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Sunday 30 August 2015

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and their black African slaves Hausa/Fulani

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and their black African slaves Hausa/Fulani of the colony they created called Nigeria must know that Radio Biafra is categorically not a Nigeria radio station the same way the BBC is not a Nazi radio station.
As our name denotes, we are the radio station of the unfolding Republic of Biafra; the people your government of Harold Wilson tried to exterminate because of the crude oil in our own land.
This new BBC supported, British sponsored Islamic conquest of Biafraland under Cameron will not work because unlike before we are all now ready to die for our freedom. BBC can lie and distort the fact all it likes, it will not dent our resolve.

Nigerian pirate Radio Biafra returns

A Nigerian pirate radio which has been a thorn in the side of the authorities is back on the air.

Radio Biafra - which agitates for independence for Igbo people in south-eastern Nigeria - had not been heard on its 104.7 FM frequency since July, when the government said it had jammed the signal. But it has been back on the airwaves in the south-east since 22 August, ThisDay newspaper reports.
The station now claims to have extended its broadcasts to Lagos, the Daily Post reports. A statement urges "Biafrans in Lagos" to tune into 89.1 FM.

Reports emerged in May of a station calling itself Radio Biafra operating in southern RiversState. Some accounts say the outlet broadcasts online from London and is retransmitted within Nigeria.

Its main presenter, "Director", refers to his listeners as the "indigenous people of Biafra" and constantly attacks Nigeria's political leaders.

Biafra seceded from Nigeria in 1967. By the time a civil war ended in 1970, more than one million Igbos had died of disease and hunger.


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