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Sunday 23 August 2015


Great People of Biafra, Following the News headline of Naija News Paper of 21st August 2015 which Head line says (Nigeria Needs A Hero – By -FFK)
I will run a simple analysis and response on this article written by FFK in form of Question and Answer, I shall do justice to all he said thereafter leave you to dissect and digest the article further and to make something out of it, You can as well add your own perspective through your comment.
(1) Olufemi Olu-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, has said Nigeria needs a hero who could turn the country’s woes around. Answer: Prince Nnamdi Kanu is the Answer to this question, but he is not saving Nigeria as a contraption entity [which the creator (Fred Lugard) described as OIL and WATER put together] but to save these people of different origins, traditions and cultures.
(2) According to the former minister who served as the spokesperson for President Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential campaign, Nigerians are under a spell. Answer: Yes, even Nigeria as a country is under a spell as a damnable entity, contraption and fraudulent marriage. The foundation of Nigeria was fraudulent in addition to an expiry date, hence Nigeria was long expired as it was created on 1st Jan 1914, and expired on 31st December 2013 because the life span was only 100 years as documented by the Chiefs of Itshekiri and Biafra with Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Fred Lugard who was a mercenary soldier to the British Government.
(3) In a Facebook post titled, “When cometh our deliverer?” Olu-Kayode said Nigeria had been underdeveloped for too long due to bad leadership and a dormant citizenry. Answer: Yes Nigeria cannot be developed because the woman who's idea of the name (Nigeria) was created was a Barren woman, (Flora Shaw). She never bore any fruit and everything she created must whither naturally as nature demands. And the citizen of her damnable created entity must suffer continually until the fake entity crumbles.
(4) Fani Kayode said: “Nigeria needed a hero who could turn things around just as Oliver Cromwell did in England in 1653 shortly after the English Civil War when he sacked the Rump parliament and seized power.” Answer: A prophet is not recognized in his own fathers land, Because (Prince Nnamdi Kanu) the leader of IPOB and Director of RBL is not a white Man, you may not agree with me that he is that Oliver Cromwell you seek, but in a different perception for the liberation of the people of Biafra through freedom fighting and the separation of Biafra from other regions that were merged together as a result of the British profit interest. Through Nnamdi Kanu Biafra shall be liberated as well as all African countries and the rest of the world shall embrace peace and harmony.
(5) Femi Olu-Kayode said Cromwell, who was the Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, paid the ultimate price so that England could become a great country. Answer: According to my research in connection with Oliver Cromwell and the execution of Prince Charles the first, the execution of Charles, led to an eleven year gap in the rule of the Stuarts 1649 to 1660) and it witnessed the rise to supreme power of Oliver Cromwell – whose signature can be clearly seen on the death warrant of Charles. Charles was put on trial in London on January 1st 1649. He was accused of being a “tyrant, traitor and murderer; and a public and implacable enemy to the Commonwealth of England.” Similar thing should in connection with the Nigerian country/ government including the Ex head of states/president down to local government rulers and councilors since 1960. Gen Yakubu Gowon was a murderer and killer of Biafrans and he is still alive till date or is he not a murderer? Olushegun Obasanjo , Ibrahim Babangida and current President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari were all killers and murderers of Biafran People, have they been brought to book for their evil deeds and crimes committed against humanity? Has any brave man or woman come out and spoke vehemently against the unspeakable pogroms committed against the Biafrans? Has anyone stood up to condemn the random stealing and looting of the Nigerian national treasury? Billions and trillions have been stolen from the country’s treasury without any one coming out bravely on TV, radio stations or newspapers like Prince Nnamdi Kanu, instead those the criminality and treasury looting of the country are favoring are busy casting stones against this Great man of Biafra who is even Greater than Oliver Cromwell.
