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Monday, 22 October 2018

"I thank Donald Trump and the government of Israel who stood by IPOB in our time of need" –Nnamdi Kanu

"I thank Donald Trump and the government of Israel who stood by IPOB in our time of need" –Nnamdi Kanu

Source: The punch

The leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has said that the intelligence prowess of the MOSSAD will be replicated within Biafran intelligence, purposely to avenge the death of 28 IPOB members, that of his cousin Adaku; and also that of Jack, his dog, all of who were allegedly killed during the invasion of his father’s compound last year.

MOSSAD, short for HaMossad leModi in uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim, is the national intelligence agency of Israel.

Kanu also said that Biafra must be restored. He said that his people wanted a referendum for the Biafran State.

Kanu, who said he was speaking from the holy land of Israel, spoke in English, but regularly spiced his speech with Igbo, promising listeners that he would return.

Kanu said in a live speech on Radio Biafra as broadcast via the Facebook, “I have missed you for 13 months. I pray for all of you seven times every day,” calling for a “moment of silence for the 28 persons who sacrificed their lives that we might live.”

Continuing, he noted that “Fulani killers” sent killers to his house “to kill my entire family;” explaining that he “sustained a severe injury, while 28 men fell.”

He narrated how he and his family members escaped what he described as “assault,” promising that the “efficiency of the MOSSAD” would be replicated in the IPOB intelligence to avenge the blood of IPOB members that fell.

Discussing his invincibility, Kanu said, “No mortal can kill me; I will come back to Biafra land.”

He took sides with the immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, who is currently being detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

“Biafrans stand with Governor Fayose at this dark hour of persecution,” he promised.

He explained that his absence was not voluntary but was forced upon him; saying that the notion that he  jumped bail was “a fallacy, a lie, and a deceit.”

“I’m not afraid of them and can never be. They’re the ones afraid of me and IPOB. I am a Biafran, and I hold British citizenship,” Kanu boasted.

He railed at the judge who had asked his sureties to produce him, saying the judge should have asked the Army why they invaded his family house and sacked the village.

He said, “Nigerian court is a Kangaroo court. I did not jump bail. I left because the court failed to protect me.”

Declaring that he would not honour any court appearance again, Kanu said, “I cannot be tried by a court I do not recognise.

“The zoo called Nigeria cannot jail me. I will fight till the last day,” he vowed.

He took a swipe at the courts, saying, “Till now, Binta Nyanko’s court is yet to hold a hearing about the circumstances that led the Nigerian Army to come to my house to kill 28 people.

“Only upon a clear pronouncement of the intentions of that very court, which I suggest to them should be free, will this very case move forward.

“Going forward, there must be guarantee from the international community so that this case can proceed and I will prove once and for all that there is something fundamentally wrong with the brains of those that rule Nigeria.”

Describing his eventual escape, Kanu said, “Two jets were hovering over and they stormed into my house and I sustained severe injuries and in the process of trying to defend me, 28 men fell. They are forever our hero.”

“The sole purpose of that evil dance was to kill me and members of my family. They didn’t want me to go to Abuja because they didn’t have any case against me.

“They were afraid they would be disgraced before the world. They decided to eliminate me instead.

“They know if I go to court, that very country will not be the same again.”

Continuing, he said, “All we desire is freedom; we have no shred of hatred; we are frustrated. Biafra must come.”

Exonerating the IPOB of any “form of lawlessness,” he said his people were innocent.

“The sole purpose of the Python Dance was to kill me. There was no justification for the invasion,” he enthused.

He took a swipe at the “Igbo supporters” of the “Fulani Buhari,” with particular vitriol for Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, who he said directed the assault on his father’s compound.

He added, “I am Nnamdi Kanu, no mortal flesh can kill me. They have not given birth to that very person. Since they didn’t want me to come to court, I shall come back to Biafra land. There is nobody who can accuse IPOB of engaging in any form of lawlessness. I am in Israel.

“This same court that granted me bail stood by and watched as the army disobeyed court order. The army in contempt of court court came to kill me. I was in my home preparing to go to Abuja for my case when they came to kill me. They even killed Jack, our dog. They killed my cousin, Adaku and 28 others. The notion that I jumped bail is a fallacy, a lie and a deceit. It is untenable in law.”

