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Friday, 30 October 2020

The Hotelier

 The Hotelier

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

For Family Writers Press International

Date: 18.10.2020


Be wary of his many lies

Oh mortal men!

Me shall get you 'UN!' 

Rejoice, freedom alas!

Me shall 'trump' into the White House 

And dine with Donald,

When am done speaking with Mr EU,

So he tells you,

Empty words of the clueless hotelier.

Like the proverbial tortie

Always on the lookout for goodies

Promises upon promises non fulfilled

But getting his purse filled

To build Mansions his only priority, 

The glutinous hotelier.

His Fake tears, 

And his polished words

All to fool you

But his words are never his bonds!

Behold as he makes his pretty lies

The gullibles his only allies,

The old evil hotelier!

When easy is the going

Out jumps he from his hiding,

His voice echoes loud in the hood

While preying for food,

And the next victim to dupe.

But when roughy 'n toughy the going

The deceiver cowardly disappears

Leaving behind many in tears.

Like the kites of the skies

Would speedily swoop 

Down on their preys

So is the crook

When sees he public funds,

His criminal head spines 

Like the old farmer's wheels

As he crawls out from his hiding hole

To make his usual grabs - the Hotelier.

For I pity the gullibles

Who believe still in his fairy tales

Just as I rejoice with the wise 

Who for long have known

Through his own tone 

That the Owerri hotelier,

Had for long abandoned

The divine quest for freedom

For his own personal gains.

Peaceful Separation, The Only Solution To Nigeria's Problems

Peaceful Separation, The Only Solution To Nigeria's Problems

Going through the internet be it twitter, facebook or other social media platforms gives a reminder of Father Felix Uche Akam’s' article of 2nd August 2017, (the same day Ekwulobia Massacre) titled: “I Smell Blood”. The third paragraph of the article read thus, “I have tried to understand recent developments in the country to no avail. Every week, the madness takes a new name. The actors remain old faces, characters known for their unlimited libido to act strange. Every directive or policy coming from leaders is as annoying as hearing one introduce oneself as a Nigerian politician. Nothing pleases one again in the country; nothing surprises one either. We now know we are heading for the lagoon, the question is when are we reaching; my answer is very soon, it will not be long”, what a prophecy!.

Every passing day in Nigeria brings us nearer to that lagoon the Reverend Father said; we are heading; every passing day reminds us that we are not living like human beings in the country called Nigeria. We get reminded that to live in hell is more comfortable than living in Nigeria. It makes us remember the prophetic words of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, that Somalia will be better than Nigeria; it reminds us that we are really living in a hell-hole; it is an indication that the Nigerian military is worse than Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen combined. It is an indication that Nigeria is a life-taking country; it is a pure indication that baboons and monkeys should be better respected than anybody that calls him or herself a Nigerian. Nigeria and Nigerians are now in the grasp of what 'Soren Kierkegaard' called “sickness unto death”—the numbing of the soul by despair that leads to moral and physical debasement. It has become a society that is driven at it's very core by the death instinct. The instinct to annihilate and destroy rather than nurture and create.

As it is, we are now entombed in a prison of mirrors, where revealed lies are answered with new lies. With all these, it’s like our slow motion walk to self-apocalypse is assured. We have seen this movie before in Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, to name but just a few but now it is happening live in Nigeria.

The massacres of family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Shiites and EndSARS protesters in Lekki - Lagos, are three most shameful acts of official brigandage that now mark the civilian government of President Muhammadu Buhari and contribute to the seemingly endless stream of ethnic and religious strife that now punctuate Nigeria's life. 

When we are faced by the type of situations we see now in Nigeria, one tends to ask how we arrived in this place. Is it that the humane in us has been overturned? It is a sign of our collective laxity, negligence and subterfuge that we are living as a nation that has woefully failed to address the core issues in time and yet forgot to remember that we are building a time bomb that will explode to kill all of us. The Nigerian government can no longer evade the need for serious reform, accountability and dismemberment in the police system, in the military and in all aspects of the country. The administrators can now see what the youths are protesting for because the country does not grant the live of her citizens, instead it blatantly takes it at will.

