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Monday, 26 June 2017



Yesterday in a missionaries' conference where I attended as one of the missionaries in the mission field, a supposed big man of God who preached to the missionaries made an altar call after his sermon which titled "Prayers that moves Mountain" and he said that if any of you have a need, not just your desire or mere want, that stands before you like mountain, you should come out to the altar for prayers.

When few of us who have such needs assembled, the big man of God said that all of us should say our needs open so that it will stimulate the vehement resolve of the congregation for effective prayers from the congregation.
People began to say their needs as follows

No 1 person - I want God to give me fruits of the womb since 5 years I weeded was his request.
No 2 person - I want God to provide me with resources to begin my station as I just completed my missionary work in the field was his own request.
No 3 person - I want God to arrest to salvation all the wicked witch people making it difficult for me to succeed in my mission work.
No 4 person - (it is myself) I want God to give me and my people the restoration of Biafra because my people have suffered enough in this Babylon De Great called Nigeria which is standing like mountain to us at the moment.

Everywhere in the congregation was quiet due to my outburst on Nigeria as Babylon De Great. Then, the man of God who is shocked by my declaration, quickly recovered from the shock and smiled. He then told me to ask for my personal need and not need of my people.

Then I told him before the congregation that everything including riches I need is contained in Biafra restoration because I have invested in Biafra restoration struggle more than some millionaires have invested in their business systems. I told him that I have invested my skill, intelligence, intellect, comfort, time and financial resources in Biafra restoration struggle because my coming children's children destiny are involved. I told him that should I recoup my all round invested resources into Biafra restoration, I will personally have no need to pray for personal economic resources. I told him that I can only recoup my invested resources when Biafra is restored and not just praying for thousands and millions which makes no meaning to me.

The man quickly said that he has never seen this type of zeal before and I told him that there are millions of Biafrans who are ready to even drop their lives for Biafra restoration.
After this, the Pro-Nigeria man of God who obviously hate Biafra restoration succumbed to my unbeatable responses to his questions and endorsed my prayer request as I refused to bring up any other prayer point. I used the opportunity and preached Biafra on a No-Go area like and everybody become intimidated due to my boldness and my previous intimidating attitudes.

From Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Family Writers Chief Media Analyst



Kashim Shettima

By Obulose Chidiebere N.
For Family Writers Press

The theory and belief of Equality of all men before the law is termed in legal circles, as "Legal Egalitarianism". As enshrined in Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), "All humans are equal before the law and are entitled without discrimination whatsoever, to equal protection of law. Equality before the law is a basic ingredient of human rights in the constitutions of civilised democracies of the world. Embedded therein is the principle/concept of fundamental  legal system properly outlined for harmonious correlationships. All judicial officers are usually administered with the oath of office as a matter of utmost judicial requirement, to carry out their responsibilities without fear, favour, affection or ill will. It is expected from every law officer to  treat every party in any dispute fairly, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, age, religion, size, nature, political, socio-economic, academic background or any other inherent characteristics. Utmost respect and courtesy are supposedly, the inalienable hallmarks of judicial conduct.

Conversely however, there exists absolutely nothing like equality before the law of all men in the contraption called Nigeria. The law is thwarted with alacrity in this part of the world and like Akinola Aguda pointedly declared, "it is nothing but a myth created by our political rulers (political vampires and hooligans), and the so-called legal luminaries maintain cold comfort at the detriment of the down- trodden. The politicians with their misguided legal practitioners who are corruptibly partisan and "robbers", thrive ostensibly in their wicked trade. This perhaps lend credence to the description of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when he termed Nigeria, a "Zoological Republic" where animalistic behavioral antecedents hold sway. No recourse to established law. The former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode also gave his own description of the country as "Hell Hole".

What Nigeria has, is virtually nonexistent equality before the law. George Orwell in his Animal Farm, "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others", ably described the Nigeria response to the law of equality, over the years up until the present times.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was violently abducted by the lawless Department of Security Services (DSS) on his arrival from Britain to Nigeria, getting him incarcerated for close to 2 years, in blatant violation of his human rights and court orders. This escalated the Biafra agitation and raised the bar positively for the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) as the world's most peaceful society occasioned by the matured, civilised and peaceful ways their protests were conducted, even in the face of bizarre and provocative treatments of the Nigeria combined security forces. Mass graves sprang up in parts of Biafraland, for our brethren, who were gruesomely murdered by the state.