He said whenever IPOB chooses to revenge, the world would know that it is due to extreme provocation.

He called on the Middle Belt to join IPOB so that the region could “also be free.”

In the over 50-minute live Facebook feed, Nnamdi Kanu added: “IPOB military intelligent evacuated me from my compound when the Army of the Zoo attacked me.

“I thank Donald Trump and the government of Israel who stood by IPOB in our time of need. I thank Prof. Ben Nwabueze who stood by me.

“I want to send my solidarity to Ayo Fayose and assure him that Biafra will stand by him in this hour of need. We will have a special place for him in Biafra.

“I thank all my sureties that stood by me. My unavailability was forced on me.

“I shall not be honouring the court. The notion that I jumped bail is a fallacy in law. I did not jump bail. On the 14th of September, 2017, the terrorists of the Zoo came to kill me. They know if I go to court Nigeria will burn and I was forced to leave. I did not jump bail.

“The Zoo called Nigeria cannot jail me. I will fight till the last day.

“I am not a Nigerian. I already renounced Nigeria in 2015. I am a Biafran with British nationality. I cannot be tried by a court I do not recognise. I do not recognise Nigeria. I can only come to the court with UN supervision.

“IPOB will liberate Biafra and we will not take part in any election, until we get a referendum and this is not negotiable. We will achieve this by every necessary means. We thank Israel for all the contributions they made to IPOB. I owe my survival to the State of Israel.”

Kanu also decreed the South East or South South Nigeria out of existence. “It shall be known as Biafra. Without referendum, nothing will happen in Nigeria. IPOB will not participate in any election and that position will never change.

“IPOB is the largest mass movement in the whole world. We will not stop until Biafra is fully restored.

Declaring war on Nigeria, Kanu said, “Chukwu Okike Obiama has assured me that Biafra shall come. All collaborators will feel the full weight of the anger of the Biafran people.

“I am coming back to Biafra land soon and I will bring hell with me the way it has never been seen before.”

Thursday, 18 October 2018



With the planned 2019 Nigeria general elections in view, God is in His own wisdom, steadily working out modalities that will precipitate speedy Biafra referendum. Many people are yet trying to grapple with the unfolding scenarios to their own bewilderment. The political hurricane currently blowing across Nigeria is however sharply sifting the genuine seeds of Biafra redemption and agents of oppression. These sons of perdition are shamelessly masquerading as sympathizers of the struggle for political independence of the ancient nation of Biafra. It is important to state here to the understanding of slow learners of history, that the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Atiku Abubakar of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), two aged Fulani Islamic fundamentalist bigots, power drunken, desperate political sadists, are respectively God's designs to hasten the conduction of the much anticipated Biafra referendum. The brazen desperation to grasp power by these two "Fulani Old Horses", will certainly bring into accomplishment this project as Atiku Abubakar will not give in to vagaries of  political compromise which the gubernatorial aspirants in Anambra State did for Governor Willie Obiano who was declared winner in the State's election of November, 2017. In the said election, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) amongst others, which was massively boycotted, caused fear amongst Anambra State politicians, of the much touted declaration of "state of emergency" in the event of constitutional crises.

What then would be of utmost importance to the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, the array of Biafra media teams, IPOB field evangelists and battalions of other freedom-hungry Biafrans, centres not on who emerges as the presidential flagbearers of the political parties standing in for the Nigerian general elections of 2019, but the resources required to harness the accomplishment of the goal of convincing Biafrans to clinically boycott the 2019 general elections within the entire Biafraland, particularly. That decision remains irrevocable even if Mazi Nnamdi Kanu himself or Mazi Uche Mefor, his deputy surfaces with converse messages as flagbearers or running mates on the platform of any of these political parties in Nigeria. The IPOB leadership should resiliently resist such a nomenclature and concentrate undeterred on employing the total usage of all available human, capital and intellectual resources at her disposal to ensure that Biafrans fully comprehend the import of successful and damning boycott of the Nigerian organised 2019 general elections.

