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Monday 6 July 2015

Less than 50 days in office corruption is skyrocketing inside Baba Paedophile Buhari house. Where is the change?

Aisha Buhari’s Brother …As Siblings Embark On Massive Acquisition Of Properties.
It has finally come to light that Aisha Buhari’s brother, Musa Halilu, actually leaked President Buhari’s travel plan to former Petroleum Minister Diezani Alison Maduke, to enable her to board the same flight with the president to London.
It could be recalled that immediately Buhari was declared President-elect in the 2015 general election, there was widespread panic in former President Jonathan’s camp, particularly members of his kitchen cabinet, who were apprehensive of probe into their activities in office by the no-nonsense retired army general.

The Notorious Musa Daura…
President Buhari’s Nephew
Of interest was the former powerful Petroleum Minister in the Jonathan Administration, Mrs. Diezani Alison Maduke, who was reported in the media to have made several frantic efforts to reach out to close associates of President Buhari.

Her photograph in the house of former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar some days after the election went viral in the Social Media.  It is believed that Abdulasalami has some considerable influence on President Buhari.

Diezani was also reported to have hurriedly rescheduled her travel plan to London a few days after the presidential election in order to board the same flight with President Buhari.
However, it has been gathered by that Diezani had to pay several thousands of dollars to Aisha Buhari’s brother, Musa, who secretly revealed the president’s travel schedule to her.  Upon getting wind of the president’s scheduled trip to London, Diezani quickly canceled her earlier booking and secured a ticket on Buhari’s flight specifically to get Buhari’s attention and possibly his ears.

It was later reported that all attempts by Diezani to speak to Buhari on the flight were rebuffed.
Diezani on her way to see Abdulsalami

Though Diezani could not achieve her plans of reaching out to Buhari while onboard the flight, she still maintains close contact with Musa Halilu, who is now apparently her spy within the first family as revealed by investigations.  The former Petroleum Minister who deployed huge state resources to sponsor hate campaign against Buhari during the electioneering has now penetrated the president family through Aisha Buhari’s siblings in the hope of starving off an impending probe of her days as Nigeria’s most powerful Petroleum Minister.

The President recently dissolved the Board of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in a move analysts believe would pave the way for investigation of the activities of Diezani and her cohorts in the Oil Industry.

Recent property acquired by 
the Notorious Musa Daura, 
President Buhari’s Nephew
The duo of Musa Yola and Modi Halilu was earlier reported in the Social Media to have come into instant wealth since the emergence of their in-law, General Buhari, as Nigeria’s president.  Corrupt former and serving public officials and those seeking appointments and contracts have been paying huge sums of money of Aisha Buhari’s brothers who have taken over permanent suites at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja even before May 29 handover date.

Musa Yola was reported to have been arrested by security agents recently after President Buhari’s attention was drawn to his criminal activities.  Buhari had earlier warned members of his family to steer clear of dabbling into criminal ventures using his name as a cover.

Our reporters have traced some of the posh houses Aisha Buhari’s siblings allegedly bought in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and Kaduna within days of Buhari’s declaration as president-elect.

Another person who is using the name of Buhari to dupe unsuspecting people is the president’s nephew, Musa Daura. Our reporters have been compiling the list of properties Musa Daura acquired through dubious means since the emergence of Buhari as president-elect. learnt that the string of properties owned by Musa include a mansion worth N200 million located on Gwadabe Road in Kaduna, which he bought on 20th May 2015.  This came barely a few weeks after Buhari was declared president-elect.
The massive wealth and properties Musa Yola and Modi Halilu gathered within a few weeks of the ascension of President Buhari into office, might have encouraged most of Aisha Buhari’s siblings to abandon their civil service jobs and relocate to the Presidential Villa in Abuja.
Hameed Halilu is Aisha Buhari’s brother, who lectured at the College of Education Yola  before Buhari became Nigeria’s president. This newspaper can reveal that Hameed has since abandoned his duty post and assumed the position of an aide to his sister, the president’s wife in Abuja.

The same applies to Usman Halilu who was a staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Kaduna.  His colleagues have told this newspaper that Usman disappeared from office a few days to handover.  He has not been seen performing his official duties at INEC because his sister is now the ‘First Lady’ in Abuja, one of his colleagues disclosed.

It has been revealed by a reliable source that Aisha Buhari brothers may have been unofficially endorsed by the president to perform the role of aides to their sister since there is no officially designated office for the First Lady.  Their new status is daily bringing them into contact with the rich and the powerful in the society and from all indications, they have taken the advantage of the ‘privileged status’ to enrich themselves through extortion, bribery and corruption.

It was also gathered that there is an intra-family rivalry between Aisha Buhari’s blood brothers and her step brothers.  Musa Yola is Aisha’s step brother but because of the humongous wealth he gathered within the past few weeks, her blood brothers consisting of Modi, Usman, and Hameed have become envious of him – a situation that prompted them to abandon their civil service jobs and relocate to Abuja.
Recent property acquired by the Notorious Musa Daura, 
President Buhari’s Nephew

Recent property acquired by the Notorious Musa Daura, 
President Buhari’s Nephew

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