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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Umahi and his Planned Fulani Sponsored Regional Security Outfit Should not dare us- IPOB Warns

Umahi and his Fulani Sponsored Regional Security Outfit Should not dare us- IPOB Warns


We the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to warn South East Governors particularly Gov Dave Umahi to jettison the proposed new  security outfit they intend to launch based on the advice of the Fulani-controlled Federal Government of Nigeria. We know that their intention is to counter  the formidable Eastern Security Network, ESN, protecting and defending Biafrans against terrorists and invaders responsible for the senseless attacks, rapings and wanton killings of our mothers, wives and sisters in our farmlands and forests.

We warn these clueless governors in our region not to heed the mischievous advice and attempt by Miyetti Allah and Sokoto caliphate intended to compromise the security of Biafrans. Any Miyetti Allah vigilantee group under any nomenclature formed by Dave Umahi and his fellow Efulefu governors as well as Ohaneze will be resisted by the people of Old Eastern region.

We, therefore,  advise every Biafran father and mother to caution their children against joining  Umahi's vigilante group as such an outfit is already the enemy of the people. Their agenda is sinister and anti- Biafra.

Remember that the real masterminds of the plot - the Fulani cabal running the failed contraption called Nigeria - having been emboldened by their success in installing one of their stooges as Ohaneze President, are now set  to control Biafraland but ESN and IPOB have remained their only nightmare. 

No wonder Fulani can buy  Efulefu Eastern leaders so cheaply. They know that the likes of Umahi are blinded by inordinate political ambitions. But to their disappointment, our people are now alive to their responsibilities and won't allow Miyetti Allah to control the security architecture of the East as they are now attempting to take over Amotekun in the West. We are happy to aver that the grand conspiracy by our oppressors to take over the South with the help of compromised leaders is dead on arrival!

We declare without equivocation, that any other group parading as South East and South South Security outfit will not be allowed to operate on Biafra soil. Our people have already launched their own defense line - ESN - as our self-acclaimed leaders were nowhere to be found when it counted most. Anyone who enlists in any treacherous security outfit sponsored  by Fulani stooges in our land to desteblize our territory, will regret such a decision.

IPOB sounded the warning long ago that Miyetti Allah was going to foist George Obizor as President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo but many didn't believe us. Today has that not happened? Now they have  moved to form security outfit for us because our governors and political leaders are blinded by their greed and selfish political ambitions but the move is dead on arrival!

Remember that the same Miyetti Allah demanded to join Amotekun vigilantee but Yoruba people, aware of their evil motive, bluntly turned down their request. It's very shameful that instead of supporting the people to strengthen ESN, South East Governors led by governor Dave Umahi are hobnobbing with Miyetti Allah to compromise the security of the East. It's only a fool that will hire his enemy to midwife the birth of his only son.

Our message is simply this: IPOB will not allow terrorists any breeding ground on Biafra forests and farmlands. The rapings, killings and  unprovoked attacks by these vampires must stop through out Biafra territory. Anyone against this irreversible resolve of the people to defend themselves against foreign occupation will be crushed! ESN has been launched with the mandate of securing BIAFRA land, and no force can disband this great movement until it's done with its mandate!


Ohaneze Ndigbo Election: Kanu Calls For The Intervention Of World Igbo Congress (WIC)

 Ohaneze Ndigbo Election: Kanu Calls For The Intervention Of World Igbo Congress (WIC)

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB ), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has unapologetically condemned in strongest terms, via his Radio Biafra Broadcast of Sunday 10th January 2021, the concocted Ohaneze NdIgbo Presidential Election held recently. He called it a fraud and therefore, it's outcome remains totally unacceptable. The IPOB leader called on the World Igbo Congress (WIC),  to immediately intervene and possibly take over the Ohaneze NdIgbo leadership structure.

Igbo is an ethnic nation in the old Eastern region of Nigeria which is today more appropriately referred to as Biafra. We, by census, represent one of the three largest ethnic groups in the country. Ohaneze NdIgbo is an apex Igbo  socio-cultural group, going by the incontestable fact that the organization is supposed to represent all Igbo communities within and outside Nigeria. 

