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Thursday, 19 July 2018



Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

The United States President, Mr. Donald John Trump has openly made a declaration concerning his next line of action in his enthronement of peace and justice especially in the continent of Africa. He posited that the fastest way to attract enduring peace and tranquility within the continent is to encourage legitimate and unhindered agitations for political independence from existing colonial boundaries. These colonially controlled African countries and warrant political chiefs, placed political/economic interests of the colonialists, have gravely retarded the needed developmental strides in the continent. President Donald Trump explicitly made his intention known to the global community during his media parley with the British Prime Minister, Right Honorable Theresa May in his recent visit to the United Kingdom. This has elucidated high expectations from the African people who have over the years, been reeling in the cruel effects of tyranny, oppression and impunity of their leaders.

As a West African Correspondent of the Family Writers Press International, it is pertinent to make known to the US President  here, that it is needless for his country's foreign mission to employ wasteful resources in putting up modalities to address this prolonged African conflicts and disputes as 95% of them hinges on agitations for full and total political independence. The remaining 5% of disturbances in the continent results from terrorism related build up of the Nigerian government which is being sinisterly exported across other countries. It is indisputably correct to state that, should Biafra be allowed unfettered access to her sovereignty through the assistance of President Trump of the United States of America and other anti-terrorism global leaders, the Nigerian government will automatically loose her economic power to sustain the sponsorship of terrorism in Africa.

It is reassuring to point out that the Intelligence Services of the United States must have comprehensively briefed President Trump on the problems bedevilling Africa which is traceable to the Berlin Conference of 1888 when the African continent was partitioned by the then German Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck, to Great Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, amongst other powerful European countries. This was the platform respectively required of their colonies to induce economic survival of the then poor Europe. These colonies were forcefully established by these benefiting European countries without the consent and approval of the indigenous owners of the land. The colonialists had their ways through cynical brutalities meted out against the people within these partitioned African territories. As the colonial businesses thrived, the European invaders surreptitiously converted the colonies into contraptions without referenda or any form of approval emanating from the indigenous people. Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania and Angola are precise examples of such colonies of Great Britain, France and Portugal which later ended up becoming entities with no endorse of the people like the Biafrans who are yet entrapped in Nigeria, Anglophone Amazonians in Cameroon, Zanzibar people in Tanzania and many other indigenous people suffering oppression and deprivation in Angola, Morocco and Ethiopia.

Presently, the agitation for independence within the West African sub-region has assumed an alarming and unavoidable dimension by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This globally recognized mass movement of indigenous people are doggedly demanding for Biafra independence from the yoked arrangement called Nigeria. There is also an ongoing armed conflict in Central Africa resulting from the quest for Amazonia independence from the colonial enclave called Cameroon. In Morocco, the story is the same as the indigenous people in a particular section of the Portuguese arrangement are calling for the independence of Western Sahara within the Northern hemisphere of Africa. In Ethiopia, East Africa, there is agitation for Oromo independence and Zanzibar independence from the colonial concoction called Tanzania. A regional independence is being agitated for also by Cabinda people in Angola within Southern Africa. The list is indeed endless. The United States President, Mr. Donald John Trump should be aware that in most cases, the restiveness of the people occasioned by these protracted agitations for independence from the retinue of dysfunctional colonial boundaries, evolve from minor acts of terrorism springing up from jumbo percentages of terrorism build-up currently going on in Nigeria. This is a country that is ostensibly sponsoring Fulani killer herdsmen across Africa, newly contracted ISIS in the West African sub-region, Boko Haram terrorists and the unprofessional/vampiric Nigerian armed forces.

The evil chronological enterprise of the African Union and Heads of African countries will attempt to present diverse deception packages before President Trump to sway him off realities as he steps into the continent, in search of solutions to years of under-development, conflicts and terrorism. Mr. Trump should disregard their antics and make a declaration for internationally monitored referenda to be conducted in troubled regions where agitations for self-determination are rife. This is to weigh the level of popularity of agitations and will of the people within such regions.

It is irrefutably correct to state that should the US President in partnership with his Western allies exert pressure on the Nigerian government to respect international laws and protocols governing self-determination and conduct referendum  today, the much anticipated peace and progress will definitely be restored in West Africa, the outcome of such an exercise for the Biafran people notwithstanding. This is also applicable to Amazonians in Cameroon, Oromo people in Ethiopia, Cabindans in Angola, the people of Western Sahara in Morocco, Zanzibar people in Tanzania and many others. With this module, there is no doubt that the alarming rate of youths' restiveness and incessant civil disturbances within the African continent will be curbed.

