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Friday 24 July 2015

United Kingdom to force out Nigerian students, others after graduation …ban them from working

Nigerian students studying in the United Kingdom, and their counterparts from other countries, will be forced to leave the country after graduation.
A fresh policy ordered by Home Secretary, Theresa May, seeks to ban foreign students, with the exception of those from EU countries, from working in Britain after completing their studies.
The policy requires that they return to their countries and reapply for a visa to return and work in the country.
It is argued that many students are using colleges as a “back door to a British work visa”.
According to official figures, out of the 121,000 non-EU students that entered the UK in the 12 months to June 2014, only 51,000 left.
This indicated a net influx of 70,000 students.
Already, May has banned 870 UK colleges from taking foreign students as a means to stop student visas being used as an easy way to enter the UK before getting a job and claiming benefits.
The new rules will deny non-EU students the right to work while in the UK and prevent them from applying for visa extensions on completion of their studies.
Thus, they will have to return to their home countries and apply to return under a work visa.
Several stakeholders in the education sector have however argued that the new rules would damage businesses and lead to a loss of important skills.

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