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Wednesday, 3 February 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)

Pause a minute and reflect, Nigeria is in the greatest mess of her history, Naira is a tissue paper to Dollar, the economy is nothing to write home about, barrel is costlier than oil in it, there is confusion everywhere and nothing is working. Nigeria is dead and Nigerians are screaming, they don’t know what is happening to them but we know Biafra is destroying Nigeria.

Don’t be too hasty to think because you have a lot to answer, did Kanu shoot a gun? Did he bomb? Did he beat anyone? Did he kidnap? And did he physically confronted Nigeria. Our learned leader talked, he only destroyed Nigeria with his mouth, freedom of speech anchored on truth.

Today you will be a soldier if you make a call, a call can change a lot, God created the world with words and to show God sent Nnamdi Kanu, he Kanu also destroyed Nigeria with words. The world must receive the words of light, truth must  be told and light shall be brought to lift Biafrans from darkness.

Nobody knows our story and so must we tell the world our story, today, we are killed and maimed for asking what is legal. Biafra land is under siege because we are Biafrans, Nnamdi Kanu is imprisoned because he said he is a Biafran and wants freedom for his people. The world must hear us and referendum must be. Make a call today and tell the world of our odds, make a call and restore Biafra, the only way to be a soldier and fight for Biafra is strictly doing as you are told. Today we are told to make a call, let your phone be your AK47, shoot Nigeria and bury Nigeria.

The Representation in France of the European Commission offices in Paris and Marseille.

Secretariat direction
Samia Bechini Tel:+33140633822
Celine CROQUETTE Tel:+33140633823

Press officers
Franck Gouery Tel:+33140633863
Irma KALJULAID Tel:+33140633871

The UN & US Gov’t Phone Numbers are as follows
1. President Barack Obama, White House

+1 202 456 1111

2. US Congress/Capitol

+1 202-224-3121

3. United Nations Secretary General: Ban Ki-moon

+1 212 963 1234

4. Speaker of House of Representatives: Paul Ryan

+1 202 225-0600
5. Republican Majority Leader: Kevin McCarthy

+1 202-225-4000
6. Democratic Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi

+1 202 225-0100
7. USA Senate President: Orrin Hatch

+1 (202) 224-5251
8. Republican Majority Leader: Mitch
+1 (202) 224 2541
9. Democratic Minority Leader: Harry Reid Phone
+1 202-224-3542

10. US Senate Foreign Relations Committee : Chairman, Senator Bob Corker; Senator James E Risch; Senator Marco Rubio; Senator Ben Cardin; Senator Barbara Boxer

+1 202 224 4651
11. US House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations: Chairman, Ed Royce; Ranking Member: Eliot L. Engel
+1 (202) 225-5021

12. Secretary of State: John Kerry:

From USA, call
From overseas

888 407 4747
+1 202 501 4444


  1. We Biafra ar not a killer. We ar not a bombers we ar God children's Nigeria must free us we must be free

  2. Enter your comment...we want Biafra, Nigeria has ruled us enough and we want our freedom


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