President Donald Trump should also be aware that lasting tranquility and development in Africa which will be ushered in through complete adjustment of the present colonial boundaries in the continent will be of immense benefit to the global community than the subsisting archaic/catastrophic international protocols which are breeding impunity, corruption and oppression as explicitly embedded in the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the present artificial boundaries in Africa. History definitely be made by Trump's demand for the restoration of the sovereignty of Biafra and other secessionist indigenous people groups of the continent. Let the United States President write his name on gold in Africa the same way he pragmatically arrested the explosive situation in the Middle East over the Jerusalem question, Korean Peninsula nuclear deal and Assad's regime crack down on Syrian civilians. The onus is on him really, to apply his God-given wisdom and utilize the existing opportunity in righting the wrongs of generations adversely affecting the African indigenous people groups orchestrated by colonialism.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



Ogeh Friday Igiri
Reporting For Family Writers Press

The Magistrate Court sitting in Abakiliki, the Ebonyi State Capital, has failed yet again to entertain the case brought before it by the Nigerian Police against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The case was initially scheduled for hearing on Tuesday 17th July 2018, after series of previous adjournments since the month of March 2018.

The Nigerian Police Anti-kidnapping Department Squad in Abakiliki had on the 24th of March 2018, arrested seven IPOB members within Abakiliki Province. They were picked up during the funeral of late member of the family, Mazi John Nwoke, the Ebonyi State IPOB Deputy Welfare Officer whose demise took place in the month of January 2018, following a brief illness.

The arrested IPOB family members were charged by the Police to the Abakiliki Magistrate Court on a case bordering on "unlawful society" before the Presiding Judge, Justice Stella Ugoeke. The case was earlier heard and the accused were duly granted bail on the 28th of March 2018.

However, it had suffered series of adjournments after their bail was effected. Meanwhile, appearing in Court for proceedings on Tuesday 17th July 2018, the IPOB family members who thronged the court premises with the accused - Igwe Ogbonnaya, Chukwu Jacinta, Aka Onyekachi, Ogbuka Franklin, Pius Iziriga, Eze Daniel Obinna and Onyibe Ikenna, were disappointed. They were belatedly told that the case would not be entertained after all, despite their fruitless wait for almost the whole working hours.

The IPOB defense counsel, Barrister Orogwu Cyril in his address to the IPOB family members, stated that the case could not be heard as scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. Hearing on the matter was however re-fixed for 25th August, 2018

ICC President’s Official Visit To Accused State Of Nigeria: A Threat Capable Of Undermining Independence And Integrity Of The Court

ICC President’s Official Visit To Accused State Of Nigeria: A Threat Capable Of Undermining Independence And Integrity Of The Court

(Intersociety Nigeria: 15th April 2018)-The leadership of Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law is deeply worried and dismayed by the recent official visit to Nigeria, an accused State-Party, by the newly elected President of the Int’l Criminal Court (ICC), Igbo-Nigerian born Chile Eboe-Osuji.

Judge Osuji, from Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, was elected as new President of ICC on 11th March 2018 for tenure of three years (2018-2021). Nigeria presently has eight cases at preliminary investigative stages pending against it and its Boko Haram terror group before the ICC and more cases of heinous rights abuses are being compiled across the country by various victim groups against the perpetrators.

It must be clearly stated here that the right of the Nigerian born ICC President to visit his mother country (Nigeria) including his Igbo Ethnic Nationality in private capacity is sacredly intact and inviolable. But his recent official or “State Visit” to Nigeria is not only uncalled for, but also capable of undermining the independence, impartiality and integrity of the world permanent criminal Court. It also impeaches the law of natural justice particularly the grand principles of neutrality, fairness, impartiality, independence and integrity; upon which the ICC was established twenty years ago in 1998 through the instrumentality of the Rome Statute.

ICC Presidents, elected through Electoral College or among “judges sitting in plenary session” are not elected to embark on shuttling or lobbying missions and courtesy calls especially to member-States or State-Parties and their leaders strongly accused of regime atrocities or crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. The Constitutive provisions of the Rome Statute of 1998 setting up the ICC contain sufficient “sovereign rights and remedies” for the accused State-Parties to be properly heard and defend themselves when called upon.

These include the grand principles of “Complementarity and No Impunity”; under which member-States or State-Parties can reject impunity for perpetrators of regime atrocities such as crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide and take further concrete steps at punishing them in conformity with international best practices through legitimate processes of investigation, arrest, detention, prosecution, conviction and sentencing as well as treatment, rehabilitation and compensation of the victims including the wounded and families of the slain and reconstruction of victims’  properties and public infrastructures devastated or destroyed by the aggressors or perpetrators.

An accused State-Party also has right of communication and fair hearing during preliminary and substantive investigation of its accused officials by the ICC as well as rights of fair hearing, defence and appeal during the pre-trial and trial or prosecution and after conviction stages involving its indicted officials. Rights of review, exit, suspension and re-entry of membership into ICC are also available for all State-Parties including the accused.

