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Thursday, 17 August 2017

IPOB: Biafra Security Service (BSS) - A Welcome Development We Must Embrace

Biafra Security Service (BSS): A Welcome Development We Must Embrace

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika
For Family Writers Press

This essay is specifically designed to achieve two aims. First, to water down the unnecessary tension that is building up in some quarters concerning BSS ( Biafra Security Service ) and secondly, to bring to the fore the functions and immense benefits this civil and unarmed intelligence gathering organization will be to Biafrans.

For record purposes, on the 15th of August 2017, almost every media platform within the world in general and in Nigeria in particular was agog when the video of Biafra Security Service surfaced online. Millions of Biafrans and Nigerians alike reacted to it in different ways. Some people said Nnamdi Kanu is assembling men to wage war against Nigeria government while some people in their own school of thought said he shouldn't have allowed such sensitive security display in the public glare. Well, I believe people have the right to think in any direction concerning the mind blowing scenario three days ago but one thing is still crystal clear, mischief makers should not blow such a lofty movement out of proportion.

More importantly, Biafra Security Service was born out of necessity. I can prove it. The inability of the Nigerian government to provide optimum security has warranted the baptism of BSS. Perhaps, Biafrans in their own land have been maimed, raped and killed by the rampaging herdsmen without any substantial effort on the part of the so called government to arrest the situation. When we raise alarm over their lame duck approach, they will hurriedly rush to their compromised media to tell the world a bogus and empty lies that the perpetrators came from a neighbouring country ( Libya, Chad and Niger ) and not Nigeria. This terror group armed with AK 47 Kalashnikov operate with so much audacity that keeps every right discerning individual thinking if they are State sponsored terror movement. Nobody has the temerity to question how they got their guns. They are above the law. Daily, Biafrans all over Biafra land are being confronted with this problem of insane marauding men who move around with sophisticated guns and their cattles, butchering young and old who tries to stop and question why they take their cattle's to graze on their farm land, their only means of survival.
In some cases, when our people react in self-defense, one illiterate in Abuja will issue order for dozens of army and police to be drafted in the affected community in other to intimidate and cow our people into submission. What happened in Enugu is a clear case in point. There are other occasions when this terror group will send threat letters to their target communities, intimating them on their possible invasion and which they will end up doing while the police and the army will stand by the side and watch. Biafrans can hardly distinguish between the people ( Police and army ) who claim to protect them and the terror groups that comes by the night (  like Herdsmen  ) to snuff life out of them. The only thing they care about is how to set up check points for continual extortion of money from hapless motorists and pedestrians alike.

What about Ozubulu terror attack that led to the soaking of innocent blood in the church of God? What about the Assemblies of God church attack that took the life of a police officer and another innocent Biafran which the police criminally narrowed down to arm robbery attack? Agatu massacre? All these things are happening because our oppressors are the same people policing our environment while we sleep. He that dines with the devil must do that with a long spoon.

Biafrans listen, we must welcome BSS with warm and open arms. Why did I say so? I am saying this because, a rejected person cannot also reject himself. It is impossible. We have been abandoned to our own fate when it comes to security. Nigerian government is not perturbed by the porous state of security situation in Biafra land. Now that our own BSS has come on board, we must work together to use this civil and unarmed organization to re-strategize more especially in the aspect of intelligence gathering. They will be proactive in gathering intelligence with the major objective of forestalling any possible attack in any part of Biafra land. They won’t be parading around with vans, they will move around on plain cloths snooping every nook and cranny of Biafra land. BSS is simply a conglomerate of young volunteers who have chosen to risk their lives with the sole aim of getting classified and decrypted information that will help to grease the faster restoration of Biafra. Nobody should give us the bad impression that BSS is designed for war, it is far from that. We are not waging any war. If I may ask, can unarmed civil organisation wage a war? The answer is practical no. We are not war mongers

There are several unconstitutional security organisations in Nigeria such as CJTF- Civilian Joint Task Force ( of which am not against ) which was a child of necessity, there is sharia police and numerous others. All of them came on board because of the inability of the government to provide maximum security and therefore Biafra BSS won't be an exception. The reason why some people in their little enclave are raising unnecessary dust is because of the name 'Biafra' that appeared boldly on it. The name Biafra can be very intoxicating to some mischief makers. I wonder why people will be having sleepless night over an organisation that is civil and unarmed. To show you BSS has nothing to hide, they showcased their activity to the world. Can Nigeria terror DSS do that? I guess we can possibly answer that question.

Even some 'wannabes' were very fast to issue press statement in the name of dissociating their dead personalities from BSS. I don't blame such lame ducks because most times it takes a lion heart to develop a strong rational mental spirit. IPOB has not in any way nursed and sponsored any arm group or has abandoned the democratic template set by UN that will guide any Indigenous People seeking for their freedom. All our demands and actions have always been in line with the extant laws. It will be sheer flippancy for any wannabe to be spewing lies from his comfort zone against IPOB that has broken and set new records in the art of freedom fighting. The most non violent freedom fighting movement ever known in the history of mankind.


 Biafrans, just like what I said before, we must embrace BSS with warm and open arms because of the following benefits:

1 ) BSS will close up the big security lacuna that has led to constant attacks against our people occasioned by poor intelligence gathering by Nigerian security agencies. By providing firsthand information to our volunteer journalists who will now ensure that our people are properly educated and fortified on how to be security conscious

2 ) BSS will also help in controlling our rallies or any form of IPOB evangelism. If we are very observant, in most of the places our leader has visited, you see them building human chains around the venue. This will help to keep criminals and trouble makers away from our activities. We are peace loving people

3 ) It will also remind our oppressors that we have lost faith in their security agencies. We want to help ourselves against the invaders that kill with AK 47 and impunity without anybody arresting and prosecuting them

4 ) BSS will also help to counter cheap lies with superior information and evidence against Nigerian government whenever they want to tell their usual lies to their gullible audience. We have not forgotten the staggering lies they tried to sale to the world concerning what transpired at Ozubulu in Anambra State. In such situation, BSS will neutralise them with audacious and verified facts and figures.

5 ) Ultimately, it will give Biafrans that very sense of belonging that there is an eagle eye hovering around them, making sure that their lives and properties is properly protected. There is nothing like 'our own'.

