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Wednesday, 23 January 2019



Oh... Biafra...!!
Long time ago
I heard the story
I read in the books
And I saw pictorial
Pictures of war
Of survivors reeling
in enlongated grief
Of pains and bloodshed
That provoked tears
To flow down the chicks like waterfalls on the faces of pilgrims of sorrows

Africa...., Africa....
Yes, in West Africa
Where the sun rises
Have you heard the story?
Have you seen the pictures?
The silent tent of
A mournful nation
The starving pose of
A dying infants
The dark graves
Of fallen heroes
Anguishly moaning
In lowly graves

Listen...., listen.......
To that voice
Of the agonizing souls
Hovering in the wind
Justice and freedom
Freedom, freedom
Food for motherland
And only when eaten
Will point no further grief
Of the bloody ship
Callously moved
By the wicked sailor
That dug the burning heat of agony

Biafra.... my.... Biafra
The chosen path
Of our heroes past
I cling to you now and ages
If I hug the past
I salute your vigor
If I kiss the present
I cherish the undying
If I am to render a song
I choose hymns of your beauty
The greenish nature
Of your being
Blossom and so beautiful
The great shield of endowment
The pride of our fathers

Biafra... Oh... Biafra..
Stand, stand firmly Very tall and huge
To this food for
To feed the dead in the grave
To rest peacefully
To save and quench the thirst
Of the souls
That buried their hope in you
Yes, they await eagerly
For that day to come
To enjoy the food
In triumphant voyage
Sailing vigorously with
The flag of adorning colours
Smiling brightly
To the land of the rising sun
Yes, Biafra...., the land of the rising sun!


All Hail Biafra!

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.
For Family Writers Press

Tuesday, 22 January 2019



The scheduled 2019 general election in Nigeria kicks off in just less than a month period and politicians are busy falling over one another in desperation to win the sympathy of the gullible. The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his live radio broadcast from the nation of Israel on Saturday 19th January 2019, has made it emphatically clear that there is no prevarication on the planned total boycott of IPOB family members, on the election throughout the entire Biafran territory. During the global broadcast, the IPOB leader unmistakably declared a Sit-At-Home directive to all Biafrans resident within Biafraland, on the presidential election day fixed for Saturday 16th February 2019. He repeatedly stated that there will be a total lockdown of activities across land. This is to strongly register before the world, the resoluteness of Biafrans in their drive to extricate themselves from anything that has to do with Nigeria.

In keeping faith with this mandate, quite a number of mischief makers are cashing in to question the wisdom behind this boycott arrangement as declared. They reason that such an action will not attract the desired sovereign nation of Biafra. It is necessary however, to let these individuals know that outrightly boycotting the presidential election for instance, has the requisite potentiality to create a political logjam that will ultimately pave way for an independent Biafra. People should understand that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) planned boycott of the election, is not meant for the Nigerian government to directly give the much desired independence but rather, the international community. This is the concerned body Biafrans all over the world, have been petitioning over time  as a witness to the fact that they have totally rejected Nigeria and all that she offers and represents.

As ardent supporters of the Biafran cause therefore, it is expected that none be cajoled under whatever guise into partaking in the shambolic selection process called election in Nigeria, no matter the inducements. We cannot make mockery of the Biafra restoration struggle that has witnessed enormous despicable treatments from the Nigerian State and her agents. The world is anxiously waiting and watching to see if the Biafran people that have been clamouring for the restoration of their homeland over the years, will yet queue behind Nigerians to cast votes in an election such as this upcoming one. Our people should realize that 2019 election will pose a great test for us in our inalienable quest for our freedom as a people. Successfully and totally boycotting the election come Saturday 16th February 2019, will give a tremendous testimony to the international observer groups that Biafrans are unequivocally determined to call it quits with Nigeria.