In February this year, Amnesty International released a comprehensive report after rigorous investigations, indicting extensively, the Nigeria government for its undemocratic and inhuman treatments of a cross section of indigenous Biafrans. That damning report was tagged: "The Nigeria Army, the most deadly and murderous Army in the whole world". And to further buttress the enormity of their crimes, the Amnesty International further stated that Nigeria soldiers have stars on their shoulders but blood on their hands. It strongly condemned the Nigeria Army of being responsible for the massacre of 1,967 IPOB youths who were peacefully exercising their fundamental human rights. The Army in a brazen show of shamelessness, brazen act of barbarism and undemocratic soldiering, denied the accusations without any corresponding evidence. Similar orgy of violent treatments were tacitly carried out against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, or the Shiites led by Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky, who till date has remained illegally detained by the murderous and lawless security agencies of the Nigeria government in crass violation of court orders for his release on bail.

One remains gravely inconvincible with the totalitarian antecedents of a government that claims to be democratic. This is only prevalent in Nigeria, an evil entity called "Zoo", even in the 21st century. It is ironical to state here however that animals in the zoo are tamed and more civilized when compared with those humans who claim to be educated and find themselves at the corridors of power. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is the indefatigable, courageous and exceptionally dependable Director of IPOB worldwide and Sheikh El Zakzaky, the President of the Shiites were immorally detained by the Nigerian state that deceitfully claims to be operating the law of equality, while looking the other way even when the President of Arewa Youths Forum,

Kashim Shettima who equally committed a similar offence they claimed Mazi Nnamdi Kanu committed, is today still walking freely without any molestation. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was illegally arrested and detained under most dehumanising conditions for almost 2 years, his followers (IPOB) were killed in their thousands, some were maimed and equally incarcerated up till date with various degrees of life threatening injuries, on the accusation of committing treason and  felony for demanding for Biafra freedom and operating an illegal society.

Kashim Shettima, the leader of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum who threatened the Igbos (Biafrans) resident in the Northern region with quit notice within a mandate period of 3 months, who supposed to also have been arrested and detained for committing same treason and felony offence, with his allies are freely moving around unruffled.

The ultimatum handed down to the Igbos in the North to vacate, is a pure violation of the so-called constitution of the Nigeria and if really there is any law of equality of all peoples here, there wouldn't be any sentiment or segregation in it's application. The foregoing portrays very clearly, the fact that the Nigerian laws are made exclusively for some class of people while yet claiming deceitfully, "One-Nigeria". The laws of the Islamic/Hausa-Fulani Republic and the illegal DSS, are created to muzzle the interests of a section of the populace resident in this evil concoction of the British. We should remember that Kashim Shettima, the President of the Arewa Youths Movement, was linked to the deadly gang that was behind the scam called Chibok girls kidnap which was predicated on his unhidden disdain for the former President, Goodluck Jonathan and up till now, nothing tangible has been done about that.
Innocent people are today being detained and humiliated under the guise of committing treason and felony, thereby allowing the ordained enemies of the state to roam about just because of the section of the country they belong.

The DSS must live up to its billing if really it is not created as an official jihadistic security agency commissioned to carry out clandestine activities against perceived enemies. These bunch of Islamic Northerners should not be seen nor handled therefore as "sacred cows" in the face of these brazen acts of criminality if Nigeria is not deceiving herself with the delusional and hypocritical gospel of the law of equality. And of genuine unity and wellbeing of all persons, there must not be this theory of "different strokes for different folks".

"Justice delayed is justice denied", so says William Ewart Gladstone.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



By Orji Ezynne
Family Writers Press

Family Writers Press has remained one of the legitimate and uncompromising Biafra media outfit in the fore of Biafra restoration movement. Family Writers Press in a bid to project the Biafra stories and bringing the Biafra question to the international front, took it upon themselves to unveiling all the atrocities of the Nigerian government on  Biafrans, thereby destroying Nigeria with undiluted truth which is the watch word in the Biafra struggle. However, there are many Family Writers correspondents on ground, unapologetically ready to dishing out accurate information and news as regards to Biafra restoration.  These gentlemen and ladies are dogged, resolute and have remained focus in the dissemination of information basically on Biafra.

