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Thursday, 7 April 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

The best way to describe Nigeria now is to liken it to a desolated and deserted hospital that once existed. The hospital was decorated with fake nurses and has a blind and paralysed doctor as an overseer. Patients die in this hospital with Intravenous(Iv) drips still attached to them for a long time without anybody getting noticed until their body stiffens and starts producing choking odours.

What some people have failed woefully to understand is that the reason why God allowed somebody as clueless as Buhari to become President is solely for him to bury Nigeria and allow her to rest in peace. Ironically, instead of organising a befitting burial ceremony, Buhari is busy parading and advertising the deceased up and down across the globe which has ended up turning him into a laughing stock to the extent that he now enters other countries secretly and goes secretly as well.
His fellow Presidents and their cabinets now see it as a taboo to welcome a man with a stinking smelling corpse at the airport. Even the ones that will welcome him are doing so with "KEKE NAPEP". Other accommodating countries would render him and his crew almost half naked in the process of undergoing thorough cleansing before he can enter the sacred places of the city.

The United Nations General Assembly delegates couldn't stand the odoriferous corpse which Buhari was parading which made him to address an almost empty auditorium. Barack Obama, Buhari's best friend couldn't stand the corpse and he had to abandon him in Washington and jet off to Kenya in search of fresh air. The corpse has made Nigeria diasporans to access him with disdain hence none desires to welcome him when he junkets to their residing countries. The most astonishing thing is that Buhari doesn't seem deterred from accomplishing his self imposed mission of disgracing the corpse Nigeria across all nations

Nigeria is now the best reference point to economist and economic/business media outfits whenever they are in search of countries experiencing unarguably a dead economy furnished with amateur economic team. The last time I checked, Nigeria economic minister proudly told the whole world in a viral video that 16+6=24- this is exactly the status quo.

Few days ago, while Buhari was busy attending a summit he knows nothing about in USA, Nigeria power generation suffered an untimely death as for several hours, Nigeria power generation stood gallantly at an astonishing 0megawatts- before you shout, just take notice of the fact that Nigeria's Power and Works minister is a "Lawyer". So there's no need of crying for someone who committed suicide.

Now our train takes us to the Nigeria Petroleum industry where genocide is taking place. Despite the abundance of crude oil, the Africa biggest oil producer is currently facing what looks like an unsolvable fuel scarcity crisis coupled with the crumble in crude oil prices in the international market. This is not surprising as Nigeria senior minister of Petroleum resources is the same man that couldn't produce an authentic school certificate while contesting for President while the Petroleum junior minister has made it "pump and plain" to Nigerians that he is not a magician as being anticipated by most of them. So nobody should expect resurrection of the dead. I personally think that when the Holy Bible say- "They have eyes but cannot see, they have legs but cannot walk, they have ears but cannot hear..." it was actually referring to the corpse of Nigeria.

The Nigerian judiciary has decayed a long time ago. The rate at which you now get justice in Nigeria is directly proportional to the level of your connection with the office of the President. This is why Buhari has sworn to the whole world during the only media chat he has ever held since he became President that over his dead would he release Nnamdi Kanu- a man who I can swear with my life is innocent of all Buhari's trumped up charges against him. Buhari has succeeded in incarcerating Nnamdi Kanu to the extent that he is now desperate to use masquerades to testify against him. This is because it is certain he is parading the corpse of Nigeria judiciary. He has long buried the principle of natural justice and fair trial. He now controls and dictates the affairs of the judiciary and even the legislator who couldn't question the dictator on why he dragged a whole secular country into an Islamic Coalition without approval from them. Everywhere has rotten!

I'm I to talk of the Nigerian security forces who derive joy in killing defenceless unarmed civilians while they shy away from confronting Boko Haram and their twin brothers- The Fulani terrorists who disguise themselves as herdsmen. They've turned themselves into handbags of Nigerian politicians to the extent that an ordinary Minister would abandon his duty post, gather as many military men as he can and carry them to his State just to rig election for his political party. Nigerians think that Boko Haram is deadly but the truth is that worse terrorism activities are being carried out by the Military and police who have instead of defending civilians have continuously descended and clamped down on them. What else is the symptom of a dead country?

Finally, I must highlight the fact that most Nigerians if not all are dead in the brain. If not they could have realised that they are being locked up by an ordinary foreigner in a house that has so many corpses inside. They could have realised a long time ago that Nigeria is a failed experiment. If they are not dead in the brain, they won't be comfortable while their country is being raped of justice and equity, they won't be happy while their fellow citizens are being illegally massacred and incarcerated by security agents, they won't be adamant while tyranny is rearing its head in their democracy, had they not been dead they could have realised that things could have been a lot better if we liberate ourselves from this British stinking smelling enclave. Why is it that people of Iceland could rise and force their Prime Minister who is indicted in a corruption scandal to resign but in Nigeria the citizens sings songs of praise for corrupt politicians and even accompany them to court? Nnamdi Kanu was right- "NIGERIA IS A ZOO AND NIGERIANS ARE THE ANIMALS INSIDE IT." To me Nigeria is not only a zoo but "a dead zoo."

At this point I call on Nigerians to know that the death of Nigeria doesn't mean the death of Nigerians, it is a process of returning to our originality and where we came from before Fredrick Lugard and Flora Shaw decided to wake up one morning and create this evil entity called Nigeria. I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to do himself a whole lot of good and stop parading the corpse of Nigeria. Let us give Nigeria a befitting burial and allow her to rest in peace. If we fail to bury Nigeria in peace now, prophecy holds that we shall bury it in pieces in the nearest future.

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