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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Peter Obi mocks Nigeria judiciary as he applauds Buhari for releasing Nnamdi Kanu

Peter Obi mocks Nigeria judiciary as he applauds Buhari for releasing Nnamdi Kanu
Peter Obi
Published by Family Writers

Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, says President Muhammadu Buhari listened to the voice of reason by releasing leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu, who was detained for over 18 months, was set free from Kuje Prison, Abuja on Friday evening after meeting conditions for the bail granted him on Tuesday by a Federal High Court in Abuja, presided over by Justice Binta Nyako.

“I am happy that the Federal Government this time listened to the voice of reason.

“I congratulate Kanu on his release and wish to commend all those who played one role or the other to ensure that he met his tough bail conditions and was actually released,” Obi said in a statement last night by his Media Office.

The former governor, however, expressed displeasure that the other Biafra activists detained with Nnamdi Kanu continue to languish in prison custody.

“I wish to appeal to the Judiciary and the Federal Government to equally consider the other Biafra detainees for bail and release since, to the best of my knowledge, they have never resorted to violence in their agitation”, he said.

Obi noted that while the release of Kanu will help to calm frayed nerves, tension will likely remain high in the South East and South South geopolitical zones in view of the continued detention of other Biafra activists.

“As I counselled previously, the Federal Government should engage the Biafra agitators in dialogue. Every agitation in the world is resolved through dialogue,” Obi added.

We’ll pressure Kanu to embrace restructuring, says Ohanaeze

We’ll pressure Kanu to embrace restructuring, says Ohanaeze

By Ihuoma Chiedozie
Published by Family Writers

The leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has said it will meet with the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, in a bid to convince him to embrace their call for restructuring of the country rather than secession.

Kanu was released from Kuje Prisons, Abuja, on Friday, after meeting his bail conditions.

The IPOB leader, who is being tried for treasonable felony, has been in detention since October 14, 2015.

The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze, Chuks Ibegbu, who disclosed the planned meeting in an interview with our correspondent, said the association intends to find a ‘common ground’ with Kanu on the agitation.

He said, “Ohanaeze will definitely discuss with him (Kanu). Ohanaeze has been making efforts to parley with all the pro-Biafra groups and find a point of agreement with them on these issues.

“Even before now, Ohanaeze wanted to send a delegation to see him in Kuje Prison. We planned it before he was granted bail. We will engage him and some of his associates so that we can find a common ground.  He is our son, we understand him and he will understand us. If there are areas of divergence, we will find ways to address it so that we can work together.

“At the planned meeting, Ohanaeze intends to make Kanu understand and appreciate its position, which is the restructuring of the country, rather than secession. Ohanaeze’s position is restructuring and his (Kanu’s) position is secession. We will not tell him to drop his desire for self-determination but we will make him understand that Ohanaeze’s position is the position of the Igbo people.

“He has the right to seek self-determination, but we will make him appreciate Ohanaeze’s position, which is restructuring and social justice. Ohanaeze’s position is the position of the totality of the Igbo people. We will also make him understand that there is no need to insult anybody in the agitation, and no need for violence – of course he has never been violent.”

“Restructuring is the only solution to the problems in this country. With restructuring, even the issue of corruption would be addressed. What generates corruption? When the system is suffocating people, when the system is not properly coordinated, people will be stealing here and there. You cannot stop corruption by force. Even the issue of lopsided appointments is corruption. We have to address the fundamental issues.”



By Mazi Nwabueze Hope Ikenna
For Family Writers

The blessed nation of Biafra led by the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, a Prisoner of Conscience (POC), the Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television (BTV) remains sacrosanct and inevitable. No human being born of a woman can stop the emergence of Biafra as a Sovereign Nation. The restoration project of the land of the Rising Sun (Biafra) is not only a just course, but divinely orchestrated by Chiukwu Okike Abiama (the Supreme Creator of universe) to bring hope to the hopeless, justice to the oppressed, voice to the voiceless and liberation of the black race from the shackles of poverty and mental slavery.

The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Citizen Nnamdi Kanu was recently granted bail with stringent conditions by Justice Binta Nyako of Federal High Court Abuja in the bid to stop the restoration of the kingdom of Chiukwu Okike Abiama on earth- Biafra. It is quite unfortunate that the Nigeria Judicial process is being bastardized by such unjustly inhumane and degrading bail conditions in a bid to silence the voice of the IPOB leader Kanu and the quest for the Biafra restoration. The court rulings so far and bail conditions have received a wild condemnation among people of good conscience in the local and international community which indicates that the extent of judicial decay in Nigeria have reached an irreparable stage.

