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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dead Morrows Marine Orders The Release Of Nnamdi Kanu And Launches Attack On Afam Shell Pipeline

Dead Morrows Marine Orders The Release Of Nnamdi Kanu And Launches Attack On Afam Shell Pipeline

Nigeria in for another trouble, as Dead Morrows Marine the newly dreaded emerged group in Rivers State, launches a fresh attack on dwoo Shell pipeline Afam Obigbo in Rivers State by 8:59pm on Tuesday.

The commander of this dreaded group, Gan Tamuno  A.K.A CONNECTION BOY have warned and vowed to launch incessant attacks, which will not just zero the Nigeria economy, but cripple the entire activities in Nigeria, if the Leader Of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu is not released unconditionally and   their demands not totally met.

Other than the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu, the group drew the battle lines with the Muhammadu Buhari's led Government, if other Biafra incarcerated detainees are not released from detention with immediate effect.
The group have also given a One Week ultimatum, for Oil Companies to evacuate
South-South and South-East oil producing regions with immediate effect, for forcefully exploiting their resources and contaminating their environment with long lasting oil spillage.

The new group, spelt it out to the Buhari led Government that, it will be to their peril, if any Politician is met on their behalf, as is totally insane for anyone to think, they emerged politically or seek for any negotiation, except meeting to their boldly spelt out terms.



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

It may not surprise me that Justice Binta Nyako of Nigeria Federal High Court Abuja does not know the differences between the High Court which she presides over and Sharia Court, differences between Sharia Law and Civil Law, differences between judicial procedures in High Court and Sharia Court, differences between cases that could be tried in the procedures of a High Court or Sharia Court, people of religious background that can be tried in the procedures of a High court or Sharia Court, but my greatest surprise is how Madam Binta Nyako, such poorly educated Judge found herself as a presiding Judge in Nigeria federal High Court. Well, having studied the general conducts and judicial dispositions of Justice Binta Nyako since the case filed of treasonable felony instituted by Nigeria government against Nnamdi Kanu, supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other 3 defendants, was opened on November 8, 2016, all I have seen is total disgrace and show of shame on Nigeria Judicial Council from a supposed Federal High Court Judge.

Apart from the all-around judicial show of shame which Justice Binta Nyako has meted on NJC reputation, which is anchored on her verdict somersaults she does which negates Nigeria judicial procedures, her obvious hostilities on Nnamdi Kanu (1st defendant) and Benjamin Madubugwu (3rd defendant) by denying them chances respectively to speak in court based on her opinion that they are all too vocal while speaking, illegal bail denial due to fear of jumping bail by defendants whose international passports and other travelling documents have been seized by Nigeria government and many other rascality too many to mention. She said that the Federal High Court is her own and she can do anything she wish whether Nnamdi Kanu or anybody want it or not. This is a single statement which renders her unqualified to continue to preside over the case under reference because no Judge owns any court in the land, even Chief Justice of Nigeria.

However, the height of judicial insensitivity ever demonstrated by the half-baked and quota system poorly lettered Judge is on her declaration that Nnamdi Kanu and other defendants must be tried secretly in the procedures of a Sharia Court. The trial Judge went ahead to tell the defense lawyers led by Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor that they should mandatorily go and study Sharia Law which will expose them to a criteria which secret trial is conducted especially under Sharia Law.

Now, my questions are:

(1) Will Justice Binta Nyako continue to preside over the case when Sharia Law procedures of Secret trial set in because according to Sharia Law, a woman cannot be a Kadi or Grand Kadi of Sharia trial whether secret or no secret?

(2) Does she know that Section 262 (2) (a) to (e) of Nigeria constitution 1999 as amended, stipulated that Sharia Court and any secrecy associating to it should have jurisdiction on Islamic people or their personal matters such as marriage, etc?

By the reason of this show of shame on Nigeria Judicial Council from the table of Justice Binta Nyako, I hereby call on Hon Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen, Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman of National Judicial Council and Hon Justice Ibrahim Auta, the Chief Judge of Federal High to as a matter of urgency suspend Justice Binta Fatima Muritala-Nyako and quickly initiate an independent enquiry into what is the reason for her rascality as follows:

(1) What has been blackmailing her into verdict somersault in the case under reference.

