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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Buhari Destroyed Nigeria In 6 Months---Balarabe Musa

Buhari Destroyed Nigeria In 6 Months--Balarabe Musa

The first Executive Governor of old Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa has stated that the alleged Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, 16 years of “misrule” often bandied about by the current administration is much better than the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government’s 6 months of economic and political cluelessness.
Balarabe who stated this in an exclusive interview with Daily Trust maintained that 6 months after the change at the helm of affairs that brought in Buhari, Nigerians were licking their wounds arising from hardship.

Balarabe Musa
“We are seeing series of steps backward, half a step forward. That is what we are seeing now in Nigeria. Every state of the nation is negative. Every state of the nation in the past is far better more than it was six months ago. The President himself has admitted that the country is broke.
“An incompetent government will give you chance to ague but a fascist government will not give you chance to ague at all,’’ Balarabe stated.

Prior to assigning portfolios to Ministers after the confirmation of the Senate, the erstwhile Governor  attacked the President  over recent comments claiming some Ministers may not be assigned portfolios owing to the dwindling economy orchestrated by falling global oil prices.
He opined that it could lead to national chaos as certain states possessing Ministers without portfolios would certainly feel cheated.
While speaking, Balarabe said that the Buhari’s government had failed woefully to deliver its campaign promises.
“We have collected 81 campaign promises and I doubt if there is only and even one that has been fulfilled or given us the encouragement that it will be fulfilled. There is no encouragement. All we see is promises and further promises and body language.”

Answering questions on what he (Balarabe) would tell Nigerians who effected the change and have turned round now to grumble, he said.
“You were promised a change by this government and the party. I am now talking to Nigerians. We were not critical enough to assess the change promised to us whether it is qualitative or mere change. It turned out to be a mere change and not qualitative change.


  1. Replies
    1. Nick na woooooo.... everything is inconclusive.

  2. God Bless you Elder Balarabe for saying the Truth

  3. Thank you so much for saying the truth,for you will live long.

  4. Say it LOUDER Mr Babaribe Musa ! You should also say, if you had not said so, that NIGERIA IS DEAD AND BURIED and MUST now Peacefully call a REFERENDUM to allow BIAFRANS DETERMINE THEIR OWN FUTURE IN TRUE DEMOCRATIC STATE.

    You and your friends can keep your nigeria and whatever that is left of it.

    let's continue !


  5. Only time will tell

  6. I NEVER KNEW THAT WE CAN FIND AN ELDER LIKE THIS IN SOME PART OF NIGERIA(AREWA).we know that truth is bitter but it must be told.

  7. Enter your comment...Olodooo,u a a polish person

  8. The elder stateman is a no nonsense personality in Northern Nigeria. He will live long, God willing.


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