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Saturday, 24 June 2017



We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide under the command and supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have resolved totally and without equivocation not to participate in further elections in Biafra land from November 2017 in Anambra State up to the coming General Election in 2019, unless the Federal Government of Nigeria gives a specific date for referendum to determine once and for all time if the people of Biafra wants to remain in their present state of humiliation, servitude, bondage and hopelessness in Nigeria.

The era of crooked Nigerian elections and imposition of Hausa Fulani slaves in the guise of politicians in Biafra Land from Abuja has gone and will never be tolerated again. Until there is an agreement in principle for a date to democratically ascertain the will of the people of Biafra, IPOB will campaign for a total boycott of elections. We are not unaware that the Nigerian Government and her security agencies have perfected plans to deploy 18,000 new security operatives entirely made up of Hausa Fulani officers during the Anambra State Governorship election in November 2017. Northern dominated Army, Navy, Police, DSS and Civil Defense Corps will come to kill, maim and kidnap our people on that particular day but we are not deterred.

It is very pathetic that some hired hands and unity beggars in Nigeria have adopted the unenlightened and illiterate approach of always equating self-determination with war. Makes us to wonder what sort of education these people received, if at all they went to school. It is the Arewa North who are calling for war not “US”. IPOB is a genuine peaceful organization that is following the stipulated laid down rules of the United Nations and African Charter which Nigeria ratified and adopted in their constitution. Referendum for Biafra is all we are asking for not war.  It is the only civilized way to settle this burning issue of Biafra once and for all time.

We are aware that some unscrupulous individuals and groups wants to use call for war to frighten IPOB into submission. We cannot allow such to happen because we don't respond well to threats. The more Hausa Fulani oligarchy threatens war the more determined we become. Such silly threats can work with Northern minorities not IPOB. To prove this point, the Nigeria Government and her Hausa Fulani dominated security operatives have been abducting, killing, humiliating and burying our members in mass graves since 2014 yet IPOB is still here and have not turned violent.

We are not interested in anything violent or war to achieve the sovereign state of Biafra because IPOB have many potent weapons than AK47, bombs and mortars. Truth as our leader said Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been preaching all along without fear or favour is the only weapon at our disposal.

Therefore, anybody waiting for IPOB to engage in violent warfare is wasting his or her time because Nigeria has already collapsed under the burden of incompetence, greed, corruption and institutional laziness. Those clamoring for one Nigeria are the same poorly educated criminal class that put Nigeria in the mess it’s in today. They are too lazy to do anything else or make use of their brain apart from sickening dependence on crude oil money coming from Biafra Land. One Nigeria encourages laziness and allocation criminality which Biafra government will erase from the surface of this earth when it emerges as an independent nation.


BIAFRA: Nigeria security services are now operating illegally

BIAFRA:  Nigeria security services are now operating illegally

Information reaching the desk of Family Writers Press has it that  the Ebonyi state Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) deputy coordinator Mazi Nweke Ugochukwu was abducted  early morning of 23rd June, 2017  by the DSS in the state in his residence while preparing to go out for his business as usual.


The state IPOB coordinator Mazi Igwe Ogonnaya confirmed this  ugly incident saying that the Nigeria government is pushing IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to the wall, by illegally arresting and molesting the members of nonviolent IPOB who are operating with the international law on the rights of the Indigenous People all over the world, this illegal killings and frequent arrest of IPOB members by the Nigeria government remained unabated even when it has being declared a legal organization by justice Binta  Nyako of the federal high court  Abuja  during one of the court hearing  between Nnamdi Kanu and Nigeria government which she presided.
We the IPOB under the watch of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is on this platform notify the world  on the mayhem Biafrans are being subjected to as a result of their struggle  for self-determination as provided by the United Nations law on the rights of the Indigenous Peoples worldwide and domesticated in Nigeria law.

 By Ogeh Friday Igiri
For Family Writers Press .



