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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Time Shall Come When There Shall Arise Amongst Biafrans A Moses Whose Lion Heart And Craft Leadership Will Plot Exit Strategy From This Nigerian Zoo

As the gospel of the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra being pioneered by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) via its vociferous mouthpiece (Radio Biafra and Biafra Television), continue to gather momentum on daily basis, so is its people continue to voice out their disdain for the Nigerian State. Radio Biafra has reawakened the comradeship in Biafrans from all works of life. All over the world, one will not be surprised to see Biafrans gathering in unison discussing and strategizing on how best to restore their sweet home, Biafra.  For many years, Biafran citizens has been marginalized and denied of their common wealth and dubiously pushed out of their enclave to scamper for survival in different part of the Universe by the occupying Nigerian State. In the course of these migrations, majority died in the Arabian Desert due to severe hydration and some drown in the Mediterranean Sea. Back home in Biafraland, our future kids are denied entry into unity schools due to the dubious cut-off mark disparity between Biafrans and the Hausa-Fulani hegemonic North. Biafrans continue to question the rationale in dubiously awarding northern kids a miserable cut-off mark of 2 compared to their Biafran counterparts of 139 to gain entry into the same unity schools. 

Current events in Nigeria whereby the rogue regime of Buhari continue to terrorise, hack, maim, shooting to death, and kidnappings of Biafrans using its combined security apparatus, has compelled well-meaning Biafrans to start to question the rationale behind these atrocities being meted on them day by day, hence reawakening the spirit of comradeship (Onuru ube Nwanne agbala oso) in us. In social media like Facebook, write-ups and comments concerning Biafra and its plights are awash. For example, Mazi
Chinwike Justice Oke-Nwosu took to his Facebook to vest his frustration of this damnable entity coined by Lugard in 1914. He wrote thus: “It is only in Nigeria that there is an official policy to promote mediocrity to a level that merit is seen as an offence. How can any person justify the absurd score of 2 for Northern kids to gain places in UNITY SCHOOLS as against 139 imposed on kids from the East (Biafra) for same places. 

If someone wants to encourage the North,  differential score of 105 for northerners and 139 for Eastern kids should have been arguably right but differential marks of 2 and 139 is obscene and a slap on the face of rationality, decency and common sense! How can policy makers and implementers justify this obnoxious policy? Who proposed this and who are those in education ministry presiding over this retrogressive policy?Are other states and ethnic representatives in the board or committee that approved and signed off this iniquity? This is abhorrent and indefensible by any stretch and with any prism you look at it. I took one Anthony N. Z. Sani who I learnt is/was spokesperson of Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF on about this. He severally referred to me as a believer in "Darwanism" of "survival of the fittest" where the best is naturally selected. 

What the spokesperson for the oligarchy refused to address is my question about why kids of affluent Northerners who attend best schools money and facilities could provide should be allowed to gain admission with this shameful score of 2 whilst Eastern kids from indigent families - some orphans and who live in poor neighborhoods and schooled in rural areas must score 139 to gain admission. I am waiting for him to address this issue. Speaking to few friends of Northern extraction on this matter, they believed Southerners are not advantaged in the sense that most people take it but simply that Northern politicians and policy makers are better in pushing policies that assist their owns! In simple tone, my Northern friends believe the Northern technocrats are simply "looking after our people". This strike at the heart of the problem with Nigeria and the drifting that attends this dubious edifice. Sani in his dubious argument believes not in proper federalism and weak center or referendum. He advances illogical syllogism to defend indefensible even as his intellectually sterile innuendos litter discourse on this matter with lacunae in all dimensions. 

This brings me to the position of Igbos-Biafrans some who claims to be journalists, scholars and academics; why they have not seen this as an area that needs pressure to remove this obscene disparity that checkmates and stunts the future and development of our young. It is matter of pain to me that whilst Buhari jettisons federal character in his cabinet appointments and other political appointments he has so far made and received applause from some Igbo APC and others in his camp, none of those who are eulogising him has anything to say about how merit is ditched in favour of mediocrity and in the most embarrassing and shameful scale that this admission matter has flagged up! 

My issue is why are Northerners who are hell-bent in applying quota where they believe that they have disadvantage refuse the same criteria in areas they have maximum advantages like in army, police, immigration, custom and even occupancy of highest judicial office. If the North is that educationally backwards, how come they have produced so many justices of the federation ahead of Igbos who are more educated? I have never seen Igbo Chief Justice of Nigeria! 

