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Saturday, 5 March 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers

I have met him to grant me interview on the state of the Biafra agitation, on 29th of December last year in his home town. He is from Nkwellezunaka in Oyi Local Government. The popular priest Father Obimma Emmanuel but goes by the name Ebube Mounso, have a very large compound with two fanciful duplex built opposite to each other in Uruebo village of Nkwellezunaka. I was told is the family house of the priest.

The driver that took me to his home parked as I entered his home, I saw an aged woman sitting calmly on a foreign seat on the deck. She expectantly looked at me as I declined her to meeting two young men I felt would understand me.

Rev. Ebube Mounso
“ I am Ifeany Chijioke, a Journalist with Biafran Herald for FAMILY WRITERS, I am a pro-Biafran journalist and I want to see Ebube Mounso” i was welcomed warmly by the two men that directed me back to the aged woman who cordially welcomed me. It was the mother of the priest; she has quite come of age but still healthy and vibrant. She looked at me enquiringly like she is the PA of the priest
  “what is the problem?” she mildly asked me though she showed glimpse of pride, being proud of her great son.
  “I come to see your son, I am a journalist, I want him to speak to me concerning certain things going on” I responded respectfully to conform her to listening to me.
  ‘My son is not the greatest, there are people bigger than him, why not meet Bishops and others” she said to me but I was quick to counter her on grounds that a Priest of his caliber said something that I would love to confirm from him. She succumbed to my plea and asked me to take her number but should come back on 29th of December that Ebube Mounso will be having extended family prayer to ushering in a new year.
  29th was the next three days and as early as ten in the morning, I was in the compound as canopies were set and chairs set for worshipers. Not much people had come but within a short time Ebube Mounso came and worshipers filled the chairs. I asked questions on how I could meet him, I was told to wait once after the programme. I was actually not convinced as I met his PA who in turn told me.

  “You know he does not engage himself with politics, I don’t think Father will talk to you, but I will tell him you are here” I had to convince the PA to first make me meet him and forget other things. He had just finished his service where he narrated a story that he would never for any reason leave his brother and vote or campaign for a stranger. He brought back the story of his days in Seminary school where he played remarkable roles in politics but never for money or promises supported his brother against a stranger.
  After the service I went in to meet him, he refused to meet anyone on that day but I was told he would meet only me and leave. I waited patiently till I was called in to meet him. He is a tall black skinned young handsome man, as handsome as he is to have chosen to be a priest shows a level of commitment.
  “How is Nnamdi Kanu, has he been released?” he asked me cutely with a huge concern
  “No, Nnamdi Kanu is still in prison despite court orders” he face soured, he looked up and hissed, holding back his emotions and tears that would never come out.
  ‘What has that innocent man done to Buhari, why is he holding that child of God that has done nothing, let Buhari release that innocent man that has done nothing” he cried bitterly and faced me for an interaction.
  ‘I have few questions I would ask you, we would like you to air your view” I extended to him but he replied

  ‘I have been saying what you want to hear to hundreds of thousands of my congregation. The other last time I told Buhari to release Kanu or God will release his anger” he said to me and demanded that I write my questions down that he would call me for answers but till today I have not received a call but he keeps shouting like John De Baptist in the desert that “NNAMDI KANU THE INNOCENT MAN SHOULD BE RELEASED”

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