This will definitely create unprecedented political hostilities that will culminate into a global demand for Biafra referendum. Political predators are well aware of this fact and that informs the reason why they are presently expending huge amounts of ill-gotten money and creating structures to hoodwink gullible Biafrans into participating in the elections with their votes, thereby giving the impression to the world that elections also took place in Biafraland. As these political merchants therefore indulge in desperate campaigns for successful 2019 elections, all IPOB departments ranging from the Highest Command, Directorate of State, Field Coordinators/Campaigners and vibrant Media Outlets suggestively and of necessity, should "up the game" and engage in sleepless activities of cohesion as the campaign for the total boycott of the upcoming 2019 Nigerian organised general elections. This most assuredly will povoke Biafra referendum. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, may not have crude oil money to splash on people in the rural/urban communities as the politicians do,  but we have inexhaustible reservoir of unflinching loyalty and support of the people of Biafra cum volunteer human resources to get all the necessary assignments regarding the election boycott, exceptionally accomplished.

Like the Anambra State gubernatorial election boycott by Biafrans, underneath are some glaring realities that quelled the envisaged constitutional crises that would have taken place in the State following the boycotted guber election.

Three good weeks before the election date which Biafrans massively boycotted, all the governorship aspirants in Anambra State in the persons of Tony Nwoye (APC), Oseloka Obaze (PDP), Willie Obiano (APGA), Yul Edochie (SDP) amongst others, experienced the heat of IPOB undeterred campaign for a boycott of that election. The aspirants met in Anambra State Government House situated in Awka and unanimously accepted that the incumbent being Governor Willie Obiano of APGA, should be declared the winner of the election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), whether the people really voted on that 18th November 2017 election or not.

All these aspirants established acceptable compromise before the election which stated that none of them would challenge the INEC announced result in the tribunal. They all agreed to have the incumbent governor  publicly declared as the winner of the election following the abysmal boycott recorded as a result of IPOB campaign of non-participation. The campaign had the potency of eliciting damnable constitutional crises in the State. This compromise stance of the gubernatorial candidates was agreed to, three weeks before the election and INEC officials were assured of the protection of their integrity by the aspirants' decision not to approach any election tribunal to challenge the results.

The advantage presented by the looming IPOB massive 2019 general elections boycott strategy especially as it borders on the presidential candidature of Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar is really pragmatic. The two candidates are desperately power hungry and will never accept a compromise situation for each other like what obtained in Anambra State in 2017. For these two contending Fulani political sadists, it will be gladdening to them to see Nigeria go up in flames than for any of them to repudiate his inordinate ambitions. They will rather create unprecedented constitutional crises that will engulf Nigeria than proffer pre-emptive solutions.

This is the more reason why the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) should aggravate successful election boycott campaigns throughout the entire Biafran territories. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), lacks the capacity to get either Atiku's or Buhari's nod to announce fictitious results in Biafraland if Biafrans conscientiously boycott that Presidential election. The IPOB struggle presently should be to get our people convinced to completely boycott the elections. Invariably, the desperation of these Fulanis will heat up the polity thereby, prompting the global community to demand answers to mind boggling questions. Premised on this development, we will be at the vantage position of giving explanations as a people, why the elections were boycotted. Our campaigns for total boycott must not end in the media domain. Our field campaigners have to invade our localities with posters, handbills, billboards, flexes, banners and flyers. They should be handed out and placed at strategic places.

It is also important to make it known here to our people that the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar as the presidential flagbearers for 2019 general elections is divinely orchestrated, mainly to fast track the process of organizing a referendum for Biafrans. It is therefore incumbent upon us as a people, to fully utilize this existing opportunity as the untamed desperation of these two candidates will help in no small measure in accomplishing it. As the politicians will be campaigning for successful elections, family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), should relentlessly match them with corresponding campaigns for massive election boycott and Biafra referendum. We are just few moments away from our destination which is the restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra. We must therefore not trifle with the opportunity so provided to us by God. Nothing and absolutely nothing must be allowed to stand between us and our referendum.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