However, such rights do not include the referral powers of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) under Chapter Seven of its Charter (i.e. referring any member-State of UN, whether as a State-Party or non State-Party to ICC for investigation and prosecution of its accused officials by the Prosecutor of ICC; who are accused of committing crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide against its defenceless civilian population, in part or in whole). This was the case in Sudan in March 2005 through UNSC Resolution 1593 for investigation of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and other officials of the State on accusations of war crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide and other regime atrocities committed in the country’s Darfur Region.

The standard practices geared towards securing at all times the independence, neutrality and integrity of the ICC and its electoral college-produced Presidents do not expressly approve of sworn ICC Presidents visiting countries particularly those under its investigation such as Nigeria. If for any reason requiring such official visits under rare circumstances; the Prosecutor of ICC is officially entrusted with such responsibilities.

A clear case in point was the just concluded official visit of the Prosecutor of ICC, Ms Fatou Bensouda to the Republic of Argentina as part of 20th Anniversary of ICC. Apart from the fact that Argentina does not have any criminal investigation or trial pending against it and its officials before the ICC, the country also signed “four cooperation agreements” with ICC including conditions for  interim release and release of ICC detainees, protection of ICC witnesses and enforcement of sentences of imprisonment for ICC convicts.

Further, we are also saddened by the fact that the ICC President’s official visit was brutally skewed and acutely selective; concentrated only on the country’s key public office holders including principal leaders of the National Assembly (i.e. Senate President, Deputy Senate President, House Speaker, etc) and the Federal Executive Council (i.e. Attorney General of the Federation, Minister of Foreign Affairs, etc).

The official visit practically excluded members of the Nigeria’s new mainstream Civil Society Community including legal experts, human rights and media groups advocating for end of atrocity crimes, regime impunity and punishment of their perpetrators in Nigeria. The local Civil Society coalition for promotion of ICC in the country was also excluded; likewise group-victims of crimes against humanity and war crimes in the country.

These victim-groups include the Christian Association of Nigeria, Islamic Movement in Nigeria (Shiites), Pro Biafra Movements and individual victims of Boko Haram insurgency and Nigerian Armed Forces’ counter insurgency operations in the Northeast and representatives of ethnic nationalities of Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Nasarawa, Kogi, Plateau and Zamfara States who are newest victims of ongoing Government protected Fulani terrorism in Nigeria since 2015.

We make bold to say that such a skewed and fanfare visit diminishes the confidence of Nigerians especially the victim segment and human rights activists in the ICC. It also undermines the capacity of the ICC to sit in judgment against Nigerian Government and the murderous Boko Haram elements; under fair, credible, independent and impartial circumstances. This is more so when every indication points to the fact that the present central Government in Nigeria is paying a lip service attention to issue of ICC Statute and its municipal compatibility and enforceability as well as atrocity crimes and their perpetrators.

Apart from ratification of the Rome Statute creating ICC on 27th September 2001, the Federal Government of Nigeria has refused to take further municipal concrete steps in the areas of domestication and enforcement or complementing the works of ICC. None of the four voluntary international agreements such as those bordering on detention of ICC detainees and protection of its witnesses has been signed by Nigeria; to show its sincere and full cooperation with the ICC.

Specifically, the Federal Executive Council charged with constitutional responsibilities of generating executive bills for domestication of outstanding regional and int’l treaties has refused to forward an executive bill to the National Assembly for purpose of domesticating ICC Statute and localization of same; although this does not, in the eyes of int’l law and UN System, exclude the country from being held to account for atrocities committed under the ICC Statute. As part of Government’s lip service attention, too, it has also refused to sign the referenced four cooperation agreements with the ICC.

Strongly condemned is the pronouncement of the Attorney General of the Federation during his meeting with the ICC President at which he expressed shock and dismay over “ICC decision to escalate and elevate the eight pending cases against the country (six against Boko Haram and three against Federal Government) to preliminary investigation stages”. Such a callous official statement not undermines the ICC and int’l rule of law but also emboldens the perpetrators of the atrocity crimes to perpetrate or commit more with impunity.

This is also a further indication of un-readiness and unwillingness of the Federal Government to fully and sincerely cooperate with the ICC. The statement made by the Senate President, “calling for the reform of ICC especially expunging of its zero immunity against perpetrator-serving public office holders of the State-Parties” and a hoax claim that it is specifically targeted at African leaders, is also strongly condemned.

Contrary to the AGF’s statement claiming Nigeria’s full compliance with “ICC’s principles of Complementarity and No Impunity”; it is on record that all the perpetrators fingered in atrocity crimes in Nigeria since June 2015 including retired and serving senior military and police officers have remained on the prowl and protected by the State till date. Nigeria’s present central Government also refused and failed to perform its fundamental obligation as a State-Party to ICC by refusing and failing to invite the ICC Prosecutor for neutral and comprehensive investigations of Boko Haram terror activities and roles played by its Armed Forces in the Northeast counter insurgency operations among other atrocity crimes; thereby protecting the perpetrators and extending its unwillingness and inability status.

