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Sunday, 17 June 2018



Written by Ogeh Friday Igiri
For Family Writers Press

The name BIAFRA, is a nomenclature the people of the old Eastern region in the contraption called Nigeria, was identified with, well over decades of years before the advent of Fredrick Lugard and his fellow colonialists that conceptualized the amalgamation theory of Nigeria.

The original, untainted map of Africa, has Biafra conspicuously contained with no description of any country known as Nigeria. This further portrays the originality and superiority of Biafra as a nation over and above Nigeria even as clearly inscribed on the floor of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London. There is a display of a list of nations including Biafra that had existed dating back to the 17th, 18th and down to early 19th centuries. Up till date, those historical inscriptions on the floor of the BBC are yet evidenced without Nigeria included.

The nomenclature Biafra, was given to a class of the Israelites who historically journeyed on their way from Egypt to Canaan the promised land. They conspired with Aaron to build a golden calf which served as their god (idol) to abridge the vacuum created by the absence of Moses whose anticipated return from Mount Sinai got delayed. According to biblical accounts, he was there for forty days and forty nights to obtain the tablets of the 10 commandments of the Almighty God, for the children of Israel during their encampment in the wilderness. There subsequently journeyed from the wilderness to Ethiopia and then down to Agulu, the present day Agulu-Eri in Anambra State, Biafraland.

This set of Israeli immigrants into this part of the world, were christened Biafrans because of their behavioral instincts patterned after God. The name Biafra means 'Bia furu ndi neme ka Chineke' (Come and see those that behave like God). From time immemorial, Biafra has been a nation peopled by godly class of human species just like their Creator (Chukwu Okike-Abiama). They are descendants of Jacob, God's chosen among the nations of the earth, directly from the tribe of Eri.

The sacredness attached to the name Biafra, is such that darkness cannot comprehend and at the mention of the name, within the spiritual and physical spheres, the devil and all his cohorts, stutter, scramble, tremble and flee to avert the conflagration, particularly within their camps in the contraption called Nigeria.

Within the Nigerian electronic media platforms, call-in to any of their audience participatory programs where Biafra name is mentioned, cause waves of abrupt/ unsettling reactions. The brown-envelope and compromised journalists will just get the Biafran calls truncated as such gravely neutralize their evil activities.

The Biafran nomenclature scares the devil and his agents. It is a name whose bearers should be glad they are associated with anywhere because of the enormous blessings embedded therein, quite unlike Nigeria the citizens are ashamed getting identified both within and without, due to the evils associated with that name.

Millions of people around the world today, want to identify with Biafrans ostensibly due to the diverse rich endowments these specially blessed children of God are associated with. Biafrans, be proud of your identity and firmly stand in the struggle for your total emancipation from this slavish contraption of the British called Nigeria and all that she represents.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



Written by Chima Uche
For Family Writers Press

XENOPHOBIA within the African context, remains the attack and killing of African migrants by black South Africans in South Africa. In Nigeria, there exists one set of people whose stock in trade revolves principally, around bizarre slaughtering of fellow Africans by a certain group of persons whose right it seems believed, to perpetuate such atrocity even undeterred on weekly basis. And these crop of murderers appear to have been licensed, commissioned and shielded by the Nigerian government. In Cameroon, the government forces are daily killing children, women, men, sacking communities and making thousands of Southern Cameroonians refugees, with impunity.


Other instances abound in the African continent where diverse groups go on rampage unhindered, persecuting other Africans. Libya is  yet another African country so-called, where citizens are tortured and other  African migrants are chained and sold out as "merchandise". Yet there appears no recorded incidences of any African Muslim setting ablaze, the South African, the Nigerian or the Cameroonian flags.  Frankly speaking, it should be noted that a section of individuals that are offended at the flags of the United States of America and Israel particularly, in Nigeria, their fellows are not so vexed in the aforementioned African countries.
Palestinian flag
Discovered traits common amongst these Africans who are offended at the Israeli flag include:

* Hypocrisy

They do not see anything despicably wrong with African Muslims or countries, exploiting and murdering their fellow Africans. To them, those acts are normal. But they get enraged by "anti-migration" or "racist" policies/comments of the Israelis and the Gaza conflicts between some supposed "Europeans" and the Arabs.


