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Monday 7 December 2015

BIAFRA: The amalgamation has expired and a mega protest indicates our readiness to go

BIAFRA: The amalgamation has expired and a mega protest indicates our readiness to go
By Blessed Orji
For Family Writers

IN a recent press statement credited to Ibrahim Yusuf for himself and his group AREWA TRIUMPHANT YOUTH FOUNDATION (ATYF) which in part reads" there is no point for our brothers/sisters in the East of the country to agitate to pull out Nigeria. We are brothers and we should be able to live together as one big family..Government should realize that as one Nigeria,untill it bring everybody together, the country will continue to have problem" we have observation.

The mega protests sweeping across the world and Biafraland embarked upon by indigenous people of Biafra stems from the unwarranted kidnap of our leader and director of radio Biafra/television,  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his subsequent extra judicial detention and continuous torture by the jihadist, sponsor of bokoharam and sole administrator of islamic republic of Nigeria, Mumumadu Buhari and his Daura special squad (DSS) in Abuja. We demand for his unconditional release with over 2000 IPOB members in various torture cells in Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has never killed anybody neither has IPOB carried arms in all our protests, entered in world guinness book of records as the most peaceful in this dispensation. We just cannot accept to be called Nigerians. This is because the idea of ONE NIGERIA is an artificial creation of British fedrick Lugard. He in 1914 amalgamated AREWA,and ODUDUWA nations and later at gunpoint forced our BIAFRA ancestors into that contraption his wife called NIGERIA.

The union was exactly inconsistent with our true ancestral history, land and heritage. We differ in language, religion, dietary, outlook and cultural value system. We are never one even in constitutional level. If Nigeria is one, why is SHARIA operational in 12 out of the 19 states of AREWA northern Nigeria? Why is Nigeria registered in Organization of Islamic countries? Do you know that your IBRAHIM BABANGIDA in 1989 donated whopping sum of 20 Million dollars to enhance total Nigeria Islamisation and conquest of Biafra land? The doctrine of ONE NIGERIA is a farce and its proponent’s hypocrites. Is Nigeria a federation of equal states? Who killed the federal character? In our latest check we find the following;

1. President--north
2. Senate president--north
3. Speaker house of assembly--north
4. Army chief--north adviser-north
6.inspector gen. Police-north
7.custom boss-north 8.DSS boss-north.
9 INEC boss-north.
10 Civil defence boss-north
11. Nig.ports auth.boss -north
12 Attorney Gen fed-north
13. Acct gen-north, the list is endless.

 THE basic human rights for indigenous people of Biafra with particular reference to freedom of speech, press ,peaceful assembly, association, procession, demonstration, and movement is either deleted in the constitution or completely unrecorgnised especially by islamic Nigeria  armed forces, who have engaged in incessant killing of our people across Biafra land with particular reference to the 1/12/2015  midnight massacre in Onitsha. The UN charter on indigenous people is one of the major worthwhile efforts made by IPOB to assert our rights to self determination, a prospective Biafra nation where our rights will be respected and safeguard. We can no longer remain with islamic Nigeria which has treated us with studied contempt; which is never responsible to Biafra in its political utterances and activities.

We resent the use and abuse of political power as a weapon for economic strangulation of Indigenous people of Biafra. We disgust the unholy marriage of Buhari and judiciary thereby dispensing partiality to humiliate, imprison Biafrans. We have serious objection to the continued partiality and favoritism manifested in the construction of high ways, hospitals, roads, electricity, unity schools and admission into universities to disadvantage us. The Nigeria brown envelope media propaganda, branded IPOB as social pariah to be hounded, unlawfully arrested, imprisoned or killed. We never enjoyed the amalgamation; it has only brought us death. When a white man in Denmark on 18/2/2006 draw cartoon of mohammed,Arewa youths in Maiduguri killed over 150 christians and Biafrans. The beheading of Gideon Akaluka and subsequent parading of his head in the streets of Kano is still unjustified. When religion still decides our actions, to say we are brothers is a blunt hypocrisy. The amalgamation has expired and a mega protest indicates our readiness to go free and restore our land.

1 comment

  1. Our Family writers should please stop appealing to the sense of reasoning of all these monkeys that call themselves Arewa Youths. Let them go and prepare for the coming war. The battle like has been drawn. At the command of our leaders they will see what will happen.


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