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Thursday, 18 April 2019



The Women Wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Obigbo Local Government Area of Igweocha Province, strongly reiterated their resolve in support of the total restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra. This declaration was made during their last general meeting, held on Thursday 18th April, 2019.

The women pledged their unflinching support for IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They reiterated to remain undeterred and strong, the wave of propaganda theories amongst others against the IPOB leader and the Biafra restoration project in it's entirety, by the agents of the Nigerian government, notwithstanding.

In an interview with Family Writers Press, the Women Coordinator, Mrs. Chikezie M. Nkeiruka,  maintained their resolve in support of the independence of the Biafran nation. This she stated, is irrevisible. "We know very well that the Nigerian government and the enemies of Biafra, are trying all they could to stop the struggle, but they will definitely fail just as they have already started failing. No matter their propaganda and intimidation, we will continue until we completely restore Biafra".

The Assistant Women Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Jacob, in her contribution, enjoined her colleagues to put in more effort in the struggle. "If we do not do it, no one else will do it for us and that is why we must continue pushing forward just like our Women leader. We will restore Biafra in our time, no matter the cost", she further stated.

Maxwell Chuks
Reporting for Family Writers Press

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

"The time of reckoning will surely come" - IPOB

"The time of reckoning will surely come" - IPOB


It is very sad and gravely disappointing that Nigerian Police Force in Delta State, that epitome of corruption and evil, have taken time-off from their usual extortion on check-points and daily killings of innocent civilians to once again turn their murderous attention to IPOB. Their well publicised lies about alleged police station invasion by IPOB in Asaba yesterday is so ludicrous that only a natural born liar like Lai Mohammed and possibly a rabid anti-Biafra deranged fool can believe such hogwash.

Perhaps the Inspector General of Police and some Fulani elements within the Nigerian Police Force is seeking to relieve the pressure Jubril Al-Sudan the Buhari impostor is undergoing at the election tribunal in Abuja, where we understand he has beem compelled to tender what we all know to be a non-existent WAEC result. Whoever concocted this silly allegation about IPOB invading a police station and sold it to the Nigerian press must be steeped in the same lying tradition as Lai Mohammed.

The truth of the matter is that Delta State IPOB family members were attacked on Tuesday April 16, 2019 during a peaceful procession in Asaba the capital of Delta State. For those who may wish to know, Asaba is a Biafran town and the birthplace  of Col. Achuzie, one of the great heroes of the Biafra-Nigeria war. Therefore, we IPOB have every right to exercise our constitutionally guaranteed right to peaceful assembly. At no time did we IPOB or anybody for that matter invade any police station in Asaba. All the lies the Delta State Police Command concocted is purely to justify the killing of innocent people during the procession.

The fact illiterate Nigerian police officers in Asaba are unsurprisingly ignorant of the constitution and laws of Nigeria does not mean they have the right to lie by alleging something that never happened. They forgot the whole incident was filmed thereby rendering their lies useless. We have released video footage of the incident to once again prove their statement to be nothing but lies and fabrication.

We are disappointed that in this day and age some media houses will elect to abandon objectivity when reporting a statement from a world renowed institutionally corrupt police organisation.

If those that issued this gravely misleading and injurious allegation against IPOB are hoping to deflect attention from their crimes then they are mistaken. From Delta State Police Commissioner to the DPO in charge of the station that opened fire on unarmed Biafrans- killing and injuring many in the process, all will pay dearly for the death of those they killed and injured. There will be retribution.

No amount of sponsored lies against peaceful IPOB will exonerate these lying and corrupt policemen in Asaba. The time of reckoning will surely come.

Those unelected shadowy figures in Aso Rock led by Abba Kyari, those that recruited Jubril Al-Sudani, should face their fate at the election tribunal. They should stop using the police to make outlandish and unsubstantiable allegations against the noble IPOB family in order to change the news headline with the hope of diverting public attention away from their crime of stealing the mandate of the people.