To this end, I Orji Ezinne a Family Writers correspondent had an interview granted to me by a Biafra/Nigerian war veteran so as to get a first hand information and knowledge of what led to the war, as well as what transpired during and after the war. Below is a first hand account of a Biafran, who is incidentally not only an eye witness but also a participant in the war.

Note: FWC~ will be used to designate Family Writers Correspondent.

FWC:  Good day sir, my name is Orji Ezynne a Biafra Family Writers correspondent.

Veteran: You are welcome.

FWC:  Sir, what is your name and place of origin please?

Veteran:   I am Mr. Imenba Njoku and I hail from Osisioma Ngwa  local government area of Abia state, Biafraland.

FWC: When exactly sir, did the Nigeria/Biafra war commenced and how long did it last?

Veteran:  It actually started in 1967 after the declaration of Biafra as a sovereign nation by Ikemba Ojukwu and it ended in the year 1970, when Achuzie surrendered Biafra to the Nigerian government, that is after three years.

FW5: What really triggered that war?

 Orji Ezinne and IPOB leader
Veteran:  The war was as a result of inhuman, unfavourable and oppressive leadership style adopted by Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the then Nigeria's Prime Minister, which mainly was directed against the Igbos (Biafrans). This anti Biafran leadership was opposed by General Aguiyi Ironsi, the only war star decorated Field Marshall in Nigeria, who in a bid to foster the unity of Nigeria, led a coup which comprises of many Army officers from all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria but was tagged an "Igbo coup" because Ironsi is an Igbo Biafran. The then Prime Minster (Tafawa Balewa) along with the sultan of Sokoto, then decided and ordered the Northerns in the military to carry out a revolution and kill Aguiyi Ironsi and other military personnel of Igbo extraction as a revenge for the killing of a Northern Head of State via the coup.  Many other Biafrans resident in the North, were gruesomely murdered and their corpses transported through the rail down to the East. I personally was an eye witness to those canage on our people because I went to the rail way station to see the corpses myself.

FWC:  Were there any involvement of foreign countries that connived with Nigeria in this genocide against Biafrans?

Veteran:  Oh yes. The British was a ready and willing tool along side some Arabic (Islamic) countries.

FWC:  How realistic is this slogan "No Victor, No Vanquish" as commonly being used by Nigerians since after that war, to buttress the elusive unity of the country?

Veteran:  There is absolutely no iota of truth in that slogan. Biafra won that war despite the massive military support Nigeria garnered from her foreign accomplices. A war they thought will end in three months but we defended ourselves and held them down for three years. So we won.

FWC:  Did you record any loss of friends or relatives in that unfortunate war?
Mr. Imenba Njoku

Veteran:  Hmmmmm! Wipes his face.....Yes of course and very painfully too. Many of them indeed.

FWC:  What happened after the war?

Veteran:  Immediately after the war, Biafrans no matter the amount of money you had in the bank before the war, were given 20 pounds. Most of our properties were tagged "abandoned properties" and the Nigerian government confiscated all of them, even till today.

FWC:  Is it really necessary remembering or honouring these our heros and heroines?

Veteran: Extremely necessary. We must have to maintain the reminiscence of these our fallen compatriots who paid the costly price that we may live. It must be paramount in our subconsciousness as a people.

FWC:  Thank you very much sir for your time.

Veteran: You are welcome my daughter. The pleasure is all mine. Thank you!



By Maxwell Chuks and Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen
For Family Writers

Welcome once again to SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK from the desk of Family Writers.
Let's move straight to what we have for you in this edition.

• We take you to the news headline that's still causing mixed reactions -
"Your meeting with Igbo leaders without Nnamdi Kanu is unacceptable" IPOB tells Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.
This came shortly after the vice president of Nigeria, Osinbajo met some Igbo leaders on issues concerning Biafra agitation and the way forward with Nigeria.