Specifically, those fingered in the shooting and killing of not less than 400 unarmed pro Biafra activists and hundreds of others shot and injured are still under the State protection since 2015. Those responsible for the death of over 1,130 unarmed Shiite members and supporters as well as hundreds of others shot and injured since December 2015 are still under State protection.

Those responsible for bombing and killing of 236 Christian IDPs in Borno and over 50 rural Christians in Adamawa States on 17th January and 4th December 2017 are still under State protection; likewise those that masterminded the death in military custody inside the Giwa Barracks in Borno State in 2016 of 240 civilians including 29 children between newborn and five years. Till date, all the perpetrators or masterminds in the ongoing Fulani terrorism across Nigeria which have led to killing of not less than 4000 mostly Christians since June 2015 are still protected by the State; with none of them facing trial or diligent prosecution till date.

The present central Government in Nigeria is also recklessly and indiscriminately freeing scores of Boko Haram terror suspects duly investigated, indicted and arraigned in courts since 2013. This is done using prosecutorial technicalities and questionable presidential swap and amnesty deals. Yet, the same Government turns around to persecute unarmed citizens particularly those of Southeast and South-south parts of Nigeria on account of their faith and ethnicity using trumped up charges, long pre-trial detention and unlawful killing, torture and other cruel,  inhuman and degrading punishments or treatments.

A clear case in point is the ongoing pre-trial detention of some defenceless citizens of Igbo Ethnic Nationality/Pro Biafra activists since 2015 without proper trial till date as well as vindictive and trumped up charges slammed against them. The central Government of Nigeria also ordered and supervised the killing and maiming of hundreds of them simply because they called for a statehood or geographical reorganization of Nigeria using nonviolence.

The ICC which presently has 123 State-Parties and several signees is hereby called upon not to compromise its integrity and independence by allowing itself to be intimidated and its works undermined by Africa’s genocidal leaders and their agents who go about recklessly and brazenly; perpetrating atrocity crimes in office against their defenceless civilian populations.

It is on record that countries where preliminary and substantive criminal investigations or prosecutions are ongoing or carried out by ICC are those with most atrocious political records and atrocity crimes perpetrated by their State and non State actors. It remains an irrefutable fact that credible democratic countries and their leaders irrespective of continent of origin have nothing to fear over the ICC and its noble tasks of ensuring an end to global impunity in the corridors of power.

Granted that there is need for continuous reform of the ICC especially in the areas of finding  common grounds including common definition of Crimes of Aggression as well as ensuring deterrence against external aggressors with respect to their overbearing military influence against lesser powerful nations and territories; with the exception being military activities carried out under UN or regional grouping’s backed peace support operations; but  it is the African Continent that direly need urgent and comprehensive political and leadership reforms so as to make themselves less attractive to ICC searchlight and sanctions.

Throughout the ages, sanctions had periodically been visited against perpetrators of most heinous crimes against the human race. In the 40s, there were sanctions visited against 2nd World War criminals in Europe and Asia including Germany and Japan. In the 90s and 200s, sanctions were visited against war criminals in former Yugoslavia, Liberia and Rwanda. Recently, such were also visited against war criminals in DRC, Uganda, Ivory Coast as well as former President of Chad recently convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by an African regional criminal court.

As it stands now, the ICC has secured very few convictions and consolidated its protracted investigations in Congo DRC, Sudan, Darfur, Central African Republic, Kenya, Libya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burundi and Republic of Georgia. Preliminary investigations have also been opened in Columbia, Afghanistan, Gabon, Guinea, Palestine, Iraq, Philippines, Venezuela, Ukraine and Nigeria.

 In all these, the ICC has not done enough in commensuration of its mandates, yearnings and expectations of the victim populations and generality of the people around the world. The Court must go beyond its present protracted investigations and fanfare shuttling and handshake of the graveyard with accused State-Parties. The long delays by the Court in meeting the yearnings and expectations of the global populations especially the growing victims of State atrocity crimes may most likely push the Court to the brinks if care is not taken.

Already the global influence of the Court is beginning to wane across countries and regions. This is on account of its snail pace and perceived rubber stamp status. There are cases still pending before the Court for almost, if not up to ten years or more. Other tasking challenges facing the ICC are occasioned by poor investigations and generation of watery evidence and fragility associated with poor witness management including profiling.

While ICC continuously rigmaroles and craws, its space and influence are speedily on decline; taking over by emerging regional and municipal courts assuming int’l civil and criminal jurisdictions over human crimes of heinous nature. A clear case in point is the Dakar based African Special Criminal Court for Chad which had in May 2016 secured conviction and life sentence against former President Hissene Habre of Chad; over his heinous abuse of human rights including rape, sexual slavery, torture and ordering for massacre of thousands of civilians during his days as military president of Chad from 1982 to 1990. In the USA State of Philadelphia, its Federal Courthouse sat for just one year (2016-2017) and convicted Mohammed Jabbateh over his ignorable roles in the Liberian Civil War of 1989-1997 where he was a leader of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia or NPFL.