(2) Whether any external interference has being forcing her to go outside the stipulated judicial procedures known in laws of Nigeria.

(3) Whether any person or group of persons from the Executive arm of government is directly or indirectly pressuring her against her conscience and her judicial oath.

(4) Whether the quashy independence of Judiciary in Nigeria where the president still single-handedly appoints Judges with mere recommendation of NJC and cheap confirmation of the senate contributed in what is terrifying the trial Judge.

(5) Whether any federal executive bodies including National Judicial Council, through conduct, negligence or dereliction contributed or participated in the general behavior of Justice Binta Nyako.

(6) Whether the extra-judicial utterances of public office holders not being members of Judiciary, including the president contributed in her judicial rascality.

By doing this, NJC would discover what is destroying the good reputation and image of Judiciary of Nigeria before the world. NJC must suspend Justice Binta Nyako from all judicial services in Nigeria until the enquiry is completed to enable NJC purge itself of show of shame and disgrace meted on it by the reckless attitude of Justice Binta Nyako.  A stitch in time saves nine.

Edited by Emeka Gift
For Family Writers



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

Having used a whole of Tuesday 21/3/2017, to study carefully all the matters arising from the ongoing trial on the case of five (5) count charges bothering on treasonable felony, defamatory speech and other frivolous allegations, instituted against Nnamdi Kanu and three (3) other defendants by Nigeria government in Federal High Court, Abuja, presided over by Justice Binta Nyako, I have with no apology to anybody discovered that the reason behind the all-round judicial rascality and proposal for Sharia Law type of secret trial on Nnamdi Kanu and other defendants by Justice Binta Nyako was as a result of weaknesses noticed in IPOB defense counsels led by Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor. It beats my imagination how a person like me who does not possess much legal training credentials and qualifications but with little experiences gathered on judicial procedures all my years as a member of Grace And Justice Human Right Legal Aids during attendance of court sittings, could make me to have more knowledge of judicial procedures than a respected member of the NBA like Bar Ifeanyi Ejiofor.

The attitudes of IPOB defense lawyers led by Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor has not been favourable to this case and thereby creating rooms for Justice Binta Nyako to behave as it pleases her in the court and get away with it unchallenged.  The present verdict somersault of the trial Judge Binta Nyako is anchored on her initial declaration that the court belongs to her and that she can do anything therein, thus, nobody has the right to question her decisions. But our lawyers failed to either declare vote of no confidence on her or report her excesses to NJC for such reckless utterances so as to bring her to order.

Let us examine the following in order to vindicate myself should anybody wanting to stone me for writing this piece and being point blank:

(1) A defense lawyer is not only expected to be praying the court in all circumstances with fear as I have always notice from Hon Ejiofor at all times when he make submissions before the court. A defense lawyer is expected to turn heavily vocal with the citations of 1999 constitution, ACJA, Penal code law and other relevant laws of Nigeria to back up his arguments whenever the trial Judge want to go outside the stipulated judicial laws in the land. I hardly see Hon Ejiofor act swiftly even when things are going wrong, he will continue with his prayers to the court which nobody takes serious any way. Can you see that it is even the defendants that the Judge even fears their vocality to the shame of the defense lawyers when she asserted that she will not allow one of the defendants to talk in the court because of his vocality? Hon Ejiofor is a respected member of NBA, so why should he continue to be feeling inferior before other lawyers in same profession?

(2) A defense lawyer is not expected to be complaining always about the high-handedness of DSS, prison officials and other security agencies in allowing him, family members or friends of the defendants to visit them in prison just like Hon Ejiofor always do. The appropriate action to be taken by such defense lawyer is to file a separate suit or formal petition against such security agency and have the trial judge take action as stipulated in the law than complaining always. I have even heard Justice Binta Nyako told Hon Ejiofor that she can do nothing with ordinary complain in the court but to follow the right procedure. To my greatest surprise, I still see Hon Ejiofor toeing the line of baseless complain in the last court sitting on 20/3/2017, when he said "DSS has ordered that nobody should be allowed to visit Nnamdi Kanu and other defendants in prison, an order he know can never be from the court but probably by the prosecutor". Justice Nyako did not respond to it because she had told him what to do earlier.

