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Wednesday 30 September 2015

Fulani Herdsmen All Over Biafra Land, Fighting Local Farmers, Destroying Economic Crops, Killing Men, Women And Children.

Fulani Herdsmen All Over Biafra Land Fighting Local Farmers, Destroying Economic Crops, Killing Men, Women And Children.
By Blessed Orji
(For Family Writers)

Envy is a hateful attitude that when played out results in evil and destructive action. It is a nihilistic poison that corrodes the soul of any nation or person involved and endangers the wellbeing of the envied. Biafra is the light of black Africa even of the world at large. It became imperative for the world to embrace Biafra and the preachers of Biafra restoration as an independent nation, because of this sunlight, rising from Africa.

There are also those who want Africa to remain in perpetual darkness by joining forces with Islamic republic of Nigeria to oppress and suppress indigenous people of Biafra. This they do by objecting to morality, freedom, equality, stability, and progressive development. They convert themselves to harbingers of evil and attack at will the children of light. The earlier we establish this difference it will help us (firstly) to accept that terrorists are never satisfied until the object of their envy and hatred is completely destroyed; and we should quickly refrain from the deceptive slogan "one Nigeria" or we continue to give their oppressive and destructive actions on Biafra land nobility of value. The sworn enemies of Biafra have envied us that in their hatred they now bribe certain foreign journalists to write falsified and misleading articles against Indigenous people of Biafra. Through their brown envelope journalism cloak the ulterior motive of Buhari and his co Bokoharam sponsors to intimidate and totally spread Sharia all over Biafraland

it is understandable that Buhari recently  released hundreds of Bokoharam members in detention,some reabsorbed into the armed forces,others armed with sophisticated weapons in form of"Herdsmen" all over Biafra land fighting local farmers,destroying economic crops killing men,women and children,raping women and taking them captives. This is an extreme form of destructive envy,culminating in sinful act of greed,manifesting in stealing "oil and gas" from Biafra land. This destructive greed and envy is directed at intently devastating our enviroment,impoverishing our people,strangulating bussinesses,destroying our individual and collective happiness.

Facing off with this nihilistic barbarians boko haram, jihadist,armed herdsmen and Nigeria forces of terror in Biafra land is a frightening task. Neglecting to make clear moral,cultural,religious and national distinction about the true nature and motivation of this our "common enemies" will only give them strength to deepen their (Islamic) invasion and occupation of our land. We need not forget that millions of Biafrans  with wives and children are exiled all over the world with no place to call home. We should not pretend not  to care or  refuse to be directly engaged in the gospel of Biafra restoration. The ultimate goal of indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) is never to actualize but to restore something highly valuable,highly desirable; and that thing is sovereignty of our country,our freedom,economic equality,stability and progressive development of our homeland. In this ongoing media war and confrontation with forces of darkness,we need not engage in any moral equivocation. We did not commit any sin except for demanding for our freedom and Biafra restoration. Shalom

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