It should be recalled that Ohaneze NdIgbo socio-cultural group was established in 1976 following the unleashed genocide committed against Biafrans by the British sustained Nigeria from 1967 to 1970. The fundamental purpose of creating this group was very unambiguously spelt out by the then well-minded prominent Igbos that conceived it. Such personalities were the likes of Professor Ben Nwabueze, Kingsley Mbadiwe, Dr. Akanu Ibiam, Dr. Michael Okpara, among others.

The initiative to float such a socio-cultural group for the over all interest of the people, was very much welcomed considering the enormous displacement of the Igbos during the war and it's corresponding aftermath.

Let it be noted therefore that this group is not a political party. It's key objective on creation amongst others, was to foster unity among it's members (the Igbos), in order to adequately position them for an all inclusive represention within the political scenario of Nigeria. Otherwise put, Ohaneze NdIgbo and it's leadership are supposed to serve as the voice of the Igbo nation and clearly present whosoever the people overwhelmingly accept to be their representative for any political office in Nigeria. 

It was never meant to be  controlled or manipulated by the politicians. Unfortunately, following the persistent pursuit for total conquest by the Fulani oligarchy coupled with the twin craving of gluttony and fame mongery of the selfish/opportuned Igbo politicians, the original purpose of the founding fathers premised on uprightness and purposeful leadership, became disgustingly corrupted.

 Owing therefore to this Fulani Oligarchy's quest to further disregard and disunite the Igbo nation, a letter was addressed on the 26th of August 2020, to the immediate past President of Ohaneze NdIgbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, stating unequivocally that they (the Fulanis) were aware that  Nwodo's tenure in office was ending in five (5) months time and had accordingly, nominated Professor George Obiozor to succeed him. 

They stated in the letter that this nomination was in tandem the recommendation of the Fulani imposed administrator of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma. The Fulani socio-cultural association that addressed this letter turned out eventually, to be "Miyetti-Allah Kautal Hore", an umbrella body of Fulani killer herdsmen in Nigeria. What a mad impunity and nauseating enslavement!

People tried to oppose this nomination but still got the shock of their lives as the same Fulani nominee, Professor George Obiozor eventually got rigged into the office of Ohaneze NdIgbo President on Saturday 9th January 2021, with the complete approval of the grossly compromised South-Eastern Governors. It is in reaction to this disrespectful act against the sensibility of the Igbo nation that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu asked the world Igbo Congress (WIC), to courageously step forward and take over Ohaneze Ndigbo.

As the largest mass freedom movement on earth currently, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has vowed never to allow the Fulanis to dictate how our land is being governed again. Biafrans (Igbos) therefore join their voices with that of the IPOB leader, to persuasively prevail on the world Igbo Congress (WIC), into doing the needful by taking off Ohaneze NdIgbo leadership from the hands of these fulanised slave-servant politicians of Igbo extraction.

Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

FWPI: The Price Of Leadership

 Family Writers Press International: The Price Of Leadership

This particular subject may seemingly be commonized or even appear irrelevant to some persons but remains very critically, an indispensable factor in human existence and experiment.  In every human family,  organization or society, there exists one form of leadership or the other, without which there will evolve unprecedented chaos and anarchy. Leadership provides the pedestal for law and order, progress or regress, depending on the quality of personalities and intents involved. 

To fully understand these words, PRICE and  LEADERSHIP in their simplest meanings, let us try to give their definitions. PRICE: This precisely means value, cost or importance placed on something while LEADERSHIP is the ability, determination or power  invested on man to lead or organize his fellows in any given society or organization to achieve a definitive result. The world in which we dwell in today, is unfortunately bedeviled with series of leaderships that are driven either by selfish, hidden, harmful, disadvantageous intrigues or selfless, progressive, people-oriented and advantageous benefits. These two sides of the coin however have their respective prices whether on short term or long term measures. Some are political, religious, economic, social, humane, enlightened, crude, terroristic or even nepotistic in nature with their corresponding consequences. All over the world, we have nations, countries, societies, organizations and families, that are seriously grappling with all sorts of contending issues. Such have with them, their diverse prices being duly paid by concerned actors.