(3) PRIMA FACIE suit instituted by Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor on January 10, 2017 against the prosecutor, following my call for the sack of the defense lawyers should they fail to take a drastic action against then secret trial, as contained in my open letter sent to IPOB Directorate of State, has been sidelined with Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor saying nothing about it in the court. The inability of the defense lawyers to vehemently stand by the prima facie suit ruling has made the trial Judge feel that the defense lawyers may not as intellectually explosive as she initially thought. How can defense lawyers standing for a serious accusation like Treason or Felony carelessly overlook a suit like Prima Facie which is holding on the jugular of the prosecutor or entire plaintiff which they filed in the court?

It is upon this ground that I make bold to call on Bar Emma Nmezu and IPOB legal crew to call Hon Ejiofor and his team to order or we risk more damages in the case. If there is any blackmail from the FG or DSS against our lawyers like security threats which has incapacitated them, let them tell us. If we don’t call these lawyers to order, we must regret it. I rest my case!

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

Judge Handling Nnamdi Kanu's Case Listed Among Nigeria's "Most Notoriously Corrupt And Inept Justices"

Judge Handling Nnamdi Kanu's Case Listed Among Nigeria's "Most Notoriously Corrupt And Inept Justices"
Mrs. Binta Nyako

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

Mrs. Binta Nyako, the judge presiding over the controversial trial of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, was among the list of 9 most incredibly corrupt and ethically deficient Justices in Nigeria, according to a 2009 report released by a US based media outlet known as Sahara Reporters.

The stunning report revealed that during the regime of Umaru Musa Yar'adua(now deceased), Mrs Nyako was among list of judges nominated for promotion under questionable circumstances.

 "Yar'adua as well as outgoing president of the Court of Appeal, Umaru Abdullahi, has drawn up a list of the most notoriously corrupt and inept justices for appointment into the Appellate branch of the judiciary," the report stated.
  It went further to reveal the dirty politics and lobbyings which engulfed the nominations and elevation of the nine judges to serve in the Nigeria's Appellate Court during the administration of former Nigeria president.

 According to it, "the hasty promotion of intellectually weak and ethically puny judges was meant to prepare the ground for fraudulent 2011 general elections," designed to be in favour of then Head of state, Yar'adua and top officials of his political party, who were desperate for the president's re-election at all cost despite his deteriorating health condition at the period.
The report has it that Mrs. Binta Nyako who hails from the same Katsina state with the now 'Late' former president Yar'adua, and wife to former Adamawa state governor, Mr. Murtala Nyako, was among the individuals whose promotional nominations in the Nigeria judiciary in 2009 were entangled in unimaginable corruption and judicial manipulation.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Binta who also hails from the same state with Nigeria's incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari, has come under intense criticism recently, following her ruling on March 20, 2017, during which she unequivocally stated that her court will entertain a secret trial of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu which shall be guided by the principles of "Sharia law". The controversial court ruling has sparked outrage among millions of Biafrans and well-meaning Nigerians who have questioned if Nigeria is now fully an Islamic State to the extent that a federal judge is introducing Sharia principles into a supposedly criminal trial guided by the Common Law as enshrined in the Nigeria constitution.

READ IT HERE: With Eye to Rigging in 2011, Yar’adua Approves List of Corrupt Justices for Appeal Court

 However, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, had in one of its Press statements revealed  that the Buhari led Nigeria government are  influencing the rulings of Mrs. Nyako regarding Nnamdi Kanu's trial, even as the Katsina born judge is also desperate to save her son and husband from state-sponsored probe and arraignment over their fraudulent and terrorism activities.
   "Where and when in the history of Nigerian court system have civilians been tried in secret on civil/criminal matters? Is Binta Murtala-Nyako mistaking Nigeria’s Common Law with Sharia Law which she is very comfortable with?" IPOB asked.