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

According to the Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar single-handedly written and imposed 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as amended, it is a gross violation of Human Right of any law abiding person in Nigeria whether you are a Nigerian or Biafran, to be arrested without committing any crime. Any time a person is arrest without committing any crime, it is like a public embarassment worthy of public restitution when the person is vindicated in a Court of Law.

However, this constitutional provison of protection of Human Right of people in Nigeria as enshrined in Section 33 to Section 46 of the said Nigeria Constitution is no longer respected by Nigeria secret police which is established by Law of Federal Republic of Nigeria (LFN 2004) and called State Security Service (SSS) but later unlawfully renamed itself Department of State Services (DSS). It is on record that DSS as it is unlawfully called at the moment has unlawfully arrested and detained numerous IPOB members without any reason of committing any crime other than being identified as Biafran agitators. Few days ago, Mazi George Onyeibe (Africa Continent Rep of IPOB) was release on bail by a Magistrate Court in Port-Harcourt after about 4 months of unlawful kidnap-like arrest and unlawful detention, and as usual that may be the end of the humiliation and loses he may have suffered due to the unlawful arrest. It was the same case with the arrest of Mazi Moses Agbo of Family Writers Press who was arrested inside Kuje Prison on December 25, 2016 when he visited Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. When Moses Agbo was released unconditionally on March 18, 2017, he lost his job because the personnel management of the company where he was working replaced him with somebody few days after his arrest and that rendered Mazi Moses Agbo jobless till today, only surviving through the assistance of fellow Biafrans. How long will IPOB members and other Biafrans continue to suffer this in the hands of DSS?

Having studied carefully all these illegal arrest of IPOB members by the lawless DSS since after the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) on October 14, 2015, wherein thousands of IPOB members are hunted down and got arrested by DSS for committing no crime other than being members of the globally known legal and legitimate IPOB under the Supreme Command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) which even Nigeria Federal High Court presided over by Justice Binta Nyako has ruled that it is lawful, DSS should be cautioned to desist from this illegal operation.

It is upon this ground that I hereby called on IPOB Legal Team led by Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor to as a matter of urgency sue DSS seperately for their continuos secret kidnapping of IPOB members in the name of arrest for committing no crime and later court will just grant bail with dubious conditions without penalizing DSS for going against the laws of the land. IPOB Legal Team should do this immediately because DSS is biting more than they can chew as they continue to pick IPOB members one by one everyday without any arrest warrant from any court or any crime traceable to them. Arewa Youths who threatened fire and brimstone against Igbo people in North should they fail to vacate North till September 30, 2017 are still walking freely in the streets of Kaduna with nobody arresting them. But Biafran youths who are law abiding and have never ordered anybody to vacate Biafraland or taste brimstone are always being arrested or kidnapped by DSS while nobody touches the notorious Arewa youths.

It is now time for IPOB erudite Legal Team led by Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor to courageously sue DSS seperately in a court as to order DSS to stop the unlawful arrest of their clients because every IPOB member is your client at the moment and not just Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great), Mazi Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu and Mazi David Nwawuisi. If Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor has courageously sued Nigeria government in ECOWAS court on the order of Nnamdi Kanu, what is DSS that it cannot be sued?

A single suit on DSS over the constant kidnap and arrest of IPOB members will make them to stop their useless and lawless random arrest of IPOB members. Let not IPOB lawyers be staying as if they are handicapped of taking a legal action on the menace of DSS. It is true that DSS has severally stampeded and made mockery of court verdicts in Nigeria, yet it is not why IPOB lawyers should be tired of seeking justice at the appropriate channel which is court. I am looking forward to what IPOB lawyers should do next. I rest my case!



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

As it is obvious that the anger of Northern youths and Northern Elders are hovering all over the horrizon waiting for Biafrans who will stay in Arewa land beyond October 1, 2017 to consume, it is a welcome development that Biafra military officers serving Nigeria are already resigning from Nigeria Army, Navy and Air-force in order to escape from the fury hovering in the Arewa land. According a report from a publication made by Punchnewsngr date 22/6/2017 and also sighted on many other Nigeria dailes, there is a mass resignation of about 82 High rank Military officers especially those serving in the North who decided to quit the force and save their lives from the seeming danger. As it is at the moment, their resignation has been announced to the world as acknowledged by the Nigeria Defense HQs on June 17, 2017.