We must eschew any atom of fear and remain focused. We are only helping ourselves. Insecurity is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Biafra BSS is not an arm group but only a volunteer civil intelligence gathering organisation with the sole aim of risking their lives in getting classified and decrypted information that will help in Biafra restoration. I rest my case.

All hail Biafra!

Forward ever!

And backward never!



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

On August 15, 2017 in Afara-ukwu Umuahia Abia state, Biafra Land, Biafrans under their supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unvailed their own indigenous security forces which the people have given them mandate of protecting Biafra land from invading terrorist elements infiltrating into the land and killing the people recklessly with no Nigeria jihadist security forces apprehending them. The need urgency for commissioning Biafra defence forces to take over security around Biafra land has become necessary because Nigeria jihadist Police and Army are no more providing any meaningful security to Biafra territory if not extorting money from the peaceful dwellers, instead they are only aiding the escape of the invading terrorist elements whenever they massacre Biafrans. Nigeria jihadist armed forces including police and army can no longer deny being part of the terrorist elements terrorizing Biafra land and escaping uninterceptedly whenever they commit crime.

It is important to put record straight before the world at large and Nigeria government in particular that Biafra Security Service is purely for the protection of Biafra land from invading forces of terror and not for war with anybody. As Nigeria media of shame and other mischievous Nigerians have started interpreting the motive behind the unveiling of Biafra Security Services to mean a call for war, IPOB worldwide want Nigeria government to understand that before the British systematic conquest of Biafra land from 1888 - 1904, there was a very strong indigenous security outfits in all towns, communities and villages in Biafra land with able bodied youths which provides security to the land. But the invasion of British colonnial forces and later independent Nigeria government provided jihadist armed forces which has failed from all fronts in providing qualitative security to Biafraland, all the previous years' Biafra land indigenous security structure were destroyed and jihadist security forces enthroned by Britain. That was why fulani terrorists, armed robbers, kidnappers and recently gunmen which specializes in attacking churches have been having smooth ride and killing in Biafraland.

Let nobody be deceived by Nigeria media who were paid by Nigeria government to be manufacturing all manner of lies against IPOB and Biafra agitation. Biafra land has no plan to declare war on the occupational Nigeria government because what we want is Biafra referendum to determine our future with Nigeria and not war. Biafra Security Service is an event of necessity in Biafra land because Nigeria police and army has failed Biafrans woefully in providing security and that led to numerous Fulani herdsmen attacks in places like Ukpabi-Nimbo, Awgu and Awkunanaw in Enugu state, Ughelli, Asaba and other places in Delta state, Orlu in Imo state and recently unknown gunmen attacks in Ozubulu and Onitsha in Anambra state. Moreover, it is rather unfortunate that Nigeria jihadist armed forces which should be protecting Biafrans have turned and become agents of terror, extortion, promiscuity on our sacred ladies and other human right abuses on the Biafrans expected to be protected.

If anybody including Nigeria media is misinterpreting the reason for unveiling Biafra Security forces on August 15, 2017 as calling for war against the occupational government of Nigeria, tell the person that Biafra Security forces was unveiled to put to an end the ugly experiences of Biafrans like:

1. Ozubulu church terrorist massacre which perpetrators escaped.

2. Onitsha church attack where two persons died and attackers escaped.

3. Ukpabi-Nimbo Fulani massacre where over 1 hundred people where senselessly killed even when Enugu State governor, Enugu state police commissioner are all aware.

4. Fulani herdsmen rape of Biafra sacred women, ladies and young girls and nobody arrested and prosecuted for that.

All these evils have lasted for too long in Biafra land due to existence of Nigeria occupational and alien government and its jihadist armed forces, and Biafra security forces unveiled in Afara-ukwu will mark the end of these evils on Biafra land. Biafrans are aware that Biafra referendum is few days away from today and do not need to waste energy which should be channeled towards protection of our lands, to prepare for a war against Nigeria government is already drowning into the abyss of total dissolution.

Finally, are you among the terrorist elements sneaking into Biafraland and committing terror against Biafrans, stay away now from Biafraland because Biafra Security Service officers are already strategically positioned at different locations to capture any person with suspicious identity, movement or behaviour anywhere in Biafraland to avoid further attacks on Biafrans. A word is enough for the wise!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017



It has come to the attention of the Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that a nonexistent amorphous group of charlatans that calls itself Anambra state Lawyers in defense of Democracy (ASLADD) has decided to dance naked in the market place and thereby exposed their ignorance and lack of understanding of the English language and their complete deficiency in comprehending universally accepted tenets of democratic principles even though they claim to be defenders of democracy. This imaginary collection of beggars and booth lickers that call themselves lawyers of course Biafrans know better that ASLADD is a distant cousin to TRIPOB and BUHARIPOB set up and bank rolled by both the Anambra state government and the Nigeria government in their attempt to discredit the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Biafra Restoration movement.

We are aware that huge public funds that should be channeled towards ameliorating the suffering of the Biafra people are being expended wastefully through the creation of nonexistent faceless groups like ASLADD as well as used as patronage for conscienceless individuals whose preoccupation is how to maximize the oppressive and dehumanizing condition of the Biafran people for their selfish interest.

In every democratic and civilized society, opposition parties, groups or individuals are part of the democratic process. We understand the quagmire in which this invented ASLADD has found itself considering the fact that the clime in which they were set up by the government to operate is indeed neither factually democratic nor civilized. This explains their confusion and befuddlement that the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu could exhibit so much courage to reject the status quo and take a stand against the continued humiliation and oppression of the Biafran people by those put in power by Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy.

How much more unintelligent can the so called ASLADD be with their postulation to the effect that IPOB is neither a registered party nor registered by the corporate affairs commission and in effect should not according to them demand for the boycott of the November 18th Anambra elections. Who told ASLADD that Indigenous Peoples are corporate organizations that should be registered by a government agency saddled with the responsibility of registering commercial enterprises? This is a gross exhibition of ignorance at the extreme.