"We understand that Justice Binta Murtala-Nyako is trading-off justice for the freedom of her terrorist husband and thieving son.
  "We also know that Buhari targets weak and corrupt Judges like John Tsoho and now Binta Murtala-Nyako whose son and terrorist husband appear to be caught up in something illegal to warrant Buhari to use the illegal and unconstitutional organization called Department of State Services (DSS) to be blackmailing her," the press statement by IPOB asserted.

Edited by Emeka Gift
For Family Writers



By Ebere okolie
For Family Writers

Sharia Law is a law being practiced in mostly an Arab state or an Islamic world, which anyways it's mostly a common law in Islam. Sharia law is also a law carried out amongst Muslims and not between Christians and Jews. Besides, this Sharia law is mainly observed in Islamic teaching and doctrines.

While Sharia Law has its separate court mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria, the Common Law is seen as the law of the land which is generally accepted by the people geared at settling disputes between individual and individual, between the state and individual or between individual and private firms or establishment, Sharia Law on the other hand is strictly practiced in the Northern part of Nigeria which is a law used to discipline offenders or perpetrators who goes against Islamic doctrine. As far as am concerned and the last time I checked, Nigeria is a democratic state devoid of Sharia Law principles; Nigeria is also a secular state(though literally) which allows citizens to practice their own religion without any form of compulsion. Nigeria as a secular state abhors imposition of religion in any guise whether deliberately or not, knowingly or unknowingly. Nnamdi Kanu is a full-fledged and proud Christian with the mandate to restore Biafra and as such must not be subjected to any form of trial that has to do with Islam and its doctrine or teaching.

The imposition of Justice Binta Nyako the Sharia queen who demanded that the counsel to Nnamdi Kanu and his co-defendants study Sharia Law further mocks the corrupt establishment of Nigeria and her judicial system; even as Binta Nyako's love for her religion and Sharia Law are so glaring, her pronouncement that only those with the knowledge of Sharia Law will understand why Nnamdi Kanu should be tried in secret and she unequivocally asserted that her stance on secret trial of Kanu remains unshakeable.

The whole world was held spellbound and the social media went agog at that irresponsible and unjust ruling made by Justice Binta Nyako the Sharia queen against the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, that he will be tried in secret under Sharia law principles should not be allow to prevail or stand because it is tantamount to bleaching or violating the inalienable human right of Nnamdi Kanu and his co-defendants to fair hearing and unbiased justice. Justice Binta Nyako who previously ruled in January 2017 against secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu surprisingly made full U-turn, swallowed her own vomit by expressly reversing her ruling in favour of secret trial and making her stance known that  the secret trial holds and Sharia Law principles will be applied. Binta Nyako a Muslim/Sharia queen is hell-bent to convict Nnamdi Kanu at all cost by any means possible, hence the strange introduction of Sharia Law principles in a trial that has dragged on for two(2) solid years and the obvious fact is that the Sharia queen(Binta Nyako's) is playing a full written script to jail Kanu using this barbaric Sharia Law madness.

However, the questions that should be going on in the minds of many who upholds true justice without being prejudiced should be:

1. Is Nigeria a Sharia state or a secular state?

2. Is the Federal High Court of Nigeria now a Federal Sharia Court of Nigeria?

3. Why is Binta Nyako introducing Sharia Law principles in Kanu's case?

4. How can Nnamdi Kanu who is clearly a Christian be tried in secret and subjectedunder Sharia Law principles?

5. Since the Nigerian government accused Kanu in the public why then is Binta Nyako hellbent in trying him secretly, albeit gross violation of his right to fair hearing?

6. Why must the witnesses be shielded or masked while testifying against the accused while Nnamdi Kanu was accused openly or is Nnamdi Kanu's life and safekeeping lesser than theirs?

7. Why the sudden suspicious U-Turn made by Justice Binta, overturning her own ruling in her own very court?

8. Is Nigeria finally heading to the loudly touted Islamisation agenda by the Northern cabals under Muhammadu Buhari's led administration?

It is obvious that Justice Binta Nyako has vowed to tarnish and bastardized and rotten image of the Nigerian judiciary and as such the judiciary is progressively heading to oblivion or invariably to abyss. Justice Binta Nyako should be stopped and until those questions above are answered, the people of good conscience should not relent in fighting for justice for Nnamdi Kanu.

