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Tuesday 26 January 2016



An interview with Reverend Patrick Emordi with Okonkwo Somtochukwu, Chima Onyekachi, Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family Writers/Journalists.

Reverend Patrick Emordi was formerly a Christian in-charge of Resurrected Christ Mission Asaba and converted to Biafra religion in his search for truth.

Please introduce yourself sir.

My name is Reverend Patrick Emordi, a veteran and the patron of IPOB in Delta state. I am also the patron of Supreme Clergy Council of Biafra (SCCOB), Delta state chapter.
Rev. Patrick Emordi

How long were you a Christian?

I graduated from Bible College in 1983. In 1996, I began to service a church named Resurrected Christ Mission that ran till 2014.

Why did you close your church and changed your religion?

The reason was that I could not find joy in the ministerial work because of what is been done among the ministers goes contrary to the revelations I get from GOD. I was not fulfilled so I close down the church. I was anticipating a better religion better than Christianity.

What prompt you to make Biafra your religion?

When I heard the voice of Nnamdi Kanu, I became convinced because I felt something spiritual in it because the elect are selected for a purpose. It is said in the scripture that “my sheep hear my voice and they know me”. As soon as I heard that voice I was fully convinced that Biafra is the new religion I was struggling to know about. I was attracted which made me to start looking around to know more about it. I decided to join the IPOB family meeting. I also joined the Biafra ministers’ forum where I always feel satisfied and happy. I am fully committed and I know they are people elected by GOD for the purpose of restoration of Biafra. Whenever the elects finds the positions that suits his call, he will definitely stay put and never move from that call.

How is Biafra a religion?

Biafra is a religion in the sense that it is a spirit. Somebody came up with a project and tells you all you need to do is to follow as long as you are convinced and truthful. Nnamdi Kanu has always said that Biafra is a religion and I saw truth in it. The Christian religion I was practicing has a foundation of idol worship which you can verify.

What is the difference between the religions Christianity and Biafra?

There is no way you can find absolute truth in Christianity that is been practiced now no matter highly placed the church or man of GOD. I have been in the practice for a long time and I have found out there is no truth in the system. I left Christianity because of the search for truth. Majority of the Christians and men of GOD have polluted their hands in occultism, sorcery, witchcraft, necromancer and other evil practices which have made them not to always speak the truth. Biafra is the religion of truth.

How did your church members feel by your decision?

It was a gradual process and it was done because I was led by the spirit. I had several confrontations with witches and occult men whom were also pastors so I decided to close down the church.

Any plans to establish a Biafra church?

There is a Biafra church where I have been selected to be in charge, it is new and going through a building process and we worship there on Sabbath day. When Biafra is restored, I plan to establish a full and well organized Biafra church.

Is there a similarity between Biafra church and Judaism?

No, there is no connection or relation between Biafra religion and Judaism irrespective of our lineage with Israel. In the Biafra church, Yahweh Yeshua plays an important role. People will be taught how to behave like a King’s son because Biafrans are kingly seeds. You will not be taught who is your GOD as been done now because you shall know your GOD, We shall speak the truth because the spirit of truth will dwell in us. Biafra religion is based on truth.

What is your advice for the IPOB leadership worldwide?

I believe the IPOB leadership worldwide needs advisory council or committee which should be composed of people elected by GOD for this purpose because this movement is not man-made. These elects will never waiver or tell lies, whatever they will say will be the truth. These elects should be made up of those that continued in the clamor for the restoration of Biafra after the war ended and they are of advanced age and their advice will be of immense help. Someone like General Joe Achuzie will never betray the cause for the restoration of Biafra and nobody can push him around.

How long will it take Biafra to come?

Biafra has already come. What we are undergoing is just the process which is supposed to occur so humans will not take the glory but GOD. The glory of the restoration of Biafra will not shared by any man with GOD.


  1. Truely biafra is a religion i am happy to be a member of this family

  2. Truely biafra is a religion i am happy to be a member of this family


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