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Tuesday 23 July 2024

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: As The Plot To Make Biafrans Disappoint Him Fails, The Plot To Kill Him Will Destroy Nigeria

 Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: As The Plot To Make Biafrans Disappoint Him Fails, The Plot To Kill Him Will Destroy Nigeria 

In the wake of the illegal abduction or extraordinary rendition from Kenya, as was the case with the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, there was noticeable pandemonium on the face of every indigenous person of Biafra that stemmed from the precarious nature of what the movement would become without the towering and fearless presence of our leader, Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Indeed, judging by the awkwardness of Nigeria government, it is well established that the scheme to have Mazi Nnamdi Kanu abducted involved multiple state actors, including a villainous colonizer. Certainly, the schematic instructions from the colonial enabler included engineering of internal fissure through spread of disinformation. Unarguably, the original plan was to create an untrue narrative of internal betrayal through paid agents masquerading as hardcore IPOB members. This was miscalculated to produce a total destructive effect, the likes of which recovery was impossible.

It has been more than 3 years that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was illegally abducted and extraordinarily renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria, still in solitary confinement despite numerous judicial victory while IPOB, against all odds, braved the colonial playbook of isolating the shepherd and scattering the sheep.

Before Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be tossed, Nigeria government and her foreign sponsors must find a way to make Biafrans disappoint him. With the flunking of the kidnap plan, the only card left for Nigeria government is to pretend to want a negotiation. The leadership in Nigeria lacks sincerity and the foreign enabler is a grand puppeteer pulling the strings. 

Therefore, if the initial isolation of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu happened and IPOB survived, surely the best option for an insincere government is to pretend to negotiate to achieve what was not achieved during abduction – deceive Biafrans to disappoint Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The plot is to relegate IPOB leadership, conduct an illegal negotiation with anointed persons, including lawyers and politicians, and use them to lie to Biafrans. These propped individuals will come to say things Mazi Nnamdi Kanu never said in order to trigger Biafrans emotionally and have them reject Onyendu. 

Unfortunately, the same miscalculation and underestimation of the post-kidnap result is still playing out. Nigeria government is grabbing its last straw like a drowning man. Since Mazi Nnamdi Kanu rejected every offer in exchange for abandoning the Biafra restoration project, information isolation seems the only viable card left for Nigeria government.  This plan is dead on arrival.

The reason is simple: Biafrans have transmuted and evolved for the past 3 years. The underlying effect of the torturous journey over the last 3 years is that Biafrans are empowered to put their emotions in check. Biafrans are now able to differentiate between what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stands for from what others stand for. Biafrans know that they will not accept anything they didn’t hear directly from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a free man leading a negotiation, not as a prisoner of conscience being negotiated for by other people.

As Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is unyielding to the Nigeria government and her foreign sponsors; and as Biafrans have mastered the psychological game of deception and will not betray their leader, there is only one remaining outcome. It is a bloody outcome. The question is: Whose interest will be served in the killing of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, which will lead to a bloody destruction of Nigeria?  Obviously, it is not the interest of Nigerians or the indigenous people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is critically ill and should be released to go get proper treatment. To delay his release is to draw closer Nigeria’s doomsday.

Those that make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable. Let common sense and reason prevail!

#Free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu


Family Writers Press International

Thursday 13 June 2024

Aba Attack: Unveiling The Ongoing Collusion Between Miyetti Allah And The Nigerian Military Using Covert False Flag Operations, Criminality and Insecurity To Destabilize Southeast

Aba Attack: Unveiling The Ongoing Collusion Between Miyetti Allah And The Nigerian Military Using Covert False Flag Operations, Criminality and Insecurity To Destabilize Southeast 

In a global world replete with high level of manipulations, covert guerilla operations, proxies and false flag strategies usually carried out by security and intelligence agencies, organizations and institutions; have continued to raise concerns on the validity and objectivity behind what is reported as Truth about an event being made available for public consumption. In this regard, many false flag strategies and operations are orchestrated to conceal ulterior motives, clandestine agenda and oppressive policies while information manipulation is being deployed to control and monitor public discussions, perception and views on the subject using agents of information dissemination as remote tools. Security Forces, intelligence units and institutions often collaborate with each other in perpetrating these manipulative, criminal and violent activities, especially when there seem to be a shared agenda or motive behind the scene.

