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Saturday 5 December 2015


By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)

Through the IGP of police and chief of army staff, Buhari has perfected the continued extermination of Biafrans. Recall that Buhari in 1967 commanded soldiers under the orders of Gowon, they came into Owerri and massacred innocent men and women; even children were no exception. The alleged genocide accompanied by conspiracy of silence took away over 3.5 million lives. The war largely known as Biafran war was driven by hatred, Biafrans were fought against not actually to re-annex them but to exterminate them. The war was overwhelmed by religious hatred and sentiments, cultural and ethnic differences; Biafrans were said to be domineering and should not exist or other ethnic groups will be enslaved by them hence extermination became the option. In 1999 Biafrans started clamoring for sovereign state again. Ojukwu through Col Achuzia initiated MASSOB and inaugurated it under Uwazurike, the affairs of Massob became independent under Uwazurike but he shattered the dream of MASSOB. He engaged in some unlawful activities and hence in 2009 IPOB came into existence to right the wrongs, through radiobiafra IPOB succeeded by uniting all Biafrans across the globe. On 23rd February Radiobiafra signal was launched in Biafra land and like a wild fire it spread all over Biafra land, shortly the message caught the hearts of Biafrans. One significant impact of the radio was boycott of the presidential election which saw percentage of voters in 2015 slashed by 60 or 70% in Biafra land. Not until the director of radiobiafra and also leader of Indigenous People of Biafra was arrested; protest broke out in south-south and southeast of Nigeria, the protest was later fueled by Nigerian's hanky-panky trial of Nnamdi Kanu, the alleged torture and extra-judicial detention. A competent court of law had ordered his release but Buhari trampled on the four court orders to incarcerate Nnamdi Kanu. However Nigerian government has resolved to wage war against unarmed people,

The series of protest against the illegal detention and trampling of court orders by Nigerian government had received unequal clamp down and attack with arms. On 1st December, the stipulated date for ruling on the case against Nnamdi Kanu, hundreds of supporters  and IPOB members had gone to show solidarity but was tear gassed on their way back home, over 137 were arrested and incarcerated. When DSS failed to bring Kanu in court peaceful protesters numbering over a million staged protest at Bridge head which caused a total lock down of business and motorist movements in southsouth and southeast, the protest meant to last three days experienced horror. By 1:30 am on Tuesday, joint taskforce of Army, Navy and Police stormed Bridge head and open fire on the protesters, the protesters who could not run to avoid stampede were massacred while nine bodies were recovered for evidence, the police car away with other victims in three ambulances. Not fed up with the attack they continued on Tuesday till on Wednesday it became much that female student was murdered and over 19 people injured. The indigenous people of Biafra anchored on UN charter on the rights of indigenous people, which they said propels the legality of their activities, the peaceful protest also their fundamental right of expression. Hope is declining over the willingness of the law made by UN to protect their lives; Nigerian military has declared total war on unarmed people, their lives at the verge of extermination. IGP of Nigerian police also declared war on unarmed peaceful protesters, why this conspiracy of silence, why this blindness to the plight of a peaceful and law-abiding people? Is UN charter a fraud? Are Biafrans unlawful by asking to be free? Why the extermination on course? For how long will this go on before UN come for their rescue? The silence of 1967 must be avoided.


  1. Time will tale.... there is Hope.

  2. The should come to our aid before it will get out of hand, one love biafra we must keep our fingers across.

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