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Friday 23 October 2015


Oduduwa and her 50 million Population
By Oscar Onyeani Umah
(For Family Writers)

After so many years of silence, hatred and blackmail for the restoration of Biafran, the people of Oduduwa with over population of 50 million more than most of countries of the world are now waking up from the deep slumber to the realities if the true world, this is coming in the wake of growing concern agitation of the Biafrans for self determination. The call made by sons and daughters of the land of Oduduwa for some time now these have left many questions in the minds of many Nigerians and Biafrans that finally the fall of the most populous back African nation known recently as the chicken of Africa.

Nigerian as we all know is the richest black African nation but its citizen are the poorest in the world, nothing works in that part of the world, no good road, no pipe born water, no Electricity and no good health care.  In my recent visit to Nigeria, word cannot express in me the kind of suffering Nigeria government subjected the masses into, there I came to the realization that the only remedy is separation because each ethnicity has eaten deep into their way of life, and any country where such is the talk of the day stand on the bridge of breaking up at any moment.

But for some days the arrest of the Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) in Lagos by men of the DSS has brought business to a halt as citizen of Biafra has held massive protest across different states on Nigerian in solidarity of the arrest of their leader and their calls from many other quarters to free their Leader Dr Nnamdi Kanu but many have feared that any attempt by the DSS to kill him as they normally do to their victim will tear Nigerian into pieces no matter the consequences, the attitude of Nigerian since Mohammed Buhari assumed office is of great concern to their international donors and partners. In the wake of the event the people of the Oduduwa are been asked to stand on their feet as nothing good come easy to fight for their right. The people of Biafra has set the pace and they should follow suit and show the world that it is time to untie the unholy matrimony of British government, we are not one  and can never be because the nations have been existing independently before the amalgamation in 1914. We the people of Biafra send our solidarity to Oduduwa, and use this medium to ask them to stand for the truth and that is the weapon of Biafra.

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