It is on this premise that no genuine Biafran with particular reference to those resident in Biafraland, should fall for the cunning craftiness of these mischief makers cum political praise singers that have shamelessly invaded social media platforms, deceiving the gullible. Totally boycotting 2019 Nigeria organized presidential election is a task that must be accomplished as we steadily match towards the finishing line of our freedom. As for the treacherous, mischievous and shameless political praise singers, let them carry on with their self-deceits and vain glorious campaigns. We must remain focused, proving our mettle with our resolution of non participation. Time is really coming to prove us right because the boycott of 1964 election in Nigeria by Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his Action Group of Western Nigeria, greatly destroyed the country's First Republican democratic experiment. This resulted in two bloody coup det'at of 1966 that culminated into the bitter pogrom carried against Biafrans in 1966/1967. This of course, finally led to fierce genocidal onslaught levied against the Biafran people by the Nigerian government and her British/Arab mercenaries. It is only the foolhardy the and the dwarfs of history that can underestimate the potency at the disposal of IPOB, as she has conclusively strategised on outright boycott of the forthcoming presidential election.

Biafrans residing in Biafraland should note that every foreign observer coming to our land to monitor the election, is principally detailed to observe the compliance of the people on the IPOB ordered election boycott, which is meant to cripple the exercise within Biafran territories. The blatant refusal to participate in the election will result in global news dissemination, adequately convincing the world that Biafrans are uncompromisingly ready to exit Nigeria. The political turmoil which greeted the First Republic when Chief Obafemi Awolowo's Action Group boycotted the then Nigeria election, will definitely be a child's play in comparison to the anticipated civil action as pointedly ordered by the IPOB global leadership regarding the upcoming presidential election slated for Saturday 16th February, 2019.

It is noteworthy to state here that the massive boycott by Biafrans across Biafraland, will attract enormous global media attention. Foreign observer groups will definitely report their discoveries to their home countries. The political turmoil which Nigeria witnessed during the First Republic that Chief Obafemi Awolowo's Action Group carried out, will be incomparable with what will be witnessed this year. Family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) across Biafraland will most assuredly, totally boycott this presidential election to the bewilderment of many. The following questions should be posited before all those who  want to know it's effect, viz:

(1) Of what benefit was the election boycott of African National Congress (ANC) led by Nelson Mandela during the apartheid regime in South Africa?

(2) What was the result of the election boycott carried out by the Independent Movement of Mahatma Gandhi of India during their independence struggle from British colonialism?

(3) What was the effect of election boycott in Nigeria carried out by Action Group led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo in 1964?

If the mischief makers and dwarfs of history cannot answer these questions, then they should not have any right of statement in the IPOB planned election boycott of Saturday 16th February, 2019. The damning consequences of the above cited anti-election civilized/legitimate actions in some countries of the world should serve as clear examples why Biafrans should exercise their rights of choice. It is exceptionally sacrosanct and must be clinically carried out as planned by the IPOB in Biafraland, to prove both to the Nigerian government and the global community that the Biafra Independence struggle has crossed the rubicon.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by  Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

Monday, 21 January 2019

BREAKING: We Shall Evoke High Level of Civil Disobedience Next Month---IPOB

BREAKING:  We Shall Evoke High Level of Civil Disobedience Next Month---IPOB

IPOB Press Statement

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our supreme leader and prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will stand on the decision of election boycott in Biafraland on the 16th of February 2019, the boycott of presidential election next month will showcase our readiness, determination and seriousness in the pursuit for Biafra freedom and sovereignty. It is important we notify our people mostly politicians, clergymen and women including pastors who strongly believe in rebuilding one Nigeria to retrace their steps because Nigeria Government and it's leadership has been hijacked by Fulani people. Fulanis are parasites and stranger in Nigeria today but unfortunate that they controls over 200 million Indigenous Population because of British support to them.

Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during his weekly radio Biafra broadcast from the holy land of Israel on Saturday evening reaffirmed strongly to the people and gullible Nigerians who still doubt our stand towards boycotting the forthcoming presidential election next month. It is crystal clear that one of our major lethal weapons to achieve this present Biafra demand is civil disobedience, therefore we urge Biafrans, both home and abroad to advise and caution their families not to vote and totally boycott this coming election no matter the level of promises and inducement politicians of this days might have given them.

