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Thursday, 29 October 2020

End-Sars Protest Turn Bloody In Rivers State As Governor Nyesom Wike Invites Military To Kill His Own People

 End-Sars Protest Turn Bloody In Rivers State As Governor Nyesom Wike Invites Military To Kill His Own People

In Obigbo town, River State, this Thursday being 29th October 2020, Governor Nyesom has once again, demonstrated to the world that he has been blood-thirsty all this while and has been looking for ways to actualize that purpose. He has invited the Nigerian military to arrest and kill the innocent indigenous inhabitants in Obigbo town in River State (Igweocha).

The nationwide #EndSars protests which was unanimously and spontaneously initiated by the Nigerian youths aimed at ending bad governance,  police brutality, millitary brutality and other sorts of heinous activities that were perpetrated to accommodate Fulani Islamic agenda in the country. 

The Indigenous youths of Obigbo just like what obtained in every other part of the country, joined in the match for the  #EndSars agitation. Governor Wike unfortunately hid under the cover of tyranny to initiate the hunt down of family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) whom he, out of sheer hatred and stark hypocrisy misjudged as partakers in the protests. He wants them completely arrested and extra-judicially killed as a ploy to protect his selfish political arrangement with the Fulani caliphate. Governor Wike who claims to be a lawyer thus, works for the interest of APC infested Fulani Government by killing the innocent, unarmed and law abiding Biafrans as a leeway for possible take over of the land by the Islamists. All the shouts and abracadabraic somersaults are not for the interest of Rivers State but for his Northern Fulani slavemasters. He wants to remain politically relevant even after his tenure and the only way he thinks he can please his Fulani slavemasters is to initiate the reign of terror against his own people.

Wike has been before now, seen as a beloved brother that was fully supported with lives put on the line against the orchestrations of the current murderous Fulani Government of Nigeria during the electioneering campaign and election periods of 2015 and 2019 respectively. The governor pretended as one that had the interest of the people at heart, when he informed Rivers State people on different occasions that the lives of every indigenous inhabitants matter before despotically exhibiting the ongoing mudurious acts with the military against the citizens. What a pretenter? What a coward? What a deceiver of the people? Just for power, why?

People's heart are now filled with pains, thinking they were safe in the land, not knowing that the Nigerian army will invade them as they drove in on different trucks and buses just to shoot with live bullets at the youths and children (ranging from 14 years upwards). The military, acting well to instructions, have embarked on house to house searches, arresting and summarily executing with despicable impunity, all that could be found. The situation in Obigbo, has so degenerated to a point that anyone found at home will be killed and homes set ablaze. Children and wives are being made fatherless and widows. The Nigerian infested Fulani cum Boko Haram Army, are presently wrecking harvoc based on the orders of Nyesom Wike. It is really a trying moment for the peace loving inhabitants of Obigbo. An unforgettable nightmarish experience with grave scars left in the consciousness of the people. How can a sitting governor that says he is a lawyer and an advocate of civility and good governance, be at the forefront of oppression, terror, death and destruction of his own people? This is the same man that went around, cup in hand, begging for elective support for people-oriented  democracy and observance of human rights. He has become a monstrous and wicked Hitler simply because of corrupt, parochial and self-serving political amibtion.

#Wike, why?

Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia

For Family Writers Press International

As Nigeria And Nigerians Move On A High Speed To Rwanda

 As Nigeria And Nigerians Move On A High Speed To Rwanda

According to 'Stephen Kekeghe', "It is disgraceful that nations across the globe only conceive governance in Nigeria as a perfect model of a despicable political system; as a prototype of what not to be! Humans, the world over, think of Nigerians with so much pity— a hapless people in a very rich nation subjected to self-destruction; a country dominated by desperate and irresponsible rulers, who have only rascality, megalomania and misappropriation to offer to over two hundred (200) million vulnerable, cowardly, sycophantic but expectant people. 