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme Command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) welcomes the decision of these military men because life must be preserved first before you talk about career. IPOB want to still make all these military officers to know that it will be a high demonstration of moronism if Biafra military men of this generation serving in Nigeria Armed forces fail to learn from history and what befell Biafrans serving in Nigeria armed forces in 1966 Igbo pogrom. However, it is important to note that the report said that it was high rank officers that have resigned.

IPOB is now asking "where is the low rank officers"? What is the junior rank officers still waiting for in the barracks? Junior rank officers should also resign from the force because as there is nothing Nigeria government can do any more to remedy the situation of Nigeria which is already disolving into oblivion, the Northern people whose estate is collapsing in Nigeria is hoping to vent their venomous anger upon and people to hit with their aggression which the targets are Biafrans. We are still making it authentic to the world that nothing will stop Biafra restoration. Let the junior officers resign because as the High rank officers are gone, there is no more fatherly protection for junior officers.

Are you a Biafran and still serving in Nigeria Army, Navy and Air-force especially in the barracks in Kano, Kaduna, Jos, Maiduguri, Bauchi or Abuja? Resign now and run for your lives. Nigeria Army is disarming Biafra soldiers in the barracks everyday and should any of the Biafra soldiers play ostrich to this danger, it is a complete intentional suicide. There is no escape for any Biafran serving in Nigeria armed forces in barracks domiciled in Northern Nigeria after October 1. Permit me to use this ancient Biafran proverb to end this piece of clarion call to these young soldiers because every Biafran is important to us in this exodus into our collective destiny. "Agha akara aka adịghị eri kwa nu Ngwọrọ". I rest my case!



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

Contrary to the malicious and seditious rumours going on in the social media platforms being circulated as a propaganda tool in order to confuse Biafrans, other Nigeria and the World at large that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) has joined with the Customary government hoax of some elders formally parading themselves as Supreme Elders and at the same time endorsed the United Progressive Party (UPP) and Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) for Anambra State guber election billed for November, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme Command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) hereby issue a disclaimer notice to such claim that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has never and can never accept the conduct of any election in Anambra State without Biafra referendum, not to talk of endorsing any political party including UPP or MOBIN. Biafrans all over the world should understand that Nnamdi Kanu is not shifting ground any time he say anything because he thinks properly before he say anything. Nnamdi Kanu is not also in the business of merging IPOB with any Customary Government hoax because such government is only existing on facebook. That is not why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu went to Nnewi for the said meeting.

In putting record straight, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is never a man who speaks from both sides of his mouth like most political hungry pigs in Biafraland, most Ohaneze Ndigbo Chamellions who supports Biafra agitation today and shift to restructuring ruse tomorrow, most clergymen who speaks from both sides of their mouth in a bid to protecting their business empires in Biafraland called Churches, some traditional rulers who goes to Aso Rock only to complain about marginalization in political appointments and police harassment on road block when they are expected to demand for Biafra restoration through the instrument of referendum. It is true that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) had a closed door meeting with Dr Dozie Ikedife and John Nnia Nwodo, but it is purely on the ground of routine grassroot unification and mobilization of Biafrans of many divides towards Biafra referendum which is about to be announced soonest by Nigeria government as Nigeria government has no other option than to do that. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has no business with anything associating itself with Nigeria politics any more because he has announced that there will be no more election in Biafraland including Anambra State election purportedly billed to hold in November this year.