In few days to come IPOB high command will release a blueprint and how this election boycott will be achieved and it's benefit to Biafrans, IPOB will evoke high level of civil disobedience next month to make it effective so as Biafrans will realize how much determined we are. Federal Government of Nigeria, South East governors mostly Okezie Ikpeazu, David Umahi and Willie Obiano including Ohaneze Ndigbo led by Nnia Nwodo conspired and brought in operation python dance to frighten our people to trigger panic, apprehension and fear in the minds of Biafrans who believe in Biafra restoration project. IPOB will inevitably bring those governors and few Abuja/Lagos based politicians who believe in serving Hausa Fulani caliphate to account in no distant time.

It is in the light of this recent distortion, twist and adulterated truth and propaganda against IPOB decision by unscrupulous individuals, groups and politicians in our land that prompted our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to come on air last week Saturday to state unequivocally without mincing words the position of IPOB in Abia and Ebonyi states gubernatorial elections come next month. Okezie Ikpeazu and David Umahi who unbeknown to most people has donated a portion of our sacred land of Biafra to Miyetti Allah cannot support Operation Python Dance and expect the people not to revolt accordingly. IPOB is at the front of this coming revolution next month.

The potency of our agitation for Biafra will be made clear for all to see. We remain unwavering and determined as ever to bring this divine and ordained mission to its successful conclusion. Our freedom is paramount therefore ongoing politically motivated abductions, high levels of humiliation, intimidation, abduction, arrest, massacre and sponsored propaganda against a peaceful group like IPOB will not shake our resolve, instead it will make us stronger.




The upcoming mass  boycott of Nigerian Government's scheduled 2019 general elections by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is a sign that Biafrans are unequivocally prepared to exit the Nigerian contraption. It also alerts the international community that Biafrans are not playing with their freedom demand. It is immoral and lack of sensibility for IPOB under whatever guise to be  agitating amidst series of dehumanizing treatments for the restoration of their inheritance and at the same time, be campaigning/participating in a shambolic election. IPOB ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not so characterised. Boycotting Nigeria organized elections strongly sends the signal to civilized global community that Biafrans are not mincing words about the restoration of their fatherland.

Recall that voting has been ongoing in Nigeria for decades with absolutely nothing beneficial to show for it except pauperisation, humiliation, oppression, marginalisation and death. Never again should the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), be hoodwinked into participating in fruitless, corrupt and nepotistic electioneering process in Nigeria. What is needed henceforth, is a date for Biafra referendum and total independence. Biafrans are determined more than ever before to take their own destiny into their hands by uncompromisingly, placing a demand for a referendum date which ushers in  peaceful, civil, democratic process recognised and approved globally, for the realization of  independence by all oppressed indigenous peoples.

Nigerian self-serving politicians are only interested in their frivolities as they transverse through the length and breath of the regions, soliciting for election votes from the electorates. Their predominant interests revolve around what they can garner within their tenures for their immediate families and close associates and nothing else, at the expense of the overriding desire of the overburdened/impoverished populace. Biafrans have over the years been at the receiving end of this abnormality as these political hawks connive with those in both Federal and State Governments to mortgage people's destiny and that of their forthcoming generations.

The murderous military expedition code named Operation Python Dance II was particularly orchestrated to eliminate the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, when his home at Afara-Ukwu Ibeku community in Umuahia, Biafraland, was invaded by a battalion of Nigerian soldiers on the 14th of September 2017. In that dastardly act, 28 IPOB family members were gruesomely killed and  properties worth fortunes, wantonly destroyed, all in a bid to truncate the peaceful agitation for the unfettered restoration of the sovereignty of Biafra. 

This intent of the Nigerian government and it's Southeast Fulani political slaves, was flatly disappointed. What they failed to understand is that the Biafra restoration project is divinely orchestrated and no antics of mere mortals can drown it. Biafra is an ideology that can never ever be wished away. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is an ordained vessel of God, selected to drive this  mandate. There is absolutely no plot of men, their complicity nonetheless, that can stifle this project nor eliminate it's pointman. Unleashing series of Operation Python Dances in Biafraland to quell this desire, is an exercise in futility. Biafrans are more than ever determined to carry this mandate clinically through, the hiccups notwithstanding.

