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Monday, 18 November 2019



The unbearable suffering of the people are daily taking their toll in this part of Biafraland, as it has elicited massive condemnation by the people. Traditional rulers and family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Sunlight Estate zone 2, in Obigbo local government area in Rivers State (Igweocha), staged a protest in frustration. This took place on Sunday 17th November 2019, as they pointedly decried the critical condition of Shell location road in Obigbo in Igweocha, Biafraland.

Shell Development Company, is a Multi-National Oil company engaged in decades of oil exploration in the area, feeding fat at the misery of the seemingly helpless indigenous population. Since 2015, this particular road has been in the state of disrepair despite the company's chain of lucrative operations within the vicinity.

IPOB Sunlight Estate members who reiterated their support to the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, stated that there remains absolutely no hope lfor the poor masses entrapped in this enclave called Nigeria. "Here is Shell location road. There are more than thirty (30) viable oil wells and in here with Shell steadily carrying out it's activities unperturbed, yet there is no water and there is no good road for the people. Shell should go!".

"For long, the Nigerian government has left the people here abandoned. We are seriously suffering. We are sick and tired of Nigeria. We want Biafra", IPOB family members of the zone further cried out in protest.

Maxwell Chuks
Reporting for Family Writers Press International



Imilike is an autonomous community in Ibagwaka, Igboeze-South, Nsukka axis of Enugu State, Biafraland. Imilike in Ibagwaka, is a community surrounded by the Fulani killer herdsmen, who predominantly have taken over large chunk of the indigenous land. Situated therein, is an Islamic mosque that would not have been a possibility without the tacit support of the traditional ruler. Meanwhile, some indigenous land owners have in the past years, unsuccessfully raised alarm against this abominable act committed by the traditional custodians of the community. Presently, this is pitiable situation the people have found themselves.

In June 2019, the Enugu State Mobilization Team courageously took the Biafra restoration gospel to the community. It is the dogged strategic approach of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), that can tame and defeat this enslavement madness of the Islamists and their collaborators in Biafraland. This gave courage to the Imilike indigenes as they welcomed in their numbers, the Biafra restoration struggle.

On Friday 15th November 2019, IPOB Imilike family unit was successfully inaugurated in line with the detailed principles of the global movement. The exercise was anchored by the Enugu State Mobilization Officer, Egwuatu Chukz, the Senatorial District Coordinator, Mazi Omeh Chukwuma, the District Mobilization Officer, Mazi Onyebuchi Eze Malachy and the Igboeze-South Local Government Area Coordinator. The newly inaugurated unit executives and members were thoroughly tutored on the basic rudiments of the IPOB principles as well as the essence of the creation of family units across the community.

The unit executives and membership all expressed joy over the encouraging development brought about by IPOB as witnessed in the community.

Egwuatu Chukz
Reporting for Family Writers Press International

Do Political Jobbers Truly Want Freedom?

Do Political Jobbers Truly Want Freedom?

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
For Family Writers Press International.

There is nothing IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu has done which the political jobbers have not criticized destructively. IPOB protested, but instead of encouraging them, they were busy questioning why Nnamdi Kanu is sending people to their death. They refused to understand that this is democracy, and protest is the fundamental human right of all.
Soldiers attacked and killed IPOB members; they turned around and blamed it on Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership. They talked as if it is IPOB leadership that gunned down their own members. These people didn't call out a president that sent fully armed soldiers against peaceful protesters. They didn't blame the killers, but the victims.

IPOB called for a boycott, and they accused IPOB of being paid by Buhari. Some went mad on social Media narrating how it is Buhari that released Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to come and campaign against Atiku. They actually meant that Nnamdi Kanu is working with the same man that came on 14th September, 2017 to kill him and ended up killing 28 IPOB youths. They never tried reasoning with IPOB, yet after the election, everything IPOB said happened. Boycott became a better option. PVC became totally useless and the judiciary turned out to be a huge joke.

IPOB members respect their leader without monetary inducement;  the political jobbers started accusing them of Hero Worshipping. Same people accusing IPOB will be seen following politicians up and down as long as t`he money is flowing.

When IPOB made effort to get the attention of the United Nations, they said UN won't give us Biafra. IPOB demonstrated in almost every nation of the world, they said protest won't give us Biafra. IPOB takes their case to USA, and they ridicule it. They have never agreed that IPOB is making an impact. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu got released, took his gospel of freedom across Eastern States, and it sparked debate on restructuring, yet political jobbers said it is not about Nnamdi Kanu.

Some of them are now saying that it is only war that can give us Biafra, but if war start this minute, they will turn around and blame it on IPOB.

