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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Nigeria: Food Security And The Economic Implications Of Herdsmen's Reckless Destruction Of Farmlands

 Nigeria: Food Security And The Economic Implications Of Herdsmen's Reckless Destruction Of Farmlands

Presently threatening the future survival of Biafrans amongst the tribes of Southern Nigeria, is the very unfortunate economic implications attached. This inherent development hinges on the mindless and unabated destruction of farmlands by the marauding Fulani Islamic killer herders across Biafraland. The criminal endorsement of this orchestrated menace by the Nigerian Islamic government, is to say the least, the height of well plotted economic sabotage by a government that is hypocritically crying wolf about economic woes. 

If therefore, there could be anything like food security in the country in the coming years, the Nigerian government must as a matter of expediency, outrightly place ban on open grazing or the indigenous inhabitants particularly Biafrans, will be forced to eventually to take decisive actions. This will be premised on the fact that the Biafran race must have to be saved from the looming danger of hunger in the land which artificially is being driven by the Fulani herdsmen and their brethren in charge of the Nigerian government.

In view of the foregoing, it therefore becomes necessary to bring to the notice of the international community, about the subsisting economic strangulation that has been on in Biafraland since 1970 when the genocidal war levied against Biafrans by the Nigerian government subsided. Biafrans  then took to agriculture and peasant farming as the only optional avenue of survival. It is not gainsaying the fact that ninety percent (90%) of indigenous economy in Biafraland is essentially derived from endearing agricultural products. Other sectors of the economy such as industrialization, infrastructure and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), are lying in the hands of alien political office holders which are imposed on the Biafran people. These are opportunists who are completely careless about the general economic well-being of the Biafran citizens.

Importantly, the global community has to know that since the last twenty (20) years, the Fulani herdsmen have wantonly destroyed farmlands and farm produce in different locations across Biafraland worth billions of United States dollars. Both Local, State and Federal Governments have brazenly done nothing in this respect to sternly caution the notorious herdsmen against further damages. On a trip to Ebonyi State sometime ago on a fact finding mission, peasant farmers interviewed in Amanator and Mgbaleze Isu in Onicha Local Government Area, massively trooped out to bemoan their ugly experiences in the hands of these Fulanis that have settled in the bushes, forests and farmlands. Many of the aged women (mothers), bitterly complained about  how the Fulani cattle grazed on and destroyed vegetable gardens that were being cultivated via irrigation process. So many men complained about the criminal and wanton destruction of their yam and cassava produce by these marauding Fulani herders. Official complaints have already been lodged with the Local Government Agriculture Department and the State Ministry of Agriculture respectively. But up till date, nothing has been done to assuage the suffering of these peasant farmers whose only means of livelihood hinges on farming.

Critically evaluating these negative effects arising from the criminal and provocative activities of these Fulani herdsmen against the indigenous natives of the land with overhearing inimical consequences on the people's collective economy, it therefore becomes necessary to order these Islamists masquerading as herdsmen, to completely vacate the land. Their continued stay in the bushes, forests and farmlands, portends serious danger to the Biafran economy, besides threats to lives. Any conspiracy plotted against the success of agro-economy in the land is tantamount to economic genocide against the people. This is because of the inherent agricultural economic fortunes in the land. This agro-economy chain is what moves the farmers to the merchants, to the retailers and then finally to the end consumers. All these people in their respective categories, clearly depict how Biafrans benefit from the agro-economy drive.

The Fulani cattle herders' open graze methodology has unfortunately, affected this advantageous economic chain thus seriously extinguishing the final breathe of the Biafran economy that wholly rests on farming. This is purely the reason why the present generation of Biafrans have unanimously declared that these criminal Fulanis must vacate Biafraland so that farmers and merchants of different agricultural products can once again, heave a sigh of relief. Destruction of farmlands reduces harvest, inflates prices of harvested, marketable crops and additionally generates hunger. A stitch in time they say, saves nine!

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

Incompetence of Nigeria Police with the Prevalent Self Help Resort and Unknown Gunmen Attacks

 Incompetence of Nigeria Police with the Prevalent Self Help Resort and Unknown Gunmen Attacks                                                                       


It is unarguably true that Mohammed Abubakar Adamu is illegally occupying the position of the inspector general of Nigeria police, because his tenure was extended by President Muhammadu Buhari without regards to the rule of law.