The voice of the Leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu can never be silenced because he is absolutely guilty of no crime, which the Nigeria government mischievously levied against him. On a clear understanding of bail conditions, one can say that Justice Binta Nyako of FHC has find Citizen Nnamdi Kanu guilty already.

Nevertheless, Nnamdi Kanu (POC) must be released and taken care of because his health is  Paramount to Biafrans and Biafra nation. The Federal government of Nigeria should not underestimate what Biafra agitators can do should the safety of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu be jeopardized after his release. Therefore, all Biafrans hands must be on deck in ensuring that the life of Mazi Nnamdi is protected by all means and at all cost. The ongoing plans by the northern cabals to eliminate the leader of IPOB Kanu is not only laughable but a joke of the century because any harm what so ever or how so ever on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is same on over 70 million Biafrans all over the globe.

The world must be put on notice should anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu, the earth will know no peace. Biafra is the last hope of humanity and cannot be stopped by any man born of a woman. There is a saying that, "He that holds someone down, holds himself too", the Federal Government of Nigeria led by tyrant Muhammadu Buhari and his northern cabals have this evil mindset that holding Kanu will silence the agitation of Biafra, but to his foolishness, the course for the restoration of Biafra is waxing stronger and making waves all over the globe. Recently, the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the Biafra genocide between 1967-1970, for the first time after decades of silence. The credit goes to Chiukwu Okike Abiama (the Supreme Creator of universe) and the Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Indeed, Biafra has reached a journey of no return.

Finally, my humble advice goes to the citizens of Biafra: the joy of lord is our strength. Remain resolute, formidable, relentless and fearless before your enemies. Biafra has come to stay. Biafra remains sacrosanct and inevitable. Any world power or enemies of freedom, fighting hard to silence the great people of Biafra is seriously fighting a lost battle. Remain blessed as we celebrate the freedom of Nnamdi Kanu and the restoration of Biafra.

Edited by Orji Munachimso
For Family Writers



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

Considering the unprecedented type of bail conditions which Gen Muhammadu Buhari led Islamic government of Nigeria forced the corruption-guilty blackmailed Judge, Justice Binta Nyako to read out before the court on Nnamdi Kanu's bail, which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has perfected and was granted bail, Biafrans all over the world are now calling on international community to as a matter of urgency make haste and compel Nigeria government to announce date for Biafran referendum. It is the greatest show of wickedness against Biafra people in Nigeria, which is targeted for extermination in a democratic Nigeria; to say that in a nation where Gen Muhammadu Buhari is releasing Boko Haram terrorists freely every day and compensating them with juicy amnesty packages, also in a nation where thousands of terrorist like Nigeria soldiers are assigned to be aiding Fulani herdsmen when they massacre communities of Indigenous people all over Nigeria, is the same place where the same Nigeria government through the instrumentality of its domestic High court presided over Justice Binta Nyako handed the most wicked type of bail terms to Nnamdi Kanu who was arrested last two years for calling for the restoration of Biafra sovereignty relinquished in the 1970 after a genocidal war waged against Biafrans which was aided by British government.

As Nigeria government under Gen Buhari is determined to exterminate Biafrans with its day to day heinous crime against humanity committed against Biafrans, Biafran people all over the world are calling United Nations, African Union, European Union and ECOWAS to come to the rescue of a fragile situation in West Africa over the case of desire of Biafrans to separate peacefully from Nigeria federation or the world stand the risk witnessing another situation like a world war when Biafrans may no longer endure the evils been meted on them by Nigeria government. Although Nnamdi Kanu, the Supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Worldwide has suddenly become an institution to Biafrans, Africans and the world at large due to the political liberation which he is bringing to Africans; and should not be expected to moving any how due to security reasons, but that is not why he should be subjected to house arrest or a social quarantine which denies him of his right to liberty as free man by a court in Nigeria.

Let it be known to the world that Nnamdi Kanu was denied access to medical attention in London where he base and has his doctor by the seizure of his Nigeria and imperial British passport by Nigeria federal high court as part of conditions for his bail. All these evil treatments being meted on Biafrans since 1945 when Nigeria government in a joint liability with area miscreants in Jos Plateau state of Nigeria, killed thousands of Biafrans till today when in joint liability with its armed forces and fulani herdsmen are presently killing thousands of Biafrans, made us to vehemently stand that we must restored which is only refuge that will save us from Nigeria or all Biafrans become exterminated on the face of the earth.

