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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Kanu The Intelligent Driver

Kanu The Intelligent Driver

By Charles Alabi
Nnamdi KANU is living up to his threat of destroying Nigeria with the Truth. His exposure is what FG now uses against Atiku. To crown it all, Kanu has suddenly turned out to be an adviser to the duo. Today he tells FG to give him credit for exposing Atiku. Tomorrow KANU would ask Atiku to tell Buhari to undergo a DNA test if he insists he is the real Buhari.

Now, nobody talks about Atiku's mandate. Even the Judiciary have suddenly deviated from the facts of the electoral matter between them. Atiku's handlers struggles and are now only interested in proving to the Court that Atiku is a true Nigerian.

On the other hand, all Presidency cares about is proving that Atiku belongs to Cameroon. Trust their desperation. They have gone as far as bribing a kangaroo group in Cameroon who are now asking Atiku to return home (Cameroon). Presidency also went as far as originating another kangaroo group who are urging Atiku to apologize to Nigerians and quietly return home.

Atiku has been left with no other choice than to fire back. He spoke with newsmen the other day and made it open that the man at Aso Rock is not Buhari. He accompanied his hyperbolic claim with a threat of heading to the courts to prove, with his team of lawyers, that the man at Aso Rock hails from Sudan. He openly told the world that it was extensive surgeries undergone by the Sudanese that made him take a Buhari resemblance. He also stated that the said Sudanese who parades himself as Nigerian President was heavily tutored on Buhari's attitudinal displays after the surgery.

All thanks to the Mocking Bird, also known as NNAMDI KANU.

As the polity has been greatly heated up, resulting from all these skirmishes capable of destroying Nigeria, KANU came up again with the issue of a DNA test. On his usual Biafra Radio, he insisted and stood his ground as he challenged Presidency to conduct a DNA test on the President, in a bid to prove to the world that he, Nnamdi KANU lied about Buhari's purported demise.

Now, Atiku's camp has bought the idea. They are now insisting that if Atiku must return to Cameroon, that a DNA test must first be conducted on the President.

To this development, Abbah Kyarri, Buhari's Chief of Staff swore by his ancestors, that Nigeria should rather disintegrate into parts, instead of a DNA test to be conducted on Buhari.

NNAMDI KANU is gradually living up to his threat of destroying Nigeria without firing a shot. He has succeeded in setting these people against themselves. With all these exposure, Nobody can exactly predict where the Nigerian state is heading to.

Again, all thanks to Nnamdi Kanu. Let's hope and pray that Biafra is restored fast as said by Kanu, Nigeria must be destroyed with the truth.

Born With A Special Mark To Restore Biafra

Born With A Special Mark To Restore Biafra

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was so much neglected when he started. Some called him rabble rouser. They tagged him and his followers miscreants. They easily laugh at people propagating Biafra. Some called him a coward and even asked him to come down to Nigeria and he did. They imprisoned him for almost two years and laid siege on his house, before they attacked his fathers house killing 28 young men.

Today, the same Nnamdi Kanu is holding Nigeria hostage with just Truth. He once said that with truth, he will destroy Nigeria. And that is already happening.

Today, he dictates and controls the politics of the useless Nigeria as they clash to destroy themselves completely. When he exposed the impostor in Aso Rock and went further to name him and his country of origin, people said he is a joker. He even pledged that he will gladly resign as the leader of IPOB if the DNA test proves that the 50 years old looking man in Aso Rock is Buhari of 2015. Today, someone is compelling Nigeria Court to subject the person impersonating President Buhari to DNA test. And we did think a sincere government, who has nothing to hide, would have taken the challenge and force the IPOB leader to resign in good faith. The more APC refuses to take this challenge, the more they expose their treachery against the people of Nigeria.

APC on the other hand is questioning Atiku's legibility to contest for presidency. Recall that before the election, Nnamdi Kanu announced on Radio Biafra that Atiku became a Nigerian because of a referendum conducted in 1961. Meaning that Atiku wasn't born a Nigerian, he was a Cameroonian prior to that 1961 referendum and should not contest for presidential election in Nigeria as the useless Nigeria constitution instructed.

The debate is on. Nigerians have understood that asking for referendum isn't asking for war as the referendum that made Atiku a Nigerian didn't bring war between Nigeria and Cameroon.

Many Nigerians now tune in to Radio Biafra as to listen to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's gospel of truth and freedom. He has recently started schooling Nigerians on their constitution. Even the politicians now take excuses from their wives and hide to listen to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Radio Biafra.

