the interests of the people. But unfortunately, it shamelessly reneged on it's responsibility by becoming a body of political slaves and errand boys to the Northern oligarchy ostensibly for crass egocentric reasons at the expense of the people. Occasioned by this crave for materialism, the Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural group led by Nnia Nwodo has relinquished it's duties by keeping sealed lips, dining and wining with the oppressors and the  enemies of Biafra. Their desire for greed and avarice, has alienated them from opposing the evil policies of enslavement, impoverishment and decimation targeted against their people whose rights' defense and protection, they very consciously exchanged for money.

This is the reason amongst others why Nnia Nwodo in  stark complicity with his cohorts would unrelentlessly be scheming against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide and even to eliminate her supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who they think is a major impediment on their way of actualising set objectives as against the total freedom of the Biafran people. Millions of Biafrans have been killed since 1967 up till date by the combined team of armed Nigeria security operatives without even the so-called Ohaneze Ndigbo group condemning and questioning the rationale behind such waves of murderous and heinous crimes being waged against the innocent and armless citizens. But rather than doing the expected by driving the campaign for the betterment of the lives of the people, the Ohaneze Ndigbo still has the temerity to organize and even plot to host a summit that will enhance the killing of Biafrans according to the agenda of their Northern Islamic slavemasters. This group of Igbo saboteurs has never planned a parley with the leadership of the IPOB perhaps to proffer solutions that will address the very reasons for their agitations. It has never deemed it fit as a representative of the people as claimed, to talk with the Nigeria government about the demands for freedom and restoration of the nation of Biafra but instead, shuttles Abuja to pledge support and loyalty to their Hausa-Fulani cum Yoruba demigods who steadily marshal out diverse oppressive plots against the people on monetary gratifications.

The back stabbings and the bloody business gains embarked upon by this class of individuals have only succeeded for a time but not, anymore. The collective aspirations of Biafrans have severally been sabotaged and this jolted the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to strongly float modalities that must truncate this evil summit of restructuring organized by the Ohaneze Ndigbo as scheduled for Monday 21st May 2018 in Awka. They aim at discussing amongst other things, the progress if any, of the already expired contrapted Nigeria and the possible ways forward. This sort of meeting of course, can never be allowed to settle anywhere within Biafra territory.

It should be noted that several attempts have been made in the past by Nnia Nwodo and his fellow travelers to cement their deal for the upcoming 2019 general election in Nigeria through the sale of the entire Igbo Biafrans but has not succeeded due to the unwavering stand of the IPOB. The ill-fated "Hand Shake Across The Niger" held in Enugu earlier in the year 2018, is one perfect example. Same attempt has been rekindled this time around through the same criminals led by Nnia Nwodo in Ohaneze Ndigbo. This is scheduled to hold this time at Awka - Anambra State, on Monday 21st May 2018, with a deceitful tag: "Restructuring Nigeria". Nigeria is already over and anybody or group of persons talking about her restructuring is just hallucinating.

The bonafide owners of Biafraland which is the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and very effectively deputised by Mazi Uchenna Okafor Mefor, have made it abundantly clear that all the treacherous individuals and criminals including Ohaneze Ndigbo and other anti-Biafran people groups who organized this summit will end up in shame and in defeat. It is based on this premise that the IPOB leadership has ordered that all roads lead to Awka, the Anambra state capital come Monday 21st May 2018, to further re-assert our formidability and resoluteness before the Ohaneze Ndigbo and their Fulani slavemasters, in the defense and protection of our people and our fatherland, Biafra. The land belongs to us and not the Fulani boot lickers and their masters.

All Biafrans and lovers of freedom who have sincerely identified with the struggle for the total restoration of the Independence and sovereign nation of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, should as a matter of importance and urgency, fearlessly storm Ekwueme Square in Awka being the summit venue on the scheduled date. The global community, Nigeria and of course Ohaneze Ndigbo will fully understand the drive behind Biafrans' demand for a referendum and not restructuring. Groups and individuals who contravene the objective of the IPOB on this matter, risks incurring the corresponding wrath as an enemy. Nnia Nwodo and his surrogates should get readily prepared for this contest. The season of decision has dawned and the battle line is drawn.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

Sunday, 20 May 2018



By Kingsley John Chibuzor
For Family Writers Press

It is now crystal clear to every right thinking human being that the actions and inactions of Chief Nnia Nwodo and his Ohaneze Ndigbo led social cultural group has continued to be a threat and menace to the Biafra restoration struggle. Nnia Nwodo has been openly and covertly working against the genuine will of the people of Biafra in his numerous activities in recent time such as the political gathering he has been hosting in Biafraland which is geared towards supporting the existence of Nigeria as against the will of the people of Biafra to restoring their own sovereign state that was destroyed by the British colonial masters. But before the advent and creation of Nigeria Biafra was and will reign forever.