By this disclaimer notice, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide wish to warn Chief Chekwas Okorie, UPP as a party, MOBIN organization, Chudi Ofolue and all political gladiators in Biafraland to stop calling the sacred name of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu,  and IPOB anywhere near the blood-sucking Nigeria politics of shame. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) and his Biafra army host called IPOB have rejected Nigeria government, Nigeria politics, Nigeria elections and Nigeria politicians including Biafrans playing it and thereby cannot endorse anybody or any party. By this IPOB want to make Biafrans all over the world to know that it is either you are for Biafra referendum by stepping out of Nigeria elections and politics or you are against Biafra referendum by still playing Nigeria politics. There is no middle place because all that Biafrans want at the moment is Biafra referendum.

However, we want Chekwas Okorie and his obscure party called UPP to continue playing his politics if he so wish, but must desist from attaching the sacred name of Biafra to Nigeria blood-sucking election full of brigandage and shame. There is no how Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will say that there should be no more election in Biafraland and at same time be supporting any party in the same election which himself and his IPOB host have rejected.

In conclusion, Biafrans should ignore all the pictures being circulated all over social media claiming that Nnamdi Kanu has joined the Customary Government hoax because such obsecure government has no seat of power anywhere or do it has administrative structures anywhere. Nnamdi Kanu did not endorse any political party including UPP, they are only wanting to ride on the success of IPOB to achieve cheap political advantage. All these are not why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu visited Nnewi to meet with Dr Dozie Ikedife. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is on a mission which its destination is Biafra restoration. I rest my case!



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

Biafrans all over the world have declared that if Nigeria government refuses to grant Biafra referendum to the people of Biafra wherein their political future will be determined and decided, there will be no peace in Nigeria anymore. Biafrans have issued a strong warning to Nigeria government to stop calling for a meeting with the so-called Igbo Leaders of shame of who have no single recognition or respect from the people due their political prostitution and unprecedented cynicism on the plight of Biafrans in Nigeria. If Nigeria government continue to be mischievous by going to engage those political jobbers and giving them Ghana Must Go bags of money to be opposing Biafra restoration, it is a mere waste of time and resources, because soon Biafran youths will shift aggression to those shameless Igbo leaders and it will be catastrophic to them because by then, Biafraland will no more contain the angry youths and the so-called useless Elders of shame.

The world is being put to notice that all Biafrans want is Biafra restoration. It is obvious that Biafra restoration does not in any way means the end of Nigeria for Oduduwa and Arewa people who are still interested in Nigeria. Nigeria will still remain a strong and united nation even after Biafra is gone. Nigeria will never see stability, peace and tranquility again should Nigeria government continued to oppose Biafra sovereignty because a population of 70 Millions cannot be ruled by force in the modern world. The world must know that this generation of Biafrans under the Supreme Command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) will settle for nothing but Biafra restoration.

So, if Nigeria government continues to play ostrich in the stormy gale of requisition for Biafra restoration, by going to people whom have no more relevance in Biafraland, it will continue to be to the detriment of the government of Nigeria because there can never be progress, unity, peace and love in a place where a type of Biafra agitation is going on. The demand of Biafrans is simple - we need back our sovereignty which Britain destroyed in 1904 and established Southern Protectorate of Colonial administration which they later merged with much older Northern Protectorate in 1914 as dubious amalgamation. But since Nigeria government refuse to heed the called of Biafrans towards Biafra restoration but continue to issue empty threats of jailing the agitators, Nigeria government will never see stability, peace and tranquility again in Nigeria. Should they give Biafrans the referendum, the remaining parts of Nigeria will experience an unprecedented economic growth, peaceful co-existence and mutual respect between Oduduwa and Arewa whom will then form one united Nigeria, because the Biafrans who are heating up the polity and causing distraction to Nigeria government is no there to cause distraction to government any more.

But if Nigeria government continue to hold on Biafrans, government can never have rest of mind to make policies that will move the government to any enviable height in the committee of Nations. Let Nigeria government courageously grant Biafrans referendum because the mind of the people are already made up to restore Biafra or loose anything including their lives on the road to restore Biafra. A word is enough for the wise!

