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Monday, 18 January 2016

"If the people of Biafra want to go, let them go" - Senator Matori

If the people of Biafra want to go, let them go - Senator Matori

Published by Family Writers

Former senator, Salisu Ibrahim Musa Matori, has said that Biafra can go if Nigeria as a whole agrees not to live together.

The ex-senator who represented Bauchi south from 1999 to 2003, said Nigeria has reached a cross road, “It is either for us as a nation to agree that we want to live together or otherwise, but we must learn from the mistake of others.
Senator Matori

“If the people of Biafra want to go, let them go. Let this administration not make the mistake of forcing people to live where they don’t want to live,” he said.

Matori stressed that Nigeria must not let the situation metamorphose into some senseless ethnic battle, adding that the interest of the people must override the selfish interests of their leaders.

The former Senate committee chairman on transport, made allusion to the agitation by Southern Sudan, stressing that all options brought to the table must be thoroughly scrutinized, as failure to do so might be detrimental.

He called on Nigerians to come together and discuss. He noted however, that the dialogue should not be not in the usual setting of national conferences in which hidden agendas are proposed.

The statesman gave insight as to the problem besetting the nation, he said:  “When we were kids, we didn’t know the difference between Christians and Muslim. We used to love each other and live in peace, families have both Christians and Muslims before, but they introduced religion in politics.”

“We have seen what has happened in Kaduna and Plateau, so enough is enough, anybody that feels they can Balkanize Nigeria, it’s enough, they should go,” Matori concluded.

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  1. So why is Nigeria still waiting? It can never work by staying as one. So Nigerians wise up and stop your oneness but hateful instigation's and let Biafrans be. We want to be on our own.

  2. Nigeria is not mearnt to be one. Its balkanisation can be delayed by those who hv military power and looting d country but it will surely happen. I cannot see muslem and christians loving each other to d core with sharia in d north already! Sharia gave birth to boko haram as we can see now.


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