Having established the fundamental basis linked to this topic, it is relatively important however, to categorically state here that in every leadership, there are pivotal prices to pay. Confining the context of this write-up to the inherent prices required of any leadership, it must be fully understood that the actors or personalities involved, are somewhat being overwhelmed by discomforting features that must be religiously managed to maintain their integrity and discipline. Amidst the cries and the discordant voices, a leader who is worth his onions must of necessity, resolutely keep his cool and focus, the darts thrown at him/her, nonetheless. It is true that some individuals who find themselves in positions of leadership (authority), get themselves disgustingly enmeshed in sinister, parochial, myopic, egocentric and nepotistic miry interests instead of humbly serving the overriding interest of the people. This is apparently where most of these class of actors especially within black Africa, with Nigeria as a case study, get generationally and seemingly irredeemably messed up.

Humane and people-interested leadership assumes the position of servanthood to holistically deliver the required services to the people. Those involved can condescend to the lowest ebb of the led out of love, trust, faithfulness, sincerity and humility, to ensure that the purposes of their servanthood election are pointedly and selflessly delivered. They can go full length to suffer ridicule, shame, blackmail, vilification, denial and even death to drive home their simplest and intended desires or intents to the people. They do not concern themselves with greed, embezzlement of public funds, terrorism, religious or ethnic/tribal bigotry, class distinction, cabalism, lies, dececit, victimization and every other associated intrigues. They totally abhor exclusiveness, tribalism, cries/pains of the people, insecurity, intimidation, marginalization, cheating, campaign of calumny and such other divisive tendencies.

It is expedient therefore for those who are in positions of leadership at whatever cadre, to comprehensively evaluate where they place their interests and all that they have hitherto, being involved with. Their stewardship must hinge on the over all interest of the grossly impoverished, helpless, oppressed and down-throdden masses and not their ego-bloating drive. It is nauseating that brothers and sisters are scheming and falling over one another not because of their election unto selfless services but for pocket-lining as the opportuned, their families and that of their cronies. What kind of legacy will this kind of persons be leaving behind for their upcoming generations? This is the time to ideally have a rethink and genuinely repent because someday, everything will be laid bare for all to see. That season of reckoning must eventually dawn. Leadership is a honorable responsibilty but with what motive really? Let the price you are paying as one in leadership, be for transparent and humane service whose dividends will stand the test of time. 

Written by Peter Oshagwu


Family Writers Press International

Monday, 11 January 2021

Nigeria: Little Hitler And The Two Hundred Soldiers Deployed To Kill

 Nigeria: Little Hitler And The Two Hundred Soldiers Deployed To Kill

Like hungry lions, they march through the streets, with the mission to kill, with the order to destroy. With chains of bullets they pit the walls of houses, shoot moving objects at sights, paint the city with blood of the innocents.

They are the two hundred (200) soldiers deployed to hunt, instructed to kill.

With the voice of little Hitler whose order said "hunt them down" echoing in their brains, they raid homes, slaughter men, murder women, make children orphans.

They are the two hundred (200) soldiers deployed to kill!

The sounds of gunfire turned to music of the dead in the ears of children, bullets fly like wild birds around them. Fear became their daily bread.  

The two hundred  (200) soldiers deployed to kill!

Mom, when will we go home, Dad, when will those men leave our homes?  Little ones asked the survivors whose houses became hell and the bushes became the only heavenly refuge.

The two hundred (200) soldiers deployed to kill!

Tied up like lions heading to the slaughter house, they bundle men into trucks, blindfold and force them to lie on the floor.  Women were not spared, children were left at the mercy of death with an imposed curfew meant to starve them to death.  

Little Hitler did this!