This illusory group of nit wits fails to understand that the recognition of the civic duty of the citizen in respect to voting by that same constitution they pretend to derive their whapped authority from protects the citizen’s right to choice. In stipulating this right the constitution does not place any higher burden or responsibility on the citizen to exercise this right in favour of one or the other but is given the freedom to make a reasonable decision after a holistic analysis of his past and present condition.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) having taken stock of their past and present condition in the contraption called Nigeria and well in line with their right to Self-determination have chosen to exercise their right to choice freely and without compulsion in favour of a boycott of all political process in Nigeria as it relates to election starting with the November 18th Anambra election. We do not owe ASLADD or anyone for that matter an apology for exercising our freedom of choice. Again ASLADD fail to comprehend the meaning of civil disobedience. I will suggest they do some more research on civil disobedience. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has the right to utilize civil disobedience to drive home its demand for a referendum for the Biafran people to again exercise their right to choice. We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu make no apology to the fact that we are opposed to any further bastardization of our land by agents of Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy who are selected to ensure that we remain submissive while our common wealth are criminally stolen and carted away from our land for the benefit of the children of our oppressors while our children roam the streets hopeless. We are opposed to the continued humiliation and rape of our women and murder of our youths. We are opposed to the constant desecration of the sacred land of Biafra through the daily spilling of the blood of innocent Biafran men, women and children by the Fulani Janjaweed Herdsmen.

We understand but do not excuse the fact that the long period of subjugation during which people were suffering and smiling may have numbed many to a state of hopelessness and inaction. Nevertheless there is no disputing the evident and desperate hunger noticeable in the eyes of the Biafran people for true and courageous leadership. To faceless groups like ASLADD and eternal servants such as Joe Igbokwe, the Indigenous people of Biafra are very pleased to state without equivocation that we have found this true, courageous but selfless leadership in the person of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Having found a true and trusted leader whose preoccupation revolves around the wellbeing of his people, we make bold to state that the combined forces of evil, internal and external enemies that feed fat on the continued abject subjugation of the Biafran people will not and cannot distract us from our set objective which is the RESTORATION OF THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA. The pathetic life of people like Joe Igbokwe cannot and will not be used as the yardstick to conclude that the Biafran people have chosen to remain under subjugation in perpetuity. Going through his regurgitation on the compromised and fake news outlet called the Punch newspaper, one can only feel sorry for him as he bemoans his unfulfilled life as discerned in the naked envy palpable in his diatribe against Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Joe Igbokwe’s life has passed him by and he becomes angry that a young man named Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has attained a status he Igbokwe could only dream of but will never attain not even in a thousand reincarnations.

The Directorate of state of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu do here restate and reaffirm the resolve of the Biafra people to boycott any and every Nigerian election in Biafraland starting with the November 18th Anambra election. We concluded by saying that we have embarked upon this journey prepared knowing full well that our enemies will throw every arsenal at their disposal at us. We are confident that the Indigenous People of Biafra will emerge from the crucible unscathed and victorious because we have a true and committed leader but above all because our strength and resolve comes from the MOST HIGH CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA in whom we trust and HE shall give us victory to the glory of HIS name.


Mazi Chika Edoziem
Head Directorate of State

Tuesday, 15 August 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

As countless groups of Arewa Youths sponsored by Nigeria government to be causing nuissance to Nigeria media traffic has continued to spring up everyday by day with different nomenclatures calling for the re-arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) without knowing the position of law in calling for the re-arrest of a defendant granted bail by the court of law, it has become imperative to educate these Arewa poorly lettered noise-making youths. The need urgency of this education for the poorly lettered and intellectually bankrupt Arewa youths who are presently constituting nuisance in Nigeria media traffic is to save Northern Nigeria from further embarrassment occasion by the declaration somersault of their youths which have eventually culminated into a protest in Abuja calling for the re-arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It could be recalled that Arewa youths with a new nomenclature called AREWA YOUTH ASSEMBLY protested in Abuja on August 9, 2017 demanding for the re-arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whom they described as causing problem in Nigeria.

It is unfortunate that poor education has made these Arewa youths and their sponsors which is the cabals managing Nigeria government failed to understand that Nnamdi Kanu was just been released on bail by a federal high court in Nigeria after 18 months of unlawful detention without trial which Nigeria government is yet to scale through the tight robe which it is walking upon at the moment due to damages which Nnamdi Kanu may claim after the case as the case is still pending in the Federal High Court, Abuja. Arewa youths and their clueless sponsors should also know that another case of gross human right abuse of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his men is still hanging on the neck of Nigeria government in ECOWAS awaiting its verdict no matter the time wasting of Hon Justice Micha Wright of ECOWAS court who presides over the case which will mean a serious consequences on Nigeria government when verdict is given. Arewa youths should spare the Northern Nigeria further disgrace and dance of shame by asking themselves why their Islamic government of Nigeria could not be able to open a trial on Nnamdi Kanu since 18 months accusation of treasonable felony after the two court of competent jurisdiction presided over by the duo of Hon Usman Shaibu and Hon Justice Adeniyi Ademola initially ruled that he should be released unconditionally on separate trial of criminal conspiracy/management of unlawful society (Magistrate Court) and Terrorism (Federal High Court).

It is important to ask the poorly educated Arewa whether they actually understand legal implication and judicial damages which Nigeria government will incur if they tries to touch Nnamdi Kanu again? I want to use this opportunity to tell Arewa youths to stop making mockery of Northern Nigeria over the clueless call for Nnamdi Kanu re-arrest because no law in Nigeria and beyond has legal backing to be activated for arrest of Nnamdi Kanu again over the issue of Biafra agitation, if you people do not know. In fact, the case of Nigeria government against Nnamdi Kanu in the federal high court presided over by Justice Binta Nyako is just waiting for nothing at the moment but to be struck out by the court because Nigeria Acting-President has overrides the court by making so many extra-judicial remarks on the case and at the same time took the matter of Nnamdi Kanu's agitation to political solution via dialogues which was why the Arewa youths came into the picture with a call of re-arrest. Instead, if Nigeria government continue to detain Benjamin Mmadubugwu, David Nwawuisi, Chidiebere Onwudiwe and Bright Chimezie, it is accumulating an enormous damages to be paid due the fact that some of them have been detained over two years without trial.