Friday, 23 June 2017



By Charles Ogbu.
Published by Family Writers Press

Brethren from the North,
I bring you greetings from the Southern part of Nigeria.
On behalf of the peace-loving people of the south in general and millions of Igbo youths in particular, I start this letter by commending you for your recent open letter to the acting president, professor Yemi Osinbajo, where you called on the pastor-turned politician to organise a Referendum for the Igbos to enable them determine their future in line with international law on self-determination.

By that letter, you proved to be better versed and more sophisticated in legal matters and ways of international laws with regards to the right of Indigenous People on Self Determination than the acting President who ironically is a law professor but who happen to think that quest for self-determination is a crime simply because the fraudulent document known as the 1999 constitution imposed on us by military thugs did not recognise it.

Having said these let me come to the main reason why I'm here. In your letter to the Ag. President, I noticed what I've been trying to figure out whether to classify as an innocent amnesia-induced oversight or a calculated attempt to re-write history on your path.
You cited the January 15th coup which you mischievously tagged Igbo coup and claimed was the Igbos manifestating their hatred for Nigeria. Quite frankly, when I read that path, I was left wondering whether to pause and die laughing or die crying.

You and your kind invented the word "hatred" and even went further to prove that indeed, it is not just a word. You started manifesting hatred for other Nigerians as far back as 1945 when your kind butchered hundreds of innocent southerners mostly Igbos in North central Nigerian city of Jos in an anti-Igbo pogrom, 15 years before Nigeria even got her independence from Britain. And of course, your Vampiric spirit would later rise again in search of more Igbo blood in 1953 when your people carried out another anti-Igbo pogrom in Kano which resulted in another hundreds of Igbo lives being wasted once again. This time, all you needed to start doing what you know how best to do was a minor legislative disagreement at the Lagos parliament where your lawmakers were booed for trying to delay a motion for Nigeria's independence by claiming the North wasn't yet ready for self rule.

Isn't it a classic definition of irony that a people who started doing exceptionally well in the business of killing and maiming their fellow Nigerians as far back as 1945 when Nigeria had not even dreamt of gaining independence would now open their mouth and accuse others of manifesting "hatred for Nigeria unity"? If you ever believed in the so called Nigeria's unity, why kill and maim your fellow Nigerians for the flimsiest of excuses??

Secondly, the January 1966 coup was not an Igbo coup. It was a coup carried out by mostly junior army officers led by Major Kaduna Chukwuma Nzeogwu and it had soldiers from Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa/fulani, Tiv, Esan, Ijaw, Urhobo, Bali etc on board. Hassan Usman Katsina, an hausa/fulani, who was later made military governor of Northern region, was Nzeogwu's right hand man and a major participant all through the period of the coup. Major Adewale Ademoyega, the author of "Why We Struck" was of the same rank as Nzeogwu. He was an active participant in the coup. There were major Ifeajuna, Lt. Fola Oyewole of "The Reluctant Rebel", Lt. Tijani Katsina and Saleh Dambo who were both hausa/fulani, there was Lt. Hope Harris Egheagha among other Igbos.

And that same coup was foiled by two brave Igbo men, Aguyi Ironsi in Lagos (West) and Ojukwu in Kano (North). Now, assuming WITHOUT CONCEDING that the January 15th coup was organized and executed by only Igbo army officers, does it not still amount to conscientious idiocy for you guys to blame the whole Igbo nation for a coup carried out by few military men from the region?? How can anyone seek to justify the savagery visited on defenceless Igbo men, women and children residing in the North in the aftermath of that coup?? Did Nzeogwu who was from Delta state consult the indigens of the state before leading that coup?
How come we don't blame Dimka's coup on his ethnic group neither do we blame IBB and Buhari's coup on the whole hausa/Fulanis?
Let me quickly remind you that in the evening of the January 15th coup, a Boeing 707 belonging to the Nigerian Airways arrived Kano with almost the whole Northern establishment back from Lagos where they had gone to attend Commonwealth Prime Ministers' conference. Ojukwu, it was, who received them at the airport and even when orders from the coup plotters were to shot all Politicians, Ojukwu gifted them with protection. I don't suppose you would like this kind of history, seeing as it seem to contradict the adulterated version you were groomed with.

