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Thursday, 19 May 2022

For Security Purposes, Call off Aba proposed crusade, IPOB tells Kumuyi

 For Security Purposes, Call off Aba proposed crusade, IPOB tells Kumuyi

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has cautioned General Superintendent of Deeper life Ministry Pastor William Kumuyi against planned crusade in Aba, Abia State.

IPOB advised him not to go ahead with the planned crusade in view of the security situation in the Biafra.

In a statement from IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, IPOB explained, criminals operating as gunmen, could infiltrate the crusade with government turning around to blame it on IPOB.

It however advised the cleric and other pastors to pray for an end to insecurity and its sponsors in the zone as well as demand justice for late Deborah Yakubu and release of Leah Shuaibu.

The statement reads in part: “We wish to advise Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper life Ministry to take note of the security situation in the Biafra as he comes to Aba for his gospel crusade.

“Let him and the organisers of the crusade make sure that nothing happens. The security of the Eastern region is not good because of political and criminal activities, therefore we advise him to stop this crusade for security reasons.

“IPOB will not allow anyone to die because of this crusade scheduled to hold in Aba. The operation of criminals operating as unknown gunmen infiltrating the events is high and they will blame it on IPOB.

“We ask him to pray for an end to the insecurity in Biafra land if he can. We charge Christians and men of God in Biafra land to engage God in fervent prayers to expose all those behind the insecurity in our land.

“We equally want them to be united against the Islamic agenda against non Muslims in Nigeria. We had expected them to demand justice for the innocent Deborah Yakubu burnt alive by Muslim fanatics in Sokoto State. Her Killers are walking freely today and 34 lawyers shamelessly volunteered to defend her killers but Christians are just watching them.

“The double faced Nigeria security agencies only managed to arrest two of her Killers because they are Muslims but if it were to be in Biafra land, all the youths on the street will be in police cell by now while the unlucky ones would have been killed.

“How many Igbo or Christian lawyers came to defend our Leader fighting for the freedom of all Biafrans? but 34 Muslim lawyers come in defense of killers of Deborah Yakubu. Is it not time Christians and Men of God wake up to the realities in Nigeria?

“They should support Biafra and Oduduwa agitators in their bid to free Biafra and Oduduwa republics from the Islamic bondage in Nigeria so that they will enjoy freedom of worship in both republics.

“Leah Shuaibu is still in captivity today because she is a Christian but all the Muslims abducted along with her have since been freed. Christians must support IPOB to liberate them from bondage in Nigeria.

“Kumuyi should also pray against wicked Leaders and saboteurs in Biafra land and Nigeria. They are the real problems of the people. Let him use the opportunity to pray against the powers holding people captive in Nigeria in his church in Lagos.”

Saturday, 14 May 2022

The BBC Propaganda And The Need for The World to rise and Stop Another Genocide In Biafra

 The BBC Propaganda And The Need for The World to rise and Stop Another Genocide In Biafra 

The era we are now is such a terrible one, in which the media have been weaponized against the victims of tyranny and terrorism, while terrorists and terrorists-supporting governments enjoy media cover-up from giant media companies across the world. Such is the case of Nigerịa and Biafra.

Recently, Biafrans have been subjected to media attacks and deadly blackmail. The Nigeria government, using her security architecture have committed lots of atrocities and used media to accuse IPOB of being the perpetrators.

On the 12th of May, 2022, the British Broadcasting Cooperation(BBC) came with their own propaganda against same Biafrans, targeting Biafra Media faces across the world, accusing them of propagating violence. This British media giant in their brutishness portrayed the Biafrans as villains, and projected Fulanii herdsmen terrorists as the victims. Their aim was to call out these media faces for persecution and prosecution in their countries of residence. Probably, to get them arrested, and deported back to Nigerịa, so that the killer Nigeria government can have them killed or imprisoned.

The BBC game against Biafrans did not start today. In 1967 -- 1970, BBC pushed out lots of misinformation against Biafra, convincing the world that Biafrans were bunch of rabels that needs to be wiped out. All the atrocities they were committing in Biafra land was shielded by BBC.

Biafra was a young country that declared her Independence on May 30th, 1967. This independence was declared as a result of the killing of more than 30,000 Biafrans in the Northern Nigerịa, and the subsequent refusal of Yakubu Gowon, the then Nigerịa head of state to implement the 'Aburi Accord'.