This brings our torchlight onto the prevalent polity in the East, especially in the Southeast region, where layers of recorded joint false flag strategies which were hideously carried out by Miyetti Allah in cohorts with the Nigerian Military; to be brought to the fore. 

The dark reality in Southeast is that the forces against the region are hiding under covert guerilla operations to incite unrest, worsen criminality and aggravate the general insecurity in the region. To not only demarket the region from attracting developmental growth and advancement but also to ensure that there's an unending state of turmoil in the region used in blackmailing the collective well-being of the region, Biafra agitation and IPOB altogether.

In the light of the above, this article aims at highlighting as well as revisiting the various spots of unseen collusion between the Miyetti Allah terrorist group and the Nigerian Fulani controlled Military within the shores of Southeast.

These testaments of sensitive collaborations between the Nigerian government, Nigerian Fulani controlled military with the Miyetti Allah terrorist group, are a collection of primary information gathered from thorough investigations conducted by Family Writers Press International, to expose the hidden secrets held by these institutions and groups behind the now trending Aba false flag attack.

1: Elements Of Connivance Between The Nigerian Government, Military and Miyetti Allah Terrorist Group Across Nigeria.

To start with, the Nigerian government and her military with other security forces have not in any moment till date condemned, attacked or declared war on Fulani herdsmen terrorists controlled and managed by Miyetti Allah terrorist group despite the group's history and penchant to engage in violent activities and massacre of unsuspecting indigenous peoples' in various parts of Nigeria. It is on record how the Nigerian Army and other sister agencies collude with the herdsmen terrorist group to maim and massacre innocent Nigerians. It is obviously recorded how the Nigerian military, police feign criminal silence to Fulani terrorism. Instead of neutralizing these insurgents, they provide them with logistics and tactical cover by going after community vigilante groups pursuing and checkmating these Fulani herdsmen terrorists; and also use political power and Media to shield the marauding Fulani herdsmen terrorists from public blame and condemnation. 

In places such as Ụzọ Uwani, Eha Amufu, Nsukka all in Enugwu state; Ezza, Ikwo, Ezza, etc in Ebonyi State, including other parts of the Southeast, have a history of terrorist activities of these Fulani herdsmen terrorists, yet in no time has the duplicitous Nigerian government, her Fulani controlled security operatives gone into the bushes to rescue these innocent defenseless people under Fulani herdsmen attacks. Despite numerous distress calls put across to these security agencies, there has not been any reported incident where a victim of Fulani herdsmen attack was rescued by the Nigerian Army or police. These are undisputable evidences that exposes the connivance between the military and the Miyetti Allah terrorist group. The Nigerian government, security forces aid and abet Fulani terrorism in Nigeria perpetrated by Miyetti Allah terrorist group. 

2: The Fulani Vindictive Policy Against IPOB/ESN Operatives In Southeast.

It is no news that the Nigerian government and her Fulani controlled security forces in conjunction with Miyetti Allah Leaders are out on a vindictive vendetta on IPOB, ESN and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; for floating a vigilante security outfit determined to frustrate their Fulanization and Islamization agenda in Nigeria, and Eastern region in particular. This shared agenda of Fulanizing Nigeria having been thwarted by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB'S foresight, demonstrated by their establishment of Eastern Security Network, ESN; to protect the Eastern region against Fulani terrorism; became a stumbling block for the actualization of this evil plan, hence the Nigerian army embarked on a state sponsored blackmail troll against ESN operatives.

3: Independent Indictments.

"The armed forces are not neutral, they collude with the armed bandits that kill people, kill Nigerians, they facilitate their movement, they cover them, if you are depending on the armed forces to stop the killings, you will all die one by one". A revelation made by Former Chief Of Army Staff, Gen. T Y Danjuma on Channels TV, July 3rd, 2022.

"I was kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen working with Nigerian soldiers in the night but disguise as herders in the day. I paid 100 million ransom for my freedom". A revelation made during press interview by Methodist Prelate, His Eminence, Samuel Kanu Uche, June 1, 2022. Vanguard.

Nigerian soldiers busted for sharing N100 million ransom paid by Deji Oyewunmi, abducted Kaduna train passenger--Peoples Gazette July 27, 2022 .