When one has heard the story of Jews and Hitler, Russia and Joseph Stalin, one need not to ask questions about Nigerians and Muhammadu Buhari. The international community and all other peace-keeping organizations should go beyond words and send a signal that it is no longer business as usual, by investigating the attacks on protesters and taking immediate steps to hold the federal government of Nigeria, the officers and others involved accountable for the heinous crimes, starting from the killings of IPOB, Shiite adherants and ENDSARS protesters. It is time for us as a people to sit and negotiate. Let everybody go his seperate way and better be in peace than staying together and living in chaos. Even in the typical zoo setting, the lives of the animals are not snuffed out from them with reckless abandon as we experience in Nigeria.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

For Family Writers Press International

The Emergence Of Post-#EndSars Hitler Governor

 The Emergence Of Post-#EndSars Hitler Governor

It is grievously shocking to millions of internet users globally, to learn of the disgusting human rights violations emanating from Rivers State. There has been disturbing heinous acts being officially perpetrated against the citizens who supposedly ought to have constitutionally been protected. It is disheartening to learn of the Rivers State Governor's order given to the military to fish out the "hoodlums" that orchestrated some acts of violence in Obigbo town particularly during the nationwide #Endsars protests spontaneously carried out by Nigerian youths. 

In a situation where an elected governor hands out a draconian order to the military against the rights of innocent citizens, lives much to be desired. People are being hunted down, humiliated with varying degrees of torture, arrested and shot dead on regular basis under the guise of trying to search and recover weapons carted away by the demonstrators, is genocidally wicked and callous. The mayhem in Obigbo calls for the concern of all people of good conscience because the genocidal onslaught is most disgusting and dehumanizing. It is really difficult to conclude that a once people-admired/friendly governor in the person of Barrister Nyesom Wike, can authorize the level of havoc being committed by the Nigerian soldiers against innocent civilians. The scenario well portrays the activities of an encaged creature down the well that has all this while, been searching for an opportunity to unleash it's destructive act of terror. It should be stated too that this maximum power being do welded will someday, plunge humanity into a mortal struggle for it's survival.

Hitler and Joseph Stalin were in their lifetimes always considered the most monstrously wicked and maximum murderers. This twosome broke the  Guinness book of record in their crude killings of fellow humans and such mythical figures unfortunately, seem to have gotten their incarnate even in this 21st century.

It is honestly difficult to believe that the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, a refined lawyer, democrat and human rights advocate, could play the Hitler in our midst, developing the features of a tyrant against the same people that have so much cherished and supported him during his trying periods of electioneering campaigns, even at the prize of their lives. Such mythical figures in the mold of Hitler and Stalin had emerged in all cultures and centuries for real and were clearly spotted by history for their awful legacies. 

The Nigerian youths in Obigbo, Rivers State, were not the only protesters involved in the nationwide #EndSars revolution. It is unfortunate that people died and properties worth fortunes, destroyed. But it is only in Rivers State that a civilian governor has called up the military both on air and on land to invade people's homes, kill at random and set houses ablaze. Why such a treatment from a democratically elected governor against his people?

This is not the right way to say THANK YOU to those who have stood by you through thick and thin. Governor Wike terribly erred through the evaluation of the ongoing bloodletting, harassment, torture and destruction visited on the innocent residents of Obigbo by the Nigerian army whose personnel were drafted in via executive order.

May God Take Control!

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

Why Nigerians Should Support The Call To Ban Politicians From Travelling Abroad

 Why Nigerians Should Support The Call To Ban Politicians From Travelling Abroad

It is a thing of pity that Nigeria leaders will always fly out for medical treatment, even if they are having ordinary headache; whereas the masses have no good hospitals back home. The politicians, for the past 50 years, have completely run Nigeria to ground zero. There is no good road, no strategic housing system and no ordinary drinking water; yet they travel on frequent vacations to foreign countries to enjoy their loots. Back home in Nigeria, there is no good university for our teaming young people, but the same leaders have their children sent abroad for their education. Talking about schools built by their fellow politicians abroad. These shameless Nigeria politicians left Nigeria universities in ruins, neglecting the schools and the welfare of the academic staff.