These were why Biafrans took it as an obligation to defend and protect themselves, and stop the North from the killing of Biafra citizens. And separation then became the best option.

This option Biafrans took did not go down well with the British government, as they believes that the resources in Biafra soil belonges to Britain, the Nigeria's colonial master. And that being the case, Britain cannot fully and autocratically take charge of these resources, should Biafra become an independent nation. But, under one Nigeria and probably under the governance and dominance of the Fulanii tribe, Britain will continue to enjoy the Biafra resources, while the owners of the resources suffer.

So, Britain, using BBC, activated a dangerous media propaganda against the young Biafra nation.

Britain needed the war that took place in 1967 -- 1970 to happen, and they worked towards it. 

How did Britain do this? Read on:

In the Nigerịa of 1960, the Igbos and the rest of their cousins(the whole Old Eastern Region of Nigeria) were the most educated in Nigerịa. This meant that the North could never have easily found their ways to being usefully incorporated into any sector of Nigerias economic activities. And even if Britain rig the election to favour the North, the workers in every sector would still possibly be southerners, so Britain needed to put a stop to this by instigating a war.

The coup of 1966 led by Kaduna Nzeogwu was first seen as a Nigerịa revolution. A defeat of evil, corruption and injustice. It was pictured as a victory for Nigeria, until BBC came with their lies and propaganda.

It will interest you to know that Britain already had Hausa Broadcasting Service, even before the independence of Nigerịa. And Britain have seen 'virgin illiterates' in the North, that can be used at any given time through manipulative media. So they took the advantage.

Britain, immediately after the coup, used the Hausa BBC platform to incite the mainly uneducated Hausa people against the Igbos. They were told that the coup was planned by the Igbos to take over the country. They incited the North against the Igbos, leading to the death of more than 30,000 Igbo people. The Northern Hausa Fulanii mob killed lots of Igbo people and littered their bodies on the streets of the North.

When a meeting was called in Aburi, Ghana by the then Ghanaian president, it was meant to avoid conflict or civil war. The outcome of the meeting would have stopped the impending war, but it turned out that Britain did not like the outcome, as it would not be to their core interest. 

And again, BBC intensified their campaign of lies and ruthless propaganda against Biafra people. Using BBC Hausa Service, they turned the whole meeting upside down, stating that Gowon has bowed down to Ojukwu. By implication, it means that Nigeria, or do I say "the North" has bowed down to Biafra.

The majority illiterate northern masses did not take that easy. So they unleashed more mayhem, forcing Yakubu Gowon to renege on Aburi accord.

In Aburi accord, an agreement to return to regional government was reached. Something Britain did not want. A regional government would give Biafrans higher chance to control their resources. This means that it will be impossible for Britain to manipulate Biafrans like they would do in a Nigera controlled by the Fulanis.

So, the British wicked propaganda led to the war that claimed the lives of more than 3.5 million Biafrans. That war was the only measure Britain could adopt to push the Igbo back, and cement the Fulanii dominance of Nigeria's economy, enabling Britain to keep milking Biafra resources.

52 years after the war, Biafrans are still treated as slaves in Nigeria, marginalized and kị́lled. They are denied of little things like roads and infrastructure. Railways was built across other regions, but Igbo regions, that were Biafrans is cut out by the government. The region has no seaport and no working international Airport. They were stopped from occupying vital positions in Nigeria. And up until this day, an Igbo has never become a president of Nigerịa. Nigeria hate the Igbos, yet they do not want them to have their own Republic.

These ill treatments of Nigeria government, aided and supervised by the British against the Igbos have resurrected the call for the restoration of Biafra.

The Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) became the movement, championing the call.

Since 2010, the Nigeria government has been killing IPOB family members, whose offences have only been that they waves Biafra flags, protesting peacefully in demand for a referendum to determine the Biafrans fate. 

At Nkpor in Onitsha, Emene in Enugu, Aba, Umuahia, Port Harcourt, etcetera, IPOB members were kịlled in numbers. Recently, Nigerịa government have been killing Igbos in Orlu, Imo State in the name of going after Eastern Security Network(ESN) and IPOB members.