According to Ex-Governor of rivers state (Rotimi Chubuike Amechi) as published in many newspapers: “The Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, on Saturday said political office holders steal state funds because Nigerians do not stone them. Amaechi, who said this in Lagos at an event organized to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, challenged Nigerians to hold their leaders accountable. He said, “If you see a thief and you allow him to be stealing, what you have done? You have stoned nobody; that is why we are stealing. Who have you stoned? They came out and started dancing oil subsidy, oil subsidy. They told you that they stole N2.3trn, what did you do? “Instead you are protesting ‘bring more oil subsidy’; the oil subsidy that is not reaching the poor. A few individuals are going away with the money and you have done nothing. You are mourning Madiba, who lived up to 95, and he was very angry with Nigeria when he died.” “You’ve heard that $50bn is missing and you have done nothing about it. In some countries people will go on the street until they return that money. It is N8trn, it can change Nigeria. “Me I want to steal only $1bn, let them bring it. You read Obasanjo’s letter and you are asking why is he writing the letter, is he a South-South man? In fact, when he was there what did he do? You, what have you done? If you don’t take your destiny in your hands, we will go and other leaders will come and continue stealing.”
Now this same Amechi has stolen Funds belonging to Rivers state as the ex-governor as reported by CNN: “On CNN’s Amanpour Live Report it was reported that Amaechi has been stacking money in different foreign accounts. According to the statement, Amanpour’s show said “the sum of over 757 million U.S. dollars was stacked by Amaechi in a foreign U.S. Bancorp/Minnesota account.” The Integrity Group, a non-governmental organization, has sent a petition to Buhari as well as the Economic Financial Crimes Commission chairman to investigate Amaechi for the over N70 billion stolen from the Rivers State government. This amount is separate from the N21 billion which the PDP claims Amaechi transferred from the Power Assets proceeds account of Access bank to the accounts of three private companies with a 25 Trans-Amadi Road, Port Harcourt address. Well, is he the one that Buhari’s camp is telling us that we will be shocked when the first looter is arrested? I think it’s the right time for those that support once Nigeria to start gathering their tones to stone this criminal Amechi to death or shut up forever and join this Struggle of the restoration of the sovereign states of Biafra under the command of Prince Nnamdi Kanu.
(6) Kayode said: “I look at Nigeria today and the behavior of our collective overlords reminds me very much of the behaviour of the pre-Cromwellian “Rump Parliament’’ in England. Can anyone be in any doubt that it is time for us to speak those same words that Oliver Cromwell spoke to the English Parliament on April 20th, 1653 to our leaders here in Nigeria? Answer: Right in front of you Fani Kayode, you are looking and hearing from the Oliver Cromwell of our own Generation Prince Nnamdi Kanu. You listened to him every day through Radio Biafra, yet you don’t want to recognize and acknowledged his great work of liberation simply because he is your fellow Black African Man.
(7) “Who will go forth courageously and speak truth to tyranny in the power of the Lord. When will God raise our own deliverer? Answer: Prince Nnamdi Kanu is the Man behind the microphone through Radio Biafra doing justice to the evil Marshal Plans of the British against the children of God (Biafrans) and the entire people of that abominable contraption called Nigeria, the African continent and beyond. God has raised him to deliver his people through which the freedom of Biafran People will end the darkness and undeveloped continent of Africa which is the richest continent in the World.
(8) “Where is our own Oliver Cromwell or our own biblical Jehu? Where is our Elijah? When will the Jezebels that rule our land be thrown down from the balcony and when will the dogs eat their flesh and drink their blood? Answer: The Oliver Cromwell is the Man behind the microphone through Radio Biafra, Prince Nnamdi Kanu. If throwing the Jezebel down for Dogs to eat up his flesh in one Nigeria is what you are waiting for, sorry FFK, you will wait for that contraption in eternity where corruption is the order of the day, it will never happen not in the nearest 1 million years to come. Start preaching to your Oduduwa people for secession and every indigenous people from their region will start living as human being by working hard to create viable environment which will pave way for a greater future for their generation to come. Peace and unity will be among them and all the killing in the norther side of Nigeria shall be a thing of the past. Because Oil and Water cannot mix together says your creator (Fredrick Lugard) therefore stop searching for the Elijah because He is already here and he is a Biafran.