Nnia Nwodo arrogates himself as the leader of the people but has continued to work against those people he claimed to be leading. Firstly, I would like to define the word LEADERSHIP in a layman's understanding:

"Leadership can be defined as the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization. It is also involved in making good decisions, creating and articulating a clear vision, establishing achievable goals and providing followers with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve those goals and theirs too". Now, let us concentrate on the activities of Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze Ndigbo since he took over the mantle of leadership as the President general of a social cultural group. As a leader of this group, what has Nnia Nwodo done for the Igbo people of Biafra through his group or the kind of achievement or development he has attracted to his people using his good office from the Nigerian government? Has Nnia Nwodo tried in all sincerity of mind and purpose to voice out the minds of his people or present their demands to the Nigerian government without the fear of being reaped off his political status or being intimidated? Intelligent reports earlier stated that Nwodo is one of those that masterminded the Nigerian military OPERATION PYTHON DANCE II, that took the life of not less than 100 Igbo (Biafran) youths in Umuahia and beyond from September to November 2017. And I asked, is this the kind of gift Nnia Nwodo brought to the people he is leading? During the invasion of Nnamdi Kanu's home in Afara ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia province of Biafraland by the Nigerian military, many families lost their beloved ones and were also deprived the joy of having their loved ones with them. Since that ill-fated and ill-conceived operation Python Dance took place, none of the so-called Ohaneze Ndigbo members or their leadership has questioned the Nigerian government pertaining that operation or has condemned the killing of innocent youths, none has asked the whereabouts of their son Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents.

Therefore, calling for any Nigerian summit or political gathering without minding or taking note of both the positive or negative effects such gathering will have on the indigenous people of the land is a disservice to the people they are representing and such can not be tolerated in Biafraland anymore.

Summarily, there are few reasons Ohaneze Ndigbo Nigerian summit can not be allowed to be hosted in any part of Biafraland and they includes;

Ohaneze Ndigbo led by Nnia Nwodo do not have the goodwill or interest of Igbo population world wide at heart, hence the reason they will always work against the collective will or interest of the people.

Ohaneze Ndigbo in connivance with Nigerian combined military forces masterminded the killing and untimely death of Biafran youths through many military operations that have been launched in the South East in recent time.

Ohaneze Ndigbo should note that the day restructuring died was the day they allowed the Nigerian military forces to invaded Nnamdi Kanu's home, kidnapped him and his parents and has remained criminally silent towards such act.

Finally, Ohaneze Ndigbo by their actions are not the mouthpiece of Igbo people of Biafra hence, have no mandate to host any Nigerian restructuring summit in Biafraland without considering the demands of indigenous people of the land and their unfettered quest for Biafra Referendum to decide their fate.

Therefore, IPOB stance not to allow any pro Nigeria political gathering or summit by Ohaneze Ndigbo to hold in any part of Biafra is where I stand too. Such a baseless political gathering is always geared towards damaging the strides and successes made so far by Indigenous People Of Biafra in their quest for a sovereign nation; Biafra. However, Ohaneze Ndigbo led by Nnia Nwodo is advised to join hands with IPOB in demanding from the Nigerian government to produce Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents and as well seek for a referendum date to be fixed so that the Biafran people will determine their fate in the Luggardian creation called Nigeria instead of  clamoring and begging the Northern Oligarchy for restructuring of Nigeria.

Biafra Referendum Is The Answer Not Restructuring


Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press



By Christopher Otu Ezeali
For Family Writers Press

It causes me sleepless nights as Nnia Nwodo is still parading himself as a relevant personality in Igbo land and this has prompted me to decimate his claims as the Igbo proverbs says "show dog the bedbug you removed from his body"

Firstly, let me educate Nnia Nwodo a bit:

Who is a leader?

1, A Leader is a  person who e.g controls or commands a groups of people or a country etc.

2, A leader is someone who is in charge and can influence others to willingly submit to his leadership

Qualities of a good leader

1, Honesty, integrity
2. Able to inspire others
3, Commitment
4, Good commenter
5_Quality decision maker
6,  Accountability
7,  Delegation
8,  Creativity

1, HONESTY - it is on record that since Nnia Nwodo assumed office as the president -general of ohaneze Ndigbo, he has been controversial regarding the Biafra struggle.
On 13/06/2017 in a press released in sun newspaper Nnia Nwodo said that BIAFRA is inevitable.
On 15/12/2017 he said again that we should forget Biafra.
You can see that Nnia Nwodo is not sincere to himself and to Igbo people he claims to be representing. He has integrity problem.

