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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Journalism: Nigerian Brown Envelope Journalism and lack of proper research.

Nigerian Brown Envelope Journalism and lack of proper research.

By Chima Onyekachi

For Family Writers

With laughter and utter disbelief, I read Vanguard News headline titled "Nnamdi Kanu begs UK govt." but reading through the article made me realize the headline was for the usually gullible Nigerians. If I had read such headline from Osun Defender,The Nation,Punch Newspaper,SaharaReporters and some other illiterate internet bloggers, that would have been understandable because "brown envelope" journalism happens to be their hallmark. Anyway, when it comes to Nigeria media, you can never wash the spots off a leopard. Brown envelope is a catalyst to the reason they give out information to the public.

To set the record straight, Nnamdi Kanu is not begging the British government to help release him from the illegal detention orchestrated by Muhammadu Buhari the African Hitler. On the 24th of March 2016, counsels to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the various court cases, wrote a letter to the British Government via the High Commissioner in Abuja.


The significant feature of that letter was to bring the attention of the British Government to the kangaroo court system of Nigeria judiciary which include, the disobedience to court orders by Buhari and his agents, the lack of confidence in both the Nigerian Judicial System and the trial Judge (Hon Justice John Tsoho), and the unarguable Executive interference evidenced by the unguarded and prejudiced utterances of Buhari.

Nnamdi Kanu is a British citizen by merit, which means he fulfilled every obligation before been awarded a British passport. Some of such obligations includes but not limited, to been of good character, which means Nnamdi Kanu does not have a criminal record and he has never tried to deceive the Home Office or has ever been involved in an immigration offense. Why is the Nigeria government through its greedy journalists crucifying Nnamdi Kanu for calling on the British government to keep tab on his trial which has been unjust? He is entitled to that call as a citizen, so also is Zahra Buhari (Buhari's daughter) and most political office holders in Nigeria who have dual citizenship.

A supposed journalist by name Jonathan Nda-Isaiah of Leadership Newspaper has asked Nnamdi Kanu to chose where he belong, such stark show of illiteracy! When did dual citizens begin to choose where they should belong? The myopic journalist who is clearly docile to the dictatorial  acts of Muhammadu Buhari the African Hitler, will do everything within his grip to get a foreign passport in his name, that is if he doesn't have one already. Jonathan Nda-Isaiah is a bigot and has no right to ask Nnamdi Kanu to choose where he belongs. Nnamdi Kanu is a Biafran who went to United Kingdom to study, after been frustrated by the incessant strike and dilapidated educational system in Nigeria universities,he got eligible to a British Passport by virtue of his good behavior while residing there. He was not born there, he was born in Afara-Ibeku, Biafra land and that is where he belongs.

Illiteracy is defined as the inability to read and most Nigeria journalists have proved the definition right. I advice them to carefully take a second look at the five-page petition titled, "Nnamdi Kanu: A victim of travesty of justice and a call for the British Government to be on the watch" which was signed by Kanu’s counsel, Mr Ifeanyi Ejiofor. Family Writers is aware that Lai Muhammad has been allocated a huge sum for his Information ministry, his core mission is to fight the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra via media. I assure him he will be put to shame, let him ask Emeka Mba.

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