Obviously, there is an institutionalized spate of hatred of the Jews and the Christians which indisputably, is a product of ancient animosity that has been in existence between these groups which is premised on HYPOCRISY and ISLAM.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



Nwafor Somtochuku Aloysius
For Family Writers Press

Colonel Benjamin Adekunle, notable Nigerian war hero, had by this time, earned for himself, a reputation at least amongst Biafrans, for cruelty and sadism. After a number of provocative public statements, illustrating his zeal for warfare, in addition to his verbal clashes with foreign journalists and observers, Adekunle became the subject of both local and international spotlights. His conduct subsequently became a source of worry and embarrassment for Yakubu Gowon's wartime cabinet.

Colonel Benjamin Adekunle's  criminal statement during the war was: "Biafran aid is misguided humanitarian rubbish..... If children must die first, then that is too bad, just too bad."

Colonel Benjamin Adekunle
The American Jewish Congress reported: Some Nigerian commanders notably Colonel Benjamin Adekunle maintained that the denial of food to Biafran held areas and to Igbo people in the federally controlled areas, is a legitimate and necessary strategy. As Colonel Benjamin Adekunle himself told a Dutch Newspaper; "I want to see no Red Cross, no Caritas, no World Council of Churches, no Pope, no Missionary and no United Nations delegation. I want to prevent even one Igbo having one piece to eat before their capitulation". This quote was in Baum, American Jewish Congress Memorandum, 27th December 1968  from London Economist of 24th August 1968, as cited in the Village Voice of 17th October, 1968.

The above cited statement caused such an International uproar that the Federal Government of Nigeria found itself in a very disadvantaged position of having to tender unreserved apology for the actions not only of Colonel Benjamin Adekunle but also of Colonel Ibrahim Haruna (leader of Asaba gruesome massacre) in concert with the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 2nd division of the then Nigerian army, Colonel Murtala Mohammed, who felt humiliated by the Biafran/Mid-Western offensive.

Unknown to Colonel Benjamin Adekunle, a quiet retirement package for him from the Nigerian army was already in the offing. Thirty four years later and precisely in the Guardian Newspaper publication of 25th July 2004, an article captioned "I Did Not Dislike Igbos But I Had A War To Win" by Adekunle himself, was released. He provided his perspective on his duties as a soldier for the federal forces. Continuing, he asserted "I Do not Dislike Igbos. I learnt one word from the British and that is 'Sorry". "I did not want this war. I did not start this war, Ojukwu did. But I want to win this war, so I must kill the Igbos, sorry".

Unfortunately, thirty four good years after the civil war had ended, Benjamin Adekunle remained an unrepentant sadist, highly economical with the truth and an irredeemable tribalist. And just like his brother Awolowo, he hated Biafrans, particularly the Igbos with passion. Their hatred for the Biafran Igbos was reminiscent of a rejected suitor, loaded with caustic bitterness for the damsel that "dumped" him for another "catch".

To avert more of this "Adekunle recklessness and embarrassment" to the army therefore, he was withdrawn as a General Officer Commanding (GOC) the 3rd Marine Command. Olusegun Obasanjo, his fellow tribal kind, was called in for his replacement. Benjamin Adekunle was retired from the military by Yakubu Gowon but his colleagues - Murtala Mohammed and Ibrahim Haruna (who masterminded the Asaba massacre) remained in the service. They were "Princes" of the feudalists that "cannot be touched". What a paradox?