Do those people calling for Nnamdi Kanu's re-arrest doing so from the point of judicial law known to Nigeria that an accused granted bail who committed no other crime could be re-arrested? Or are they still dwelling in the past when Gen Buhari said that he will never release Nnamdi Kanu even if court rules so? For their information, Nnamdi Kanu can never be arrest again in Nigeria because the court cannot overrule itself. Let Arewa youths go back to that Kaduna declaration which contained a call to Nigeria government and United Nations to conduct a referendum for Biafrans as these useless and intellectually bankrupt declaration somersault, jumping from one declaration, one ultimatum and threats to the other as the movie script is being written for them by their sponsors to be dramatizing should be done away with. The only thing that will bring peace in Nigeria once again is carving out of Biafra out of Nigeria. If that is not done, Arewa youths will continue to issue threats, ultimatum, declarations and calls for re-arrest in futility. I rest my case!

Sunday, 13 August 2017


(13 Aug. 2017 edition)

By Maxwell Chuks
for Family Writers

On this edition of 'Spotlight Of The Week' from Family Writers Press; we'll take you round BiafraLand, Nigeria and some parts of the world as we will be bringing to you updates and events which got people talking during the week. Also on this edition are reactions, thoughts and observation from the public and Spotlight desk.

• "Our quit notice stands; Igbos must leave the North before October 1st" -Arewa Youths and elders insist.
This came after it was rumoured that Arewa Youths & elders (Northerners) have withdrawn the quit notice given to Biafrans. But after holding a meeting,, they(Arewa Youths) made it clear and open that the quit notice still stands.

• Still on Northerners, Quit Notice, Biafrans and Nigeria;
Northerners release a song a war/hate song, calling for the massacre of Biafrans..
Hmmm..... Another bloodshed looming. The world should take note.

• India considers dumping Nigeria's crude oil for US crude.
Ghen! Ghenn!!
* India's Hindustan Petroleum Corporation is considering dumping Nigeria's crude oil for US crude. This came less than three years after the US stopped imports of Nigerian crude oil.

• "Buhari where are you?, Resume Or Resign" Groups in Nigeria and London holds protests.
This matter didn't just end there, in fact it turned out to something else. This group under the slogan 'Resume Or Resign' and "Our Mumu Don Do Movement", commenced what they termed 'daily sit out' in both Nigeria and London to demand for the return or resignation of Muhammadu Buhari who have been away since he took over the presidential seat of Nigeria. The group also said Buhari is holding Nigeria to ransom.
Hmmm.... Still watching.

• Biafra -
Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state tenders apology to IPOB over 30th May 2016 killing of IPOB members at Onitsha, insist he was misled by the police. Hmmm...
In respond to the apology, "Your apology won't bring back, those massacred at Onitsha. Prove your remorse by calling for Biafra referendum" Biafrans tells Obiano.

• It was a bloody Sunday in Ozubulu Anambra state as Islamic terrorists attack St. Phillips Catholic church during morning mass, kill many and left scores injured.

• "Biafrans do not have the culture of carrying out mass killing" - Nnamdi Kanu condemns Ozubulu Catholic church massacre, voice out over the report by the police who alleged those who carried out the attack were Igbo speaking Biafrans.
On same vein; • "Hausa-Fulani militia responsible for Ozubulu massacre, Nigeria government trying to cover up the truth" - Fani-Kayode react.

• Still on Ozubulu massacre:-
Contrary to the report by the Nigerian police that the attackers were Igbo assassins sent to assassinate a drug baron, an eye witness who spoke to newsmen said: "It was a Jihadi attack, the gunmen were not Igbos. The report of the police is false".

• "Buhari should be made 'minister of affairs' if he'll not resign" - Governor Fayose spites fire.
Speaking further, he said: "Why didn't they take me to London? It's obvious they know I will come back to tell the truth".
Hmmmm.. Still wondering and trying to know what the truth is all about? Keep watching this Nigeria political movie.

• Now we move over to Anambra state where the 'No Election' declared by Biafrans, for the forthcoming gubernatorial election is giving political parties and politicians headache.
"Ignore IPOB, election must hold" - that's according to APGA.
In respond; Biafran Youths blast APGA, insist on 'No Election'.

• While protesters are busy protesting and the Nigerian police are busy brutalizing them,, the Nigerian Senate wore their cap, sat on their red chamber and said....
"Buhari won't resign".
Ohuoh! Welcome to Nigeria.

• Arewa Youths again!
Guess what they said this time...
"Nnamdi Kanu hindering peace talks". Heheheee.
Questions everyone has been asking are - Which peace talks? How is Nnamdi Kanu hindering it, and when?.
Guess what....
After these questions, no reasonable reason have been presented by this group who accused Nnamdi Kanu of hindering the so-called 'Peace talks'.

• "Arrest and Kill Nnamdi Kanu now" - Arewa Youths tells Federal government of Nigeria.

• "Stop donating your children as suicide bombers" - NCWS urge Northerners.

• Again, still on Ozubulu massacre; " It's a terror attack, Not a drug war. Police deceived the Governor and public" - that's according to Hon. Ikenna Ofodeme, Local government chairman of Ekwusigo L.G.A.

• During the week; Charlie boy a.k.a Area Father, slumped and faint following police brutality on anti-Buhari protesters in Abuja.
Welcome to Nigeria!

• "We clamped down on anti-Buhari protesters because their act was a disturbance of public peace and a near breakdown of law and order in the nation's capital" - that's from the police.
This came shortly after the senate condemned the brutality on the protesters who demand that Buhari should Resume or Resign.

• "Your demands are unreasonable, leave Buhari alone" - Senate tell protesters.

• "Leave Niger Delta before October 1st" - Militants warn Northerners and Yorubas.

• Still in Nigeria; Father dumps four children with notice lamenting of hardship in Nigeria.
Note - He's not the first or only person lamenting of hardship in Nigeria neither is he the first person who did the amazing because of the hardship in Nigeria.
Surprise? You don't have to.

• Police uncover ritual den in Obadeyi Ajala street, Ijaye Ojokoro area of Lagos state, where they also found body parts and shoes of those killed by the ritualists.

- Now we gradually move out of Nigeria -
• After threats from North Korea; during the week there have been serious tension as U.S, Japanese troops prepare for war over North Korea's missile threat.

• During the wonderful week; Spotlight plane took me to Kenya, where the Incumbent president, Uhuru Kenyatta wins Kenya's hotly contested poll.