Birds of the sky refuse to sing as synagogues go up in flames even as houses burn fiercer than a blacksmith's furnace.  "Ghost town" became the name of the city, spirits occupy the streets observing the corpses of the youths that lie next to the bush.  

Little Hitler did this!

Men drown in pain as tears fall down the faces of women whose relatives and loved ones are abducted and others shot to death.  "Mom, where is Dad, when will he return?" The little ones asked when they lost sight of their father.

Little Hitler did this!

Hopes of survival are darkened for the living, fear growing worse as little Hitler's armies march through the night like ghosts of ancient Babylon. The dead are still dead, the missing are still missing but the little Hitler sees nothing wrong in his deed, he reiterates that he does have no regrets about it.

He is the little Hitler!

Written by

Maxwell Chuks

For Family Writers Press International

Using Fake groups to call for Kanu's Repatriation is not only misleading but dubious, IPOB Tells Nigeria Gov

 Using Fake groups to call for Kanu's Repatriation is not only misleading but dubious, IPOB Tells Nigeria Gov 



The use of fake and non-existent groups and associations by agents of the Nigerian Government in a laughable attempt to blackmail our Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is confirmation that the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) is the greatest nightmare of the failed government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It's an acknowledgement that IPOB has roundly defeated the failed Fulani controlled Nigerian government in the battle of ideas. 

We find amusing that a  purported statement was circulated and credited to another DSS manufactured non-existent group they named  Coalition of South East Professionals Network in Nigeria and Diaspora (CSEPNND) all in an effort to give the erroneous impression that a handful of Efulefus are against the IPOB led effort to restore Biafra. A ghost group that only exist in the deranged mind of DSS propaganda unit operatives, in which it was reported the said group petitioned the UK and Israeli governments requesting the repatriation of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi. How utterly ridiculous!

Why DSS has chosen to continue to disgrace itself by creating these fake groups is beyond human comprehension. Such a weak and tactless strategy will not distract us. If indeed such a group exists, why can't they conduct a live press briefing to convince the people of Biafra they are real by showing us their faces. Our challenge to DSS and those media houses that were deceived into publushing such hogwash of lies, is to arrange an open interview with the said leaders of these faceless groups because we know they don't exist. 

This same ineffective strategy has been tried in the past when they created their fake new- IPOB, IPOD, RENPOB, RENIPOB, SEXIPOB and other non-existent groups using fake Igbo names as signatories. They failed then, they will also fail again this time.

Our response to such lame script has not changed. If the so-called CSEPNND is real and identifiable, let them show us their faces, give us their contact address so we can take them seriously. If the self-acclaimed leaders of CSEPNND - the imaginary Professor Madumere Chika, and Mazi Anayo Uchemba, are not robots but truly Igbo sons as they claimed, let them mention their communities and kinsmen. 

Our Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is from Isiama Afaraukwu in Ibeku Umuahia North, Abia State. He is not a faceless figure. So, if any DSS creation like CSEPNND leader wants to join issues with him, he should first  prove his existence before eliciting IPOB's attention, otherwise let such faceless group remain amorphous and circulate only in the realm of imagination. 

We can say without equivocation that there is no Igbo professor that goes by the name Madumere Chika, and there is also no Igbo professional association known as CSEPNND. This is purely a DSS fictitious creation meant to decieve the gullible and undiscerning. We challenge them to disclose their address and location for enquiries and confirmation if indeed they are not fake.

If Kanu were a fugitive and a lone ranger as purportedly claimed by this ghost group, why the frenzy over his activities? If Kanu has no followership why lose sleep over him? If Kanu were a lunatic that only operates in the internet why catch cold over him?

Instead of generating ideas on how to deal with terrorists about to over run the zoo, the DSS and other security agencies are busy dissipating energy on IPOB that is never their enemy. We are only after the restoration of Biafra and do not in any way pose any threat to anybody except those benefitting from the oppression and subjugation of our people.

