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Sunday, 17 October 2021

The Shadow Leadership Of The South-East Region

 The Shadow Leadership Of The South-East Region

The South-Eastern part of Nigeria (Biafra), is made up of over seventy (70) million people in population, gifted with versatile intellects and the ingenuity to turn even sand into gold. Unfortunately, I find it very perplexing that such a people are still gasping for survival till date. They still live deeply in the pains of being overrun by a tiny, nomadic minority ethnic group, the Fulanis. Some people in the region may say it is because the Fulanis are in power. But this is not wholly true. The widening gulf of crisis is as a result of woeful leadership failure and that which is in a prolonged state of gross unconsciousness.

The galling irony here is that a people who pride themselves upon their warrior (lion) mentality, that which have shown the capacity to make political connections and win allies in faraway places where others may not dare, are helplessly losing an internal political battle over their ancestral lands. How a people who withstood a three-year war against the joint forces of the federal troops, British/Russian air forces and could have emerged victorious, except for the blockades and the resultant hunger and deaths of millions of children, are now unsure of how to handle similar event remains a question. What went wrong? Where is that Igbo Spirit of courage and harmony?

Historically, such spirit of oneness, strength and bravery comes alive in Biafrans when a situation such as threatens their individual or collective existence arises. And to stamp out the threat, they often mobilize their best ideas and manpower, marshalling them forward. Sadly, Biafrans are again facing that situation from the federal government of Nigeria that hates them awfully. This is largely due to chronic lack of good, decisive leadership and the fact that the political chess being played in the entirety of Biafraland is rooted in the rituals of sycophancy, corruption, greed, violence, godfatherism and a truckle to Fulani Caliphate. It is such that Biafrans capable of leading Biafraland out of her present predicaments and back into her former glory, are found playing the sidelines. Biafrans with the strong natural sense and dauntless intrepidity to speak for the defense about the South-East, are either not interested in politics or forced out of it altogether. 

And as a result, leadership has fallen into the hands of a pack of political riffraffs, who therefore have become a symbol of the region's political and cultural failure, internal colonization and a metaphor for economic sabotage. It is pertinent to point out also that no African ethnic group may have suffered one quarter of the abuses, assaults, discriminations, violence and killings that Biafrans have suffered since the end of the civil war in 1970. And more so now, in the hands of the current Fulani-controlled federal government of Nigeria. To make it worst, South-East leaders are still rolling shamelessly on the ground just to obtain political favor from the Fulani Caliphates, as against the will of their people to reinvent their sense of pride, mobilize all political stratagems towards self-determination and separation from a system designed to slowly impoverish/enslave them and stifle their progress down to a minute amount.

At the end of the recent official meeting held by these South-Eastern political, religious and traditional leaders, it became crystal clear that they are stooges without either purpose and direction or that their fear of the Fulani caliphate has gotten to a paralytic stage. During the said meeting, there was no mentioning of any concrete measures aimed at tackling the violence and killings bubbling up across Biafraland. Their communique demonstrably attests to that fact.

Rather, all they could put together were their usual meandering and bootlicking antics that exalted Abuja and further jeopardized the survival of their own people. The meeting has thrown more light on their cluelessness in dealing with the growing economic and infrastructural crises. Their naivety in confronting Buhari led government over its role in the growing instability and insecurity in the East is glaring. Also, it shows their lack of means to arrest the growing threat of the Fulani Nigeria security forces and armed invaders called herdsmen. It is as well worth-noting, these same leaders often lead the way in oppositions to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, citing to have a better and more effective plan and approach towards the restoration of Biafra. But suddenly drowns in panic when they should stand up against the excesses of this Fulani government against Biafra.

Now that the mystery of Nigeria has become brutally clear that Fulani Caliphate has declared its long hidden plot to annex the entire South by means of presidential powers, the silence of Biafra leaders is a proof that they are noticeably missing in actions. Oduduwa leaders have shown through words and actions that they are standing resolutely behind their youths and have taken needed steps to protect them during their rallies against trigger-happy Nigerian military. But Biafra leaders instead, hand their own youths over to the enemies to be slaughtered. We must earnestly revitalize that lost Biafra oneness and indomitable spirit.