Ironically, Colonel Benjamin Adekunle died with no accorded federal recognition. He died as a "no-body". The Yorubas who are his kinsmen lamented fruitlessly over the shoddy treatment meted out to him by the federal government he staked his life and career for. Poor Adekunle, he will be weeping profusely without consolation in his grave, gnashing his teeth in regrets for being a pawn in the chessboard of the Hausa-Fulani Oligarchy. He was used against his Southern folks and unceremoniously dumped into the waste bin of history, to the scrapheap of forgotten tyrants.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018



Biafra restoration requires a multifaceted approach, a London based international security/counterterrorism expert(name classified for professional reasons) once told me during an interesting conversation in late November 2017. Our insightful conversation was based on the bloody military raid at Nnamdi Kanu's residence, and which its resultant led to the IPOB leader's enforced disappearance. The submission of my learned friend was one I found slightly hard to assimilate. In other words, the postulation sounded contestable to me, maybe due to my IPOB deep-rooted sentimentalism; but as a lay man wandering upon the vast shores of knowledge, and having found it needless to dabble into such a debate with an expert without veritable facts, I had to keep tight-lipped and absorb the tutorial.

The counter-terrorism Chief believes that due to the fact that IPOB is seemingly the only genuine group with sophisticated ideological framework towards Biafra restoration, It is nearly realistic for the Nigeria government to deal a heavy blow to the group and its ideology by simply infiltrating or getting rid of its leadership structure. According to him, this is the major  reason why 'Operation Python Dance' was relaunched by Nigeria military in collaboration with relevant state actors- to get rid of Nnamdi Kanu. The Nigeria government believed that having Nnamdi Kanu(being the fulcrum and focal point of IPOB) out of the way would to a large extent douse, if not extinguish the multiplying tensions generated by IPOB agitations across the country.

My learned friend opined that the reason why the Nigeria government nearly succeeded in putting IPOB to bed was because, although different factions of Pro-Biafra do exist, none were genuine, powerful or radical enough to rival IPOB methodologies, as they failed to utilise the enabling environment provided by IPOB activities to enhance and push through their various versions of Biafra activism.  An excerpt of his statement reads-

"I spent four years researching how movements grow, how they are sustained and how they collapse, but also how they succeed. Any movement that does not establish a strong rival faction in the beginning of the struggle never succeeds. Governments find it difficult if not impossible to control rival factions that have different ideas on how to achieve their objective. A disorganised movement with multiple leaders is a nightmare to states, an organised movement is good for states.
...In the case of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu is the only man who carries all the cross. To be honest , it was overwhelming for him."

From all ramifications, it is very evident that what is needed to fast track the freedom of Biafra is not for IPOB to indulge in any form of coalition with any group, be it predecessors or splinter groups; rather what we urgently need is for each and every group that claims to propagate Biafra restoration gospel to scrutinise and sanitise itself of every greed, selfish interest and every sabotaging tendency that makes it susceptible to the influence of the inept oppressive state actors. As long as we're all genuinely headed for the same destination, it shouldn't be a source of concern, the different routes we tend to apply.

 However, the problem is that most Pro-Biafra groups I've taken time to study are more occupied with rendering incessant attacks and destructive criticisms on IPOB's modus operandi more than concentrating their efforts towards their own methodology of Biafra restoration. They end up deviating from freedom fighting and rapidly transforming into mere watchdogs driven by reckless antagonism.

 If anyone feels too big to join or support IPOB or  feels uncomfortable with rigid leadership system of IPOB with reference to 'command and control', the best thing for such a person to do is to go and form his/her own group of big and lawless men, and stop distracting IPOB with obscure coalition lobbying.

IPOB being the largest sustainable freedom fighting group in Africa, and by the virtue of its vision, mission and accomplishments, should be accorded the much needed reverence by other groups with parallel modus operandi, while IPOB on its own should be ready to accommodate dissent voices from other groups. Debates are best won on ground of superior argument, not on the altar of exchange of insults and vulgar languages.

 In dealing with a multi-headed demon such as Nigeria, we need more versatile approach of dispensing our various ammunitions. At the end of it all, we'll come to the realisation of the fact that what we really need to achieve the freedom of Biafra is the seriousness and incorruptibility of different groups agitating for Biafra, not a coalition of unserious mindsets driven by ulterior motives and greed.

Written By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
Family Writers Press Analyst.