• "Without restructuring, there will be no peace and there'll be no election in Nigeria" - Ayo Adebanjo tells FG of Nigeria.

• Back to BiafraLand -
Anambra guber, "If Biafra referendum is not conducted, There will be No Election" - The leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu insist as he visit Anambra again.

• During the week; IPOB took over construction of South East dilapidated federal roads abandoned by Nigeria government for decades.
According to IPOB Umuahia Zone,, the construction of the road is to ease movement.
Wow! Great.

on from Family Writers

° IPOB: Elder Edwin Clarke Vs Director Nnamdi Kanu: The Dance Of Jealousy.
° Now I Understand What Biafran Agitators Where Going Through In The Hands Of Nigerian Police -Charlie Boy.
° Ibibio Clan To Present A Memorandum Of Understanding Template For The Proposed Biafra Nation.
° Ozubulu Church Terrorist Attack: A Serious Danger In IgboLand, And Biafra Restoration As The Only Escape Route.

Saturday, 12 August 2017



Published by Family Writers

AS calls for restructuring continue to gain ground across the country, Elder statesman and leader of Afenifere, the Yoruba socio-cultural group, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has warned that there will be no peace in Nigeria unless the nation goes back to the constitution of its founding fathers. Belching fire, the octogenarian told VINCENT KALU that the country must be restructured before 2019 general elections.
Chief Ayo Adebanjo

According to him, “the national question must be settled before any other election in this country. The issue of restructuring or coming back to true federalism should not be made an election issue. It should be settled before further elections.” He warned that if anything untoward happens to acting President Yemi Osibanjo, that will lead to the end of Nigeria.

    For some months, the polity seems to be overheated and the country seems to be on edge, what is the reason for this?

The major reason is that we have abandoned the path that we are supposed to take. We abandoned the foundation that our forefathers gave us, and we have refused to go back to it.

What foundation was that?

It is the foundation of federalism. There was this crisis in 1953, and the Colonial Office sent for our political leaders as a result of which the Constitution of 1954 was promulgated, which established true federalism and led to Azikiwe, Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello becaming premiers of their regions.

It was that constitution that we carried on after independence and till 1963 when we became a Republic. The problem started when the military took over and restructured Nigeria. When you talk of restructuring now, people think it is a new word. When the military came into power, it abandoned the Independence constitution and put up its own structure; a unitarist government.

When  the military wanted to return us to civilian rule, we said, let’s go back to where we were because this unitarist government doesn’t pay. There was competition among the regions when we had the independence constitution, and they were autonomous. Everybody knew how much was coming to them. Under that system, the regions had external positions in London, Chief Awolowo had Western House in London, and it was where I got married in 1960 because of the autonomy of the regions, which is what we are asking for.

That is why I continue to say, what is the problem with our northern brothers? Are they more northern than Sadauna, that approved the constitution? That was what he approved before he agreed to be in Nigeria.

After the crisis of 1953, he wanted to opt out of Nigeria, but he was convinced that he had his autonomy, as there would be a federal system. It was that word that was taken to London in 1954. It was at that conference that Azikiwe was converted to federalism. Once the national question is not settled, you can’t get peace. All these problems are arising because of the wrong system we have been following.

The southern leaders have been hammering on restructuring as the way out of the problem, and they went a step further to call for the implementation of the 2014 Confab report, but recently, the National Assembly voted against the devolution of powers in its proposed constitutional amendments…

(Cuts in) I never thought and those of us in the conference never thought that anything should go to the National Assembly because it was part of the problem that we solved. All the powers that they wielded have been reduced and that is why they are kicking. The recommendation of the confab is that the report should go for a referendum. Do you know how much members of the National Assembly earn? This is a guarded secret and that is what they want to continue. All that had been removed in the report. It is foolish of you to expect that they would approve what will be against their interest.

One thing people seem not to know including members of the NASS, particularly, when they say that the confab was not representative, but the constitution they are giving us, who made it? The confab of 2014 was more representative than this 1999 Constitution.

The 1999 constitution is a military constitution, made by two or three people – Abacha, Abdulsalami and co. The 2014 conference represented all spheres of influence – all professional bodies, youths, religious organisations, political parties, traditional institutions, etc. You want to compare that with the constitution that Abdulsalami and co made?. I’m disappointed that those in the NASS who called themselves, progressives can still be insisting on implementing a military constitution under civilian administration.  We didn’t make that constitution, it was imposed on us and you want us to be bound by the constitution that we didn’t make.

Now that the military has gone, we have the opportunity to remove all the iniquities, and you said no, what is the sense, if there is no hidden agenda?

This is a Northern Constitution made by the Northern military men in 1999 in favour of the North, and the evidence is clear. Even the question of the population they used, where is the population? We are the only country where more people live in the desert region than in the forest region. It was the colonial government that did that. We said we don’t want problem, since the military wanted to go, we agitated for a sovereign national conference. There was nothing strange in that. We just wanted to say, let us go back to where we started from. Why should that be a problem? It is obvious that this constitution that you have given us is loaded against the South, and you want us to continue with that?.

On what basis were the local governments created? On what basis were the states created? It was arbitrary. We say, okay, don’t let us quarrel; we still want to live together. We must not confuse restructuring, federalism with the question of separating or breaking up the country. Far from it; It is a mischievous interpretation. Those who don’t want restructuring want to break up the country, why?

The constitution they want us to continue using is loaded against us, and you want us to continue with it?. We gave you instances of how it is loaded against us; you can’t disprove it. We say, restructuring is going back to independence, you said no, it was not so. In the independence constitution, the functions of the Federal Government were stated, and the residual powers were in the regions, no problem. The question of revenue allocation and derivation was settled, which runs over to resource control now. All that was agreed upon.

At that time, the North was having 50 per cent on groundnut, West was having cocoa and the East, palm oil, and we were peaceful. That was the basis for the development Awolowo made in the Western Region. Did you read on any occasion he went to Balewa for subsidy?

When he built the Liberty Stadium, Sardauna built Ahmadu Bello Stadium. Ahmadu Bello built university, Awolowo also built university, and there was healthy competition. That is what we should go back to, and you said we must continue a constitution which is most unfavorable to the South and most favorable to the North; most partisan. In the unity of the horse and the rider, you want to be the rider and we are the horse and you want us to keep quiet?.