It's high time the DSS left Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB alone and think of better ways to justify their salaries. It's too late to stop the Biafra project. The night is far spent and the day is almost here!


Friday, 8 January 2021

Eastern Security Network (ESN) Operations Rated High By Easterners

 Eastern Security Network (ESN) Operations Rated High By Easterners

The security of the entire Eastern region during the last Christmas and New Year festivities, has been greatly commended for stoutly staying on the defence line via their activities.  This vigilante security outfit was launched on the 12th of December 2020, by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The festive periods excitedly ended with the Easterners eulogizing the efforts put in place to contain and defeat insecurity in the region as the holidays lasted. The land has very recently, started enjoying relative peace and   protection from the morbid activities of Fulani criminals and terrorists. The Eastern Security Network (ESN), has within a short period of existence, proven to be a very relevant need of the people.

It is no longer news that the Eastern political leaders have over the time, been callously watching as the people of the region were being hacked down to death, molested and abused by Fulani terrorist elements that infiltrated the states under the pretense of rearing cattle. They were compromisingly settled in our bushes/forests (colonies), from where they launched deadly attacks on our farmers unimaginably, with reckless abandon. Realistically speaking, the version of terrorism unleashed on Easterners assumed a sophiscated dimension, lending credence to the assumption that it was really Nigerian-state orchestrated. This was further evidenced on how  those at the corridors of power  rallied support and even patronized the terrorists. There was blatant silence on the part of the government when series of complaints were lodged pertaining the activities of these terrorists. There were blatant cases of kidnaps, rapes, killings, roadblocks, extortions, accidents, oil tanker explosions, amongsts other introduced life-snuffing, life-threatening devices, frequently aimed at the innocent especially within the Eastern part of Nigeria. These antecedents usually form the misfortunes Easterners were unabatedly visited with during the festive seasons like the past ones which though turned out to be hitch-free.

Family Writers Press International based, on investigations, could report that sustainable peace and calmness have eventually returned to the East, courtesy of the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

It is just not only ideal to have stop-on interviews  with individuals that visited home for the Christmas/New year holidays  within the Eastern part but also there were handful of opinions sampled from persons by Family Writers Press International online, to ascertain their security experience too amongst others from the same region during the festivities. Several overwhelming positive feedbacks were also obtained. Their responses were:

"No much death in our Land.... Our people will farm very nice this year..." ....Arinze Miracle

"The best Christmas so far in our time" Dickson Seth

"100% safe, no rampage and terrible attacks by the perceived marauding fulani terrorist." .....Prince Akadikejehovah

"It was Excellent and Lovely Sleeping with The Two Eyes Closed because of Our Able Leader and all the determined E S N on the ground to Secure Our Biafran Land" ......Uche Uzoma

"Every where in the East is terror free Thanks to MNK for given us ESN"......Okey Ben Chimzy

"From the city to my village, no police checkpoint and yet no crime witnessed. ESN, kudos!..... Eberechukwu.

"This is the best Christmas eversince the last twenty five (25) years of my life. Thank you Ohamadike, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, thank you ESN...... Offor.

"Our ESN is doing a great job power to them and our supreme leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu"....Felix Noonso

"No story of killing  of worshippers at Church or on their way back or going or even inside. I rate them (ESN) one hundred percent (100%), kudos to the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu........ Mr. Ikechukwu.

"My Dear, If Not MNK....what fulani Miyetti Alar Had planned against Ndi Igbo And Entire Southern Nigeria Would have Been very Devastating that we won't recover from. Thank God For MNK IPOB Leader And ESN Security men.".....Samson Sammy

"It was totally crime and terror free in our own part of Biafraland. Both those inside and outside uniforms behaved themselves. A million thank's to MNK"......David Mba

"Very peaceful" .....Chimezie Williams

"No long stories of littered dead bodies,no beheads,no kidnappings, no tanker explodes,no farmer/herder clash and no accidents due to no settlement chase. Thanks to almighty MNK" ....King Sley Nwali