These above extracts underscore all one need to know why the herdsmen terrorists were codenamed "Bandits" by the Nigerian government and the collusion between the Nigerian government, security forces with Miyetti Allah terrorist group. The onus of the matter is the continuous use of media manipulation to shield these terrorists while they massacre and destabilize the Southeast. It is obvious for the blind to see the reason why the army haven't declared war on Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, but are out to tag every false flag crime they perpetuate in Southeast on IPOB/ESN. 

Furthermore, it's high time the people of Eastern region, especially Ndị Igbo in Southeast rally round and support IPOB/ESN for the safety of the region from Fulani terrorism. The use of false flag crimes in Southeast such as the Aba Army attack, remains the handiwork of the above exposed collusion between Miyetti Allah terrorists and the Fulani controlled Nigerian government and security forces to blackmail Abia State Government, the Southeast region and Biafra agitation championed by IPOB. Government recruited agent provocateurs, fifth columnists and infiltrators are under the payroll of these elements to cause chaos and perpetuate criminality in Southeast. However, IPOB leadership and the Eastern Security Network are determined to flush these criminal elements out of the region in no distant time. The time to do the needful is now. Delay is always dangerous.

Support ESN for the safety of Ala Igbo by donating via 

Family Writers Press International

A Biafran US-Based Acknowledges IPOB's State Actor Role, Says IPOB Now Government Of The Eastern Region Of Nigeria

 A Biafran US-Based Acknowledges IPOB's State Actor Role, Says IPOB Now Government Of The Eastern Region Of Nigeria

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is a peaceful, nonviolent Self-determination movement, formed by it's leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, around 2012. Advocating for the exit of the Eastern region and the establishment of an independent Biafra, from Nigeria through a United Nation supervised referendum.

Over the years, IPOB's non-violent modus operandi towards Biafra Restoration has drawn criticisms and concerns from various quarters within and outside Nigeria. However, within the confines of the Eastern region of Nigeria, also called Biafraland, IPOB plays a  complex role, ranging from undertaking initiatives, ideas and implementing policies considered to bring positive contributions to the region and also making vital decisions for the overall betterment of the entire Eastern region.

Some of the change-oriented actions and policies that earned IPOB her state actor role and authority include:


1: Filling The Void On Security Of The Eastern Region.

One of the most debated aspects of IPOB's activities, is its armed wing, the Eastern Security Network (ESN); a vigilante group formed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; charged with flushing out marauding Fulani herdsmen terrorists encroaching into the Eastern region through the forests and bushes; maiming and killing farmers and innocent residents of the region, as well as securing the safety of the region from any threat of terrorism attack by external aggressors.

With the emergence of ESN, IPOB earned itself a state actor position in the region, despite the various calls on the political leaders of the region to float a regional security outfit to wade off the terrorists herdsmen massacring innocent people in the region. Their failure and politicizing of the security of their people by the political leaders of the region, especially the 5 Southeast governors, opened the door for a nongovernmental actor to fill the gap. 

The Nigerian government often accuses ESN of violent activities, labeling them as terrorist group. However, many residents of the region argue that ESN fills a security void deliberately left unattended by the Nigerian government and security agencies. Decades of neglect of the security of the people in the Southeast led to the rise in kidnappings and violence activities by criminal gangs. In some communities, ESN presence is seen as a deterrent to such terrorist activity. The people of the region view IPOB as a government of the people, for the people and by the people themselves with a massive support and high compliance to IPOB directives.

2: The DOS: A  Sophisticated Leadership Structure.

It is important to acknowledge the complexities surrounding IPOB leadership structure. Their rhetoric can be inflammatory, and their methods has never for once resulted in violence.  IPOB is a well identified peaceful movement in various parts of the world, registered in many countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asian continents without any indictment of violent activities.

The group's leadership structure is opaque, such that one can not penetrate through it, to talk of bringing it down. At various false flag operations carried out by detractors and agent provocateurs recruited by the Nigerian government against IPOB, have continued to be futile to bring IPOB leadership down to the mud.

However, violent activities were been indiscriminately leveled on ESN by the Nigerian government and security agencies especially the Nigerian Army, which were still proven null and void as IPOB continues to maintain it's peaceful agitation for referendum to have a sovereign state of Biafra. 

This is made possible due to the leadership structure, where best think-tanks were assembled for administrative and governance purposes. These group of men and women of impeccable characters are the reason why the state actor position attained by IPOB has been carefully managed and not abused in the last 10 years The leadership of IPOB serve as the fulcrum to the positive changes in the Eastern region.