It is just recently that Nigeria leaders raised the minimum wage for civil servants from paltry 22,000 to 33,000; yet the Senators in Nigeria still go home with 29 million Naira monthly, excluding their constituency project money, which they also squander the way it pleases them. How do you feel being given 33k that can't buy a bag of rice, whereas your politicians are going home with millions of naira every month? How do you feel, staying abroad suffering racism and working day and night just to make ends meet and take care of your people back home in Nigeria, whereas the Nigeria politicians are living in affluence? Are these abnormalities touching you at all? How a country can adjudge the poverty capital of the world, have one of, if not the highest paid politicians in the whole world? 

I, as a Teacher knows how much I get monthly. Teachers are expected to attend universities, but those leading you in Nigeria were expected to just finish primary six, and get first school leaving certificate. After which they are paid in millions. President Muhammadu Buhari couldn't present ordinary First School Leaving certificate, yet today, he is the president of over 200 million Nigerians. Nigeria pays politicians salaries and still give them allowance for everything. There is allowance for medical, for holidays, for housing, for food and even for ordinary barbing of hair. And they have it shamelessly covered in the national budget. A university lecturer paid 300,000 Naira, while a senator goes home with 29 million naira monthly. Isn't that very unfair? 

What of the police and military that are heavily underpaid? What about the medical doctors and the civil servants? Every year, Nigeria Doctors are abandoning home, migrating abroad to work for those that know and value their worth; leaving Nigerians to die like mosquitoes. And this is caused by the poor working conditions which the Nigeria government subjected them unto. 

We are today shouting #EndSARS without knowing that it is the same very politicians gallivanting and globetrotting who are behind every atrocity the SARS have committed. 

This is the reason every diaspora Nigerian, wherever you are based should join Nnamdi Kanu to stop Nigeria's heartless politicians from traveling abroad. For how long are we going to continue suffering these humiliations? If Nigeria is so good, if the constitution is so beautiful, if the infrastructure and universities in Nigeria are working perfectly, then why are our politicians traveling abroad? 

Let us join hands and disgrace them, should any of them set foot anywhere abroad. Let them stay in Nigeria and train their kids in Nigeria universities. 

Written By Elochukwu Ohagi

(A Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.

A Message To Nigeria Soldiers

A Message To Nigeria Soldiers 

As the #EndSARS protest is going on across the country, I still wonder why Nigeria Army and police, who are suffering more than the people, are being used by politicians to kill and slaughter youths standing against the evil and atrocities of these leaders.

At Lekki, Nigeria Army opened fire on peaceful #EndSARS protesters, killing more than 70 of them on the spot and wounding many. Watching the video footage of the extrajudicial killings meted on the gallant #EndSARS protesters, you would think it is actually a war between Nigeria soldiers and some enemy countries; but no, it is actually Nigeria soldiers firing at their own youths, whose only crime is waving Nigeria Flag and singing the national anthem. Imagine being killed by your own soldiers for holding your country's flag and singing the national anthem.

The Nigeria soldiers can never claim that they too are not suffering the same thing the people suffer in Nigeria. In fact, they suffer more than the average civilians. Yet, they are bent on standing with the enemies of the people. If you are a soldier and reading this, look at yourself and ask yourself this questions. Am I being treated well? What actually is my salary? Can it be compared to the salary of a Senator who goes home with 29 million Naira every month? How fair are you treated as a soldier? Have you compared your status as a Nigeria soldier with others in Europe, America and South Africa?