While the Nigerian political rulers manifest rapacity and insanities of different degrees, the masses maintain their position of hollowness, either as ill-fated people dying and smiling, or as hypocrites who sing-praise their tormentors to fame, in expectation of crumbs that may fall from the table of affluence for their pick. How can a leader successfully dehumanize the same people she/he swore to serve and protect, without any organized reaction of resentment from the oppressed? Nigeria indeed, is a traumatized country".

This country called Nigeria is distasteful and for some weeks now,  there is no decency and modesty— perhaps, one has to be significantly insane or mentally wrecked to fit into the big business of politics and the happenings in Nigeria especially since this month of October, 2020. Nigerian democracy is simply a demonstration of crazy power seekers. When Plato declared that the "politician is goaded onto madness" he might have perceived the psychotic manifestations in Nigeria politics, not the universal neurotic episodes that are triggered by ambition and obsession with power. 

The time of politics has gone, this is the not the time to wag our tongues with good English, we need to face reality. The time for dishing out millions of naira to block radio Biafra has faded away, the time to call the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) miscreants is over, this is not the time to blame the problems of Nigeria and Igbos on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, this is not the right time to start blaming and accusing IPOB for causing trouble at Obigbo, it is never the right time to stake ransom of fifty (N50) million naira to anyone with useful information that would lead to the arrest of 'Stanley Mgbere', it is not the good period to accuse 'Mazi Nnamdi Kanu' or 'Femi Fani-Kayode' of sponsoring #EndSARS protests. 

It is not the time that Ohaneze Ndigbo should be looking for whom to disown or who to own, because 'Mazi Nnamdi Kanu' never caused the problems of Nigeria or the Igbos. Indeed it is not the time to waste, It is not the time of deploying the military to go and kill peaceful protesters,.Instead,  it is a time of sober reflection,

it is a time of calling a spade a spade, it is a time of telling ourselves the truth, it is a time of looking and negotiating for our unity as a people, it is a time we look beyond our tribal differences.  

As we can see, we are speedily moving to our already dug grave. 

The unruliness in the Nigerian state for some weeks now has influenced every facet of the country, the youths have arisen to take back what rightly belongs to them.

But the politicians in their usual reckless behaviour have failed to read the hand writing on the wall. They have said enough is enough, they have refused to be victimized as usual. These leaders are awakening the dark giants in the citizens. The police and army have shown so much disregard for human rights with impunity, especially at this time. They make all the wrong moves and it appears the only language they can speak and understand is violence. But it will not help if we all start reacting violently. From what happened recently at Abakaliki in Ebonyi State, one can see how determined the youths are, watching those angry, fearless youths matching with boldness and bare hands, moving towards armed police and military personnel, would clearly tell you that we have collectively dug our graves awaiting to bury overselves.

In all this however, the so-called leaders are using them for politics as usual, forgetting that it was the same "recklessness of I do not care attitude" that put Rwanda to one hundred (100) days of killing that has left an indelible mark on that country till today. 

Somalia is gradually becoming a paradise compared to this country called Nigeria.

It is time we forget our political affiliations, our tribal make-ups and come together to negotiate on the continuation of this evil entity. Militarization may work but not in a time like this. The military never gives peace, instead meaningful negotiation and justice do It is better we bury our ego than burying ourselves alive in a grave we have wittingly dug for ourselves with our own hands.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

For Family Writers Press International

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Reinforcement of IPOB Proscription: Wike's Most Insensitive Action

 Reinforcement of IPOB Proscription: Wike's Most Insensitive Action

With decades of stinking policies of the Sokoto caliphate-engineered policies of injustice, oppression and servitude, it is saddening that Governor Nyesom Wike who pioneered the outcry on the glaring reality of cruelty and associated bloody activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigerian Police Force amidst other forms of Federal Government-orchestrated oppression of the South-South, is now disappointedly dancing to the tune of his hawkish Fulani masters at the detriment of posterity. He has cleverly been avoiding saying anything concerning the prevalent onslaught of the Fulani janjaweeds against Obigbo indigenous inhabitants but ill-advisedly quick in making maligning statements against the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in the state. There has been spontaneous #EndSARS protests organized and driven by Nigerian youths across the whole country. Through this civil action, Nigerian youths have genuinely demonstrated and expressed their grievances and displeasures over the activities of SARS operatives amongst other legitimate demands aimed at bettering the society.