ICC must therefore sit up and protect its independence, impartiality and integrity globally before it is swallowed and overshadowed by the rising influence, acceptability and popularity of emerging municipal courts speedily assuming international civil and criminal jurisdictions in matters of heinous human rights violations and abuses across the world.

By joint advocacy accounts of the Civitas Maxima and Global Justice & Research Project groups 2018, Courts in USA, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, etc now assume both criminal and civil international jurisdictions over heinous or atrocity crimes committed against civilian populations by atrocity perpetrators in foreign countries. Key Liberian war criminals including Jucontee Woewiyu (former leader of NPFL), Agnes Taylor (wife of Charles Taylor), Martina Johnson (former commander of NPFL) and Alieu Kosiah (former commander of ULIMO) are billed to face trials this year in various municipal courts located in USA, Belgium, Switzerland and UK for their atrocious or ignorable roles during the Liberian Civil War of 1989-1997.

Similarly, Mrs Esther Kiobel, wife of one of the slain Ogoni Nine (Dr. Berinem Kiobel) had also filed a civil claimant suit in far away Netherlands against the Royal Dutch Shell PLC for its complicity in unlawful arrest, detention and death of her husband, late Dr. Berinem Kiobel who was hanged alongside other Ogoni Eight in 1995 during the darkest era of military incursion into Nigerian political space. The civil suit was instituted in 2017 in Netherlands where the Royal Dutch Shell is registered. Earlier in 2009, the Royal Dutch Shell paid $15.5m to settle lawsuit brought against it by the now late son of the slain leader of Ogoni Nine, Ken Saro-Wiwa (Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr.) and others including the brother of late Ken Saro-Wiwa (Snr.) Credit: Amnesty Int’l and CNN 2017.


For: Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law

Emeka Umeagbalasi (Criminologist & Graduate of Security Studies)

Board Chairman

Mobile Line: +2348174090052

Email: [email protected]

Barr Ndidiamaka C. Bernard

Head, Int’l Justice & Human Rights Program

Email: [email protected]

Barr Obianuju Joy Igboeli

Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Program

Email: [email protected]

Barr Chinwe Umeche

Head, Democracy & Good Governance Program

Email: [email protected]



Ogeh Friday Igiri
Reporting For Family Writers Press

The remains of late Mazi Kingsley Ogbonnaya, were committed to the mother earth today Thursday 19th July, 2018 in his hometown - Amasiri in Afikpo local government area of Ebonyi State, Biafraland.

Mazi Kingsley Ogbonnaya before his sudden death, was the Powerline Zonal Coordinator in Aba, Abia State. He mysterious death in his Aba residence, threw many family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) that closely knew him into shockwaves.

Thousands of hardcore Biafrans from Aba, Enugu, Onitsha, Ebonyi and beyond, converged enmass at his Amasiri residence, to accord him last respect and condole with the immediate family. Amongst IPOB dignitaries that  attended the burial from within Biafraland, were Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya who is the Ebonyi State IPOB Coordinator and his Abia State counterpart, Mazi Ikechukwu.

Speaking on behalf of the entire IPOB family, the above mentioned leaders urged the family of the deceased to take heart as death is an inevitable due that every mortal has to pay anyhow and anytime. The bereaved family thereby appreciated the IPOB family for their support and for the honor accorded their son.



The term “antisemitism” was first coined in the late 1870s. Subsequently, it is used with reference to all types of Jew-hatred both historical and contemporary. The word itself was derived  from the idea that Hebrew belongs to the Semitic language family, and thus Jews must be "Semites." Many other languages also belong to the Semitic language family, such as Arabic and Amharic, and therefore other cultures could also be called "Semites."

 Jew-hatred is not a modern observable fact it may be traced back to ancient times. Traditional antisemitism is based on religious discrimination against the Jews by some Christians. Some Christian doctrines were ingrained with the idea that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus, and thus deserved to be punished (this is known as the Deicide, or Killing of God, Myth). Another concept that provoked hatred for the Jews amongst Christians was the Supercession Myth, claiming that Christianity had replaced Judaism, due to the Jewish People’s failure in their role as the “Chosen People of God” and thus deserve punishment, specifically by the Christian world.

According to Rabbi Kalman Packouz, “Between 250 CE and 1948, the Jews were annihilated, hunted and expelled from Europe over 80 times. That is, in 1,700 years, people in Europe expelled, killed and exterminated the Jews at the average rate of once every 21 years” just as Biafrans are hunted, killed, expelled, annihilated today in Nigeria.