Your fellow soldiers have been sabotaged in North East and got killed in huge numbers by the terrorists. Soldiers have been sent to die without any support as promised. They have been sent to fight Boko Haram without enough weapons, only to end up being massacred by the terrorists. The Nigeria soldiers have stayed in the battle field without their salaries and allowances paid, yet they are being used to kill their brothers and sisters in the society.

Amidst these injustices by the Nigeria leaders against you, why then do you still allow them use you to kill your own people? The same Nigeria government has rewarded the same terrorists that killed your colleagues and butchered your relations. They recruit them into the army, pay them allowances and claim they have been rehabilitated. Today, they use them to slaughter the youths standing for a better future that will favor us all. And you all are watching them as they use the Boko Haram members they recruited into the Army to kill your own people. 

Is it not time for you all to stand up, reason properly and take a better side? Don't you want a nice future for your children? Believe me, not all of you will finish your military service as Army chief and Generals. Most of you will die mercilessly in the hands of terrorists and your families forgotten. Have you taken a look at the families of your colleagues that died fighting Boko Haram? How are they coping with the hard times? It could be you, remember. Now is the time to think. Your oath is to the Nigeria people and not to the corrupt leaders leading Nigeria. You are soldiers to defend the people and not the corrupt politicians.

Think about this and make the right decision today. You don't follow orders that is against simple common sense. Opening fire on protesters waving Nigeria Flag and singing the national anthem is against common sense, and is inarguably a heinous crime against humanity.

Written By Elochukwu Ohagi

( A Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.

End-Sars Revolution: Nigerian Politicians Fight Back

 End-Sars Revolution: Nigerian Politicians Fight Back

It has become so abundantly clear to all citizens in Nigeria and particularly within Biafraland, that the Nigerian political class are presently not smiling due to the turn of events. They are complicitly bonded  in their usage of the marauding Fuani Islamic trigger-happy soldiers to carry out rampant abduction, persecution and extra-judicial killing of able bodied family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in their warped perception. They in their desperation and frustration, misjudged IPOB members as being the architects or the brains behind the #EndSars peaceful protests that claimed the lives of young Nigerian protesters at Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos. This same Nigerian soldiers from the Northern Fulani extraction, were commanded to open fire on the unarmed, innocent and peaceful protesters in the evening of Tuesday 20th of October 2020, killing and injuring many.

Meanwhile, one of the very outstanding journalists of Family Writers Press International, Maxwell Chuks, reported early this morning being Thursday 29th October 2020, on how he narrowly escaped being killed at Obigbo in Igweocha (Port Harcourt). He had sneaked into the town a night before to visit a friend but miraculously got delivered by God from the raid of the rampaging Nigerian soldiers.

Many IPOB family members including Coordinators were rounded up and summarily executed on Thursday morning of the 29th day of October 2020. The homes of the arrested amongst others were ransacked and set ablaze. The soldiers  sporadically shot at every moving object within the area including the journalist's cousin and all the corpses were equally taken along. In Enugu State, over twenty (20) young Nigerians were summarily executed as a result of this on the orders of the state governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. In Ebonyi and Anambra States, the police, army and compromised vigilante groups have been ordered to carry out the mopping up IPOB members for extermination on the trumped up charges that they perpetrated the mayhem that trailed the #EndSars protests.

The Nigerian politicians have contracted the soldiers to strengthen their reign of terror against those they claim to represent in their mad bid to service vested interests. They have become the vultures in parliament. Their only mission is to steal from the people as much they possibly can and even kill to conceal/cement their evil intents. From recent developments and before sane consciousness in a country that says it is in a democracy, could it ever be imagined that the Nigerian governors could most shamelessly hoard Covid-19 palliatives that were freely given by international donors to alleviate the suffering of the people?

Nigeria is an enclave that proudly thrives in terrorism, death, suffering, pain, victimization and frustration. The youths should as a result of the ongoing horrible situations, courageously rise up, synergize and defend the land from these bloated toads and disgusting vultures  in parliament. The Nigerian politicians whose only intentions are to enslave loot and kill cannot in anyway give genuine and people-oriented leadership. The Nigerian youths must arise and fight for their future if they abhor being silenced. This is the set time.