One thing we must understand is that freedom fighting is difficult, dangerous and complex. That's why IPOB have presence everywhere, both home and abroad; with everyone doing their best to restore Biafra. IPOB is peaceful and non violent. They believe in diplomacy that will rebirth the great Biafra nation, through a free and fair referendum. IPOB as a peaceful movement is never afraid to defend themselves.

I don't think these political jobbers truly want Nigeria to end. They see Nigeria as a source of income, for as far as Nigeria is intact and the criminal politicians they support are still in power, they are very sure of their 'allowee' and peanuts. They don't want Nigeria to end and neither do they want Biafra to come.

Biafrans should beware of these political jobbers.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

What The World Don't Know About Nigeria

What The World Don't Know About Nigeria

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International

There is a time in the life of people that they ought to start telling themselves the truth. And I think for the people trapped in Nigeria, the time is now.

The question of who is a Nigerian, is a question that those calling themselves Nigerians have not truly answered. In Nigeria, no one is patriotic to Nigeria, rather they are patriotic to their different regions and tribal origin. The Northerners are loyal to the North, West to the West and Easterners to the East. No one is truly a Nigerian. A country that no one is truly patriotic to should not stand.

Why do the Fulani defend One Nigeria? The answer is simple. They are currently lording it over others. The country is structured in a way that everything is in their hands. They take the lionshare in the allocation and job recruitment. They have perfect grip on the northerners, including the entire nation. With the outrageous number they arrogated on themselves through falsification of censuses, they maintain the highest LGAs, giving them edge over others in the legislature, both upper and lower chambers. As it stands, nothing can be passed in the Senate or House of Representatives without the support of northern lawmakers. This is why when you mention restructuring, a Fulani man that doesn't believe in the rule of law will ask you to take your case to the National  Assembly. He perfectly understands that right there, they will kill any bill against the interest of the North. They got the number. Lots of people don't know that Restructuring is against the interest of the North. The North don't want division and restructuring because any of them will liberate those they conspired with Britain and held hostage for decades.

The Yoruba or should I say the Oduduwa people know that Nigeria is not working. They understand that it is better and more plausible for the components of this divided country to go their separate ways. They know that there is no way oil and water can mix. In fact, they know that Obafemi Awolowo was right when he said that Nigeria is just a mere geographical expression. They know that the people trapped in Nigeria can develop more when absolute freedom is attained. But they won't support it. Awolowo that believed Nigeria shouldn't be one, in 1967 opted to join the Fulani to force Biafrans back to the same Nigeria he believed should not be one. Tinubu in 2015, led the Yoruba to support the Fulani in kicking out president Goodluck Jonathan. Even in the history of Nigeria, Yoruba is always seen supporting and aligning with the Fulani.
The reason is simple. The Yoruba gets more from the Fulani who lords it over others. The Fulani gives them leftovers for them to keep supporting them in their atrocities. That's exactly how they got the seaports and a thriving Lagos city. And they are pushing it harder to gain 2023 presidency. Nigeria can burn, provided the Fulani loves them more than they do other slaves from the South.

The Igbo and other Easterners have vehemently rejected Nigeria. In 1967, they walked out of this suffocating Union, and they are still here fighting to restore Biafra. Majority of Ndi Igbo have no single believe in One Nigeria. Apart from the political elites who enjoy little peanuts from the Fulani, to keep Nigeria One. Every other person want an end to one Nigeria. Ndi Igbo and other Easterners believe they have what it takes to create a world class country for themselves, without clog on the wheel called One Nigeria.

You can deduce from the above that Nigeria is never One, shouldn't be One and can never be One. Those forcing unity on people trapped inside Nigeria are pushing the people into an avoidable bloodbath. The killings, marginalization, corruption and human rights abuses going on in Nigeria are signs that the British establishment shouldn't be one. That is why Nigeria soldiers always gun down peaceful protesters. They are there to kill Nigerians and force them to remain One Nigeria. Protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria for them is killing people demanding for self determination through referendum. The world should be made to understand that a divided Nigeria through referendum will save the people from drifting into chaos.

It is a matter of time before Nigerians start killing themselves under the heavy weights of religious, tribal and ethnic differences.

Elochukwu Ohagi is  philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

Friday, 15 November 2019



It is most unfortunate that even in this 21st century, Nigerian citizens are yet drowning in blatant misery, diminishing illumination towards hope and welfare while political tyrants who call themselves intellectuals, criminally bastardize economic growth and development without recourse. These political terrorists being consumed in fear of purposeful and imminent revolutionary implosion by the grossly impoverished citizens, have taken to reckless and heightened impunity. Scourges of threats aimed at subduing the civilian population into stone silence and mockery, hold sway daily.