Written by Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel
For Family Writers Press


This is certainly not one of those articles put together to massage individualistic ego but that meant to prudently evaluate and eulogies the beauty of integrity, purposeful living hard work and untainted resilience. Amongst humans, lies good deeds of great men which often seem only appreciable when they go the way of all mortals (die), thereby introducing the reverberating song of consolation: "only remembered by what you have done". Wisdom however, demands that we give, appreciate and celebrate our own even while yet alive.

Asari Dokubo, formally known as Melford Dokubo Goodhead Jnr, was born on June 1964 into a Christian family from Sagbama who were based in Warri, Delta State, as a gift to the Ijaw Clan in the so-called Niger Delta area of Nigeria. He attended both Primary and Secondary Schools in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He grew up getting increasingly disenchanted with the gross marginalization, economic emasculation and victimization of his people, orchestrated by the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy and their British overlords. Though he was still very young then, he decided to chart a course of emancipation for a better tomorrow within the Nigerian context, but later discovered the foundational structure of the Nigerian State which was exclusively premised on policies inimical to the survival of the Ijaw nation.

Undeterred by the oppressive tendencies of the Nigerian rulers, the man Asari Dokubo persisted in his dream of pursuing academic excellence. He gained admission into a tertiary institution to study law at the University of Calabar. This was however truncated due to corruption and victimization antecedents of the University authorities. He could not compromise his stance on truth, transparency, accountability and integrity. He made fruitless attempts to further his education at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, as his disdain for corruption prevalent in the Nigerian system could not permit him. The forces of evil in Nigeria associated themselves to forestall the academic desire and potentials of this promising young fellow. But destiny cannot be perpetually caged. He determined that as far as he was concerned, truth will never be compromised.


After the gruesome execution of the late  environmental activist/writer, Kenule Saro Wiwa and other eight Ogoni indigenes popularly referred to as the "OGONI NINE"ficer in the year 1995 by the then military administration of late General Sani Abacha, the coastal region of Biafra (so-called Niger Delta), was thrown into turmoil and hopelessness. It was like who will go for us? The colossal pollution of the environments (air, land and sea) by the oil multinationals persisted unabated. It was "all for the Nigerian government and absolutely nothing for the oil bearing communities/people".

Jolted by this seemingly endemic but gradual impoverishment and annihilation, Asari Dokubo and a handful of few other good spirited individuals from the Ijaw Clan, sprang up in unison to frontally resist the destructive anomaly of the Nigerian State and her foreign allies operating as oil multinationals. The oppression, repression and enslavement of the Ijaw ethnic nationality have to be challenged. It was this conceptualized body of resistance that gave birth to IJAW YOUTH COUNCIL (IYC) in the year 1998, with Asari Dokubo becoming the pioneer Vice President of the Organization, and later the President in 2001.

Consequently, the Kaiama Declaration was made, urging the oil companies carrying out activities within Ijawland to suspend operations and withdraw from the territory, owing to the devastating effects of their activities on both the environments and the people. The IYC further pledged to remain peaceful in it's quest for freedom and ecological justice. This position was however blatantly snubbed by the oil companies and the Nigerian government, arrogantly stating that all the resources within the territory of Ijawland wholesomely belong to the Nigerian State. This oppressive tendencies of the government never deterred the man, Asari Dokubo.

The excruciating plights of the people thereby gave birth to the declaration of "OPERATION CLIMATE CHANGE" which included peaceful protests down to the gates of the oil multinational companies, to strongly register the grievances of the people. These were responded to by the Nigerian government, with measures of forceful crackdown and brutal repressions including military invasions of Ijaw communities and rampant raping of the women. With these unfolding bizarre developments, Asari Dokubo seized to see himself as a Nigerian and decided to stake his life for the liberation of his people. He formed the formidable and largely dreaded Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force (NDPVF) in the year, 2004 to checkmate the destructive approaches of the Nigerian government and pressure with the agenda of RESOURCE CONTROL. Determined to have it's way, the Nigerian government responded with the deployment of various degrees of military arsenals and personnel to the Niger Delta instead of listening to the cries of the aggrieved people. The whole scenario played out this popular saying "when justice becomes law, resistance becomes duty". The forceful and indiscriminate use of lethal weapons nonetheless, the NDPVF led by Asari Dokubo strongly posed an uncrushable force to contend with. The Nigerian military woefully failed in it's vampiric enterprise to quench the burning determination of the  oppressed people and as a result, oil exploitation and exploration activities were completely brought to a halt. Production output dropped below marginal level.


