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Monday 26 October 2015


Not many of us have taken time to understudy the BBC and its activities in the world. The BBC is a British propaganda tool used to destroy countries all over the world. This is why you have the BBC broadcasting to Nigeria in Hausa and later the VOA and RFI joined because of the oil and gas in Nigeria. They use the station to brainwash Northerners being that they are less educated, amiable to lies and happy with propaganda even on empty stomach

The BBC was used to Deceive the world that Biafra only started in 1967 and tried to change the history that the fraudulent British met Biafra when they came and amalgamated it with Benin before the 1914 Fraud by Lugard. The BBC had been behind the efforts made by the Northerners to erase every trace of Biafra from the map and suggesting that it is only Igbo people.

During the Biafran war, the BBC refused to use the word Biafra but instead chose to call it secessionist. The reason behind the BBC approach is that the British as well as many oyibos believe that blacks are mere animals and they could not fathom why a black monkey would imagine changing what a white God made.

The BBC was used against the Biafran war to tell lies about the starvation and the air, land and see blockade. The BBC was used to brainwash the Nigerians you see today to believe that Nigeria cannot exist without oil to enable British access the oil and not ask basic questions like "WHAT DO THEY DO WITH THE OIL THAT THEY HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR 55 YEARS AND OUR OWN INDUSTRIES ARE CLOSING DOWN?"
Nigerians cannot ask how Biafra survived under heavy bombardment for three years with no exports including oil. The atrocities of the war were not communicated to the world. To make matters worse even the Likes of Fredrick Foreshyte who pretended to be a friend of Biafra was an MI5 agent.If Biafra under heavy British incited bombardment could survive for 3 years, why is it difficult for black people to realize that dependence on oil is the only reason British support Northerners and we don't need it to survive?
This link gives an idea about the British fraud and how they have used Northerners to sustain it. They have made every effort to say that Biafra was in 1967 instead of the fact that it was there long before Nigeria was created.…/britain-and-biafra-the-cas…

The BBC today you will notice does not report on the Biafran agitations and if they do, watch them closely.The bad side of the British enslavement of Black people is that they were able to convince the Northereners and the likes of Obasanjo that Igbos were evil and should be wiped off the map and you can see it from the arhive link posted. Black scorpion was removed shortly after he made the revelation by saying
In this section of the front that I rule-- and that is the whole South front from Lagos to the border of Cameroon? I do not want to see the Red Cross, Caritas Aid, World Church delegation, Pope, Missionary, or UN Delegation. I want to prevent even one Ibo (Igbo) having one piece of food to eat before their capitulation? We shoot at everything that moves, and when our forces move into the centre of Igbo territory, we shoot at everything, even at things that do not move........ Benjamin Adekunle, (translated interview with German Reporter, Randolph Baumann, of STERN Magazine; also published in De Telegraaf; quoted in The Economist, 24 August 1968, and in the book, Brutality of Nations, by Dan Jacobs, etc.)

It was the Adekunle revelation of this secret that caused his removal soon after and replaced with Obasanjo who has been tutored about the British fraud and lies that Biafra was not there before the British came.

One of the biggest evils done to Black people was the British use of the BBC and you can see from their reporting even today. You probably had when they reported that a restaurant was closed in Anambra for selling Human meat. They went to do that in Swahili whereas it was a lie.…/restaurant-shut-down-after-serving-hu…/

It was the same technique that was used by the British and BBC to demonize Igbos after the war. Think about it -- an average Nigerian today prefers to be identified as a brother to Boko Haram members than to be identified with Biafra -why?

You can imagine how they reported the human meat story and it went out to the whole world and they apologized in a small page? THAT IS THE EVIL OF THE BRITISH AND THE BBC--BRITISH BROADCASTING CORRUPTION

For those against Biafra, Biafra existed long before Nigeria and the British figured that using the Northerners who were more illiterate then would be their way of stealing oil. Unfortunately the North has not only destroyed itself but Nigeria with it.This was why soon after independence Nigeria was in decline - everything that formed a nation died from Railways to Airways and Agriculture.

Don't be deceived --Britain is evil and still see us as slaves divided into two groups -- the house slaves and the field slaves.
Read the British article below and the newspaper stubs on the side to see the British reasons for the war and that shows you how they see black lives.
DONT BELIEVE THE BRITISH LIES AND FRAUD-BIAFRA WAS THERE BEFORE NIGERIA. The Biafran history is why they want to stop people from studying history.

The simple truth is that we can exist together with the truth using our constitution instead of British lies.The same British are behind the election crisis which Buhari will cause in the states of Rivers, Akwaibom and Delta and yet no one wonders how the oyibos engineering these rubbish will see black people.

Do we really have brains? Let the truth be and it does not prevent us from living like Scotland in UK, Biafra in Nigeria, Quebec in Canada and they can have some self determination and there will be peace,

This Buhari today was betrayed by the same British in the 80's. He has less than a few years to live, shouldnt this have been his own opportunity to deal with the British? Instead he has elected to serve them like a typical police in Nigeria where his salary has not been paid and he shoots people for agitating for salaries to be paid.



  1. Thank you very much my brother. This is what they hate to hear. In fact, depression-motivated suicide is on the rise amongst them; why such a high rate of depression? BBC will not say it, but we know it already.Let me confess to you: Even before the knowledge of evils committed against us by Britain, I have always denigrated anything British, including Shell E &P without any concrete reason; I have always loved ISRAEL and whatever concerns them; I am a Biafran.

    1. let see what truth will become, anything built on lies will surely be lost until the truth reveal itself. God is sure and true

  2. GOD wants his tribute and thanks giving for the sufferring and sweat of his people for all the years of the jets,jeeps and greed in the north to enslave all other regions. We are wise and I'm Biafran and not a slave unless told otherwise

  3. Nice article. You should also add that it was the same BBC that was instrumental in insinuating to the northerners that the coup of 1966 which was largely welcomed by Nigerians at that time was Igbo coup and that they should rise up against our people. This led to the the massacre of so many of our people all over the country


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