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Wednesday 6 April 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

For Family Writers

The intelligence from our reliable source confirmed it that after a meeting with Anambra clergymen in Awka; for them to assist in identifying members of Indigenous People of Biafra for execution which the clergymen disagreed but refused to defiantly speak up or publicize their position on the   meeting. It was a conspiracy the executive Governor of Anambra state thought would expressly materialize. Recall that Anambra state government under the leadership of Obiano was the first to kill IPOB on 30th August 2015. The previous government fully involved in the extermination of MASSOB members under Uwazurike under the guise of maintaining security. While Uwazurike's MASSOB may be blamed for unlawful activities, extra-judicial murder of Biafrans has no justification.

IPOB has widely been commended for lawful and disciplined agitation, they have entirely remained peaceful. Meanwhile, Obiano had a fall-out with IPOB the day he refused to condemn the killing of Biafrans on 30th May; he sharply came under blunt criticism and the leader of IPOB did not spare him either. He took offence and swore to wipe out Biafra agitators, he has recorded successes and the latest is the move to secretly arrest Biafrans and take them to Awka, execute them and use decomposition chemical to conceal his inhumanity.

This is in tandem with the resolution he made to Buhari. It was gathered that to ensure his second tenure, he must fight the emergence of Biafra and his strategy is,using bait and luring Biafrans. Once Pro-Biafra identifies with his bait in form of human right group or anybody, he picks the Biafran and that is the end of that person. This is the greatest farce of it all, even-though all the Biafrans in Anambra state are murdered, will it affect or stop agitation for Biafra? They have really refused to admit the reality that Biafra cannot be conquered or dampened.

They have deployed Military police to wage war against unarmed Biafrans; they have deployed them to kill innocent Biafrans while Fulani Herdsmen enjoy immunity. While Fulani herdsmen are killing and kidnapping priests and citizens of Biafra; the Federal government rather put military attention on unarmed and militarily inconsequential Biafrans. It is understood that Buhari's foot soldiers are Fulani Herdsmen who today enjoy immunity. While killing and maiming Christian-Biafrans; Buhari is also using the likes of Obiano to depopulate Christian-Biafrans.

Obiano might be focusing on his political career and as such; assist in carrying out the cleansing of his ethnic brothers; one thing that is certain is posterity will judge him. Before he do the Islamization job for Buhari, let men of good conscience look back and put life before career. Biafra will not limit anyone's chances or political aspirations, there is need to commend lawful and peaceful agitation than murdering it.

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