Imposed Stealing And Deliberate Lockdown Of Biafra Economy By Nigeria Government

Imposed Stealing And Deliberate Lockdown Of Biafra Economy By Nigeria Government

By Canicols Chukwunonso Anioke
For Family Writers Press International

In the abundance of our wealth which lies in our God given Human and natural resources, one wonders why these resources instead of making us great leaves us frail and backward.
To every man of knowledge and integrity, these questions are laid bare before us; Are these abundance of natural resources a curse? Is the natural resources a bane to our survival? What have we achieved as a people using this mineral resources?

Our local refineries are constantly under attack while our people are also brutally exterminated without any form of Justice down the creeks and  riverine of BiafraLand. We own the resources yet we can't use it, access to our God given resources have brought about subjugation and pain to our homes; Government steals it and insists that we obtain license to access it. It is called the property of the state and will only be allocated to foreigners, Northern and Southwestern indigenes to further enslave us and destroy our lands. These anomaly forcefully imposed on Biafrans using the barrel of the gun is unacceptable and insane. Sadly, those enjoying Biafra oils are mining their own golds in Zamfara and Kano themselves.

The Nigerian state has technically activated the principle of resource control up North using local mines (for Gold and other natural resources such limestone etc) to harvest their local resources. No Easterner is allocated these resources. Resources found in the North are for northerners alone and they mine it the way they want. Here in the southeast our resources are national treasury yet not accessible to the indigenes of the East (Biafrans).

This sectional molestation and unbridled violence perpetrated against our indigenous refineries and economy is a deliberate way to constantly shut down our economy, destroy our lands and exterminate our people; Tag us Militants in order to criminalize and implant self fear into our lives and environment. They (the Nigerian Government) have militarized our communities, colonized our resources, crippled our industrial institution, stolen our resources, refine it in foreign lands and resale to us.

If as a Biafran you still don't understand the essence of freedom and the agony this nation has planted and sustained within the Biafran territories, then you are a pathetic willing slave. Take a walk around the coastal regions and see the penury and torture indigenous citizens of the coastal regions are passing through.

Words cannot be enough to quench the pallid feelings bequeathed on Biafran citizens.
We are Not Nigerians and we have refused to remain in this miserable amalgamated contraption.
We need peace to propagate our God given values and sacred ideologies. We demand freedom from this Oppressive Nigerian state.


The Southeast Political Intellectuals Vs The Northern Politicians: A Case Of Misplaced Priorities

The Southeast Political Intellectuals Vs The Northern Politicians:  A Case Of Misplaced Priorities.

By Anioke Chukwunonso Canicols,
For Family Writers Press International

In the tune of total neglect and misplaced ideologies from the southern geographical section of the Nigerian state, the leadership structure is best described as an organic structure capable of taking any shape pleasing to the scientist (Northerner).

Over years and decades, the southern part of the geographical space Nigeria, especially the Southeast (Biafran) Region have been the socioeconomic bedrock of the Nigerian state. In every sector of the economy of Nigeria, Biafrans have kept that blazing light with the beauty of sanity and morals.

Nigeria's success rests on the strength of BIAFRA and her citizens.

In all of this positives from Biafra and her citizens, the will to fully and completely dominate and compete with the world is subdued. Her ideologies are trampled upon and her citizens are marred with unbridled violence and murder by the Lugardian creation Nigeria.

Today, the south is a puppet of the north within the political strata. The political based ideologies of the North is the admiration of the south political institution. Yet in our self comfort they (Southern Politicians) assume the tag of intellectuals. Shameful

What is the interest of the Biafran citizen with respect to the political structure of the Nigerian state? Is it enough to be called a governor, senator, or a political leader? No!!
The Southeastern Political institution is best described as a political jobber institution No direction, No Political Network, No Political value.

The Northern Politicians amid the terror attacks on the citizens of the North, have openly and ferociously defended BokoHaram Terrorists, they have called an attack on BokoHaram an attack on the North. Buhari has called them his misguided brothers, the Fulani Herdsmen terrorists have been paid by El Rufai the governor of Kaduna to aid their ever increasing genocide and ethnic cleansing; this he openly admitted to pay. What's more; the Northern Politicians Created the Terrorists, Armed the Terrorists, Gave them Presidential backing and bluntly refused to proscribe them as terrorists inspite of the elaborated and constant genocide on harmless citizens of the North that are not Islams.