And Nigeria being a failed state, have disregards for her own constitutions and is where mediocrity, nepotism, favoritism, etcetera rain profusely unchallenged by fulani oligarchs, called presidency. These and more have turned the Nigeria police to a failed force and monumentally withstood them from legally discharging their duties.

Calls by many groups for the government to follow her constitution have fallen on deaf ears. Rather, the government have allowed for further creation of cabals and parties among their failed police force, with the total lack of control by the incompetent and quota IGP. This have raised a real big margin between Nigeria police and the masses, leading to several army and police brutalities and massacres, including but not limited to

Zaria massacre 

Odi massacre 

Agatu massacre 

Uzo uwani massacre 

Nimbo massacre 

Obigbo massacre 

Lekki massacre 

Onitsha /Nkpor massacre 

Emene killings 

And most recently,

Orlu massacre. 

In all these massacres, The NPF have failed to prosecute or hold any one responsible. According to a renown non governmental group called Inter Society, the victims of these senseless massacres have increased to 2,503 and are mainly from a particular section of the country. Hence, it will not be wrong to call it a genocide.

Aggrieved family members of such victims have resorted to self help for protection and pushed that the Nigeria forces should account for the dead /missing loved ones.

And these family members of the injured victims have continually suffered incessant clampdowns from the Nigeria police as a result. 

Moreover, the Nigeria police force have been very reluctant and biased in addressing the issue of prosecuting the perpetrators of these massacres. And also added insult to injury by running to the media to label the victims "unknown gunmen" and blamed the prestigious leader of Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as the sponsor of the unknown group without probe or panel of enquiries to ascertain the grievances of those victims.

These have been the tactics of Nigeria government to exterminate the indigenous people of Biafra. The ethnical or tribal blame of 1967 military coup on innocent Biafrans is a remote example, while recently,  they played the same card by blaming IPOB for EndSars protest in Lagos and Rivers states, which resulted in Obigbo massacre by the military.

We urge International Community to coerce Nigeria government to prosecute those behind these massacres before  the victims resort to self defense and cross the Rubicon.

Written by Joshua T

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Food Blockade: Northern Traders Must Sell Commodities At Same Low Prices--Igbo Consumers

 Food Blockade: Northern Traders Must Sell Commodities At Same Low Prices--Igbo Consumers

The Northern Traders Union has strongly put up an insistence that members better dispose off (sell) their farm produce at randomly ridiculous low prices in parts of Northern Nigeria like Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, etcetera, than taking such commodities to Southern Nigeria particularly, the South-East. Interviewed Igbo consumers across the region, have insisted that Northern traders should get readily prepared to sell their commodities (farm produce), at the same low prices as obtained in cities and towns within the North, if they eventually reverse their food blockade against Southerners.

On trips to different major markets within South-East cities of Onitsha, Aba, Enugu, Nnewi, Abakaliki and Port Harcourt, a team of Family Writers Press International correspondents got unanimous reactions from Igbo consumers. They pointedly stated that the new development has invariably threw up a moment of definitive decision. The consumers stressed that any time the Northern foodstuffs traders resume supply of their commodities in Igboland, same low prices as being maintained in the North, must be carried out. Many of these interviewed consumers in Ogbete main market in Enugu, Enugu State, clearly voiced that since report has it that a medium sized basket of ripe tomatoes that was previously sold at the price of eight hundred naira (N800), now sells at one hundred and fifty naira (N150), in Kano with absolutely no buyers. They therefore, maintained that whenever these Northern traders resume supplies to the South, they must surely be compelled to sell at maximally reduced prices.