The appearance of parallel and renegade bodies to counter the drive of the genuine freedom fighters is not new in the British enclave called Nigeria. The Nigerian government has always employed antics to frustrate the good intents of the people meant to better their lives and that of their upcoming generations. Asari Dokubo fought so vehemently under the umbrella body of the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force (NDPVF), to press home the people's unambiguous demand for freedom, justice and total control of their God-given resources. When the Nigerian government in it's desperation and frustration noticed it cannot prevail against the resilient spirit of the Great Lion of the South, the sponsorship of a renegade group became the only available alternative.  A group known as Niger Delta Vigilante (NDV) which labored strenuously to hamper the activities of the NDPVF was created. This was the shameless game of a government whose duty it is to wholesomely cater for the welfare and well-being of the citizens. It aided the creation of an in-house or better still, subterfuge war within the region which will surreptitiously attract it's officials as mediators, tagging the freedom fighters, militants. This never debarred the man Asari Dokubo as he meticulously, fought on. This resilience prompted the then government of Olusegun Obasanjo to extend invitation to the freedom fighters for peace talks. Living true to his convictions, Asari Dokubo strongly resisted all enticing inducements from the Nigerian government and pointedly refused to recognize Obasanjo as his President. Asari Dokubo's blunt refusal to sell out the collective will of his people, attracted his arrest and incarceration in an underground secret cell for one year and two months. He was there subjected to horrific tortures but he remained resolute and unyielding. He has encountered many terrific and life threatening circumstances but like the biblical Caleb, has enjoyed the favor and protection of the Almighty God. He remained undaunted for the fulfillment of divine purposes.


While still in secretive custody of the Nigerian State, the government floated the criminal Amnesty Program. Many lily-livered individuals were hoodwinked. They surrendered to the government as repentant militants/criminals and were granted "state pardon" with stipends from the resources deposited in their fatherland. The man Asari Dokubo bluntly refused the criminal/militant tag and uncompromisingly rejected the criminal Amnesty Program mantra. He unequivocally stated that it was an insult to his personality as an Ijaw man and that the quest for freedom and justice can never be a criminal offence. This can never be compromised. He has remained the only courageous lone voice that speaks against the oppression of his people by the Nigerian government in the coastal area of Biafraland.

Asari Dokubo in his wisdom, has refused making any form of investment in Nigeria which he sees as the habitation of Lucifer, controlled by the satanic Fulanis that will eventually turn around to confiscate them as he remains an opposing voice from that region of Biafra. He pledged his allegiance to Benin Republic, without which, he would have been a poor fellow today.


Asari Dokubo while speaking on Radio Biafra London stated "Asking me if I am a Biafran, is like asking me if my name is Asari Dokubo. We, the Ijaws are even more Biafrans than the Igbos. They said I am following Nnamdi Kanu and I said why not? If Nnamdi Kanu is doing better than me in restoring Biafra, then it is only wise that I follow him".

It is noteworthy to state here that at a time when men are shamelessly hiding under their wives' wrappers and in their mothers' kitchens, Asari Dokubo courageously stood up to get identified with the Biafran restoration cause. He has been campaigning vigorously for the coastal region of Biafra to rise up and embrace the emancipation drive. The man Asari Dokubo has continued to stand on the side of justice and is unrelentlessly fighting in defense at all cost, of what he unrepentantly believes in.

Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubo 'The Great',
The Edi Abali of Kalabari
The Fearless Lion of the Coastal Area of Biafra
The Master of the Creeks and the Ocean

You have done exceptionally well but like the proverbial Oliver Twist, my prayer is: "May God keep and strengthen you to do more".


Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press


Donald Trump and Netanyahu
Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

The persistent defiance of the Nigerian government to accord respect to the sovereignty of the United States of America and Israel, calls for concern. State-sponsored instigations for the burning of the flags of these two nations call for stern and commensurate American government's foreign policy response to the rascality of Nigeria. The overt and covert actions of supervision of brazenly setting ablaze the national flags of these nations by the Islamic government of Nigeria, tantamount to mockery and arrant disdain against International laws protecting the sovereignty of nations. Nigeria as a country, enjoys diplomatic relations with these affected nations but it is disheartening to state here that the United States of America as a country and her government have consistently come under vicious attacks since President Donald Trump assumed leadership against the wish for Hillary Clinton with whom the Nigerian government had enjoyed some measures of Islamic goodwill for the American nation.

On the 20th of January 2017, that very eventful day that ushered in the inauguration of Mr. Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), from within Biafraland, massively converged in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, to show solidarity. This is in line in keeping with the identification of the civilised democracies anywhere in the world. The solidarity rally was to drum up support for the incoming administration of President Trump particularly and to also celebrate a successful transition of governments between the two personalities. Prior to the scheduled date of the peaceful rally, the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, duly notified the occupational government of Nigeria through a written document dated 18th January 2017. But with his disdain for President Donald Trump and all that he stands for, President Muhammadu Buhari  ordered the Nigerian armed forces to repressively  clampdown on the Biafran people even as the rally peacefully progressed with massive turn out of participants. A detachment of battle-ready army and police officers invaded the arena with lethal weapons beating, arresting, maiming, injuring and killing hundreds of people including men, women and youths, out of whom many are still being held extra-judicially in prison custody at Elele Prisons, Rivers State, till date. These same security operatives were on Friday 8th of June 2018, spotted shamelessly providing maximum protection to the violent Islamic protesters in Abuja. They were there supervising the bizarre burning of the US and Israeli flags that were hoisted in salient locations in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city.

Prudent assessment of this constant instigation of the armed forces or criminals sponsored by the Nigerian government through the protesters to set ablaze, US, Israeli and Russian flags, it therefore simply means that Nigeria should be stripped of whatever beneficial covering derivable from International laws as a country. If the Nigerian government blatantly fails to respect the National Symbol of the United States of America, Russia and Israel, to the extent of constantly supervising the destruction of these  diplomatic symbols, then it becomes necessary that the governments of these nations terminate forthwith whatsoever business relationship they have with Nigeria. This action they have to take by recognizing the sovereignty of Biafra as a nation to justifiably retaliate the excesses of Islamic Nigeria.

The global community has to come to the full grasp of the gravitous  implications of the blunt lawlessness of the Nigerian government through those callous acts. The world must have to be aware also that regardless of the total rejection of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally of Nigeria and all she represents, there has never been any singular reported action anywhere in the world, where the IPOB members touched on the national symbol of Nigeria. This stems from the fact that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) respect totally, International laws. The world must have to probe into the reasons why the Nigerian government should be aiding the unrelentless burning of the American and Israeli flags in ardent solidarity with Islamic interests of the Palestinians. In whatever justifiable way(s) have the Palestinians been denied their political independence?

The Nigerian government has repeatedly insulted the sensitivity of both the US and Israeli governments principally based on the fact no definitive pronouncements have yet been made by them in the Biafra restoration question. If the Nigerian government will continually disrespect the sovereignty of Israel through it's calls for the independence of Palestine from Israel, it then becomes reasonably justifiable for the nation of Israel to initiate moves for the independence of Biafra from Nigeria.