“Jews were expelled from England, France, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Bohemia, Moravia and seventy-one other countries. These countries on their own rose up one day to affirm that they were weary of hosting Jews,  tolerating their behaviours and accepting their attitude with the Jews claiming that whatever land they lived in was no man’s land just  as it is today in Nigeria. These Europeans claimed they were more superior, hard-working, tolerant, charitable, hospitable, accommodating and generous to the Jews than any other nationality, but the Jews battered it. They demanded that all Jews should  leave or be vanquished and no amount of plea could change that decision.

Over the centuries various stereotypes about Jews developed. Individual Jews were not judged based on their personal achievements or merits, but rather were seen on the whole as greedy, devilish, standoffish, lazy, money-grubbing, and over-sexed. At some points, Jews were even falsely accused of using the blood of Christian children as part of the Passover holiday ritual (known as the Blood Libel).  Historians who have studied the observable fact came up with the accustomed explanations given as the reason why Jews were expelled. The most common reason as expressed in popular quotes used during each eviction, massacre and persecution are:

Economic -- "We hate Jews because they possess too much wealth and power."
Chosen People -- "We hate Jews because they arrogantly claim that they are the chosen people."
Scapegoat -- "Jews are a convenient group to single out and blame for our troubles."
Deicide -- "We hate Jews because they killed Jesus."
Outsiders, -- "We hate Jews because they are different than us." (The dislike of the unlike.)
Racial Theory -- "We hate Jews because they are an inferior race."
Historians have examined these reasons in order to see if they were the causes of the hatred or the excuses for the hatred. Historians propounded that if there were curses, once the curse is taken away, the hatred will vanish. But if the curse is taken away and the hatred remains, then, it is mere excuse.
On the economic reason which revealed  that the Jews possess too much wealth that causes envy and resentment, historians found out that the Polish and Russian Jews of the 17th -20th century were “dirty poor” yet, they were hated. When the Jews perform excellently well, the myth that they have a plan to rule the world by controlling governments and financial establishments took shape in the fictional work called, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Though it has been debunked as fiction, it remains a bestselling book in the world.

On the idea that the Jews were claiming to be the chosen ones, historians noted that the Jews of Germany in the 19th century denied the concept of being the chosen ones. Many of them assimilated with mainstream Germans, abandoning their language and culture and ways of life. Yet, when the holocaust started, it did not save them. And the Larry Kings of America, who changed their names to hide their identities and those who are not practicing Jews like Madam Albright, have not been spared as objects of hate. Surprisingly, in today’s world, it is the Christians and the Muslims who openly claim that they are the ones chosen by God and nobody can get to God except through their intermediaries- Jesus and Muhammad. But they do not attract the kind of hatred that the Jews had.
The hatred meted on the Jews, especially in difficult economic and political times, was not a curse but rather an excuse. To be a  scapegoat, you must first of all hate. Hitler conveniently used Jews as scapegoats because the hatred was already there. It made it easy for Germans to believe that Jews were the reason they lost World War I and why the German economy was fluttering.

The fifth reason, that the Jews killed Jesus, falls flat when the Christian Bible says that the Romans killed Jesus with the help of the Jews but the hatred was reserved for the Jews alone. The Roman Catholic Church, in its Second Vatican Council in 1963, had to officially exonerate the Jews, but the hatred continued. (Pope John Paul II termed antisemitism a sin).
The idea that the Jews were outsiders should have waned with the increase in Jewish assimilation over the years. But it did not, instead, the complaint changed. In Germany, it turned into: "We hate you, not because you're different, but because you're trying to become like us! We cannot allow you to infect the Aryan race with your inferior genes."
 The final reason is that “we hate the Jews because they are an inferior race.” The Jews are not a race, to begin with.

Obulose Chidiebere N
Family Writer Press



Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Netherlands National Chapter, on Tuesday 17th July 2018, successfully carried out a protest against the Nigerian President -  Muhammadu Buhari, in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC) building at Hague, Netherlands. The World's Apex Court had invited him to it's Headquarters, as it commemorated it's 20th year Anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statue as the supreme law upon which the Court is governed, to deliver keynote speech on the occasion. The invitation of such a tyrannical, genocidal and terrorism-inclined criminal, elucidated outrage both within and without Nigeria. This is a man that is presently under investigation associated with gross human rights violations by the ICC Chief Prosecutor, Madame Fatou Bensouda. Standing on this issue, the Netherlands National Chapter of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in concert with the global family of the IPOB ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, staged a protest condemning the appearance of Buhari in such a reputable global event.

