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Monday, 22 February 2016



By Nwachukwu ogbu
For Family Writers

Biafran Protesting at United Nations head headquarters Geneva Switzerland
The massacre of over 22 identified IPOB Protesters at Aba in the hands of Nigeria army shows the level of impunity, extra-judicial killing, and gross violation of fundamental human right laws enshrine in some relevant constitutions of the world.  It’s a pity that after watching the video clips and pictures as a forensic evidence, the world leaders are reluctant in prosecuting the Nigeria army concerning this evil unleash to the harmless and defenseless IPOB, simply because they were calling for the release of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra and director of Radio Biafra/Television who was illegally arrested by the Nigeria DSS since October 14th last year.

Several peaceful demonstrations, calls and protest have been staged since then in other to alert the entire world leaders and human race about this injustice.
The call for self-determination of Biafrans in south-south and south-east was intensify since 2015 when Muhammadu Buhari promised to jam Radio Biafra and issues directive to the Nigeria armed forces to arrest anybody using radio Biafra application, with Biafra pictures on their phones, listening to radio Biafra frequency and also talking about Biafra. Many tricycle riders where victim of this decree some were also secretly arrested and killed by the Nigeria security services. On January 2016, Nigeria army clamp down on thousands of IPOB member at Aba, on the process, they were alleged to have lost their gun, they embark on searching for the lost arm on the process shot and killed an 8years old school girl.

History has it that Nigeria army always engage in operation massacre them all whenever they lost any of their property or  when any of their battalion is harassed, without prior investigation they will invade such place killing anybody on sight for retaliation. For example, it happens at ODI massacre, where the Nigeria military on November 20, 1999 under the regime of Olusegun Obasanjo, invaded odi a village in Bayelsea  State, killing scores of unarmed civilians, death toll was recorded about 2483,the relics of odi genocide by the authorities of Nigeria government to eradicate the Ijaws from their fatherland would remain indelible in the annual history of Nigeria. women, children were slaughtered, thousands injured, Traumatized, displaced and in estimated quantity of property destroyed by the soldiers with impunity over God given oil resources deposited in their land.
Nigerian Army molesting unarmed Biafrans
Also in the North, on 12 December 2015,nigeria army invade SHIA Muslims community of zaria, kaduna state killing hundreds of civilians and unarmed SHIITE Muslims and secretly buried them in mass grave to hide the death toll. According to Ibrahim Musa the spokesman for shiite, soldiers took the bodies from the mortuary of Ahmadu Bello University Hospital and buried them in a mass grave. However between 1967-70s Nigeria army massacre over 3milion Igbo-Biafrans in a Pogrom under the guise of Nigeria/Biafra war.

It is obvious that a country that was at the verge of evolving developmental democracy under the former administration was transformed into an empire ruled by an emperor under the guise of a president, metaphorically, president Buhari administration is an era of reincarnation of Machiavelli in the country's political landscape when rule of law was relegated to secondary importance; government behavior no longer guided by constitutional prescriptions, a president interfering in the judicial proceedings, the judiciary that ought to be independent, now receiving orders on who to grant bail and fair trials too. But the End justifies the means, President Buhari, Justice Tsoho and DSS may try but at the end, Nnamdi kanu must be set free and Biafra must come.

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