The Fulani killer herdsmen have been attacking and killing several indigenous residents of Rivers State and Governor Wike has never for once, mentioned either through statewide pronouncement or press statement, the proscription of a known terrorist organization according to Global Terror Index, whose members are overtly operating in the state. The same IPOB which was claimed to have been proscribed, is the one that solidly fought behind you to ensure that you clinched the governorship position in 2015. Recall that some members staked and lost their lives particularly on the eve of that election  because they vowed that you must under God, be voted and sworn in. The IPOB leader himself, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, placed a "no election embargo" few weeks to the 2015 election but had to relax it to enable eligible IPOB family members cast their ballots in your favor. The very recent action against your fellow indigenous Biafrans depicts clearly, the level of ingratitude for a people that put their lives on the line for your election victory.

Opportunity yet abounds for you to retract these debasing statements by humbly tendering a public apology. IPOB is a globally recognized potent, peaceful, well organized, well enlightened, largest indigenous mass movement and so the clandestine and hawkish activities of the the Nigerian government and it's allies are efforts made against her in total infutility. IPOB has the clout to rubbish and defeat any foe on her way to freedom.

Governor Nyesom Wike should note too with the array of unbiased intelligence reports at his disposal both as a lawyer and the Rivers State Chief Security Officer, that the ongoing #EndSARS protests across Nigeria, has absolutely nothing to do with IPOB. The protests of the Nigerian youths are spontaneous and have no blueprint of IPOB. Therefore, issuing statements through the Rivers State Government officials that no part of the state would be ceeded to Biafra is completely laughable. This is a  denial of your igboness which is obviously in sharp contrast with the reflective meaning of your names, language/dialect, tradition, culture and lineage.  The present Bight of Bonny was only re-christened by the British colonialists in their mad bid to perfect their customary "divide and rule" tactics for crass economic reasons. Bight of Bonny was originally known as Bight of Biafra and be also reminded that it was an Ijaw man called Frank Opigo that suggested the name Biafra to Odimegwu Ojukwu. So falsely claiming that Rivers State is not part of Biafra is synonymous to denying that you are not a blackman or a male. Rivers State is inalienably Biafra and will continue to fight against all shades of servitude of the Sokoto caliphate cum Abuja-based Fulani janjaweed cabals who are bent on pocketing other ethnic groups for their selfish religious, economic and political interests. 

Governor Wike should be clearly reminded once again in case he has forgotten, that the crude oil and gas from his land is presently flowing uninhibited to the North on daily basis. The Headquarters of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and other Multi-National Companies in the state are being located elsewhere and are being controlled by the Fulani cabals. Every average Rivers State resident knows fully well that there exists several untouchable radical Fulani  Islamists camps herein with very atrocious crimes being perpetrated. Such locations include Garki Oil mill at Elelenwo, Port Harcourt Slaughter at Oginigba, the popular yam zone at Iriebe, amongst others. These globally known terrorists yet operate with reckless abandon in the state, remaining unperturbed and unproscribed. 

Wike, why?

Written by Loveson Agweye

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

EndSARS Protesters Summarily Executed By The Nigerian Army In Enugu

 EndSARS Protesters Summarily Executed By The Nigerian Army In Enugu

Not less than twelve (12) innocent, peaceful protesters were rounded up on the streets of Enugu and gruesomely executed by the Nigerian soldiers in the night of Friday 23rd October 2020. This followed the order of the Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who mistook the protesters for family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). This was made known to Family Writers Press International by a serving police officer who witnessed the extra-judicial killings.