Binta Nyako, the Sharia queen should as a matter of urgency jettison the secret trial by upholding open and fair hearing in this case. It is now worthwhile and within the humble jurisdiction of the NBA to stand up, defends and redeems the reputation of the Nigerian judiciary even as Binta Nyako is working assiduously to shame the already battered image of the Nigerian judicial system. It is rather of utmost important for NBA  to uphold preventive measures than curative measures to prevent the heavy but imminent break down of the law of the land which will be ushered in following the unjust ruling and obvious conviction of Nnamdi Kanu and his co-defendants.

Justice Binta Nyako must be stopped with her Sharia madness and must release Nnamdi Kanu because the Nigerian government has no evidence against him. Relying on Sharia Law principles to convict Nnamdi Kanu is barbaric and will not hold waters. Justice Nyako is setting a bad precedence in the Nigerian judicial or legal system by not recalling the criminal or judicial code in the case between Nnamdi Kanu and the Nigerian government therefore this so-called secret trial should be stopped before it even starts. This embarrassing drama coming up once again in the Nigeria Judiciary further expose while Biafrans are seeking Selfdetermination.

Edited By Somto Okonkwo
 For Family Writers

Tuesday, 21 March 2017



By Mazi Nwabueze Hope Ikenna
For Family Writers

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are appealing to the conscience of the world, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom that the use of sharia law in the case trial of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a prisoner of conscience by the presiding Judge, justice Binta Fatima Nyako of Federal High Court Abuja Nigeria is a crime against fair justice to humanity. It is a somersault in the judicial principles and practice especially in a country governed by common law.

Justice Binta Nyako of the federal high court is a disgrace to legal profession in an expired contraption concocted by the British evil empire. How can a judge try a non-muslim with sharia law after searching for evidence to try him with common law (civil law) failed? As I ponder on the decision of the Presiding Judge Binta Fatima Nyako, permit me to say that it is a robbery of justice for her to think that the only solution she and her cohorts could think of, is the use of sharia law to judge Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in a Federal High Court and not a Sharia Court, knowing fully well that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and others with him have been in detention by the illegal and unconstitutional DSS since October 14th, 2015 after two courts of competent jurisdiction ordered for his unconditional release.

Nigeria judiciary is in a very big mess that the president Muhammadu Buhari who didn't go to school or knows anything about law determines whether a person is guilty or not. This is further confirmed when tyrant Buhari went on National Television last year and pronounced the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu guilty when the law hasn't done that. He, Buhari vowed never to release the IPOB leader saying that Nnamdi Kanu has two passports- one British and the order Nigeria but came to Nigeria with none. Muhammadu Buhari is guilty of bigotry punishable under law, but who among the Judges in Nigeria can judge him when he parades himself as one who is above the law while it is clearly stated that no one is above the law!

I can fully understand how frustrated the Judge is on this case and I suggest she steps aside and hands off from this case because it is obvious that Binta Nyako has ran out of ideas on how to try the IPOB leader, if not on what basis will any learned, sensible and reasonable person try an innocent prisoner and non - Muslim with sharia law? I thought the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a member of Commonwealth nation? What happened to the common law? What similarities do Sharia law and civil law share? Is Nnamdi Kanu a Muslim? On what grounds will Judge Binta Nyako try him with sharia law? What of the six (6) count charges struck out by Binta out of 11 count charges? What need is the use of masked men to testify against the IPOB leader? The answers to these questions points out to a hidden agenda surrounding the presidency and the judicial arm.

Pathetically, Nigeria is a laughing stock among other countries. It is worthy to remember that the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu made it crystal clear that Nigeria is an Islamic country which many people called him names because they couldn't read the hand writing on the wall. Till date Nigerians are being deceived to believe in one Nigeria while their rulers are full of lies and deceit. I don't think any reasonable person will take an expired contraption serious.

