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Friday 20 November 2015

Understand Biafra, Think Biafra

 The idea of Biafra is widely misunderstood not just by non-Biafrans but by Biafrans also. The state of Biafra calls for understanding. It should be understood that the demand for the state of Biafra is natural and legitimate. It is as a matter of rights that Biafra is being sort. It should also be acknowledged that, you cannot force a people into a union and that at any time a nation can withdraw from a union. More so, before a federation can exist there must be the desire by the federating units to join the federation. We the people of Biafra never desired to join the Nigerian federation. Our people desire to withdraw from the Nigerian federation. Let it be acknowledged that it's not a crime to demand for Biafra and that we have the rights to make this legal demand.

The idea of Nigeria is absolutely colonial, meant to perpetually serve colonial interest; hence, the prevalence of oppression, exploitation and injustice in Nigeria. Little wonder the wastage of 55 years of independence. Nigeria currently exists because it's serving the purpose of a few predators. Our polity has been hijacked by a few callous cabals whom are using power to further their egocentric agenda not minding what happens to the mass majority. In the depth of your mind, please answer this question. Is Prof. Wole Shoyinka right or wrong when he asserted that Nigeria is wasting generations of people? In the realisation of these facts, The Biafran people desire to free herself from the backwardness called Nigeria. We desire autonomy. We desire freedom. Let it be understood that our course is just, inalienable and unstoppable.

Let it be understood that Biafrans love their neighbours and that we do not hate Nigeria. Our desire to pullout out of the federation is borne from the realisation that Nigeria was designed to fail and it has failed her people. Nigeria is a country where her citizens don't believe in it. They see themselves from region and religion, perhaps, the reason for the unending corruption & killings in the land. Nigeria has been wasting her own, citizens are disregarded, corruption a culture and everything is politicised even terrorism. There’s hopelessness, massive unemployment, abrupt killings and shameful destitution pervading the Nigerian atmosphere. The mentally challenged parades the streets uncared for. Nigerians are continually living in the face of uncertainty; there is leadership failure, social inequality, no security, total systematic failure and the worst of it all, there's denial. Our late Sage, Prophet Fela Kuti in one of his revolutionary songs maintained that "I know say Nigeria go down, how country da make money make people no see money...I see many things wrong in Nigeria." In another song, Fela described Nigeria as a "parabulator ...and still da same same place."

Conscious Biafrans had always sort a socialist revolutionary agenda with other good spirited Nigerians as the redemptive approach to the Nigerian predicament but always the revolution options is given segmented interpretations. We the people of Biafra are left with no other option than play a good role in history to rescue not just the Biafrans but also other Nigerians from further pains and permanent misery in the enclave called Nigeria.

The actualisation of Biafra is the problem solver, it affords the various indigenous peoples in Nigeria the opportunity to look inwards, become more creative and develop at their own pace. The Nigerian unity has shown to be a major cause of our underdevelopment, and until we address it, we may never have the headway. While unity can be a source of strength to other countries, in Nigeria it is actually our source of weakness. Prof. Chinua Achebe was right in his pontifications captured in "things fall apart and the center cannot hold."... Unfortunately we never got his message as anarchy has taken over the landscape called Nigeria.
Biafra is the pragmatic solution to ending backwardness in the Niger area. It is setting the pace for the independence of the Oduduwa, Arewa and other nationalities in Nigeria. The struggle for Biafra is the struggle for real change in Nigeria. Biafranism is a movement, it is a revolution that shall emancipate all Nigerians from backwardness. Join the struggle. Support the independence of Biafra. Understand Biafra. Think Biafra.

Let it be understood that 50 million Biafrans can't be wrong. Our minds are made up; there is no going back. We are no longer Nigerians. We are Biafrans. Our country Biafra is willed by the Almighty God, and that same Jehovah most high that gave Israel a state shall make Biafra a reality. Let it be understood that those who kick against Biafra are contending against the God of Moses.
We should commend the Biafrans activists for their bold and radical approach towards liberating Nigerian from slavery. History will remember Biafrans as the leading revolutionary vanguard in Nigeria and Africa

Biafra shall live in brotherhood with all her neighbours. Biafra will never abandon the emergent new nations from Nigeria. There are still reasons to work together even as separate states. Better to part and survive together than to be one and perish together. Biafrans should acknowledge that in the Biafran constitution, secession shall be a right.
Our struggle shall remain non-violent but if attacked we shall resist. We shall never surrender. We shall continue to occupy the streets of Biafra until we are free and if invaded by the Nigerian Army we shall fight back vehemently.

Understand Biafra, think Biafra, join the struggle to support Biafra. We call on all Nupes, Jukuns, Hausas, Yorubas, all ethnic groups and other interest groups in Nigeria to recognise Biafra. The UN, AU, ECOWAS and other global groupings are enjoined to recognise Biafra. The peoples of Biafra awaits solidarity from Ghana, the UK,, Japan, USA and all countries of good will to recognise Biafra. The Biafran people acknowledge your understanding as the young Biafra emerges to join the comity of nations in the course of a better humanity. Mallam Aminu Kano of blessed memory once posited that the struggle for independence is the struggle for justice SUPPORT NOW THE STRUGGLE FOR BIAFRA.

1 comment

  1. Thanks so much. I love Biafra. Please let the message be send to the whole world and the World leaders so that they will know that Biafra is not looking for problem or trouble than solution to every Nigerians to be free. I love Biafra.


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