Written by Chima Ono

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International.

Anambra Election: Your Votes Are More Important To Them Than Your Lives

 Anambra Election: Your Votes Are More Important To Them Than Your Lives

My attention was drawn to an interview Arise Television had with one Festus Okoye, spokesperson to Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). He maintained that the electoral body will never negotiate with the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), and its military wing, the Eastern Security Network (ESN), over the “no election mandate” in Biafraland, starting with the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra State fixed for Saturday 6th November, 2021. Elucidating further, he arrogantly bragged about how modalities have been put in place for the election. He ignorantly referred to IPOB as an “outlawed” organization by clannish and lawless Buhari regime. He noted that a meeting between security agencies and the political parties had taken place to that effect.

Ignoring this gallery player, would have been the appropriate thing to do but for the unsuspecting public who might be misled into thinking that somehow, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is nursing any form of negotiation with anybody much less, INEC. For the record, the only negotiation IPOB will listen to is the one that will be pointing to either the release of Nnamdi Kanu, a date for Biafra referendum or both. The clarification from IPOB about this subject matter is a plethora. 

The problem with the Festus Okoyes of this world is that, as Fulani caliphate political errand boys, they would rather accept the ignominious role against the interest of their own people, than not to satisfy their treacherous urge. The general public is not dumb to trust a serial liar, notorious for handling issues of cheap lies by advising them to embark on a suicide mission called voting.  It is unthinkable that in the 21st century, an infinitesimal minority is trying to gaslight the majority. Anyone in doubt or contest of the above declaration should have no problem setting a date for referendum. He who comes to equity, must come with clean hands. 

While politicians are free to say whatever, the landlords have spoken unambiguously. The recent partisan campaign at Alaba International Market by Ifeanyi Uba campaign organization is a testament. Arguably, it can be true that campaigning in Lagos is a tradition. What is not true is the defiance, hostility and outright chanting of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as another saviour, by Igbo Biafrans. If such hostility can brazenly take place in Lagos, then those election advocates are already dancing in-between a rock and a hard place.

Any keen observer of the sit-at-home compliance, will effortlessly deduce what will happen on the day of election. There is no what-about-ism or what-if-ism. Since there is a parallel line already drawn between what the landlords desire and what the political saboteurs want, the only sensible advice will be for them to come out, with their families, en-masse that day.

Barring last minute dynamics which may lead to a sit-at-home not happening vis-à-vis an unconditional release of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or the setting of a referendum date or both, will definitely be a fool’s errand to die for a chameleon politician configured to forget you exist once election (selection) is over. If you choose to come out for a politician who from all intent and purposes would stay indoor, you are responsible for whatever happens to you. 

IPOB will not be blamed for what DSS agents masquerading as ‘Unknown Gunmen' will do to you. Do not put yourself in a precarious position. Do not get caught up in a cross fire. Bullets do not respect any one. Your life is important. Your life matters. Preserve it and you will enjoy it when Biafra comes. Remember, after the previous elections, it was business as usual. A word is enough for the wise! 

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Chiwetalu Agu's Arrest And Detention, Sign Of Weakness Or Intimidation?

 Chiwetalu Agu's Arrest And Detention, Sign Of Weakness Or Intimidation?

The arrest, detention and mistreatment of the Veteran Nollywood Actor, Chief Chinwetalu Agu by the Nigerian army on the 7th of October 2021, who was later handed over to the Department of State Services (DSS), really infuriated the entire social media community. The Nigerian military has a running history of intimidating innocent civilians that are going about their daily activities. Chief Chinwetalu Agu's intimidation did not in anyway, come as a surprise. It is already part of the culture of the Nigerian state. It is ridiculous that the same Nigerian military that loves harassing unarmed and ordinary citizens on the streets, yet looses focus, flees and screams with reckless abandon, when confronted with armed Boko Haram terrorists or even the so-called unknown gunmen.