A cross section of those interviewed in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, also unambiguously declared that there is no way the Northern traders will come down to the South to sell their commodities at inflated prices contrary to what obtains in the North. They insisted that such bias will never be allowed. Consumers contacted in Agbo-Edo market in Nnewi, Anambra State, were on the defiantly on the same page. Mrs. Chinyere Edokwe for instance, expressively stated that Igbo people should get ready to confront the Fulani controlled Northern traders when they eventually resume their  commodities supplies. These Northerners must be made to sell to our people down here in the South, at very same  reduced prices as in the North, she concluded.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

Reasons Fulani Cattle Rearing Must Be Stopped In Biafraland

Reasons Fulani Cattle Rearing Must Be Stopped In Biafraland

The recent food blockade by the Northern Fulani leaders is one of the evidences that the Biafra/Nigeria war has really been re-ignited. The aim of the Fulani killer herdsmen to invade Biafraland with their cows is for this reason. They want to deny the indigenous land owners, the conducive atmosphere of producing their own foods even in their land. 

These are people that do not labour to produce foodstuff in their settlements and annually, agricultural budget is being drawn, with a big chunk of it handed over to the Northern farmers. The Nigerian federal government acquires agricultural products and equipment for them to make their farming work much more easier and faster. In the Eastern region even after trying to manually cultivate their crops, their courage is being dampened through the wanton destruction of their farmlands by Fuani killer herdsmen that pleasurably rape, kill and pillage. 

And because of this grand plot, it becomes clear why no single herdsmen has been arrested, prosecuted and convicted. The Northern foodstuff blockade is yet another strategy put together, to force Biafrans into submission of becoming Muslims. During the Biafra/Nigeria war between 1967 and 1970, hunger or food blockade was used as a weapon of war against the Biafran people, just same method that is presently also being indirectly implemented. It is time to fastly act or be consumed. The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was right by launching the Eastern Security Network (ESN) as well as in his call to the Biafran citizens to start up the rearing of Biafran cows, amongst the cultivation of consumable farm produce. These evil plots of the Northern Islamists must be put to an end, if this war must be won. A word is certainly enough for the wise!

Written by Christopher Otu Ezeali 

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

For Family Writers Press International.

How Kidnapping And Banditry Have Fastly Turned Into A Lucrative Venture in Nigeria

 How Kidnapping And Banditry Have Fastly Turned  Into A Lucrative Venture in Nigeria

According to the American investor, mutual fund manager and phylanthropist, John Neff, "It is not always easy to do what is unpopular  but that is where you make your money. Example: Buy stocks that look bad to careful investors and hang on until their real value is recognized." This is a proven investment technique that has worked for many big boys in the investment circle.

Unfortunately, this is the brilliant tactics that was used on indigenous ethnic nations in Nigeria by the Fulani janjaweed from the Sahel. When they started, they were overlooked and pited, no one was foresighted enough to see what they had in stock. So, they took their time to patiently and wholly infiltrate every length and breadth of Nigeria. Now, they have succeeded in grabbing every influencial position in politics, military, judiciary, etcetera.

I could remember many years ago as a child, that we usually pitied them because we thought they were so impoverished that they slept in bushes in all weather. We used to think they were slaves to the owners of the cows they moved, and that is why they are left in such conditions. Many times then at our village borehole, we pitifully made way for them on several occasions to get water before us because of whom we mistakenly thought they were. But they knew their plans and patiently hanged on it until due implementation of their agenda.Today, they have taken over our forests and bushes from us. Kidnapping, banditry and terrorism have become their lucrative businesses, because their brothers whom they have also taken time to fix in high places are patronizing them. So for them, terrorism became a most secured investment in which they engage in and are completely protected.

Just like what Neff said above, it is not always easy to do what is not popular because people will neglect it. Some will underrate it but that is where you make money with ease. You do less and gain more. The Fulanis have indeed invested much in this business of terrorism while the rest indigenous ethnic nations blindly clamoured for a none realistic "one-nigeria" and today, they are reaping and enjoying the fruit of their investment heavily. 

With the latest development in Nigeria, where terrorists who kidnap people  are paid as much as millions of Naira and above by the government of the day while Nigerian civil servants who serve meaningfully in different government offices are still begging to be paid their peanut salaries that have been owed for months, it is evident that terrorim have come to be the most lucrative venture for Fulanis in Nigeria, unless Nigeria is divided.

You could imagine that most Nigerian military officials are paid N45, 000 only, even when they are used to confronting the government sponsored Fulani bandits. Though they are forced to go and face well equipped Boko Haram terrorits, yet they are lanquishing in poverty. Even those that get killed in the process, are only compensated with mass burials as their remains are dumped in shallow graves. Those that are amputated are left to die and decay on sick beds.