The illegal move by Nigerịa government to kidnap IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya changed the whole story. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was extraordinarily renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria, after cruel torture and several inhuman treatments. And since then, the state have unleashed lots of blackmail against the IPOB movement. Lots of people have been killed and their deaths deceptiously blamed on IPOB. The recent killing of soldier couple in a barbaric manner was meant to paint IPOB as evil, in the eyes of the world. Since then, BBC has joined to demonize IPOB the way they demonized Biafra in 1967 -- 1970. 

It might interest you to know that since more than 9 months now that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu(a British citizen) was kidnapped and forced into Nigeria by Nigeria government, BBC have not investigated or reported it.

But, we will not allow BBC to use media to sentence Biafrans to another genocide, like they did in 1967 -- 1970. Not when we are alive, and not in this era of social media.

Biafrans, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom should rise up to the occasion to counter and expose BBC as the evil and fake news champions they are. BBC has mastered a way to report an events as to destroy the victims and save the villain.

One thing is clear here. And if you do not know this, I will give it to you for free. Biafra restoration is not a good deal for Britain. Your subjugation and annihilation is a guarantee for British prosperity. And they are bent on making sure Biafrans are subjugated forever.

This is why you must rise up to the occasion. You must counter BBC and their likes. You must do things collectively and individually. You must use every news media platform to expose BBC and their likes. Biafrans are living every where in the world. You can submit a petition against BBC and how they are aiding Fulani terrorists in the killing of Christians and murdering of Biafrans in Igbo land, and beyond. Submit such petitions to the government of the place you are residing. Do not say you know not what to do.

Finally, this is the time for everyone to get back to his or her unit and start supporting this movement. Their aim is to have the movement destroyed before releasing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but we will not let that happen.

In our very own eyes, we shall see Biafra become a Republic!



Written by Elochukwu Ohagi

Edited and Published by:

Family Writers Press International

Friday, 13 May 2022

The British Broadcasting Corporation Is A Clear Representation Of Something Worst Than Falsehood

 The British Broadcasting Corporation Is A Clear Representation Of Something Worst Than Falsehood

Beside a complicated claim of private ownership, the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC), established in 1922 is notorious for pushing the British government's foreign policy, propaganda narratives and, distortion of news. BBC in their usual well coordinated misinformations starts wars, are anti-Israel and anti-Semites, anti Judeo-Christian cultures(disregard their claim to the contrary), pro-Jihadism, anti conservatism (especially conservative minorities such as Biafrans). And the list continues.

There is a verifiable and evidentiary proof of a nexus between the real owners(British government) and the globalist liberals that own the big pharmaceutical companies, military industrial complex and the mainstream medias. That they entrench in smear and slander is not even news. The real deal is the direct involvement of the United Kingdom(UK) government media laundry team called the ‘Ministry of Truth' also known as the ‘Disinformation Team’, defending an oppressive regime over an oppressed people inflicted with grave injustice. And one is compelled to ask if this is accidental or a grand design.

It is particularly of serious concerns that not long after President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security(DHS) created a ‘Disinformation Bureau', the UK government dims it fit to create a duplicate, to confuse the world on issues relating to the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB). It is also discomforting that a news media that helped to propagate falsehood against a former United States president, Donald J Trump, spread misinformation about COVID-19, engaged in malicious spread of fake news leading to countless wars will virtue signal and refer to a ‘Volunteer Army of Journalists' also called ‘Media Warriors' as ‘bribe takers. That "fake news BBC" would not even acknowledge the word ‘referendum’ as their demand, neither would they even acknowledge Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a British citizen of color, renditioned in an extraordinary manner. It is insulting to refer to Biafran freedom fighters as "Nigerians calling for violence over Biafra".

There are two interesting events this week that guaranteed the inevitable obvious involvement of the fake news BBC. One is the debunking of the fake news that UK government has joined Nigeria to proscribe IPOB, to the extent that Catriona Laing, the High Commissioner had to shamelessfully give a press statement, referring to the fake news as ‘inaccurate and untrue.’ The other is the forceful dismantling of a propaganda video defaming IPOB. The poor performance of the media arm of the Nigeria presidency, headed by Liar Mohammed and Garba Shehu meant that the adults have to come in and salvage the media war between the Fulani controlled government of Nigeria and the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), which Nigeria is at the verge of losing and will lose, regardless! 

Now, let us look at the fake news from BBC one by one. It will enable us to tell the story from the beginning and not cherry-pick, for the purpose of supporting our narrative. Because the society will not achieve peace by half-truths or telling stories from the end or the middle.

