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Sunday, 13 March 2016



By Chijioke Ifeanyi
For Family Writers

There seems to be loss of true identity and ancestry; no matter how one may put it; there is need to be logical and fair to both parties. Asari believes Ijaw owns Biafra while Ateke is telling millions of Indigenous people demanding for their right to leave because he feels they are spoiling business for him. I am not that journalist that will stand straight to attack Ateke Tom as messages filled my in-box; there is need to logically and wisely approach this development so as to help get the answer of origin. Ateke is after Ogoni cleanup fund and even you would say heavier thing to get to convince FG.

I read the details of Ateke’s interview with Sun newspapers the journalist that interviewed him was deliberate and desperate. Ateke said he does not want people that vandalize and cause violence; he might as well be talking about criminals and not Biafrans. I have been to Port Harcourt and I can convincingly tell you that indigenes are crazy about their Nation Biafra. They will stone Ateke Tom if truly he said such thing because you cannot tell indigenous people to leave their land simply because you are desperate about resource control and cleanup fund.

Nigeria is originally made up of three nations that was merged together by Lugard; among the three were, Arewa, Oduduwa and Biafra. Arewa remained a united people, Oduduwa remained one but Biafra was divided. I won’t blame Biafrans for this division, because this division was deliberately and politically orchestrated to make us inconsequential. We were divided into two (Southsouth and Southeast) to make us ineffective minority, by this means we cannot be able to control our destinies nor stand against the state and then they can always suck our land while we sit down and look because there is nothing a minority can do. Today they suck the oil and when Jonathan was in power, they connived and chased us out as minority; Jonathan was abused and cajoled with because as minority; we shall forever remain inconsequential.

Asari is a man that have no stake in this government, he is more a neutral person that has gone far and beyond. He can initiate a stake and have one, Asari is always Asari Dokubo and nothing can change that. Recently he gave a lecture on Biafra, with reason he lectured how the name Biafra is Ijaw language and boasted that Ijaw people are more Biafran than any other part of Biafra. He said that he may not be a member of IPOB but he is a Biafran more than Nnamdi Kanu and only time will tell how he reacts. Asari is not after money or favour, this is a man that is only after the well being of his people and everything he is doing, he tends to be conscious of the defense of Ijaw and this is a kind of man that reflects the true heart of the people.

Niger Delta militants declared war against the federal government over the killing and incarceration of Biafrans. They have said no to resource control and focused on the independence of their people. It is clear that once freedom is achieved, the oil can be theirs; they can bath and drink the oil if they want and no longer to control it for anybody. Gluttons (Ateke and co) see this move as time wasting hence they are already happy with the money being given out by the Nigerian government to short-changing the indigenous people or owners of the oil.

Ateke Tom is one man I love his desperation to enrich his pocket, he is a selfish man that cares only about his pocket; I love him because when Tompolo was eating his own, did Tompolo care about his people? Ateke have a better chance to come into limelight now, Tompolo is hiding and Asari Dokubo has decided to fight for the interest of his people and no longer for his pocket. Ateke Tom has no other means of coming in if not to deny his people and embrace Buhari; by so doing; he will be able to key in to the federal government and enrich his pocket with cleanup fund. One problem with him is inability to learn, had one told Tompolo it would come to this, after acquiring everything at the detriment of your people; that he would be declared wanted and his properties confiscated, he would not believe it and Ateke have failed to learn as he has denied his people to align with our oppressors.

I was in a meeting with foreign delegation that came to get first hand information of what is happening in Biafra, last month. They told me that for the fact that Federal government have doled out billions for the cleanup of Ogoni land; that Biafrans of southern part now want to focus on that and leave Biafra. I was of the opposing view that Biafra has gone beyond what money can buy and when I covered Ogoni on a journal report, I was convinced the people are firm that Biafra is all they want. But one of the delegates humorously asked in rhetoric. Will a black man see money and leave it for a bigger picture?

Ateke Tom recently came into the news as umbrella body of Ogoni questioned his involvement with the money for the cleanup of the land. He is inquisitive to take or head the committee the money will be given to; but the umbrella body frayed him and questioned his hanky-panky movement with the minister in charge. This press statement is not unconnected with the cleanup money as every investigation is pointing to that direction. He is out to please and make his way even to the extent of assuring the federal government that as far as the money is coming that he would stand with them. No wonder in his interview the glutton was majorly talking about the money that was not paid to him and remaining balance of the resource control and security.

It is time Southern Biafrans wake up and fray any man that has chosen to cast them into nothingness just to enrich his pocket. Tompolo after everything he did embraced our oppressors and today he is being oppressed and Ateke Tom will only take time to come to that. How long shall money move and control men; how long shall they serve as securities for the thieves that lift the resources in our land?.

Finally, I agree with Ateke Tom and his accomplice that fight so hard to keep us subjugated through feeding one to starving millions. Ateke Tom is a glutton for agreeing to live at the detriment of the people. If he so believes or his accomplice so trust that Southern Biafra is not more Biafran than Eastern part; then there should be a referendum and let Nigeria win Biafra to save us time and blood. Let referendum be conducted that we may know who is a glutton and who serves the interest of the people; Between Asari Dokubo and Ateke Tom the money hunter. It is time to stop playing game of the tongue and get real for once by conducting referendum and I bet to their greatest shock; Biafra will accrue 99.9% vote and only Ateke Tom, Okowa and his aides will vote the remaining 1% because they are the bane of the people of Southern Biafra.


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