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Tuesday, 25 June 2019



It is no longer news that the Fulani Islamic killer squads (herdsmen) have an agenda of high profile invasion of Biafraland but the calculated/sponsored enslavement plot of Biafrans across board. This very issue with devastating consequences if allowed, must not be whittled down by the leaders of the South-East/South-South geo-political zones as well as the indigenous citizens inhabiting the eleven Biafran tribes thereof.

Recall that in the past few years of Nigeria's existence, there has never been peace, tranquility, justice and harmony amongst the inhabitants. What then forms the necessity of a country wherein there exists daily, wave of uncertainty, pain and misery? Nigeria is a country where nepotistic dominance of a particular tribe over and above others is treasured. The ego of the predominant tribal citizens is not only institutionalized but brazenly massaged. Citizens of other ethnicities are daily being subjected to second status, slavery and death. Can this be regarded as the much mouthed civilization deserved in Africa? This is a mind-boggling question we must all proffer answer to, in passively or actively justifying the ongoing gruesome massacre of the innocent in the evil enclave called Nigeria.

Moreover, it has been reliably gathered within the past few weeks, that the Fulani Islamic killer herdsmen were being    considered for a provision of an exclusive Fulani Radio Station by the Nigerian government. This when provided, will be given a wider scope of coverage within the country. The secretly planned project however, was greeted with massive  rejection/opposition by concerned Nigerian citizens and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), based on the fact that the same Nigerian government proscribed the legitimate activities of world-acclaimed most civilized, peaceful, enlightened and unarmed IPOB group for demanding for an independent Biafra homeland. The grossly fulanised government of Nigeria has never for once condemned the heinous mayhem blatantly being committed against the innocent people of Benue, Plateau, Adamawa, Taraba, Cross River, Enugu, Delta, Anambra, Ebonyi amongst other States by these Fulani Islamic herdsmen terrorists. The Nigerian government led by the Sudanese nationale cum Buhari impersonator, Jubril Aminu El-Sudani has instead, decided to reward these criminals with one hundred billion naira compensation for the evil jobs, well done. What was the response of the so-called Igbo leaders of thought and Ohaneze Ndigbo? Absolutely nothing!

This show of madness did not just end there. The Fulani herdsmen under the auspices of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), few weeks ago, boldly proceeded to place a demand for the establishment of vigilante groups in Biafraland to further empower them to take total grip of the security apparatus of the area. It therefore means that Biafraland has come under serious siege of the Islamists who move around disguised as cattle rearers with sophisticated weapons, ravaging and massacring indigenous dwellers at will. The so-called Igbo elders and their Ohaneze Ndigbo fellow accomplices particularly, yet maintain naivety by allowing them to encroach into our land clearly unchallenged. They cannot take the initiative of pre-empting these evil plots simply because of their Fulani paymasters in Abuja. They also in trying to service the interests of their slavemasters, shamelessly connived with these same Islamists in Nigeria army uniforms, to kill their own people during the murderous military expedition code-named "Operation Python Dance II" in Umuahia, Aba, Igweocha, Asaba, Onitsha, amongst others. Their sole purpose was to truncate the agitation for Biafra restoration. The Igbo elders and Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural group led by Nnia Nwodo failed to note then that their lives were also endangered by that singular act of subterfuge. Oh yes! They seemingly enjoyed fanning the flames that consumed thousands of innocent Biafran souls that were legitimately placing demands for their own freedom. What really has been the gains associated with such an act of wickedness? It was the same trend of sabotage that saw over 3.5 million Biafrans decimated during the genocidal war waged against our people between 1967 and 1970 by the Nigerian government. Eversince then till date, the war yet lingers in different format against us. Biafrans are being killed relentlessly on daily basis by the Nigerian State under the delusion of keeping the country one. What a misnomer! What a disgusting pain!! But one thing is clear.  "Biafra is unquenchable no matter the force of gravity set in motion to pull her down"

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the able leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally alongside resolute hardcore members, have indisputably shown the world, the true identity of freedom fighting through their resoluteness and intelligence. The only regret is the gullible/self-serving Igbo/Biafran leaders and the seemingly mentally diseased lot who still believe in the mantra of One-Nigeria, despite the flood of unabated injustices bluntly being unleashed on their own people. Amongst this group of individuals are the so-called highly educated in the grossly fraudulent/dysfunctional educational system of Nigeria. This is apparently the set time to fight and rescue both ourselves, our children and yet unborn generations.

