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Monday 15 June 2015

We Dont Want Yoruba Pastors on a Holy Land of Biafra.They are Religious Colonialist with a mission of economic exploration

He is now running around Biafraland implanting forces to achieve his prophecies. We call on all Biafran Pastors to take up this challenge.
Yorubas are chasing us out of Lagos and are intimidating us in our land. Biafra seeks to secede from Nigeria.Self-determination is a human right.

We Dont Want Yoruba Pastors on a Holy Land of Biafra.They are Religious Colonialist with a mission of economic exploration.
"I believe those who made those proclaimed that Nigeria will break in 2015 based on some things they see or feel should say ‘they feel Nigeria may break up’ and not that God said that. Because if God could hear the voice of only Moses and spared Israel and they still exist over 3,000 years after, then God loves Nigeria and would not allow it to break up" says
 Why won't he say this, what fool will want to admit that his source of money making venture will dry up? Nigeria breaking breaking up means his fraudulent church business will disappear. The thought alone will drive him insane. First of all, he worships fake god, Alusi-apiriapi, white man god, 2nd, he was a Muslim in sheep clothing duping millions of ignorant ppl, and finally he is a hypocrite supporting criminals and saying God ordained a terrorist Buhari to be the zoo leader. What a blasphemy! Chukwuabiama iriena onuma.
"This man Kumuyi Head of Deeper life ministry is visiting Aba on 30th June 2015 for a planned rally at Aba. He planned to come and destroy what indigenous people of Biafra and Radio Biafra IPOB/RBL did on 30th may, 2015 Remembrance Day. He will be disgraced if this is his plans for Aba!!"

Stop Kumuiyi,Kumu nara niyi,stop all those foooling you in the name of God,God is in you,you are God,only Know your Father or Mother God,they are taking your mothey,feeding and fooling you to change your mind against your own self,immediatly you started going to them is the moment you became enemy to who you are,Chukwu Okike Abiama,Anwanwu Eze Enuigwe,Onye Ime Enuigwe,Oji oku eri aja,Chineke Umu Nri,Eke kere Ndi Mbu na ndichie,Eke kere Ndigboo,Ndi egede Keekwazie,Okolo na Agbogho,diri gawazie,Aka na agbajigwe bu aha gi,
It is time,for Chiukwu Okike Abiama to use His tools to work,Kumu ga ana niyi,Biafrans wake up,the war has began,Kumuiyi will be at stage to deceive you,and hausas will be bombing you and you will be comfuse,weaping crying,fighting your own family,it is time

Pastor Kumuyi prophesied that Nigeria will not break after 2015.

1 comment

  1. I can remember very well when we in Aba here, were under serious problem with kidnappers.none of this so call big men of God come for our help in Aba..they fly above us and tell us it is God judgement, After that, they think we have forgotten they now coming.Pastor Umeh that is inviting Kumuyi now.was he dead that time.Aba open your eyes.they have deceives us a lot.where his members not in Aba that time.pls let him go to northeast of the zoo call Nigeria.they need that, his miracle now. .


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