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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

BIAFRA: “if the people of Biafra want Republic of Biafra, it will be a reality during my administration”.----Donald Trump

“if the people of Biafra want Republic of Biafra, it will be a reality during my administration”. ----Donald Trump
Donald Trump

I will ensure the liberation of Biafrans and other African nations shackled with artificial colonial maps- Donald Trump pledges to support Biafra self determination

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate in the United States forthcoming election has issued a Statement Regarding his foreign policy towards African countries. The statement which was obtained through one of his local aid in the great state of Ohio shows that Mr. Trump is going to be the best American president for African nations. He clearly stated that he is in total support of right to self-determination of any ethnic minority that want freedom from artificial countries created by the colonialist. He further explain that it is a very sacred right express by all free people to declare their independence from where they already are.

He used the Brexit referendum a reference to his new policy toward Africa, he believe that political conflicts across Africa will reduce if Africans are allowed to create their countries according to their God giving boundary. He want Africans to embrace peaceful referendum like United Kingdom instead of forced unity that cost millions of lives without meaningful progress.

The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples. They have declared their independence from the European Union, and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy. A Trump Administration pledges to strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense.” The whole world is more peaceful and stable when people are allowed to exercise their right to self-determination, people will pledge allegiance to their God giving identity and natural boundary. He further promised that he will not engage in evil regime change policy of Obama administration which destabilized Libya and many other African countries”. The regime change of Clinton/Obama brought chaos, instability, destruction and death to many African people.

He promised to look into Biafra case and see how he can help in achieving peaceful political solution without bloodshed. He told the Biafra flag waiving man at his rally that “if the people of Biafra want Republic of Biafra, it will be a reality during my administration”. He further told the Biafran agitators to hold on help is on the way.

Under my Administration, Africans will have the right to redraw their map trough referendum and peaceful political process just like we have in Europe and other developed part of the world. Under Trump Administration we will remove the embargo placed on Nigerians by Obama administration concerning Visa lottery program, he said Nigerians are smart and intelligent people, they contributed immensely to the development of modern America, we want them here in large number and my administration will enroll them back in visa lottery program, Obama is unfair to his fellow Blacks for removing the giant of Africa from the program he said.

-daily times ng


  1. Please show us trump saying all this.

    1. You want to bribe him like you bribe every living thing in the zoo?

  2. This is a great Day for Ndigbo and Biafra,we must continue the continuity,at least our voices are now being heard in international fora.
    We need to get to good side of Putin and Israel Govts,we need to get ready for any which way,we have the manpower, science and resources to see this struggle through.
    God bless Donald Trump,God bless America,God bless Biafra,we must keep hope alive and trust God the Biafran Project.Alua continua,victoria asserta.

    1. Ohh..iidiot but you stay in your write up does not count

    2. Isreal? Don't make me laugh. Israel is backed by US,what makes you think Israel will ever help Nigeria?

    3. Before you say anything, you must first take stock of countries where the United States has 'helped'. All of them are in crisis, war, factions, refugees, confusion, etc. You must understand that Igbo People have enough human and material resources to achieve whatever goal they set for themselves. The Igbo People do not need outsiders who come come to get oil and enslave the land for ever. The Igbo People need ONLY UNITY and MUTUAL RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER. The Igbo People should reject bribes aimed at pitching one group against the other. Britain did it long ago, and that is exactly why the Igbo People are where they are today. How can you confirm that when America 'goes to help the Igbo People', the results will not be the same? THINK!!!!!!!

  3. It is only fickle minded ndi-Igbo that will trust Donald Trump to help us in our aspiration for a Biafran nation. We want Biafra but it has to be on a peaceful negotiation. This con man will promise heaven and earth to get the Igbo American votes. Please, do not be fooled by his sale's pitch. Ndibanyi, the man is a crook who is desperately throwing every thing including fear,violence by the militant KKK and White Supremacists, inuendos and lies to win peoples votes for the American Presidency. Ndewonu.

  4. You guys better stop spreading this fake bullshit..and go find a tangible story to report. Rubbish!

  5. Video evidence or we don't believe you.

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  7. This is hog crap. Donald Trump administration has promised to DECREASE aid to Africa and DECREASE immigration. The visa lottery limit was in place BEFORE Obama administration. Other countries OUTSIDE of Africa have been taken off the visa list as well..(China) The people who write these lies should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. Trump can't change anything, our selves need to work hard to achieve Biafra thank u.

  9. The good news should be directed to the Igbo grammarians in support of one Nigeria, who said biafra would not be a reality.They should get set to pack to Maiduguri.

  10. G-d, even our own G-D has answered us. So, what should we be doing? No negotiation with Nigeria until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and all Biafrans currently under detention for the struggle are unconditionally released from detention. Meanwhile, all Biafra liberation movements should ellect representatives who will meet and elect General Representatives for the next phase of this struggle. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra should be the face of this struggle and as such, our generation need to acknowledge his sacrifice by embracing him as the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra while Chief Ralph Uwazurike is Eze Igbo Gburugburu.
    There is no time to waste because the framework for the constitution need to be worked out by elected Representatives of the people(election done within all pro-Biafra movements). The people of Biafra need to present a unified front as early as February 1, 2017 to be taken seriously.

  11. No man can stop Biafra.....Our Glory and Strength is in "Chukwuma bi na enuigwe"....President Trump will be one of the instruments God will use alongside many others to interverne

    All I want to say to every doubting Thomas'es and unbelieving "Anonymous writers" is that we wont chase them away when they start to apply for our Visa but like America it wont be easy to get and visitors would be monitored tightly.

    The framework is underground going on and we cannot blow our own trumpets until all is set...Remember how the wall of Jericho fell with the unified sound of the trumpets....i.e Time and season

    Biafra we hail thee....Land of Milk and Honey...Land of the only true God

  12. The zoo people are hurting cuz of this........ Hahhaaha...... If you zoogerians like, u can go fu*k ur dirty mamas.
    Biafra is ours whether u bitchez lik it or not

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