In the said letter, you correctly stated that Ojukwu refused to recognize Gowon but you mischievously failed to state that Ojukwu's refusal to recognise Gowon was in protest over the refusal of the hausa/fulani military officers who killed the head of state, Aguyi Ironsi, to allow Brigadier Ogundipe to take over as the next in rank according to military tradition. Still in that same letter, you stated that Ojukwu declared Biafra but you conveniently failed to tell the public that Ojukwu didn't just wake up in the morning, smoke his Benson cigarette and rushed to declare Biafra. He (Ojukwu) did his best to de-escalate tension and even succeeded in reaching a landmark accord with Gowon in Aburi, Ghana, which if implemented, would have put an end to the Igbo genocide going on in the North and averted the moral tragedy that was the Biafra war. But, Gowon, unilaterally chose to defy the terms of this last minute Aburi Accord, leaving the Oxford product, Ojukwu, with no choice but to pull his people out of a country that was and still is, deaf, dumb and blind to the sanctity of the lives of the same people it exists mainly to protect.

Let me quickly say this not just to you, The Arewa Youths but to all Nigerians and foreigners alike:
This current Biafra agitation IS NOT a bait for Igbo presidency, Restructuring or appointments. Any Igbo man thinking it is should simply go for a DNA test to ascertain not just his paternity but his ancestry, too. We are simply sick and tired of sharing the same country with people who derive enormous pleasure from killing their fellow human beings over the flimsiest of excuses like the burning of the Koran in a far away Afghanistan, the shooting of a Palestinian boy by a murderous Israeli soldier in Gaza, the drawing of the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad in far away Denmark by a cartoonist who is neither Igbo nor Nigerian.

Igbo youths are not aggrieved with Nigeria solely because their parents were massacred in the Biafra war. We are aggrieved because almost 50 years after the war, the same people who killed our parents are still killing us even in our homes using fulani herdsmen, in our churches and cities using hausa/fulani soldiers who kill us and bath us with acid, and our places of business using almajiris who slaughter us and burn our shops with state-sponsored impunity for no just cause other than the insatiable urge to spill blood.

My fellow youths, we have lied to ourselves for far too long. How about a little honesty here? All these killings points to one thing which is that our world views are world apart. While you delight in resorting to violence as solution to almost every disagreement, we, the Igbos and indeed, all southerners have serious aversion to bloodshed. It is our belief that our God fight for us, not the other way round.

I love the concluding part of your letter where you rightly asserted that the Biafra agitation is not an issue over which a single drop of blood should be shed. We agree completely. We have all advanced beyond the primitive era of war. We are not asking for war. We are only asking for a YES or NO vote known as Referendum. Now, my dear brethren, add a little work to your faith by prevailing on your leaders who control every facet of the Nigerian govt to allow for a Plebiscite for the Igbos. After they have voted and the YES vote carries the day, you can then give Igbos living in your region whatever condition under which you want them to live.

Dishing out quit notice to Igbos residing in your region when they are yet to be officially granted their referendum and Biafra is only tantamount to putting the cart before the horse. Until the Igbos officially get their Biafra, they remain Nigerians with all the right and privileges of Nigerian citizens including the right of living and doing business anywhere in Nigeria.

Lastly, let me conclude by reminding you that even in the event of a successful referendum for Biafra, all property legally acquired by the Igbos anywhere in Nigeria remain theirs and are protected by international law. Nigerians did not loose their property in Britain when the latter granted her independence in 1960, did they?? The world has progressed considerably. I would remind you that the 'abandoned property' era is over but I'm sure you know that, don't you??
Instead of killing ourselves and creating IDPs everywhere, let us peacefully do "To Your Tent, Oh, Israel!". That way, we will still do things together but as good neighbours under a mutually agreed terms.
Love From A Biafran,
Charles Ogbu

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