"Perfect I was plying a very popular road where serious attack has happened in time past even at I was so scared funny I never heard or saw anything..God bless MNK and ESN"....Ginika Anioke

"To be honest with God almighty and humanity IHE DIKA MAZI NNAMDI KANU AND IPOB akona mu ozo na-ndu ah! because ESN has changed in totality the narrative of yesterday through the myth of CHUKWUOKIKE ABIAMA;NO kidnapping, rapping killing terrorism etc, OKIKE bless all the leaders of IPOB,ndi IPOB, ndi BIAFRA and lovers of freedom worldwide Isee! Isee!! Isee!!!".....Christian Chinedum Obayida

"We offer unto our Lord of Host,The Captain of the Host of Heavens, Elohim Yeshua,The Almighty Creator all Thanksgiving, Praises, Worship and Adoration of His Exalted Name, Jehovah, for His Wisdom, proactively, establishing a dependable ESN for Biafra Land,Thank you, Rabbi, Ohamadike, Prince,Mazi, MNK!All hail Biafra,we move."....Eva Nzenwa

"My dear you people are great what a good job.. At. Least we can sleep with our eyes close in our villages.... All hail Biafran security" ....Johnpaul Ebuka

"You can see how fast they're now leaving our bushes instead of living in it like animals. God bless our Supreme leader and King Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the ESN and every genuine Biafrans working tirelessly together to restore Biafra somehow or anyhow."....Benn Sa Chukwukasi

"I never knew east can be so peaceful like this, all glory to Elohim, more grace to my able leader His excellency sir MNK, Tanx to ESN for job Weldon."...Henry Nnabuike

"So peaceful and lovely, no story killing adoption person, may chukwu okiki abiama continue to strengthen ESN and bless mazi Nnamdi Kanu"....Eze Ifeanyichukwu

"Definitely our people must have gone to bed with two eyes closed. Our people in diaspora that visited their families enjoyed themselves without spending extra cash hiring mopols. No news of herdsmen kidnapping and raping. No checkpoint extorting money from our people and much more. I know It was a fun. Me I can't wait to relocate.".....Ndidiamaka Paul

"Thanks to chukwuokike,this just a sample of what Biafra land will look like when fully restored. Kudos to IPOB worldwide.".....Suntex Rock

"I didn't heard about tankers explosions, no police brutalities or killings because of N100, no kidnappings, no rapes, everywhere was calmed thanks to Okike, ESN and MNK".....Ifeanyi Kalu Jr.

"Only God not man will reward IPOB. Biafra has come already because Biafra means peace,freedom and prosperity. This my experience".....Chinedu Isiani


"The fear of ESN is beginning of Biafrans safety.No raping, killing or kidnapping heard of,if any not as rampant as before.

Kudos to ESN,

Kudos to MNK

All must hail Biafra.".....Idika Ota Eziyi

"I have to be sincere here I didn't hear bad new on like before, because so many bad things happen in our land during December period." .....Isaiah Anozie

"ESN is a gift for us from God and through our brother mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I'm so happy it's happening in my time.

I will tell my children about MNK.".....TO Nna

"When Righteous is in authority, people will rejoice. Thanks to MNK & ESN "IPOB". we move...".....Ernest Omur

"Now people in Biafra land sleep with their two eyes closed, travel freely without any attack from Fulani herdsmen unlike other festive seasons. Long live ESN, long live MNK, long live Ndi Biafra"....Innocent Imoh

"I have come to realize that all this accident that usually happens every Christmas period is being caused by zoo police with their road blocks but this time around i didn't hear much accident. Thanks to MNK & Ipob.".....Victor Ani

"I rate it 95 % safe and peaceful unlike the previous years we were hearing stories of extortion, searching of phones and laptops and killing by police officers especially SARS.

Thank God for this ESN set up by our SUPREME LEADER.