3: Regional Development Catalyst.

Beyond security of the region, IPOB engages in developmental policies and projects. As a state actor in the region, IPOB have attracted and contributed to the compliance, completion and startup of various abandoned, new projects in the region by Federal Government, State governments and local and foreign investors.

IPOB singlehandedly secured the forests from Fulani herdsmen terrorists, encouraged farmers in the region to go back to farming as well as improved on the food security of the region. A void left for over 40 years since after the Biafran genocide.

Recently, IPOB embarked on a vital policy action to electrify the region inorder to boost and attract industrial growth and development into the region. This is evident through their ongoing campaigns for the withdrawal and removal of incompetent, monopolistic Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC, from the region. This policy action is best understood from the positive perspective aimed at ensuring institutions charged with providing social amenities to the people of the region are held accountable and charged to provide their services to the public.

These actions address the very real needs of a region grappling with political malfunction and infrastructural challenges.  To many residents in the region, these efforts demonstrate a commitment to improving lives – a commitment they over years seen that the Nigerian government and their controlled Eastern governors lack. IPOB state actor role is  borne out of necessity.

4: Promoting Igbo Cultural Values And Preservation.

IPOB actively promotes Igbo cultural values Through organizing festivals, sponsoring educational programs, and advocating for the inclusion of Igbo language studies in schools in the region. Through IPOB's campaign of back to root, spread through several  sponsored Radio Biafra Broadcasts, a sense of identity and self-esteem were reengineered into the psyche of many Youths in the region. This however, led to many in the region embracing the Igbo cosmology and spirituality. In a globalized world, cultural preservation is an ongoing struggle, and IPOB's efforts resonate with those who fear the dilution of Igbo identity. Hence, IPOB using her state actor role, generated massive interest into culture consciousness now spreading across quarters in the region. 

5: A Complex Reality

Until the restoration of Biafra, IPOB remains a major stakeholder in the affairs of the Eastern region. This reality may not go down well with some individuals and institutions, however, it is proven that when the desirable is not available, then the available becomes desirable. IPOB occupies this void position left by the Nigerian government and the governments in the region. While their methods seem to bring developments into the region, they undertake initiatives that many residents see as positive catalysts.  Ultimately, the group's future hinges on its ability to embrace non-violent means and contribute to a more democratic and prosperous sovereign state of Biafra, whether as part of the contentious Nigeria or in a truly independent and sovereign Biafra. Therefore, it doesn't matter how long it takes for anyone to deny the complex reality in Eastern region, IPOB have come to stay. 

The difference is clear; IPOB is the people and the people are IPOB. A government of the people by the people and for the betterment of the people. It is empirically obvious that the people are with this government, judging from the just concluded 30th May, Biafra Heroes Day anniversary Sit-at-home, there are no second thoughts, IPOB is moving forward everyday and they will definitely get to their destination. It's just a matter time. The Nigerian government should stop being blinded with delusions and be bold to acknowledge this fact. Dialogue with this movement and conduct referendum for their peaceful exit. This is candidly wise to do.

Dr. Chikwe Onwuchakwe

Published by Family Writers Press International.

Monday 10 June 2024

Ex -Soldier Blasts Nigerian Government, Military, Warns the Press Against Misrepresentation, Gives Reasons For Resignation

 Ex -Soldier Blasts Nigerian Government, Military, Warns the Press Against Misrepresentation, Gives Reasons For Resignation

Ex-Nigerian Special Forces Soldier, Daniel Somtochukwu who resigned from service due to the Nigerian Military/political establishment, vindictiveness towards his ethnicity(Igbos & Easterners), has accused the government and Military for terrorism on his people. He also demanded that the Nigerian press/media desists from addressing him as an active serving soldier, but an ex-Soldier.

The resigned Soldier frowned at the harmful treatment meted on his people, in contrast to the biased and favoritism towards the north and the terrorist groups emanating from there and ravaging the entire country. 

According to Somtochukwu's post of X-social media, "The highest act of terrorism by the Nigeria terrorist @HQNigerianArmy against Biafra people. Now ask them, is this not terrorism of the highest order?" 