Wednesday, 17 October 2018



For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, says the legendary English scientist, Sir Isaac Newton in his third promulgation of the laws governing motion. The above scientific and intellectual citation best illustrates the current status quo of the Nigeria state. It is the most unsubtle dissection as to why the British 'Giant of Africa' has suddenly transformed into a swinging pendulum, confronted by a horrible disastrous past and a gloomy future. The actions and inactions of the Nigeria establishment is propelling what will definitely go down in history as the greatest civil revolution of the 21st century. Ignited by the ingenuity of one man called Nnamdi Kanu, and fueled by the despotic tendencies of an insensible government which is steered by a bunch of unrepentant tyrants, extreme bigots and inept power drunkards; we now have a country catapulting itself pretentiously unto the apex position of world's most notorious failed states.

The unstoppable upsurge of the Biafra independence movement led by the Indigenous People of Biafra,IPOB, is typically a product of Nigeria government's intellectual deficiency and a magnanimous blunder of the political power brokers, who in their deepest sense of ignorance holds dear, the despotic belief that the only way to achieve a national cohesion and inject the spirit of absolute nationalism on the masses is through guns, bullets threats, incarceration, imprisonment and mass killings. This is exactly what has provoked the explosive, aggressive and unquenchable reaction of Biafrans against what has been seen as a deliberate state sponsored unending war of oppression and extermination against an entire race.

Today, what started as an internet radio broadcast from far away United Kingdom, has now graduated to a mighty tornado which will in no distant time subject Nigeria conglomeration to a test of the furnace. Nnamdi Kanu has unequivocally declared that unless a 'Biafrexit' referendum date is announced, Biafrans shall henceforth refuse to partake in any of Nigeria's electioneering process. This declaration has since thrown the Nigeria sit of power and the naive 'One-Nigerianists' into a state of pandemonium and ultimate comatose. Nnamdi Kanu's affirmation and oral inferno upon the highly inflammable Nigeria's political bloodstream is reverberating across the nooks and crannies of not only Nigeria, but also the world at large.

The fear of Nigeria nationalists and political elites is not just that a total boycott of all electioneering processes in Biafra Land has been declared; the paranoia that has gripped them is because of nothing else other than the fact that such order is coming from Nnamdi Kanu, a man who commands the undiluted loyalty and reverence of not less than 80percent of the Biafra populace worldwide. A man who has proven to be tested and trusted by his own people. A man who has surmounted the jinx of the evil strongholds of the Nigeria state and has subjected the notorious political cabals to an irredeemable ridicule by mere words that seems to flow directly from the divine tunnel.
Surely, it is certain that come 2019, something significant will be observed across Biafra land, as Biafrans chooses between Nnamdi Kanu's divinely ordained leadership which promises absolute freedom, and that of the political merchants in Biafra Land who can at the slightest opportunity, trade the rights and safety of their own people for a porridge of yam.

It is not surprising that the political puppets in Biafra land are now having sleepless nights over the impending boycott of elections by the masses as ordered by Nnamdi Kanu. They are aware that their embezzlement enterprise is about to be dismantled, hence they are now running helter-skelter seeking for refuge where there is none.

Of course, nobody who witnessed how Nnamdi Kanu shut down the entirety of Biafra Land on the 30th of May and September 14 this year, would doubt the possibility of such a centurial wonder repeating itself come 2019. If Biafrans can obey Nnamdi Kanu's command and sit at home in remembrance of fallen heroes, why then would any sane and intelligent mind propagate that this generation of aggrieved Biafrans cannot do anything to ensure the restoration of Biafra freedom, even if it means rejecting every political or electoral process engineered by the oppressors, which can only end up legalising 'Biafrans' continuous subjugation in Nigeria? It should be noted that one of the most remarkable achievements of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, led by Nnamdi Kanu is the fact that it has succeeded in saturating Nigeria's political discuss with the unquenchable wave of Biafra resurgence. In other words, IPOB has totally resurrected the spirit of Biafra, it has been let loose, and it is definitely coming out with a force that defies gravity; all thanks to strategic planning, preemptive innovations, superior arguments and the ever resolute intelligentsia under which IPOB is deeply rooted.