God bless Ohamadike."....Comfort Uhuka

"This good testimony from biafra people, thank you mnk for good work in biafra land."....Shodimu Ayomide

"Wow our people of Biafra are giving testimony thanks be to God"......Chukwuebuka Obi

"You are the promised deliverer of the biafra nation prophesied in the Hebrew. You are the God's messenger in a biafra land..Thank you the master planner. You are the great man indeed.".....Ayogu Obaino Franklin

"Although I did not travel from where i am to our blessed land of Biafra, but with all this testimonies of our people that traveled from different places and those back home, I strongly believe that every where is calmed with the #EasternSecurityNetWork, therefore thanks be to Elohim, Chiukwu okike abiama for given us our leader mazi Nnamdi kanu the prophet of our time."......Eze Onyekachukwu

This development has really come a long way to distinctively confirm that the wise formation of this security outfit in the East, is basically for the purposes of safeguarding the entirety of the region. People's comments as carried above, are practically meant to prove that they existed some people who for years, have been denied security and enjoyment of holidays like they just recently did.  To support the efforts of these security volunteers therefore that have selflessly staked their lives for the safety of Biafraland against the menace of Islamic terrorism, all Easterners must strive to make their operational environment, conducive.

In Eastern Security Network (ESN), lies our hope of collectively purging Biafraland of all shades of insecurity.



Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

IPOB Press Release: Gov. Umahi's Madness Driving Him Too Far

 IPOB Press Release:  Gov. Umahi's Madness Driving Him Too Far 



The media report of the statement credited to Gov Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, where he reportedly ordered the arrest of innocent locals who had in a viral video exposed the latest atrocities of Fulani terrorist herdsmen in Ebonyi communities, is madness taken too far. Although we are not surprised at such treachery, it difies logic that a sitting governor will rather choose to dine with the oppressors of his own people just for the derisive promise of an illusory vice presidential candidacy to a Fulani presidential candidate in 2023. What a shame!

We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, therefore, wish to warn Gov. Umahi against the grave implications of his actions. Declaring law abiding citizens wanted simply because they exposed and confronted foreign terrorists in Ebonyi State is worse  than terrorism itself. It only goes to show that Umahi and other eastern politicians knows more about the incessant killings, rapes and other atrocities in Ebonyi communities by Fulani herdsmen and terrorists than they are willing to admit. 

It is the height of foolery that Gov Dave Umahi will support foreign Fulani terrorist herdsmen against his own people that voted for him. Does Dave Umahi not know that our mothers for years now have been afraid of going to their farms for fear of being raped by Fulani terrorists and other evil activities of Miyetti Allah? Gov Umahi is only courting the wrath of the people by choosing to swim against the tide. For deciding to sabotage the efforts of the Eastern Security Network, ESN personnel who are working tirelessly to rid Ebonyi State of killer herdsmen and terrorists, Umahi has declared himself an enemy of the people. And he should be ready to face the consequences of his treachery.

Gov Umahi is fully aware that the same Fulani killer herdsmen he is protecting have recently renamed Agbabor community close to Uburu town in Onicha LGA to Aruu. What has he done to reverse this affront? Instead of hiding his face in shame that terrorists are now renaming Ebonyi Communities under his watch, Umahi is busy threatening patriotic Biafrans who are merely exposing the atrocities of Fulani herdsmen in their communities. To underline the extent of Umahi's mental illness, he went as far as saying the video footage shot live during ESN encounter with terrorists is fake. This is how desperate these shameless Fulani slaves in Biafraland are to please their Janjaweed masters from the Sahel.

We, therefore, advise Gov. Umahi and his Miyetti Allah handlers to make sure nothing happens to citizens of Ebonyi State who are within their rights to share the said video. Biafrans will hold him and his family responsible should any harm befall any individual as a result of his wish to serve his Fulani masters. 

We also warn Traditional rulers and President Generals recruited by governors in the South East against ESN personnel to retrace their steps, otherwise they will eternally regret their action. Gov Umahi and his co-traitors should stop provoking the masses or else they will not survive the avalanche of rage that is coming. The masses are now wiser and ever ready to hand down mob justice to those working against their collective interest, especially politicians. 


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