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Saturday 2 January 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)

Many of us might be in the dark as regards to who Efuobi Ifeanyi Anthony is, he studied law in Nigeria at UNEC and graduated before he headed to United Kingdom in 2006 with his three kids and wife. He is a doctor in law and teaches law at Greenwich University southeast London, also teaches at Halifax college and finally at Tukes school (special school) all in London. In this interview,  As a Nigerian he explained the difficulties he and other Nigerian lawyers face since Nnamdi Kanu's court case, particularly in UK over the months because they are willfully being forced to change their nationality to be regarded as somebody due to the way Nigerian FG and DSS had handled a high profile case of Nnamdi Kanu that has drawn international awareness. He commended the judge who tried to clean up the embarrassment by withdrawing from the trial of Kanu.

He finally urged judiciary to decline all charges related to Kanu and FG to tender apology while releasing Kanu. Excerpts. DSS OF RECENT VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION OF YOUR COUNTRY, AS NNAMDI KANU REMAINED IN DETENTION?> In previous decided cases, celebrated cases related to Nnamdi Kanu's matter. The same court of Nigeria decided you cannot likely disobey, ignore, refuse to follow an order or the ruling, a decision of a court or any part of other court whether inferior court or court of first instance, at the same time, you that is disobeying the court, that is not following court order will still rightfully or lawfully be asking them for any favour, whether through prosecution, application or submission, especially when the order is related to the same litigant, suspect, accused, co-accused and every other related person therein in a matter.

Like relating it to Nnamdi Kanu's case, if court, whether tribunal, law instituted panel, inferior court has given order that a litigant should be released on bail or    unconditionally, and the order has been established to the prosecution or conditions met. The same prosecution being Nigeria government, army, police, any person acting on behalf of the government cannot rightly be approaching court in any form of prosecution without going back to honour and obey and follow the instruction of a grant that has been made. Now the Nigerian government and DSS have lost the power to continue prosecuting Nnamdi Kanu in any matter whatsoever, law court, magistrate, judges, justices of whatsoever-called acting on the temple of justice including prosecutors, prosecution, lawyers acting on behalf of federal government cannot rightly be projecting and pressing forward a case on a litigant his right has been covered by the court and they are not following the grant. The subsequent treasonable charge coming up now cannot rightly be answered or followed or accorded legal recognition. Nigerian government should go back and follow the grants given by the courts.

If they can go to magistrate and high court to nail Kanu and these courts proved him innocent, then they should obey that judicial institution, they should honour the court... IN THE CASE, NNAMDI KANU REFUSED TO TAKE PLEA DUE TO LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN THE NIGERIAN COURT ENFORCING ITS ORDERS, WHAT IS NEXT FOR HIM?> he can rightly refuse to take plea and the judge can rightly refuse to entertain the case as a result of dissatisfaction by means of contempt, both of them are right. the prosecution, the DSS cannot rightly and legally push a case making the court or judge to continue trying a case the litigant is making a genuine legal case of not entering a plea, because he is relying it based on he is the person, the same court, the same prosecution, the same matter that has been adjudicated by the court, them changing charges cannot force the plea out of the litigant. What they may do is appoint another judge the FG will put pressure on to carry on the case. The judge will overrule Nnamdi Kanu's

objection and proceed with the illegal trial. 

When it happens, this is a professional advice. The council to Nnamdi Kanu should institute a different case that will suspend that very trial and they will deliberate if he has a genuine reason for objecting plea, they will still come back to the same plea. What this will do is put the illegal trial on hold.
The question will now be, if these people can disobey the court, disrespect the court, then they lack the locus-standi to come to the court to press charges or prosecute Kanu. If I have same right with them, then what should i be doing here when order of the court is useless to all. The confidence is not in the court, the power is not, our wig, our gown, the symbol of temple of justice is being messed up, what is the reason for all these we do here?. The case Nnamdi Kanu have is why the constitution be violated, if the constitution is powerless, then coming to court is useless.
To restore order, the court initial orders must be obeyed. Freedom of man is why we are here but it has failed shamefully. I am so so disappointed being a Nigerian... CAN YOU BE A BIAFRAN?> Of course, Nigeria has disappointed me, shamed me... AS A LAW PROFESSOR, DO YOU FEEL ASHAMED IN YOUR FIELD WITH WHAT NIGERIA IS DOING> I am ashamed, o i am ashamed, that is why most of the time now, we find it difficult identifying our nationality, identifying that we are Nigerians. Where we are now in the western world, if we say where we came from, people laugh at us.. If we bring out our certificate as lawyers, they make us go through another process like we are studying again what we have studied. It is really affecting us here, what is going on in Nigeria.