The Fulanis have come with the singular agenda of having dominion and control over our land and we as a people, must employ all within our reach, to resist and conquer such. This is 21st century era for goodness sake and not decades of the past.

A Word is Enough for the Wise!
We Must Take Responsibility!!
All Hail Biafra!!!

Written by Sunday Okafor

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

Sunday, 23 June 2019



It is obvious that most of the self acclaimed Christian leaders in various churches are yet to realize their duties or it seems they are ignorant of their duties as servants of God.

They fail to understand that their primary responsibility is to pray and seek protection for the life and interest of their followers rather than doing the reverse.

I am not condemning any Pastor whether Roman Catholic Priests or other members of the clergy in different denominations; although about 3% of them can now read the handwriting on the wall on the continuous subjugation of the children of God (christians) from the Eastern part of Nigeria. While many have been silent due to their self interests rather than enlightening the masses about the domination of unknown foreign invaders. Are we to say that the so-called church leaders are not worthy to serve or to make sacrifices for their members instead of various degrees of extortion from them.

Christ displeased himself to please us, but now whom among the present crop of pastors is on the same track with Christ? Except the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) MAZI NNAMDI KANU whom I see as an outspoken man that loves his people and can equally sacrifice even his life for them due to his unique appraoch towards the struggle for the realisation of BIAFRA independence. In veiw of that, he has become an object of jealousy and ridicule. Here lies the reason why some Christian leaders in Biafraland see him as a threat to their source of wealth.

Biafra restoration is the only panacea to eradicate any form of impunity like extortion, false prophecies that seem to service their ego while their fellowers keep suffering and smiling.

It is only in an organised nation like BIAFRA (a nation in potency), which MAZI NNAMDI KANU is advocating that can completely change our mentality as humans. Some of these religious leaders are seeing Biafra restoration as a threat. Imagine how great it would be if our religious leaders massively comply with Biafra evangelism. It would have been a great thing. A lot would have been achieved. But whether they comply or not, Biafra must be achieved. Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have resolved to achieve our freedom from Nigeria. We are resolute and formidable.

During my tender age, I hardly see a church leader living a luxirious life, because they take vows of simplicity and selflessness. These days, the church leaders procure private jets, own estates and expensive cars, yet they cannot speak against the injustices meted against those whose souls are under their care. Such acts amount just to hiding the truth or better still refuse to speak due to what the security agents will do. Such an action is nothing but cowardice. Such church leaders are not worthy of followership, they are nothing but opportunists. It is high time we call a spade a spade. We must stand against this canker warm that has eaten dip into the very fabrics of the Biafran society, more especially Biafran Christians. This is the time to stand with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and spread the gospel of Biafra restoration. Biafra stands for justice, truth and equal right.

Written by Christopher Otu Ezeali

Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh
For Family Writers Press



An active member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who nearly suffered total blindness has been rescued through the commendable and passionate humanitarian efforts of his IPOB zone in Igweocha, in conjunction with Living Hope Medical Exploit located at Eluama Isiukwuato-Okigwe in Abia state, all in Biafraland.

Mazi Israel Etumni, a passionate Biafran activist and a member of Sunlight Estate Zone 2 in Igweocha Province, had a successful cataract eye surgery carried out on him by a United States-based Medical Practitioner, Mr. Acho on Monday 17th June, 2019.
Cataract is a vision impairment disease caused when opaque substances surround the eye lens(es).