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Obigbo Massacre: The Unspeakable Hatred Of Governor Wike Against His People

The prevailing bizarre actions of the Rivers State Governor, Barrister Nyesom Wike is an attestation of the fact before the civilized global community, that he is not just a tyrant but a hater and destroyer of his own people. He laid false claims to being a civilized, humane, decent and caring individual just to win the sympathy and support of Rivers citizens especially during his last electioneering campaigns for the office of the state number citizen. But totally unknown to the people, he was surreptiously paving the way for the actualization of the agenda of his Northern Fulani oligarchical masters. The ongoing truancy and terrorism being unleashed on the Obigbo residents are surpassing evidences of the most tyrannic and blood wasting governor of Igbo extraction.

Wike in the past few days, against civilized democratic norm, ill-advisedly declared a total war against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Rivers State which though, never started today. It has been incubating and with the recent #EndSars nationwide Nigerian youths protests, he was served the leeway to despotically put forward his unpopular pronouncements. He categorized his terms in order to penetrate and orchestrate mayhem in Rivers State, using Obigbo town as his launchpad.

Points to critically consider:

1) Recall that on the 20th of January 2017, hundreds of the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and lovers of freedom were blatantly arrested, detained, maimed and murdered in cold blood, by pariculsrly, the combined teams of the Nigerian army and police. The people all joyfully and peacefully thronged the city of Port Harcourt to celebrate Donald Trump's election victory and inauguration as the 45th President of the United States of America. Those who escaped the killers' bullets and arrested, were taken to various incarceration centres albeit illegitimately. Wike who supposedly is the Chief Security Officer of the state, an acclaimed democrat and lawyer maintained sealed lips.

2) On several occasions, many Biafrans have under his nose, been illegally arrested and extra-judicially executed in his state without consequences. He never raised any eye-brow. In fact, Rivers State peaks as the only state within the southern part of Nigeria where innocent souls have so humiliatedly been persecuted, tortured and lost. Arrogantly reinforcing the proscription of an indigenous people that is recognized in law, duly registered, recognized internationally and legitimately agitating for justice/freedom as a matter of right, is completely baseless and dead on arrival.

You Must Know This:

1) Governor Wike employing the force of arms through the military against the innocent citizens, clearly depicts where his interest really lies. He is doing it to massage the intent of his Northern Fulani masters who want by every means possible, to take total control of Obigbo land amongst other choice locations in the state.

2) Residents of Obigbo must fully understand that Wike's fight is not entirely on IPOB but the state in general. The effects of his killing machine has very negatively affected many innocent families/souls across Rivers State. "The Fulani Islamic soldiers are brazenly going from house to house, picking young men and boys and summarily executing them. They are equally ambushing unsuspecting passers-by, arresting and killing them in cold blood", reports pointedly prove.

3) Countless number of residents have either been sacked from their homes or gruesomely murdered. Are all these IPOB members too? All these portray the kind of a civilian governor Wike really is. A man that cherishes bloodletting of those he proudly claims to be governing. He most assuredly must be held accountable someday. Immunity does not last forever.

It is noteworthy therefore, to state here that all these acts of wickedness and vampirism started as the Nigerian youths trooped out in their numbers to join #EndSars protests like others across the country. The so-called hoodlums cashed into the peaceful protests to perpetrate other acts and the only thing a state governor who also prides himself as a lawyer could do, was to twist the whole narrative, tagging it "IPOB affair". What Wike has to explain to the world is whether it has become criminal for citizens to peacefully protest in a democracy against security brutality, bad governance, etcetera.

The governor must humbly and repentantly desist from using the Nigerian military to snuff life out of innocent, unarmed men, women and children or be prepared to face the consequences attached to this genocidal onslaught against humanity. 

God Almighty is watching!

Written by Sunday Okafor

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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