The protest was successfully conducted at approximately 500 meters away from the World Court Headquarters as directed on approval, by the Dutch Police who were right on hand to monitor proceedings. The Netherlands National Chapter of the IPOB, used the opportunity to make a strong registration of IPOB's displeasure over the invitation given to the serial killer. The Nigerian President supposedly, ought to be presently undergoing preliminary examination and investigation in the Hague, for at least, 131 cases lodged against him. The Netherlands National Chapter of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), described such a high profile invitation to an accused personality who under the tenets of civilised international laws, should have been arrested to account for numerous human violations, as the height of professional insensitivity of the management of the global court. Despite the short notice of invitation handed down to the Netherlands IPOB family, prompt and encouraging mobilization of members were effected for the protest as scheduled.

In his interview with the Family Writers Press International, the Netherlands National IPOB Coordinator, Mazi Ndubuisi Osuala direct from the Hague, emphasized that the protest was a huge success. He said that the IPOB protesters converged within the ICC premises for the protest two hours ahead of the arrival of the murderous Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari. Mazi Osuala further stated that the protesters conspicuously displayed banners with the images of IPOB members gruesomely murdered, maimed and injured by the Nigerian army and police in Biafraland during peaceful IPOB rallies, on the directives of President Muhammadu Buhari. The Netherlands IPOB National Coordinator stated that most of the dignitaries who graced the event from different countries of the world, recorded the petitions and complaints of the IPOB protesters with their gadgets. The protest was adequately relayed to the global audience for onward  analysis in different countries of the representatives.

In his submission, the Assistant Secretary of the Netherlands National Chapter of the IPOB, Mazi Uchechukwu Ofiaukam, expressed his appreciation to various IPOB families in Biafraland for their resilience and resoluteness in a hostile environment like Nigeria. He assured Biafrans back home that their  undeterred commitment to the Biafra restoration quest has really surprised and won the support of the world, associated odds notwithstanding. On his part, Mazi Ezeachi corroborated the position of Mazi Osuala, regarding the protest conducted by the IPOB Netherlands Chapter, under their stewardship. He emphasized that had they had enough time to plan for the protest, hundreds of IPOB members and sympathizers would have massively participated. The high points of the protest included:

* The rentage of counter protesters by the Nigerian government through her Netherlands Embassy of Nigerian nationals of other tribes and from neighboring Islamic countries. They equally stormed the venue and fruitlessly laboured to disrupt the IPOB protest with their deceitful chants "we are one, we are one, we are one". However, the Dutch Police decisively stopped them as the IPOB members reportedly insisted that they are never one as the renegade protesters were rented to represent Nigeria whilst they themselves represent Biafra. The enlightened and professional Dutch Police instantly ordered the Nigerian hired protesters to disperse as they have no prior approval to carry out such a protest.

* President Muhammadu Buhari looking furiously at the resilient IPOB protesters, left the ICC premises as he got properly humiliated before the global community by the IPOB protesters.

The heinous crimes committed against the Biafran people were brazenly exposed before the world through banners where those acts of cruelty and decimation were pictorially displayed.

* The arch-enemy of Biafrans, Muhammadu Buhari, in his disappointment and shame to vent his animosity, sent two suspected Security Operatives in his entourage to get back to the IPOB protesters, take pictorial shots of the  protesting Biafrans and also most essentially, obtain that of the National Coordinator of the IPOB Netherlands with his principal colleagues, for onward transmission to the Department of Security Services (DSS) back home in Nigeria for documentation. In the process, the suspected DSS officers threatened that the leadership of the Netherlands Chapter of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), must be hunted down and dealth with accordingly, anytime each of them touches down in Nigeria. But in a swift counter move, the IPOB Netherlands leadership, pre-emptively informed the Dutch Police of such threats and the Buhari "hunt dogs" were ordered to stop forthwith, their mission of picture taking without approval.

* The IPOB protest directly in front of the building of the International Criminal Court, was really strategic which attracted many journalists of Western world mainstream media, who were equally present to document proceedings of the ICC's 20th year anniversary. Such International Media Groups included Al-Jazeera, British Broadcasting corporation (BBC), France 24, amongst others. Some of the IPOB protesters were interviewed in the process.

* Culminating the events of the day, was the IPOB Netherlands Chapter's submission of a protest letter to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The content of the letter amongst other issues, highlighted the displeasure of Biafrans over the invitation of President Muhammadu Buhari to such a high profile gathering with even the pleasure of delivering a speech. The protest letter was received by the office of the Registrar of the Court via one of the Court Police Officers on guard. The registrar had fuly acknowledged receipt of the letter.

* The protesting IPOB family members thereafter, dispersed at exactly 2:30 pm local time, having successfully accomplished that mandate.

Bringing the interview conducted with the duo of Mazi Ndubuisi Osuala (IPOB Netherlands National Coordinator) and Mazi Uchechukwu Ezeachi (Netherlands IPOB Assistant Secretary), by the Family Writers Press, both principal officers in no mistakable terms, put the global community on notice that should anything untoward happens to any of them, the Nigerian government should be held accountable. They pointed out that in as much as they remain undeterred and resolutely resilient in the journey for the full restoration of the sovereignty of Biafra, it should also be on record, the death threat handed down to them by the agents of the Nigerian government.