 Also, "Nigeria media should address me the way I addressed myself as Ex Nigerian soldier stop misquoting me make una no talk say I dey impersonate"

This comes in light of the recent and continued overwhelming military invasion of Aba, Abia state by the Nigerian Military over the killing of 5 soldiers by unknown gunmen on the Biafra 30th May Fallen Heroes Commemoration day, 2024. 

The military at the orders of the Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared war on the Indigenous People Of Biafra whom they accused of being responsible for the attack. Though IPOB have stated unequivocally in a press statement that they are not responsible for the attack, calling it dastardly and demanded an open, public investigation into it, while on the other hand asserting that the attack was a false flag, politically motivated operation by the enemy of the Biafra struggle which it champions. 

IPOB believes the attack was masterminded by enemies of the commemoration of the death of 6 million Biafrans who were genocidally massacred in the 1967-70 Biafra war, which recorded tremendous success and due compliance by residents of the SouthEast, and the Economic breakthrough of Dr. Alex Otti's Government.

Nevertheless, this has not dettered the Nigerian military from unleashing an indiscriminate abduction operations against  youths in Aba. Preliminary reports shows that well over 300 (Three Hundred) young people have been abducted, and more disappeared without trace since the 30th of May 2024.

A lady doctor resident in Lagos, but whom family resides in Aba - their ancestral home, took to X social handle and lamented how her kid brother, aged 15 was taken by the Nigerian military men from their home alongside his sister, leaving behind their bedridden 70 years old sick father unkept. 

Similar stories & worse continues to emanate from Aba as days go by. Many young youths, most of whom have fled Aba metropolis to their various ancestral homes to avoid being targeted, were eventually tracked and killed.  The Nigerian military in one of such cases claimed it acted on "wrong & misleading intelligence." 

The Ex-Soldier in reaction to the bogus contrast about the overwhelming Aba militarization compared to the north where terrorists of various sect are having a field day, massacring deployed soldiers and civilians alike, displacing them in droves into refugees camps, with little or no crackdown on them or the civilians there by the state and military.

He stated that he condemns the military against its actions in Aba and South East as a whole, positing that the Nigerian Military "hates and despises his people". And this was why he threw in the towel. The Ex-soldier also urge everyone else from the Eastern region who are currently rendering services to the enemy's army to follow suit. 

"Over 300 people have been disappeared by the Nigerian military, yet our brothers in the military will see the evil that is been done to their people by the organization they under and they are still there , when something happens to them you will start showing pity."?, he said. 

"This is Vincent omile [illustrative pictures added]15NA who died in Maiduguri under Boko Haram attack @HQNigerianArmy he wasn't even recognised and this energy that is been put in the east today wasn't put then , no benefit to the family, why the eye service in abịa state ? I grew together with him in nkpor." He added. 

In many instances, Somto cited various reasons why leaving the Nigerian military was the right thing he ever did. He argued that during his time in service in the north where he was deployed, they were constantly compromised, under-armed, but then sent to confront terrorists who were for the most part, armed-to-the-teeth. 

"Nigeria army have deployed troops to okigwe from the video I watched .With lots of gun trucks but I was in F.O.B 151tf bn darjamel and isis attacked our camp 2019 with up to 50 trucks if am not mistaking and we had only this gun truck I posted .The hatred on my people is alarming." 

"Throughout my service in northeast I was officially given 60rounds till I left @HQNigerianArmy under the regime of maj Sani as my Oc in 151tf bn, but see the way they are busy pumping ammunition’s to kill my people in east and they want me to stand in one Nigeria 🇳🇬?

"It is only in Nigerian army that Sitrep [situation report] will come that boko haram are 5km ahead of our camp instead of the officer in charge to order the mortar platoon to engage them when he knows there’s no ammunition in camp to fight they will ask us to be on red alert. Youths should wake up, Isn’t that suspicious? Our youths should stop being used, our Biafra youths should know the games going on in the military that made me quit. It takes the grace of God and being sensible before you will get to your senses and reason about the things happening."

Is only in Nigerian army that Sitrep will come that boko haram are 5km ahead of our camp instead of the officer in charge to order the mortar platoon to engage them when he knows there’s no ammunition in camp to fight they will ask us to be on red alert .youths should wake up.

 Continuing, he said, The family of his young friends and colleagues who fell fighting the terrorists  were never taken care of. Some of these friends, he claimed never got to take their first abysmal salary but were tragically killed by the terrorists. And even the salary of the current servicemen is nothing to write home about."