• Igbos Eviction From The North;
"No going back on deadline" - Northern Youths replies those condemning the quit notice.
 Question from the Spotlight crew is- "Will those referred to as " Igbos", sit back in the North because of the grammatical promise of protection from the FG of Nigeria and help history repeat itself?
Anyway, we're still watching.

• "There's corruption in the church" - Osinbajo blast Christians.
Question from Spotlight crew to him is- Is the mosque the dwelling throne of righteousness? Is there no corruption in the mosque?

• Capital Oil boss Ifeanyi Ubah regains freedom after almost two months in DSS detention.

• Still in the malign politics of Nigeria;
15 parties form 'Mega Coalition' to dislodge APC, PDP and APGA.
Hmmm... So was APC formed. Birds of same feather from same nest.

• During the week; report has it that 82 high rank Nigerian military officers from South dropped resignation letter over quit notice from Northern Elders and Youths to Igbos.

• Still on the happenings in Nigeria;
Federal Ministry Of Education remove Christian Religious Knowledge(CRK) in school curriculum, leave Islamic Arabic Studies(IAS) as a compulsory subject.
Hmmm.. Part of the Islamization agenda which the masses have been complaining of and raising alarm.
Reacting to the removal of CRK in schools; "Bakare and Mbaka's silence may surprise satan" -Reno Omokri blows hot, blast the so-called men of God who said God revealed of good and support the Buhari APC administration.

• "Report of Killing Igbos in Kaduna, untrue and mischievous" - El-Rufai.
Recall - This is the same El-Rufai who said he paid the new Islamic terrorists called 'Herdsmen' to stop killing and carrying out attacks in Southern Kaduna.
Whilst some residents of those area are leaking the information about the secret killing of Igbos, El-Rufai who's in government house said it's untrue.

• Agitation for BiafrExit: British government deploys it's military to Nigeria.
Speculations has it that they're in Nigeria to train and commit another genocide in Biafra land with the Nigeria military.
Still watching, guessing and wondering what their mission is? Well, we're in same shoe with you.

• "I've discuss with all the regional leaders in Nigeria, we must live together as one" - that according to the Acting president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo.

• "Ordinary people will determine Nigeria's unity, not political leaders" -Abuja Catholic Archbishop Onaiyekan replies Osinbajo and those condemning Biafra agitation.

• Nnamdi Kanu and Nigeria government again!
Guess what happened again.
Shock gripped the Nigeria government and the self-acclaimed Igbo leaders as thousands of Biafrans storm Afara Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia on Wednesday the 21st day of June 2017, to honour Nnamdi Kanu's call which came in the late hours of Tuesday 20th.
The question is- Can it be same if the self-acclaimed leaders and Nigeria government give such command?
Absolutely Not.

• Weeks after the pressure on the Nigerian DSS and Police to arrest Arewa Youths over the quit notice given to Biafrans; "We're still looking for Northern Youths" - NPF Spokesperson Moshood tells Nigerians.
Huh! Unbelievable

• "" Era of crooked elections, imposition of 'Hausa Fulani slaves' in BiafraLand has gone"" - IPOB

• On the foreign scene;
South-Korea's Moon drop shocking speech, say North-Korea is responsible for Warmbier death.

• As the curtains of the week gradually fold; Ohanaeze accuses security agencies of working in tandem for second pogrom against Biafrans.

• During the week; the city of Umuahia, the hometown of Nnamdi Kanu recorded great number of visit as Ijaw group, women and elders from the so-called 'South-South' storm Nnamdi Kanu's home, present significant gifts to him and declare full support for Biafra.
Ghen! Ghen!!

• On the foreign scene again;
We visit Spain where Catalonia is to hold referendum on 1st October 2017, to exit from Spain and exist as independent nation.
Bact to Nigeria,, the coincidence there is that same day is the final day of the quit notice given to Biafrans by Northern youths.