That my fellow Igbos shouting Sai Buhari are blind, deaf and dumb in this echoing absurdity shows the extent personal pursuits and economic necessity have driven some Igbos so far in the dirtiest side of moral life. Many have their kids, nieces and nephews likely to be disadvantaged by this anomaly yet they seal their lips and fold their arms in the hope that crumbs that fall for them from oligarchy's table will enable them to purchase spaces or send their owns to elite schools. Shame on those contemporary Igbo who much are given but who are lily-livered and whose hands of catch-penny would not allow them to be vanguard for poor and beleaguered Biafrans whose only passport in life is through God given endowment. The only hope and chance in life for these people is merit. 

This is what feudalistic Northern enclave in connivance with some irresponsible Southern elite have ensured these Igbos and other Southerners are not also allowed. Shame on Igbos who have left their duty posts and falling over themselves in praise of Buhari in the hope they are rewarded while the future of Biafran kids are being blighted daily by retrogressive policies. When a policy is put in place mechanism of monitoring through appraisals and audits are put in place to ensure that the advantaged are not with time become disadvantaged by the policy. Hardly can anyone say that the quota system that stunts Igbo kids future in education has such review in place. It is a blank cheque handed to the North with no checks and balances. It is a matter of regret and shame”. 

Continuing in another comment, Mazi Chinwike has this to say; “The North may play the ostrich as much as they like. This obscenity will not last forever. The Biafrans are just being calm watching as lazy manipulative Northern enclave checkmates the future of their kids whilst the kids of Northern extraction with weaker qualities are allowed to move on and return to impose mediocrity on the nation as "LEADERS" not because they are afraid or happy. They are watching to see where this takes you to and how far! In life wisdom withdraws to see! Watch out this your posturing and established kleptocracy and manipulation of levers of power and policy and all putative apparatus of state will be what will imperil the Nigerian nationhood and leave the North in shattered a wrecked ship far removed from shore. One day the day you think you have may turn out to be your moments of darkness and northern enclaves’ greatest nightmare! Save this and take it to the bank! 

Mediocre will only perform within his/her capability - mediocrity. It is not surprising that Nigeria has been drifting from days of Tafawa Balewa till date. Attempt by Ironsi to impose meritocracy with unification decree 34 caused north to sweep him out of power and plunged the nation in bloodshed. Thereafter North captured and gripped in its own sin live life of paranoia of Igbo domination and reprisal that North is applying glass ceiling for Igbo as ethnic group in Biafra and using both overt and covert official policies aimed to stop Biafran advancement in Nigeria political, economic and social lives and environment. How the North and indeed their accomplices believe such is sustainable is yet to be seen. 

Banking that experience of the past BIAFRAN war is an enough deterrent shows that what northern and the people who man their policies fail to learn from history is history itself. I urge the North not to change. They should continue to harden their hearts like pharaoh Ramses of Egypt who refused to allow Israelites to leave. When they managed to create their exit unknown to the Pharaoh, he dispatched his formidable army after them. If there is one thing to learn it is how the formidable army of Egypt perished in the Red Sea! 

Time shall come when there shall arise amongst Biafrans a Moses whose lion heart and craft of leadership will plot exit strategy from this Nigerian zoo. Even though all entrances and gates shall be manned by northern guards armed to the teeth. Biafra nation - every soul shall walk pass through your locked iron gates. By the time you wake up from your slumber all you will see will be a desolate zoo! The precious blood of Biafrans shall never flow on dirty Nigerian streets again like in 1966 to 1970! Any hungry beast thinking and provoking Biafrans to feed on our precious blood shall have their horns entangled in their own traps and noose and be chocked in their own web. 

Mark my words - this evil won't be allowed to continue. The silence is not that of satisfaction or acceptance; it is silence of contemplation and strategising and silence of let us wait and see! We know Buhari was packaged by the North to come and resuscitate the decaying feudalistic Hausa/Fulani oligarchy tools of hegemony. He is making good of the deed and plan and intention. All evil and its perpetrators have a place in history. The evil shall fall face down and the perpetrator on his/her own swords.

Chinwe Korie Reporting.


  1. You must begin to feel sorry for these feudalistic north exemplified by Buhari who still see their Nigeria with the 20th century prism. It's tragic that they have the morose and illiterate dullard, Buhari, to pursue this agenda in today's world. The storm is gathering as never before. Thanks to Radio Biafra and the awakening it is bringing. Biafra has never been so imminent.


  3. It is happening just like in the days of noah, the gospel have been spreading like a widefire and the zoologic republic are deaf about it but suddenly the rain will fall on them and they will be drowned forever!


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