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Sunday, 13 December 2015


Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly or protest.
By Chisom David
(For Family Writers)

It has come to our notice from a direct source that the governor of Anambra state Willie Obiano and the former leader of Massob Uwazuruike have paid some thugs and criminals to halt and paint the peaceful protest of Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) as a violent one, the Indigenous people of Biafra have been on a peaceful protest since the arrest of their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,

The Nigerian government are doing their evil best to use the likes of Anambra governor, the former leader of Massob and Ohanaeze ndi Igbo to halt the peaceful protest going on in Biafra land, so that by doing so they will bring in thugs from all parts of Nigeria (west and north) to open fire on Nigerian force men, in doing that they will tag the peaceful protest of indigenous people of Biafra as a violent one and act of terrorism and that will give them an upper hand to shoot innocent unarmed protesters.

We the IPOB indigenous people of Biafra is calling on the international authorities to take note of this evil plan by Nigerian government, we will always remain law abiding citizens, conflicts and violence is never in our nature.

This is a right closely linked to the right to freedom of expression.

It provides a means for public expression and is one of the foundations of a democratic society in which Nigerian government have not lived up to, they have violated all human rights, even violating a court to grant the leader of IPOB bail, I see the President of Nigeria heading the country to anarchy.

The right applies to protest marches and demonstrations, press conferences, public and private meetings, counter-demonstrations, ‘sit-ins’, motionless protests etc.

There may be interference with the right to protest if the authorities prevent a demonstration from going ahead; halt a demonstration; take steps in advance of a demonstration in order to disrupt it; and store personal information on people because of their involvement in a demonstration.

The right to peaceful assembly cannot be interfered with merely because there is disagreement with the views of the protesters or because it is likely to be inconvenient and cause a nuisance.

There is a positive obligation on the State to take reasonable steps to facilitate the right to freedom of assembly, and to protect participants in peaceful demonstrations from disruption by others.


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  3. thank God that the evil conspiracy of the
    zoo has been discovered, All their
    efforts to paint Biafrans black will
    continue to prove futile, because God is
    with us,...

  4. you can stop the protest with military power but know it that u cant stop the revolution when it careful cos many will die ........PROPHET T.B JOSHUA


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