Deliberate strangulation of free speech by the law makers on the banner of hate speech, is an antecedent to forcefully impose legal terror on the already emasculated civilian population. This plot of trying to muzzle free speech by the Nigerian Senators, is a wake-up call to all human rights activists/organisations, men and women of goodwill, to stand up to not only strongly defend but defeat this organized coup against the rights of the people to freedom of speech, association and expression. It should be noted that this sinister agenda of imposition of legislative terror by the Nigerian National Assembly, is an incitement against the vocal and informed indigenous population of Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa. It is surreptitiously being driven to drag the people down to the age of information censorship even in the so-called democracy.

Recommendation and implementation of death sentence and or enforcement of imprisonment by the Nigerian government against citizens for exercising their rights to free speech, is to say the least, most callous and disgustingly shameful. With Nigeria ranked as one of the most miserable countries for human habitation as well as the world's poverty capital index ratio, the hope of the people for economic survival and development is dashed. Amidst all these, the socio-economic failure ravaging the country, with the hope of any attention by the lawmakers, is blatantly being neglected. The person (Buhari) that is presiding over the affairs of Nigeria as the President, should be impeached, arrested and imprisoned or better still, be made to face death sentence for his various speech threats to humanity. During his previous election campaigns, he categorically stated that "the monkeys and the baboons will be soaked in blood" if he failed being elected. And his non tribal political supporters were at different locations hacked to death, with their killers going scot-free. This undemocratic act by the Nigerian upper legislative chamber then props up some very important questions that need answers. If this maladious enterprise of death sentence against "Hate Speech" pulls through in the Nigerian Senate, what measures then will be adopted to the myriads of failed election campaign promises by the politicians, extra-judicial killings and extortions by the police and army, humanitarian abuses/harassments, disobedience to the rule of law by the government, wave of Fulani Islamic terrorism, nepotism, religious bigotry, etcetera?

These laws of perdition being crafted by the Nigerian political class to massage their mundane, evil interests, are only directed at totally destroying the freedom of existence of the civilian population vis-a-vis attached relevant democratic values. Where then is the basis upon which the lawmakers can enact and uphold just legislation? Where are the principles of freedom of speech and the Press which remain valuable hallmarks in a democracy? Where are the laws binding civilian right to peaceful protests which is one of the basic hopes of the people against undemocratic values and antecedents of political office holders in a democratic government?

Nigeria is a failed entity and cannot work. All just principles and laws of civilised beings in a democracy, are being bastardized and subjected to acrimonious experimentation. It is therefore the duty of every citizen to arise and defend the cause of their existence against all odds. This is the only veritable option.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

Thursday, 14 November 2019



The Nigerian Senate commonly referred to as the red chamber in the National Assembly, is relentlessly pushing for a bill, demanding that Nigerians found guilty of what they term "Hate Speech" (any speech targeted against any elected politician particularly), by the Nigerian government, will summarily be put to gruesome death by hanging. Nigeria had this bad experience between 1984 and 1985 during the draconian rule of retired General Muhammadu Buhari as he forcefully truncated a democratically elected government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari, through a military coup d'etat, thereby becoming the then Head of State. And to further consolidate his dictatorial grip on power, he killed three vibrant Nigerian journalists through firing squad. He proceeded to subjugate the citizens to diverse humiliations and misery.

Today, Nigerians who have refused to learn from history, took a step further to reward this same coupist, with the presidency under the cloak of a democrat, disappointedly returning Nigeria back to the stone age. Rather than brainstorming and initiating plans on how best to grow the economy, create jobs, build more infrastructures and factories aimed at bettering the lives of the people they claim to be representing, the Nigerian Senators are busy wasting resources and talking about how to kill the citizens through death penalty by hanging. This runs totally contradictory to their electioneering campaign promises of beneficial democratic dividends.

Recall that it was through the instrumentality of the social media that the ruling APC government got to the crest of leadership albeit bullying of their suspected and assumed political opponents. The erstwhile Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, lavishly gave them the freedom to express themselves. They called him all sorts of names, tacitly sponsored and supported Boko Haram terrorists against the Nigerian State. Today however, the same band of individuals are seeking to authenticate their killing of the people through the National Assembly, over the use of the same social media they previously employed to their advantage, as a source of information.

