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Monday, 20 May 2019

How Irish missionaries fought BBC fake news and risked their lives to save millions from starvation during Biafran war

How Irish missionaries fought BBC fake news and risked their lives to save millions from starvation during Biafran war

A new Irish documentary reveals how Irish missionaries risked their lives to save millions from starvation during the Nigerian Civil War.

Known as the Biafran War, it raged from 1967 to 1970 between the government of Nigeria and the eastern region of Nigerian that had broken away, which called itself the Republic of Biafra.

Assisted by Britain, the former colonial master, the Nigerian military government imposed a blockade to prevent supplies reaching the Biafran enclave.

The documentary Biafra: Misean Dearmadta (Forgotten Mission) reveals how Irish missionaries, who were working there, instigated relief efforts around the world, and how the Irish media and public rallied together to raise funds and send goods to save the innocent adults and children who were starving to death as a result of the blockade.

"We also discovered a new hero, who had never spoken about his role, a Holy Ghost priest called Dermot Doran, now in his 80s but going strong," says producer Brendan Culleton, who previously brought Congo - An Irish Affair, the story of the siege of Jadotville, to the small screen.

Speaking during the documentary, Dermot Doran, said, "All I wanted was to save the children.  They were the biggest victims of the war."

"He was the first to break the Nigerian blockade on Biafra and flew in with medical supplies, subsequently organising a world wide media campaign strongly supported by Independent newspapers," says Culleton.

"The Evening Herald played a massive part in the campaign in Ireland - they had their own fundraising campaign and one of the editors travelled to Biafra."

The events of 50 years ago in Biafra have rarely been explored from Ireland's point of view.

Despite the very real risk to their own lives the missionaries managed to save millions from starvation having highlighted their plight with a media campaign that took them everywhere from the Vatican to the White House.

That campaign was prompted by the fact that, at the time, the documentary claims "the BBC actively spread fake news about the events" and it resulted in the "greatest humanitarian airlift since World War II", which was managed by an Irish Holy Ghost missionary.

The fame subsequently became the world's first televised famine.

"It was the missionaries who first brought journalists to see the results of the famine and it was the missionaries who distributed thousands of tonnes of food and medicine, keeping millions alive for two years of famine," says Culleton.

However, once the war had ended, they were expelled from the country, accused of prolonging the war.

This fascinating film, by Irina Maldea and Brendan Culleton, features eyewitness accounts and a wealth of archive film to bring the story to vivid life.

Biafra: Misean Dearmadta (Forgotten Mission) airs on TG4 on Wednesday at 9.30pm.




In every sense, the annual commemoration of 30th of May by Biafrans, stands very crucial and memorable in modern history. This very event totally reminds humanity about the worst injustice and genocide that were meted against out Biafrans right from ages till date. Recalling the ordeal that gave birth to the ugly incident which occurred in the sixties for instance, we can never forget in a hurry, how the Biafran race was subjected to an orgy of gruesome, ethnic cleansing in Northern Nigeria. It was such a provocation that prompted late Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, the erstwhile military governor of the old Eastern region, to summon an emergency meeting with the then Nigerian government led by Yakubu Gowon, in Aburi - Ghana, which however ended in futility. As an enlightened and loving leader of his people, he was left with no other alternative than to revert the region to it's original status, following the refusal of the Nigerian government to keep to the peace accord acceded to in Aburi by both parties.

Retired General Yakubu Gowon, the then Governor-General of Nigeria from the Northern region, decided through glaring policies of hatred, to instigate more genocidal attacks on Biafrans, in accordance with their sinister plots to completely wipe out the Biafran people. Yakubu Gowon in criminal collaboration with Britain, the Arab world and other foreign allies, unleashed mayhem which led to the death of over 3.5 million Biafrans including men, women, children and even the elderly. Though the war ended after three years of air, water and land blockades orchestrated by the annihilative ideology floated by Obafemi Awolowo, the then finance commissioner. They brokered peace with a deceptive slogan which read: "No Victor, no vanquished", but Biafrans are not just being treated till date like conquered people but as helpless slaves. The most provocative of them all before the purported end of the conflict, is that while millions of Biafran women and children suffered the major victims, the Nigerian war criminals are yet globe trotting and made remain unpunished by the global community till date.