What really was the gravity of the act of insecurity that was committed by this elderly man, to have warranted the level of maltreatment and humiliation meted to him, that fateful day on the streets of Onitsha and elsewhere by the Nigerian soldiers? It was surprising to learn that he committed no other crime besides putting on clothings that adorn Biafran colors which he made by himself and paid for with his own money. The Nigerian soldiers may have been searching for an occasion to insult the man or exchange a few words with him until this opportunity showed up. 

How can you tell a reasonable person that Chinwetalu Agu was arrested and forced to sit on the ground by the Nigerian military simply because he wore Biafra colored dresses? If he was arrested and humiliated because of his choice of clothes, I believe it is a sign of weakness on the part of the Nigerian military. If this old man's main offense is that he wore Biafra colored dresses, then the Nigerian security's act of reckless impunity, stemmed from intimidation. Is it now the responsibility of the Nigerian military to checkmate the type and choice of clothing that should be worn in Nigeria? And even if the Nigerian army's false accusation that Chief Chinwetelu Agu is inciting violence is correct, is it the responsibility of the soldiers to initiate arrest and prosecution?

Consider how Chinwetalu Agu, a well acclaimed Nollywood actor of international repute, was treated with disdain. What could have happened if he were a mere being on the street? They would have shot him on the spot or even tagged him with a name and then killed him. The harassment of this veteran, signaled clearly the Nigerian army's weakness. It demonstrated that this security institution employs its capability in intimidating peaceful, innocent civilians, thereby showcasing the magnitude of its irresponsibility to professional ethics. 

This is a military, which is supposed to imbibe high level of discipline and friendship with the civilian populace since they can no longer be confined in the barracks. Soldiers now derive fulfillment in fighting with civilians. Their heinous acts with the police especially, the Department of State Services (DSS), have further demonstrated their preference, romancing with Fulani killer herdsmen.

Chief Chinwetalu Agu's mistreatment is state-sponspred act of terrorism, harassment and abuse of human rights. The concerned security agencies should note that this act of intimidation does not in anyway, affect all men and women. It is yet another costly mistake to assume that intimidation can halt the Biafra restoration struggle. They may have seen that Chief Chiwetalu Agu is not in the mold of Nigerian politicians who are afraid to say what is in their minds. They may have also realized that this man is not the kind of person that can be caged. He is a brave and staunch Biafran and the army should be aware of this reality. In the words of the veteran actor, the "sun will one day rise." This is indicative of the fact that Biafra will undoubtedly be restored someday, the odds, notwithstanding.

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Domendu Udochukwu

For Family Writers Press International

FWPI Editorial: Trending Wave Of Ignorance In Nigeria And The Need For Urgent Awakening

 FWPI Editorial: Trending Wave Of Ignorance In Nigeria And The Need For Urgent Awakening

The diverse ethnic nationalities entrapped in this British colony called Nigeria, are presently convulsing and living in strigent dilemma. The most pathetic of it all, is the rate at which some of them, are quite ignorant of their fate. It has been comparatively, an experience of a lamb helplessly waiting to be slaughtered.

In this part of Africa, it is a cherishable practice or culture, to slaughter animals of choice even at will, for whatever event or consumption. Usually, when such a "marked animal" is placed for killing, some feeds are provided for it as the last meal of consolation before death. And being ignorant of what would soon befall it, well sharpened knife or cutlass is placed on its throat and slitted. It is killed and every other thing needed to be done afterwards, ensues.

