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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Biafra Million Man Mega Protest scheduled on the 6th of November 2015

The Indigenous People Of Biafra has been informed that the official date for the million man mega protest has been rescheduled from 4th as earlier announced to 6th of November 2015 according to the directorate of states.

The last minute change was effected by the DOS so as tighten all loose end in other to achieve maximum success on that day.

The protest will take place in two different zones. Kick off time is 12pm both locations and the protest will last for 2days but subject to possible extension if the need arises.

Great Biafrans, this is the appropriate time to prove to the Buhari and APC Nigeria Goverment and all our enemies including Britain how formidable, serious, resolute, resilient, unrelenting and fearless we are before our enemies. Remember that this is a march to free our leader Nnamdi Kanu and ofcourse freedom for us as a people.
All of you who claim to love director, this is the only time to show how much you love him but above all how much you love Biafra your country.

For further information kindly contact your local coordinator. Fellow Biafrans it is Biafra or Death!!!

#Free_Nnamdi_Kanu #FreeBiafra. Comment below – Share! Share!! Share!!!

Wrote By: Agujiegbe Charles .J. Mbajito.
(Leader IPOB Russia/Russian National Coordinator).


  1. which location will it take place and venue?

  2. Note:  Fr Byrne told The Irish Catholic how Biafran children were suffering from protein deficiencies that caused symptoms such as swollen stomachs. He source protein foods for the starving children in Cameroon and was a key player in the airlifts from 1967 until the end of the war in 1970. He was only 32 when he defied official international authorities to save children.
    “A good few planes were shot down, I had a few lucky escapes,” he recalls.
    “The Nigerians wanted to pressure the Biafrans into surrendering. At that time, oil supplies in the world were supposed to be dwindling and the Biafrans had copious supplies of oil.
    “It is unbelievable how much the children suffered, they were sacrificed on the altar of oil,” according to Fr Byrne. While one million people starved, another million were saved as a result of the vital aid.
    Despite his defiance of the world’s powers, Fr Byrne is utterly unrepentant: “I would do the same again. We broke the law, if you saw people dying; you would risk your life.”
    - See more at:

  3. Biafrans are crying but the world is watching i bet they would want to join when everything is on fire like congo or syria i hear many yorubas saying the old eastern Nigeria wants another version but i don't believe it Biafrans are peaceful we have suffered so much but still violence is not our options.


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