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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Undeclared Assets: Child rapist Buhari is Worth More Than N3bn – says Fayose

Nigeria - Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state has discredited President Muhammadu Buhari's recent asset declaration, saying he knows the location of the president's hidden assets.
Speaking through his spokesman, Lere Olayinka, Fayose said "we know where everybody, including President Buhari’s wealth are hidden, and the APC should not provoke the governor to such an extent that he will begin to reveal their hidden assets,” he said.‎

“Nigerians demanded that President Buhari must declare his assets publicly because that was what the President promised when he was seeking the people’s votes. “It was part of President Buhari’s electoral promises that his assets will be declared publicly and up till today, he has not done that.
"We have only been told that the President, whom they said was poor to the extent that he had to take bank loan to buy his party’s nomination, is now the owner of a mini estate in Asokoro, Abuja that is worth over N3 billion.

“The APC should rather explain to Nigerians how a man they said had no houses anywhere apart from Daura and Kaduna suddenly became owner of houses and landed properties in Kano, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

“They should also tell Nigerians what happened when President Buhari headed Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) and why they lied to Nigerians that the president was poor, thereby obtaining Nigerians’ votes by trick.”‎


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