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Monday 5 October 2015



The Islamic State (IS) terrorists group has claimed responsibility for the multiple bomb explosions that rocked the nations capital, Abuja on Friday night.

The claim was released by the group in an Arabic message which was tweeted by Radio France International correspondent in Tunisia / Libya, David Thompson.
Thompson also tweeted pictures of the three suicide bombers the terrorist group claimed carried out the bomb attacks in the city.
“The Islamic State # EI claims the attacks of the day in Abuja # Nigeria”, Thompson tweeted
He added that: “The # EI province West Africa (eg Boko Haram) broadcasts pictures of 3 of 3 authors suicide bombers attacks in Abuja.”Boko Haram is the West African affiliate of the Islamic State group, after its leader, Abubakar Shekau pledged allegiance last year to the Baghdadi led group.

Two of the suicide bombers are relatively young with one of them looking blind in the left left eye.
The Abuja explosions went off in the outskirts of the Nigerian capital leaving at least 18 people dead.
Spokesman Manzo Ezekiel said that the bomb in Kuje went off near a police station while the one in Nyanya detonated in a crowded area not far from the site of two blasts in April and May last year that killed at least 90 people.
Before then, there had not been an attack on the capital in two years. During United Nation General Assemble in New York , President Muhammadu Buhari refused to discuss Boko Haram which has generated mixed reactions among the world leaders.


  1. Sorry is not true, it is politics by hausa fulani people to say they have conquered bokoharam. That is now ISIS and everyone know it is global problems. How did u
    believe such junks. We know there tricks. Bokoharam is responsible for the Abuja bombing.

    On the 28th of September 2015, the Nigerian
    (Zoo) Government through one of its agents
    said to be working as a journalist and representing Nigeria at the UN, dragged
    Biafra representatives to a court in New York.
    The incident happened as IPOB delegates
    concluded their protest against the terrorist
    and pedophile Muhammadu Buhari at the UN
    building in New York and were retiring to
    their hotels. The Nigerian Agent accosted the Biafran Delegates and started threatening
    them with assassinating them and
    assassinating their families back home in
    Biafraland. The Nigerian Agent proceeded
    with taking pictures of the Biafran Delegates
    and started emailing the pictures to the DSS and other Buhari’s serial killers stationed
    in Nigeria.
    At this point, the Biafran Delegates gently
    asked him to stop taking pictures of them
    without obtaining their permissions and
    requested for the ones taken to be deleted. The Nigerian Agent ignored them, threatened
    them the more, and continued with the
    snapshots. The Biafran Delegates now
    retrieved the phone-camera from the
    Nigerian Agent and proceeded to the nearest
    policeman to report the illegal act. As the Delegates advanced towards the security
    official, the Nigerian Agent started physical
    assaults on the Delegates and almost tore the
    T-shirts of some of them. As the Delegates
    ignored him, he now went into another
    strategy of yelling and shouting that the Biafran Delegates have attacked him and
    robbed him of his phone.
    This came to the attention of a different set of
    security personnel who now took all the
    parties involved to the nearest New York
    court and the matter was entered into court proceedings. The Nigerian Agent was
    boasting that he will ensure that the Biafran
    Delegates would be jailed. When the matter
    was brought up for hearing, the Nigerian
    Agent ran away and was nowhere to be
    found although his details (name, address, contact info, etc etc) were taken by the court
    authorities and he must be available for the
    final court hearing. The full identity including
    pictures of this Nigerian Agent will be made
    available to Biafrans when he shows up at
    the court for final hearing. The case was fixed for final hearing on
    Thursday, January 14th, 2016 at 9:30am. The
    address of the court is 100 Center Street,
    New York, N. Y. 10013. ALL Biafrans are
    expected to be in the Court on that day and
    should be adorning their May-30th T-shirt.


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