Also, the leadership and organisational structure of IPOB as laid down by Nnamdi Kanu has made it a near impossibility for the Nigeria government to penetrate or destabilise. The impeccable accountability and trustworthiness of the supreme leadership command of IPOB epitomized in the person of Nnamdi Kanu is just an excellent attribute of what drives every successful revolutionary movement. The magnitude love and reverence Biafrans have for Nnamdi Kanu is beyond human comprehension in that almost the entirety of Biafra Land standstill at his command. This is exactly what has subjected his antagonistic critics to a state of utter discomfort and frustration; having come to the realisation that Nnamdi Kanu is not standing alone.

Written By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
Family Writers Press Analyst.



As people all over Nigeria including Biafra people are getting easily hoodwinked from the political mathematics of the Fulani Caliphate in due to the Vice President slot zoned to Igbos by People Democratic Party (PDP), I am moved into making relevant inquiries into the usefulness of Vice President Position in Nigeria. I am still trying to find out the impact of Vice President since the creation of Nigeria and I can't find any impact to lay hand upon. I now wonder what some of our people saw in “VP slot” that makes them think that they have gotten alternative to Biafra Independence. Some people are already singing songs of arrival as if what we are talking about in the first place is a political position in the dysfunctional colonial experiment called Nigeria. But not even the position of President of Nigeria can be equal to our collective yearning for Biafra independence.

All those people being hoodwinked by the political offer of VP slot by PDP, should know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu rejected this same VP when he was asked to drop Biafra agitation because he knew that VP slot is a useless position in decision making as far as Nigeria is concerned. Purse and reflect on the past Vice Presidents of Nigeria since its creation and their possible achievement as it concerns policy making, designs and implementations in Nigeria. That position is as weak as local government chairman position which no reasonable Biafran should rejoice for because it was zoned out to Ndigbo or any part of Biafra.

Those of you asking IPOB to reconsider their decision on election boycott because of a useless Vice President position hoped to be given to Igbo person which will have no impact in the lives of our people should be ashamed of yourselves. IPOB is not shifting ground on election boycott. Even if they make Peter Obi the President of Nigeria, the people of Biafra must continue to agitate for Biafra independence until Biafra referendum is conducted. IPOB is not interested in who emerged as President or Vice President of Nigeria. It is only Biafra referendum that will settle our issues in Nigeria and not political position. Living together shouldn’t be by force, allow Referendum to be conducted so that we shall determine our fate in Nigeria.

Written by Mazi Emeka Gift
Edited by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press



Written by Obulose Chidiebere
For Family writers press.

The indigenous People of Biafra IPOB and it's leadership have been making conservative efforts to see that the old eastern region of Nigeria regains it's autonomy through a United Nations (UN) recognized referendum. At different stages of the struggle, the people of Biafra have  demonstrated to the world to be the most peaceful freedom movement in the world with record of organized protests, rallies, exhibitions, media conferences and recently submitted a petition to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

In recent years, referendum have been an effective tool for solving issues bordering on territorial integrity.  On 30 August, 1999 an independence referendum was held in East Timor. The referendum request was made by the President of Indonesia, B. J. Habibie, to the then United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan on 27 January 1999, for the United Nations to hold a referendum, whereby the Indonesian province would be given choice of either greater autonomy within Indonesia or independence.

In the preceding months, President Habibie had made various public statements whereby he mentioned that the costs of maintaining monetary subsidies to support the province were not balanced by any measurable benefit to Indonesia. Due to this unfavourable cost-benefit analysis, the most rational decision would be for the province, which was not part of the original 1945 boundaries of Indonesia, to be given democratic choice on whether they want to remain within Indonesia or not. This choice was also in line with Habibie's general democratization program in the immediate post-Suharto period.

As the follow-up step to Habibie's request, the United Nations organized a meeting between the Indonesian government and the Portuguese government (as the previous colonial authority over East Timor). On 5 May 1999, these talks resulted in the “Agreement between the Republic of Indonesia and the Portuguese Republic on the Question of East Timor” which spelt out the details of the requested referendum. The referendum was to be held to determine whether East Timor would remain part of Indonesia, as a special autonomous region, or separate from Indonesia. The referendum was organized and monitored by the United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET) and 450,000 people were registered to vote including 13,000 outside East Timor.

