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Friday, 1 April 2016



By Chima Onyekachi

For Family Writers

Senior Special Assistant to the president on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, has decided to broaden the illiteracy, ignorance and ineptitude been showcased by his paymaster Muhammadu Buhari the African Hitler. Garba pointed out that those protesting for a State of Biafra have no information about the political history of the country. He said the issue of Biafra was settled at the end of the 1967-1970 Biafra Genocide in which over 5 million Biafrans were massacred.

Garba Shehu
Garba Shehu also displayed his deficit in knowledge when he defended Buhari's support for the independence of Western Sahara while against the independence of the sovereign state of Biafra. He said, “For anybody to make comparison between Western Sahara and Biafra, that is a display of knowledge deficit in international politics. One, Western Sahara is a classic case of decolonisation.“It is the last remaining colony on the African continent and we all owe it a duty to ourselves to liberate Western Sahara. “In fact, as military Head of State, President Buhari was the first to recognise Western Sahara and then the rest of Africa followed.“So, he is being consistent. But Biafra is for the dismemberment of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which is already a settled entity. “These two scenarios are clearly different,” he stressed.

I do wish to educate Garba and other ignorant fellows who are docile to the tyranny of Muhammadu Buhari. The Indigenous People of Biafra are legally clamoring for their right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Human Rights Charter. Frederick Lugard (who is rotting in hell) on behalf of Britain (Lucifer of the world), forcefully joined people of different religion, lifestyle and culture to form an inorganic entity called Nigeria. Has there been a discussion among the various indigenous people that were forced to form the so called entity called Nigeria, since the expiration of the amalgamation treaty? Why are the reports of the last National Conference in the dustbin of A so Rock? Why is the dictatorial government of Nigeria afraid of a referendum if it is very sure "Biafra is dead"? Is Morroco not an "entity” that is "colonizing" Western Sahara? Can Garba also explain why Buhari is in support of the sovereignty of Palestine? It is clear Buhari is been consistent in killing Biafrans as he did during the Biafra Genocide of 1967-1970.

I can forgive the ignorance of Shehu Garba because the government of Nigeria made sure true history was expunged from the educational curriculum of the country. But it is too late to hide the truth as it is been revealed. I implore Shehu Garba to concentrate on the new duty given to him by the wife of his paymaster, Aisha Buhari, to be her bureau de change agent in the black market. Biafra is a spirit and has risen, that is why he is speaking about her and let him get ready to bury his loved ones, since he has buried "Biafra" with his mouth.

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  1. Frederick Lugard and the British destroyed Africa with their colonization policies of bundling empires to form one country. That's why you see all these religious and tribal wars in Africa. Nigeria and most Africa will never progress until most of the nations are unbundled and divided. Otherwise, all we will continue to see and read about Africa will be violence, wars, poverty and disease.


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