As resilient as we are as a people, we will remain undeterred in the complete boycott of the planned 2019 Nigeria general elections as a mark of proof before the world, of our resolve.  Biafrans must exit this evil jungle called Nigeria through legitimate means. Civil disobedience is a veritable democratic platform through which voices of discontent over nefarious activities of any government,  with Nigeria as a case study, are made known. Biafran people will continue with elections boycott in the country until their demands are acceded to.

A call for referendum is not a call for war. It is rather a civilized alternative of democratically and practically demonstrating through the instrumentality of votes albeit legitimately, peacefully and openly, what the people want/where they wilfully choose to belong. This system of expression is unambiguously contained in the United Nations charter and even the Nigerian Constitution. Biafrans especially within Biafraland, are therefore enjoined to collectively and massively boycott the forthcoming Nigeria elections as ordered by the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as compliance will definitely speak volumes pertaining the restoration struggle. The crumbs that fall out from the tables of fulanised Biafran political slaves and their oligarchical overlords during elections should be wholesomely disregarded. It is ridiculous that we as a people, are only remembered and regarded during electioneering seasons and campaigns.

Biafrans are today, much wiser and are extremely prepared to take back what rightly belongs to them. This is an era of recovery and all our stolen inheritances must be restored. The 2019 Nigeria scheduled general election which commences on Saturday 16th February 2019 with the presidential election, must be totally boycotted unless of course, the demand of the people is adequately met. Biafra freedom from this British enterprise called Nigeria is pivotal than the sham of an election being awaited. That very day billed for the presidential election has been declared "OFE OKAZI DAY" by the IPOB leadership, wherein Biafrans throughout Biafraland must sit at home and get themselves sumptously treated, with this traditional delicacy. The boycott exercise will record an exceptionally monumental compliance. Let us be wise and do not allow ourselves be used to our eternal regrets.


Written by Ogochukwu Aladum

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



The Nigeria scheduled General Election Boycott Campaign by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), gathers momentum as detainees and inmates (supporters) in Enugu Maximum Prisons, disrupt elections campaign with reverberating chant of "No Election In Biafraland". This took place on Sunday the 20th day of January, 2019. It was really a disgraceful scenario for politicians of the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), as Pastor Akuma, the former Chaplain of Nigeria Prisons, APC Enugu Women Leader amongst other delegates, were greeted with the unexpected out of the prisons by the  deafening chant of resilient IPOB detainees and inmates (supporters).

The IPOB leader of the prison detainees and inmates pointedly stated: "Politicians are bribing their way into the prisons and using the officials to coerce us into registering for Personal Voters Card (PVC), to enable us cast votes during the forthcoming general election against our wish. Some of the inmates were being financially induced with a promise to get released if they could comply. We, the IPOB detainees have to chase them away from the prison as they were bent on compelling us to use our finger prints for the PVC registration. This is to enable us cast our votes in a country where common man is denied justice and any sense of humanness".

"Most of the inmates here are being subjected to wrong and frivolous charges, while some of us were convicted for crimes we never committed. Pastor Akuma who is from Ebonyi State and the All Progressive Congress (APC) Women Leader, shamelessly led their members to campaign for election here in Enugu Prisons. Most Pastors are presently fronting as campaign agents of APC party, promising money to the prison inmates. We have to disgrace these bloodsuckers out of here. We told them that "There Will Be No Election In Biafraland". They will never be allowed to campaign nor conduct any election in this prison. We will never stop preaching Biafra despite being illegally detained because Biafra is the hope of mankind".