The agreement between the Indonesian and Portuguese governments included a “Constitutional Framework for a special autonomy for East Timor” as an annex. The framework would establish a "Special Autonomous Region of East Timor" (SARET) within the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia.  The institutions of the SARET would include an executive branch consisting of a governor (elected by the SARET legislature) and an advisory board, a legislative branch, the Regional Council of People's Representatives, an independent judiciary including Courts of First Instance, a Court of Appeal, a Court of Final Appeal and a Public Prosecutor's Office, and a regional police force.

The Indonesian government would retain control of defense, employment law, economic and fiscal policies and foreign relations, whilst Indonesian laws would have continuity in the territory. The autonomous government would have had competence over all matters not reserved for the Government of Indonesia, including the right to adopt a coat of arms as a symbol of identity. It would be able to designate persons as having "East Timorese identity" and could limit rights of land ownership for persons without this identity. A traditional civil code could also have been adopted. The SARET could enter into agreements with city and regional governments for economic, cultural and educational purposes. The SARET would have been entitled to participate in cultural and sporting organizations where other non-state entities participate. The rest is story for another day.
This is one out of millions of referendum that has happened around the world and we need to learn from it. We should know that referendum is not war as Nigeria governments and other gullible minded people  are making it to be, it is a legal process.

My dear Biafrans, I am writing this for us to understand that referendum has procedure, it is a step after another. When Our able Deputy director Mazi Uche Mefor told us that our referendum is remaining 95% we should know he knew what he is saying and he is on the right path  and we should also know that much consultations, much documentations and other things they will not tell us are needed and we should always support them by doing what they told us. The only thing needed now is our co-operation and tenacity. And one of them is advocating for 2019 Nigeria election boycott, because that will tell the world, UN that we are serious in what we are saying.

For those that are doubting the IPOB strategies, approach and procedure they should know that IPOB is on the right track  and doing the right thing and we must be united and speak with one voice.
We are going to boycott 2019 dance of shame  called election, as we advocate for the forthcoming Biafra referendum, may Chukwu Okike Abiama guide us with one voice, and at last we will rejoice on the street of Biafra land on that day of victory


Edited by Comr. Ogbuanya Chikezie N.

IPOB: The Demand Said Referendum; Not Vice President Slot

The Demand Said Referendum; Not Vice President Slot

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

It is very unfortunate that people now presume the unpresumable. How on earth will people believe that giving Ndi Igbo vice Presidential candidate will eclipse the struggle for the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra. I have seen many foolish idiocy in the Nigeria political space but not to this level. I have come to understand that people easily equate others with what they are. She is a prostitute, she thinks everybody is like her. He is mad, he walks around calling others mad people.

That some South Westerners took to Facebook to say that Ndi Igbo has jettisoned the Biafra struggle shows that the Yoruba people thinks that the reason they started OPC is the reason IPOB was born. How wrong can they be without knowing it. Or could it be that they know the truth but claim ignorance. Gone are the days South Western Media shapes the minds of Biafrans. Making some of them spew belittling words about themselves. Biafrans now leads and others follow.

For the avoidance of doubt, I will like to juggle your minds once again, to some of the reasons we have decided to demand for our nation, incase you all have forgotten. In the first place, you all must understand that it is our God given right to demand for freedom. It is the inalienable right of indigenous people to demand for freedom. The right to freedom of indigenous people is enshrined in the United Nation chatter. And Biafrans  are indigenous people.

Biafrans have been killed in the North whenever the HausaFulani feels like. HausaFulani before Independence killed Easterners as to stop the move for the independence of Nigeria from the colonial masters. Ijaw, Efik, Igbo etc Biafrans paid for the northern foolishness with their blood. It has been like that since ages. It just kind of stopped with the coming of IPOB. HausaFulani Muslims have even killed Biafrans for a cartoon drawing of prophet Mohammed drawn in faraway Denmark. The killing reached its crescendo in 1966. When HausaFulani with the backing of Nigeria military under Yakubu Gowon killed more than 50,000 Biafrans with their mutilated dead bodies littering the streets of Northern Nigeria. They went on to levy war against Biafrans which resulted to the death of more than 3million Biafrans.