The citizens of Nigeria, are all currently at a point of no return. There is no right of choice and Nigerians are being made to grapple with whatever consequences of actions and policies that are placed before them. And most unfortunately, majority seem gravely ignorant of the "meal", prepared and served before them. The powers that be, have blatantly taken it upon themselves, to make slaves and sacrificial lambs of their fellow human beings because of assumed privileges at their disposal.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has repeatedly been calling on all the Nigerian citizens to brace up to the daunting challenges staring them in the face. He has consistently alarmed that the people should arise and place demand for their rights of freedom from the yoke of the slavery of One-Nigerianism. Those who are knowledgeable, reasonable and unpleased with the spate of retrogression that is ravaging the country. Those who are completely detestful to the fulanization cum islamization agenda of the caliphate run Nigeria government. It is really amazing to note that all the warnings have however, fallen on deaf ears. 

There was this man who sometimes ago, stated on the social media, that Nigeria will keep evolving until a truly servant-leader of a President, eventually emerges. This position alone, vividly shows that many people even the so-called educated, still lack the sense of the looming danger. Those being hoped on to bring about the required changes, are well engrossed in paying allegiance to the Fulani oligarchy. This is how Nigeria was fundamentally structured to function and it is most disappointing. The control of power lies in the hands of these Fulanis and they reliquinsh such to whosoever they wish. This is yet the main reason why votes do not count during and after elections. They willfully manipulate positions to their preferred slave candidates against the popular wishes of the people. And amidst all these, the dangers are not yet being spotted.

Nigeria is a conglomeration of different ethnic groups with divergent value systems and beliefs. And for one to single-handedly have others subdued, is not just only detestable but totally suicidal. This is clearly what should be understood. The voice of reason has to be listened to and allowed to prevail. The IPOB driven freedom struggle for many years now, is not for the benefit of Biafrans only, but for the entirety of Africans where things should be humanely carried out. Where lives are valued as sacred and human rights of citizens duly accorded respect. The Fulanis, taking over national political offices, military/police commands as well as every other major institutions of influence with reckless abandon, is to say the least, unacceptable and must be jettisoned.  Such a policy breeds corruption and retrogression. The people have to be awakened to the glaring realities of the time. To completely conquer everyone is the sole agenda of the Fulanis. They do not give a hoot regarding whatever anybody's culture or tradition is. All their intentions revolve around swallowing up all the religious beliefs and cultures of others. This, they craftily execute whether overtly or covertly, in their mad drive to overrun ancestral lands, obliterate everything and take over.

It is no longer secretive that these Islamic jihadists marauding with killing and destrictive instincts are for any form of cordial co-existence nor are they given to tolerate any shred of opposition. Nigerians must therefore, fully understand that keeping mute in the face of these brazen acts of impunity and aggression, will never in anyway, guarantee them, the needed safety and security. The only veritable option is to courageously stand up for their rights and face realities. They must arise in response to IPOB's alarm of many years, to fight for the preservation of their ancestral homes/lands or better still, remain indifferent and die in perpetual slavery under these marauding Islamic killers and ursurpers from the Sahel.

Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Editor, Family Writers Press International

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

What Gains Have Dave Umahi And Hope Uzodimma In Killing Their Own People?

 What Gains Have Dave Umahi And Hope Uzodimma In Killing Their Own People?

No one needs to be told about the ugly incidents and the many mishapenings in the present day Nigeria. The South-East region which for years, has always been the most peaceful place to be, has very unfortunately, become the African-Afghanistan. This ugly trend is not fading away anytime soon unless justice is done and seen so to have been done in the land.

From the time the Ebonyi and Imo States Governors defected to the ruling All Progressives (APC) party, these states have been turned to the most deadly, within the South-East of Nigeria. Recently, the same wave of horrendous activities started happening in Anambra State, as the same APC has vowed to take over power there, by all means.