The Nigerian government claims to lack the money to pay Academic Saff Union of Universities (ASUU), who have been on strike for months now due to poor and unpaid salaries, but yet those in power seek amnesty for bandits. And they have 80 millions of Naira to pay Fulani terrorists who have raped women to death, destroyed people's farms, killed farmers and ransacked homes.

Now, let someone with some reasoning, answer to what use the crave for school certificate is? Why would anyone border anymore to go to school when it is now better and faster to join banditry, kidnapping or terrorism and earn quickly and hugely?

Evidently, President Muhammadu Buhari, Shekih Gummi and the Fulani oligarchs in the Nigerian government, have apparently legalized banditry, kidnapping and terrorism. Since 2015 when President Buhari became the President of Nigeria, all we have experienced is the incessant killing of innocent citizens and street protests by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Shiite muslims, majorly. IPOB have been tagged a terrorist organization and members killed daily. The killing of #ENDSARS protesters that protested with only placards and Nigeria flags, is still fresh in our mind. Nigeria Fulani military have continued the bombing and shooting of innocent people at Orlu, imo state on the invitation of Governor Hope Uzodimma. But Fulani terrorists are being protected with everything at the disposal of the government.

If Nigeria is not divided now, it will only be a matter of time, and everywhere will turn into terrorism, since it is the only well secured and lucrative venture in the nation today.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

The Planned Destruction Of The Economic And Financial Sustainability Of The Hausas

 The Planned Destruction Of The Economic And Financial Sustainability Of The Hausas

There certainly will be panic in Northern Nigeria, resulting from the lamentations of Hausa farmers over their indisposed perishable farm produce. The word "Hausa", is herein adopted because the Fulanis are aliens, are not farmers by nature. This fact must be clearly noted. It is a war of survival definitely, for every ethic nationality that is entrapped in the Nigerian contraption. The Fulanis have unabatedly extended their war to the Northern indigenous Hausa farmers from all fronts. 

They actually understand that the Southerners will not go hungry and can take to extensive farming once their bushes and forests are sanitized of the Fulani terrorists who pleasurably derive satisfaction from raping, killing and destruction. They pretentiously want to destroy the economic development  front of the Hausa farmers, thereby rendering them uncompetitive in the foreseeable future.

The indigenous Hausa farmer and his cash crops are  gradually being eliminated. The Fulani man has definitely nothing valuable to loose. His primary objective is preparation for war (jihadi conquest). He does not have tomatoes in his menu neither does he care using onions. Same thing goes with other perishable, consumable food items. The burden rests completely on the Hausa farmer. Presently, the Fulani man is enmeshed in war drive primarily to destroy the financial economy base of the Hausa man. He employs the deceit of threat against the Southerners to strangulate the business platform of the indigenous Hausa farmers. The Hausa farmers are loosing their wealth amidst the callous blockage of market exports of their cash crops which they have seasonally labored for. In a bid to consistently subjugate the Hausa man, the Fulani man pretends to be defending him.

Agricultural goods worth millions of naira have unpreventably been destroyed. The indigenous Hausa man is totally at a loss while the Fulani man remains satisfactorily unaffected. His main concern is on the war for conquest and land grabbing, and at both ends of the tide, he (the Fulani man), would most assuredly be swallowed up. His blind and evil quest to conquer and dominate the South with the intent of dipping his Qur'an in the Atlantic Ocean, will earn him being irredeemably drowned. The wave of his luciferian agenda to kill and pillage innocent indigenous land owners will definitely escort him to his waterloo.

In just within one week, Hausa farmers have reportedly lost food items worth over one hundred million naira (N100,000,000) due to the Fulani imposed blockade against the transportation of indigenous Hausa farm produce. The Northern Hausa farmers have no other option than to arise and defend their right to financial sustainability. Their right to financial freedom has come under grievous threat of the Fulanis that have overrun their land. The Hausas must note that the Fulanis careless absolutely about nothing other than their agenda for conquest, subjugation and domination. This is the time for the indigenous Hausa populace to courageously rise up, dust up and take definitive actions for their survival.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

For 50 Years They Manipulated The East Until The Birth Of IPOB

 For 50 Years They Manipulated The East Until The Birth Of IPOB 

The country is gone, those looking for who to arrest for saying we should peacefully accept referendum and decide by ourselves if we should divide or stay together are arresting the true patriots. They are the real problem ravaging the country.