For some, they will stay and do nothing, believing that the proposed bill will not scale through. For the docile and the ignorant, let it be explicitly stated here that under this ninth (9th) National Assembly, the Senate to be precise, unread/undebated bills have equally been passed. This is their grand strategy to finally silence vocal Nigerians who stand opposed to their evils. Since conscientious politicians seem to have successfully been caged, their next target is the ordinary people whom they want to stop forthwith, from exposing the atrocities of the Nigerian government. It should not be forgotten, that it is this same government that will determine those things that constitute hate speeches and the offenders to punish, in collaboration with the grossly compromised, conquered and shamelessly useless Judiciary.

This is the more reason why Biafrans must strive more than ever before, to have the sovereign nation of Biafra totally restored, without further delay. There is absolutely nothing in common between Biafrans and Muslims whose Sharia legal system abhors freedom of speech and association. There exists no other group that has the divine mandate to liberate the Biafran citizens except the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) themselves. It is neither the helplessly fulanised South-East governors nor the members of Ohaneze Ndigbo who have unrepentantly maintained sealed lips in the face of executive tyranny, suppression and killing of their own people. They are very anxiously awaiting the passage of the evil bill into law for their own selfish interests.

Biafrans must fully utilize the opportunity created by the restoration of the Biafran struggle, to stop the Nigerian Senate and the Executive from orchestrating the unwarranted death of millions of social media users in Nigeria. It is a duty that must be accomplished.

Written by Ebere Okolie
Editor, Family Writers Press International

Monday, 11 November 2019

Between The Miscreants And Intellectuals; A Case Of Fools Claiming Wise

Between The Miscreants And Intellectuals; A Case Of Fools Claiming Wise

Do you know that there was a time people see anyone talking about Biafra and demanding for her freedom as a nonentity? The pioneers of this struggle really suffered lots of ridicule and humiliations.

The declaration of Biafra in 1967 by Odumegwu Ojukwu was greeted with funfair. Many Biafrans trooped to the streets carrying green leaves, singing and dancing in jubilation. How then did the struggle for the restoration of Biafra greeted with criticism, mockery and let down by majority of people at the early stage?

Olusegun Obasanjo called Biafra agitators miscreants. Some one-Nigeria fanatics from Igbo land picked it up and tagged anyone mentioning Biafra as miscreant and jobless. But Nnamdi Kanu's followers runs in millions; so if they are miscreants, do these people know that a nation with millions of miscreants is in a very big danger? They practically failed to understand that a nation where millions are jobless is bound to die a premature death.

Those Ndi Igbo that supported the sham called 1999 election tried to present those with the ideology of division as nonentities. They kept pushing the narrative that no one is listening to Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters. They  fabricate stories of how Nnamdi Kanu is not speaking for Ndi Igbo.

Nnamdi Kanu was released on bail in 2017 and received a cult fellowership from millions of Biafrans. Every of his rallies were graced by multitude of youths who came from Aba, Enugwu, Onitsha, Port Harcourt(Igweocha) and even Akwaibom. They locked up their shops, sponsored themselves and made it to the designated rally point. The despicable one-Nigeria fanatics kept calling them brainwashed people.

But they never knew that no one brainwashed anybody. They are simply people that are fed up with a country that claims to be one, yet lacks any atom of unity and cohesion. They are tired of a country that pampers terrorists, recruits them into the military and encourages Fulani herdsmen to keep killing indigenous farmers. They are no more ready to belong to a country politicians are paid millions in salaries and allowances, while minimum wage stands at 18,000 Naira. A corrupt country where people's votes do not count and INEC helps the executive to rig elections. These are the things brainwashing the people and not Nnamdi Kanu. The IPOB leader only happens to be the courageous voice that exposes the rotten system.

Today, those that parade themselves as wise have been humbled by those they called miscreants and jobless. Every thing those they called jobless say are all happening. They told them that PVC will disappoint them, and truely, it did disappointed them and left them helpless. The miscreants told them to BOYCOTT elections, that it is useless to arm yourself with mere PVC against a senseless ethnic and religious fundamentalist, well known as a tyrant and a dictator, yet they never listened.

How come it is the miscreants and jobless that keep predicting accurately the future events of the useless entity called Nigeria? Could it be that they aren't miscreants after all. How can a group of people from different works of life, whose majority of members are abroad, men and women who have seen life and how a sane country should be governed be tagged miscreants?

Only the wise knows when baton is about changing hand. The days of hypocrisy is long gone. The supporters of politicians are dangerously becoming minority, even with the money they are throwing around. Another stage have been set and it is about an end to what is known today as Nigeria.

The resoluteness and doggedness of the early agitators of Biafra have yielded greater things! The name-calling, mockery, imprisonment and death is the strength upon which the Biafra nation stands today.
Respect to these true heroes of the Biafra restoration project!

Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.
For Family Writers Press International.

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