On the same day BBC chose to blackmail Nneka and Omote, Fulani Jihadists killed 20 Christians, taken hostage including a Reverend Priest. BBC editorial did not find the news worthy. A perfect example that BBC is anti-Christian. Notice how they attack social media for providing a front line for those ‘continuing the struggle' and waning their media dominance. They called on Mark Zuckerberg to not allow repressed people have a voice. Strangely avoided Twitter because the new owner can not be hoodwinked. If only they could tame Biafrans' social media influence, the battle is as good as won.

If BBC was interested in telling the truth, it would expose the many hate speeches Imams say in mosques that ushers in every religious crisis. If it wanted to de-escalate tension, it would report on the anachronistic behavior of AK47 welding Fulani herders who obviously have never clashed with farmers but, who is rather willfully killing farmers. BBC would report the countless unprovoked killing of unarmed protesters, Biafran protesters by the Nigeria forces. It would desist from using the already debunked propaganda video of army couple, etcetera.

There is a painful inter-relatedness between the Nazis and the British government. The Nazi killed minorities. Britain also kills but disingenuously blame the victims for killing themselves. It has been disclosed recently that the New York Times is antisemite. New York Times(NYT) knew about Hitler’s atrocious acts towards the Jews, but did not report it for over a year. Reporting it would have helped to stop the killing of Jews early on. The BBC is in agreement with NYT, continuing the media trend and pattern against Biafrans.



Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For: Family Writers Press International

Thursday, 12 May 2022

BBC News Never At Any Time Told The World About The Atrocities Of Nigeria Government Against Biafrans

 BBC News Never At Any Time Told The World About The Atrocities Of Nigeria Government Against Biafrans

The British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC), a radio and television company that is owned by the British government has never in any means published the killings and Human Rights violations being perpetrated against Biafrans by the Nigeria government.

The Nigeria Security Agencies have carried out several killings of innocent and unarmed civilians of Biafra extraction, but #BBCNewsAfrica, a section of this same British company did not even at a single time, reported or published the genocides.

During #Endsars, a protest held by Nigerian youths against a government killing squad called "Special Anti-robbert Squad(SARS), the Nigeria Military carried out a two weeks stretch massacre and airlifting of Biafrans at Obigbo area of River State. Biafrans cried for help from the outside world, but #BBCNews and all other giant international media outfits were silent throughout the mass killings and murder, and after.

The Fulani herdsmen have been killing, raping and destroying Biafrans' farmlands across the whole East and South South of Nigeria. But till date, #BBCNews have not written or broadcasted any bit about them. 

The kidnap, torture and extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), is an offence brazenly committed by the Federal government of Nigeria against a British citizen, and against international laws. But #BBC never talked about it. 

Unfortunately, enough, #BBCNews has the temerity to cowardly and shamelessly rush to publish lies and propagandas against IPOB and the Biafra Agitation, because Nigeria Government has paid them to blackmail IPOB before the world.

There is one thing they are ignorant of. That is the fact that IPOB is smarter than all their plans put together. #BBCNews shall fail again this time.

Two weeks ago, Nigeria Government paid all the Nigeria media houses to published a Fake News which claimed that the UK government has proscribed IPOB as a terrorist organization. But when they got a shock of their life from an overwhelming opposing force from "IPOB Media Warriors", trashing the lies, the UK authorities in Nigeria had no further options that to release a press statement, joining IPOB Media Warriors to counter the lies, calling it "inaccurate report".

We do not have guns, bullets or money to bribe any media giant, but we have truth, determination and absolute resolve to restore Biafra in our generation. With these, we shall destroy every antics of BBC and Nigeria media.

IPOB shall continue to remain peaceful and law abiding, despite all the desperate acts by the Nigeria government, aided by Britain in the attempt to push us into arm struggle. There have been several records and evidences, showing the mass killings and unlawful arrests of IPOB members, hundreds of our members are still languishing in various detention facilities of Nigeria army and police, without charging them to court for trial after many months and year of detention.

It is quite terrible that BBC can stoop so low and cheap to allow her platform to be used as a weapon of oppression against humanity. It is very sad that BCC News has never cared to write for the voiceless Indigenous Peoples and groups that have been victims of Right violations. BBC News has obviously become so complicit and biased in their services as a giant media outlet.