According to the information gathered by Family Writers Press, family members of IPOB in Sunlight Estate Zone 2 led by Mazi Izuchukwu Agu and his deputy Mazi Innocent Onyeka, had made financial contributions for the eye surgery of Mazi Israel Etumni. However, due to his diabetic condition, a huge portion of the money realised was used to regulate the sugar level of his body to an appreciable healthy condition as advised by medical practitioners. Consequently, the actual surgery on the impaired eyes was delayed due to financial constraints until the IPOB zone got information about a medical outreach program that was carried out by Living Hope Medical Exploit in Okigwe where the eye surgery successfully carried out by Mr. Acho, a medical doctor based in the United States of America.

The beneficiary, Mazi Israel Etumni expressed profound gratitude to members of his IPOB zonal family and leadership who came to his rescue at a time everyone else deserted him.

"This is the work we have been able to put into the struggle," says Izuchukwu Agu, Coordinator of Sunlight Estate Zone 2 in Igweocha during an interview with Family Writers Press.

"The cataract covered most part of his eyes that he could not clearly see and what prompted most of us to start doing something about his situation is that he is the breadwinner of his family and for close to four or five months that he is suffered this vision impairment, he has been involved in series of falls and even sometimes into the gutters, on his way back home after our meetings. There was a particular time he was hit by an Okada (motorcycle) because he cannot see clearly. Anytime he crossed the roads, people used to hold him," by the hands in aide, the coordinator stated.

"Throughout the duration of the treatment, my zone took care of his needs. He has three children. It is my zone that sponsored him to Okigwe. We took care of both his feeding/ transportation allowances and every other expenses.

"The initiative started when Mr. Israel Etumni from Mbano in Owerri province of Biafraland, developed a serious eye problem. This is actually the man that trained those children that we took down to Abuja during the time our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was incarcerated. He was once an Anglican church children's teacher. So he handled the children and tenaciously taught them what they presented in court that very day. When this his problem was reported in my zone, we all rallied round seeking for a way to carry out the needed surgery on him. "The zone gathered and contributed money to carry out this surgery. When the money was contributed, we found out that he had high sugar level. We started treating the sugar level first to bring it down so that the surgery could be carried out. In that process, the money we contributed went low until a member in the zone suggested that in his place, there existed this Medical Doctor that normally comes from the United States of America on a Medical Outreach in his community. When the information got to us, we quickly moved into action and this our brother was taken to Okigwe where the surgery was carried out alongside one of our members, Pastor Uwalaka. This is a testimony that clearly shows that Biafrans love themselves because when they got to Okigwe, they were not discriminated against for being non-indigenes. This is the work we have been able to put into the struggle and it is an encouraging source of concern. Our leader has always taught us 'onuru ube nwanne agbala oso' (to be our brothers keepers). This is it in practice. "For this surgery to successfully take place, it is something  we must all give glory and thanks to Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty) for what He has graciously done", Mazi Izuchukwu Agu further told Family Writers Press.

Study shows that more than one hundred thousand cases of cataract are reported in Nigeria annually. The eye ailment can be rectified by contacting a Professional Medical Specialist.

Mazi Paul Ihechi Alagba
Reporting for Family Writers Press International

The Coastal People Of Biafra And The Biafra Question

The Coastal People Of Biafra And The Biafra Question

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
For Family Writers Press International.

As it stands, majority of our coastal brothers are not with us in this struggle for the restoration of Biafra. Many times, they are seen on mainstream media threads insulting this sacred struggle of Biafra liberation. Some of them will gladly tell you that Ndi Igbo should not include them in their Biafra. I know that some of those names are fake, but it makes no much difference.

The few from the coastal region fighting for Biafra Restoration receives it hot from their brothers. They are called all sorts of derogatory names and seen as those brainwashed by the Igbos. I admire their courage. They know that the freedom of Biafra will favour the coastal regions more. They understand that with a confederate state, no one will lord it over another.

