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Tuesday 19 April 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

I'm writing this not to plead with you to accomplish your destiny, I’m writing to remind you being the most notable and leader of all Biafran Senators in the House of Assembly both the good and bad ones that you are destined to determine whether Biafra shall be restored via international law(peacefully) or violently(war). If you doubt me, ask Chukwu Okike Abiama why you are still the vice President of Nigeria Senate till date despite the evil plots of Buhari and his henchmen to pull you down. The opportunity which comes once in a generation is horribly staring at you.

I presume you to be a man of courage and a fearless man capable of waking other Biafran Senators and Representatives up now that it is not yet too late. How you confront this glaring monstrous situation at your doorstep can only clarify my presumption and that of many Biafrans who see you as a father and a man of wisdom.

I am writing to make it clear to you that we the people of Biafra whom you and others are representing are tired of managing the British contraption known as Nigeria. We need our fatherland-BIAFRA back by all means because Nigeria just like anything made by man has expired decomposed and we can no longer endure the odour. I am not writing to seek your advice on how to maintain this forceful marriage but I am writing to tell you that we've decided that divorce is the best solution for the status quo and no power can stop the resolution of Biafrans, not even our Senators and representatives which you are among. You are in a better position to tell how stubborn and powerful Biafrans can be whenever they resolve in unity to do anything.

I was happy when I heard you admit that Nigeria has for a long time been provoking Biafrans. Those were brave words which are rarely found among Biafran politicians who have sold their birthright for porridge of yam. I want to make it clear to you that Nigeria is not only provoking us, they are telling us we can't do anything about it. I'm certain you witnessed the civil war that swept away the life of over 3million Biafrans, I wonder how you feel when Nigeria remind us that if we revolt against their oppression on us, they will repeat the same thing they did during the war. This is same as killing someone and dancing on the grave in the face of the children.

I wonder how you have been able to sleep peacefully at night while thousands of Biafrans are rotting under incarceration in Nigerian prisons. Where are the laws you people are busy making in House of Assembly?

I want to know where you people sold out your conscience while the extra-judicial killings of innocent and peaceful Biafrans have become the order of the day in Nigeria. As far as I know, you and your mates were elected by Biafrans to represent us and not to be carried away in total cowardice at dining table of our oppressors.

What has glued the mouth of you senators that none of you can rise and say enough is enough to another round of genocide being perpetrated against your people?

Where has the sanity of our senators gone to that they remain silent while Fulani militants invade our sacred land, rape our women, kidnap and kill our monarchs and priests and massacre our people in the process?

Why are you people sleeping in Abuja while the radical Islamists you are dining with are plotting to take over our land with their nonsensical grazing bill?

What has blinded your eyes that you cannot see the Islamisation plot of Buhari and his henchmen?

Why have you people turned yourselves into puppets in the hands of those whom we are supposed to lead?

There comes a time when the chain of enslavement must be broken and that time is now. These generations of Biafrans are here to accomplish what our fathers started, we are not here to start it all over again.

When God wanted to free the Israelites from Egypt, he gave them Pharaoh, Moses and Aaron. Now God has decided to free Biafrans from the subjugation of Nigeria and he has given us the most dreaded Hitler of Africa Muhammadu Buhari,his Daura brother in DSS, he blessed Biafrans with Nnamdi Kanu and am sure that the only reason you are in a position you are today in the Senate is for you to see to the peaceful restoration of Biafra. Buhari, his DSS and other security agencies are already playing out their own script by incarcerating Nnamdi Kanu and several other Biafrans as well as butchering many in the process, now it is left for you to speak out or die in silence. 

If you and your fellow Biafran senators fail to speak out now for us, the consequence shall be so grievous that nothing on earth shall be comparable to it. Don't tell us you don't feel comfortable with our request because you are not there to represent yourself but the great people of Biafra. Don't because you are at your comfort zones in Abuja ask us to remain under subjugation in Nigeria.

We've come with peace but our peace has limit and once we've exhausted this peace while you guys continue to ignore us we shall show you people what it means to be radicalised by frustration. Time shall come when we shall take laws into our own hands and save our generation and the future ones and when this time comes, we shall start with enemies within- the saboteurs among us. We shall start with those whom we elected to represent us but who under the influence of cowardice turned their back on our plight. It is either you people speak out now or you prepare for exile when Biafra comes because we are born to restore Biafra by all means.


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