"The soldier that I posted last time that was striked by IED [illustrative pictures added] didn’t actually died of the IED but died because they left him helplessly and bleeding killed him ,our youths should stop joining organization that doesn’t value their live and wellbeing." 

"A day to remind you youths that a soldier was killed by boko haram that made his closest buddy cried and the @HQNigerianArmy didn’t retaliate so hard and no benefits to the soldiers family but they are busy killing my people in Biafra land." 

Somto also added that most of people in the military are disgruntled, and knows he is speaking the truth but are scared of being eliminated; 

"Many people knows that what I am saying is truth but those in service are afraid to voice out to avoid being killed directly or indirectly." Citing instances where patriotic officials in the military were roundly dismissed from service by orders from Abuja, for going hard on the terrorists ravaging the north.

To crown it all, same terrorists whom numerous lives are being exhausted to combat would later be captured alive, and instead of making them pay for their crimes, they would be integrated into various civilian/military institutions by the Nigerian government as "repentant terrorists", and then deployed to the east to kill as currently obtained in Aba and other places, He lamented. 

These reasons and many more, are why Somto believes it is stupidity for a Biafran, Igbo or anyone from the East to serve in the Nigerian military. 

He said "Those of you that always ask why I quit from the Nigerian military, this video is one of the reason [illustrative clip added], I can’t continue service the government that sends troops to kill my own people while they let go of terrorist."

As a result of this some of the Nigerian media institutions opted to air his grievances, though addressing him as active soldier, which he strongly insists to be rather addressed as an Ex-Nigerian Soldier, to avoid being accused of impersonation. 

He also criticized the international community and global human rights institutions for turning a blind eye on the atrocities being committed by the Nigerian military in the Eastern region. 

"Dear World- NIGERIA🇳🇬if these are not human Rights abuses by Nigerian Armed forces against innocent cibilians in the South East what do you call this?The world is watching.IF NYERERE WAS ALIVE HE WOULD  SAY NO-UN,AU,EU WHY ARE U BLIND @antonioguterres @SuluhuSamia @KagutaMuseveni."

Family Writers Press International

Time For South East Governors To Assume Responsibility and Provide 24hrs Electricity, It Is Over For EEDC, Pack and Leave Or We Deal With You---IPOB

  Time For South East Governors To Assume Responsibility and Provide 24hrs Electricity, It Is Over For EEDC, Pack and Leave Or We Deal With You---IPOB 

The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indefatigable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu calls on the governors in the South East to cancel all Power contracts with Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) for being an impediment to the development of the Region. 

EEDC has proven to be incapable of providing reliable, adequate, and affordable electricity to support economic stimulation and growth of the South East. The company is just extorting money from the people of the South East without providing reliable electricity. 

The South East Governors should leverage the electricity deregulation policy of Tinubu's government and engage other local or foreign electricity generation and distribution companies to take the place of the incompetent company called EEDC. 

The current electricity deregulation policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria has given powers to the State Government to generate and distribute power to their state. Therefore, South East Governors must not subject the Eastern Region to darkness in order to please the insatiablly creedy company called EEDC and its owner. Electricity is a catalyst for economic development and growth, which Ndigbo must not be denied at a time like this.

South East Governors have no excuse for not providing reliable and efficient electricity in their States. The time of giving excuses with the monopoly of NEPA, PHCN, or EEDC is over. Now, the Federal Government Electricity deregulation has given them the power to hire and fire any electricity company in their state. Eastern region governors can come together and partner with a reputable power company that can provide steady and affordable electricity for the entire region. 

The governors must ensure that there is adequate electricity in the region without further delay. Our attention has been drawn to the unconfirmed letter written to the South East governors, universities, institutions, companies and communities by EEDC to these people and groups mentioned above to come and pay what they did not consume and failure to do so EEDC will shut off their lights. We beg EEDC to jettison such idea because we don't want to use force on them and if they want to test the power IPOB possesses, we will  let them taste the venom. 

If they venture to cut any lights in the South East this time around, we will react because we have endured enough. The citizens of the South East are charged to deal with anyone seen as EEDC representatives anywhere in our land who try to shut off people's lights. They must be lynched and they must call any IPOB office close to you with the information. 