That fateful day, hundreds of #EndSARS protesting youths, had gathered in the morning hours at various locations to publicize their displeasures against the Nigerian police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit particularly. At Akwata Coal Camp  area, Emene area along Agbani road all within Enugu for instance, had the presence of these youths who engaged in peaceful #EndSARS and #EndPoliceBrutality protests. 

Everything turned sour when the officers and men of the Nigerian police force with back up soldiers, blocked the roads to resist the protesting youths. The peaceful protests turned tragically bloody when the police officers opened fire on the armless civilians. Not less than nine (9) persons were instantly killed at Akwata with several others, sustaining various degrees of gunshot wounds. Many of the protesters were equally arrested and whisked away to an unknown location by the Nigerian police officers on hilux vans.

The same tragic incident was recorded at Uwani area of Enugu at about 2:00pm same Friday 23rd October, 2020. The Nigerian police shot live bullets into the crowd of the protesting youths and shot to death, several persons. Some of the corpses and even the wounded were taken away by their captors. Up until this very moment, many of the protesters are yet missing.

At about 8:00pm on the very day, Family Writers Press International yet gathered authoritatively from a police officer from the Enugu State Criminal Investigation Department (CID), of all the atrocities being perpetrated against our people, coupled with the summary execution that was carried out. 

The officer further said: "There is an ongoing execution now inside the State CID premises of all the arrested protesters. They just shot dead, ten persons while two others are yet awaiting their turn. I am giving out this information so that you guys can help circulate it as well as the orders of this execution given by the Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and the current State Police Commissioner, Ahmadu Abdulrahman.

A lot of youths are presently missing in the state. Many are yet reeling in pains resulting from gunshot wounds in various hospitals and clinics where they receiving treatments. Meanwhile, Family Writers Press International correspondents in Enugu are yet on ground, monitoring developments and pening down relevant information as events unfold.

Family Writers Press International Correpondents in Enugu, reporting.

Soldiers, Thugs Others Employed By The Nigerian Government Against Peaceful Protesters

 Soldiers, Thugs Others Employed By The Nigerian Government Against Peaceful Protesters

It has become glaringly clear to close watchers that the Nigerian government has presently resorted to expending billions of United States dollars in it's desperation to ensuring media blackout against the ongoing spontaneous peaceful protests across the country. Nigerian youths have over two weeks now, seriously mobilized in their numbers against police brutality, extra- judicial killings, illegal arrests, detentions, bad governance and grossly dysfunctional government system. 

They in their courageousness, strategically commenced the massive protest against the murderous Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigerian Police Force. It is therefore important to bring to the notice of the International Community that the Nigerian government is at the moment, using the Armed Forces to brutalize and kill peaceful Nigerian protesters. Hoodlums are equally being sponsored to carry out attacks on the same fellow Nigerians thereby turning the well coordinated and peaceful protest into an uprising. 

Reports flooding into the news room of Family Writers Press International from our crack team of correspondents, have it that Apo Area of Abuja, the Nigerian capital city, is that the government actually sponsored the thugs and hoodlums who set ablaze over fifty vehicles belonging to the peaceful protesting Nigerian young men and wimen. This evil act was perpetrated under the watchful eyes of the officers of the Nigerian police who besieged the protest venue and yet, arresting none of the arsonists/criminals.

Reports from Abuja further revealed how a set of well armed Fulani miscreants obviously sponsored by the same Nigerian government, attacked the protesters for daring to state their displeasures against the present administration. 

They were however overpowered and roundly captured by the mammoth peaceful protesters and immediately handed over to the police. As at the time of putting this piece together, the Nigerian Police Force was yet to arraign these Fulani thugs in any court. The police officers rather, chose to lay siege on the protesters with the force of arms and armored vehicles. 

It is necessarily evidential to yet bring this disgusting development to the knowledge of the global community and should the peaceful protesters resort to violence perhaps in the coming days, the Nigerian government should be held accountable.

