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Monday 23 November 2015

Open Letter To AREWA Youths: Wake Up! Do The Right Thing!! Take The Shackles Off Your feet And Fight For Your Future!!!

Dear AREWA Youths,

Do you know why some of us don't blink anymore at the Boko haram activities and never talk about it? I cannot be crying more than the bereaved. I cringe every time the "bomb goes boom" then I weep for the dead and moved on. The Arewa youths are the blankest people I know. My apologies to the few sensible ones first of all if there are any. Your number is being reduced drastically and under your watch Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen snatched the first and the fourth position as the most deadly terror groups in the world. Everybody call you names. Your daughters and sons are either being used as bomb detonators or being decimated by bombs. You don't feel ashamed rather you are energized whenever you hear about BIAFRANS’ quest to break away from the shackle called Nigeria (ZOO).

You have never for one day risen in anger against the bastardization of your land. Your land is flowing with blood. Blood that will one day speak against you. You have not asked yourself, why am I not as fearless as Biafrans who criticize their elders whenever they perceive them placing their interest against interest of their people. You see us attack our own and they shake in fear, you never speak against yours because you think it is their sole right to be powerful, while you remain impoverished. Your fellow youths were blown to smithereens days ago because somebody was sharing ordinary five hundred Naira, youths with potentials were killed. Why are you not angry? I wonder why you never protested against injustices, poverty, neglect and senseless deaths in your land rather you are always prompt to hold meetings to issue senseless and ridiculous statements against Biafran youths who are simply asking for freedom of one of their own, perceived injustices in their land and the right for self determination under the international law.

Not a bomb has been dropped, not a single bullet has been fired. That mammoth crowd has been protesting peacefully for three weeks now. Yet you with the Iroko tree in your eyes want to remove tiny grain of sand from Biafran eyes. Then you wonder why we always hold you in contempt and abhor any association with you. Ask yourselves again what the oil has against water. Your region is blessed with so much vast land. You have the real gold in agriculture but your people are suffering most from malnutrition. When there is an outbreak of an epidemic it starts with you. Your leaders have been in power for over 36 years since the zoo (Nigeria) was granted flag independent by her British creator. The Nigerian state is 55 years mind you, yet you are the poorest region. You have children who wake up in the morning and hit the road to beg, yet you are not ashamed. You wanted power so much. It has been given back to you. You have had it for six months now, and guess who is suffering most? You! Have you ever asked yourselves why? The rich among you are very rich and powerful from the money stolen from public treasury. They hand you peanuts and you prostrate for them. They dash you crumbs you rejoice and ready to carry out their instructions to attack anyone or group who speak against their evil.

Out of your ignorant you sing praises and protect those who have impoverished you. Ask those of your brothers who have left to BIAFRALAND to make a living why they never come home unless it is time to find a wife or do something else. They will confirm to you they discovered equity, fairness and motivation to be master of their own because we love liberty and freedom. I can understand your natural system which is feudalism but in today’s advance world you should strive to be self sufficient.

In contrast Biafrans are naturally libertarian. We love freedom and independent, that is the reason our continue existence with people who believe in feudalism in the same country with conflicting values is a very big threat to our continue existence. That is one of the reasons we will do everything to restore our home land stolen from us when the evil British created Nigeria. Mind you Nigeria was created for neither you nor me. Rather it was for British business establishment and interest. I wonder why many of you want to die defending what is alien to you. Wake up!!!! Do the right thing!!! Take the shackles off your feet!!!! Fight for your future!! Stand up for yourselves!!! Reclaim your ancient home; Jettison this white-man enslavement called Nigeria so you could reason like human to build a future for yourselves and generation to come. Nothing will ever improve in your lives if you continue to depend on Biafra oil field and gas because those fossil fuels do not build civilization rather your ability to use your brain.

Finally Biafran youths will never compromise their resolve to restore her nation no matter what anybody does. Tell your Buhari to release our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu he kidnapped. And if not there is an impending doom that will befall the zoo and everyone will suffer the consequences.

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