EEDC is a big disappointment to the people of the South East Region. They are not showing any sign of repentance or improvement in the electricity distribution, and they failed to provide prepaid meters across the South East Region. Their extortion and incompetency should not be endured any longer. IPOB wants the governors not to allow EEDC to use another company to come back and deceive them, and  try to take another contract because EEDC has failed and can not handle the electricity distribution in the South East Region. PERIOD!

IPOB wants the governors to take responsibility for providing steady light in the South East Region. The development and progress of the South East is dependent on these conditions.  They should stop every unnecessary excuse. IPOB and Ndigbo, in general, have lost confidence in EEDC. Our people must be prepared to chase EEDC out of the region. IPOB is not backing down on plans of ejecting the rogue company called EEDC from the region.

The South Eastern Governors must wake up and demonstrate their willingness to drive economic development of the East via the provision of steady and affordable electricity by canceling all power deals with incompetent and extortionist- Enugu Electricity Distribution Company - EEDC.


Tuesday 16 April 2024

BIAFRA: Clarifying The Deliberate Misinformation Geared By Fifth Columnists Against IPOB Movement And Her Activities

 BIAFRA: Clarifying The Deliberate Misinformation Geared By Fifth Columnists Against IPOB Movement And Her Activities


There have been considerable numbers of misinforming narratives that are aimed at breeding confusion around the self-determination movement of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), her activities and modus operandi. These narratives that are being engineered by fifth Columnists have continued, regardless of the fact that IPOB movement have consistently ensured that her actions, activities are lawful and not misquoted or misunderstood by the global community, spectators and observers. 

These misinformation which snowballed into blackmails used by the Nigeria government, its security agencies, as well as some conventional media houses, commentators and online media platforms – advertently or inadvertently – to wrongfully accuse the Pro-Biafra Independence movement, IPOB.

First, the past three years of the abduction and extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB Leader by the Nigeria government, Infiltrators made strenuous attempts to Infiltrate, overthrow and impersonate the IPOB Leader/leadership and undermine the organizational structure piloting the affairs of the global movement.

IPOB strongly believes and insists that their actions were perpetrated at the behest of the Nigeria government whom through the employment and deployment of these Trojan horses or agent provocateurs, aims at criminalizing the lawful freedom-fighting movement and to truncate the legitimacy of their demands on right to Self-determination for the people of Biafra via a peaceful United Nations supervised referendum.

From the onset, IPOB through countless press statements, addresses on the Radio Biafra platform by IPOB senior and high-ranking officials stated unequivocally that Mr. Simon Ekpa was never, and is not a registered member of the IPOB movement hence distancing itself from him, and his "Autopilot" groups, their activities and even expelled sympathizers, collaborators whom were registered IPOB members.

On this premises, it is therefore imperative to clarify these distinctions to dispel misconceptions and provide a clearer understanding of these entities.


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), founded by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in 2012 is a Freedom mass movement, advocating for the self-determination of the people of Eastern Nigeria(Biafrans). 

IPOB is registered in over 120 countries of the world, and their peaceful conducts and activities since inception has never been viewed as a threat to any of these host countries. Their core values and principle are rooted in peace, justice, and equality. 

IPOB's ideology is encapsulated in her four cardinal points, which include:

- being without fear before enemies.

- speaking the truth even in the face of death.

 -helping the poor and the defenseless.

-and exhibiting of good behavior that the creator may love thee. 

These points have guided members, adherents and sympathizers to indulge in voluntary sacrifices, patriotism under the inspiration of being "whiter than white, and whiter than snow." — phrase frequently used by the IPOB Leader in most of his public addresses before his unfortunate enforced absence.

On the other hand, the 'Autopilots' as mentioned above became operational in 2021, and is led by Simon Ekpa who reside in Finland, and their agenda, principles differ significantly from those of IPOB. The autopilot movement publicly have declared arms struggle and have claimed responsibility of most violent activities which their Finland leader posts on his X wall. 

Unlike IPOB, the Autopilots do not have a centralized leadership structure, making it difficult to ascertain their true agenda and motives.  

After the attempts to overthrow the IPOB Leader, hijack the leadership and movement which failed woefully, they now claims to have formed a Government-in-Exile. Although, every now and then, the Nigeria government, military, media tries to allocate/link/associate the criminal tendencies and activities of this Autopilot group against the people in East, to IPOB most times, without investigations. This buttresses the fact about the plausibility of IPOB's claim of a state-sponsored Trojan horse operation at play.


