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Sunday 21 June 2015

Open Letter To Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike - Ovieza Mason

By Ovieza Mason
MR governor Firstly, let me start by congratulating you on your triumphant victory following the past elections, democracy is indeed a great thing to embrace as it gives power to whom power is due. The work load on you as been elected as the new governor of the most blessed state in Nigeria will be overwhelming and you will be very busy with projects and activities but this wont take much of your time as i hope it gets to you.
My name is Ovieza Mason Unuke, i hail from Ahoada west LGA. my purpose for taking time out even during my exam period is that i feel if i don’t do it now i might not have the chance to tell you this. my motive has been bearing on my mind for over 5 years and i haven’t had the courage to pen it down. But today, you my able governor can do something no governor or leader has ever done in the history of Nigeria.
I wont begin by giving dates and facts of what has happened previously in the state when it comes matters of handling criminals. You are a man of the law, you are a man who believes in human rights, you are man who has once stood for the education of nation in the federal level, so i urge you to read and think on this letter with same prospectives as a man of the law.
No criminal either caught in the act or not should be treated the way they are treated in the nation at large but now i am navigating our thoughts to Rivers state, i urge you to please reconsider and please sign a bill to Ban all activities of Jungle Justice in the state and anyone who kills someone in that reason for jungle justice should face death penalty.
We are in a civilized world where we have police force and security agencies, any criminal caught by any group should be handed over to police force and face judgement in the court of law. 4 students were burned alive in Aluu, those young boys were of the same age with me. i am using them for this example because it is a shame on our state government that some of the people of that ‘barbaric” act were freed. We are not living in a society where the king of a community has right to give the go ahead killing of anyone, we have state laws to handle matters like that, we are not living in a jungle , we are civilized, we are living in a society where the rule of law can bring justice to the least citizen in the community at large. many more other cases where people are set-up and even without concrete evidence of the crime they was accused of, yet the crown cheers and brings fuel to burn the person alive. caution to the police officers to handle their civil duty perfectly, i don’t see the reason to have them if they cant solve minor cases like this within the state. this might sound absurd because its coming from a commoner and student and not coming from someone in your cabinet, but the international community never looked at us as the same again since we started taking laws into our hands and they start labelling us animals in the jungle.
Families are thorn apart, people been wrongly accused died for nothing because the citizens know there is nothing anybody can do about it even if in some cases police presence was there and yet they were helpless. I plead to you SIR, please use this time as you are a governor and stop the jungle behavior of rivers people, no one deserves death like they treat the criminals, nobody is without sin so they do not have the right to kill another sinner. every one deserves a trial in the court of law. if i was president this would be the first thing i will do while in my stay in office. But im just a student and this is first step im taking to ensure that ” jungle justice” should stop in the state at large. its barbaric, its demeaning, i condemn it so much. what about you ? Mr governor will you condole this under your tenure ? or will you wait till some one is wrongly accused and burnt alive before you step up to stop this act?
Best regards running the state affairs.
God continue to protect you and keep the good work going

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