And our political adherents down south in BiafraLand have not only destroyed the integrity of our Political institution, they have sold our values and collective resources at the altar of subjectivity for selfish and trivial gains. Genocide on Biafrans are at an all-time increase. The only voice of the people IPOB down south (BiafraLand) is been proscribed without violating the law of the land or the peace of the people.

While IPOB (Indigenous People Of Biafra) are celebrated all over the world as the largest most peaceful non violent freedom fighting group ever and our Leader given the African man of the year in 2018. Here in Nigeria IPOB is Proscribed. Our land is under military occupation and state sponsored terror attacks on the Biafran citizens. Yet the second and 4th most deadly terrorist groups in the world residing in Northern Nigeria are pampered given state protection Payed and called misguided brothers.

It's time for a call to order, and a time to take a decision of destiny. Our collective interest in the south of BiafraLand is not and will never be in the frontburner of discussion politically.
The case of Akpabio Godswill the former governor of Akwa Ibom is an example inline of the catastrophe the Southeastern Political intellectuals have become.

If we in Biafra don't uphold our values and demand for freedom to ascertain that beauty and Peace for the ourselves and the future generations, who will?

Tuesday, 16 April 2019



The general monthly meeting of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Oginigba family zone in Igweocha Province, Biafraland, on Saturday 13th April 2018, recorded yet another encouraging milestone in reliving IPOB family relationship as it joyfully hosted some executives of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area 2. Leading the entourage was the Area 2 Coordinator,  Mazi Wisdom Elochukwu Okafor. Others include Elder Chukwunonyerem I. Njoku, Chairman, Area 2 Elders Forum and Mazi Ututu Buike, Coordinator, Elelenwo/MTN Family Zone 1.

Welcoming the visiting LGA Executives and Oginigba family members to the meeting, the zonal coordinator, Mazi Onyedikachi Bright Uba, expressed gratitude to God for life and journey mercy granted. He assured all that the full restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra remaineth but a shortwhile and solicited for total commitment and discipline of members.

In his brief but pointedly exciting lecture, the zonal chairman of the Elders Forum, elder Dennis Nwankwo stressed the full import of the Biafra restoration struggle, by drawing comparative analysis between the sacrifices of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Britain and the biblical Moses in the land of Egypt, all for the total emancipation of their people from slavery and servitude. He encouraged all to remain resilient and courageous, the persecutions notwithstanding, for it will not endure.

In his address, Mazi Wisdom Elochukwu Okafor, the Obio/Akpor LGA 2 coordinator, drew his scriptural anology from the Bible book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 29, cautioning that the marauding Fulani Islamic killers and their cohorts are yet carrying on with their enterprises and that the only pancea to this malady, is for us to rediscover ourselves in God as a people. He passionately stated that there exists times for war and peace and so we must eschew cowardice, timidity and ignorance. The family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) were encouraged to get their minds fixed and remain undeterred. The Area 2 coordinator further warned that  many in the Biafra restoration struggle, would yet drop by the way side due to their carelessness. Only the doggedly committed will brace through as the fight for our freedom heightens. "The nation of Biafra must surely come with or without us", he maintained, frowning at the gross indiscipline and sabotage that exist amongst the family. He insisted that such acts would no longer be condoned. For Biafra to be restored, all IPOBians need to embrace the principle of "Command and Control" as clearly spelt out by the IPOB leadership, as we arw privileged to part of the struggle. The implications of the oath of allegiance administered with, must never ever be compromised, he further warned. Mazi Wisdom Elochukwu Okafor enjoined all to wake up from slumber. He encouraged members to embrace unity, being instruments of love/valuable assistance for one another, eschew bitterness/biasness and ensure patronage for one another's businesses.

The Obio/Akpor Local Government Area 2 Elders Forum Chairman, Elder Njoku I. Chukwunonyerem appreciated the encouraging presence of the elders in the zone and decried their continued absence from meetings at the local government level. He encouraged them to be up and doing; and requested that all those who are yet to identify with the IPOB movement, should be immediately reached.

