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Friday 22 April 2016



In the days when slavery determines the power and might of a kingdom,

When the colour of your skin determines if you're born to be a slave or a king,

In the days when a section of the world gathered at their dining table

and shared the other section of the world

In those days when some see themselves as god

and see the rest as descendants of ape,

In those days when the exploitation of natural and human resources were legally subjected to the black race,

It was in this period a mistake of a century was made,

An illusion of couples in love

An experiment of those who never wanted to let go of their stolen territory.

They were addicted to riches and glory of masterhood,

They couldn't stand it when the time draws near to let off the hook.

They had to go but were desperate to stay

like those who had to die but are desperate to live even after death.

They left but the people were never free,

They repented of slavery but not of greed.

They valued their wealth more than millions of lives

And those who were meant to be free paid with their lives.

The Ambassadors of the corpse-

those being manipulated from afar

and blinded by the veils of mental slavery,

They can't afford to let go of robbing their neighbours

cos' their laziness is astonishing,

  The agents of marginalisation and subjugation.

 The Ambassadors of the corpse-

The vampires that derive joy at spilling the blood of innocent people,

Like vultures, they can't do without the corpse,

The black-gold is their lifeblood

and they can afford to abdicate their throne of embezzlement for the freedom of the people.

The Ambassadors of the corpse-

Those who see the truth and turn it upside down.

Those who parade the corpse because they can't afford to bury the dead.

They are ever ready to destroy all who rise in sanity against their insanity.

The end has come for the merchants of darkness,

Warriors has risen,

 the corpse must be buried,

and people must be liberated.

Written by Paul Ihechi Alagba of Family Writers

1 comment

  1. Its touchy,but it best expresses the condition we are in,Biafra has come and nothing can stop it


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