After the war, with Biafrans surrendering to their Nigerian killers, the 3Rs policy (Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reintegration) was carried out in the Western and Northern Nigeria, neglecting the Eastern Nigeria (Biafra) where the war actually took place. To strangulate Biafrans economically, they stole all the monies they have in Nigeria banks prior to the war. And managed to give only 20pounds to the few that could provide their bank papers after the three years genocidal war. Knowing fully well that it is nearly impossible for one to keep such bank papers after such war.

Note that 48years after the war, successive Nigeria government has closed down all the seaports in Eastern Nigeria. Warri, Port Harcourt, Akwaibom, Calabar and Onitsha seaports remain under lock and key. While making sure 190million Nigerians uses Lagos sea ports for import and export. Something Yoruba people gained for joining hands in the killing and starving to death more than 3million Biafrans. Same with international airport. For a Biafran to fly out of Nigeria, he or she has to leave his or her Biafra region, travel to Lagos, Kaduna, Kano or Abuja before he can flyout. The apology called Enugu International Airport remain deserted due to poor infrastructure development. The government systematically left Biafra land out of the modern railway construction.

Since the ordinary Northern Muslim now fear to attack Biafrans living in northern Nigeria due to the presence of IPOB, the government of day has taken the job of killing Biafrans away from them and do it themselves. Mohammad Buhari since three years in office has killed hundreds of IPOB members.

On January 20, 2017, while IPOB members in Port Harcourt were having solidarity match in support of the newly elected President Donald Trump of United States Of America, president Buhari sent Nigeria soldiers against them killing more than 30 of them, imprisoning many.

In another occasion, precisely on 30 may 2017, Nigeria military in Nkpor swoop on IPOB members sleeping in the compound of St Edmund’s Catholic Church Nkpor killing hundreds of them and made away with their dead bodies. Same thing repeated in Ngwa Community School Ngwa were IPOB members gathered for prayers. Nigeria soldiers was captured on camera shooting live bullets on IPOB members killing many of them. Even Amnesty International documented these killings.

Again on 14th September 2017, Nigeria military under the order of President Mohammad Buhari declared operation Python Dance on the people of South East Nigeria. They invaded the palace of the father of the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu killing hundreds of his members and supporters. Some were tortured and forced to swim and drink mud dirty waters to their painful death. The videos of these atrocities are still there in the internet for all to see. Since after that massacre one year ago. Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has been missing. Probably, kidnapped by the government of Nigeria. Biafrans have suffered marginalisation in Nigeria. Police and military men are stationed in Eastern Nigeria battle ready. They intimidate and kill Biafrans. Roads in Biafra remains a death trap. The second Niger bridge has remained a campaign tool for many politicians for many donkey years. Something that can never happen both in the Western and Northern parts of Nigeria. While every region has six States, South Eastern States remained five. The North having made sure they have much number in the national houses, rejects anymove for equity, justice and fairplay. For them justice, equity and fairplay remains an injustice against northern Nigeria. A prove that Nigeria as a country can never work.

So can those supporting the candidacy of Atiku and Peter Obi tell us how the duo can correct these abnormalities and return to life those that have died young for this struggle for Biafra. Have you seen why I think that those saying the struggle for Biafra have been neutralized are foolish selfish entities who thinks that because they are ready to disappoint the dead over peanuts called Vice President slot, others will do the same. This struggle for Biafra is sacred, it has taken lots of lives. Most of them in their youthful spring. We are not ready to betray them. IPOB did not start this struggle as to gain vice President position. It is solely for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra.
The demand of the Biafra people is clear to everybody from onset. They are asking for referendum and not a vice President slop.

You can continue your cheap popularity game with the name Biafra, but it changes not the fact that IPOB will not back down until Biafra becomes a reality.