There has really been a tremendous increase in IPOB converts across Nigeria Prisons, resulting from the relentless dehumanizing treatments meted out against Biafrans by the Nigerian State. The Prison inmates in Enugu are determined to resist any form of manipulation for election thuggery and otherwise, by these desperate politicians. The IPOB supporters who were promised freedom premised on the conditions of voting and becoming ballot box snatchers/hijackers,  are defiantly spitting  on the inducements and declaring their unshakable stance on election boycott as declared by the IPOB leadership, even in detention.

The gospel message of Biafra restoration has irresistably taken hold of the people and this ensuing unprecedented action of the incarcerated IPOB struggle comrades, is a further proof to Nigerians that the fight for Biafra can never ever be compromised.

Written by Ibeh Amarachi Gift

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

Friday, 18 January 2019

IPOB: Imprisonment of Biafrans Can Never Bring About Nigeria Unity

IPOB: Imprisonment of Biafrans Can Never Bring About Nigeria Unity

Despotic acts targeted against the legitimate will and desire of the people, clearly inhibit progress in any known environment. The fulanised and fantastically corrupt Nigerian government in it's morbid quest to ensure the unity of Nigeria by every means imaginable, has severally maligned and abused the rights of the inhabitants. There is absolutely no tangibility of facts behind such dehumanization policy against the people but rather for their courageousness in speaking out against the level of marginalisation schemed against them.

Prisons establishments the world over, are purposed to re-habilitate, re-orientate and re-order the future of convicts following their re-integration into the society, after service terms for known crimes. Nigeria is unfortunately and shamefully, an enclave where speaking the truth is  criminalized and bearers imprisoned. To worsen the already worse situation, the global community has remained adamantly silent. Some irrefutable facts concerning Nigeria can never ever be swept underfoot. God alone created and owns the earth and everything therein. Yoruba, Arewa and Biafra with diverse value systems cannot coexist as a nation. There is virtually no tribe in the contrapted enclave called Nigeria that was consulted by the British colonialists before the forceful amalgamation orchestrated by Fredrick Lugard in 1914. Successive Nigerian governments at different periods, have gruesomely and unjustifiably wasted the blood of innocent Biafrans. Such vampiric antecedents can never ever guarantee or bring about the much taunted unity of the country. Nigeria has over the decades, been reeling in stagnancy at various fronts despite the huge fortunes accruing from vast deposits from natural resources that dot the land, particularly across Biafraland. This is indicative of the fact that Nigeria will unavoidably one day, disappear from the surface of the earth.

The ancient biblical Joseph was unjustly imprisoned by Pharaoh not knowing exactly how his freedom will   be effected. But according to God's ordination, he was released strongly emboldened, with a prestigious crown of leadership placed on his head as a Prime Minister in the land of Egypt. He was adjudged innocent of what his accusers levied against him. Moses is another biblical character that was exiled for legitimately fighting for justice and emancipation of his Israeli brethren. But he eventually resurfaced stronger, for the freedom of his people from their land captivity. Nelson Mandela of South Africa was incarcerated for twenty seven (27) good years undeterred, and at the end of it all, his fellow compatriots regained their freedom from the clutches of white minority rule called apartheid. He subsequently became the first black President of that country.

Quite a number of clergymen have proclaimed to all those who cared to listen, that all those wrongly accused and mistreated, end up disgraced. It must be noted that the Fulani run government of Nigeria, is infested with stark illiterates that cannot decipher the truth nor intelligently proffer enduring solutions that can engender trust. For the fact that the mainstay of  resources of the country's economy accrue from oil and gas deposits in Biafraland, is the only reason behind the one-Nigeria mantra deceptively being echoed.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the courageous leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, is not an advocate of oil and gas or their proceeds but justice, equity and freedom. He has even promised to give the Hausa-Fulanis and their Yoruba accomplices, these products free of charge, so long Biafrans regain their freedom. In Biafraland, the train of freedom and restoration is blazing. God Almighty is in full control. Nigeria prisons and the incarceration of Biafrans can never ever guarantee unity. The day of reckoning is fastly approaching, therefore all hands must be deck for the realization of set objectives.

