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Friday 19 June 2015

Time to Re-Examine Christianity

Recently we heard a lot going on in Zoo Christian churches that left us bewildered. The so-called pastors are sheep in human clothing. They all have Muslim background and all have awful stories behind them.
 Pastor Kumuiyi poisoned wife to marry long time secret lover, has private jet
 AYO ORITSEJAFOR private jet was caught in South Africa laundering millions of dollars he probably wanted to stack away
 ENOCH ADEBOYE. was criticized for asking 10 members to each contribute 100 million naira to build a 3 km auditorium, has many private jets.
 DAVID OYEDEPO was involved in duping and criminology so much that he was bound to enter Britain, was said to fly in a private jet that marches each suits he wear daily.
 Tunde Bakare left Kumuiyi church to form his own after registering so many companies for Kumuiyi and seeing all the material wealth he has.
 TB Joshua was caught in video spreading brown envelop to journalists to write good about him and his ministry, has private jets.
 Chris Oyakhilome was involved publicly in war of words with wife over illicit affairs and divorce, has private jet.
 Pastor Osibajo abandoned ministry for political post as a quick way to make money. He went in there poor to come out soon rich with mansions and private jet. The story is not different abroad.
 Joel Osteen, a prosperous orator, believes that his God is rich therefore he must be rich, worth's $40 billion and has private jet
 Creflo Dollar, lives in a flamboyant mansion and has private jets
 Eddie Long, was said to be gay and multi-billionaire, has private jet
 TD Jake, worths over $150 Billion and has private jet
 Paula White, was involved in an outrageous relationship scandal and divorce, has private jet.
 To add salt to injury, they told us that the Laws are done away with but they keep emphasizing the tithe which is part of the law they claim are done away with b/c their interest is money... lies 1
 They told us Jesus Christ is white when the bible is clear he was black and His Jewish name was Yeshua...lies 2
 They told us God is a trinity, Jesus and H/spirit are persons and God when the bible says there is one God lies...3
 They worship on Sunday when biblical day of worship is Sabbath, the 7th day of the week which is Saturday..lies.4
 They celebrate pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter while the Lords' feasts such as Passover, feast of unleavened bread,and Pentecost, we should honor are abandoned... 5

 They British who claimed to be Christians and brought us bible supported Muslim Hausa-Fulani to kill 6.2 million children, men, and women. and are still supporting them up till today. In Rome which is the seat of Christianity, pope Francis don't even believe in God and the bible. He said that personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous, that big band theory is true. The reverend fathers are mostly pedophile and gays. Rome is on the fore front to divide Jerusalem into two to appease Muslims. Pope Francis is planning to build 2nd Vatican in Jerusalem which is the city of God. From all these facts, it becomes clear that the version of Christianity brought to us by these hoodlums are fake. The facts are staring us in the face, therefore it is time for us to re-examine our stance on Christianity and make a decision if we will continue to fool ourselves and be bound by these lies or to make a complete turn around and embrace our original way of worship of Chukwu-okike-abiama. The choice is ours. Decisions don't just happen, rather we make them. All hail Biafra!

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