The Biafra genocide has an ugly record of over 3.5 million that were slaughtered in cold blood. It was the worst extermination drive ever to be recorded in human history and yet the world has remained deaf and dumb, trying to sweep it under the carpet.

The emergence of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, God's ordained point man, was precipitated to bring this wave of horrendous injustice against the Biafran race to a total end. And part of the agenda, is the institutionalization of  the Biafran Heroes and Heroines Remembrance Day, annually. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, which he ably leads, ensures that the memory of the sacrifices of our fallen freedom champions, does not go down the drains. The history of the Biafra nation and her people must be preserved, come what may. The IPOB leader ensures that despite the avalanche of the enemies' antics towards rubbishing our history, the resurrection of the Biafra nation and the legacy of our fathers must live forever. In one of the historical steps of the IPOB, the memories of 30th of May have been awakened as a well deserved annual commemoration all over the world. And it is noteworthy to state here too that the activities of saboteurs within, are also well known.

30th of May Heroes and Heroines Remembrance Day as being annually honored by genuine Biafrans, friends and all lovers of freedom, stands out as an avenue to fully expose the enemies of Biafra and her people. Anyone, in whatever shape or form that stands opposed to the sacrifices of our fathers, has not only been enlisted as an enemy but has pitched himself/herself in battle with overwhelming Biafran citizens. It is absolutely certain that this fight is uncompomisable and it must be won.

Written by Moses Agbo Obinna

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Biafra: IPOB Is The Worst Nightmare Of Nigeria Government

Biafra: IPOB Is The Worst Nightmare Of Nigeria Government

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

Before the coming of IPOB, Ndi Igbo and Biafrans in general were taken for granted in the Nigeria political scenario.

Many Northerners and even Westerners were openly bragging that Ndi Igbo will never become Nigeria President. But they never knew that a time will come when Biafrans will look at them in the face and say to them, 'TO HELL WITH YOUR IGBO PRESIDENCY!'.

Today, Ndi Igbo in majority don't care about becoming Nigeria President, neither do they care about their nonsensical chants of restructuring and true federalism. Two lies Ndi Igbo have discovered won't ever happen.

Ndi Igbo are in for a total break up of the unsalvageable Nigeria. When the mischievous HausaFulani preach equality, I just laugh at them. How on earth do they think Ndi Igbo can be fooled over and over again?

The IPOB presence is a blessing to Ndi Igbo. Before the nepotistic Nigeria government do things nowadays, they would first wonder how IPOB will react to it. And they are too afraid of doing things that will make Ndi efulefu among us to drop their efulefuism to join the rest of us. But upon that, IPOB is seriously convincing everybody that there is no hope in Nigeria.

Come 30th of May, IPOB will be protesting in more than 88 countries of the world, demanding for a referendum. Those back home in Biafra land will completely shutdown the entire Biafra Land. They will remain indoors remembering more than 3.5million Biafrans that died fighting for us all. They will remember those that were killed and dumped at Ezu River. Those that were killed at Afaraukwu in Umuahia on 14th of September 2017 by the Nigeria government through their Army will be remembered. Biafrans will also use the opportunity to teach the younger Biafrans denied History by Nigeria government about the heroic actions of their forefathers, who with almost barehand, faced the Nigeria vandals and their supporters in 1967/70. The entire Zoo will also experience low turnout of people especially in Abuja and Lagos as Biafrans will be totally indoor to show that they are completely tired of Nigeria.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will then be in the United States of America, the world capital to mark this heroic event of Biafrans. He will stand close to where our forefathers rejected slavery in America by drowning themselves at a place called Igbo Landing. He will speak to the world and they will listen.

Believe it, after this 30th May Heroes Remembrance Day, notable world media that has refused to carry news on the plight of Biafrans will start telling our stories.

Somebody should tell Nigeria government that even if they ask the entire world to stop giving Biafrans Visa, Biafrans will still march the entire world. Your marginalization has sent Biafrans all out of Nigeria and from wherever they are, they will expose Nigeria and put an end to her numerous atrocities both to Biafrans and other people suffering and smiling thinking they are hurting Biafrans.


Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

Friday, 17 May 2019



A country without security,
A country that breeds terrorists,
A country without power supply,
A country where peaceful protest is against the law,
A country where a demand for referendum is a case of treasonable felony,
A country rated as the most miserable place on the planet,
A country where there is zero hope.

This same country, where an imposter is the President.
This same country, where the Army recruits Boko Haram terrorists into the military,
This same country, where the Police collaborates with Fulani terrorists herdsmen to stop kidnapping,
This same country, where terrorists and Kidnappers are paid one hundred billion Naira.

Oh! This country without any industrialization,
Oh! this country with only one seaport amid so many rivers,
Oh! this country with abundance of wealth yet the poverty capital of the world,
Oh! this country with abundance of crude oil deposits, yet import petrol,
Oh! this country with enormous gas reserves, yet no power supply,
Oh! this country with enormous and brilliant medical doctors
yet no adequate medical facility.

Why should there be humans living in this contraption?
Why shouldn't the youths look for greener pastures in far away lands? Why shouldn't the youths look for means of livelihood instead of mere existence?
why shouldn't the youths demand for freedom from this entity of damnation?
Why shouldn't the youths demand a better life and justice system to live like humans?
Why, just why?

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso
For Family Writers Press International

Wednesday, 15 May 2019



A New Family Unit of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has emerged following it's successful inauguration at Nkpunato Ikem in Isi-Uzo, Enugu Province, Biafraland.  This took place on Monday 14th May 2019, due to the resilience and determination of IPOB family members from within the area, especially the mobilization officers. The new family unit is officially under the coordinatorship of Mazi Edeh Cosmos who is a bona-fide citizen of the community. He earned this promotion by virtue of his position in the affairs of the community. The coordinator is expected to vigorously mobilize for the needed establishment and expansion of more units across the jurisdiction.

The inauguration exercise was carried out by the IPOB local government area coordinator, Mazi Fabian Nnaji in the company of other officials. All laid down IPOB procedures were duly followed and implemented. A total number of thirty one individuals including Principal Officers graced the occasion. Unit officers were appointed and warned against flaunting orders and getting involved in acts of sabotage. The essence of the call to service centres exclusively on the total restoration of the sovereignty of the nation of Biafra under the able leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB, globally.

The newly inaugurated unit members passionately requested for adequate coverage of Radio Biafra in the area for the enhancement of evangelism and conviction of the people of the community and environs. The event was rounded up in praises as the brethren joyfully dined and wined together as a family.

Egwuatu Chukz
Reporting for Family Writers Press




We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide have resolved to prove on May 30th both in Biafraland and beyond that we remain the preeminent freedom fighting outfit anywhere on this earth at this present moment. The High Command of our illustruous movement have directed that every family meeting in every country around the world must in word and deed  demonstrate our formidability and resoluteness before an observant global audience on the 30th of May in such a manner that our heroes, wherever they lie, even in unmarked graves in forgotten battlefields, will be proud of what they achieved 52 years ago. Strict compliance with the sit-at-home order must be strictly and rigorously enforced across Biafraland.

As 30th of May 2019 Remembrance Day draw ever nearer, Biafrans both home and abroad MUST honour and remember our heroes and heroines that died to stop the total Islamisation of the sacred land of Biafra and perpetual enslavement of the children of God. The exceptionally gallant soldiers of the class of 67-70 and the fearless IPOB family members slain during numerous protests and rallies to free Biafra must be honoured in time honoured IPOB tradition by observing a solemn sit-at-home and complete lockdown of Biafraland on the 30th of May.

It is therefore the patriotic duty of every right thinking Biafran (man, woman and child) to respect the sacrifice these brave men and women made for our survival as a race. Every generation of Biafrans must honour our heroes because without them Biafraland would have become another conquered territory like Illorin, a Yoruba territory that is today 100% Fulani emirate.

All IPOB family units outside Biafraland, in over 88 countries and territories around the world, are expected to partake in street demonstrations, rallies, lectures and prayers to ensure the remembrance of our fallen heroes and heroines on 30th of May 2019 will go down in history as one of the greatest events of our time. IPOB will use this event to conclusively prove to the whole world that we are ready for the upcoming referendum for Biafra sovereignty.