Biafrans are making the world to know that what they want is not Nigeria presidency, not infrastructural development or rehabilitation, not political appointments, not social protection any more but a genuine desire to restore Biafran sovereignty so that Biafrans can become presidents in a restored Biafra, develop their infrastructure by themselves and provide an indomitable security for themselves. Let nobody in the world be deceived about why we want Biafra. Biafra is not about hatred against Gen Buhari by Biafrans as many Nigerians mischievously made it to look but our genuine desire which started from 1999 when Chief Ralph Uwazurike used MASSOB to struggle for its restoration but later compromised due to heaven and earth given to him by Nigeria government as bribe.

So, anybody viewing the unbendable requisition for the restoration of Biafra as a product of hatred on Gen Buhari is just mischievous. If Nigeria government is ready to carve out Biafra from Nigeria, Gen Muhammadu Buhari can continue to rule Nigeria till eternity. Biafrans hate nobody, no tribe, no religion, no nation but only demanded for their political sovereignty to avoid being exterminated on earth. It is because of the acceptance of Biafrans to every ethnic group, nations, people, cultures and religions within and outside Nigeria that made it that you can see Biafrans everywhere in the world including Buhari's village in Daura Katsina state Nigeria. In fact, I am absolutely sure that Gen Buhari must be Landlord to many Biafrans in Daura and Kaduna.
Let the world save a deteriorating situation in West Africa or risk a 3rd World war. A word is enough for the wise.



Published By Family Writers

Legal Experts, have widely condemned the bail conditions Federal High Court Justice, Binta Nyako, gave to Biafra Agitator, Nnamdi Kanu.

To many, Justice Binta Nyako took back with the right hand, what she gave with the left, adding that, bail is a constitutional right.

“In simple language, he can neither go to the church, mosque, market, nor synagogue. He can never attend a birthday party, nor naming ceremony, or family meeting, neither can he go to the hospital, or the airport, because in any of these places, you have more than 10 people,” a source said.

The source added that, the bail conditions cannot be met by anybody, no matter how much the person tries, saying Kanu is still in detention, as such conditions would not allow him to enjoy his freedom as a Nigerian, or a human being.

He said: “This means Kanu has not gained his freedom, and I will also say that there is a strict compliant to the order of the court, but talking about the conditions, it’s inappropriate for any court to give something with the right hand, and tend to take it with the left hand.

“It’s difficult to fulfill such conditions, especially the one that says he cannot be in a gathering exceeding 10 persons.

“How do you define that gathering? Is it a gathering organised by him, or the one he found himself in without will power? It means putting him in prison in another form, because the liberty and freedom of movement of the citizens is guaranteed.

“How can you say that one is on bail, yet cannot go to church, market, or as a free citizen of Nigeria, go to cinemas with family?

“He can’t go to the bus stop to take a bus, because people will be much there. He cannot work, because an average office takes more than 10 staff. He can’t enter bus us or fly, except he will get a private jet to fly.

“He can’t attend staff meeting in a situation he works, because there will be more people there.

“The conditions to me, are such that they can’t be truly obeyed. Any smart Lawyer will immediately and conveniently file a case against that. I don’t see how that condition can be met by anybody, no matter the effort you make.’’

On his part, the Deputy Director of Radio Biafra, Uche Mefor, described the bail granted to Kanu, as ridiculous and a continuation of the Nigerian state’s assault on the fundamental human rights of the Biafran Activist.


Saturday, 29 April 2017



BY Solomon Iwejuo,
For Family Writers.

The man who likes pressure works in accordance with the tune of the sword. He prays to end quickly in order to make sure that his or her pay masters validate him or her in every action taken. God never ends any good works he commences in a bad note, rather He ends it in glory and impeccably.

 It is no longer news that the expected release of Nnamdi Kanu has turned into a play in the famous novel known as "Animal Farm" where the king compiles the activities and assigns to many as he wishes. The profile of BIafra restoration is out of man's hands and destined to come into manifestation in no distant time. Furthermore, the prayer of everybody is to forge ahead in life with all it takes to maintain a stand on the believe that success should be the end point.

The great thing to happen to any man is the variation of natural freedom given by God Almighty. Summarily put it that man's ability to reason lies in the ability to recognise self first. The importance of life is the ability to get the right aspect of man's inheritance in the domain of living creatures. Now, going to the fact that man is accountable to God, then who is an institution led by man to control the forces of God? Many have tried in the past to bring down God's will, but to no avail; looking for help where help does not exist is an error to be ignored by the wise who knows what it takes to change hard situations.