Some other people from the coastal region are just standing over the fence, asking Ndi Igbo to consult them first before they can join the struggle. Personally, I don't see it as reasonable that they should be consulted before they can come out and join the quest for their own freedom. In fact, on a serious note, it is our coastal brothers that should be fighting more for their liberation. Most areas in Igbo territories have not experienced the type of devastating land pollution which is predominant in the coastal areas. In many  places in the coastal region, you can't cultivate and get anything from your farm. The water is polluted. Fishes keep dying in their thousands. Ogoni and many parts of Bayelsa have been totally destroyed by land, water and air pollution. The rate of poverty in these places is very alarming. No bridges to crossover rivers into other villages. Yet their resources are used in building mansions, uncountable bridges and flyovers in Abuja, Lagos and other parts of the country. Their seaports are shutdown, yet when you mention Biafra to them, they immediately rise up in anger and start demanding for consultation.

The Nigeria government can easily pay a group among them to say they are not Biafrans. Not as if our own leaders in Igbo land don't take money from Fulani caliphate just the denigrate their people. However, the reactions of an average man in the coastal region towards the quest for Biafra liberation is another pitiable self-inflicted tragedy. A case of a whole group of people who have resolved to see their chains as bracelets.

It is high time those in the coastal region stopped thinking that this struggle is all about oil. Let oil stop getting into their heads because the oil will soon dry up. Nigeria has taken everything from them. Even the headquarters of oil companies are either in Abuja or Lagos. The workers in NNPC are mostly northerners, yet they find the attacking strength when Ndi Igbo mention Biafra. Didn't Edwin Clark say that when you get to Warri Refinery, you start thinking you are in Kaduna.

There is one thing our brethren in the coastal region must know. This struggle for Biafra freedom is very important and nonnegotiable to millions of Ndi Igbo. It is not surprising that many people in Igbo land are already clamoring and saying that even if it is only five states that want Biafra, it is perfect for them. This is simply because they are hoping and rely more on their ingenuity than what is beneath the earth. A word is enough for the wise.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

Saturday, 22 June 2019

"South-East Governors Have Agreed To Let Miyetti Allah Have A Fulani Vigilante Group"

"South-East Governors Have Agreed To Let Miyetti Allah Have A Fulani Vigilante Group"

Nnamdi Kanu A Man Who Saw Tommorow

All that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), wanted, was to protect the entire Biafran territory from the incursion of Fulani Islamic killer herdsmen and their umbrella body, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN).

But traitors, saboteurs snitches and the efulefus (imbecilic lots) in Biafraland ably represented in Nnia Nwodo/Ohaneze Ndigbo and South-East governors, have variously and steadily worked against it. These self-serving fulanised puppets heavily being sponsored by their Fulani slavemasters it should be recalled, brought in the Nigerian army alongside the propaganda machinery of the Yoruba media to kill/massacre Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and hundreds of innocent Biafrans through the most callous military expedition known in modern democracy code-named "Operation Python Dance II", in September, 2017.

Out of jealousy, hatred and greed, the traitorous South-East governors, orchestrated the assassination of the IPOB leader, a man whose sole purpose was to liberate and protect his people from years of slavery, denials and injustice. The Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural group led by Nnia Nwodo, the five despotic South-East governors in criminal connivance with their Fulani Islamic masters, illegally proscribed the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), tagging it a terrorist group.

Considering the prevailing developments before our very eyes, the umbrella body of these Fulani Islamic killer herders, are boldly placing a demand for the establishment of their own vigilante groups in Biafraland. This sounds unspeakable but that is realistically the situation the Igbo race has been dammed into through the despicable antecedents of these Igbo leaders. The South-East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo, given to massaging their egos and that of their Fulani Islamic masters, primarily nurtured Miyetti Allah into the sacred land of Biafra.

Miyetti Allah is a Fulani Islamic terror group, rated 4th most deadliest terror organization in the world, has the effrontery to place such a demand whilst the spineless cowards masquerading as Igbo leaders maintain criminal silence. They have shamelessly lost their voices in the face of the biggest tragic uncertainty facing us as a people.

These Fulani Islamic killer herdsmen have already conquered Yorubaland and have turned their next conquest compass/target to Biafraland. I therefore call on all Igbo Biafrans to unreservedly rally round IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu now because the so-called Igbo leaders and governors whom you sold out to have not only been compromised but irredeembly paralyzed. The battle line is clearly drawn and Biafrans must be readily prepared to defend themselves.