The country did not start today to head towards hell, it started when Nigeria Government decided not to heed to the advice of Philip Effiong which asked the Nigeria government to "treat the surrendering Biafrans well or risk their children rising again". Instead of Nigeria government to welcome Biafrans as their fellow countrymen, they barred them from attaining certain positions in the country.  They incapacitated them and refused to give them a level playing ground. This led to institutionalization of injustice and marginalization, and also opened the door to corruption and nepotism. 

There is every need to keep Biafrans in check, so the leaders of Nigeria decided to manipulate leadership in Ìgbòland. 'We must decide who becomes a governor, Senator or president of Ohanaeze in Igbo land, as to lead them indirectly. We must divide them, select some among those of them that say they are not Igbo and use them as agents of division. We must not allow them speak with one voice, nor let them take charge of their destiny. We must keep manipulating and dividing them. That's the sole plan of those that inherited Nigeria after the civil war.

These plans did nothing other than divide the country the more, did they succeed in manipulating East using those they called leaders? Yes! Did it backfire? Yes! For more than 50 years, Eastern leaders have been serving the Fulani Oligarchy. For them to win election, they must be loyal to the Fulani, and being loyal to the Fulani is standing against the collective interests of the East.

For an Eastern leader to win elections, he has to agree not to protect his people. He has to keep quiet even when bombs are thrown on his people. That's the only guarantee he has to become a vice president. All these years it appears they are succeeding until the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The last effort made by the true owners of Nigeria, the Fulani Oligarchy was the illegal removal of Gov Emeka Ihedioha and replacing him with a Fulani stooge in the person of Hope Uzodimma.  Another was the imposition of George Obiozo as the Ohanaeze President. This has been the way the Fulani has been manipulating ndị Igbo. But it is not only about the Igbo. They also have their hands in every part of Biafra Land. The Ijaw, Efik, Ogoni, Urhobo etc are all under the same manipulation. Whoever rises to liberate his people, they bribe and those they can't bribe they kill. It was when they noticed that they can't bribe or manipulate Ken Saro-Wiwa into working against his people that they killed him, using dirty manipulative Nigeria judiciary.

Some that rose up as liberators of their own people have been bought over by giving them humiliating contracts as low as being an oil pipeline guards. Imagine owners of the oil being given a contract to guard pipelines, while those that doesn't own anything living large as the controlling managers in the Oil department. You are being manipulated. That's why you hear most of them speaking against anything that will bring salvation for Biafra. That's why some of them are against any group that is determined enough to bring salvation to their own people. You see them pick on trivial things, while they say nothing about the dangers facing their people in the hands of Fulani herdsmen terrorists. They are mules among their people.

Eastern leaders are products of many years of manipulation. The country headed to disaster immediately her leaders decided to manipulate a part of the country as to keep them down and manipulated. For it is a matter of time and the people you are holding down will rise up.  So am telling you today that those that destroyed Nigeria are those that pamper terrorists and recruits them into the military. They are those who paid and continuing paying Fulani herdsmen to stop killing, instead of confronting the terrorists. 

The destroyers are those that will gladly open fire at protesting youths waving Nigeria Flag at #Lekkitollgate leading to #LekkiMassacre but will not attack Bandits kidnapping and killing people. Destroyers of Nigeria are those that will attack #ESN whose job is to protect farmers in Eastern Bushes, but will be negotiating with killer bandits and Fulani herdsmen terrorists. They are  the same people that think it is right to occupy people's forest and convert it to their settlement. They are the reason people are rising up to say enough is enough. They are the reason Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is demanding freedom for his people.

Unfortunately for the oppressors, the people of the East have risen up to reject the stooges they are using to manipulate the people. Today, the people don't regard any governor or Senator. They are every day waiting for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to lead and direct them.

Even those that spoke against him and Biafra freedom are today his greatest fans.

You don't blame people for reacting, blame the cause for which they are reacting.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist.

For Family Writers Press International.

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