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Thursday 5 November 2015


By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)

Nnamdi Kanu
The classic and professional news report floated by 247UREPORT over the arrest and continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu came as no surprise, it's clear now that everything Radio Biafra has been preaching is nothing but truth. Those accusing Radio Biafra of incisive or hate speech can now confirm what is hatred. Since Nnamdi Kanu was arrested Biafrans had continued to be lawful waiting for the law to address their case that is what Nnamdi Kanu has impacted in Biafrans, to be peaceful, lawful and hardworking. The few Nigerian unconstructive critics will and attackers of Nnamdi Kanu will now bury their heads in shame "who is now breaking the law, inciting violence, showing hatred and hate speeches, is it not Nigerians and her government?" it is high time they started eulogizing him as we are doing, it's high time they started learning from him and crown him "AFRICAN CHANGER". I won't let my digression drag me off the lane or passion for Nnamdi Kanu overwhelm the tears that trickled down when i read the report by 247UREPORT. According to them “our source indicates that there appear a divide within the DSS concerning the recent arrest and continued detention of the host of the radiobiafra Nnamdi Kanu. According to available information, a group of top ranking officers comprising largely of Northern parts are said to have taken up the garnet of ensuring the host of radiobiafra is "dealt with". One of the northern officers who reportedly is known for his bigot tendencies- was heard contemplating the possible consequences of Nnamdi Kanu's demise under the DSS custody- the DSS officer is said to have a healthy hatred for the radiobiafra host- so much that he is not allowed enter the cell of the radiobiafra host alone- unaccompanied" the report further noted that many of them share same bigot laden sentiment.

The contemplation of his demise was a chord that nearly turned me into a monster, i paused a while and asked myself "what if Nnamdi Kanu is killed by Nigerian Govt or hurt by any means or even held beyond how much Biafrans can wait, what will be the consequences?" before i deliberate on the consequences, it appears to me like Nigerian government and her people don't know where we placed Nnamdi Kanu. Nnamdi kanu is more than the leader of indigeonous people of Biafra, Nnamdi kanu is our model, idol, father, strenght, pride, destiny and future. Nigerian government is contemplating on his demise and i can tell you that as a writer, i am already dropping my career to turn into a monster that will wreck havoc, i will make sure that after Biafra is restored i will go back to Nigeria and the blood of all northern and western people of Nigeria will not appease the loss. If a peaceful writer like me can turn into a monster- i wonder what will be the transformation of millions of Biafrans out there. We can't imagine a Biafra without Nnamdi Kanu, we can't live in a Biafra without Nnamdi Kanu- so contemplating on his demise is setting all Biafrans on a kill mission against Nigeria. Biafra will come after his demise- though his demise will make Biafra restoration quicker but Biafra will go beyond a country, Biafra will see to the end of existence of Arewa and oduduwa, believe you me everybody will go down and nothing shall live to tell the tales of Nnamdi Kanu's demise. We therefore say we will no longer take for granted the continuous detention of Nnamdi Kanu and call all Biafrans to brace up for the worst in history of mankind, indeed the slow movement of a tiger has been misconstrued as cowardice. We can no longer hold on and watch ineffective law deny us our right and our leader's right to live that is under threat while under illegal detention. This conspiracy of murder calls for action.

1 comment

  1. Let's do D needful b4 it's too late... we hv been patient enuf n D world can't blame us anymore...


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