They however eulogised the IPOB family members in Biafraland for their tenacity, despite the retinue of despotic and terroristic antecedents/onslaughts of the Nigerian government. They stated that without the unprecedented and unparalleled courage of the IPOB members in Biafraland carrying out the instructions/calls of the leadership, the evil government of Nigeria would have succeeded in it's relentless concoction of misleading narratives that it is the Biafrans in the diaspora that are solely driving the Biafra restoration struggle. They conclusively prayed for God's blessings upon the homebased IPOB families for their steadfastness. The onerous, highly professional and intelligent information gathering/dissemination prowess of the management and staff of the Family Writers Press were very inexhaustibly appreciated and encouraged.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



19th July, 2018.

Greetings to all Biafrans.
Voice of Biafran Students(VOBS) are students of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) all Over Biafra Land in every Higher Institutions of Learning, We are Biafran Students Seeking and Working For The Total Restoration (Political, Educational, Spiritual, Economical and Psychological) of the Sovereign State of BIAFRA under the Leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his Deputy Mazi Uche Mefor.

The Voice of Biafra Students (VOBS) had an extra ordinary meeting in University of Igweocha, Choba on the month of July 2018 and in Solidarity and unity of purpose made an unequivocal Statement that:

A.  The Biafran Students have Risen to her Responsibilities of establishing IPOB family in  every tertiary Institution.

This includes Tactical Operations to penetrate even inside the fabrics of the Student Union Government (SUG). In many occasions where the SUG should stand up and speak up against  impunity and tyranny, illegal extortions and Poor Learning Facilities from the School management onbehalf of the Biafran and Non- Biafran Populace that  they are supposed to protect their interest and  represent  well. They have not lived up to expectations not because they are weak but because of the faulty foundation of the Nigerian system. VOBS has come to bridge that Gap amongst the Biafran Populace in all her Universities through the Inauguration of IPOB FAMILY in Every Department in all INSTITUTIONS.

B.  We are strongly saying that the Basis of the Existence of this Lugard Creation (Nigeria) has expired like every other Commodity in the market.
We  the VOBS in all field of Studies have in Strong Voice said the name “Nigeria” only Came into Existence in 1914 when they (Britian) forcefully coarsed  our fore fathers “Biafarans" into a Union that they ( Indigenous People of BIAFRA) had no Say in it.The name Nigeria was suggested by the Journalist who was a Sex Mate to the then Governor General of the Northern Protectorate of the Colony of British West Africa by name Sir Fredrick Luguard.He proposed the bill to expand the Colony for Her Britainic  Majesty, In 1914  he Amalgamated the  Northern  and Southern protectorate .
 The Union Nigeria was for the Economic interest of the British Government and her People not the Indigenous Population dwelling in that part of the world. It will interest you to know that the document of Amalgamation was for a Period of 100 years (1914 - 2014), meaning in Reality Nigeria is an Expired Entity for 4 years now.

C. Release our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his Family..

On the 14th day of September 2017, the Nigerian Army invaded the House of the Leader of Indigenous People of BIAFRA shooting Sporadically leaving over 26 dead, Since that Encounter We have not Heard from or Seen our Leader,
It is 305 days today. Since that invasion, the Nigerian military have refused to release him Dead or Alive. We are calling on the Nigerian government and the military to release our leader for us either dead or alive.

D.   In REFERENDUM we Stand as a Peaceful Means for Exercising our Right to Self Determination in pursuit of the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra. As such We, Biafran Students in Unison have Risen up to Support IPOB Call for A Referendum to opt out from the British creation called Nigeria which is no longer safe for human habitation. We say NO to any Form of Restructuring. There's no basis for any other Negotiations because even the Nigeria is an expired Expression and as such no Law is effective anymore.

E. Therefore, we urge all Biafran students in various higher institutions across Nigeria and in diaspora to rise up and take their pride of place in The Restoration of our dear nation Biafra. We must all stick together to liberate this land for the generations unborn.

We would end with the words of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu," don't be shy don't be timid, stand up and embrace your destiny ,your destiny is greatness your destiny is Biafra“The Force Behind the Biafran Restoration Project is Far Greater Than The Obstacles Ahead".

May Chukwu Okike Abiama continue to direct, guide and enrich us all with His wisdom as we journey to the land of the Rising Sun...

Signed: UNIPORT STUDENT Co-ordinator
           FUTO STUDENT Co-ordinator
           ALVAN STUDENT Co-ordinator
           UNIZIK STUDENT Co-ordinator
           FPO STUDENT Co-ordinator
           COOU ULI STUDENT Co-ordinator
           COOU IGBARIM STUDENT Co-ordinator
           NEKEDE STUDENT Co-ordinator
           UNN STUDENT Co-ordinator
           RUST STUDENT Co-ordinator

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