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Sunday 13 September 2015

Nigeria police arresting Biafrans Listening to Radio Biafra, Where are our right?

Police Clampdown:  Scores Arrested in Aba For Listening To Radio Biafra

It is shocking news to hear that listeners of radio Biafra are being arrested and put in police custody. There has been previous call by the Inspector General of Nigeria Police to their men nationwide to arrest

Members of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB. It is also clear that the imminent arrests being made have no bearing according to both the Nigerian laws and international laws of liberty, of information, of association and rights to life. Clearly these laws have been infringed.
There have been calls from various parts of the country clamoring against the dictatorial tendencies of the current Buhari-led federal government of Nigeria.
Before now, there have been clear calls against the radio station as propagating threats to life, inciting violence and integrity and unity of the Nigerian state. No doubt there has been an allegation against the indigenous people’s, but the government should imbibe the principle of rule of law, of a democratic process to clamp down on the indigenous people of Biafra since the executive cannot play the role of the jury.
Furthermore, our correspondent went an extra mile to augment the authenticity of this news. A cyclist (also known as Keke driver) who simply identified himself as Uche, confirmed the report as true. According to him, “the police are on the look out for keke Operators who tune into Radio Biafra, if they hear Radio Biafra in your Keke, they will arrest you and impound your keke. Before you come out you will spend like N10, 000 or more”.
There was also a call placed across to the (PRO of the Nigerian police force) Aba Central Police station, to confirm this news,  proved abortive, as the time of filing this report as his phone was switched off.
Here comes a call on the

Government of Buhari to prove the notions of dictatorial tendencies wrong by following the democratic process rather than the African barbaric process of killings and illegal arrest of innocent citizens.
It is also clear that this radio station has a physical address that can be approached and sued for libel or whatever charges.
Headquarters: 16 Calle Peru, 01012 Victoria Spain
UK OFFICE: 30 sandlings Close, Pilkington Road, London SE 15 3SY UK
UK Tel: +447831308376 or +442081339976 as obtained from a letter of the body indigenous people of Biafra on

Chuks writes from Aba

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