The level of marginalisation being meted on Biafrans and criminally concealed by the Nigerian government, are alarming. Getting arrested and imprisoned is no longer a new thing. From revelational accounts, many family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who were unjustly imprisoned have emerged emboldened on their release. Such personalities include:  Mazi George Onyeibe, Mazi Ikechukwu Ugwuoha, Mazi Moses Agbo, etcetera. The IPOB fully understand the tricks of these One-Nigerianists and are readily prepared even at all times, in whichever way the pendulum swings.

It is either Biafra or death of Nigeria!

Written by Solomon Iwejuo

Edited by
Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

BIAFRA "My name is Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi I am 80 years old, It is time to be bold, I am too old to lie"

"My name is Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi I am 80 years old, It is time to be bold, I am too old to lie"



Dear Biafrans and Progressive Nigerians. I welcome you to this historic January 15th broadcast on behalf of all those who carried out the Januarv 15 Revolution in 1966. I bring to you a message of Truth and Freedom for It is only the truth that can set us free from the bondages of War and Propaganda, which we confuse as history.

Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi
My name is Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi I am 80 years old, It is time to be bold, I am too old to lie. I am not afraid to die. It is time to tell you why, we had to try.

I am the last of the original coup planners of January 15, 1966 with Major Kaduna Nzeogwu. I knew Nzeogwu well. We went to school together. We trained at Sandhurst Military Academy, UK. We lived together. Nzeogwu was our first Head of Military Intelligence and uncovered terrible plans to wreak havoc across the country. We organised a group of progressive military officers to carry out a coup on 15th January, 1966 to stop a Jihad and bring sanity to a Nigeria steeped in nepotism, corruption and mass murders. The Government of Tafawa Balewa, controlled by the Premier of Northern Nigeria, Ahmadu Bello, were using us in the army to repress the Middle Belt and Western Nigeria. Houses and cars were burnt. Thousands were killed. All these happened between 1962-66.

There were nine of us that planned the January 15 Revolution: Majors Nzeogwu, Anuforo, Ifeajuna, Ademoyega, Chukwuka, Okafor, Onwuategwu, Obienu and myself. However, four of us started it. Major Ifeajuna and Major Ademoyega in the South; and Major Nzeogwu and myself in the North. We then united as a single revolution. I am the last of the four original revolutionaries. None published the complete truth. Only me, Colonel Nwobosi, is alive today, to tell the Final Truth, so that the lies will not triumph forever.

They used us to repress the Middle-belt and the Yorubas. When we saw genocide, we began to disobey orders and swore to stop them. For instance, Major Anuforo refused to release mass murderers caught with weapons, and was court martialled. He was replaced by Major Hassan Katsina, a Northern Muslim, willing to act. I was in Abeokuta but refused to repress Yorubas, instead I opened our barracks as a safe place for them to run to. They told many lies about the January 15 boys, to justify their genocide, but it is those of us that planned the revolution that they should have killed, not the three million innocent Biafrans that knew nothing.

For years I kept quiet, blaming myself and wondering whether at 27, I was too radical that my actions led to the deaths of millions. Today, the same evil in 1966 is being unleashed. As I watch, my sense of guilt has vanished, because we were not the evil. We were trying to stop the evil. That Evil is Radical Islamism. I have decided to speak out and warn the world of the impending disaster if we do not stop it.

Each time Radical Muslims plan a Jihad, in their religious mission to conquer the world, they will fail, but in the attempt, thousands and even millions will die. That happened to us in Biafra. At this point let me differentiate between peaceful, law-abiding Muslims and Radical Muslims who want to kill others to force their religion on them. The problem is that wherever peaceful Muslims are, there are some Radical Muslims amongst them. That is why they began a Jihad in 1966. That is why we had to stop it. That is why they killed millions of our people. That is why we declared Biafra, because we are a peaceful people and oil and water can never mix.

My story is a warning to Nigerians. For years, I was prevented from speaking the truth by exile, prison, harassment, poverty, surveillance and death threats held over many of the actors like Ojukwu, Zik, Awolowo, Ibiam and the January 15 boys that survived. But as I watch today, many of the events that led to our revolution are happening again: Boko Haram, Fulani Militia, Niger Delta Militants, Shiites, IPOB and mass murders.