• "Conduct referendum else there'll be no election in BiafraLand" - IPOB tells Nigeria government.
To start with; Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB declared 'No Election In Anambra state' as Biafrans vow to boycott the forthcoming election.


from Family Writers
* My Optimism For A United Nigeria Crashed Yesterday -Malam Abba Alkhuwa.
* IPOB: Message To Donald Trump.
*  Disclaimer: Nnamdi Kanu Did Not Endorse UPP And MOBIN While Meeting With Ikedife. He Is Only Unifying Biafrans Towards Coming Referendum.
* Biafra: The Heat Is On.



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

As Nigeria government has continued to beat the drums of war against the people of Biafra in the past few months due to the peaceful agitation of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great), Family Writers Press is authoritatively making Nigeria people and the world at large who may not know yet; to know that the Arab League of nations have warned Nigeria as a member state of Arab countries that should Nigeria government provoke war in West Africa, they are on their own. According to a senior civil servant in the presidency who granted interview to Family Writers Chief Media Analyst, Mazi Onyebuchi Eze, but pleaded anonymity made it clear during the interview that the Arab countries have warned Nigeria government to allow Biafra to secede from Nigeria in peace through the instrumentality of referendum as currently demanded by Biafrans.

According to the interview and a follow up investigation for accuracy in the revelation of the senior staff of the presidency, the Arab countries who were represented in the meeting held in Saudi Arabia included Saudi Arabia (host), United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Egypt and many other countries. They rose up in the secret meeting and advised Nigeria government to organize a referendum for Biafra without further delay to avoid provoking war in Nigeria judging by the utterances and heated atmosphere in Nigeria resulting from the agitation for Biafra secession. According to the revelation, Nigeria government was seriously warned by the Arab countries to emulate Turkish government which successfully completed a referendum recently which has brought a lasting peace and stability in Turkey by organizing a referendum for Biafra.

The senior staff of the presidency told Family Writers Press verbatim that the delegates who represented Nigeria government in the Saudi Arabia secret meeting brought the report to Federal Government of Nigeria and that development was reason behind running around from pillar to post and the renewed propaganda from Nigeria government against Biafra agitation as the resolution did not go down well with Nigeria government. He told Family Writers Press that it was immediately after the resolution of the Arab countries that Nigeria government should organize a referendum for Biafra, that many countries like Turkey and Morocco openly declared support for Biafra referendum but were all disappointed that Nigeria government is still yet to announce date for the referendum.

In my own personal findings from the follow up enquiries and the investigations which I have being conducting since 3 weeks ago, it was due to the present disobedience of Nigeria government to the resolution of the Arab Countries that made most of them to back the application of Morocco to become a member state of ECOWAS in order to protect the control and interest of the Arab League in West Africa Sub-region as Nigeria government is already collapsing and creating room for Ghana to assume leadership of ECOWAS in the area of funding. As it is at the moment, ECOWAS have accepted the application of Morocco to join ECOWAS. Still in my findings, it is only Pakistan that is still standing solidly behind Nigeria government and assuring them of every necessary assistance should any eventuality take place in Nigeria as a result of the agitation of Biafra. As it is at the moment, Nigeria government is sending thousands of soldiers to Pakistan for special training in order to suppress the agitation when they complete the training of their soldiers and become battle ready. In my secret finding mission, I interviewed a young military officer of Tiv extraction whose name is Joseph (surname withheld) due to security reason who was among the Army officers batch who just passed out from Pakistan awaiting the time for the showdown with Biafra agitators.

Whatever the preparation for war with Biafrans over Biafra agitation by Nigeria government is like at the moment, it is not the business of Biafrans because they are not campaigning for war against Nigeria government but only demanding for Biafra restoration through the instrumentality of peaceful referendum. However, it is important for the citizens of the remaining parts of Nigeria to know that Nigeria government is dragging the helpless commoners of Nigeria to a situation of war with no reasonable support from other nations of the world except only the terrorists infested Pakistan and probably Britain which still stand to defend their economic interest in Nigeria.

Oh Nigeria citizens, now that Arab nations friends of Nigeria have collectively told Nigeria government without mincing words that Nigeria government is on its own should it provoke war against Biafra, is it not time for Nigeria youths especially Arewa and Oduduwa youths to stop issuing ultimatum and eviction threats on Biafrans but begin a serious gale of protest and tell Nigeria government that instead of war, Biafrans should be allowed to go in peace. It has become obvious that the world including the Arab countries have become tired of injustice against Biafrans and thereby are no more interested in what Nigeria government is doing against Biafra. It is still worthy of note that Biafrans are not calling for war against Nigeria government but are only saying that no force under heaven can stop the restoration of Biafra.

