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Thursday, 28 April 2016



By Comrade Chukwu ogbu

For family writers

The Fulani well armed Herdsmen are moving around with deadly sophisticated weapons and Muhammadu Buhari the President of Nigeria, have shown disdain by keeping mute over the evil act of the Fulani herdsmen from the pit of hell. Why won't they attack unarmed innocent civilians, when their sophisticated weapons are licensed by the Nigeria Government and there are Government officials granting them support and patting them at the back? 

Fulani Herdsmen invaded Agwu Community in Enugu State and killed Two Villagers, abducted some Women in their Farmlands and when the surviving Youths in the village took up a peaceful protest they got arrested by the Police. After the massive arrest against peaceful protesters, who were protesting against the barbaric acts and mayhem carried out by the Fulani Herdsmen in their own Land, the Governor of Enugu State,never demanded for their release upon till today and the Herdsmen left with impunity. Since they have the obvious support of the Government of Nigeria and are parading freely with licensed weapons,then it is very obvious the massacre will definitely continue, until people will come out in mass to fight against this evil and killings of Biafrans.

Fulani terrorist is no longer a child's play. It is like a cankerworm which deep eats its victims. At the top, the federal government is shielding the Fulani terrorist, and at the components states, the governors are afraid to take military actions against the Fulani aggressors in order not to get on the ways Buhari, this is madness.
 Buhari should be held accountable of the atrocities and various heinous crime carried out by his Fulani terrorist brothers.  Innocent Individuals are getting into troubles and the government elected to protect the citizen's and provide adequate securities through internal policing are folding their hands doing nothing, sitting down discussing with the haruwa (leaders of Fulani herdsmen) for a cup of tea. it is like discussing with the leaders of bokoharam.

If Nigeria governments both federal and state are sincere with the fight against the fulani herdsmen militias, they should arrest the leaders of the herdsmen and they will produce the perpetrators or Nigeria government should keep pretending as if it is not human beings that were being slaughtered, it will get to a SPECIFICATION when the people can no longer take it and they will resorts in carrying arms for protection and self defense of their lives, family and there community at large.

It is only in the south that the Fulani herdsmen terrorists are carrying out their attacks; they should go back to their land and continue killing themselves there.

The fulanis has no respects for humanity do not blame them someone who walk , sleeps in the bush with cow for too long must definitely behave like the cow. Is time to pass a revolution and chase these animals called the Fulani herdsmen out from Biafra land.

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