2, ABLE TO INSPIRE OTHERS- Because of Nnia Nwodo's inability to inspire those he claim to lead, he has been leading them like a tyrant. That is one of the reasons youth wing and women wing of ohanaeze with other groups in Igbo land accused him of running affairs of ohanaeze as his personal business and family affair.

3, COMMITMENT: Nnia Nwodo leadership of ohanaeze is like a wheel chair that barber turns any direction he likes. That is how his Fulani caliphate masters are using him against his people.

4, GOOD COMMENTER - Nnia Nwodo's public utterances on the things that matter so much to Igbo people e.g Biafra are usually kindergarten, always standing as opposition to Igbo interests and he is inconsequential because none of his press releases has been commended by anyone especially his people, Igbo people.

5, QUALITY DECISION MAKING: Nnia Nwodo has never called for any town hall meeting with the Igbo people, those he claimed to be representing and  asked them their need, while the northern elders always have meeting with Arewa youths before taking decisions in public and any decision whatsoever on their behalf.

6, ACCOUNTABILITY- Since Nnia Nwodo started as the president-general of ohanaeze, he has never given Igbo people any good report or any positive and meaningful result on any issue concerning them, , instead he brought deaths upon our youths, harm, calamity,  abomination etc in Igbo land to the extent of given a foreigner and killer of Igbo people (Buhari) a chieftaincy title in Ebonyi province.

7, DELEGATION -as a leader, Nnia Nwodo claimed to be, how many times has he sent delegates to pay a solidarity visit either in court, any day our people are in court or Kuje Prison to see our brothers that are  unjustly incarcerated. But he is gallivanting up and down speaking about restructuring just to deceive our people with restructuring.

8, CREATIVITY: about fifty years plus ohanaeze was founded, what benefit has it brought to the Igbo People? Nothing! There has not been any project initiated or commissioned by ohaneze ndi Igbo.

From the above explanations of who a good leader should be amongst others, we can vividly state that Nnia Nwodo fall short of a good leader. He is completely opposite of who a good leader is. No wonder he has committed and still committing numberless atrocities against ndi Igbo. But this time around, he will not succeed against us. That restructuring summit he has planned with his Fulani masters to deceitfully use and enslave us the more will not be allowed to hold in our land.

God bless IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi KANU as we sit at home on 30th May, 2018 our heroes and heroines remembrance day.

Edited by: Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: Family Writers Press.

IPOB: Ohaneze's Restructuring Summit in Awka is orchestrated to keep enslaving Biafrans!

IPOB: Ohaneze's  Restructuring Summit  in Awka is orchestrated to keep enslaving Biafrans!

By Christopher Otu Ezeali
for Family Writers Press

The attention of the Indigenous People of Biafra has been drawn to the restructuring summit organized by Ohaneze ndigbo led by Nnia Nwodo  scheduled to hold in Awka on 21st of May, 2018. Following the role played by Ohaneze leaders in the October  2017 "Operation Python Dance" that led to the killings of unarmed youths in Biafra land coupled with the proscription of the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra, the Indigenous People have also proscribed every activities of Ohaneze especially when it is anchored to discuss restructuring of the failed country, Nigeria. As  the "hand shake across the Niger" summit which held in Enugu ended abruptly, the Awka summit will not hold at all.

Why Restructuring  will fail.

Firstly, what is restructuring?
It is the process of changing the policies made by the Indigenous People like devolution of powers to the regions and allowing then control their resources.
Sadly, the restructuring is not backed by any Nigerian or international law, how will someone believe  that restructuring will work under the Nigerian government especially the northern Nigeria which will always perceive the process as enthronement of self determination which is almost a yes to Biafra restoration.
Nnia nwodo cannot enforce his will, on the people. It is an act of dictatorship and it is the people's right to speak or protest against it . The Indigenous People of Biafra  are not detered since  Nnia Nwodo connived with the Fulani Nigeria armyy to shoot and maim  Biafrans  who oppose his decision. His stance  has emboldened us and prepared us for the worse hence the meeting will never hold in Awka, and Ohaneze and Nnia Nwodo should be held accountable for any death or injuries on our people since he enjoys the death of Biafrans and always sees it as an avenue to please his pay masters in Abuja whose bidding he is doing because of money and cheap popularity.

Until these elders who place their personal greed above the people's need  tow the path of honour and dignity, they will never have peace.

The will of the people must prevail!

Comr. Ogbuanya Chikezie N.



Written by Ben Alvin Obi
For Family Writers Press

A season of decision has dawned between the uncompromising struggle for the restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra via referendum and Nnia Nwodo fraudulent restructuring cum enslavement agenda. As the clock ticks away, comes closer the scheduled moment for the Nnia Nwodo's Nigeria Restructuring Summit at Ekwueme Square, Awka, the Anambra State Capital on Monday the 21st day of May, 2018.

