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Thursday 28 January 2016



By Okonkwo Isaac Somto
For Family Writers                                     

All hail Biafra, All hail Biafrans. My fellow Biafrans, the time has come for us to do more than we did before, time for us to make more sacrifices, time for us to stay strong, time for us to love one another, time for us to remain united and stay strong, time for us to drop all our differences and work together for the betterment of Biafra and the release of our beloved leader Nnamdi Kanu. This is our darkest hour and this is when we know who is who, this is when we know those who are just in for the benefits and those who are in for the restoration of Biafra. We must not relent, as the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

I know it hasn’t been easy but please let’s all remember how and why we started all this, let’s not forget why we are doing what we are doing, let's not the sacrifices we have made, let's not forget those who gave their lives and blood for this movement, let's not forget our leader Nnamdi Kanu is still held unlawfully by the tyrant Buhari, Let’s not forget that the enemy is close by and watching to see if we will fail, let's not forget that the British-Nigeria government want to do everything in their power to force and push us into giving up on Biafra but we must remain resolute, firm and persistent. Let's not forget when the impious British slave masters led by Fredrick Lugard and his girlfriend, lora Shaw vindictively amalgamated Biafrans, Hausa/Fulani's and Oduduwa.

They put us together without any consultation or agreement between us: they knew that we were never one people, and we shared no common value system as a people. That is why Lugard said that the NORTH and SOUTH are like an (OIL and WATER) which can never mix but despite knowing the full consequences of their actions they still sit back and watched while millions of Biafrans were ruthlessly and constantly massacred since the creation of the contraption called Nigeria. Till this very day the killing of Biafrans continues, and this time its the tyrant Mumammdu Buhari, who have arrested Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and order the killing of over 87 unarmed IPOB protesters. Nnamdi Kanu was cleared of all charges and was granted bail for more than 3 occasions by the ruling judge but the dictator Buhari went against that order, stating how he wouldn't allow Nnamdi Kanu to jump bail.

Biafrans you all know that this country called Nigeria is very lawless and barbaric, that is why we must do everything in our power to make sure we remain UNITED and stand against any form of DISUNITY amongst us. Let's put aside our differences and work together because we must be very careful and cautious of the way we do things now, because the British-Nigeria government are watching very closely to see how long we can hold out, they are trying everything in their power to make sure they disorganize us, but I know they won't succeed because the bond and the love amongst us is stronger than any obstacles. So Biafrans let's just forget any issues going on amongst us, let's drop our own selfish desires and remember the promise we made to God, to our people and to ourselves, the promise to work selflessly and tirelessly to achieve Biafra and fight for the future of our generations to come. And we must not fail in our quest to freedom, let's not forget what our leader Nnamdi Kanu taught us and that's to always obey the chain of command that he left behind, no matter what.

So therefore let's come together and work with our present Deputy leader Uche Mefor, who was put in place by our Leader Nnamdi Kanu. Uche Mefor is now the acting leader and must be given the utter most respect which he deserves, we must learn to follow his instructions because disobeying and disrespecting Uche Mefor means mocking and going against Nnamdi Kanu, the same goes to all zones, always respect your coordinators and leaders. So for the love of Biafra and love that we have for Nnamdi Kanu, let those amongst us who think they can go against the Deputy Director Uche Mefor, remember the consequences and they should also think twice about their actions and the way they act.

We need all hands on deck, Biafra is closer to us now than ever, and this is the greatest time to restore Biafra, our only hope and last chance, that is why we must be very careful and mindful of the things we do and say, so as not to jeopardise everything we have worked for. The Nigeria government is so scared of us now, we have left them frustrated, tired and confused, the pressure is more high on them than ever and the world is watching and monitoring the situation, they are now aware that Biafrans are willing to die, to get Biafra, they now know we are formidable, determined and willing to sacrifice all we have to achieve Biafra.

That is why we must not relent and stay calm, instead let's work harder than before, let's joins forces and make sure we do everything humanly possible to achieve Biafra. We all have a part to play, many have given their blood and sweat for this movement, that is why we must not be after- power, money, glory, praises, oil, properties but the restoration of Biafra and freedom from our slave masters (British-Nigeria government). We Biafrans are blessed by God almighty to be dominant, fruitful and prosperous, wherever we find ourselves. But we must not forget, our adversary and foes, don't want our betterment or growth, they don't like to see us buoyant and joyous, all they want from us is for us to live in lack, poverty, hardship and remain slaves for the Hausa-Fulani’s. That is why I plead with us to come together in this fight for freedom.

Biafra is indeed is our only hope for a better tomorrow, Biafra is also a fulfilling and bright future for our generations to come, that is why we are making the sacrifices now to enjoy a tomorrow filled with freedom, Peace, tranquility, overall Development in all Biafran states, infrastructures, serenity, security, through justice to all. So brothers, sisters, father, mothers let's not forget who we are, let's not forget our goals and vision of Biafra, let's not forget the promises we made to God, our people and to ourselves, let's come together in UNITY and stay UNITED, God bless you all and Bless the federal republic of Biafra! ISE!!!


1 comment

  1. We are Biafrans we can never be intimidated. Let's stay strong as always no matter what. #FREEBIAFRA #GreatBiafra


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