Many people have called Mazi Nnamdi Kanu many things. Some have called him a prophet, some a supreme leader, but for me I see a man born during the raging fire of the Biafran war, with a special mark. His birth is significant. He is among the few Biafra born babies who survived the brutal genocide against Biafrans. This man has the mandate to restore Biafra. He was born a Biafran and he won't die until he restores Biafra.

Whatever APC government is doing will only hasten the division of this man made prison yard called Nigeria.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a mere Teacher who believes that the problem of Africa is ignorance and miseducation.



If there is anything at the moment that should ginger Biafran  politicians in the Nigerian political circle to begin to seriously think about Biafra independence, it is the despotic and humiliating removal of Honorable Justice Walter Samuel  Nkanu Onnoghen, as the Chief Justice of Nigeria. It is important to note that Justice Onnoghen happens to be the first Chief of Nigeria to have emerged from Biafraland since the year 1999 when the present Nigerian Republic came on stream. Political gladiators from Biafra extraction who are yet singing the One-Nigeria song so as to service the insatiable desire of the Fulani cabals, should have it in mind that right from when Honorable Justice Walter Onnoghen assumed the position of the Chief Justice of Nigeria in acting capacity, the Aso Rock cabals who brought in a Sudanese impostor known as Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, have never hidden their hatred for him. The body language of the cabals wherein they refused to take his name as an acting Chief Justice to the Nigerian Senate for confirmation as a substantive Chief Justice in due time, explained the pathological disdain of these Fulani cabals for anything that comes from Biafraland.

It should not also be forgotten that it was during the visit to London by the Aso Rock impostor for the said medical tourism, that the then Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo even sent the name of Justice Onnoghen to the Senate for confirmation. Eversince then, the cabals managing the Nigerian contraption have been unhappy based on the fact that it is like a taboo for anybody who has no Sharia inclination, to assume the position of the Nigerian Chief Justice. This is the reason why they will go to any length to humiliate him by using an illiterate and archaic Sharialogist of a Judge, Danladi Umar in the Nigerian Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), to disgracefully stampede him out of office by convicting him for false asset declaration without satisfying required judicial evidences. Although, Justice Onnoghen has served a notice of Appeal to his persecutors but he remains essentially, an ex-convict according to the law until an appellate court vacates the ruling of the tribunal.

With this institutionalized humiliation of political/public office holders of Biafra extraction in Nigeria by the Fulanis and their cohorts, it is now time for these Biafrans serving in Nigeria, to stop being subservient to these Islamists. Why is it really that these Biafrans cannot courageously place demand for the outright dissolution of this false entirety called Nigeria? Why can they not synergize to end this disgusting impunity against Biafrans who are holding public offices in Nigeria? Yesterday, the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremmadu that was arraigned and docked for calculated disgrace out of office, although the scheme flatly crashed. Today, it is the turn of Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen, the Chief Justice of Nigeria. He has been convicted and humiliated by the Fulani cabals just because he is a Biafran. Tomorrow, another Biafran public office holder could be a victim. When really will these  slavish Biafran politicians serving in Nigeria pull themselves together and begin to expedite action on the ongoing Biafra independence quest? There is absolutely nothing that could be done to satisfy the devilish yearnings of these ravenous cabals that are destructively piloting the affairs of Nigeria and divert this prevalent pathological hatred they have against Biafrans, with the Fulani-turbaned and newly Senate-elect called Orji Uzor Kalu, inclusive.

It is necessary that those concerned should synergize and strongly support the independence of Biafra. By the time this nation regains her sovereignty, every Biafran including the present politicians serving in Nigeria, businessmen, academia and artisans will all be part included, though according to laid down rules. These political office holders that are presently living in anxiety in Nigeria will fearlessly play their roles in a totally sovereign Biafra if popularly chosen by the people. They should note that as long as they are yet serving in Nigeria, it has been so structured that they will surely end up in shame. Justice Walter Onneghen's experience is a lesson that should be learnt and can only stop at the emergence of an independent Biafra. It is clear that Biafrans are never needed in the concocted federation and there is completely no remedy to it except the anticipated. Arise and do the needful!

