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Monday 29 June 2015

Landmark Achievements of Confused Paedophile Brainless Uneducated Terrorist Elect President Buhari in His First 30 Days

  • Appointed two media aides. (Both more confused than he is)
  • Moved military High Command to Borno. (And the bombings increase to an all-time high, now daily with heavy casualties)
  • Bombardment of Ikot Obiokut of Calabar villages Biafra land
  • Dissolved NNPC Board. (A board that was dissolved a month ago)
  • Visited his cows in Daura. (And they are still 150)
  • Built a helipad in Daura 6. Ordered the arrest of his brother in law in a show of power. MEANWHILE..... Insecurity has increased Price of foodstuff has increased. Cost of dollar has skyrocketed Workers are still being owed. Corruption is still having a field day.

Welcome to Change of Hausa/Fulani  

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