Somto okonkwo
For Family Writers Press International

Friday, 21 June 2019

IPOB: "We Are Waiting For Miyetti Allah With Open Arms"--Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

"We are waiting for Miyetti Allah with open arms"--Mazi Nnamdi Kanu


I condemn in totality, both in letter and spirit the underhand agreement between South East Governors and Fulani terrorists that led to the idiotic call by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN), the fouth most deadly terror group in the world, for the establishment of Fulani terrorist vigilante groups in Igboland Biafra.

Without much ado, I wish to state as follows:

1. That it is extremely shocking and shameful that, at a time when Fulani cattle herders have turned to terrorists and ravaging the North, Middle Belt and Yorubaland, Southeast Governors allowed Miyetti Allah to get away with such criminal demand on our soil. It’s akin to telling someone in advance that you are coming to rob his house and he allowed you to just walk away, while pleading with you that you should reconsider. Instead of ordering their immediate arrest on the spot for daring to so brazenly reveal their criminal intention to invade Igboland, the spineless cowards that pass for SouthEast Governors appear to want to accommodate their demands. No doubt as payback for being rigged back into power by Abba Kyari led Fulani Cabal that run the government of Nigeria in the name of a dead Buhari.

2.. Miyetti Allah a mere cattle trading association, that later turned into a militant terrorist organisation is now openly threatening to conquer Igboland with the help of Igbo governors. It defies logic that Southeast Governors would care to give audience in the open in Igboland to an organisation that has been rated the fourth deadliest terrorist organisation in the world. Did the Southeast Governors stop to consider that Biafran traders in the far North, even though law abiding, can never be given the audience and reverence that these Southeast governors have so shamefully extended to Miyetti Allah.

3... Considering the weak and rambling response of Governor Dave Umahi to this criminal demand, we are certain these Southeast Governors have already granted this request; and in the unlikely event they have not, it’s highly probable that they will, albeit secretly. In such event, I hereby warn Miyetti Allah, Southeast Governors and their collaborators in the Southeast and elsewhere in Nigeria that IPOB will not tolerate the establishment of any Fulani militia, masquerading as vigilantes, in Southeast or anywhere else in Biafraland.

4.... We recall that it is the stated intention of IPOB to set up vigilante services, otherwise known as Biafran Security Services (BSS) that was used as the immediate excuse by the same Southeast Governors to proscribe IPOB, whereupon they proceeded to invite the Government of Nigeria to declare IPOB a terrorist organisation, all of which culminated in the Python Dance that claimed scores of innocent Biafran lives.

We are eagerly waiting for Miyetti Allah and their Fulani terror militia in Biafraland, an adventure they will regret for as long as they live. Their ancestors tried the same nonsense 300 years ago and returned to Zaria in humiliation, so will this Fulani army of darkness fail in 2019. Fulani caliphate must know that IPOB will not allow any piece of Biafran territory to become another Illorin. We are waiting for Miyetti Allah with open arms.



Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,
Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Thursday, 20 June 2019



One of the cardinal purposes of God on this planet earth is that humanity would experience His love, peace, justice, freedom and progress which is driven via the vehicle of a robust and untainted relationship. These were to be replicated amongst diverse races, tribes and of course nations. Unfortunately however, wickedness set in thereby changing the cause of divinity. The depraved state of man thus, totally rubbed him of these sterling and indispensable qualities, awesomely provided for, through creation.

Centuries back, according to historical accounts,  White colonialists invaded the African continent in search of greener pastures  (economic fortunes), thereby introducing/adopting very strange, adverse and inhuman control mechanisms within their various areas of interests and conveniences. Prominent amongst these alien supremacists were the British who adventured into the West African sub-region amongst few other areas in Africa. In the West African axis, dwelt various indigenous nationalities amongst whom were the Arewas, Oduduwas and of course Biafrans. Discovering this vast expanse of arable land with divergent rich natural resources particularly in Biafraland and coupled with ostensibly strong, ingenious and republican inhabitants, the British opted to cash in. Armed with both economic and political intrigues, they resolved to forcefully contrapt a colony albeit for selfish interests, by forcefully and trickishly merging these three major divergent ethnic nationalities with converse value systems into one entity christened Nigeria.