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



If the motive behind the sponsored news announcing the unfortunate demise of the Enugu based freelance "prophet" Anthony Nwoko and his previous association with our leader, is to dampen or deflect attention from the earth shattering worldwide broadcast scheduled for Saturday April 20, 2019 on Radio Biafra, then they better be informed that their plans have failed woefully. Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will broadcast, that mankind may know the evil that Nigeria has become. This diversionary tactics of planting a sensational story in APC sympathetic newspapers is meaningless and will never work. Who ever it was within the Nigerian security apparatus that dreamt up this ruse is a colossal failure because we IPOB have faced worse and come out stronger.

Should independent autopsy confirm any foul play in the reported death of Anthony Nwoko, then DSS and Army will be held accountable. Their recent spate of abductions and killings across Biafraland is proof, if any is needed, that they would commit whatever atrocity they can, in the hope of implicating IPOB.

We mourn the loss of every Biafran and in this regard we remember those shot dead in Asaba a few days ago on Monday 15 April, recent victims of Fulani terrorist attacks in Anambra, Delta and Abia. Our heart also go out to those unlawfully incarcerated for the unspeakable crimes at a Catholic Church in Ozubulu who have only two days ago regained their freedom.

IPOB is well aware that Nigerian government and her security agencies will go to any length to stain our unimpeachable reputation in the hope of using it as a cover to continue their ongoing unreported war against IPOB. The media should be mindful not to prejudice the uninvestigated circumstances surrounding the passing of Anthony Nwoko in order not to become unwitting agents of dark forces that wish to tarnish the image of IPOB at any given opportunity.

As a movement rooted in the principles of democratic values and all it entails, IPOB will always welcome criticisms from all quarters because the Biafra we are seeking to build will be an open tolerant society.

We must however caution that Biafrans should be mindful of the opportunities their perceived hostility towards Biafra liberation might present to those seeking to exploit it for the benefit of the Fulani 'One Nigeria' caliphate agenda.

Enemies of Biafra within and outside the East will seek out every available avenue to damage the stellar standing of IPOB and her leadership and they will never ever stop until we recognise the danger they pose to us all. Without the benefit of any official police report on the cause of death, or a cause of death determined by a medical examiner, some journalists of Igbo extraction have already filed a report to their Yoruba bosses in Abuja and Lagos indicting IPOB. Those whose headline screamed "butchered in his house" failed to tell us why no single trace of blood was found in his house or his clothes.

If this APC demonic dictatorship had their way, they would have blamed IPOB for the sacking and conviction of Onnoghen in order to engineer enmity between South East and South South. Nothing is beyond them in their desperation to subdue every opposition.

We will flush out Jubril Al-Sudani the great impostor from Aso Rock. He must provide his DNA and face charges of high crimes and misdemeanours alongside Abba Kyari and the rest. Nothing our enemies does, even with the help of a media that doesn't investigate stories, will stop IPOB from liberating Biafra from the shackles of damnation and iniquity that Nigeria has come to represent.


Thursday, 18 April 2019



The Women Wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Obigbo Local Government Area of Igweocha Province, strongly reiterated their resolve in support of the total restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra. This declaration was made during their last general meeting, held on Thursday 18th April, 2019.

The women pledged their unflinching support for IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They reiterated to remain undeterred and strong, the wave of propaganda theories amongst others against the IPOB leader and the Biafra restoration project in it's entirety, by the agents of the Nigerian government, notwithstanding.

In an interview with Family Writers Press, the Women Coordinator, Mrs. Chikezie M. Nkeiruka,  maintained their resolve in support of the independence of the Biafran nation. This she stated, is irrevisible. "We know very well that the Nigerian government and the enemies of Biafra, are trying all they could to stop the struggle, but they will definitely fail just as they have already started failing. No matter their propaganda and intimidation, we will continue until we completely restore Biafra".

The Assistant Women Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Jacob, in her contribution, enjoined her colleagues to put in more effort in the struggle. "If we do not do it, no one else will do it for us and that is why we must continue pushing forward just like our Women leader. We will restore Biafra in our time, no matter the cost", she further stated.

Maxwell Chuks
Reporting for Family Writers Press

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

"The time of reckoning will surely come" - IPOB

"The time of reckoning will surely come" - IPOB


It is very sad and gravely disappointing that Nigerian Police Force in Delta State, that epitome of corruption and evil, have taken time-off from their usual extortion on check-points and daily killings of innocent civilians to once again turn their murderous attention to IPOB. Their well publicised lies about alleged police station invasion by IPOB in Asaba yesterday is so ludicrous that only a natural born liar like Lai Mohammed and possibly a rabid anti-Biafra deranged fool can believe such hogwash.

