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Friday, 26 February 2016

BOKO HARAM : Insincerity of Nigerian Government

BOKO HARAM : Insincerity of Nigerian Gov. 
By Commrade Chukwu Ogbu
For Family Writers

Nigeria government does play politics with human lives, boko haram has always been a serious threat to Nigeria government, instead of confronting this deadliest group that has consume thousands of lives, they are busy claiming victory over them. it may be recall that since this administration of president buhari,bokoharam has intensify their attack, killing scores of people, displaced over 20,000 and render many homeless.

The people of the north east need all technical and security support and not the people of south-east. Buhari and Burutai the army general are total failure, instead of sending their best soldiers to the war zone to confront this deadlier terrorist group, they in return deployed them to the peaceful and terrorist free south east with the sole purpose of killing Igbo-Biafra protesters.

Hundreds of Biafrans have lost their lives so far in the hands of bokoharam army under the guise of Nigeria army. Today been the 25 of February, the director general of NIGERIA YOUTH SERVICES CORPS N.Y.S.C, Brig-gen. Johnson promised that Nigeria government will reopen Adamawa NYSC orientation camp followed the success recorded in the fight against bokoharm in the north east, he further claimed that bokoharam has been reduced drastically, few hours later bokoharam launch attack at police station in the same Adamawa killing scores of policemen on duty and civilians.

That proves the insincerity of the Nigerian army. Claims to have defeated bokoharam is political motivated. The Igbo-Biafrans therefore call on all the human right group, and amnesty international to sanction Nigeria army for gross violation of human right laws in the south east which include the Feb.9th Aba massacre ,the killing and dumping of IPOB PEACEFUL PROTESTERS in a PIT at ABA and the Ogoni massacre. Justice must be done so that the spirit of those murdered by Nigerian Army under the command of Buhari will rest to peace.

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