Colonial control (government) over the people was adopted with the Arewas being employed for usage as enslavement stooges over and above others. These are people, most of which are Islamists who lack civilized administrative acumen, dwelling in less productive areas. The Arewas (Hausa-Fulanis) thereby became the mole whlist the better educated but grossly chameleonic and unstable Oduduwas (Yorubas), covertly schemed in. Biafrans on the other hand, who are naturally known for their intelligence, ingenuity, strength, peacefulness, hospitality, productivity and humanness, never foresaw any danger neither did they have any aota of suspiscion against their neighbors. They were lumped together in a caricatured enclave called Nigeria in 1914 by the British. There was never any overriding mutual consent to be one as a nation by these diverse indigenous dwellers right from creation. This concocted arrangement of the British supremacists, thereby precipitated over the years till date, a cacophony of generational discomfort, restiveness, mistrust, enslavement, death and destruction.

Biafrans right from the year 1929 till date, have suffered and are yet unabatedly, been suffering disgusting spate of death hitting over eight million, in the hands of British-backed Hausa-Fulani cum Yoruba led Nigerian governments. Biafrans have indeed been subjected to varying degrees of dehumanization without retaliation. Many are being killed across Nigeria on religious related violences especially in the Northern region just because they are Biafrans (non-Islamists). Biafra owned properties and economic interests worth fortunes across the Western/Northern regions of Nigeria have either been destroyed or confiscated. Politically, socially and economically, there has been heightened wave of strangulation against the people by successive Nigerian governments. Politicians of Biafra extraction have been fulanised, paying allegiance to the Sokoto caliphate ostensibly to retain their self-serving fortunes at the expense of the well-being of their people. There presently exists grand designs to perpetuate the denial of Biafrans of good motorable road network, functional seaports/airports and other necessary basic social amenities. The coastal region of Biafraland have been grossly ravaged/polluted due to massive crude oil exploration activities, with the people being made to suffer life-threatening consequences.

Notable Biafrans across Biafra territories have been callously humiliated, extra-judicially arrested, incarcerated, killed and maimed by the Nigerian State through the instrumentality of it's security operatives. In all these mad drive to permanently subjugate and enslave the people, Biafrans have remained strong, law abiding and peaceful, despite the deluge of victimization and pauperisation they are being made to face for daily spanning over decades. Boko Haram terrorists and their counterparts in the Fulani killer herdsmen, who are undoubtedly being sponsored, patronised and protected by the Nigerian government, have been killing Biafrans, ravaging their farmlands with their cattle in accountable number of indigenous communities, kidnapping and raping our women with reckless abandon. None of these monsters has either been arrested or prosecuted.

It was this wave of unbearable servitude, death, dehumanization and impoverishment of our people that gave birth to the prevalent agitations for the independence of a Biafran nation as being uncompromisingly, courageously and intelligently championed by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)  globally, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.   In all these persecutions and provocations, there has never been any chronicled account whether in Biafraland, wider Nigerian enclave or even internationally, of Biafrans bearing arms, killing anybody or even got involved in destructive tendencies. It has been a record of peace, civility and tranquility. But despite these series of war drumbeats coming from the British-backed Islamic government of Nigeria against Biafrans and their interests, one thing remaineth sure. And that is the full and total restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra. This has irrevocably crossed the rubicon and this present generation and that  yet unborn, will proudly and progressively live in their own homeland that was originally purposed for them by God Almighty. Biafrans are determined even in the face of persecution, propaganda and even death, to escort this cause to a victorious end. The restoration quest is on and can never ever be revised come what may.

Written by Peter Oshagwu
(Deputy Editor-in-chief)
Family Writers Press International

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