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Monday, 21 March 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers

I feel certainly disappointed writing this letter to the people of Israel and her government. Have we not screamed and wailed enough to be heard? Has FAMILY WRITERS not written enough to familiarize our ordeal? Has evidence of genocide not circulated enough? Nor has Israel not heard of our slavery in this Egypt called Nigeria? FAMILY WRITERS has evidently written about our horror, slavery, subjugation and injustices. RADIOBIAFRA has done more than any firm on this earth to exposing truth. By virtue of this, Israel will not tell me "she" is unaware. I make bold my disappointment because Israel is our biological home; I should not call Israel because what affects Biafra affects Israel. We are same father and blood even though we are found residing in Africa. Israeli government must not wait to be called upon before Israelites in Africa is saved from extermination.

When I was a little kid; my father used to tell me Biafra is the real Israel while my mother argued Biafra is from the house of Israel. Right from my childhood; Israel became part of me. If Israel is facing any threat, I solemnly go on my knees and pray thus "God, Israel is your foundation on earth, never allow any harm upon us". It is really frustrating that despite killing Biafrans, arresting Nnamdi kanu and destroying our existence and belief. Buhari still went to United Nations submit and declared openly his support for Palestine. He recently declared his support for Western Sahara; these people are fighting for independence; even when Palestine has no indigenous land,he still supported them while slaughtering Biafrans seeking same independence in a most lawful and peaceful way. He goes round the world backing Islamic brothers on self-determination quest; even when Nigeria has no power or relevance he still backed Islamic states with resources from Biafra-Israel land.

It beats my apprehension; that Israel has not openly declared support for her flesh and blood. Islam will consume us if this silence continues and the God of Israel will not forgive us.... In 1967; genocide of equal proportion with your holocaust came upon us; we shared same fate of different timing. Israel conquered and took her inheritance while Biafra-Israel lost- 3.5million. By virtue of that loss, we went back to Egypt of our old. We are under slavery, injustice and misery has overwhelmed us. We are killed in hundreds, arrested and tortured like orphans. Nnamdi Kanu our leader was arrested and even when we sought justice from Nigerian court; they have only battered us and left us worthless.
What was our crime? We wanted freedom to worship God of Israel without losing our heads. We wanted freedom that every man may live without infringement. We have only peacefully demanded for this freedom from Islamic Nigeria. We have never raised a stick, thrown a pebble or took up any arm. We have only lawfully and peacefully protested. Even when we came out to make our supplications to God of Israel-our God, we were massacred; they have sustained genocide against us. They have sworn to exterminate us even as we are being forced to disappear. Chemical weapons used against us while nobody talks. Life is becoming hopeless and miserable but I believe that God of Israel has not forgotten His children (Biafrans).

Massacre of Unarmed Biafrans on praying ground by Nigerian combine force 

Should I start all over to state our total disenfranchisement? The oil that gave them money for 1989 Abuja declaration aimed at denying us our religion is ours. Our land is contaminated and in decay while their land is built at the detriment of ours. Our people kidnapped and raped, forced to convert to Islam and killed in Jihad. They have sworn that Sharia shall be implemented. They impose strange God, doctrine and culture on us. Our refusal to admitting it results to our death. They want our land without needing us and fight to implement their Islamization agenda with funds raised from our land.

We are economically and politically marginalized; they planned to keep us in slavery and subjugation because they fear our rise will motivate freedom quest. They have murdered and keep murdering us. What a mental and emotional torture to continue living and being exploited by murderers of our own and parents. Meanwhile, we have peacefully demanded to go home. We want this affliction called Nigeria to be lifted upon us.

I am disappointingly writing because Biafran problem should be Israeli problem. If I feel the blood covenant with Israel; then Israel should feel same way and wait not to be called upon before she saves her flesh and blood at the mercy of Islamization. Biafrans shall choose death over Islam; the Islamization going on in Nigeria will only consume the Israelites enslaved in Nigeria.

I therefore call upon the people of Israel and her government to remember "she" is the arm of God of Abraham our father. There should never be a situation where Israel leaves his blood and flesh to sustain this second phase of genocide that started since 30th of August 2015. We are the core Jews and our wish or desire to return to our tradition and indigenous home should not warrant the injustice, incarceration and genocide we are facing today. If Israel stays idle without leading the charge for Russia, US etc to follow then I had doubt that blood is thicker than water.


  1. We're clamouring over Israel to help us. Good. Now tell me where will Israelis worship when they come down to BIAFRALAND to help us? Where will they observe SHABBAT? Since our people are NOT accepting whom they are : THE Israelites, by worshipping Europeans idols; how do you expect them to help us?

  2. I can only quote our dear brother the prime minister of Israel in his tweet weeks ago " Israel is coming to Africa and Africa is returning to Israel , what a great happening" the tension is very building.


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