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Monday 4 April 2016

Ese Oruru: Yunusa’s Controversial N3 million bail, six lawyers and sponsors

Ese Oruru: Yunusa’s Controversial N3 million bail, six lawyers and sponsors 

Published By Family Writers

The N3 million bail granted the al­leged abductor of teenage girl Ese Oruru, Yunusa Dahiru (alias Yu­nusa Yellow) by a Yenagoa High Court has continued to generate ethnic and re­ligious tension with some observers at­tributing it to the intervention of some Northern elders.

The other bail conditions stipulate that he must provide two sureties in like sum. The sureties, according to the judge, must be resident within the juris­diction of the court while one must be a civil servant of not less than level 12 while the second must be a title holder. The judge further said that the sure­ties must provide tax clearance for the past three years.

This is already raising eyebrows, with some alleging that Yinusa and various others engaged in recruitment and lur­ing of Christian girls and their forceful conversion to Islam had the support of prominent Northerners. This comes at a time when there are other reported cases of abduction of teenage girls and their forceful mar­riage against the wishes of their families. Recently, one Mrs. Rachael Ani, a widow came up to recount her ordeal in the face of abduction of her daughter Ifesinachi, who was in JSS 2 before she was lured away six months ago.

The increasing cases of abduction ac­cording to Abia State chapter Chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Rev. Dr. Theophilus Anyimpson can be described as “a plot by Muslims to dec­imate Christianity in Nigeria through forceful conversion and marriage”. Adding further, Anyimpson said, “Nobody can be a threat to Christianity. Nobody, no matter how highly connect­ed can succeed in eradicating Christi­anity “. He was apparently speaking the mind of several other Christian leaders who are incensed by what they alleged is the complicity of some Northern monarchs and elites in the unfolding drama.

Also on the abduction, Hope Okoye, founder of Integrated Anti-Human Trafficking and Community Develop­ment (INTACOM) said, “If President Buhari is really interested in the prog­ress and development of this country, he should call himself to order first and then his religious group and Northern­ers”. He adds that the President should speak out against the rising cases of ab­duction of Christians and minors.

While there has been a total condem­nation of this menace, the bail given to Yinusa has incensed not a few, some reading ethnic and religious lines into it.
Just recently, the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) led by Chief Joe Omene condemned the role of Arewa Consul­tative Forum (ACF), the body also de­manded to know who allegedly spon­sored SANs to defend Yunusa, 18-year old keke rider in court. The body add­ed that, “There is more than meets the eyes on this matter.”

The organization argues further that the accused person may have the back­ing of some prominent people from the North. “Yinusa as an individual, can’t af­ford a SAN to represent him hence we believe ACF which has been at the back­ground of the matter, won’t stand on the path of justice and fairness on this case.
“If ACF is bias on this matter, this would strain the relationship between them and the UPU as they are supposed to be law abiding in protection of the right of the under aged girl child.

Ann Kio Briggs, Niger Delta Activist, who was in court on the day the bail was granted queried the rationale behind it. She told The AUTHORITY that Yinu­sa had committed so many crimes in the process. “Abduction is a criminal of­fense, and kidnapping is a violent crime and having carnal knowledge of some­body younger than eighteen is defile­ment of a minor”

“He was granted bail knowing these terrible crimes. He has a team of over six lawyers coming to court, a man without fixed address in Bayelsa. Who is paying for the legal team?
By the time he is able to meet all the bail conditions, we should be able to ask who are the people backing him and the several others abducting Christian girls”
Briggs has an axe to grind with the Bayelsa and Delta State governments. According to her “they are supposed to be the one to prosecute Yinusa. After all, it was Lagos State government that prosecuted Ibinabo Fibersima”

Dr. Joe Odumakin, President of Women Arise in Africa, however, is toe­ing the path of the law. She told the AU­THORITY that: “bail is a normal pro­cess in the administration of justice in the Court and the conditions attached in this very context highlights the sig­nificance of that case in the Court”
Odumakin added that, “What is most important, which we must all continue to ensure is that justice is not miscar­ried and the court do diligently prose­cute this abductor and his accomplices.”


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  1. Wayo! They are telling us lies! Infinity.
    The yenusu of a guy is working under somebody who obviously is protecting him now.


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