Nigeria has severally disrespected the United States of America. It therefore becomes necessary for the US government to counter this anomaly by courageously and diplomatically puncturing this disgusting rascality. This can be done through the carving out of the territories of Biafra from Nigeria with the same boldness President Trump handled the Jerusalem question as the eternal capital city of Israel. Nigeria with it's covert Islamic plots has no respect for International treaties and protocols, and therefore should not be allowed continued pleasure of any. President Donald Trump of the United States of America and his Israeli counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho should take advantage of this opportunity in human history, and do the needful.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

Monday, 11 June 2018



Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

To the uninformed, it is expedient to state here that the Nigerian government has surreptitiously declared a full blown religious cum political war against the Jewish nation of Israel. This hinges on the arrest and detention of Biafran Jewish worshippers who converged in Afara-ukwu, Ibeku, Umuahia in Abia State, Nigeria. The global community should be aware that a detachment of the Nigerian Police Force under the leadership of an Islamic bigot who also is the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris Kpotun, was deployed to invade once again, the compound of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This was on the instruction of the Islamic government of Nigeria led President Muhammadu Buhari to ferociously clampdown on the worshippers who were observing SHABBAT, using the compound as their venue. Many of them were arrested and hurriedly arraigned in a Magistrate Court in Umuahia. And due to the trumped up charges and inconsistencies associated with the Nigerian judicial system, they have been remanded in prison since the 5th of May 2018.

The Abia State Police Commissioner, Anthony Ogbizi speaking to Newsmen on the offence of the arrested Jewish worshippers, stated that the mode of worship adopted, is unrecognized in Nigeria. The question then is: when has it become lawful in a secular state like Nigeria that methods of worship by a set of people must receive certification of the Police before practice?

It is on this premise that the nation of Israel must come to terms with the religious/political war which the Nigerian government has directly brought to her doorstep, and must not be treated with kid gloves. This war has been raging covertly. The Jewish worshippers arrest is a direct affront to Israel. The Abia State Police Commissioner's statement is basically inconsequential and immoral. The Nigerian Constitution of 1999 though single handedly written by Professor Auwalu Yadudu on the instruction of the then Nigerian Military Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, to protect and service the Nigerian Islamic interests and imposed on non-muslims, did not in any way officially recognize, approve or sanction any particular religion or method of worship in the country. In section 38 of the 1999 Constitution, which of course is precisely the supreme law of the country, it is boldly stipulated that everyone has the right to freedom of worship in any part of Nigeria including idolatry or anything of choice. The Nigerian Police bizarre clampdown on the Jewish worshippers in which many were arrested, wounded and till date being remanded in prison custody, is to say the least most callous and disappointingly oppressive.

The Jewish worshippers will be appearing in the Magistrate Court in Umuahia in the next few days. Their Jewish brethren within Biafraland are unanimously calling on the civilised global community to  compel the Nigerian government to effect the release of these victims of oppression as no crime was committed against the laws of the land.  They are innocent of whatever religious, political or ideological dichotomy that has existed or is yet existing between Nigeria and Israel, hence no assumed diplomatic row need be settled on the religious consciousness of the innocent Biafran worshippers. The governments of the United States of America and Israel should courageously take a stand against this religious persecution in Nigeria which is being driven by the Nigerian Islamic Jihadists.

The Israeli government must fully understand that any assault on the Jewish community in Biafraland by the agents of the occupational government of Nigeria is a direct affront to the Jewish nation, surreptitiously arranged to vent their frustration and anger against the present designation of Jerusalem as the eternal capital city of Israel. The government of Israel therefore should timely and aggressively wade into the Biafran question as the Nigerian government is overtly and steadily extending it's frustration to the State of Israel via the Jewish worshippers in Biafraland.

Nigeria must be made to keep to her bounds by respecting the religious and political interests of Israel within Biafraland in particular and the African continent in general. The rights to freedom of worship by Biafrans are being grossly impugned by the Nigerian government through the subjection of a certain group of people to illegal detention just because of their method of religious worship, contrary to the constitutional provision.

It is now over to the government of the Israeli nation to call on Nigeria to without reservation, accord due respect to the bilateral relationship both countries share, by allowing the people exercise their rights unhindered, in the adoption of their religious methods of worship even the Jewish religion. This is a guaranteed structure freely guaranteed in the law.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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