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Tuesday 9 June 2015

What is the real name of our messiah JESUS or YaHshua? WE are uncovering the lies and deceits we worshipped today

Quote from Jude my people this is the truth for those that saying that Director is not saying truth about the name of our savour Yahshua the son of the most high God , i am in under ministry to be a pastor tomorrow because i have a call and i am not in Nigeria but find out the truth in 14 century and fund out that we have been deceiving from write people by telling us that the name of son of God our savour is Jesus, no it is not Jesus, Jesus is forging name but Yahshua
Jesus is not the Saviour but Yahshua, Jesus is NOT His Name - What is His Name? His Birth Name is YaHshua. Can I prove it and I can prove it does matter.  First, however, you have to approach this with an open mind.  You and only you can control your final thoughts, sure, you can give your trust away and accept everything you are told or read but in the end it is you, not me, not your pastor and certainly not the TV evangelist you should never allow to do your thinking for you.  It is your personal responsibility in matters concerning your life, the way you see the world, the way you see the Church or Churches and to whom you pledge your spirit, you spiritual loyalty -- it is all on you
Proving the name JESUS is bogus and cannot be the name of our Saviour. This is not the name by which we must be saved -- Acts 4:12 His birth name is Yahshua, even Yahshua but most definitely not JESUS, or Jesus, or Iesous.

it is easy to prove and you do not necessarily need the Bible to prove it.  The Letter 'J' did not exist at the time our Saviour was named by the angelic messenger from heaven.  In fact this letter "J", as we are familiar with it today, came into being around the 14th to 15th century, a corruption of the Greek, and Roman/Latin. It was used interchangeably with the letter i, and was not considered a consonant until around the 17th century, then coming into its own as a letter, no longer a derivative of the i letter and pronounced completely different  with a sound of its own.
The J in English is not a transliteration of the Hebrew Y as the Greek i once was, but is no longer.  Y is the transliterated English letter for the Hebrew/Aramaic Yod, or ' -- the Greek and Latin i used to be and in many parts of Europe is still pronounced as Y, but for the most part, is no longer suitable. 
Still, in some parts of the world John is Yaohn, pronounced like Yawn.  Some pronounce the name as ISIS, or Isous, or Deus and Zues and Hey Zues as we hear in the Spanich languages.  The i has changed some also, however, as in the name it was written "Iesus" as can be see in the orginal 1611 KJV Bible and was pronounced as Hay-zues, the i taking on the Hey or Hay, and this being translated as "the - zues".  Yes, yes, I know and have heard all the agruments about how there is no proof the name "Jesus" orignated from the expression, "The Zues", but look at it, say it, as do all the Spanish speaking peoples, it sounds like Hay-Zues, what does it matter?  Hay-Zues does not come slose to the birthanem of our Savior, YaHshua.  It does, however, sound just like a call to the Greek god Zues, a god also honored by the Romans.  Orginally the Greek Latin i was pronounce a Y, not i as in, in or "it".  along the way in the religious wars between the Roman Church and the Church of England the letter i changed to a J and from there the whole thing changed and became a bastard blend of Latin and new English, far removed from our Saviour’s real Name.

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