Where do we go from here?

There is no Nigeria. Why is Biafra on, they say they are being cheated? Why is Avengers on, they say they are being cheated? Of late now, we have been suppressing the Oduduwa youths, and they are saying because the peaceful way we are agitating is not acceptable to the North.

This boy leading Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, I have always said that, he is not as bad as you think. The young man is saying that the Federal Government is not keen on being fair. He gave the instance of Aburi which they went back on, and he gave the instance of other things they went back. Right now, they are not sure of restructuring in a way that will be fair. So, let me get out from the marriage. If you are in a club and you feel cheated, would you still remain in that club? That is the case. The Federal Government is mischievous and not sincere about keeping the country together. Look at the Federal Government saying it doesn’t want restructuring. Pastor Tunde Bakare, recently explained that he gave a memorandum to Buhari on how to do restructuring, but the government is saying that it doesn’t want restructuring.

Is restructuring in APC manifestoes?

The party  only want to be mischievous. Buhari under APC doesn’t want to rule, he wants to dominate. Those who are being oppressed resist, and if you think you can rule us under this condition, you are playing with fire.

Most of the northerners who were part of the confab have distanced themselves from the report, saying it was an exercise in futility

What do you expect? Do you know how we defeated them in the Confab? The minorities of the North, the Southern Kaduna and others, whom they have been oppressing were wooed to our side to vote, ‘yes’ Those northern minorities in Kaduna, Borno, etc were given states to extricate them from northern domination. People didn’t know why we recommended state creation when they argue that the 36 states are not viable, it is because of the minorities in the North, who cried that they were under slavery, as being experienced in Southern Kaduna. They are the people who said, please get us a state and we looked for those who would work together to form a region.

That is why under this confab report, we made provision that any state which wants to join with another is free to do so.  As it is now, there are minorities in those areas that don’t like where they are. My contention is that those who don’t agree with the 2014 confab recommendations should tell us what is not there that was there, or what was there that was not supposed to be.  They are not honest with the question of keeping this country together peacefully.

From what we saw at the National Assembly, it seems everything about restructuring  has been rested?

No, no, don’t tell me that. We never expected the approval of the report by the NASS. The NASS was assembled under this fraudulent constitution, which we never agreed with. It is a product of this faulty constitution that we are opposed to.

How do we go about it?

Simple, if we don’t do it, the country will go its own ways. The national question must be settled before any other election in this country. The issue of restructuring or coming back to true federalism should not be made an election issue. It should be settled before further elections. The way we are going to live together must be settled before any other elections, and that was the stand of NADECO.  Abdulsalami asked us what we were doing, we said, we wanted to know the condition under which we will live together. He said he was in a hurry to handover power. Those of us who could look into the future said if we don’t settle this then there would be problems, and here we are.

Take the example of Russia, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, until they broke into their ethnic nationalities there was no peace. Even those who were virtually brought together, they later broke. Why can’t we learn our lesson?

We have no reason for all that, our founding-fathers found a way to our living together. Our being brought together in the first place was by force not by our consent – the amalgamation of 1914, but we agreed that it was a good thing to be a big country, but on the condition that every federating unit should be happy. The issue at stake is, should Nigerians agree to stay together under agreed terms imposed by a section of the country?

Some analysts argue that the confab answered only one question, how to live together as Nigerians, but didn’t answer the question if we want to be Nigerians?

That is not right. We all agreed that we want to stay together, and we stated the condition under which we are going to live together. It is those conditions that they don’t want to accept. It is mischievous for anybody to say that we didn’t agree to stay together. Obasanjo said that our founding fathers agreed to stay together, but he didn’t say the terms. He doesn’t know history. Of course, he is a military man. The truth is that our founding fathers agreed to stay together under that Independence Constitution.

Restructuring is not a strange word, it means going back to the status quo ante. Devolution of powers was settled; the way we are going to share our revenue was settled, and we were living in peace. These are the facts the Federal Government wants to breach. We now have an avenue to go back to settle peacefully, you say no, that we must continue to remain under the imposed condition by the military.

Those who are opposed to restructuring like Buhari and others are telling us that it is the military constitution that they made, which they want us to stay on, which is very unfavorable to the South. How do you want us to live together under that condition? This constitution that they want us to abide with was not made by us, it is the  military that made it. Is that democratic?

People who put restructuring in their manifestoes are now saying ‘what do you want to restructure?’ What did they understand by restructuring before they put it in their manifestoes? El-Rufai and co should tell us what they understood by restructuring before they put it there. I understood he wrote the party manifestoes. They used that to deceive the electorate.

Nigerians are confused over the manner the restructuring would be carried out. We have elected members at the National Assembly, would they be dissolved and other democratic institutions?

It has to be done before the elections. Where there is the will, there will be a way. We have known the defects of this constitution, and if the head of state is sincere about it, he should call for referendum for the confab report, even though there is no referendum in the constitution, which is part of the defects, because we didn’t make the constitution. If he is sincere, he should cause to pass into a law and put in referendum and let the people vote for it. It is simple. Laws are made for man and not man for law. We want to make a law that will keep us together, and we are saying that NASS is not our assembly; it is a product of constitution that we didn’t approve of. Send us back to the constitution before the 1966 coup agreed to by the founding fathers. Are they saying they are now wiser than our founding fathers?  As you can see, the NASS is not ready to yield ground and the Presidency also is not ready to yield to restructuring, where does this lead us? Disintegration!

Can we pay the price of disintegration?

You must bear the consequences of the act. We have a system that can make us live together, you said, no. Those who don’t want to restructure the country are the ones who want to break it. The federating units won’t stay in the country under unfavourable condition. They won’t stay in a federation on conditions laid down by a section of the country loaded against them. It is evil. You want us to continue under a system, whereby the North contributes a penny to the pool and collects one thousand, and those who contribute 60 per cent, you give them two per cent. That is the system where we are and we say let us rectify it, you say no way, because you are holding the arms. By the time you kill everybody, we’ll see who you are going to rule.

What are your fears for this country?