Some people think we acted wrongly in carrying out the January 15 revolution, but they may not be fully aware of the realities then. We were trained by the British to be patriotic, to give the ultimate sacrifice for Nigerian and to stop anyone acting against the nation.

Instead of our leaders using us to defend Nigeria they were using us to suppress citizens. We, decided to arrest them for their atrocities because no one was willing to act. Not Zik, the President, who was powerless, not Ironsi, the Head of the Army, who was a conservative. There were many reasons why we had to act:

1. To stop the killings in Yoruba land and the Middle Belt by NPC the ruling Party;

2. To stop the invasion of Yorubaland on 17th January, 1966;

3. To correct the massive rigging of the 1964 elections;

4. To free Awolowo from Prison and make him the Prime Minister;

5. To stop the terrible corruption, nepotism and regionalism of the NPC, the Ruling Party;

6. To stop Ahmadu Bello’s planned Jihad.

It was good that we acted to save the Yoruba and the Middle Belt people, and we thought that was enough to stop the Jihad. We could not foresee that they would massively attack innocent Igbos. Blame those who decided to massacre our people for their evil. Today we are fighting Buhari. He is killing Shiite Muslims and IPOB members. With the benefit of hind-sight we can see other ways of dealing with such evil, but for us in 1966, we just wanted to save the people from massacre.

I wish to congratulate Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for the good work they are doing to free our people from Nigeria and Radical Islamism.

Many of our people do not understand how vast IPOB is, as an organisation and the quality of the people that run it. On arrival in Israel, I started meeting high quality professionals and I was amazed. I don't know how IPOB united power professionals abroad, power traders at home and ordinary people from market women to even riff raff all under one IPOB family, with world-wide Radio and Television.

Every Igbo and Biafran should be proud of them. They are the strongest force we have today to achieve freedom for all Nigerians. No wonder they can take on the Nigerian Government and win. However, it is money that makes things work. I shall donate 10% of all the profits of my new book to IPOB. It is my tithe to freedom. Tithing is God’s tax to raise money for the government of the children of God. I urge you all to regularly do the same so we can have the resources to achieve our objectives.

On this day of 15th January, 2019, the anniversary of our Revolution, I want to hand over to Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, the baton of the January 15 boys, so you can complete the revolution we started. I am the Ogene Obosi, a Chief and elder of the Obosi people. I bring to you the blessings of the Ancients. I fought for Biafra; I was wounded for Biafra and I shall die for Biafra. Iseeee.

We carried out the coup and partially succeeded. We went to Kirikiri Prison with Nzeogwu and other coup planners, where we shared our stories some of which were recorded by Major Ademoyega and Captain Ben Gbulie in their books. I fought with Nzeogwu who died at the Nsukka Sector. I mourned my leader and friend. I also knew Ojukwu well. I was his Chief of Operations in the Biafra War. We went into exile together. On our return he made me his ADC. I put it all in my book, 1966: THE DARK TRUTH.

To mark the anniversary of the January 15 Revolution, I will release 15 videos, one video every day until 30thth January, 2019. Watch all the 15 videos to get the full picture. To see the videos, check the book’s Facebook Group, Youtube site and website.

On the 31st of January I will do a final broadcast and release my book on Amazon and other Online Publishers.

Get a copy to read about the intrigues of how Africa’s greatest colonial experiment, Nigeria, was destroyed by the megalomania of a religious fanatic and the callous cunning of British diplomats. Learn about the guts, ingenuity and heroism that was Biafra.

Truly in Biafra, Africa died, and truly in Biafra, Africa shall rise. The story is not yet over. I shall also launch my new Facebook Group “War and Propaganda” where people can discover the truth, so that all the lies can be exposed.

I did not need to research any books to tell our story. I am the book. It is my story that others need to research to write their books, because I am the final authority on all that happened and why it happened. Thank you Biafrans and Progressive Nigerians. May Chukwu Okike Abiama bless you all. Iseeee!

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