Perhaps the Inspector General of Police and some Fulani elements within the Nigerian Police Force is seeking to relieve the pressure Jubril Al-Sudan the Buhari impostor is undergoing at the election tribunal in Abuja, where we understand he has beem compelled to tender what we all know to be a non-existent WAEC result. Whoever concocted this silly allegation about IPOB invading a police station and sold it to the Nigerian press must be steeped in the same lying tradition as Lai Mohammed.

The truth of the matter is that Delta State IPOB family members were attacked on Tuesday April 16, 2019 during a peaceful procession in Asaba the capital of Delta State. For those who may wish to know, Asaba is a Biafran town and the birthplace  of Col. Achuzie, one of the great heroes of the Biafra-Nigeria war. Therefore, we IPOB have every right to exercise our constitutionally guaranteed right to peaceful assembly. At no time did we IPOB or anybody for that matter invade any police station in Asaba. All the lies the Delta State Police Command concocted is purely to justify the killing of innocent people during the procession.

The fact illiterate Nigerian police officers in Asaba are unsurprisingly ignorant of the constitution and laws of Nigeria does not mean they have the right to lie by alleging something that never happened. They forgot the whole incident was filmed thereby rendering their lies useless. We have released video footage of the incident to once again prove their statement to be nothing but lies and fabrication.

We are disappointed that in this day and age some media houses will elect to abandon objectivity when reporting a statement from a world renowed institutionally corrupt police organisation.

If those that issued this gravely misleading and injurious allegation against IPOB are hoping to deflect attention from their crimes then they are mistaken. From Delta State Police Commissioner to the DPO in charge of the station that opened fire on unarmed Biafrans- killing and injuring many in the process, all will pay dearly for the death of those they killed and injured. There will be retribution.

No amount of sponsored lies against peaceful IPOB will exonerate these lying and corrupt policemen in Asaba. The time of reckoning will surely come.

Those unelected shadowy figures in Aso Rock led by Abba Kyari, those that recruited Jubril Al-Sudani, should face their fate at the election tribunal. They should stop using the police to make outlandish and unsubstantiable allegations against the noble IPOB family in order to change the news headline with the hope of diverting public attention away from their crime of stealing the mandate of the people.


Imposed Stealing And Deliberate Lockdown Of Biafra Economy By Nigeria Government

Imposed Stealing And Deliberate Lockdown Of Biafra Economy By Nigeria Government

By Canicols Chukwunonso Anioke
For Family Writers Press International

In the abundance of our wealth which lies in our God given Human and natural resources, one wonders why these resources instead of making us great leaves us frail and backward.
To every man of knowledge and integrity, these questions are laid bare before us; Are these abundance of natural resources a curse? Is the natural resources a bane to our survival? What have we achieved as a people using this mineral resources?

Our local refineries are constantly under attack while our people are also brutally exterminated without any form of Justice down the creeks and  riverine of BiafraLand. We own the resources yet we can't use it, access to our God given resources have brought about subjugation and pain to our homes; Government steals it and insists that we obtain license to access it. It is called the property of the state and will only be allocated to foreigners, Northern and Southwestern indigenes to further enslave us and destroy our lands. These anomaly forcefully imposed on Biafrans using the barrel of the gun is unacceptable and insane. Sadly, those enjoying Biafra oils are mining their own golds in Zamfara and Kano themselves.

The Nigerian state has technically activated the principle of resource control up North using local mines (for Gold and other natural resources such limestone etc) to harvest their local resources. No Easterner is allocated these resources. Resources found in the North are for northerners alone and they mine it the way they want. Here in the southeast our resources are national treasury yet not accessible to the indigenes of the East (Biafrans).

This sectional molestation and unbridled violence perpetrated against our indigenous refineries and economy is a deliberate way to constantly shut down our economy, destroy our lands and exterminate our people; Tag us Militants in order to criminalize and implant self fear into our lives and environment. They (the Nigerian Government) have militarized our communities, colonized our resources, crippled our industrial institution, stolen our resources, refine it in foreign lands and resale to us.

If as a Biafran you still don't understand the essence of freedom and the agony this nation has planted and sustained within the Biafran territories, then you are a pathetic willing slave. Take a walk around the coastal regions and see the penury and torture indigenous citizens of the coastal regions are passing through.

Words cannot be enough to quench the pallid feelings bequeathed on Biafran citizens.
We are Not Nigerians and we have refused to remain in this miserable amalgamated contraption.
We need peace to propagate our God given values and sacred ideologies. We demand freedom from this Oppressive Nigerian state.


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