My fear is that if Buhari with APC does not see sense to do what is needful, he’ll be held  responsible for breaking the country. Anybody who claims to love Nigeria and is opposed to establishing the country on a federal basis is an enemy of the nation. They are the people who want to break the country; you can’t force people to live together. Even Great Britain, after living together for so many years, Scotland said it wanted to break away, have they killed them? They are agitating, not to talk of people with diverse cultures. Those of us who are clamouring for restructuring are the people who want the people to live peacefully. Anybody opposed to it wants this country to disintegrate.

How do you rate acting President Yemi Osinbajo and the way he is handling the affairs of this nation?

He is handling it constitutionally. I only hope that people will not use unconstitutional means to displace him. He is acting well and I hope there is no circumstance that anybody would say that he can truncate this democratic system using undemocratic means. If that happens, that will be the disintegration of this country. We hope people will not use any unconstitutional means to frustrate Osinbajo if it is necessary for him to assume the Presidency.

Right now, there are insinuations that all the security personnel around him are northerners, is that right?

The other day his wife was celebrating 50th birthday, no northerner was there. Do they think we are fools? We keep on shouting One Nigeria. One Nigeria is only when you are in control.

You mentioned One Nigeria. Where and when did the slogan emanate? I’m yet to hear One Ghana, One Rwanda, One Egypt, One Britain?

It was in the pre-independence era. Nnamdi Azikiwe under NCNC believed in the unitarist form of Nigeria. Awolowo believed in federalism and said there must be state creation. Azikiwe equated One Nigeria to the unitarist form of government. That is the origin of One Nigeria. Awo said we can have One Nigeria not under unitarist government, but under federal government. It’s a slogan to confuse people.

Zik and others including Edwin Clark, who was his follower were criticising Awo of being a tribalist when he, Awo, said there should creation of states for the minorities to be really establish a federal institution. At that time, there were only three regions and the North alone was bigger than other regions put together, Awo said this was an unequal federation, that there must be more states.

In the course of fighting for that, Zik criticized Awo as a separatist, until they arrived in 1954 at that conference, where Awo converted Zik to a federalist. On their return from the London Conference, at the airport, Zik told pressmen that federalism was imperative. Awo opined that in a country with diverse ethnic nationalities, diverse cultures and religions, that unitarist form of government could never work. The argument of Awo was in consonance with that of  the US and Ghana. That was how federalism was established in the constitution. Let anybody contradict what I have said. Before going to the 1954 Constitution conference in London, Zik was a unitarist, while Awo was a consistent federalist. Federalism was the agreed constitution of 1954, which the Northern people changed and that is why we are in trouble today. We will never get out of this trouble until we go back to our founding fathers’ constitution.

El-Rufai, Buhari and the Northern governors, are they more northern than Sardauna, who agreed to this constitution? It was under this constitution that Balewa was the prime minister; it was under this constitution that Tanko Yakasai was the parliamentary secretary to Balewa. I’m challenging Yakasai. Why are they opposing that constitution now? This is what your founding fathers in the north agreed to; what has changed? I have been deliberately mentioning Yakasai, but he has not answered me. I have been challenging the Northern leaders if they are more Northern than Sardauna, who agreed that this was the way to live together. That was the best time that the north made progress and it is what Atiku is saying. We have passed the stage of somebody saying that restructuring was trying to break the country. We want to stay together, but what we are saying is the condition must be agreed upon. And if there is no agreement, it is separation. That is why I maintain that those opposed to restructuring want to break up this country.

In a recent newspaper interview, Balarabe Musa described the southern leaders and some Middle Belt leaders as troublemakers.  He said the same thing they are doing now was what led to the civil war, and that it was the conspiracy of the Southwest and the South East that brought about that war. What is your reaction to this?

Balarabe Musa is a confusionist. It makes me believe that these Fulani people, no matter what they say, this domination thing lives in them. He is a progressive. How can you say we are troublemakers when we are pointing out the evil in the constitution you want us to obey, and we say remove this iniquity, you say we are troublemakers. I don’t regard him as one of the Fulani hegemonists, but the way he is talking, and the way some of them are behaving, you can see that, that Fulani thing to dominate is always there in them. How can a man like Balarabe Musa say Southern leaders are troublemakers?

As the issue of the need to restructure Nigeria continues to dominate public discourse, Elder statesman, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, has maintained his stand that the call was suspicious.

In this interview with VINCENT KALU, the Chairman of the Northern Elders Council (NEC), said those agitating for restructuring have hidden agenda. He challenged them to come up with a blueprint on what restructuring is all about.

In an interview with your co-elder statesman, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, he warned that if Nigeria is not restructured that there shouldn’t be 2019 general elections; that restructuring should precede 2019. What’s your view on this, do you subscribe to his position?

Both Adebanjo and I, fought for the independence of Nigeria, and I’m older than him about two years, but we joined politics about the same time, some 35 years ago.

At this age, you don’t negotiate with ultimatum; you can’t give an issue an ultimatum. I’m not opposed to restructuring, and I have never heard that North was opposed to restructuring. However, my quarrel with those clamouring for restructuring is that they are yet to bring out the blueprint for it. What are the blueprints; why are those proponents of restructuring afraid of unfolding their agenda? They have a hidden agenda.

Everybody is afraid of a hidden agenda. Why hidden agenda on this matter?  

This is a matter that affects the lives of all Nigerians. They should put it in black and white and what it should look like.

Going back to regions, personally, I have no problem with that, because they started complaining that the North was so big and bigger than the two regions in the South put together.

This is the creation of God. When the British came and conquered Nigeria, they didn’t know which side was South and which was North, they just started conquering one after the other. After conquering the South, they moved to the North.

There is no issue, if you want us to go back to the three regions, so be it, but put it in black and white and let it be documented that this is what restructuring would look like.

I know what they have and I know why they are hiding it, but I want them to come out with their own plans of how Nigeria would look like in their own conception and then we come out with our own position. We are not one person, we are people, and we can’t react in the same way, but each individual will then evaluate the situation.

As along as Nigerians don’t understand what restructuring means, it cannot be meaningful to them. Even what Atiku and Babangida said is only in respect of devolution of powers, which is different from restructuring. Devolution of powers, there is no problem.

What they said amounts to devolution of powers. Devolution of powers is transferring items from the Exclusive List to the Concurrent List.