Nigeria and her Islamic presiding Judge Binta Nyako is a big disgrace to Commonwealth nation which they are members to. I cannot see how two legal systems- Civil law and Sharia law can work in one enclave, especially in a country that don't share the same value system. The point of the whole matter is that Judge Binta Nyako should not enforce sharia law on Biafrans who are non-Muslims and we refuse to be islamized. Nnamdi Kanu and Biafrans are the children of Chukwu Okike Abiama the supreme creator of heaven and earth.

This very idea/ tactics of Justice Binta Nyako to jail the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, a prisoner of conscience is not only laughable but abuse of fundamental human right of the accused. The shockable statement made by the Judge during the court proceeding on March 20th, 2017 that even if the the defending counsel Ifeanyi Ejiofor, likes let him fire 100 bail applications that the leader of IPOB must be tried with Sharia law, that he (Ifeanyi Ejiofor) should go and study sharia law; actually didn't come as a surprise to me because this frustrated judge is reading from scripts ordered by the tyrant Buhari to do his bidding or go to jail. It is also a clear indication that Nigeria judiciary is under the influence of a tyrannical humans, who think the solution to subjugate a race is to jail them to silence.  But is very unfortunate for Justice Binta Nyako to be controlled against her profession. Soonest the heat will catch up with her and others supporting the use of sharia law against the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. One thing is sure and guaranteed that the restoration of the kingdom of Chukwu Okike Abiama Biafra is unstoppable and inevitable.

We still appeal to the conscience of the world, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom to think twice about the doom that is bound to come if they fail to do the needful. Biafra people must be free and her leader must not be tried with sharia law because he is guilty of no crime.


edited by Orji Munachimso
For Family Writers

BIAFRA: My future, Nigeria and Biafra, which way?

My future, Nigeria and Biafra, which way?

By Loveson Agweye
For Family Writers

It is no longer news that Nigeria is officially an Islamic country so those of you still shouting one Nigeria need to find out if we are really one when one religion is officially recognized as the official religion in a multi religious country with a supposed freedom of worship for all religious believes including Christianity. The insistence by Judge Binta Nyako that secret trial under sharia law will be applied on Nnamdi Kanu's case is a clear indication that Nigeria has been constitutionally divided along religious line with the deliberate disregard and exclusion of Christianity from the Nigerian Constitution. How can you apply a religious Sharia law on a non-Muslim in a civil society? It's like court- marshaling a civilian instead of trying him in a conventional civil court as required by the law.

How can you be crusading the one Nigeria campaign when there's clear evidence of religious and regional segregation which naturally distances some people from a particular region from the national scheme of things? Is it not therefore better to allow me trace my origin and return to Biafra which was my origin before the British brought the confusion of amalgamation in 1914 which sought to bring Arewa,Oduduwa and Biafra together for their selfish economic gains to the detriment of the aborigines.  It is an unholy marriage that has practically failed beyond all reasonable doubt but is only being sustained with the trigger to maintain the unjustifiable siege and exploit of the owners of the land because of oil and gas.

The question for most of this unholy stake holders is "Has the amalgamation expired? If yes have you renegotiated with the 3 parties involved? Is the use of force the solutionanary option or a peaceful negotiation which is a healthy option for posterity?  Do you think I should be proud to be a Nigerian when I am not represented in the constitution?

Is there any contemporary law that encourages forceful marriage anywhere in the world?
When the body language of my so called government through its policies and actions clearly tells me that my interest is not inclusive in her agenda and my security is my business if I care, then will u expected me to continue to be despondent and bewildered forever?

Won’t I rather prefer to eat locust and wild honey in peace and freedom than to wake up every day to eat the bread of sorrow with no hope of a better tomorrow? Will anyone still ask me why I should resort to an inevitable historic expedition to trace my origin where I will find solace in brotherhood rather than the cup of endless pains?

What is the fate of the younger generation who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow when grey politicians are re-circled as a routine to occupy the seats meant for the future generation who have resorted to all kinds of vices in the wake of rejection and abandonment.

The uncertainty of my future in the Nigerian project is so excruciating and I can't bear it anymore
Never again! If I'm crucified for speaking the truth so be it.

Edited by Emeka Gift
For Family Writers

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