So, if Nigeria government fail to heed the advice of Arab League of nations
and go ahead and provoke war against Biafra who only asked for a referendum to decide their political future, then the international community will be witness of Arab countries when they advised Nigeria government to organize a referendum for Biafra without any violence and Nigeria government refused to heed the warning. All Biafrans that are asking for is self-determination. Nigeria government, a word is enough for the wise!

Nigeria's Absence In ECOWAS Summit with Isreali Prime Minister And The Restoration Of Biafra

Nigeria's Absence In ECOWAS Summit with Isreali Prime Minister And The Restoration Of Biafra

By Ifeatu Osegbo
For Family Writers Press

The state of Israel for ages has remained an endangered state just like Biafrans in the present Nigerian state. Just the same way the state of Israel is facing hostilities from their surrounding Arab nations on daily basis, so are Biafrans, constantly maimed and killed by the marauding jihadistic terrorists from the Islamic Northern part of Nigeria, orchestrated by the evil amalgamation of the contraption called Nigeria by the British slave masters led by Lord Lugard.

The absence of the Nigerian state at the just concluded  ECOWAS_CEDEAO summit held in July 4th, 2017 is as a result of age long hatred of the Islamic Northern part of Nigeria on the state of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu since July 2016 has embarked on several diplomatic moves to foster relations and cooperation with Africa and other countries of the world. This recently was a matter of discuss at the ECOWAS_CEDEAO summit which was hosted in Monrovia, the capita city of Liberia where he had the opportunity to meeting with West African leaders and also to sign agreements to implement the Israel-ECOWAS understanding regarding international cooperation that will focus on areas which includes:

1) Food security and poverty alleviation.

2) Agricultural, rural development and water resource development.

3)  Anti-desertification, training and professional guidance for personnel from ECOWAS member states. According to a press statement from Netanyahu’s office, it reads “this agreement is also for an opportunity to work together to reduce poverty, improve water resources and the fight against terror”.

The event was well attended by the presidents and heads of government of  different states in the African sub region, including Niger and Mali, who even though do not have diplomatic relations with Israel, felt the cooperation would be beneficial to their fight against terrorism and poverty eradication which has been on the rise globally recently. They saw a varitable opportunity to harness and improve relations with a country that has demonstrated strength in the fight against terrorism and has barely transformed a desert into an egalitarian space of which it's exactly the same challenges facing their respective countries presently.

Nigeria however, was conspicuously absent during an event of this magnitude happening in the sub region.  It is very hard to believe that Nigeria, which accounts for almost a two-third of the population of the sub region and who also is faced with challenges of terrorism and overlashing poverty, infrastructural decay and many other vices to mention but a few, was absent with no official delegate at the event. And to worsen the already bad situation, according to the Nigeria media syndicates, the 'Presidency' did not issue or release an official statement as to why it did not participate in the event. So Nigeria, be it as it may, do not really want to obliterate the menace and canage caused by Boko Haram terrorists that have ravaged the Nigerian state beyond  repair, through their activities of wanton destruction of lives and properties of innocent citizens.  And to this, one begins to wonder if the so called fight against terrorism and infrastructural development are mere lip services or just  the usuall slogans the fantastically corrupt leaders of Nigeria conjured to lure her citizens into believing that they are  working and that Nigeria is progressing. Since Nigeria, through her actions and inaction has taken a stance to remain stagnant, similarly, Biafrans have unapologetically taken a stand on their quest to exiting Nigeria and will take bold steps in building allies not just with the state of Israel but also with other nations of the world.

It is pertinent to note however, that during this trip, Mr. Netanyahu was accompanied by Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely and MK Avraham Neguise who is African by birth. Nothing that Nigeria could have seized the opportunity to build strong ally with the state of Israel and signing  treaties or memorandum of understanding so as to help in building an egalitarian society that will thrive in all human endeavours and ramifications. Nigeria has remained in a "State of Emergency" in many sectors since more than fifty years after independence and still counting, yet ignored a great opportunity to make history for herself.