Edited By Ebere Okolie

For Family Writers Press

Tuesday, 16 October 2018



The Ebonyi South Senatorial district of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was officially inaugurated on Friday 12th October, 2018, at Onicha local government area. This took place amidst pomp and pleasantry, with a massive turnout of family members including new ones that showed up to fully be identified. Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya, the IPOB Ebonyi State Coordinator, with other members of the state executives including the coordinators of Ebonyi South and Central Senatorial Districts, the five Local Government Area Coordinators of Ebonyi South Senatorial district, Zonal/Unit Coordinators of the State, were physically in attendance.

Following the opening prayer, was a concise educative admonition anchored by Mazi Okechukwu Okocha, the Ebonyi State Mobilization Officer. He pointed out that Biafra remains the only available alternative to the redemption of the entire black race which the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, has come to clinically restore. Guests were duly introduced and their addresses immediately taken.

The IPOB Ebonyi State Coordinator, Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya mounting the stage, took some time out to pointedly give enlightenment talk to the participants on the IPOB agenda towards the Biafra restoration struggle.Operationallaws were handed down even as all were encouraged to proactively work according to specifications. All thorny issues were asked to be referred to the State office for due attention. The state coordinator in his address, was really optimistic that IPOB Ebonyi State chapter, was seriously advancing, thereby charting a course for others to follow. He affirmed that IPOB's emergence was to fully restore the sovereignty of Biafra which this present generation of Biafrans must uncompromisingly accomplish. According to him, "IPOB is formidable and we are determined to restore Biafra at all cost. We are much interested and determined in carrying Biafrans and Ebonyians particularly, along and by all possible means. The struggle is for their liberation. We cannot occupy the whole territory of Biafra by only ourselves and that is why we must go all out in search of our brethren".

The IPOB Ebonyi State Secretary, Mazi Eke Chukwuma, performed the screening/scrutinization exercise of the principal officers of the Senatorial district, with the coordinator, Rev. Oko Elijah Okpara taking the first shot. The inauguration thereby ensued, launching the family unto outlined assignment.

Making his inauguration speech, Rev. Oko Elijah Okpara expressed thanks for the overwhelming support so far accorded him by his people and the state which has greatly facilitated the deliverance of the Ebonyi South Senatorial district from years of mental servitude orchestrated by Hausa-Fulani political hypnotism in the area. He pledged to strenuously work with his colleagues to ensure the total liberation of the entire Afikpo people in Ebonyi South from the yoke of slavery. Rev. Oko Elijah Okpara assured IPOB family of 100% YES vote for Biafra exit from the evil contrapted Nigeria come the zealously anticipated Biafra referendum.

It should be noted that this Senatorial district of the IPOB, has been in existence for almost over a year running before this inauguration. The officers have been carrying out evangelistic outreach programs within it's jurisdiction to fully enlighten the people of Afikpo North/South, Ohaozara, Ivo and Onicha government areas, concerning the Biafra restoration struggle and all that it means to Ebonyians, Biafrans and the entire global community.

Some members of the Senatorial district of Ebonyi South while speaking with the IPOB Press, reaffirmed their total commitment to the Biafra restoration project most especially as it relates to the upcoming referendum. They enjoined all Biafrans yet foot-dragging to hasten up and join the train of the struggle for the unfettered emancipation from the British contrapted Nigeria. They were encouraged to get fully identified with the nearest IPOB family unit in their localities or better still, organise one where none exists.

IPOB volunteers within Ebonyi South Senatorial district gallantly invaded the streets of Onicha Igboeze and environs with the Biafra restoration cum referendum gospel, informing the occupants of the need to get duly enlisted. They were equally encouraged to ensure that the 2019 planned general election of Nigeria is totally boycotted.

A Biafran female  artiste, Nwada Previous Okoroafor, the music producer of a popular track titled "Ala Oma Biafra", from Ebonyi South, fully added color to the event as she entertained the mammoth crowd that thronged the venue. Her Biafran music was exceptionally thrilling. Her album will soon be unveiled to the public according to her manager, Mazi Ogeh Friday Igiri.

The IPOB Ebonyi South Senatorial district coordinator, Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya in his vote of thanks on behalf of the organisers, duly appreciated the state executives and all that graced the inauguration for their encouraging show of support and commitment.

Ogeh Friday Igiri
Reporting For Family Writers Press

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