These recent cases of blackmail and false news against IPOB by #BBC must be investigated, because IPOB has never in anyway campaigned or shown in intent for violence, or picked up arms against anybody despite that Self-determination and self-defense are all lawful in both International and local laws.



Written by Egwuatu Chukz

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

Sunday, 1 May 2022

The Failure Of Our Society Is Largely Aided By Religious Leaders

 The Failure Of Our Society Is Largely Aided By Religious Leaders

It has been said without contest that "the silence of good men crowns evil with success". It is not what an enemy did that pains the most, it is rather what a friend did not do. Things have so fallen apart as they are today because those who supposed to speak out are just busy dining and wining with those responsible for the society's decay.

When the great iroko of the East, Chinua Achebe, wrote his book “Things Fall Apart", things were not even as deteriorated as they are today. The country was still salvageable at that time. And I surely suppose that was the sincere intent of Achebe, when putting up such a monumental piece.

As it currently stands, likening Nigeria to hellfire is the least comparison anyone can make. Nigeria is far worse than hell. And even families, being integral parts, is reflected in such a negative way by the decayed Nigeria society. It is a reflection that has, unarguably caused a terrible erosion of family values. 

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "For religion to be germane, it should be reactive to the social conditions prevalent in people’s lives. Religion should rise above the teachings, vis-à-vis the idealistic heaven, by focusing on the earthly situations that could encumber individuals from trailing the heavenly goals. Besides, religion should accomplish the roles of assimilating individuals with each other notwithstanding their races. Religion which disregards social injustices is immaterial because it would only offer fabricated optimisms instead of reproving the society-wide putrefaction. Religion should be a trigger for positive transformations on the individual and macro disciplines".

But, unfortunately in this part of the world, religion is a means of extortion from the poor. The religious leader connive with the political leaders to extort the poor in the society. The religious leader looks the other way when they see evil, just because of the monetary gift and promises from the political leaders who are perpetrating these evils in the society. Religious leaders have done more harm to our society than good. That the society is decaying the way it is doing today because our religious leaders failed in their duty to protect the interest of their flocks, and prior their own selfish interests.

Religion should be a trigger for general transformation as Rev. Martin Luther said. But here we are. Most religious leaders, out of uncontrollable urge for material things, have become corrupt and owned by the other side. And this is rather unfortunate because they become a security risk.

Instead of encouraging those who fight justice in the society, they pretend to be peaceful in misleading ways, keeping deadly silence at matters that require their voices. This is especially dangerous because most followers will not know that their seeming peaceful posture is a direct consequence of some damaging video of orgy or whatever negative secret records, held by the political side, and which could be used to blackmail them.

I summarize with these words below, as said by Martin Luther, "A Religion which disregards social justices is immaterial because it would only offer fabricated optimisms, instead of reproving the society-wide putrefaction".

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Against The Sustained Enslavement Drive, Propelled By Britain, Biafrans Remain A Free People

 Against The Sustained Enslavement Drive, Propelled By Britain, Biafrans Remain A Free People

Time has come for the truth to be laid bare. Biafrans are a physically and mentally strong people, and a people who do not toil with their spirituality. They are a people who never fears take up life's challenges. Biafrans do not bow to circumstances. In like manner, bowing to a fellow human being is something a Biafran never acceptse. Biafrans know and worship only one God, The Creator of all things(Chukwu-Okike).

History told us that Biafrans never had any business or communication with fulanis from futajalon until the unwelcomed arrival of the coning British, who exploited the welcoming soft spot of Ndigbo and Biafrans at large have for God, and everything God-related. 

The agents of the western world were able to get into Biafra because the came as christian missionaries. However, they had ulterior motives. Britain willingly betrayed the trust of Biafrans, formed a system of governance that was strange to Biafrans, amalgamated different peoples with different ideaologies, different beliefs and way of worship. 

Britain brought various peoples with about eight thousand (8,000) different languages and cultures together for their devilish interest and handed its government to the Muhammadian fulanis, as against Biafrans.

Ndigbo and Biafrans at large including Igbanke, Ibibio, izon (ijaw), Anag, etcetera will never stoop as low as becoming equals with uncircumcised fulanis, much less become servants to anyone in the Biafran's own land.

Britain brought their Bibles and false teachings to Biafrans and taught them to turn the other cheek when slapped, but they gave guns to the Muhammadan fulanis and told them that Biafrans are like their slaves. Britain and the western world tried through the Islamic fulanis to wipe out their christian converts for the sake of crude oil.  