It is unfortunate that instead of the Nigerian President to honorably tender his resignation letter for woefully failing to discharge his covenanted functions vis-a-vis his leadership ineptitude, the government has in the bid to hide it's atrocious policies, has ordered the deployment of the soldiers into different areas of Abuja where the peaceful protests yet continued. 

This approach as employed to by the officials, is meant to violently suppress the protesters and of course, save the government from disgrace. Reports filtering into Family Writers Press International from Kuje, Kubwa, Asokoro amongst other parts of the capital city have it that the Nigerian Army has already deployed heavily armed troops which according to plan, have dispersed the peaceful protesters through the sporadic shooting of live bullets, forcefully causing the protesters to scamper for safety. Some of the protesters equally sustained varying degrees of injuries.

Fleeing interviewed protesters in Kuje area of Abuja who narrowly escaped the soldiers' invasion, simply stated that the Nigerian Army will hear from them in coming days. Another interviewed protester said verbatim that the Nigerian Army has really touched the tail of hungry/angry tigers and should get ready for what is coming soon after. Another stated that what they presently want is the division of Nigeria because it is no longer working. 

Since the Nigerian soldiers have turned their guns and bullets against them, it is going to be fire for fire as the protesters must definitely respond. It is through the evaluation of the responses of these protesters that form the basis of our call on the International Community to pro-actively wade into this brewing catastrophe that is awaiting explosion.  The earlier this is nipped in the board, the better for all. The situation at hand should not be allowed to uncontrollably degenerate into an all-out anarchy. Absolutely, no one has the monopoly of violence.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Arewa Youths Were The Thugs Hired To Kill Peaceful #EndSARS Potesters In Nigeria

Arewa Youths Were The Thugs Hired To Kill Peaceful #EndSARS Potesters In Nigeria

For some weeks now they have really been a nationwide protest by the Nigerian youths, calling on the federal government to scrap the Nigerian Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), with other demands enlisted. Some politically motivated Northerners are against the #ENDSARS protest. To them, SARS should be allowed to operate with their impunity and reckless abandon.

According to the President of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) Alhaji Yerima Shettima,  "A close look at the types of persons masquerading as protesters would reveal that they are there to protect the hidden interests of high-profile fraudsters (aka) yahoo boys, thugs, street urchins and their collaborators. You would hardly see any prominent or respected Nigerian in the forefront of those arranged protests".

"We are therefore disappointed that some people are hiding behind these suspicious protests to stampede either the Inspector-General of Police or the Federal Government into taking a rash decision that could make Nigeria lower it's guard, to enable them prepare and promote new grounds for urban crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping and allied crimes to flourish. "We wish to also indicate that it is even more dangerous to allow the culture of young people running robbery ring, kidnapping or even "Yahoo Boys" cartel, swindling people of millions of naira. Kidnappers demand unthinkable amounts of money in ransom or maiming their captives; while armed robbers continue with their killings".

"It is a smear on decorum to call for the weakening of any of the nation's law enforcement agencies, much less the police, as robbers, kidnappers and Yahoo Boys dominate the country's urban centres and doing as they please. No sane society would take kindly to this economic and general security threat, no matter the size of arranged protests. It is so obvious that the hidden agenda of the promoters of these protests is whittling down the authority of a formidable, result-oriented unit of the Nigerian Police Force". He continued, "The AYCF believes that many policemen in the country had been killed and we wonder if these policemen are not human beings; or do they not have families too? No human life is more valuable than other. As a group, we think the best way to take care of the bad eggs in the force is to first engage in massive institutional reform through training and retraining, something the Inspector General of Police has hammered on, in series of stakeholders conferences, as reported in the media".

All these willl tell you much about this terrorist group called Arewa Youth Consultative Forum and it's President, Alhaji Yerima Shettima. They are the real terrorists we have in West Africa. They are notorious terrorists being groomed as we presently have in Nigeria. They are very good in sponsoring and supporting terrorist organizations in Africa. They are the same people that hired armed thugs to be destabilizing the peaceful #ENDSARS protesters all over the country. These hired armed thugs are being transported to different protesting grounds with police and military vans just to kill and destroy the protesters and their properties ranging from cars to other valuables.

The Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, International Criminal court, The United Nations and the whole world should hold the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum and their President accountable for destroying and killing of peaceful Nigerian young men all over the country.




Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

For Family Writers Press International

The Brutality Of The Nigerian Government On Peaceful Protesters

 The Brutality Of The Nigerian Government On Peaceful Protesters


The right of associationg with fellow citizens to protest or have peaceful assembly is acceptable to a functioning democracy. But it is also unfortunate that the Nigerian government and it's police can violate this right through the use of mass arrests, illegal use of force, criminalization of protests, hiring of thugs and amongst other means to thwart free public expression. 

The Nigerian government, the army and the police have also been implicated by different International Organizations on human rights abuses which include the use of lethal force against peaceful protesters. They are being dehumanised and harassed by those who should protect them. On Thursday 8 th of October 2020, the nationwide protests started with the call on the Nigerian government to permanently close down a vindictive and life-taking police unit called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). In reaction to this protests, the police have tortured, shot tear gas/water cannons, and live bullets at the peaceful, innocent protesters, killing at least twenty people and wounding many others. They have also hired armed thugs to disrupt the protests by attacking the protesters. 

These thuggery activities have resulted in wounding many and setting cars ablaze in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was a Nigerian Police Force unit under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, which was created in late 1992 to deal with crimes associated with robbery, motor vehicle theft, kidnapping, cattle rustling and crimes involving firearms. This may sound equable on paper but the certainty is not the same. Instead of protecting Nigerians from armed robbers, kidnappers and the likes, SARS has gone on to become the horror Nigerians desperately needed protection from. A police unit that ought to be the "go-to place for safety" for Nigerian youths, has turned out to become the despot whose terror far exceeds the activities of any common criminal. A day has never passed without hearing the numerous atrocities of SARS in Nigeria.

There has been countless evidences showing SARS men harassing, attacking, detaining, extorting, threatening to kill and killing innocent civilians. As affected Nigerians fight to put an end to the menace that SARS police has become, let us also not forget those that have fallen victims of police brutality in the country.

 The unit has allegedly been involved in commiting widespread human rights abuses, including extra-judicial killings, tortures, arbitrary arrests, unlawful detentions and extortions. Many Nigerians feel that the unit has deliberately profiled and targeted young people especially those with tattoos, dreadlocks and visible possessions such as phones and laptops. Over the years, Nigerian authorities have repeatedly promised to reform SARS and ensure accountability for abuses by it's officers but to no avail. 

 Due to much atrocities of SARS and on the 14th of August, 2018, the then Acting President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo had ordered with immediate effect, the "Overhaul" of the controversial police unit (SARS), following reports of human rights violations. The Acting President in his capacity had ordered the then Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotun Idris to reform SARS as well as carry out an independent inquiry after insistent complaints and reports that concern human rights violations. After the order, the IGP announced that the unit would be renamed to Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), a New Head appointed with the provision of human rights desk officers equally in place to evaluate reports but was totally futile. It was as if the atrocities gained momentum.

  Due to the ongoing nationwide protests, the Federal Government decided to rename the FSARS to SWAT, with the protests still continuing. The demand is that this  police unit should be totally overhauled or better still, banned.but the Nigerian government in it's usual insincerity, resorted to using force and decisively crude means in dispelling the protesters.

 The Nigerian police officers have arrested dozens of protesters, refusing some of them access to their families and lawyers, and only released them following the intervention of senior government officials, including State Governors and the Senate President. There have been reports of the police damaging and confiscating the cameras of protesters and journalists. The right to peaceful protest is guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution and International Human Rights Law. Unnecessary use of force to disperse protesters is completely unlawful. Tthe protesters deserve nothing less than protection and their demands wholesomely met by the authorities, not victimizing and killing them.


 Written by Obulose Chidiebere


 Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

 For Family Writers Press International

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