We commend IPOB families in the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA and many others across the world that have managed to secure marching permits from their relevant authorities because of this historic 30th of May event. The leadership of IPOB are also aware that almost all countries where IPOB has presence, including Angola, Mozambique, Congo DRC, Namibia, Ghana and Tanzania have respectfully perfected their own arrangements to honour our heroes and heroines on that particular day.

IPOB family members in the UK have secured their venue at Trafalgar Square London for a rally. It is however interesting to note that when the Deputy National Coordinator of IPOB UK contacted the British Metropolitan Police for permission to march on Trafalgar Square on the 30th of May 2019, they were informed by the officer responsible for issuing permits that since 2014 IPOB started its street protests in London, there had never been any breach of public peace compared to similar protests by others groups that have always degenerated into scuffles and altercations with law enforcement agencies in the London area.

Britain having recognised the very civil approach of IPOB, granted permission to the UK IPOB family to proceed with the rally without undergoing the tedious application process for a permit which groups are normally subjected to. No other liberation movement in the world can boast of the pedigree, presence or respect IPOB enjoys across civilised nations of the world.

There will be a complete lockdown of Biafraland and major cities where Biafrans have a significant population concentration like Sabon Gari in Kano, Lagos, Kaduna, Zaria and Abuja.

We would like to remind certain criminally minded individuals, DSS informants, traitors and Biafra-for-hire groups that hiding under the banner of Biafra agitation to serve Miyetti Allah agenda through Al Mustapha will only bring them shame and ridicule. As with tradition, Biafraland will be locked down on the 30th of May. These shadowy elements that only exist on the pages of newspapers- without any significant presence on the ground in Biafraland or anywhere else around the world, should retrace their steps before they are all consumed in the upcoming inferno of rage against traitors. Any attempt to discourage our people from honouring their heroes or bring ridicule to the memory of our own Biafran activists that died in the course of Biafra restoration will be calamitous for the said traitor or his group.

These shadowy groups must know that collecting money from their Fulani sponsors in order to disrespect our heroes that fought and died for us is not something we will tolerate. These charlatans without shame or honour have forgotten that some of their members died at the hands of the same people they have gone to collect money from to stop a remembrance that includes honouring those members of theirs that died in service to Biafra. This is the height of evil and betrayal of the very worst kind.

To shamefully make such open and unguarded statements concerning the remembrance day celebration of our fallen heroes and heroines who died that we may live is indicative of the hopelessness and criminal mindset of these Nigeria sponsored criminals masquerading as Biafrans. Only informants, traitors and sabotuers will dream stepping outside on the 30th of May and if they do, they will only have themselves to blame.


Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Our Republican Nature: Reason We Have Not Gotten Biafra --IPOB Deputy Head of Directorate

Our Republican Nature: Reason We Have Not Gotten Biafra --IPOB Deputy Head of Directorate

I was pondering today over a statement credited to the Deputy Head of Directorate of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Tony Nzurumike where he emphasized that our republican way of doing things, will not help us in the Biafra restoration effort. According to him, the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has really taken an exhaustive study of the mentality and the republican nature of our people, with attached consequences to the restoration of the sovereignty of Biafra. There is therefore, the need to get such abolished and get introduced, what is known as "Command and Control Mindset".

In his words he stated and I quote: "Though republicanism and democratism run in our blood, but our leader was divinely inspired to carry out a study on Biafrans well over time, before the commencement of this global movement". He came to the conclusion that it is only those who are highly disciplined in IPOB that can get BIAFRA. This gave rise to the "Command and Control; and Chain of Command" structures."

Talking about the importance of discipline in the struggle, Mazi Mazi Tony highlights the need to completely brush aside our "republican nature" in his words,

"our republicanism and democratism cannot give us BIAFRA, period!". "The reason why we are yet slaves to the Fulani cattle rearers exactly, hinges on our so-called republican nature as a people. This perculiarism  becomes only usefully needed after the restoration of BIAFRA. Therefore, we must all individually carry out thorough examination of ourselves to see that we have what it takes to realize this task. It is however true that not everybody must get BIAFRA", he concluded.

Source: Family Writers Press

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