What really could be the driving force behind the moronic actions of a man like Nnia Nwodo in his desperate bid to please his Hausa-Fulani slavemasters led by Muhammadu Buhari, if not his jaundiced frivolities? To him and his cohorts, to kill and maim Biafrans in the pursuit of the Northern Islamic agenda, is a right option. This is a man who during his tenure as the President of the Igbo socio-cultural group called Ohaneze Ndigbo, has steadily mortgaged the interests of his people through divergent enslavement policies of the Islamic Caliphate in the service of their sinister agenda of which restructuring is one. This restructuring is embedded in deception of Northern colonialism. Restructuring in it's meaning, has to do with rearrangement of a thing for better result(s).

 Restructuring Nigeria by this simple definition is to set her component parts (States) into effectively managing the bulk proceeds of their resources without hindrances, for the principal benefit of their citizens while making specified tax returns to the federation account either monthly, quarterly or annually. But the foundation of Nigeria is premised on falsehood, to the benefit of the Northern Islamic oligarchists. There can never be a genuine restructuring agenda in a country bedeviled with gross  ethno-religious bigotistism and political chauvinism. The Northern Hausa-Fulanis' interest centres majorly on the proceeds of crude oil and gas which are abundantly deposited in the so-called South South and South East regions (Biafraland). The oligarchists have virtually nothing as lucrative as oil and because of the enormous wealth coming into Nigeria through this, the system has fraudulently bequeathed the control of resources them thereby making the the exploration and exploitation of natural deposits up North, essentially immaterial. And even when engaged, no sustainable tax returns could be garnered from there. Their total dependence on, access to and control of oil wealth from Biafraland can never allow for effective and all encompassing restructuring of Nigeria.

There exists in the Northern region, an endowment of natural blessings which if properly harnessed, can ably sustain the economic gains of the country, viz:

Cotton wool:

This is found and cultivated mainly in the North. If adequately managed not just for internal needs but for export purposes, can generate enough revenues not only for the farmers and industrialists but also for the country.

Farm produce:

The North is abundantly blessed with the production of agricultural products like tomatoes, onions, cucumber, yam, et cetera. The proceeds from these farm products are not properly harnessed and so derivable benefits to the people and country cannot be accessed.

Nigeria is fundamentally structured to fail or better still service the interests of a section of the country. If the proceeds from the above listed economic gains are channeled for the well being of all inhabitants, then the one Nigeria mantra would have been ideal. But what obtains is that individual Northerners farm for their privacy rather than for the collective interest of all, to generate employment opportunities and developmental needs while the oil proceeds from Biafraland are used for the infrastructural developments amongst others throughout the whole country and especially in the Northern region. The government of Nigeria has not deemed it fit as a responsibility to create employment opportunities in there, the way it is done in the oil sector in Biafraland, for Nigerians no matter where you come from especially the Hausa-Fulanis and Yorubas, with the agricultural endeavors of the North. But instead, through this defective and grossly enslaving policies, the Northern predators impoverish their own people through self aggrandizements and greed. In a country like this, how can there be a wholistic and profitable restructuring of the country for the interest of all?

Now that Nnia Nwodo is tirelessly pushing for Fulani cabals inspired restructuring summit in Biafraland, Awka to be precise, on Monday 21st May 2018, what economic gain will the Nigeria government garner from the Northerners with their inaccessible agricultural resources unlike what applies in the oil sector that is openly available to all. Nnia Nwodo is tenaciously working to accomplish the task of his Fulani slavemasters led by Muhammadu Buhari in stark opposition to the Biafra restoration efforts of which many Biafrans have died.

This evil Nigeria Restructuring Summit which has no advantageous effect, will open yet another vista of enslavement on the Biafran people.

The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, has categorically and repeatedly too, stated that there is absolutely nothing like restructuring in Biafraland. There has been series of clarifications that what is presently needed in Biafra is total freedom of all Biafrans and a referendum that will determine their destiny as a people. The earlier Nnia Nwodo and his associates come to terms with this reality, the better. After the orchestrated plots of gruesome killings meted out against Biafrans at Nkpor, Onitsha, Aba, Port Harcourt, Isiala-Ngwa and Afara-ukwu Ibeku, Nnia Nwodo should hide his face in shame for ever identifying with the organization and hosting of a delusional Nigeria restructuring summit.

One important promise to this murderous Fulani agent of a man is that come Monday 21st May 2018, that purported summit will end up in  total failure and disgrace. Nnia Nwodo will ever live to regret his involvement in this sham as he will either get prepared now to kill all Biafrans or better still forget in honor, the hosting of this evil restructuring agenda of the North.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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