There was a time the Kano State Government set up a committee during the constitutional amendment exercise, I presided over a subcommittee of that committee that dealt with the devolution, we also recommended some of the items that should be transferred to Concurrent List. Devolution of powers is a different thing from restructuring.

If you look at the time of the old constitutional conferences in Nigeria, there were two things that are put as no-go areas. The first is the unity of Nigeria and the second is the federal arrangement of Nigeria.

At the time of Sani Abacha, they didn’t say it black and white but at the time of Babangida, he put it there in black and white that you cannot discuss the issue of unity of Nigeria or the federal structure or arrangement of Nigeria. Those ones were no-go area.

Do you mean since the talk of restructuring started, there is yet to be a paper on how it is going to be?

There are yet to come out with paper on how it is going to work. The clamour is suspicion and people are wondering why it is so difficult for them to come up with a blueprint on this matter that affects the future of every Nigerian.

So, if you are advocating for something that affects the lives of Nigerians, why can’t you bring it in black and white in writing for people to see.

Chief Adebanjo said Sardauna supported the Independent constitution and queried whether you that are opposed to it, are more northerner than the late premier?

I think there is a mistake there. We had three national figures – Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Awolowo and Sardauna.

At the 1953/54 Constitutional Conference, Zik went with the programme for unitary form of government, which we were operating at that time. Even members of the National Assembly- House of Representatives were elected through state electoral college because it was unitary.

After the conference, we adopted federal constitution, which we are operating till today.

The difference is that in those days, the regions had their own constitutions, but operated under a constitution that defined their certain powers in the national constitution. That is the difference.

The national constitution didn’t give any region the power to secede from Nigeria.

Secondly, it is not correct that 50 per cent of the revenue generated by the regions were given to them.

The 50 per cent revenue given to the originator regions were in respect of mineral. It was the elements of ground rents and royalty of which 50 per cent were given to the originating region, as against what is obtained now that we give 13 per cent of the total revenue to the bearing state.

The constitution we are operating now is the same constitution with the Independent and Republican Constitutions. If you go through those constitutions, you can see that the items on the Exclusive Lists now were the same then.

What happened is that they created more states, that is, instead of three or four regions; they created 36 states, which we have been operating for more than 20 years now.

In any case, that constitution he is talking about is what is in operation now.  It has not changed; the only thing that has changed is the number of regions that had been replaced by states, from three to four regions and to 36 states now.

Where do we go from here?

We should respect the structures created by democracy in Nigeria.

There is also the argument that the present constitution was forced down our throats by the military and does not represent the wishes of the people?

We have been obeying the military, and nobody revolted against the military.

Ayo is a lawyer, doesn’t he go to court? Who created the court, is it not the same constitution? Is it not the same military constitution that created the court?

The court was created by the constitution done by the military. Why did he recognize it? The same constitution he doesn’t approve is the same constitution he operates with. You can’t choose one and deny the other. Anybody who doesn’t want the constitution promulgated by the military shouldn’t go to court created by the same constitution.

Rotimi Williams and Ben Nwabueze, came up with the constitution that said, ‘we the people of Nigeria …’, and signed by Obasanjo.

When the constitution was promulgated, Nwabueze didn’t go to protest, Ayo kept quiet, and I kept quiet and others. Nobody in Nigeria protested.

Our leaders, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Awolowo, Malam Aminu Kano, and others accorded recognition to that constitution, they didn’t object to it because it was promulgated by the military, and therefore, they contested elections under the same constitution created by the military.

The 1979 Constitution, equally promulgated by the military in the same way Abdulsalami signed the 1999 Constitution, and elections were conducted, where Obasanjo emerged, Yar’Adua emerged, Jonathan emerged.

Why should we accept the result, why should we respect the National Assembly, states Assembly created by the same constitution promulgated by the military.

So, there is no reason whatsoever that you say that you would not recognise the 1999 Constitution because it was created by the military.




By Ukoro Augustine
For Family Writers Press

The ongoing evangelism for the restoration of Biafra nation has taken a new dimension as the leadership of IPOB in Umuahia took it upon themselves to embark on rehabilitation of bad roads in Abia state. The rehabilitation of the roads has come in handy as many lives and properties worth billions of naira has been lost on those road because of deplorable condition of the roads. The roads in the Biafraland has been on the sorry state, that it makes movement of people and goods in and out of Biafraland very difficult, thereby paralyzing economic activities in the area for years. The bad condition of these roads, since it has been abandoned by the Federal Government of Nigeria is beyond explanation and worrisome to the road users. The federal roads in Biafraland such as Enugu - Port Harcourt expressway, Enugu - Onithsa expressway, Enugu-Otukpo expressway and many others in Biafraland are death traps, as some parts of the roads are impassable. It is upon this reality that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (Ohamadike), Umuahia Chapter has started work on the so called Federal road which is linking Umuahia and Aba to easy the movement between the two cities. According to information gotten by the Family Writers Press the rehabilitation of the roads is ongoing as the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra will be in Aba soon in his tour to preach the gospel of Biafra restoration across Biafraland.

Below is the report from IPOB Umuahia:

"IPOB took over rehabilitation of South East dilapidated Federal roads abandoned by Nigeria government for decades. The repairs on Federal roads linking Umuahia and Aba which has been abandoned for years has been taken over by IPOB UMUAHIA ZONE. This was done to make easy movement of Biafrans to and from Umuahia especially OHAMADIKE's visit to Aba this month end".

The above action is a clear indication that Biafra is the solution to the problems of the old Eastern region know as Biafra. Don't forget that there is an existing 75 years development Action plan cum framework of IPOB for Biafraland infrastructural development when Biafra is restored with the team of world class Biafra civil engineers. I therefore urge every well meaning Biafrans both at home and abroad to support our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his efforts to get Biafra restored through self determination so that Biafraland will be given 21st century infrastructural development with our own indigenous engineers.

Remember that the indefatigable leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has called on Biafrans to boycott election in Anambra state and throughout Biafraland. He has declared that there will be no more election in Biafraland supervised by Nigeria government starting from Anambra state governorship election billed for November 18, 2017, unless referendum date is given to Biafrans. The light has come in Biafraland.

God bless Biafra and those fighting for her freedom.

Edited by Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press.

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