A Biafran veteran and a hardcore family member of IPOB in Oginigba zone, Mazi Udechukwu U. S., thanked the visiting Area 2 Executives in particular and the entire family members of the zone for the day's meeting. He emphasized that it is always a thing of joy for him as a person, to be in the midst of his people who are strongly bonded towards achieving a common goal for the overriding interest of all. He equally encouraged the brethren to be courageous and resolute in the struggle.

The IPOB Oginigba Zonal Coordinator, Mazi Onyekachi Bright Uba, eulogised the Biafran spirit vividly seen amongst members and exceptionally appreciated all for making the day's meeting a worthwhile one. He called for synergy and dedication in helping to successfully drive home the task set before us.

Elder (Chief) Richard Dike, an Oginigba indigene, said the closing prayers. He thanked Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty), for the success of the day's meeting. All departed for home, joyfully overwhelmed by the event of the day.

Peter Oshagwu
Reporting for Family Writers Press International



The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nsukka in Enugu Province, has actively commenced activities following the official inauguration of the newly appointed principal officers across the area which include the Enugu State Coordinator and the Mobilization Officer.

On Sunday 14th April 2019, the State Mobilization Officer accompanied by a crop of other officers under Nsukka local government area of Enugu North Senatorial District coordinators, stormed Eha-Ndiagu Allumona in Nsukka local government area, for the event.

The mission to the area was basically set out for the establishment of more IPOB family units by the officers in charge. It recorded an encouraging success as many youths of the community who showed up, publicly confessed that they have eventually discovered the genuine formula for the restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra. Biafran veterans in the community also graciously turned up and in one voice, backed the establishment of IPOB family units within the area to enable which will them contribute meaningfully towards the Biafra restoration project.

Mazi Chukz Egwuatu,  in the course of the exercise, encouraged all the new family members to endeavor to win and bring their friends, neighbors and relatives into the IPOB family in their next gathering. Biafrans and family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, and particularly those in Nsukka area, are One Big Family and so, must ensure that they join hands together in the struggle for the total freedom and restoration of Biafra.

Egwuatu Chukz
Reporting for Family Writers Press



There is absolutely no doubt that as the nation of Israel gradually and steadily increases her interest towards a robust socio-political synergy with African countries through establishment of her embassies, it is important that the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands that the independence of Biafra will be the only needed catalyst for a gateway towards a robust bilateral relationship between the two nations. This will invariably attract and service the socio-political interests of many other nations within the West African sub-region. In an independent Biafra, the good people of Israel and of course, the entire Jewish community globally, will have another place they can proudly call their home in the African continent, besides the zionist nation. The nation of Biafra, will most definitely, serve as a dependable Israeli ally within Africa in every bilateral trust which includes economic policies and growth, military and defense development, capacity building, academic research and strategy.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has very recently been re-elected to judiciously continue lead the Jewish State of Israel and her people and therefore, should expedite action that will engrave his name on the sands of history. He should employ all means within his power in high profile international diplomacy, to ensure that the sovereignty of Biafra as a nation becomes a reality in a shortwhile. He must never trifle with this opportunity of being a Biafra independence facilitator to slip off his hands as the current Israeli leader who is well acquainted with the history of the Biafra restoration struggle. There is no disputing the fact that the independence of Biafra is a burning desire in his heart, the Israeli government and the Jewish community all over the world. Therefore, everything must have to be done  to not only bring this project to conclusive reality but to also get the credit of being a very dependable partner in this all important restoration quest.

It must be noted that a restored Biafra nation will be an easy connecting link to other African nations bilaterally, the rampaging nature of Islamic extremism within the continent, notwithstanding. The Israeli government has lots of economic benefits to derive in an independent Biafran state via the inherent abundant mineral deposits and infrastructural developments, due to the ancestral affinity which both nations share as one indivisible Jewish people under heaven. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, is expectedly looking forward to seeing Israel make adequate  connections which will lead to the long awaited independence of Biafra from Nigeria. It has conscientiously and very successfully completed the needed international diplomatic fireworks of putting the global community on notice over the judicious demand for the unfettered restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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