Unfortunately, the reasons for Nigeria’s absence in the summit may not be far-fetched. If not as a result of hypocrisy of her leadership, it will be as result of gross violation of human rights of Biafrans who are always at fore to let bare the atrocities of the Nigerian government for the world to see. The fact that Biafrans have been killed, maimed, murdered, unlawfully incarcerated and secretly abducted and taken to an unknown destination probably for summary execution is also a case in point,  as evidently contained on the report released in November 23rd, 2016 by the internationally recognised human rights group- Amnesty International (AI) where 150 Biafrans were gruesomely murdered on the express order of the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari and her military commanders in khaki. The Nigerian government has continued to perpetuate all kinds of atrocious crimes against Christian Biafrans, if not through her marauding Fulani herders masquerading as cow rearers, who invade farmlands and homes to continue with their killing and raping business, then it will be her military forces who shoot at sight unarmed protesters going about their legal rights which is fundamental and constitutional. This renewed wave of terrorism and violence against Biafrans has made the Biafra question a global and international phenomenon and media attractive.

Recently in an event to commemorate the holocaust in Israel, Mr. Netanyahu, being the first world leader to acknowledge and speak on the Biafra genocide on the international level, condemned the world on their conspiracy of silent on the matter under discussion and maintaining blind eye on the oppression of Biafrans and their imminent extermination from the earth surface if they hypocritically continue to abate and condone such annihilation of a people, even as he urged the world powers to look beyond politics and  assist the Biafrans and other oppressed peoples of the world.

Meanwhile, the president of  Senegal was present at the summit. It is no longer news that Senegal is a strong supporter of the Palestinian state, who even voted against Israel at the UN recently, also had their President in one on one conversation with Mr. Netanyahu. Recall that Senegal’s vote against Israel in the UN recently sparked a fire of rivalry between the two sovereign nations which even resulted into both sides withdrawing their ambassadors back to their respective countries. But, despite the height of tension it generated, the government of Senegal eschewed pride and made history for herself by being present in the summit to seek for areas of cooperation for a sustainable development with Israel. Both countries are now friends and has agreed to commence diplomatic relations. So where is the Nigerian government in all these? she is nowhere to be found.

It’s also important to note that King Mohammed V, the King of Morocco who was actually meant to be around for the event kindly declined from going but sent delegates in a representative capacity. This is probably in line with the Israeli-Arab relation which has been going on for a while. While King Mohammed’s case can be justified, as he eventually sent his delegates, that of the Nigerian government is simply unjustifiable and it is a sign of crass ignorance on events of the 21st century.

At this juncture is it noteworthy to state that, Mr. Netanyahu’s visit was made possible by an earlier visit of President Marcel Alain de Souza of Benin Republic who at the time, served as the President of ECOWAS and was the first leader of the organisation to visit Israel. During that same period, Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin met to discuss economic cooperation and regional security related issues. Today, Israel is to sign a deal worth of million dollars in the region.

Ever since President Buhari became the president of Nigeria, he has embarked on several unfavourable foreign trips that has only but negative economic effect to the Nigerian people. President Buhari spent more than 40 days abroad in his first 5 months in office and emerging reports indicated that on each trip Buhari spent an average sum of $100.8m which rounds up to about N1.4bn in total spent on fourteen trips in less than 6 months. In this past two years of ‘One Chance’  Change, we have not seen any impact of any of these trips. Meanwhile, a sincere and a genuine leader from a Benin Republic could bring Netanyahu to West Africa, which is the first time, a non-African world leader is taking the stage to address the African sub region. With this historical deal between Mr. Netanyahu and other governments of the sub region, Mr. Souza has taught other West Africans states especially Nigeria, that government travels should be strategic and the one that will yield necessary proceeds that will eventually breed positive development and not necessarily a jamboree. Following Mr. Souza’s example, the President of Togo, has taken the lead to organising an Israeli-African conference in October, 2017. This is meant for all African nations and most countries in Africa are invited. But Nigeria which is an evil contraption will as usual dissociate herself from this upcoming epoch making event.            