(9) “When will our Ahab be slaughtered in battle? When will the Nigerian people say ‘enough is enough’ and demand the change that they so desperately crave? Answer: Secession is the only solution that will slaughter this Ahab (Nigeria) in battle. Biafrans of this generation have risen to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. And the total sovereignty of a Biafra nation is all we crave for, therefore stop dancing in shadows and speak to your Yoruba people to start seeking their Oduduwa Nation now.
(10) “When will they wake up from their accursed slumber and wipe away the fiscal mess with which they have been stained, smothered, blinded, deafened and silenced? Answer: Until Yoruba Media start publishing truth and exposing all the devilish act of every corrupt government of Nigeria including yourself as once the aviation minister of Nigeria who’s office was charged for embezzlement of public fund, until they stop their brown envelope journalism and subsequently embrace the gospel of truth spoken on Radio Biafra which is the only Radio station in the world capable of speaking the TRUTH irrespective of who is concerned.
(11) “When will the spell that has been placed upon them be finally broken? When will they be free from this unwholesome bondage and be rid of their godless fears? Answer: Now is the right time, the coming of Radio Biafra and its Media crew is the beginning of that long awaiting revolution we all seek. Please start the Oduduwa liberation movement now and stop asking foolish question because Radio Biafra has come to stay. More importantly tell your Nigeria government and (NBC) to stop haunting Radio Biafra as they’re trying to shut it down because it is exposing them although they lack the strength and infrastructures to bring RBL down. This is because Biafran technical crews are the chosen children of Chukwu Okike Abiama (GOD of CREATION) and no one can defeat the Children of GOD in battle.
(12) “When will their shackles be finally broken and when will they see, feel, hear and live again? When, O when, will our people be free and when will they become the pride of Africa that they were destined to be? Answer: The impoverishment of the people of Biafra , the massacre of this tribe from East of the Niger, the subjugation of the citizens of this Nation has become a torn in the flesh of the African continent and world at large, the blood of the 5.2 million of her people have been crying for justice for over 48 years now. Therefore the shackle of darkness that held Nigeria shall be broken once the freedom of these children of God is given to them. And behold the entire African continent will see light once again coming from that Land of the Rising Sun, because in Biafra Land we have a Village called (IHE CHI UWA) meaning the light that holds the WORLD. Allow this people to go now and see the light shining upon the surface of the EARTH.
(13) “In the Nigerian context, the question is this – when will our great stars emerge and when will Nigeria’s time to shine on the world stage come? Answer: The name Nigeria was concocted by a barren woman (Flora Shaw) therefore never expect any good thing from her abominable creation. Nigeria must seize to exist as a country because the Hausa/Fulani, (AREWA) and Yoruba’s (ODUDUWA) will become great in their respective region. Most importantly, all the Igbo's, igbanke, igbo akiri, ibibio, ijaw, igede,Isobo [which is now pronounce as UHROBO]. and Itshekiri people all known as BIAFRA People will become very great nation.
(14) “When will the words of Oliver Cromwell find relevance in our space and when will the Lord answer our prayer and deliver us from the evil that plagues our land?” Answer: According to the United Nations 2007 charter, the right of the Indigenous people for self-defense and self-governing, your question is 100% answered. We the Indigenous People of Biafra are ready and set to leave Nigeria as rightfully mandated by that charter of 2007 UN Right of the Indigenous People. Knowing fully well that Nigeria is a member of United Nations and every rule governing the countries under the umbrella of UN, Nigeria must obey and abide by it.
Now can Yoruba people also demand to be dismembered from this conspiratorial forceful marriage of 1914 by British government?
We the Biafrans are set to separate from that marriage of 1914 and no forces of darkness can stop the Biafrans this time,
Give us Biafra now or we take it by force.

God Bless Biafra.

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