OKEY SIR, PLEASE EXPLAIN MORE OF THE EFFECT OF THIS CASE TO NIGERIANS ABROAD, MORE ESPECIALLY LAWYERS> The matter is all over media, the world is seeing it, in the school where I lecture, my colleagues called to practice, barristers and solicitors. We have sat down to review this case, we discussed it at length and wondered the kind of judicial system Nigeria is practicing. Especially this dispensation, it is demoting us to nothingness, it is making us feel ashamed that we are lawyers from Nigeria. It makes us wonder what is the purpose of people studying law four or five years in Nigerian universities, What is the purpose of Nigerian law schools being called to bar? All these respects being accorded to this institution is being messed up by DSS and Nigerian government in this Kanu matter... HAS NNAMDIKANU RIGHT TO FILE THIS CASE TO INTERNATIONAL COURT HENCE NIGERIA IS SO BENT ON INJUSTICE AND RIGHT VIOLATIONS> He do, in the sense when he is being incarcerated in DSS detention facility, it's unlawful,  he has the power  to petition the UN, and human right organizations, human right is protected without boundaries. He can put the case clear to be heard, my international colleagues are concerned about this case, it is paining everybody that human right is being violated and nobody is taking it serious. WHAT ADVICE HAVE YOU TO FG OF NIGERIA AND DSS FROM A LEGAL POINT OF VIEW>

The thing I will advise them to do is without further delay, they should release the young man Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, tender a due reserved apology and know if he has accepted it, if he did not accept the apology, they should invite him and ask him why he is calling for the independence of Biafra. If he tells them, they should look beyond him and see to why he wants Biafra, he has right to choose to go.. He has committed no offence, his idea is enshrined in UN charter. He can as well talk to the president of his shortcomings, is not an offence. There should be dialogue based on positions of each other. If Nnamdi Kanu wants to go, Nigeria should play matured and show sense of development like Britain did with Scotland. There should be referendum instead of detention and killing of Biafrans. As far as I am concerned, Nigerian government is getting it wrong, they should release Kanu and respect rule of law..  IF YOU ARE IN POSITION OF KANU'S LAWYER, WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW> I will take the matter to international domain and human right institutions for purpose of justice, if I articulate the case from head to bottom and extract FG blunders, demand a document containing why Biafra wants to be on their own. I will push it to various persons and organizations in defense of human right outside the shores of Nigeria if ones inside Nigeria have been bought and plead them to give publicity to Biafran travails for justice. In as much as these things are happening, I see more dangerous Nnamdi Kanus' coming up, can Nigeria kill all of them or imprison all of them?. It is an idea or belief that cannot be defeated.


    we have a FUTURE called Biafra and Only those
    that Can Participate in that Future are Only those
    that are Prepared for that Future.
    When You Wake Up with Nothing to
    Pursue&Accomplish, Sleep Becomes Interesting!
    3 KIND OF PEOPLE IN Biafra:
    1. Those that Watch what is Happening.
    2. Those Talking About what is Happening.
    3. Those who make Things Happen.
    -You are Privileged to be alive in a time like this.
    -Do all you can so that your Generation will
    celebrate you.
    -There is no better place to be now than Biafra
    bc you have Chance to make an impact.
    1. Be Willing to make a positive impact on
    everywhere you go and on anyone you meet.
    2. Try and say or do something everyday of your
    life that will make people you meet say Thank
    You to you. Help others.
    3. Be a Solution to problems and Don't be part of
    the Problems.
    4. Be a World Model worthy of Emulation. If
    Everybody does things the way u do, will we have
    a better Biafra?
    5. Be the Best in all you do especially, Those
    things you are Naturally Good At. Discover your
    Natural Endured Gifts and Fulfil them.
    6. Do the Right thing at all time regardless of
    who does the wrong things. (What happens at
    the Traffic Light and so on).
    7. I will value Time and do the best of It.
    Everyday is a day of Practice. No Time to Waste
    or Delay.
    8. Care and Show you care through your words
    and Actions.
    9. Consciously Build a Great Legacy Starting
    Today and Everyday. All Great Leaders know that
    "Today" Is a Gift.
    10. Live a life of Integrity. Do all you can to be
    who you Profess to be. Do not promise things
    you can not Fulfil, Etc.
    11. Make your Family, Nation- Biafra and God
    Proud all time. Do not give up on urself, Dreams,
    Pursuit and Ambitions. Remain Faithful and Soon,
    you will be Celebrated.
    Love You.

  2. We are ready to die for Biafra this country has limited all the youths to sale boys and sale girls or dancers for promo. Our education and effects don't count anymore what matter his having abraham as father when if u have to lick his vomits this country is forcing us to do what we are not naturally born to do. We are tired of all these robis we need biafra or we die. The DSS and president should also come and imprison me. I don't see why I should be a Nigerian

  3. With this I know there is no truth in Buhari's Government, no not one, APC is full of lies just as their brother PDP have done over the yrs... Pls say no to this corrupt men! May God Almighty redeem us in Jesus name!

  4. This is the same man that disobeyed court order many times!


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