IPOB operates under a centralized leadership, with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu serving as its sole indispensable Supreme leader. The group have a clear chain of command, - a quasi-military central administrative command structure known as the Directorate Of States (DOS), which is responsible for guidance and direction of its day-to-day activities.

IPOB's approach to achieving self-determination for the Biafran people as stated by the movement, is through peaceful means. 

Despite facing notable challenges and state persecution, IPOB have remained steadfast in her commitment to non-violence approach, as reflected in her peaceful protests and advocacy efforts through pragmatic diplomacy and engagements. IPOB's goal is to peacefully negotiate the independence of Biafra within the framework of international laws.

Diplomatic engagements and currying relationships with global state-actors is an indispensable and essential factor for the IPOB movement and for the success of the Biafra struggle she presently champions. IPOB holds and wields this tool with great esteem and precaution.

Eastern Security Network

The Eastern Security Network which is under the sole proprietorship of the IPOB movement, was created in 2020 to combat marauding Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen. The ESN have not strayed beyond the borders of Biafraland even when urgencies of such may have arised, ESN have stayed in Biafran bushes and forests to safeguard the farmlands and ensure that agricultural activities are not disrupted by the invading terrorists.

Of course, ESN existence creates a certain level of deterrence, but the IPOB movement understands the implications of every action she takes, its benefits and consequence in the long-term and short runs. And as such, maintains that the ESN will remain in the bushes and dedicated to their primary objective of combating the Fulani terrorists while the IPOB movement continues in her peaceful means of agitation to achieve their goal of Self-determination via a UN supervised referendum.


Unless IPOB movement declares in future, to no longer view civil disobedience as a viable tool in achieving her objectives, the possibility of involving in military actions against any state-actor is zero, unless on the basis of self-defense or recipient of aggression during a military confrontation.

And, as a well-structured freedom-fighting movement which seeks recognition and acquaintance with reputable countries of the world, should the IPOB movement resolve to that, they global community will surely be informed of such development.

It is on these notes that we wish to beseech the public to willfully acknowledge the above clarification, and respect accordingly; to disregard and actively challenge actions or publications that goes contrary. 

Family Writers Press International.

Monday 15 April 2024

The IPOB Leader, And The Government's Haunting Sin Of Extraordinary Rendition

The IPOB Leader, And The Government's Haunting Sin Of Extraordinary Rendition

On June 29, 2021, the immediate former Nigerian Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami confirmed that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was abducted by security agents in Kenya and extradited to Nigeria. This act, known as extraordinary rendition, is a blatant violation of international law and Nigeria's obligations under various international treaties and conventions.

Firstly, Nigeria violated the principle of non-refoulement, which prohibits the extradition or forcible return of individuals to a country where they face the risk of persecution, torture, or other serious human rights violations. By extraditing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to Nigeria where he faces politically motivated charges and a real risk of torture and unfair trial, Nigeria has breached its obligations under the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Secondly, Nigeria's action violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which guarantees the right to a fair trial and prohibits arbitrary arrest and detention. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been held in detention without trial since his abduction, denying him the right to challenge the legality of his detention and prepare his defense, as required by international law.

Furthermore, Nigeria's action constitute a violation of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, which guarantees the right to liberty and security of person, the right to a fair trial, and the prohibition of arbitrary arrest and detention.

Horribly, the international community have remained largely silent, failing to hold Nigeria accountable for its actions, despite these clear violations of international laws. This silence sends a dangerous message that countries can flout international law with impunity, undermining the very foundations of the international legal order.

It is imperative that the international community takes action to hold Nigeria accountable for its actions. This could include imposing targeted sanctions on Nigerian officials responsible for the abduction and detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as well as urging Nigeria to release him immediately and unconditionally.

Nigeria's extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a serious violation of international law that requires a robust international response. The world must not turn a blind eye to such flagrant abuse of human rights and must act decisively to uphold the rule of law and protect fundamental human rights.

This culture of collective conspiracy and selective justice only helps to justify critics and call out the double standard of those pretending to be defenders of human rights.

Except Nigeria is heavily punished and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu released unconditionally, international treaties and conventions amounts to nothing.

Family Writers Press International

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