Since the beginning of this year, not a day has ever passed without hearing of the Nigerian military killing or burning down houses in Imo State. For some months now, the same has started happening in Ebonyi State. The two APC Pharaohs of governors, have very shamelessly, turned the South-East region into a killing field. If Ebubeagu which is state government created security outfit did not kill in Ebonyi State, the Nigerian soldiers in uniform will kill and if there happens to be any escape from the two, then the "Unknown Gunmen" will be waiting around the residence. These are the sad realities of the South-East in the present times. One will then begin to wonder what these two adminstratively planted killers, Dave Umahi and Hope Uzodimma, will gain by killing their own people. I am just imagining what these two men have as their intentions for acting in vampiric ways.

APC has vowed to disrupt Anambra gubernatorial election and blame it on the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) or the Eastern Security Network (ESN), in order to criminalize them. They created the unknown gunmen to destabilize Igboland. They created the unknown gunmen to frighten the people of the South-East. Their intentions are to manipulate and take over Anambra election by fire by and by death. What will these men who claim to be the governors, actually  gain if not to gain political relevance within the murderous APC party?

This should be one of the reasons why the people of Anambra State should as a matter of urgency and of utmost importance, clearly read in between the lines. One thing that those who are promoting APC in the South-East should know is that, this party has an expiring date but the South-East region (Igboland), lives ever after. Be wise!

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

Biafra: Be Consciously At Alert!

 Biafra: Be Consciously At Alert!

The enemies do not sleep! The name, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), truly conveys the idea that the Biafran territories comprise of a number of distinct ethnic nationalities which share a common value system and have interacted with each other within their established organic borders long before colonialism. Hence, it is common to hear IPOB members address themselves as ‘one family’. The ethnic nationalities agitating for the Biafran Republic include Annang, Efik, Ejagham, Ekoi, Esan, Etsako, Ibibio, Idoma, Igala, Igbo, Igede, Igodomigodo, Ijaw, Isoko, Itsekiri, Ogoni, Oron, Owan, Urhobo, etc, all of which fall into the Nigerian States of Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Benue, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu, Kogi, Imo and Rivers. 

Following the Biafran genocide which resulted in the deaths of over five million civilians including children starved to death, nothing about the plight of Biafrans have changed. The marginalization, nepotism, extra-judicial killings, ethnic cleansing and other forms of social injustice yet remain state-sponsored. These are what led to the Biafran genocide and are still very much at play today. Resistance to oppression is natural and Biafrans reserve the right to resist and protest tyranny. 

Exactly a year ago, Nigerian youths took to the streets in protests against police brutality. Tagged #EndSARS, the protests swept through every major city in Nigeria, but for some inexplicable reasons, the Nigerian government perceived the peaceful protests to be some brazen acts of rebellion that must be crushed with brutal force. On the night of 20th October 2020, men of the Nigerian army committed a most unsettling act of terror by opening fire on the crowd of protesters occupying the Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos. The question still remains whether or not the Nigerian state is a cover for some other sinister agenda which the citizens are not aware of. 

The Lekki Massacre is one of the many acts of terror which the Nigerian armed forces have unleashed on the innocent indigenous communities. But with the massacre during that event, the days that followed saw coordinated attacks on military checkpoints and police facilities by armed men whom the media quickly ascribed to as ‘Unknown Gunmen’. So far, nothing about the identity or the agenda of this militant group is known, as they have no political wing nor has bbeen identified with any. Perhaps they are band of youths fed up with police and army brutalities and are therefore, taking to the option of violence since peaceful resolution of social issues have been outlawed and rendered impossible. 

But then, it will not be out of place to say that the ‘Unknown Gunmen’  have been in existence since the formation of Nigeria. The award winning musician, late Fela Anikolakpo Kuti sang about it when he listed them out in their categories as unknown soldiers, unknown police, unknown civilians, unknown students and the unknown government. In his song, he mentioned that the regular trademark of these unknown gunmen is sorrow, tears and blood and that they carried it wherever they went. They visit anyone who speaks up against the ills of the government and leaving such with sorrow, tears and blood. Ask Fela Anikolakpo Kuti, Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho and El-Zakzaki etc. 