 Ahead! ahead! The song of a victorious team who sees the future to the point of uncertainties. The pressure has kicked off on the side of those who prefer light to darkness and never compromised with the fact that truth is a salt in the pot.

He who knows tomorrow will understand the profile of man which decays as times run out of favour with him, but truth is always ever fresh and hardly decays before men. Man's activities are numbered with time, venue and conditions, but God's activities are ever sure.

 The Biafra restoration is a divine mandate before humanity from above. I am above anybody whose role is to suppress the truth against all odds, even to the extent of shedding the blood of innocent souls who are naturally preaching the truth which no man can hide because it is a burning light.

The bail conditions of Nnamdi kanu are the cogent facts that Nigeria never existed as one but exists with a common goal of assimilating the natural resources of the oppressed ones. Biafra restoration movement has been boosted looking at the tribal stringent, political well articulated bail being dolled out by the dying Buhari's executive cabals.

Every development in Nnamdi Kanu's case is a moment of pushing the Biafra restoration forward, and there should be no down moment in the IPOB camp, because the journey has just begun.

Our ancestors caged British empire who only functioned as a parasite to the community of ancient Biafrans who did have common knowledge to withstand the evil forces of British empire who themselves psychologically understood that Biafrans are not easy meat to chew; hence, they decided to map out strategies that would destroy the natural gifted talents of Biafrans. Yet, the army of our furthers came out to scatter the evil plans of the colonies. This was manifested in the spirit of our women who came out to revoke the activities of British colonies during the Aba 1929 women's riot. It should be noted that these women were with little knowledge of well packaged Western education, yet they were able to forbid these activities of British evil empire.

 After acknowledging the multiple talented nature of Biafrans, the colonists decided to brainwashed the Muslim Northerners to believe that without Biafrans, they would be beggars among the committee of nations, hence they decided to harmonised the evil plans of British colonialists.
Despite all these, Ojukwu summoned courage to declare the republic of Biafra in 1967, which was accompanied by the conspiracy of the British government, world powers and the Nigeria government against  Biafra who withstood up to three years, yet no winner and no looser.

 Now we are more sophisticated, educated, equipped and more mobilized than our fathers. Who then can stand the mass sophisticated, educated and scientific present generation of Biafrans? March on should be our slogan as backwardness will bring doom to Biafrans. The only solution to our numerous challenges is Biafra  Restoration, a stitch in time saves unforseen circumstances.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers.

Social media, the only true channel to listen to the voice of the masses in Africa

Social media, the only true channel to listen to the voice of the masses in Africa

Published by Family Writers

Five years ago, when Social Media Week launched in Lagos, it was the first event of its kind in Africa on that scale. At the time, social media seemed mostly a fun and useful marketing communications platform.

Looking back, that was only partly right. Social media is undoubtedly a lot of fun and many a brand, including personal brands, have established themselves with social media.

But five years ago, it would have difficult to anticipate the importance of social media in Africa as a key communications tool with tools like WhatsApp, Viber and more recently WeChat. For some Africans, the newsgroups within WhatsApp alone have become a primary source of news and entertainment.

Like elsewhere, Facebook and Twitter have also been important for sharing news and local information. But in countries where the press has been weakened or compromised, having outlets to share news has been more important than ever. Local newspapers do great work across the continent, but they also need social media to reach as many readers as possible, particularly younger ones.

TV news is also still very relevant, but there are fewer than 60 million households in sub-Saharan Africa, which has a population closing in on one billion. Traditional TV isn’t reaching everyone. Meanwhile, mobile phones already have a higher penetration and smartphone use more than doubled in the two years to 2016. YouTube has been a source of great entertainment, but it also makes it easier to share important video.

All to say that social media in Africa has been a lot more than just than sharing selfies and funny hashtags (though there have been plenty of those too). Social media has been so influential and consequential in the lives of young Africans over the last five years that some governments now target social media specifically for blockages around elections and political protests. And in some cases, the blockages result in a crude complete cut-off of internet access.

The transformation of “social media” to plain old “media” is happening fast in advanced economies, but in emerging countries, particularly in Africa, the impact of that transformation may already be apparent. The decentralization of media and communications may seem a threat to those who have traditionally controlled the levers of power, but the true, and mostly positive, influence of social media has only just begun. It should be embraced.

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