However, during his speech at the event, Mr Netanyahu  mentioned several recent cases of terrorism in Niger and Mali and did not  mention anything about Nigeria which sends an unprecedented and negative signal to Nigeria. Even if Nigeria as a matter of omission or commission was not mentioned, it stems to put Nigeria in a bad light. Mr Prime Minister may be, is aware of the fact the Nigerian government is aiding and abating Boko Haram terrorists and may have seen their fight against insurgency as hypocritical, insincere and a hoax. The earlier Biafra is restored the better for humanity residence therein. Biafrans will no longer remain silent in the face of evil, that's why they have risen to take back their land and also tell their stories.

Later during the ECOWAS event, the Prime minister met individually with different West African leaders, notably with Macky Sall of Senegal. They made peace at the event and agreed to resume joint projects that were suspended in the wake of UNSC Resolution #2334 which Senegal proposed  to carry on with New Zealand. Both countries as noted earlier, has recommenced diplomatic relations.

To this end, I will like to in the words of Nnamdi Kanu conclude: “I will destroy Nigeria with the truth”. This is really becoming a reality as Nigeria is gradually losing her place in the scheme of things both  locally and internationally. With the way things are going now, the remaining standing structure in the British Empire is getting ready for the final collapse and this will surely pave way for imminent restoration of kingdom of Biafra which will be the pride of not just Africa or black race but of the entire world.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

Saturday, 24 June 2017



We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide under the command and supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have resolved totally and without equivocation not to participate in further elections in Biafra land from November 2017 in Anambra State up to the coming General Election in 2019, unless the Federal Government of Nigeria gives a specific date for referendum to determine once and for all time if the people of Biafra wants to remain in their present state of humiliation, servitude, bondage and hopelessness in Nigeria.

The era of crooked Nigerian elections and imposition of Hausa Fulani slaves in the guise of politicians in Biafra Land from Abuja has gone and will never be tolerated again. Until there is an agreement in principle for a date to democratically ascertain the will of the people of Biafra, IPOB will campaign for a total boycott of elections. We are not unaware that the Nigerian Government and her security agencies have perfected plans to deploy 18,000 new security operatives entirely made up of Hausa Fulani officers during the Anambra State Governorship election in November 2017. Northern dominated Army, Navy, Police, DSS and Civil Defense Corps will come to kill, maim and kidnap our people on that particular day but we are not deterred.

It is very pathetic that some hired hands and unity beggars in Nigeria have adopted the unenlightened and illiterate approach of always equating self-determination with war. Makes us to wonder what sort of education these people received, if at all they went to school. It is the Arewa North who are calling for war not “US”. IPOB is a genuine peaceful organization that is following the stipulated laid down rules of the United Nations and African Charter which Nigeria ratified and adopted in their constitution. Referendum for Biafra is all we are asking for not war.  It is the only civilized way to settle this burning issue of Biafra once and for all time.

We are aware that some unscrupulous individuals and groups wants to use call for war to frighten IPOB into submission. We cannot allow such to happen because we don't respond well to threats. The more Hausa Fulani oligarchy threatens war the more determined we become. Such silly threats can work with Northern minorities not IPOB. To prove this point, the Nigeria Government and her Hausa Fulani dominated security operatives have been abducting, killing, humiliating and burying our members in mass graves since 2014 yet IPOB is still here and have not turned violent.

We are not interested in anything violent or war to achieve the sovereign state of Biafra because IPOB have many potent weapons than AK47, bombs and mortars. Truth as our leader said Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been preaching all along without fear or favour is the only weapon at our disposal.

Therefore, anybody waiting for IPOB to engage in violent warfare is wasting his or her time because Nigeria has already collapsed under the burden of incompetence, greed, corruption and institutional laziness. Those clamoring for one Nigeria are the same poorly educated criminal class that put Nigeria in the mess it’s in today. They are too lazy to do anything else or make use of their brain apart from sickening dependence on crude oil money coming from Biafra Land. One Nigeria encourages laziness and allocation criminality which Biafra government will erase from the surface of this earth when it emerges as an independent nation.


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