It is not uncommon to see Nigerian soldiers and policemen wearing masks in broad daylight and how they blatantly spill blood without consideration. They even boast openly that they could killing anyone and earn promotions for the act. The people are presently witnessing sorrow, tears and bloodletting wherever any of the categories of these unknown gunmen appear. 

Buhari who played an active role in the genocide Nigeria committed against Biafran between 1967 and 1970, is now trying to use the compromised media to demonize Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for dislodging the Fulani Islamic killers in the forests of the old Eastern region. Let us not forget that it is the same Fulani killers that have massacred and sacked whole communities in Benue State and in other parts of Middle Belt region. 

These Fulanis whom also the Nigerian government have admitted not being indigenous in Nigeria, impose themselves on Biafran forests through Buhari government's support, from which they comfortably plan and launch attacks on unsuspecting rural communities in Biafraland.

It is worrisome that the media shies away from the truth as directed sometimes by the ministry of communication. 

And to achieve this, the media has chosen to finger IPOB for the activities of the unknown gunmen, even though they agree that their identity remains ‘unknown’. Now, any sane person has to ask; since you say that the men are unknown, why then identify them as being IPOB? The disgusting wonders of Nigeria intellectualism! 

IPOB remains peaceful and unarmed in its agitation for the restoration of Biafra. It is legally represented in more than 88 countries of the world. For its peaceful cconduct in rallies and protests, it has earned for itself, "the most peaceful mass movement in global history". 

IPOB will never descend to involving itself with any unknown or violent group. It does have an armed wing which is the Eastern Security Network (ESN), stationed in the forests and explicitly concerned with making the forests within Biafraland, free of the marauding Fulani terrorists masquerading as cattle herders. The ESN has been exceedingly successful in their task such that in our time, our people have not gone the way of communities in the Middle Belt which have been sacked and displaced by the Fulani Islamic terrorists. 

Written by Cindy Etuk

Edited by Emma Iwu

For Family Writers Press International.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

The Upcoming Election In Anambra State Is Unbeneficial

 The Upcoming Election In Anambra State Is Unbeneficial

It is time to ask critical questions and tell ourselves the truth. What have we ever gained from voting in Nigeria? Can we beat our chests that those we have always voted for have done so well and needed to be voted for again? Can we say that we have always voted for our best candidates? Would we say that those we have always voted for, have always won in the elections or do we vote for Mr. A and Mr. B wins? Taking a critical look at the case of Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, can we truly say that the people voted him in? How far has those men and women in politics helped in the safety of our people? How far have they helped in the socio-economic development of the South-East region? How have they changed the situation of things in Biafraland? How have they represented the people in the government? The list of questions begging for answers is indeed endless.

A lot of innocent people have been arrested by APC-Buhari led Nigerian government who are working day and night to annihilate the entire Igboland with all these so-called elected representatives showing no concern. One of their sons and brothers, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is in prison for daring to ask for a better life for everyone but these business politicians are yet unperturbed. The economy of the entire South-East is going deeper and deeper everyday into extinction. So, what is it that will motivate anyone into going to the polls to elect another looter, taking into account, their previous years of zero contributions to the lives of the ordinary people even in their own communities?

One thing that is certain is that they all are the same, with the same attitude and character. The only difference is in their names. Another thing is that no human being no matter how good, can function under the fundamentally flawed anti-development and anti-people Nigerian constitution, imposed on us all via a military decree.

Fantastically corrupt, demonic, and selfish Nigerian politicians do not care about the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens. None would think outside the box to make the youths more productive but instead, these political hawks make them worse by turning them into touts and political thugs.

We have had enough from these men. We have endured for a long time from them. It is now our time to let them know that we are tired of being the slaves of those who supposed to be our servants. Let us let them know that without us, the citizenry, they cannot in anyway, get to any political position. Let us let them know that we the people, have the absolute powers. 

If we reject voting them in, we have rejected their subjugation and humiliation. If we reject their election, they will ever respect us and perhaps, invariably consider treating us as fellow human beings.

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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