The only fulani slaves in Biafra land are the puppet politicians who deliberately chose dancing to the tune of their fulani masters, rather than listen to the needs of the people they claim to serve.

After the genocide in Biafra (1967 - 1970) headed by Britain, it was easy for them to place embargoes on all that benefited Biafra and encouraged production in the Muhammadan north and funded them with monies stolen from Biafra land.

Now, these Fulanis believe that they are the sole providers for Biafrans. 

Biafrans have not forgotten themselves and history. So, they do not want to continue in the evil enclave called nigeria.

Fulani cows are desecrated and are an abomination to Biafrans. It is common practice for fulanis to engage in sexual intercourse with these cows and sell them at exorbitant prices to Biafrans.

Beastiality is a taboo in Biafra, as well as associating with those who practice such.

Biafrans are not greedy people, they want to exist on their own to build their economy with what they have left. It is proper for a people to choose what they want and as such, Biafrans are saying "NO" to fulani cows and other desecrated products they use as excuses to invade Biafra land.

Biafrans are peacefully calling for the release of their son, brother, savior and leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whose only crime is calling for the freedom of his people.

Biafrans want a referendum to determine their future.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

God bless Biafra

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Cindy Etuk

For Family Writers Press International

Biafra: Will You Be Among The Worthy Hundred Men?

 Biafra: Will You Be Among The Worthy Hundred Men?

The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has severally said that all he needs to restore Biafra is a hundred (100) men. These are to be individuals who undiminishingly posseses the entire qualities required for wholesome emancipation of Biafra

And whenever I remember this, it brings back the memory of what King Martin Luther said in his book, "Stride Toward Freedom". Luther said: “For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be, what is once well done is done forever.” 

Mahatma Gandhi never had more than one hundred persons absolutely committed to his philosophy. But with this small group of devoted followers, he galvanized the whole of India, and through a magnificent feat of nonviolence, challenged the might of the British Empire and won freedom for his people.

This method of nonviolence will not work miracles overnight. Men are not easily moved from their mental ruts, their prejudiced and irrational feelings. When the underprivileged demand freedom, the privileged first react with bitterness and resistance. Even when the demands are couched in nonviolent terms, the initial response is the same. Nehru once remarked that the British were never so angry as when the Indians resisted them with nonviolence, that he never saw eyes so full of hate as those of the British troops to whom he turned the other cheek when they beat him with lathis or heavy stick. But nonviolent resistance at least changed the minds and hearts of the Indians, however impervious the British may have appeared. “We cast away our fear,” said Nehru. And at the end, the British not only granted freedom to India, but came to have a new respect for the Indians.”

The above statement has just brought home the clarity of what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has in mind when he said he only needed 100 men.

The implication is not lost on most people, although only a few understood the real life application. Hence, only a select few knew that to move the world, the only thing needed is just a lever and a support. With as little as 100 people Mahatma Gandhi conquered British imperialism and by extension the supposed valmighty America and forced them to their knees. And these things happened at the time the world is still developing!

It is at this point of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu being away, incarcerated in DSS dungeon, that the question has become imperative. It is this moment that has indeed afforded us the weapon to separate men and women from boys and girls. Indeed, many have resorted to fighting each other, name calling, overwhelmed by manipulative cognitive warfare, misinformation and duplicitous character. Such people who embarrassingly confess loyalty to Paul or Apollos thereby creating a schism in the body of Christ are not worthy of the call, according to the "Holy Bible".

As the saying goes, “what is worth doing, is worth doing well. Are you doing what you supposed to do or you are busy looking for whom to accuse. With all these emotive and immature attitude of many of many who claim to be fighting for freedom, it will be assumed they do not really understand what freedom fight is about. Many want to be noticed on social media. They want to make a video or an audio. They want to have one million followers. They want to monetize freedom fighting, Biafra freedom fighting. Only a few knows how to read and make sense of it!

You may wish to ask "what is the lesson to gain from Gandhi"? It is that Gandhi used a nonviolent approach. The same approach that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is using today in a far more pronounced terms than Gandhi did.

The only difference is the the presence of infiltrators. The 100 men of Gandhi was pure within themselves.

This is why Kanu is in need of such spotless men and women. With that, Biafra will be restored within the shortest imaginable time.

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

Family Writers Press International

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