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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Uneducated terrorist Buhari Nigerians accepted the ruling of the ICJ on the oil-rich Bakassi good faith

The terrorist in Chief Buhari on Wednesday in Yaunde, Republic of Cameroon said to Nigerians to accept the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the oil-rich Bakassi penisular to Cameroon in good faith.
The president spoke during an  interactive session with Nigerians residing in Cameroon.
Buhari who left Abuja for Yaunde yesterday to hold talks with President Paul Biya on measures to end insurgency in the countries within the Lake Chad Basin commission said this to some Nigerians resident in Cameroon who had complained that the inhuman treatment by the country’s authorities since the ICJ’s ruling.
“Since Nigeria allowed the case to go to court and we lost, we have to abide by it” he said
But the president assured them of adequate protection.
He also stated that the future of the country was bright even as he expressed optimism in the midst of the economic crisis the country was facing.
He said: “Fellow Compatriots, permit me to say, as I have done during my inauguration on 29th May 2015, I am committed towards bringing positive change to Nigeria and I will do everything possible to achieve that.  Despite the numerous challenges confronting us, the future of our country is very bright.
“You all know very well that your fellow Nigerians are resilient, hardworking and patriotic. These qualities have always seen us through our most difficult national challenges and they will do so now.
“However, this government’s job is to see that we unite and work together for the common good of our country.
“The recent economic downturn occasioned by the fall in oil prices at the global market, which drastically affects our national revenue, is a serious cause of concern to us.”
According to him, his government was taken measures to diversify the economy, even as he pledged total war on corruption.
“As a responsible government, we intend to continue to build a stable economy through prudent fiscal policies and providing favorable environment for both domestic and foreign investments. The aim is to guarantee growth and development in all the sectors of our economy, cut waste, ensure fairness and equal opportunities.”
“We are determined to end this callousness against our innocent citizens.  The defense of the territorial integrity of Nigeria and the protection of lives and properties of Nigerians and all those who live in the country are our top priorities.  We shall explore all reasonable options to enable us to bring this rebellion to an end.
“We are also working with all our neighbors, Cameroon inclusive and other friendly countries, so that together we can fight and stand firmly against all forms of terror and trans-border crimes.
“Whereas, many successes have been recorded in routing the insurgents and limiting their activities, the war is not over yet.” He noted
President Buhari however urged the people to be mindful of Boko Haram activities, stressing the understating between Cameroon and Nigeria.
“We must also support our gallant security and military personnel as they fight to defend our country.
“That is why we maintain these high level contacts with the government here and the reason why I am here.  Nigeria and Cameroon share so much in common and the potential exists for even greater cooperation between our two countries.
“I am delighted to hear of the peaceful relations that exist between you and your Cameroonian hosts. I am very proud of our Nigerian Diaspora; wherever I go I meet extraordinary Nigerians doing great things and contributing positively to developments of their host countries.
“I urge you to continue to project the image of our dear country well, through your hard work and good conduct in order to promote good neighborliness.
“I also urge you to continue to respect the laws and customs and policies of your host country. I urge you to continue to live in peace with your brother and sister Cameroonians.” He stated
Earlier in his remarks, a Nigerian living in Cameroon, Paul Okocha told the President that Nigerian companies were contributing a lot to the economy of the country.
He pleaded the president to help liberalize international trade between both countries by completing a link road.
This is even as another resident, Ebere Valentine congratulated the President on his victory at the 2015 Presidential election, expressing hope that Nigeria would occupy its pride of place under Buhari’s government.
“Your footprints have manifested in Nigeria and beyond since you became the President of Nigeria”, he said

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