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Monday, 4 April 2016


It has become an immediate historical past that the British government aided genocide in the then eastern region of nigeria who declared independent of Biafra 1967-1970.
From 1970-2016 the British Contracted country the Islamic Nigeria controlled and governed by Hausa/fulani and the Yoruba Oligarchy continued to dehumanize, enslave, deprived, robbed and cheated Biafrans because they rode on the back of the then world superpowers USSR now RUSSIA and Great Britain to defeat hard fighting Biafrans through starvation and food blockades, Biafrans lost 3.5 -5million people under the watch of the British and the perpetrators of the crimes. This time the president of the Islamic Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari the 21st century Adolf Hitler is about to commit second HOLOCAUST against the same Biafrans. His approach now is the same with that of Hitler in AUSCHWITZ Germany, Jews who survive the long journey to the extermination camp were killed in gas chambers in April, May and June 1941-1945.
Muhammadu Buhari traveled to London on the 5th February, 2016. He handed over the government to his vice Professor Yemi Osinbajo, prior to his fake holy day trip, he hard instructed his agents the chief of army staff Alhaji Brutai, Godwin Arase the inspector general of police to carry out a massive killing of unarmed demonstrators youths of indigenous people of Biafra IPOB and the massacre took place on Tuesday 9th Feb,2016 in st John's secondary school in Aba Abia state Biafraland where they were praying and singing.
As a planned action, Buhari did not return to the zoo presidential villa in Abuja not until the killings stopped on the 10th Feb, 2016.
Biafrans, friends of Biafra and lovers of peace worldwide have not recovered from the shock because of the incident, including the discovery of dead Biafran youths who was murdered and acid poured on them by Nigeria army in a borough pit in the same Abia in Biafraland.
Muhammadu Buhari the Zoo Nigeria president who cannot define or spell NUCLEAR traveled again to united States not to contribute to discussions or debates but to appear in the world leaders group photograph and to plan how to enact Hitler's HOLOCAUST against Biafrans on his return to nigeria. As you read this article, Buhari have ordered his Islamic army chief of staff the same Brutai to deploy boko haram whom he transformed into regular Nigeria army , Navy, Police and paramilitary agents throughout Biafraland, their starting point is Anambara state, they are now capturing Biafran youths at night and taken them to Akwa a suburb of the city to be killed, trucks loaded with large quantity of ACID are spotted in trucks heading to concentration and extermination camp, the acid will be poured on their dead bodies to fasten the decay and conceal the dastardly acts.
It is happening now, today Monday 4th of April, 2016.
POINTS TO NOTE: Adolf Hitler started the Holocaust on April, May and June, right now Muhammadu Buhari and is agents of DEATH arresting Biafrans for extermination on April. Buhari traveled to London while the killings in Aba Abia state Biafraland February 9th 2016 took place, he traveled again for all nations nuclear submit in united States, the planned Holocaust took place in America where his Islamic JIHADIST will meet him for them to perfect the modus oprandi about the acts. They are to use the Nigeria civil defence corps to SET up a fake human right group, their is to fish out indigenous person of Biafra who is actively involved in agitating for sovereign state of Biafra and kill them in the camp.
Another strategy Buhari has employed is clergymen to point anyone talking or demonstrating about the restoration of Biafra independent, the governor of Anambara state Mr. William Obiano was promised a second term in office if he should convince the clergymen to be eyes of Buhari in Anambara state.
The clergy men according to an eyewitness VEHEMENTLY REJECTED THE OFFER MADE TO THEM BY BUHARI THROUGH THE GOVERNOR Mr. Willie Obiano, the request and the meeting ended in disarray.
The Islamic zoo Nigeria leader compared indigenous people of Biafra to boko haram saying that there is no difference, despite the fact that boko haram have killed more than 100 thousand people women children, elderly ones and soldiers, burning churches and destroying properties belonging to mainly christian Biafrans residing in the in northern Nigeria and in Yorubaland.
MY APPEAL GOES TO: President of the united States Barack Hussein Obama, Prime minister of Britain David Cameron, Prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime minister of India Narendra Modi, Russia president Vladimir Putin, Prime minister of Japan, Prime minister of the republic of Jordan, United Nation secretary general Ban Ki Moon, The European Union, African Union, Government and people of Tanzania, President of Gabon, friends of Biafrans and lovers of peace to as a matter of urgency STOP henceforth the Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari from executing his already started HOLOCAUST in Biafraland.
Release our leader the director of radio Biafra mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was unjustifiably arrested detained and have since then been under torture, intimidation, humiliation and threats of assassination by Buhari's Islamic department of state security DSS and help in speedy declaration of the sovereign state of Biafra.
By Benjamin Kish.
Editor, Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers


  1. This writer is dumb, bad English stupid propaganda, wasted and poor effort.
    Please look for a better job.
    As no sane person would believe this crop, thanks

    1. you are and imbecile and most probably have lost your way coming into this isnt too late to retract your steps back into the pit of hell you came from called NIZOORIA


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